Mystic Pop-up Bar (2020) s01e11 Episode Script

Episode 11

are you?
What are you talking about?
Who are you?
What do you mean?
What's gotten into you?
Weol-ju, are you all right?
What is it? You're scaring me.
Forget it. It's nothing.
That's just anticlimactic.
What about groceries?
Didn't you get any?
But we're out of cucumbers,
carrots, and everything.
I should go and get some.
I'll go get them.
I'm glad.
Then Ms. Weol-ju
won't be going to Hell, right?
You're the best, Guibanjang.
Thank you so much!
Didn't Weol-ju tell you though?
She went grocery shopping.
-She did but
She left after seeing
Yeo-rin and me together.
She just left?
Just a second.
-Can we get some soju?
Udon for table two.
What's up with her?
How should I know?
Hurry up and serve the eggs.
-Sure, I'll--
-Let me--
I'll do it.
-No, let me.
-But it's my job.
-Guibanjang, here you go.
-Right. Thank you.
-Miss, are you not feeling well?
-I'm good.
-I see. Is something troubling you--
Then why are you in a sour mood
on this happy day?
-A happy day?
-Of course.
Guibanjang saved you
from the Hell of Extinction.
The camaraderie pumping through his veins,
his sense of responsibility,
and problem-solving skills.
Admirable, right?
Shouldn't he get
a delicious meal in return?
You're making it sound like a big deal.
Which it is.
Calling me admirable though?
You're most certainly right.
Don't you think it'd be great if we had
radish naengmyeon?
-I certainly do.
-That sounds delicious.
Kang-bae, did you make contact
with the customers today?
Well, I couldn't since there were
too many people here.
There's only four days left
until my deadline.
I need to settle
two more grudges during that time.
I'm sorry.
I should hand out
the rest of these coupons then.
Go back to your conversation.
Ms. Weol-ju. Guibanjang
did something wrong, didn't he?
What was it? Did he not recycle?
Wait, I bet he threw out
chicken bones with food waste.
I told him countless times--
-Shut it and get out.
Jeez, it's cold out there. Gosh.
Ms. Weol-ju sure is acting strange today.
Did you two fight or something?
As if I'd be a match for her.
Before you know it, I'll be
flat out on the ground.
I agree.
She's been in a sour mood
ever since her trip to the market.
-Did something happen there?
-At the market?
I was saying the lines
that you taught me to Yeo-rin.
Maybe she found it too corny.
The lines?
"Was this just work for you?
It was love for me."
That was quite a line.
Yeo-rin seemed to like it.
Hold on a second.
You haven't told her, have you?
Did you tell her
that I taught you that line?
What? Of course I told her.
I clearly informed her
that it was you
who coached me those lines.
What's wrong?
How can he?
How dare
he come to me?
He has some nerve to think he could
stay by my side like this.
Shouldn't you be saying this to his face?
You're right.
But I couldn't find the words
when I saw his face.
I don't know what to be mad at first
or even what I should be telling him.
I have so much that I want to say
and my heart feels like
it's going to explode,
but the words won't come out.
Maybe it's because I Ioathed him too much.
Or it could be that
you missed him too much.
It's nothing.
I'm just saying that love and hate
are like two sides of a coin.
Love and hate, my ass.
When it comes to him,
all I have is hatred and resentment.
Hold on. Have you always known?
Did you know who he was?
Of course not!
I had no idea.
Talk about a twisted fate.
Leaving the Living Realm
is the only way to end it.
What are you doing here?
Women's clothes are over there.
Are you showing off that you're dating?
I just wanted to return the favor
for the gift he bought me.
Did you find anything good?
Yes, can you help me decide?
Won't he look adorable in this?
But he'll look hot in this though.
How can I possibly choose
when he'll look good in both?
So? Do they look good on me?
Yes, you're so handsome.
I asked if the clothes looked good on me.
Yes, you look incredible.
We're here to grab lunch,
but it feels like a date. Right?
My life has changed
ever since we started dating.
Going home and coming to work
seem different to me now.
I'm more excited to come to work
than to go home.
Really? When did this start to happen?
-This is bad.
Why is it bad?
Because the symptoms only get worse.
Soon, you won't be able to sleep
because you're too excited
about coming to work.
I know since I've already experienced it.
We still have 20 minutes left.
Shall we walk some more?
Sounds good.
No, don't you dare!
What's wrong?
It's nothing.
Get away from him!
Yeo-rin, are you all right?
I'm sorry, but I need to head back first.
Damn it.
Where are you going?
The weather
So you know.
-Know what?
-That I know.
I'm sorry.
Was it fun for you?
I won't even dare make an excuse.
Is it why you came to me?
In my past life, I was naive enough
to believe that you'd protect me.
This time around, I begged you
to help me settle 100,000 grudges.
How foolish I must have looked.
You must think that I'm nothing
without you.
It's not like that.
I came to help you.
You weren't there for me
when it mattered, so why now?
Is messing with my life
some sort of game to you?
You have it all wrong.
I'm sorry I didn't tell you sooner,
-Because of you
I died and ended up serving
a 500-year punishment.
Is that a joke to you?
What about the lives that were lost?
I saw you in your wedding attire.
-Was I mistaken?
-It's not what you think.
The story ends there for me.
My life ended that moment,
so what more is there?
Marrying someone else
as per your parents' wishes
was something I could accept.
I would have made peace with the fact
that our love was only a dream.
But why did you have
to make me such a promise
and then shatter my heart into pieces?
-Why did you kill me?
What heinous crime did I commit?
What did my mother ever do wrong?
You should have at least stopped that.
My mom shouldn't have died!
Why did you have to take
everything from me?
I had nothing to live for.
Actually, it wasn't just me.
That's it.
I couldn't save you then,
so I came to save you now.
You can beat me up for all I care.
Just let me be by your side
until you settle 100,000 grudges.
Even after 500 years, you haven't changed.
Those of noble blood
still believe that
the life and death of others
should be theirs to dictate.
Now that you've chosen to save mine,
should I get down on my knees
and express my gratitude?
Who are you to make such decisions?
Please, Weol-ju.
What you think you know
isn't the whole truth.
Trust me this once and--
Get out.
I don't ever want to see you again.
To me, you and the Queen
are one and the same.
Good luck with the night shift, everyone.
See you tomorrow.
Have a good day, sir.
-Kang-bae, I need a favor.
-Sure thing.
My grandma isn't feeling good.
Could you take my night shift instead?
-Sure thing. You should head home.
-I'll fill in for you later.
-See you tomorrow.
No, don't you dare!
Get away from him!
What was that? What was that voice?
I'm pretty sure I heard it.
What on earth are you doing here?
What brings you by?
I dropped by for a glass of soju.
Have a seat then.
Is this the CIA home base?
Are you working undercover?
Sure, why not.
Thank you.
I see you like to drink.
Just a little.
It's sweeter than usual.
Alcohol tends to taste sweeter
the bitter your life is.
Why would it be sweet for you
when you're in a new relationship?
Is Kang-bae causing you trouble?
Is he being clueless?
I'm the issue, not Kang-bae.
In what way?
You see, I was about
to lock arms with Kang-bae's earlier today
when I heard a voice.
"No, don't you dare."
I heard it clearly in my head.
It was eerie.
What kind of bullshit is that?
She suffered a lot
in her past life, you know.
I don't know what's going on either.
All I want is to be with Kang-bae.
But I guess I'm destined to die alone.
It's not exactly your fault.
How about another round?
What the fuck is this?
-Damn it.
-Hold on a second.
-You didn't have to kick it.
Stop it.
No wonder your wife
is sick and tired of you.
-Damn it.
-Do you have a death wish?
-Stop it.
-Go for another round.
-Just go home if you've had enough.
-Come on. Let's go.
Who on earth are you?
Where's the young lady that was here?
What? "Bullshit," you say?
You said what I said was bullshit.
So this is the liquor that opens
the door to the Dream World?
Well, since she drank some,
I took the liberty of occupying hers.
Are you the Cinnabar?
Yes, that's me. So what?
Being a spiritual object
doesn't give you the permission
to pop in and out of the Dream World.
This is my jurisdiction.
I see you like whelks.
They're so plump and juicy.
Anyway, why have you been
interfering with my--
I mean, Kang Yeo-rin's life.
What do you mean?
Why are you trying to pair her up
with that guy, Kang-bae?
I didn't make her do anything.
They're in love,
so I only gave them a nudge.
I can't believe you yelled at her
so she couldn't hold hands.
I just hate men, that's all.
I've been scaring away
the other guys that liked her,
but my tricks don't work on Kang-bae.
So I had no choice but to warn Yeo-rin.
As if holding hands
is something to warn her against.
Look here. I don't know
what grudges you have,
but just leave them be.
-Why not?
Because dating
I mean,
scared of men.
Here I come.
I'd get stuffy
staying in the cave all day,
so I headed to town at night as a woman.
I played my role as a spiritual object
and secretly healed the sick
while also chasing away spirits.
But then I met a man
and fell in love at first sight.
Here you go. I brought some more for you.
Due to the rock's immense powers,
these sell at a high price.
I will make sure the powers
are used to benefit the sick and the poor.
Being able to help you brings me joy.
Things were going great then.
There's more to the story.
As soon as I stopped seeing him,
he showed his true colors.
How did you find this place?
Did you follow me here?
You wouldn't meet me,
so I came to you instead.
The fragments of the rock
you've been giving me
were nowhere enough for me.
I am Cinnabar itself.
If you shatter it into pieces,
I will no longer exist.
Is that so?
But I
couldn't care less.
What I need right now is money
to hire soldiers and buy weapons.
Soldiers and weapons?
Are you planning an uprising?
Didn't you say you were using the Cinnabar
to help the sick and the poor?
Peace for the people can only come
with the right king.
The current king
shows no promise for the future.
That is why a new king is the best way
to help the people.
No, this rock must not
be used in this way!
My gosh.
So that's how you died.
Now you know why I hate men.
No wonder you're pissed.
Neither you nor me
have been lucky when it comes to men.
The fight over a throne.
Those who are mad for power are scarier
than evil spirits if you ask me.
-Did a man ruin your life too?
It was more than just ruined.
Because of one man,
I had to suffer for 500 years.
You can never be nice to those bastards.
They keep wanting more from you
and then stab you in the back.
But there's more.
There's this jerk
who came to watch me suffer
after betraying me.
What? That jerk did what?
It's pointless to talk about him.
By the way, why did you stop seeing him
when you enjoyed his company?
He followed you to the cave
because of that.
Oh, that.
Something was off about him,
so I had been keeping my distance.
Something was off?
I was walking
around the neighborhood at night.
I saw him coming out of a house.
Gosh, he was cheating on you.
No, he was wearing a mask
and had his sword with him.
What? He even robbed houses?
That shrine seemed pretty shabby.
There was nothing to steal.
Seeing how he killed the shaman
and set the house on fire,
he must have held a grudge.
-Did you say "shaman"?
She was a good shaman
who used to visit me from time to time.
The mother and the daughter
had such a tragic end.
Her only daughter hanged herself
not long after.
that guy's name
Kim Won-hyung?
Do you know him, too?
What is this about?
-It's all right.
I'm a detective
at Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency.
Are you here to see Shin Ji-hye?
Yes. But did something happen?
I was right, Yeombujang.
Didn't I tell you before?
I told you this bastard was trying to get
in the way of solving cases.
Look. He's been murdering people
who need to settle grudges
or could help settling grudges.
He's been making his moves
while observing us.
Tell me who he is.
Or I'll ask the Death.
Sit down.
Why are you so impatient?
Of course, I'm impatient.
He could kill our next target
for all we know.
That won't happen.
I caught him myself
and handed him over to Hell yesterday.
Yes. So you don't have to worry.
When you had to catch an evil spirit,
you always asked for my help.
You took care of him without my help?
Sir, what is this about?
Who on earth is that evil spirit?
It's Won-hyung.
Kim Won-hyung?
Yes, it's Won-hyung.
He escaped from hell because he wanted
to make you two suffer.
That's more the reason
you should have told me.
No matter how grave his crime is,
he is still my son.
How could I stand by and watch
as someone kills him?
And twice at that?
It's my karma to bear.
I had to end it myself.
I'm sorry.
I could have saved Her Majesty
if I caught him sooner.
This is a pity.
She was the only woman who could
show Weol-ju her past life.
Aren't you trying to clear up
the misunderstanding?
I wonder who's next.
Good going.
Where did you get so wasted last night?
At a pop-up bar.
But how did I get home?
I don't remember anything.
I'm sure your boyfriend
probably brought you home.
Now that you have a man to rely on,
you drank until you blacked out.
No. I went to the bar alone.
Why would you drink alone?
You were so happy to buy clothes for him.
Did you two already have a fight?
No. It's not that.
I have a trauma about being touched.
I think it's because of that trauma.
I'm still a bit scared and terrified
to be touched.
I see.
I'm taking a half day off,
so I can go see a doctor.
I might be able to get better
once I talk to someone.
Should I go with you?
No. I'd prefer to go alone.
Then, call me when you're done.
I'm getting off early today.
-Just because.
So we can spend a bit more time together.
Anyway, I hope you won't get
the wrong idea about yesterday.
My gosh, I would never.
Let's take things slow.
I can wait until you get better
and feel ready to move on.
I have waited 27 years to meet you.
Waiting a bit more
won't be a problem at all.
And when you go to the pop-up bar today,
can you thank Agent Weol-ju for me?
What? You know about the pop-up bar?
Actually, I stopped by
on my way home yesterday.
But I passed out while I was there.
I think Agent Weol-ju brought me home.
Then, did you drink
from a bottle shaped like this, too?
I see. That must be it. I knew it.
It did taste a bit too strong for me.
I passed out from a single shot.
I got into a fight
with an assassin
that came out of your house.
When I returned,
the house was on fire.
And your mother
That's odd.
He definitely told me
he had to fight an assassin.
Seeing how he killed the shaman
and set the house on fire,
he must have held a grudge.
Is it possible that Cinnabar was mistaken?
But he was plotting an uprising when
he was best friends with His Highness?
What on earth happened?
I found out when I went to see Ms. Shin.
I can't believe this.
I don't know what to say.
Thank you
for coming to see her.
wanted to ask you something.
I was in Yeo-rin's Dream World.
And I met Cinnabar.
And what she told me didn't add up.
What do you mean?
Is it true
that Kim Won-hyung
plotted an uprising and killed my mother?
I'm sorry. I found out too late.
I see.
But why
After losing you like that,
when I looked into it,
he was even planning to marry off
his younger sister to me
to become a royal family member.
I must have been a thorn in his side.
And he only became more rash
because I had been hurrying to marry you.
The day Kim Won-hyung raided your house
was the day I was going to propose to you.
I was going to do the same thing to him.
In his happiest moment,
I wanted him to lose the most precious
I wanted him to know how painful it was
to lose everything.
I wanted him to feel
exactly what I had felt.
The Crown Princess will come out
and stand on the south-west corner.
-Your Highness.
I ordered you to stop.
Bring me the man responsible
for the uprising now!
-Yes, Your Highness.
-Yes, Your Highness.
What are you doing?
Do you not know who I am?
I am the older brother
of the Crown Princess. Get off me!
Your Highness, "uprising"?
That's impossible.
Don't you know how loyal I am to you?
I'm your oldest friend, Won-hyung.
You have disrespected me.
I only did what was the best
for our kingdom.
Are you condemning my effort
to attain prosperity and military power?
You bought off my loyal subjects
and bought weapons to grow an army.
Is that loyalty?
You sold off your father and sister
to become a royal family.
On top of that, you killed
an innocent mother and daughter.
How is that an action of a loyal man?
Was I supposed to just watch?
You were head over heels day and night
for that daughter of a lowly shaman.
How could you expect me
to do nothing about it?
Shut your mouth!
You have committed treason
and murder.
You should thank me.
I eliminated Weol-ju
out of my loyalty to set
a strong foundation for the kingdom.
I have failed to protect you.
If there's a next life,
I will find you no matter what.
When I do,
even if I have to sacrifice my soul,
I will protect you.
Why didn't you tell me?
I had no idea.
For 500 years,
I resented and hated you.
Your 500-year resentment
wouldn't have been settled
with a few words.
You would probably have thought
I was lying to you.
And you wouldn't have let me
stay next to you.
Even so.
If I couldn't stay by your side
or protect you,
the truth wouldn't matter at all.
I wanted to show you
with my actions this time around.
Not as the weak prince
who made empty promises,
but as the Guibanjang who protected you.
I know it's late,
but I really wanted
to make good on my promise.
I'm sorry it took so long.
Two bags of seaweed.
Thank you.
My gosh!
You have a lot of stuff here.
We have a lot of returns today.
What brings you here?
Are you
taking someone from here today?
Oh, it's not that.
I went to the pop-up bar,
but it was locked.
Did Weol-ju go somewhere?
I can't reach her today, either.
Sir, do you know
-what the story is with Yeo-rin?
I'm certain she was
in Yeo-rin's Dream World yesterday.
But I have no idea what's going on.
Well, she didn't tell me anything.
By the way, who's Yeo-rin?
She's my girlfriend.
You also saw her in the warehouse before.
She's the security guard.
I see. Okay.
Multipurpose knife.
You took a half day off, right?
You can get off work now.
Okay. I'll get going, then.
Have a good day.
Good work.
What brings you here?
I need to take away the deceased
around here later today.
I was just killing time. What about you?
I see. I came here to meet with
Ms. Kang Yeo-rin here. She works here.
I think I just saw her here.
She was here, right?
Yes. She just left that way.
You know her?
Yes, Weol-ju.
Okay. She just left.
So you made up with Weol-ju?
Yes. We did.
There's only one more
after we settle Yeorin's.
We should focus.
I see. One case.
They'll only have one case left to go.
If you need to kill time, why don't you
come with me to shop?
I have a lot to tell you today.
Let's go.
-Agent Weol-ju.
Where are you headed?
I'll give you a ride.
You see the coffee there? Drink it.
Thank you. You're giving me coffee, too.
Can you make a right turn over there?
What? Shouldn't I go straight
to get to your house?
Well, actually,
I'm on my way to see a doctor.
Aren't you going to drink it?
It's expensive. Drink it up.
Thank you for the coffee.
This is a unique flavor.
Why do I feel so sleepy all of a sudden?
Yes. Take a long nap.
By the time you wake up,
everything will be all right.
What did you put in this coffee?
Did you spike it with ssanggapju?
My gosh, I'm already in her Dream World.
She knows right away
because she's a spiritual object.
Why are you here again?
Why do you think?
I came here to pay you back.
Pay me back?
Thanks to you, I resolved
a misunderstanding of 500 years.
So I ought to help you with your pain.
My gosh.
A shot of liquor won't ease the pain.
You saw him, didn't he?
You don't
have any friends, right?
I knew it.
When you're pissed off at a man,
you're supposed to let it out
with your girlfriends.
If you don't do that,
it could last 500 years.
Just trust me and come with me.
I prepared three ways
to get over your heartache.
-Hey, Samsin.
Everyone, make some noise!
Let's say nothing happened to me
We were never together
Can you just let me go?
You must forget about me now
I know it will be hard
I know that you're still waiting for me
And that breaks my heart
It breaks my heart!
If you can, you should just hate me
-Hate me!
-Hate me!
Don't cling onto me now
You should never look for me
Because I will only end up hurting you
Let's go!
-Don't call
-Me cruel
Don't call me such names
I decided to end it for your sake
For the time being
-Don't forget
-My love for you
You're in my heart
It won't take long
For my sadness to fade away
Everybody, jump!
Hey, come on!
Now, scream!
I feel so much better.
See? "Tears" is the best song to listen to
when you're going through a heartache.
It works best.
It's strong enough to get rid of
a 500-year-old resentment.
Thank goodness I picked Chan-whee
before she was born.
Do you know what her conception dream was?
It was a tiger chewing on a microphone.
-My goodness.
-My gosh, really?
But wait. You told me you prepared
three things to get over my heartache.
It's all here.
We sang, I prepared sweets,
and you also have your friends.
There you go.
You're right.
It's all here.
It would have been nice
if you had a friend to talk to
and to console you back then.
It's always hard to endure your hardships
when you're alone.
From now on,
forget about that piece of trash.
Don't waste your reincarnated life
on a guy like him.
From this moment on,
just live a happy life,
and feel free to love someone.
And if you break up?
Then you can come back
and have fun with us again.
Really? Are you really
going to spend time with me again?
Of course.
But don't break up on purpose.
is a really great guy.
Hey, Yeo-rin. Gosh, I'm sorry I'm late.
Did you go to the hospital?
No, I couldn't.
I ran into Weol-ju,
and she offered me a ride.
But I fell asleep in her car.
And I missed my doctor's appointment.
You fell asleep in her car?
Let me fix your buttons.
Sorry. I mean, thank you.
Hey, come to think of it, it's weird.
-I don't hear anything.
I wonder if it's because
I've had a good sleep.
What do you mean?
Let me link arms with you.
What? Hey!
I'm okay. I'm fine.
You're okay?
Give me your hand. Hurry.
My gosh, I'm holding your hand!
Yes, you are.
Wait a second.
Get up.
You need to hug me back.
Really? Should I really hug you?
Not if you don't want to.
Why wouldn't I want to?
You can stop now.
Says who?
Samsin was there, too?
Don't call me cruel
Don't call me such names
You guys must've had a blast.
I'm so glad I wasn't there.
So what happened?
Did you settle the Cinnabar's grudge?
We did it!
I guess they got pretty close
as soon as they met up.
I'm glad she finally got to settle
her grudge of 500 years.
Great job, Weol-ju.
You know what? Let's go.
Go where.
Like you said, I did a great job.
I'm also very proud of myself.
Did I do something wrong?
No, just think of it as my way
of encouraging my employee.
I'm the CEO.
We only have one more left,
so you want me to eat this
and get it over with?
Yes, there's just one more left.
If we fail, all our hard work
will end up going down the drain.
So let's do a good job.
Okay, Ms. CEO.
I'll eat this meat and do my job.
My goodness, that baby is adorable.
Babies are adorable aren't they?
How can they not be?
Do you think
you would have been a good dad
if you had a child?
Of course. There's no question about that.
-You see
-But not you.
What? Me? Why?
It's obvious, isn't it?
"Wake up early. Study hard.
Stop playing games.
Why are your clothes so dirty?"
You'll nag at your kid so much.
I get dizzy just by thinking about it.
That's not true.
I can also be a good parent.
Sure. Whatever.
You can be one in your next life.
Didn't you want to be reincarnated?
You could have gotten married
and had kids.
You're right.
I should have ditched you
and gotten married.
I should just focus on protecting the lady
who's in front of me.
Why worry about a baby
that we don't even have.
So that's why Yeo-rin's better now.
-Miss, thank you--
-What's wrong?
-That hurts.
My goodness.
Let me see.
You'll need a Band-aid for this.
-Hold on.
-It's okay.
Let me see.
It's just a small cut.
I'm okay.
What's going on?
I'm just imagining things, right?
What? He was just looking after me
because I cut my finger.
Hey, stop.
This right here.
Yes, this is what I'm talking about.
This is Guibanjang's necklace.
Why are you wearing this?
It's what he used to wear as a necklace.
Gosh, I just took it from him
because it looked pretty.
Just get back to work.
Yes, we only have one more to go.
Let's do our best!
-Let's do our best
-Let's do our best
No, I don't buy that. Something's up.
I sensed something was weird
the moment I came in here today.
You know what?
I can't work like this.
Do you want me to leave again,
or will you just tell me?
The choice is yours. Go ahead and choose.
You used to date in your past life?
Then what about,
"Was this just work for you?
It was love for me." Was that also
Gosh, that's so creepy.
You actually said that to her?
My goodness, it was 500 years ago.
No, I can't believe this.
I don't care if it was 500 years ago.
I can't believe
the two of you were a couple.
I can't seem to accept this.
I guess this is why people say
office romance is bad for the coworkers.
I'll go hand out some coupons.
I don't think I can stay here.
-Oh, gosh.
-Are you leaving for work?
-Good luck.
Wait for me, Kang-bae.
-Enjoy your food.
They're all so busy.
Do you want a bowl of udon?
Gosh, I'm getting goosebumps.
Seriously? My gosh.
What's wrong?
Are you that shocked?
I mean, I can't stop imagining things.
My gosh. I'm sorry.
It was when we were young.
It's all in the past now.
We were able to meet again
because of that.
And back then, Weol-ju didn't have
such a horrible temper.
With the temper she has now
Gosh, I can't date her.
But aren't you here to protect her?
You tried so hard.
Could you tell?
What can she do without me?
She needs someone to take care of her.
But she also has
a great sense of responsibility.
"A great sense of responsibility"?
What do you mean?
Is she responsible for anything else
other than the 100,000 lives?
She signed the agreement to go to hell
so she felt responsible for me.
Weol-ju tends to be very loyal.
We need to succeed no matter what.
Okay, we have two days.
We have two days to get one more job done.
Do you think we can do it?
It should be.
I wonder what's going on.
Yeomradaewang is calling me.
Yes, ma'am.
Right now? No. Okay.
I need to go up there for a moment.
I heard you made up with Guibanjang
and also heard about me.
I don't know what to say.
I'm sorry I didn't tell you earlier.
But I heard you caught Kim Won-hyung.
I heard you helped me
because you felt responsible
for what happened in our past lives.
A parent always feels responsible
for their child's wrongdoings.
I know, right?
It's so funny that parents feel that way.
I understand
how you must have felt.
To be honest,
I'm also doing this for my child.
Hello. Come visit the bar some time.
Thank you.
Hello. Come visit the bar some time.
You guys should come to our bar.
Thank you.
I'm out of coupons.
Gosh, how am I going to face
Ms. Weol-ju again?
I didn't know that.
I can't believe the Sacred Tree's soul
ended up entering your child.
Because of that,
my child keeps suffering endlessly
every time it is reincarnated.
I feel bad for both you and your child.
By any chance,
did you also volunteer to work as Death
in order to pay for your son's sins?
What if I did?
I'm just wondering if your son
is worth the sacrifice.
He killed people, committed conspiracy,
escaped from hell,
and became an evil spirit.
Even 5,000 years won't be enough
for him to pay for his sins.
What can I do?
That's just something I have to live.
I can't believe a great man like you
ended up with such a bastard of a child.
A "bastard"?
A "bastard" you say?
I'm just saying that
because I feel so bad for you.
Does Won-hyung really deserve
to be called that?
Of course.
If you think about it,
all this happened because of him.
Me, Guibanjang, my mom, and even you.
He ruined all our lives.
That's your fault, not mine.
-You're the one who committed suicide.
are you?
I guess you finally recognize me.
Long time no see, Weol-ju.
I was also wrongfully murdered
by the Crown Prince.
My life was also ruined because of you.
If it weren't for you
If you hadn't gotten involved,
I would have been able to have everything.
I would have had
the entire world at my feet!
Ms. Weol-ju, I need more coupons.
Ms. Weol-ju.
Hey, let go of her.
What's the matter with you?
Let her go!
Ms. Weol-ju.
Let her go! You'll kill her!
Let her go.
I said let her go!
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