Mystic Pop-up Bar (2020) s01e12 Episode Script

Episode 12

-We're in trouble.
-Why, ma'am?
Why do you think? It's Yeombujang.
He promised me he'd catch the evil spirit,
but I can't reach him.
Why isn't he picking up my calls?
He neither texted nor reported back.
What is he up to?
Didn't he already catch the evil spirit?
Who said that?
Kim Won-hyung, that asshole,
is such a headache.
Kim Won-hyung is still at large?
Are you the Sacred Tree?
Come out.
-Don't make me repeat myself.
Stay back.
Stay back!
Kim Won-hyung!
Kang Kang-bae!
But why are you making me leave alone?
You won't be alone.
Whenever you need extra strength,
hold this binyeo tightly.
It will bring you the person
you desperately seek.
I want something in return.
Yes, I actually brought it with me.
You were looking for this, weren't you?
This was never yours, to begin with.
-Not this.
-That's not it?
-Then what is it?
-What do you think?
Your body.
I need your body.
It was you.
It was you whom I'd been looking for.
How is he doing?
He fell asleep.
-Where's Yeombujang?
-He's at the Afterlife Hospital.
He's a bit shook up, but he'll be okay.
That's a relief.
What in the world is going on?
There's something I haven't told you.
What is it?
We had
We had a baby back then.
What do you mean by that?
I didn't know either.
I only found out after I died.
That's when I also found out
that the Sacred Tree's bad luck
entered our baby's body.
-"Sacred Tree"?
-Because of that,
our baby was cursed to reincarnate
and struggle life after life.
I didn't have a choice.
I had to settle 100,000 grudges
in order to give our baby peace.
Hold on.
Are you saying
Our baby's spirit
is in Kang-bae.
How could I have not known?
He came asking for help
because his life was so tough,
so why couldn't I recognize him?
He was abandoned
by his family and friends.
People would swarm around him
and ramble about their sorrows.
That was all my fault.
But the fact
that I tried to use him to my advantage
makes me feel
We're responsible
for what's happened to him.
If his special case is rooted
in the Sacred Tree
and not the Door of Spiritual Vision,
then the kiss--
The kiss with the Cinnabar will be useless
until we can settle
the Sacred Tree's grudge.
Then we have no choice
but to settle 100,000 grudges.
Yes. That's the only way.
We must succeed at all costs.
So that kid is the son of the Crown Prince
and Weol-ju?
You should just lie down and rest.
No. Today's the last day.
I should help out.
I heard Guibanjang left
early in the morning.
Yes. How are you feeling?
Are you really okay?
Yes. I just have a few minor bruises,
that's all.
By the way, what happened?
Did the evil spirit
exit Yeombujang's body?
Yes, but we don't know what he'll do next.
Don't involve yourself in something
that seems off, okay?
I won't.
I'll just touch the customers at the mart
and bring the ones
who have grudges to settle.
Make sure you stick with Guibanjang.
Hello, may I have some headache pills?
My head's killing me.
What's the point of making money
through selling medicine?
-My wife got into a pyramid scheme
and brought home all sorts of medicine.
Who is she?
This is Kim Da-bin. We live together.
This is Kang-bae. Say hi.
It's nice to meet you. I'm Han Kang-bae.
Hello. Just like she said,
you're very handsome
But so what?
Thanks to you,
I'm so irritated these days.
Your relationship needs to progress more.
Don't you know that she lives alone?
No one's going to nag her
for spending the night out.
How could you be so clueless?
What's gotten into you?
I'm sorry.
I don't know why she's acting this way.
-Are you insane? See you later.
What's going on?
I didn't even touch them, but they
A spiritual vision
is like a passage that connects
the Living Realm with the Afterlife.
You're a special case
whose spiritual vision is still intact.
Working with us might cause
your spiritual vision to expand.
Well, it could cause people
to spill their guts out
from just brushing against you
or just looking at you.
Wait a minute!
I don't know what your story is, but
He was just working out.
It must be tough for you.
Feel free to tell me about your worries,
-and I'll do my best to help--
-Go away!
Come on. Let's just chat for a bit.
Excuse me--
Damn it. I'm not interested.
Did you bring the money?
You little fuckers!
Leave before I beat you up!
Here. Are you okay?
-I'm okay.
-Hold on!
Tell me about your worries, you asshole!
I couldn't find any. None.
Me neither. We're running out of time.
For now, let's focus on those
who visit our bar.
We should. Let's go inside.
-My mom caught me watching porn!
-I can't live with
-my mother-in-law anymore!
-They won't know I lied, right?
-Please say something.
-Listen to me.
What is all this? What's going on?
Guys, help me!
This will do.
My goodness.
We need to prepare for business,
so please leave!
Go outside. Please leave.
-I came a long way. Please hear me out.
-I'm sorry.
-You can wait outside.
-Hear me out.
Just one look at your eyes,
and they spill their worries?
Then you should've run away,
not bring them here.
I thought maybe one of them
had a grudge to settle.
My god.
So? You allowed them to ramble on and on?
But none of them really had any grudges.
-What is it?
-What's wrong?
Oh, no! He's burning up.
You should go home.
Have some medicine and rest.
Don't worry about us and just rest up.
What if you collapse again?
-Go on, now.
-Let's go.
I don't know what to say.
I'm sorry.
What can we do? It's already in the past.
By the way,
did you find your final customer?
No, not yet.
We don't know when and in whose body
Won-hyung will show himself again.
We're too anxious
to hear out our customers.
But then again,
we have no time to catch him.
There's nothing we can do,
so we can't focus either.
I guess I've given you an extra burden.
I'm sorry.
Oh. But there is one way
to solve both of these problems.
I can be
your final customer.
-"Final customer"?
-"Final customer"?
If I were to ask you
to settle my grudge
in failing to raise my son properly,
would it be too brazen of me?
I was too immersed and dedicated
to my role as the Crown Prince's mentor
to pay attention
to my own son.
Your Highness,
you seem to be happier these days.
-Is that so?
-Yes, Your Highness.
I always told my son
about the kind of king he should become
and how he should serve him.
But I never asked him about the interests
or wishes he had.
He was a good-natured boy.
I was too neglectful.
The wickedness he caused you and Weol-ju
was probably deeply rooted
in his desire to take revenge on me.
How can we settle your grudge?
Please bring him to me.
Let me ask him for forgiveness
and also take responsibility
for the sins he's caused.
Please do understand the heart
of this incompetent father.
We'll do it.
Hello, Miss.
Have some more ribs.
It's really tasty.
So catching the evil spirit
Catching Yeombujang's son
is your last task?
Yes. Today was our last day
running the bar.
You've done your part. Here.
What do you mean?
I can see spirits too,
so I'll help you look for him.
Look at you. You almost died yesterday.
She's right.
He's not like the ones you've met.
Staying out of this
will be your way of helping us.
-Then this is--
-Our farewell party.
We came here to feed you
for the last time.
Your special case
will probably be fixed
in a couple of days,
so don't worry.
Thank you for everything.
If it hadn't been for you,
we wouldn't have come this far.
You don't have to thank me.
It was only for a month.
You have been doing this for 500 years.
You said you're doing this
to protect the person you love.
I'm sure that person will appreciate
what you've gone through.
It's really delicious.
I'm going to miss
your pancakes, meat, japchae,
and everything else.
You can find them at Kapeul Mart.
Just buy them yourself.
No, I meant you two.
I'm going to miss you two terribly.
Damn it.
I dozed off again.
On your mark, get set, go!
Lower your voice, will you?
Do you really have to make loud noises
when your son's preparing for college?
He's the one preparing, not me.
Give it to me. I was having a good laugh.
I should throw away that junk.
Why don't you just go outside, then?
Your voice is even louder, ma'am.
I don't want to hear it. Give this to him.
Don't bother him and come right out.
-Here I go. I'll pass it.
-Go forward.
Pass it forward.
Here I go.
-They have strong defense.
-Son Heung-min got it again!
Kick it, Dad! Shoot it!
Goal, my foot.
What is going on here?
You should be studying, not playing games.
It's a waste of time.
I only played so you'd stop.
I truly wanted to study,
but he wanted to play.
I should've known.
I can't take my eyes off of you guys.
You little punk.
Did you get the mock test results yet?
I did.
You punk.
You should've handed it to her sooner.
Be quiet.
Here you go.
My, oh, my. What is all this?
My handsome prince
came top of the class in all subjects.
Well done.
I'm flattered.
I just studied hard to repay you
for all the love and care you've given me.
Aren't you just the best?
He takes after me,
so he's kind, good-looking, and smart!
Look at you. That's absurd.
Haven't you heard of doppelgangers before?
Copy and paste.
I don't know about the other things,
but he looks exactly like me.
Don't we look like twins?
Twins, my foot.
Kang-bae, you tell us.
Whom do you take after?
Why am I so hungry all of a sudden?
Hey! Answer me first!
Give him a break, will you?
Kang-bae, why can't you say that it's me?
This is near Won-hyung's home base?
Are you sure?
Yes, the information
came from a reliable source.
I also sensed an evil spirit there.
Let's head over there.
-Weol-ju, stay behind.
There's no need to give him what he wants.
Still, it's too dangerous
for you to confront him alone.
Today's our last day and it must end here.
I'll be sure to capture him.
Just in case.
Stay safe.
My eyes still hurt,
so I took another day off.
I will.
Sure. You too, Yeo-rin.
On the top shelf are
seasoned vegetables and a rolled omelet.
They won't last long,
so quickly consume them.
Those on the lower shelf will last longer,
but for only two weeks.
The beef bone soup in the freezer
must be thawed in the fridge
the day before you reheat it.
Kim Won-hyung.
It's been a while, Weol-ju.
As if.
You've been hovering around us
while pretending to be Yeombujang.
Yes, that I did.
The tent bar closes today, doesn't it?
I doubt you're here to reminisce.
No, so don't tense up.
If I wanted you dead, you'd be long gone.
But an easy way out is no fun.
Just like in your past life,
you are one lucky bitch.
So many are willing to die for you.
What an admirable mother you had.
Who would've guessed that
she'd have dressed like you
and taken your place.
Capture Won-hyung
and bring him to me.
That's right.
Parents will die for their children
if that could save their lives.
You're the lucky one here.
Even a piece of trash like you
have a parent
who's willing to sacrifice himself.
Yeombujang told me all about you.
He said
you used to be sweet and kind.
He still doesn't know anything about me.
He blames himself
for you turning out this way
and he wishes to apologize.
That is
his lifelong desire.
What? There is no one here.
Are we in the right place?
Who the hell are you?
You lost
the moment you followed me here.
His lifelong desire?
Even in this life, he sold me out to you.
That's not the case.
Don't you worry
because I won't kill you.
You should learn how it feels
to be in despair
and to lose everything
you have ever wanted.
Just you watch.
You'll keep trying
to prevent me
from settling 100,000 grudges?
What?100,000 grudges?
That's what means the most to you?
Don't you dare hurt him.
What happened to Guibanjang?
He was attacked while he was out
to capture the evil spirit.
-Are his injuries severe?
-I won't know until I see him.
-Let's hurry.
Did he go somewhere?
He's not answering my calls.
Over there.
Let's head inside then.
Excuse me.
Agent, please wake up.
Are you all right?
-What about him?
He was here.
Kang-bae's in trouble.
Who the hell are these people?
Be careful.
They've all been possessed by spirits.
I can hold my own, you know.
I'm quite in a hurry,
so come at me all at once.
Jeez, they're fast.
No wonder the CIA recruited them.
I see they're relentless.
They just keep on coming.
What are you doing here?
Isn't it obvious?
I'm here to protect my man.
Do they have Kang-bae?
What a bunch of pussies.
The spirits are no match for the Cinnabar.
Yeo-rin, are you all right?
Yes, you can leave them to me. Go!
Don't you dare.
You're not getting past me.
All right.
Bring it on.
Miss and Guibanjang
won't let you get away with this.
Do you even know
who those two really are?
They're the reason
you had to live in pain.
-They are--
-My parents from 500 years ago.
And the cycle of suffering I had to endure
began with you, not them.
My past memories came back to me
after I fainted.
Even those of the Sacred Tree.
You can't pit me against them.
Those two
spent 500 years trying to save me
while enduring the pain themselves.
That's too bad.
If only they knew how you feel about them.
That way, losing you
would bring more agony.
I'm going to ram you into
the spiral stairway, you see.
The spiral stairway?
The son they desperately tried to save
will disappear without a trace.
I can't wait to see
the look on their faces.
Step aside.
It's funny how you didn't
slice my head off again.
You've gotten weaker over the years.
I'm the one who killed you,
so let your revenge be pointed at me.
Only a coward uses others
to prove a point.
But you're using me too.
You're letting me live for now
so that Weol-ju can have her final score.
If I'm wrong,
just kill me.
End me right here.
Do it!
You're coming with me.
Save yourself a little by surrendering.
Kang-bae, wake up.
It's over, Won-hyung.
You sure about that?
This can't be.
Once again,
I wasn't able to protect you.
I'm sorry.
Please don't. You can't leave me.
I only just got you back.
You have no idea how much I missed you.
You can't leave me this way.
I love you.
I love you.
Thank you.
You should be thanking me.
Dropping from here
will end your cycle of misery.
Stay still.
Are you all right? Did he hurt you?
I'm fine. What about you?
Head back upstairs.
Didn't you see this coming
when entering the Dream World?
Don't you know who I am?
I know you all too well.
The sinner
who destroyed the Sacred Tree
and killed her own son.
That's right.
And I spent all my waking days in regret.
For 500 years,
I struggled to make up for my sins.
What about you though?
Rather than being ashamed
of your wrongdoings,
you let yourself be blinded by revenge
and hurt innocent people.
That was the only way to get even.
No, that's how you end up in Hell,
which is where you're heading right now.
Will pushing you from here
alleviate some of my anger?
During my 500 years in the Living Realm,
there's something I saw, heard,
and learned.
The words we speak
and the actions we display
will one day
come back to haunt us.
I won't
make the same mistake twice.
It isn't me bringing you to your demise.
The heavens will punish you instead.
That is the only way
to end this cursed fate
and save those I love.
Death will come for you soon.
Until they do, use the time
to look back on what you did.
As if.
I will never let you use me
to secure your 100,000th score.
Miss, just hold on.
Let go or you'll fall too.
No way. I'm never letting go.
Kang-bae, open your eyes.
Open them and look at me.
Just live your life like you always have.
Be sweet and sincere.
And don't let go of those you love.
All right?
That's more than enough.
You will then
live your life to the fullest.
I'm the one letting go of your hand.
You didn't lose your grip,
so don't ever blame yourself.
No, please don't.
I enjoyed
our time together, Kang-bae.
Don't go.
Since that day, I've been having
the same dream every night.
A hand that falls into darkness.
Every time
I fail to take it.
I say goodbye to the beings that are
neither deities nor humans every day.
Thank you.
Mr. Han, is it getting any better?
I'm sorry. It's still pretty bad.
That's too bad.
I thought it'd go away soon.
If it's too much to handle,
you can leave early.
No, that's not necessary.
-Here you go.
You look very tired.
Do you have a lot to do?
Yes, there have been many old couples
getting pregnant lately.
It's the most wonderful thing
in the world.
I hear you'll be born again.
What? Do you want to ask me
what kind of family you'll be born into?
No, that's not it.
Before I leave,
I wanted to ask you
if you've heard anything about Weol-ju.
I haven't heard anything
since that day.
You must
miss her a lot.
Is anybody here?
Somebody answer me! I'm scared!
My goodness.
Are you hurt?
Did I have a daughter
this big?
What are you doing here, Mr. Ha?
Someone told me
my daughter had a car accident.
You're not even married.
That's right.
But I already sent 30 million won
to pay for her hospital bills.
I got a call that my mother
has been kidnapped.
She passed away three years ago.
That's right.
Then what about my money?
I already paid a 50-million-won ransom.
How does it feel to lose money to someone
who used your family as bait?
Why are you both so quiet?
Weren't you two such smooth talkers
when you were engaging in voice phishing?
Oh, my. You're not even married,
and your daughter had an accident?
-You must have been very surprised.
-I was.
I'm so sorry that your dead mother
has been kidnapped, you little
I was just trying to make some money.
Can't you make money
without fooling people?
There are tons of other ways
to make money.
I couldn't find any job,
so I thought I'd do this
as a part-time job for the time being.
Does that make it okay
to extort money from people
-when they worked so hard for it?
Do you realize how many people
are holding grudges against you?
Let me tell you what you two are.
You two are trash. Trash!
Gosh, you startled me.
You think I miss her?
I couldn't be happier.
All she ever does is ask favors.
How could they do this to you?
If they went back and reopened their bar,
shouldn't they treat you
to some rice cakes and
What's that called? A pig?
Oh, I mean pressed pig's head.
Shouldn't they treat you to some of that?
Don't get me started.
I wonder what she's up to.
she'll visit me for the holidays, right?
Of course. When she was
wandering in the darkness,
you were the one who filed a petition
to search for her every single day.
She'll come.
She will.
Attention, please.
A three-minute sale on toilet paper rolls
will start shortly.
Get 2 packs of 30 toilet paper rolls
for 12,000 won.
Here we go. Five, four, three, two, one.
Start! Grab as much as you can.
Get 2 packs of 30 toilet paper rolls
for 12,000 won.
Slow down. Don't push!
-I'm sorry. Are you okay?
-Slow down!
-Oh, my. Everything's already taken.
-No way.
-You should have hurried.
-I'm sorry.
-Wait! Excuse me!
-Wait for the next sale.
You looked her in the eye and ran away?
Just to be safe.
That's strange.
You've been taking your medicine
every day.
Let me see.
No. What if you get it too?
Let me have a look.
You look fine.
It's gone?
It was there this morning.
I have no sty anymore?
You don't. You don't have to wear
sunglasses anymore.
That's a relief.
It took way too long.
My boyfriend is so good-looking.
I missed seeing this face.
Weol-ju, raise your head.
I've been waiting for you.
I failed
to solve 100,000 cases.
Now that you're back,
let me announce my verdict
on your performance
during the past 500 years.
"For making the Sacred Tree
suffer bad luck,
you were sentenced to settling
100,000 people's grudges.
As you have settled the grudges
of all 100,000 people within 500 years,
your son's spirit is relieved from
repeating painful lives."
I failed to solve my last case.
No, you didn't fail.
You saved Han Kang-bae
by sacrificing yourself,
thereby realizing your long-standing wish
to save your son's spirit.
Does that mean
You did not waste your 500 years.
Congratulations, Weol-ju.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Kim Won-hyung was found next to you
under the spiral stairway
and sent to Hell.
You have now accomplished your task.
You are allowed to be reborn
and live a new life.
Is there any life you wish to live
in particular?
Oh, I guess this is too sudden.
I can give you a few options.
A company chairman's only daughter?
Maybe not.
How about top singer EYEU?
The thing is, I like
Or maybe
I don't
wish to be reborn.
If you'd let me,
I'd like to go back to the Living Realm
and live among humans.
I think I'm finally ready
to listen to them wholeheartedly.
Are you sure about this?
Why not be reborn as the granddaughter
of the Hillton Hotel founder,
Paris Hillton?
Yes, I'm sure about this.
All right.
If that's what you really want,
I allow you to reopen Mystic Pop-up Bar.
As a bonus, I'd like to give you
a trustworthy partner.
A partner?
In addition to taking over
your responsibility unconditionally,
he even rescued you out of the darkness.
You'll be able to rely on him.
Come in.
After Miss left,
my special ability disappeared.
It takes me more effort
to understand other people now,
but it has also taught me
how to open up to people.
If Miss and Guibanjang saw me now,
they would be more proud than anyone.
Hey, try this. Is it too salty?
Gosh, do you expect people to eat this?
Do it again.
I think it tastes good.
That's strange. Did something happen
to your palate in the Afterlife?
Just do it again.
I'm here.
Everyone's fate is decided by the heavens.
But the heavens is more easily moved
than you might think.
Little things that you say and do
may change your fate.
If changing your fate is called a miracle,
miracles may be happening every day.
The miracle of you being alive.
The miracle of having that person
next to you.
the miracle of being able to have a drink
with that person.
Hey, you're here. Have a seat.
It must have been a long day again.
Good job.
Do you want to have a drink with me?
Subtitle translation by Min-jin Kim
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