Naked and Afraid XL (2015) s01e02 Episode Script

40 Days & 40 Nights

Narrator: These 12 people
have conquered the Everest
of survival challenges --
21 days naked and afraid.
[Bleep] Man: Hold it, hold it.
Woman: He's huge.
They survived in some of
the harshest terrains on earth
[ Yells ]
with no food, no water
[ Voice breaking ] I need
something to drink immediately.
and no clothes.
[ Groans ]
We got fire!
-Whooo! Yeah!
Narrator: Now they're
taking on their next challenge,
and will attempt the
impossible. Nice!
to survive 40
days and 40 nights
stranded on a desolate Savannah
in one of the most remote
and dangerous places on earth.
Oh, my god.
40 days changes everything.
It is gonna be
exponentially harder.
40 days -- that's plenty
enough time to kill you.
The bugs are hell.
Narrator: This time, instead
of pairing with one stranger,
12 peers will fight
for limited resources.
Humans can endure
three days without water
and three weeks without food.
This thing's kicking my ass.
But at 40 days without
sustained sources
of food and water
I hate being so weak.
the human body
cannot survive.
Laura: You're really throwing
yourself into the abyss.
Narrator: In this
savage landscape, it
if that's an anaconda,
I'm gonna lose me [bleep]
Whoo! [ Yells ]
To make it out alive,
these 12 must push the
limits of human endurance
master the environment
-Got it! Got it! Got it!
-Hell yes!
Narrator: And
survive each other.
I'm saying we don't
need your help.
I just really hate
that everyone thinks
I'm just an ass[Bleep]
I'm feeling very attacked.
You've been
bitching for an hour.
Narrator: 40 days
This is what I
live for right now!
naked and afraid.
I got him, I got him,
I got him! I got him!
Man: Take that, Colombia!
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narrator: In the
eastern badlands o
lies the vast
orinoco river basin.
Dominated by 20 square
miles of scorched plains
and just six degrees
north of the equator,
temperatures here
peak at over 120 degrees.
At the fringes of the Savannah,
the jungle canopy conceals
Colombia's deadliest predators
on land and in the water.
I'm just nervous.
I might not make it.
I might not be able
to do it this time,
and that's a really
scary thought.
Shane: I mean, I could
barely walk after 21 days
the first time.
I was pretty close to my
maximum limits on that one,
so we'll find out
how badass I am.
Hakim: Time to get
this party started.
Alana: This is the most
extreme survival challenge
that anybody can do.
Here I go again.
It's go time.
Let's do this.
Shane: I am not a survivalist.
I'm just a tough bastard,
and you can't kill me.
Let's let the fun begin.
Laura: 40 days is a
far cry from 21 days.
It is gonna be
exponentially harder.
It really separates the
strong from the weak.
40 days -- it all starts now.
Narrator: The 12 will
eventually come together,
but they do not know the
identity, or even the number,
of their potential partners.
They begin their journey alone
in one of four
unique ecosystems.
At the souther edge
of the Savannah,
three Alpha males
will occupy roca diablo.
Here, mountains of jagged lava
plunge into an
impassable undergrowth,
and water is hard to find.
Man, it looks hot out here.
I don't see any water
anywhere in sight.
This is gonna be a challenge.
Hakim: This is going to be
the most challenging thing
that I'm gonna face.
But, hey, I've been
trained for this,
to push through these things.
You know, as a to-shin
do ninja practitioner,
the idea of being a ninja,
the term "ninja" means
one who endures.
Oh, geez.
Yep, we've got razor-sharp grass
that's not too friendly
[Chuckles] On
the crown jewels.
[ Laughs ] Hakim!
What's up?
Holy crap, man.
I look up, and I'm
expecting some chick,
and there's Hakim, man.
It's the black
MacGyver. It was cool.
-You too.
-Well, this is new, huh?
This is new, right?
I'm actually excited to
have a man as a partner.
We became friends
outside of the show,
and he's a killer survivalist.
It's gonna be less
drama, more work.
I think we're gonna be
able to get a lot done.
Skirt the black rock,
head for the biggest
chunk of water?
Yeah, that sounds good.
Jeff: [ Sighs ] Damn, it is hot.
It sure is. Got to
get some water.
I know, man.
So, as a soldier, we
do recons all the time,
and I know the
highest point in the area
is the best place to
get a vantage point,
so that's where I'm headed.
But, man, this
rock is pretty warm
from the heat of the day.
Too hot to walk on.
But right there,
there's my drink.
See that?
Barrel cactus.
I'm gonna try and get
some water out of that guy.
Ay! Got to handle it with care.
Ha! Like a crazy pineapple.
Not bad.
This has got a
lot of water in it.
Mmm. So good.
Let's get out of here
on the Savannah
And see where we're at, here.
What do you see?
What the hell's that?
[ Yells ] Over here!
-It's ej.
-Oh, that's ej?
-Damn, I'm happy to s
ej: I was elated. It
was Hakim and Jeff.
I'm absolutely ecstatic
to be with these two guys.
This is hot, man. Raah!
Big man hug.
Ej: You know, the
ninja and the hunter.
Who else do you
need on your side?
You guys hungry? I
got some barrel cactus.
Oh, my gosh.
Sweet, dude.
Ej, providing.
-Three heads are better than one.
ej: I think we should take a
little quick recon around here
and just figure
out where we think
we might build the shelter.
Five miles north lies the
arid forest of rio negro,
where an all-female power trio
will be scattered across
the sparse scrub land.
What?! Laura?
Oh, my god!
-Oh, my gosh.
-So awesome.
Eva: Laura and I have been
friends for a really long time.
The survival
community is so small.
You know, there's
really not that many of us.
So, I brought a bow drill kit.
Narrator: To meet
this challenge,
each person comes
equipped with a survival tool,
a knife, plus a map.
Oh, damn. This is a big area.
All right, well, we know
that we're gonna
need to go to water.
-Because it's hot out.
All right. So, we have to go
-Due west?
-That way.
Laura: There's
definitely a misconception
that men kind of, you
know, take the lead
in this kind of role.
And I think it's gonna
be great that Eva and I
are gonna show
how to really rock this.
Narrator: Laura and Eva
begin their search for water
unaware that the third
member of their trio
is lost in the forest
a half-mile away.
Dani j.: I am out here alone.
And I know there are other
people out here somewhere.
Where, I have no idea.
It's a little bit scary.
Narrator: After two hours
of searching for partners,
Dani wanders to the
south of the scrub land
and away from her
potential teammates.
I am losing daylight, so I
think I'm just gonna build
a temporary shelter
on the ground,
and then think a little bit more
about a more permanent
shelter tomorrow.
Not being a lot of time,
whatever I can do
tonight will be ideal.
So I am going to at least
get out a mosquito net
and set that up.
As far as being by
myself goes out here,
it makes me a
little bit nervous.
I don't know. Fingers crossed.
I think I got it.
Guess we'll find out.
Narrator: Two miles away,
on the western fringe
of the Savannah,
is the swampy
jungle of cao verde.
A mixed group of two men
and one woman take root here.
All right.
I see my bag But no partner.
That's interesting.
All right, maybe I'm alone.
While Luke struggles
to find his partners,
honora and Chris
have already met.
So, I'm a little intimidated
by people from New Jersey
'cause they always
seem a little pissed off.
-[ Laughs ]
-So[ Laughs ]
That's an urban myth.
I'm from south Jersey.
-South Jersey's really chill.
Okay. All right. Cool. Awesome.
When I first saw my partner
and realized that it was honora,
I was concerned, I won't lie.
She fell out of
her last challenge
being a heat casualty.
-Honora, are you okay?
-Can you squeeze my hand?
-Honora, can you hear me?
Honora: I overexerted myself
and was medically evacuated
while unconscious on day 16.
Man: We're just trying
to get her to the hospital
the hospital's in town.
I see my only option as
walking out on day 40.
This is my opportunity
for redemption.
Here's not a bad spot.
Yeah. Okay.
Pull all the -- like,
the weeds out,
-or cut them out.
Looks like we got some company.
What are you guys
doing out here?
We were just in the
preliminary stages of shelter.
Okay. Oh, nice.
So, three heads are
better than two, so
-Hell yeah.
-I'm Luke. Offici
-honora. Nice to meet you.
-Honora. Right, right.
-Welcome to the team, bro.
-Yeah, let's do this.
-We're good.
Chris: Honora's
lucky in the fact
that she has people
like Luke and I
that are well-versed in
the survival environment.
But I won't let someone
ride my coattails.
I'm not gonna burn myself out
just so someone
else can make it.
Good technique.
Narrator: Four miles to the east
sprawls the tropical
woodland of El bosque.
Here, two women will
join forces with one man.
Alana: Okay. Where
in the [bleep] am I?
While Alana finds her
way on the Savannah,
Shane and Danielle have
already met in the forest.
From everything around us,
I definitely think
this is a great place
to start the shelter.
Shane: I like it.
I'm gonna put a platform
right off the ground.
Are you definitely
set on a platform?
I am set on a platform --
only because I can do it.
I mean, I'll be done in,
you knowI will have --
we will be sleeping on a
platform before it's dark.
But I just don't
want to build, like,
a really awesome
shelter right away
just in case we have to move it.
My first survival
experience was very difficult.
[ Grunts ]
Zero communication
with my teammate.
Not very big.
[Bleep] Kidding me? Are you
it's got to be five feet long.
Sounds all well and
good for you to say,
but that's a nasty
[bleep] animal
to be playing with out there.
It was very frustrating
after 21 days.
[ Sighs ] It's not
gonna be perfect
no matter how we slice it, so
Yeah, I'm just really
not feeling the platform.
I just -- I want to see
how the night goes.
Dani b.: Little bit nervous
that he wants to chop a b
and expend a lot of energy,
and it's really hot, so
I wish he was a little
bit more observant
and thought things through.
Okay. Well, I want
to get off the ground.
So how do you propose
that we get off the ground?
I'm seeing a lot of dry
leaves on the ground,
which would be awesome.
Like, just stack them up
at least three feet high,
and then line the ground
with the sticks and
Yep. Whatever you
want. That's fine.
Shane: We're working
through the different dynamics
of how to say, "I
don't want to do that,
I'd rather do this,"
and it'sIt's fun.
I like it. It's fun.
Come on.
There's three of us?
Looks like I'm
late to the party.
-I'm Shane.
-Well, hi.
-Nice to meet you, Danielle.
-Nice to meet you, too.
[ Laughs ]
-There's three.
Three is better
than two, I guess.
Yeah, now that changes
everything, having three people.
My only concern any
time with any partner is,
are you gonna put your
ass on the line out here
as much as I am?
And so as long as everyone
is doing what their job is
and, you know, helping
the group, then we're good.
So, what we've been
doing right now is we --
this is just gonna be
rudimentary for the night,
just to get us off
the ground a little bit.
-Yeah. I mean, and it's warm anyways.
personally, I'd probably
go in a little bit more open.
Maybe just a
little bit that way.
'Cause the more dense it is,
the more shelter for bugs, too.
Alana: I'm a little
more lone wolf.
The more, for me, not
necessarily the merrier.
So it makes me a little nervous
having more than one
person to deal with.
Having two could be awesome,
or it could be
double the trouble.
I don't know.
You know, we'll see how it
goes, you know, for the night.
Don't put all your
effort into something
that you might end
up changing later, so
Well, I'm definitely
lifting this later.
I mean, tomorrow. So
Dani b.: The sun
is completely gone
I'm completely
drained. It was so hot.
Alana: Probably the
worst thing is the bugs.
Every bat I see swoop by
means one less
mosquito or biting fly
that's gonna get
me in the night.
Shane: I definitely
just killed something.
-Something big?
-It was definitely
We'll get through it.
Tonight's not a good night.
[ Animal howls ]
[ Water sloshing ]
[ Animal growls, hisses ]
What the [bleep] is that?
If that's an anaconda,
I'm gonna lose my [bleep]
[ Branches cracking ]
What is that noise?
Dani j.: Last night was
a little rough and difficult.
Mm. But I'm alive, and
I'm awake, and I'm working.
I'm also swollen.
Do you see my
face? Look at my face.
It's just, like, so
Everything is just swollen.
I have no idea what is going
on with my eye, you know?
Allergic reaction of some sort.
So, what I'm
looking for right now
is something to cure this.
So, this red stuff
that I'm gonna pull
out of here, saladio,
is good for bug bites
and cuts and stuff.
Narrator: For centuries,
indigenous Colombians
have used the resin
of the saladio plant
as a healing remedy.
Those are gonna be excellent.
Those are anti-inflammatory.
Gonna be good for whatever's
going on with my eye.
[ Buzzing ]
The bugs in this spot are hell.
I got consumed last night.
Covered. Seriously
covered in bug bites.
And they're just sitting
there, like, chewing on me.
It's gonna [bleep] suck
unless I figure something out.
The sand fleas are horrible.
Like, freaking horrible.
You know, I've always
operated under the pretense
that I am tougher
than anyone else,
and there is no better way
to gain perspective
on who you are
than to strip
yourself down naked
and spend 40 days in Colombia.
Narrator: Last night,
Eva and her partner Laura
slept on the ground
and paid the price.
Their top priority today is
finding a better campsite.
How far are we from the water?
That's what I wanted --
the water, like, could
potentially be down there.
-I'm just not sure.
The only water
that I've seen so far
has been in the river
that we came in on,
and it was really murky,
and not necessarily
something that I want to drink.
Still looking for fresh water.
Narrator: Three miles
to the east in El bosque,
temperatures have
already climbed
to 106 degrees fahrenheit.
[Bleep] Hot, man.
For the past three hours,
Shane has been building shelter
while Alana and Danielle
rest in the stifling heat.
I got so much work to do
I can't even think about it.
I don't want to
sleep on the ground,
so a platform has to be made.
And of the three of us,
I'm the only one that
can physically build it.
Oh, nice.
Do I think women are
not as strong as men?
Sure. It's already
been well-documented.
But I like being around women.
Take a break for a minute.
Slow down.
Okay. I'm taking a break.
I'm a guy.
I mean, let's face it.
You know, I'm a
heterosexual male.
I want the attention
of a female.
The only thing I really like
about putting on a second deck
is because if I make a
little triangle up there,
we can use it as a canopy.
That's the only reason
why I want to, like,
methodically, slowly
add pieces to that.
Think about how I want
to get it accomplished.
Let my little a.D.D.
Brain think about it.
[ Scoffs ] Even though I
don't believe in a.D.H.D.
Were you diagnosed with it?
Yeah, they put me on ritalin
when I was like 6 years old.
Shane: I grew up
without parents.
Spent 13 years in foster
homes and boarding schools.
My chip on my
shoulder is because
since I was 6 years old,
[bleep] On. I've been basically
I stopped taking it
when I was like 9 or 10.
I told them I wasn't
gonna take it anymore.
I don't give a [bleep]
what you do to me.
What could you do to me?
I was already incarcerated.
[ Scoffs ] What more
could you do to me?
Been there, done that for days.
Yeah. Not quite,
but damn near close.
I spent many, many, many
days with no sneakers,
plastic handcuffs behind my back
with my face in a corner.
They'd cut them
off and let me eat,
and put them right back on.
Dani b.: Alana and
I click really well,
whereas Shane and I,
he's a little bit more
difficult to adapt to.
I don't think he's
mentally stable for this.
I was able to read
my psychological file
when I was like 19 years old.
I should be a
[bleep] serial killer,
reading that profile.
Alana: He almost
seems proud of himself
when he says these things,
like it's a badge of honor
to be this close to
completely insane.
And I love people.
I do all kinds of
things for people.
I don't like the human race.
I think it's the
[bleep] worst thing
that's ever happened
to the planet.
But at 40-whatever years old,
do you think there's a point
where you want to be happy?
I'm content with who I am.
I don't like the word happy.
But I'm totally
content with who I am
and what my personality is
and what my social circle is.
Alana: When I came out here,
I was concerned about the
pit vipers and the jaguars.
No. I'm worried about Shane.
Narrator: At the southern
edge of the Savannah,
the group of Alpha
males is on the move.
Jeff: Oh, damn, it is hot.
Hakim: It sure is.
Narrator: Jeff, Hakim, and ej
have been searching for
hours in the sweltering heat
for a safe place
to build shelter.
I got to cool my
body temperature off.
All we want to do is find
water and build a shelter.
Ej: We're gonna be
building shelter today,
so that's a physical activity
that's gonna require us
to have a lot of
fluids put back in us.
Of course, we need to
watch our dehydration.
Because out here,
it'll sneak up on you.
Hakim: Hold up for a second, ej.
-You doing all right?
[ Sighs ] Yeah, just
need a breather.
Hakim: Colombia's a beast.
The heat is killer out here.
The last challenge that I did,
the 21-day challenge in India,
that was way
different than this.
It was a colder environment.
This is heat-wave type of heat.
And it will suck the
life right out of you.
Ej: How 'bout this
space, though?
It's the best thing I've seen.
I feel good about this spot.
Jeff: Let's just
hope we can find
narrator: In spite of the
oppressive conditions,
Jeff, Hakim, and ej
have chosen to build a
massive 200-square-foot shelter
rather than locate a clean
source of drinking water.
Man, this is like a
logging operation.
I'm gonna start
hauling these ones over.
Ej: We just want to
get this shelter done.
Sometimes really
long-term, strong shelters
can take a bit of time.
Hakim: [ Coughs ]
Ej: The heat is just really
our enemy right now.
Ej: We need to hydrate.
It's a sauna in here.
I think we're losing
more than a pound a day.
-Because of the sweat.
Colombia's no joke,
man. Gives it to you.
I am burnt out, guys.
Got to get some water.
I know, man. I am feeling you.
Narrator: After
3.5 hours of work,
they've each lost 1,000 calories
and a pound of body weight.
If you don't have fresh
water in a place like this,
you'd probably be
unconscious on day three.
You'd be dead.
Jeff: [ Sighs ] Damn, it is hot.
-Got to get some water.
-I know, man.
I am feeling you.
Hakim: It's very concerning
that we continue to work
really hard in this type of heat
with not enough water.
Narrator: Despite
the oppressive heat,
Alpha males Jeff, Hakim, and ej
refuse to modify
their ambitions.
They've been chopping
lumber for four hours,
and they're not even halfway
finished with their shelter.
Hakim: Just give me a second.
[ Groans ]
-You all right?
Hakim: My whole body's cramping,
and especially my ab area,
and I just can't
get myself out of it.
Well, let me go get some water.
Jeff: Ej -- he's
gonna find us water.
Me and Hakim, we're gonna
continue to build our shelter.
[ Branches rustling ]
It's like pure torture, man.
Black palm, bare feet.
I can't even find
a way through it.
When you get 40, 50 meters
into this swamp
area where we're at,
you hit black palm.
See all this?
This is what's
making it difficult.
I can't even -- I can't
even find a way through it.
Narrator: Roca
diablo is located in
the hottest part
of the Savannah.
The only water here
is hidden deep within a
forest of spiked black palm.
Ej: Yeah.
I hit a huge wall of black palm.
It's like the black palm
doesn't want us
to get to the water.
These cramps are so insane.
Jeff: If your legs
cramp up on you
-You're effed, man.
Like, royally.
Jeff: Yeah, we've
all had cramps, b
he's having these
extreme, severe cramps.
All the muscles in his
body just clench down,
and he's unable to move.
It's really debilitating.
So I'm worried about him.
[ Sighs ]
Narrator: Three
miles to the north, I
Luke: Chris! Chris: Yo.
He's going towards the pond.
Luke, Chris, and honora
are hunting for their first
taste of protein in two days.
Yep, he's moving.
Hold on one second. Don't move.
I'll try to pin him
if I can see him.
I see him, I see him, I see him!
He's right in front of me.
Oh, I see him. Right there.
So, once again, I'm gonna
try to push him your way.
Ah, ah, ah, ah! Got him.
Honora: Sweet.
[ Sighs ]
There we go. There's lunch.
Nice. Nice.
Luke: People say,
"no way in hell.
We would never
be able to eat that."
But it tastes really good.
When you're hungry,
it's very delicious.
We have our little fire stoked
here, and we are having
an elegantly prepared
giant cockroach.
Chris: Hors d'oeuvre?
And our main course
isA Headless lizard.
Oh, my gosh, taste
that. Oh, my god.
That tastes like butter.
-[ Laughs ]
-Dinner tonight, lizard tail.
Luke: With three of us,
definitely more mouths to feed.
I'm eating those bones.
So, a little bit more
resource gathering
and things like that.
Hopefully get some
protein every now and then
so that we can
make it to day 40.
Narrator: Though they must
split a 15-calorie cockroach
and a 90-calorie
lizard three ways,
this meager dinner is
by far the largest meal
they've consumed
on the challenge.
Is that some -- some
kind of organ thing.
Eva: Laura is over there.
She's all tucked in
and sound asleep.
I'm tired, obviously.
The heat during the
day takes its toll on me.
So, dehydration --
I mean, I'm suffering
from it right now.
I feel it -- like, I'm still
worked from the day
'cause I didn't
drink nearly enough.
Eva: Water is so
mandatory right now.
Laura: I know.
Narrator: After three
days without water,
Laura and Eva have decided
to drink from the murky river
to avoid crippling dehydration.
[Bleep] Water in
me. Want to get this
but this water
is full of bacteria
and other contaminants,
and will need to be boiled.
For that, they need fire.
We're exhausted,
we're dehydrated.
And if you don't have
the energy left in you
to start that fire
to boil that water,
I mean, it's a slippery slope.
Ow! [Bleep]
Damn it. Just
split the fire board.
Right now, I just
want to make sure
we get some water in us.
[ Sighs ] It's annoying.
That's a pisser.
Laura: I know.
Ow! [Bleep]
You okay? Damn. [Bleep]
Sharp blade. Yes.
Oh, yeah, it's wide open.
Oh, my god.
Just keep the pressure on it.
Holy [bleep] what the
[bleep] just happened?
That cut is serious.
It is all the way to the bone.
And if we can't get the
bleeding under control,
we're in trouble.
I can't [bleep] believe it.
Eva: Oh, my god.
Laura: Keep the pressure on it.
Narrator: After slashing
her finger down to the bone,
Eva has tried in
vain for two hours
to stop the bleeding.
Oh [bleep]
Concerned that the injury
could be life-threatening,
producers call in a field medic.
Oh, god. Oh, god.
Laura: Oh, dude.
Can we do that?
Narrator: Eva faces a dilemma.
She can risk infection
and have her finger stitched
here in the bush
without anesthetic,
or quit the challenge for
good and go to the hospital.
Okay, please. Stitch it up.
Laura: Stitches
without anesthesia --
[ exhales sharply ] Oh, my god.
I don't want to, like, pass
out and fall over backwards.
Laura: Ooh.
Ooh, now.
[ Breathes heavily
] Just breathe.
This is so hard-core,
it's not even funny.
Piece of cake, right?
More than halfway there.
That's a rough one.
This pain is not as
painful as tapping out.
[Bleep] That.
[ Sighs ]
Yeah, I cannot imagine
how you're feeling right now.
Out here, it's scary enough
getting a big, giant cut.
Far scarier would
be having, like,
some festering abscess
under my flap of skin.
I cannot chance getting
any sort of infection
in any way, shape, or form.
It might end up being the end.
Laura: How are you
feeling right now?
Narrator: It's been three days
since Dani entered the
rio negro scrublands,
and she still hasn't found
her potential partners,
Laura and Eva.
It's super hot,
and I can't afford to go for
another day without water,
so I'm just gonna go dig a hole.
This isn't the safest
method, but it's the best I got.
Narrator: Without fire,
Dani resorts to an alternative
technique to purify water.
She digs a gypsy
well next to a stream,
hoping the groundwater
that seeps in
will be sufficiently
filtered by the soil.
But this method may not
remove deadly bacteria.
Dani j.: There's something
sitting I don't like that.
That looks disgusting,
and, to be perfectly honest,
it doesn't look 100% safe.
It's got something
floating on the top.
I have to do
something eventually.
I have to make a choice,
'cause otherwise I'm
gonna get dehydrated,
and I'm gonna have to go home.
Don't get sick.
Smells like mud.
I hate mud.
Hate drinking mud, anyways,
but that -- you know what?
That is not bad.
That is not bad at all.
Oh, my god.
That's better than
the tap water at home.
Hopefully, I'm
fine in the morning.
I really don't want to get sick.
Sick isn't really
an option right now.
So we get to here.
We'll have a little
bit of a triangle.
We'll fill it in with
some more rattan.
Jeff: And it's not
gonna be 100% today,
but we can add to it
every couple days or
something, you know?
It's the cramps?
Hakim: Yeah.
Narrator: After three days
with little more than barrel cactus
to quench his thirst,
Hakim suffers from
severe dehydration.
Jeff: What are your
thoughts right now?
I'm afraid to think
about it. Yeah.
Hakim: My body is
just breaking down.
You know, I still got to live
and have a family
and stuff after this, so
It's a little scary.
Want us to give you
some time alone?
I don't know if that'll do it.
I'm gonna give you my advice,
and I may regret
it, but I think --
I think you should go 24 hours.
The chance of damage
to your body is there,
but it's nothing like
if you tried to push
for another week or something.
I mean Not to take
things too biblical,
but I feel like this is
the test for Jesus
in the wilderness.
He got tempted three times,
you know, um, to move off path.
24 hours it is, then.
I hope I don't live to regret
giving him that advice.
[ Sniffles ]
Alana: Feel any better?
No, I was sick.
I'm freezing now.
[ Sniffles ]
Like, just after walking,
I couldn't -- like, I can't see.
That's not good.
Dani b.: I have a
pretty high fever,
a really bad headache,
and just completely dizzy.
I'm definitely scared
that I won't be able
to get my fever down.
Narrator: Riddled
with bug bites,
Danielle contends with a fever
that her teammates
struggle to remedy.
I just feel
something's not right.
Having a fever out here isn't --
like, my body's not
gonna cure itself
because we don't have much food.
It's just gonna get worse.
Shane: Danielle is
not doing very well.
I really wanted to cut wood,
but I need her more than I
need that [bleep] wood right now,
so I'm gonna try my
best to find us some food.
[ Grunts ]
[ Grunts ]
I found a tree that has fruit.
I'm gonna go up
in that mango tree
and get these fruit
that are on there --
at least get Danielle some sugar
and see if she feels
a little bit better.
See a lot of them up here.
Let's see if I can get up it.
[ Grunts ]
[ Breathing heavily ]
Oh, my god.
Dani j.: I got to start on
the wall o which is great,
and, uh, the bark
seems to be working.
I can see out of my
right eye this morning.
Narrator: For
Dani and her peers,
the struggle to
survive never ends.
All 12 survivalists have
taken on 21-day challenges
where they achieved expert-level
primitive survival ratings,
or psrs.
With 40 days, they
face a new challenge --
to achieve a sustainable
existence as a group.
Each group will receive a
"naked and afraid" xl rating,
or xlr.
Shane, Alana, and Danielle
receive a score of 7.6.
The trio of Jeff, ej, and Hakim
starts with an xlr of 7.9.
Laura, Eva, and
Dani begin with an 8.2.
And the combined skills
of Chris, honora, and Luke
rate a 7.8.
As each group attempts
to survive in the wild,
their xlr rating
will be monitored
throughout the 40
days, if they make it.
Let's see if I can get up it.
[ Grunts ]
Come on.
Narrator: In an
effort to find food
for his fading partner Danielle,
Shane tries to collect fruit
from the upper branches
of a dangerously tall tree.
I almost [bleep] had it.
[ Breathing heavily ]
Oh, lord, please.
Please, lord.
It's not even for me.
Please, lord.
[ Breathing heavily ]
Now, tell me that wasn't badass.
Who's the [bleep] man now?
[ Breathing heavily ]
I'm not selfish.
This wasn't about me, and
that's why I prayed over it,
and that's why I
had no fear of falling,
because it wasn't for me.
It wasn't my ego that did it.
It was me serving others.
All right, I'm being
deadly serious right now.
These are an incredibly
sugar-rooted, edible fruit.
Alana: Shane is definitely
trying to prove something.
Maybe it's because
he is with two women,
and he wants to show off,
but he definitely has
an agenda for himself.
I'm gonna go cool down in
the river for a few minutes,
and then I'm gonna
go play with my bow.
Hakim: [ Coughs ]
Today wore us down
completely, really beat us up.
I've been dealing with the heat
in not the most effective way,
and my body has just
been cramping everywhere.
Don't like it.
Don't like having
to deal with that.
I don't like having my
team to deal with that.
[ Breathes heavily ]
Every time I try to
sit up, it's just like
Ej: Can't do it.
Narrator: After 4 days
with almost no water,
Hakim suffers from
severe heat exhaustion.
If his condition
continues to deteriorate,
he risks organ failure.
This thing's kicking my ass.
I mean, I am beyond
dehydrated right now.
The way this thing is going on,
these cramps are so insane,
um, this is a
whole 'nother level.
[ Whistles ]
[ Sighs ]
What muscle is it hitting now?
It's still right across here
any time I try to sit up.
Right on your stomach. Yeah.
I respect your toughness, man.
Jeff: I'm worried about him.
I'm not just worried
about his physical health,
but I'm worried about him --
you know, how
he's doing mentally
because it sucks
to even think about
tapping out of
something like this.
If this is it, man,
like I said, I've got
mad respect for you
like -- like you
don't even know,
but, uh, I'd regret even more
if something happened, you know?
You're my brother.
I respect you.
You know, you're a
tough guy. I know that.
Nobody can take
that away from you.
Whatever you decide,
buddy, we're with you.
The ego in me says I
just want to push through
and stay here until
I die, you know?
And the other me says,
"that's not very responsible."
And I could push through,
but I don't know what
damage I'm doing to my body.
And so I'm gonna
have to tap out.
Hakim: I've decided I
have to go home, that I'm g
it's a tough decision for me.
Come here, man.
Take care, buddy.
When Hakim decided to
tap out, it made things real.
Jeff: I didn't see
this happening.
It made me think
about a lot of things.
It made me think about
the duration of this.
It made me think about
whether my mind and my
body are capable to do this
and how important it is
for our long-term survival
that we find the
quickest source to water.
Our lives depend on it.
Hakim: To walk away
from something like this
is not in my nature, and
so I'm worried about me,
I'm worried about what
could be going on internally.
Just the concept of not
finishing the challenge
is very difficult for me.
Colombia's a beast,
a stone-cold killer.
Narrator: This season
on "naked and afraid xl"
[ Jaguar growls and roars ]
Jeff: The strong will survive,
and the weak will
fall by the wayside.
Whatever we
find, we're killing it.
Ej: Look at the size.
I'd be lying if I say
I wasn't concerned.
Jeff: [ Screams ] Ye-e-ah!
We're eating
tonight, baby! Ya-a-y!
Shane: The 40-day challenge
is past the maximum point
of what a human body can handle.
Chris: I'm getting
eaten alive by ants.
We have about a day or
two before I start snapping.
What in the world?
Ej: What is this?
Jeff: All these people down here
all fighting for the
same resources,
this could get wild.
[ Crying ] I'm
feeling very attacked.
You've been
bitching for an hour!
Laura: The things
people are capable
that's what I'm scared of.
I'm saying we don't
need your help.
Shane: We're gonna
want to kill each other.
There will be blood.
Man: We're here!
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