Naked and Afraid XL (2015) s01e03 Episode Script

40 Days No Escape

You guys are just -- you're
not respecting me at all.
Stop [bleep]
bitching. I'm over it.
I don't care. Stop talking.
I'm not bitching.
You've been
bitching for an hour!
[ Voice breaking ] I'm
feeling very attacked.
Okay. You're
feeling very attacked.
Extremely attacked right now.
Then tap out.
[Bleep] You, Chris.
Don't tell me to tap out!
I'm burning this [bleep]
She's got your knife.
God Hey!
Narrator: Seven days ago,
in one of the most remote
and dangerous places on earth,
12 elite survivalists began
an impossible challenge
to endure 40 days
and 40 nights Aaah!
with no food, no water
I need something
to drink immediately.
and no clothes.
[ Groans ]
To make it out alive, they
must master the environment
Narrator: And
survive each other.
We don't need your help.
Alana: It's easily gonna
be one of the hardest things
that any of us have ever done.
Narrator: Here in the
badlands of Colombia,
the "naked and afraid" veterans
were divided into
four groups of three.
To the north, a member
of the all-female trio is lost,
and she's struggling
to survive alone.
If that's an anaconda,
I'm gonna lose my [bleep]
Narrator: To the east,
the unchained energy
and unpredictable
nature of a macho loner
I should be a
[bleep] serial killer.
Narrator: Has shocked
his female camp mates.
Alana: When I came out here,
I was concerned about the
pit vipers and the jaguars,
but now I'm worried about Shane.
Narrator: In the
south, the relentless
these cramps are so insane.
And the three Alpha males
have lost one of their own.
Hakim: Colombia's a
beast. It's a stone-cold killer.
Narrator: 12 survivalists
began this 40-day challenge.
11 remain.
This is what I
live for right now!
Colombia, I'm coming for you!
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captions paid for by
discovery communications
honora: Do you
know which tree it is?
Yeah, it's the monster
one to your left.
Oh, I see.
How the hell are
we gonna get it?
Luke: Yeah, that's
what I was thinking.
Narrator: Just beyond
the snake-infested
Chris, Luke, and
honora inspect a fruit tree
that might provide them
with desperately needed food.
If someone was really daring,
they could climb up this tree
and get to that big
branch up there.
I ain't that [bleep] daring.
Luke: I was gonna
say, it's not worth it.
You see that, like, nub where
it kind of meets the fruit tree?
Like, right there? Yeah.
I might be willing to
shimmy up to that nub.
Got to weigh the
risk/reward thing.
The risk outweighs
the reward by a lot.
Having seen honora's
skill set -- or lack thereof --
from her first challenge,
I'm just concerned.
Honora, you okay?
Can you squeeze my hand?
Man: Honora, can you hear me?
Narrator: In her first
"naked and afraid" challenge,
honora lost consciousness
due to heat exhaustion
and tapped out on day 16.
We're just trying to
get her to the hospital
as fast as we can.
The hospital's in town.
This is my opportunity
for redemption.
Dude, I'm a rock-climber.
That's like a finger
crack. It's perfect.
Chris: Go ahead, Hercules.
No, I mean, I'm serious.
I mean, it's, like, a
beautiful handhold,
and I see a really
nice place to rest.
I mean, if you fail, you're
done with this challenge,
andyou're definitely
in the hospital.
Luke: Definitely
a disappointment.
We're right under
this giant fruit tree
with a ton of fruits that we
could eat, but we can't get it.
That's 20 feet up. I
highly discourage it.
I wouldn't do it.
I feel like the guys just
marginalized me from day one.
Any of my ideas
have been shot down,
so what I have in here hasn't
been, you know, taken by them.
It's a bummer.
Honora's lucky in the fact that
she has people like Luke and I
that are well-versed in
the survival environment.
You know, Luke and I
have successfully
finished these challenges.
I'm just trying to be
a voice of reason.
Narrator: Three miles east
sits the forest of El bosque,
where Shane, Alana, and
Danielle have set up camp.
[ Singsong voice ] Well,
lookee at what I found.
Aren't you the prettiest thing?
Oh. Hi, there.
Tortoise selfie.
I'm not gonna
eat you. It's okay.
Danielle, look. Wow.
Isn't she pretty? Yeah.
Shane: You got him?
It's a her.
You rock.
But I really don't
want to eat it.
[ Chuckles ] We kind of have to.
I want to eat it. I will eat.
So, I'll tell you how to kill it
if you want me to
tell you how to kill it.
Oh, I know how to kill it,
but I really don't want to.
[ Chuckles ] Wow.
I haven't eaten in seven
days, man. Seven days.
Well, she's lucky you
found her and not me
'cause I probably would
have stabbed her with my knife
and killed her before I
even brought it back to you.
I'm gonna walk away.
Well, if I see you again, you
might not be so lucky, girl.
[ Sighs ]
I was a little disappointed
that we didn't kill it.
I didn't want to have
an explosive moment
or have some
animosity building up
because I need them on
day 30. I need them on day 35.
All right, little girl, we'll put
you back where you were.
So, let's put you back.
I hope this good
deed for the turtle
comes back in some
serious nature Karma points.
Um, so, um, I'll
give you that one,
but from now on, can we
just kill everything we get?
Because, you know,
we may not see anything
or get anything
for another week.
Alana: I already feel myself
getting a little bit irritated.
Yeah, as time goes on,
I'm seeing that he's trying
really, really
hard to play nice,
and that that's not
really his true nature.
I think his true nature is
"my way or the highway."
Narrator: Five miles
northwest lies rio negro.
Here, the all-female power
trio has yet to come together.
Dani has wandered far
to the south of her partners
and has yet to find them.
She is the only
survivalist still on her own.
Dani: You know, being by
yourself is just exhausting.
I actually haven't eaten
yet since I've been here.
The unknown is usually
really scary for people
[ chuckles ] Especially for me.
I like to be in control
of my situation,
and this is definitely
the opposite
of being in control
of my situation.
That can be scary.
I know there are other
people out here somewhere.
I'm gonna go hunt somebody down.
Narrator: Laura
and Eva are unaware
that Dani is just a
half-mile upstream.
Laura: I really
want to get a fish
that's big enough
to, like, flake.
Eva: To gut.
Laura: We're really motivated
to make these fish traps right now
because if we don't keep
putting calories into our body,
if our digestion stops,
that puts us in a bad place.
I cannot wait to eat a fish.
I'm super getting hungry.
[ Rustling ]
You heard that, right?
You want to check it out?
Eva: I'm sure that
we heard something.
Do you want to try to whistle?
[ Whistles ]
[ Hooting ]
Maybe just keep whistling.
[ Whistles ]
I saw something right
over there, some movement.
I have naked people!
Laura: Oh, my god, it's Dani!
Eva: Holy [bleep] it's Dani?
Narrator: After surviving
separately for a week,
the all-female group
has finally become a trio.
Are you out here by yourself?
Oh, my
Eva: Oh, my god. I was
so excited to see Dani.
I can't believe she's
been out here by herself.
That is badass.
Dude, look at your
awesome little shelter.
I love your little shelter.
Do you have a mosquito net?
A mosquito net and a knife?
I can't believe that we
have three badass women
that are gonna be doing
this challenge together.
Dani, this spot is beautiful.
Dani: You like it? Yeah.
You guys are more than welcome
to come over here if you want.
I mean, we were talking
about moving camp.
We aren't set on
our camp at all.
This is a great neighborhood.
[ Laughter ]
Dani: I have girlfriends.
Three girls is gonna be awesome.
It's gonna be some serious
chick power going on.
Have you seen any mammals,
by any chance, or any big lizards?
Not yet, but there is
something [bleep] massive
moving around in
the water down here.
Laura: That's
awesome. That's great.
I don't know what it was, but
it was huge, whatever it was.
So, if you guys were
looking to kill something,
I would love for
you to kill that.
[ Laughter ]
Oh, look at the size
of that spotted one, bro.
Looks like a
one-pounder. Luke: Yeah.
Narrator: At cao verde, Chris
and Luke try and catch fish
I wonder if that falling
sound was fruit or the nuts.
Narrator: While
honora ignores the advice
of her male counterparts
and hunts for fruit.
Honora: We got to
get that fruit down.
I don't care what
the guys think.
One of the skill sets I do have,
I think, over the
guys is climbing.
So, I'm trying to climb
like a 30-foot sapling
to prod the fruit off
from this, like, little ledge.
It's huge.
There's like five of them.
Got one.
Luke: Just don't move.
You can't move the
rest of your body.
He'll, like, freak out.
Oh, yeah, he's right
there. He's close.
Oh, you [bleep]
Took it right off the hook.
So, I found some
lower green fruit
that we've been
looking at. Uh-huh.
I think it's the same thing
that has the white sap,
so I feel like we should
ask -- these are rock-hard.
Yeah, it was a little
difficult to pluck.
Maybe we should try cooking it.
I went across the river
and found two trees
that were a little bit lower,
and I climbed like
a 30-foot sapling
just to grab a piece of fruit.
Chris: I don't
know if honora feels
that she has something
to prove to us,
but I know what my
body needs to run,
and it's gonna need more
than just mango slices.
The inside is, like,
where the fruit is at.
The inside tastes
like a cooked orange.
[ Spits ]
That's just -- mnh.
Apparently, me climbing
30 feet to grab a piece of fruit
isn't worthy of their support.
Kind of bitter.
[Bleep] Them. Seriously.
They have no respect for me,
so I don't have
respect for them, either.
The plan for today should
be find our way to water.
Narrator: Jeff and e.J. Are
the two remaining members
from the Alpha-male trio.
[ Hooting ]
Oh, yeah. That sun's hot.
Totally dehydrated.
And it's not good
for our bodies.
40 days of that --
it's not a good idea.
Man, I can't believe how
hot it gets here so early.
I know.
E.j.: We need to
watch our dehydration
because out here,
it'll sneak up on you.
We've already seen that with
what happened with Hakim.
[ Groans ] E.J.: You all right?
Narrator: Extreme dehydration
forced Jeff and e.J.'S partner,
Hakim, to tap out on day four.
Preventing them
from finding water
are walls of black palm trees
whose piercing
thorns penetrate flesh
and break off under the skin,
potentially causing
serious infection.
[ Jeff groans ]
Black palm in my finger.
[ Groans ]
It's deep. Ow.
[ Inhales sharply
] [Bleep] In there.
I know, dude. I think
it hit the bone, no joke.
Squeeze the hell out
of it, bro. Don't be shy.
[ Groaning ]
Hold on.
Here it comes.
Yeah, that [bleep] went deep.
That one's gonna
have to fester up.
Narrator: At rio negro,
the three elite females have
barely eaten in seven days.
Laura: Do you guys
want to go in with the net?
Eva: Yeah, totally.
Fish traps, minnows. So
much cooler by the water.
Dani: Yeah.
Laura: Dani has a mosquito net,
which I am so excited
about the potential of
because it's great for fishing.
All right, we got more than
one in there. We got three.
Eva: Three?
Got a fish, got
a fish, got a fish
just in this one
simple activity,
we've used all three
of our main tools.
We've used Dani's net,
my pot, and Laura's fire kit.
And I'm so thrilled
about it right now.
Nice. It's so nice that
you guys are here.
[ Laughter ]
Dani: I do not think that
there is any drawback
to not having a man in
this situation right now.
I think that between
the three of us,
we have the brains,
we have the brawn.
I think the ladies
got it right now.
Laura: Dude, Eva, you
ready for some lunch?
I took a big, fat
one right off the top.
Cheers. Cheers.
Mmm. Mm-hmm.
So, e.J., the first word
that comes into your
mind about today?
[ Chuckles ] E.J.: Exhausting.
I want to be original, but
today's been exhausting.
[ Laughs ]
It really has been, man.
We're gonna find
water. I promise.
[ Groans ]
E.j.: The mosquitos have
been awfully friendly to me
since I've gotten here.
They keep stinging me
on my [bleep] and my ass.
I am so sick of
these sand flies.
They just are inescapable.
[ Blows ]
I don't want animosity
amongst our group at all.
I'll do whatever it takes.
'Cause that's not
my personality.
I'm still an orphan
whose mother told him,
"we don't want you."
I still am looking for
the attention of a woman.
I starve for it.
Luke: Ready, team?
Chris: Let's do this.
Today's the day.
Let's find some food.
All right.
I'm thinking we take
the river, though.
At least you can
just ride the current.
Sounds good to me.
You know, we're
pretty limited on options
on how to get these fruits.
I'd rather just climb a tree,
but I feel like it's just better
to just kind of like let them
do what they want to do
because that's gonna
be better for everybody.
Chris: We decided that
today was gonna be the day
that we explored up
the river, heading north.
I know there's
piranha in the river.
They're a much
more aggressive fish.
Anaconda, you know,
whatever the case may be.
There's an almond tree
somewhere in the area.
I'm smelling them flowers.
That [bleep] really strong now.
I think I see a
tree, but it looks like
that same purple-tree
kind of thing.
Straight ahead over there.
Yeah, I know. I'm just
saying that's what it is.
I feel like my ability
to hunt and to fish
is going to severely
decline at this rate.
Not having proper
electrolyte balance
and on top of the
heat makes you dizzy.
Narrator: The
riverside vegetation
provides no solution
for the trio's hunger,
the towering trees offer
no low-hanging fruit,
and ground prey is
too elusive to catch.
If we're gonna be here
for 40 days, and, you know,
we're having a hard
time early on getting food.
It looks pretty open right
here. I might try to get out.
Narrator: After three hours of
exploring the uncharted waters,
Chris, Luke, and honora emerge
from the dense canopy exhausted.
[Bleep] Disappointing.
Well, that was
and find they have traveled
more than a mile downriver.
Well, no fruit, but a
whole lot more battle scars.
Honora: We need fruit.
We just went on this huge
excursion and didn't find any.
[ Sighs ]
Narrator: Now they face an
exhausting hike back to camp
over the scorching Savannah.
Whew. Starting to
black out a little bit.
I am so weak right now.
My [bleep] calves and my
arms are, like, cramping.
Honora: I've felt,
like, dizzy today,
like, several times, and I
just started blacking out.
And it's just kind of
this, like, repeat of Brazil.
And it's frustrating
knowing that, like,
you only have so many
kinds of nutrients around.
Chris: I'm exhausted.
Unfortunately, it was a
disappointing expedition.
Right now, honora's
-- she's hurting.
She just basically
passed out right in the sun,
which is obviously the
worst thing you can do.
You know, when you're
feeling heat fatigue
and becoming the
symptoms of a heat casualty,
you get in the shade.
I think Luke and I have, so far,
been as supportive for honora
as we can be, but I won't
let someone ride my coattails,
especially when it's 40 days.
I'm not worrying
about her anymore.
I'm kind of liking this.
Oh, for your arrow? Yeah.
Narrator: Two days after his
partners Danielle and Alana
released a turtle
back into the wild,
Shane vows to catch more game.
Shane: We haven't had any
significant source of protein,
and I'm very frustrated by that
because I would have
loved to have had that turtle.
We could be eating
that for two days.
From this point on, whatever
we find, we're killing it.
I am lethal with a store-bought,
you know, compound bow.
I hit the same target
again, within an inch, I think.
Alana: Oh, he's
eating something.
We're gonna see how close
we can get, see what it is.
He's chowing down.
We're pretty close to him.
See, this is how
you stalk an animal.
[ Both chuckle quietly ]
[ Sighs ]
We have about a day or two
before I start snapping at them.
I can't catch a break right now.
What are you looking for?
It was probably really fast.
Oh. It was right on him, too.
So frustrated right now.
It makes me so mad.
It's all right. It's
your first time.
I have the right to be
frustrated when I miss.
And then to tell me
that I've never hunted
before this morning,
[bleep] You.
I have a bow license, man.
I've hunted deer.
But it's a compound bow, man.
It's gonna take some chances.
I'm gonna miss some,
and I have the right to be
frustrated when I [bleep] miss.
Danielle: I wish Shane would
just realize that he needs help
in more than just hunting.
He needs help personality-wise
and just adapting to people.
Shane: Really frustrated.
[ Birds chirping ]
Narrator: At rio negro,
the three Alpha women
have only eaten a
handful of minnows,
the caloric equivalent
of 10 raw almonds,
and they're desperate
for more protein.
Laura: All right,
I see a lizard.
Nice! Bad-ass!
That's very nice.
Whoo! Yes!
That's awesome!
Dani: Excellent. Good job!
Oh, my god!
Round of applause for Laura.
All right!
I caught another
lizard, super-exciting.
He's not much, but
he's more than we have,
so he will be really tasty.
I'm sorry. This sucks.
He's got worms. You
guys don't care, right?
It's extra protein.
No, we're cooking it.
Oh, he's full of worms.
I don't want to get
worms out here, dude.
Gnarly full of worms?
Look what happens
when I cut off his head.
Oh, my god.
[ Gasps ] Ooh, [bleep] Dude.
Well, let's see how full
his guts are of worms.
Dani: My biggest fear
being out here is getting sick.
I don't want to go down. I
don't want to go down hard.
I don't to go down soft. I
don't want to go down at all.
Eva: Speaking of eating lizard,
I'm gonna go throw
another log on the fire.
Laura: We're on a
major calorie deficit.
We're on a horrible,
unhealthy crash diet right now
where we're gonna
start really losing
significant amounts of weight.
And whenever that
happens, your body feels it.
I'm a little worried.
I might actually trade you
some lizard for some fish,
'cause I know you don't
like fish as much as I do.
Laura: Sounds great.
Eva: This is the classic
problem of the survival situation.
We're out here for 40 days.
What we need if we're gonna
make it strong to day 40 is protein,
and I just hope that Dani has
the strength and the fortitude
to make it to that endpoint
and make it there strong.
You ready to go?
It's like eating the world's
tiniest little chicken wing.
Narrator: At roca
diablo, Jeff and e.J.
Have been hacking
through black palm thorns
for six hours to reach water.
E.j.: I hate black palm.
Everything in the
jungle wants to bite you.
It kind of flattens
out down here.
Oh, I need some water.
This is life and
death every day.
If you don't get the water,
you don't get the food,
you don't drink, you don't
eat, your ass is in jeopardy.
I damn sure could use
a drinkAnd a bath.
This is the most
dehydrated I've been yet.
It looks like we're close, man.
Here, stop and
listen. Can you hear it?
Shh. Shh.
It's right there.
I see water!
It's right there, man!
[ Laughs ]
Victory, baby!
That's so freakin' awesome.
Oh, man, finally.
Oh, my gosh.
Flowing water that's gonna
be fresh, clean, and clear.
[ Sighs ] I'm so excited.
That builds our
internal confidence up
as individuals and as a team.
You better believe Jeff and I
are coming all the way to 40.
Luke: Another
toasty, warm night.
Honora's feeling a
little under the weather,
but hopefully
tonight, she rests up
and feels a little bit better.
So, we'll catch
some fish tomorrow,
and hopefully honora
will be back in business,
and, yeah, keep on trucking.
Narrator: After nine days
of very little food or sleep,
honora, Chris, and Luke
are running on empty.
Honora: Chris, do you think
there's something wrong with me
lying here for like 20
minutes and not, like,
immediately getting
on my fishing.
Chris: Fish at
your own pace, girl.
Luke seems to have
a problem with it.
I did not say that.
I'm totally fine with it.
You're saying, "I'm gonna
sit here 20 more minutes,"
and that's fine.
I mean, if I sat here
for two more hours
and then went fishing,
would you have
a problem with it?
I don't care what you do.
I mean, I seriously
-- I [bleep] --
I have done so [bleep]
much, and, like, I'm sorry.
If I need to do the
same amount of work
that you guys are
doing all the time
Chris: No one's saying
that. No one said that.
Luke: No, no one's saying that.
I'm trying to be a good
teammate, you know?
I understand that,
and that's totally fine.
I don't want to feel pressured.
And also, every
time I have an idea,
I feel like my ideas
are all shot down.
I mean, I bring back
a piece of edible fruit,
[bleep] Touch it. And
neither of you guys want to
I ate half of it, and
it tasted like [bleep]
I know, and the it got
tossed in the garbage.
It's, like --
I mean, you guys, you're
not respecting me at all.
Really? No, I'm serious.
Then this morning, it turns
into I'm not allowed to lie here
and rest for another
however long.
You're putting words
in people's mouth now.
You guys have been
shooting my ideas down lately,
and it's upsetting me.
But I haven't
knocked your ideas,
I just didn't like the fruit.
I ate the fruit. It
tasted like [bleep]
When I'm starving,
then I'll eat it.
But then it got
tossed in the mud.
I didn't even get
to finish the fruit
that I climbed 30 feet to grab.
I'll cut the [bleep] tree down.
Then you can have 100 of them.
Stop [bleep] bitching.
-I'm over it. I don't care.
-I'm not bitching.
You've been
bitching for an hour!
Chris, you're yelling
at me right now.
I'm just yelling 'cause
you're [bleep] pissing me off.
I try to keep a positive
attitude in the camp,
trying to get [bleep] done,
and you're [bleep] sour Sally
all [bleep] morning.
-No, I'm not.
-I'm over it.
I'm trying to have a
conversation with you.
It's not a conversation
when it's one way.
We can't get a [bleep]
word in edge-wise.
I feel, like, very attacked.
Okay, you're
feeling very attacked.
Extremely attacked
right now. Then tap out.
Don't tell me to tap out.
[Bleep] You, Chris.
I'll be here 40 days. You'll
be lucky to make it four.
[Bleep] You! [Bleep] You!
Tapping out.
I'm burning this [bleep]
Save the cordage.
I'm not gonna let you burn that.
Hey, that's mine.
I'm not gonna let you burn it.
You tap out, you
lose your [bleep]
Give that back to me. It's mine.
It's not yours, actually.
-It is mine.
-It's the team's.
It's not the team's, it's mine.
It absolutely is the team's.
[ Sighs ]
She's got your knife.
Your throw that
knife in the water,
and I guarantee you're
gonna have a serious problem.
[Bleep] Both of you.
What do you want, like
going from here on forward?
You want space?
Do you want to talk?
Do you want me to?
Want to go home?
No, Chris, but thank you.
You're welcome.
Narrator: At cao verde,
frustrations have
reached the boiling point.
To spite Chris and Luke,
honora has thrown two crucial
survival tools into the river.
What you did was not okay.
Luke: It doesn't help when
you get revved up with her.
And this is very similar
to the job that I did
for almost three years.
I was in wilderness therapy,
and troubled kids come to me
and live in the
wilderness for a long time,
and [bleep] like this
happens all the time.
And as soon as I try
to talk to you guys,
it turns into Chris
saying that I suck
and that you guys
don't want me here
and that I just
should [bleep] tap out.
Obviously, I'm not allowed
to talk about how I feel.
No, that's a false statement.
There are solutions,
but you go kind of to
the extreme conclusion.
Like, what you just said.
"Well, it's pretty clear that I
can't express my emotions."
And that's not true.
You know, like,
there are ways to do it.
No, I don't think so.
If you wish to come
back and hang out with us,
you know, some wrongs
need to be righted,
starting with all the things,
you know, we don't have now.
[ Sniffles ]
I've been trying to be lenient.
I've been trying to,
you know, understand.
I've been trying to listen.
I've been trying to --
and she won't budge.
I'm used to conflict resolution,
but a man can only take so much.
I can't believe Chris
threw away my fruit.
Chris: I'm trying
to find Luke's knife.
We'll see what happens.
With that amount of
sabotage in a 40-day challenge,
obviously the noose got a
little tighter on Luke and myself.
To say that I'm annoyed would
be the understatement of the year.
I'm furious.
If you're reaction
to hard [bleep] --
you know, hard
days is to sabotage,
I want nothing to do
with you as a partner.
All right, that's fine.
Well, are you guys leaving.
No, I don't think so.
I'm not leaving either.
I'm gonna try to stay
here as long as I can.
[Bleep] The guys.
I really don't
care what they do.
Narrator: Jeff and e.J.
Have been able to find water,
but they've had no food
other than barrel cactus.
I'll try to bring us
back some lunch.
Jeff: E.J. And I, we
haven't eaten in a while,
and I can tell my
body needs protein.
So I'm ready for some food.
Oh [bleep]
Jeff, Jeff, Jeff, snake!
It's just in a bad spot.
He's coming towards you.
I can chase him that way.
He's in here?
He's right here in front of me.
He's about a two-footer, man.
Two feet?
He's nice.
He's kind of goldish-brown.
He's trying to get in that
green thing right in front of you.
He's looking at me.
Looking at you?
He's gonna strike me.
He what?
He's gonna bite
me if I try to do this.
Let me hit him with a stick.
I was that close, man.
I missed his tail
by like two inches.
Damn, man, that was a good meal.
[Bleep] Sucks.
That makes me so frustrated.
He was a meal.
That was a meal.
That was our lunch,
man, just slithered away.
E.j.: This isn't a
guaranteed thing.
If we don't catch
anything, guess what?
We go to bed hungry.
So this is survival.
Time for redemption, Mr. Zouch.
[ Laughs ]
Time to get this Saturday
night fish fry started.
Thank you, sir.
Jeff: My most important
survival item is my fish hook.
It's bee in my bag
the entire time.
-On the bait?
Doesn't seem like there's
much doing here, huh?
Oh, my god!
Holy [bleep]
Oh, my god.
Look at the size of Moby dick.
Whoo! Yeah!
We're eating tonight, baby!
Look at this monster!
Look at him!
Me and e.J.
-- We're here on day 40!
Chris: I know, it sucks, man.
Now I only have one hook.
[Bleep] Man.
Where's my other
two fishing hooks?
What did she do, kick
them in the river, too?
May I please have the
rest of my bow drill set?
Luke: I think you
owe me a knife.
Yeah, when we
get our knife back,
you'll get your
bow drill set back.
It's just like you don't want
the bow drill for yourself.
You just want to
destroy it to spite us.
No, actually, I do want
the bow drill for myself.
Then why were you
gonna throw it in the fire?
I grabbed it from the fire.
Why were you gonna
throw it in the fire then?
You snapped it in half.
How bad do you really want it?
I want the rest of it
'cause the bow is
easy to make, you guys.
It is.
The stone and the hearth
board, that's all really nice,
and I would like to keep that.
So, you're gonna
go home and use it
more than we need it right now?
I would like that,
yeah. I would like it.
You're just trying to
make it harder for us.
Let's be honest.
You're not going
to use it at home.
You're not gonna go home.
God --
May I please have the
rest of my bow drill set?
Luke: I think you
owe me a knife.
Yeah, when we
get our knife back,
you'll get your
bow drill set back.
So, you're gonna
go home and use it
more than we need it right now?
I would like that,
yeah. I would like it.
You're just trying to
make it harder for us.
Let's be honest.
Narrator: On this
40-day survival quest,
each group earns a
"naked and afraid xl" rating,
or xlr, which tracks their
progress, skill, and teamwork.
At roca diablo, Hakim's tap out
sent the Alpha males
score plummeting.
But finding water and
protein boosts it back up to 7.1.
Failing to acquire
protein at El bosque
Shane: So mad.
Narrator: Shane,
Alana, and Danielle
thanks to their hunting
and fishing success,
Laura, Dani, and Eva
raise their xlr to 8.6.
And the quarrel and cao verde
sends Chris, honora, and
Luke's score plunging to 6.6.
For more information,
go to discovery.Com.
Honora: May I please have
the rest of my bow drill set?
So, you're gonna
go home and use it
more than we need it right now?
I would like that,
yeah. I would like it.
You're just trying to
make it harder for us.
Let's be honest.
You're not going
to use it at home.
You're not gonna go home.
God --
What are you doing?
Honora, what are
you doing right now?
I'm trying to help you.
You're not trying to help me.
I'm trying to have a
conversation with you,
and you guys are
just like tap out.
[Bleep] You're a bitch.
Did I say that? Did I say that?
That was uncalled for. I agree.
I never said any of
those things, honora.
I have tried to hard
to be -- so hard.
[Bleep] Supportive. I
have been trying to be
how is this helping
the problem, though?
Um, it's gonna
make me feel better
knowing that Chris doesn't
get out of here in 40 days.
Narrator: Severe heat exhaustion
coupled with extreme hunger
have pushed to
fragile trio at cao verde
to the breaking point.
Honora has
sabotaged her partners
by sinking their
survival tools in the river.
It's floating.
I think she's going
to get it right now.
You got the cap?
Um That's debatable.
Did you just sink it?
I thought she was
going in to retrieve it,
but I think she's
just sinking it.
Did you sink it good?
Chris: She grabs my wire
leader, Luke's water bottle,
her machete, and Luke's knife,
runs and throws it in the river.
This sabotaged our
whole survival thing.
Now we have one item.
The faster this is
over, the better we are.
So just get her home.
I'm trying to be nice to her.
Go home.
This is unreal.
Chris: I'm gonna go jump
in and get that machete.
Honora: Oh, that's my knife.
Chris: Yeah, the one I
found in the river, you [bleep]
-It's mine now.
-No, that's mine.
This was thrown in
the river to spite us.
-I found it.
-That's my knife.
Luke: Just give
her the [bleep] knife.
We're fine. We only need one.
I don't care. I just
want her to leave.
Chris: I don't trust her.
She ain't staying
where I'm staying,
'cause she no morals,
no [bleep] self-worth,
let alone care
about anybody else.
[ Sighs ]
You got any idea where
you put that water bottle?
Would you be willing to show me?
Yeah, I'll show you.
I mean, it sank.
The old needle in the haystack.
I'm not gonna look
anymore right now.
Sorry it's so mucky right there.
Do you realize you've sabotaged
not only your chance at fish,
but our chance at fish?
You know, like, I know it
was your goal to sabotage us,
but at the same time,
you've sabotaged yourself.
I mean, I don't
really see how else
I could have handled it.
Oh, please, honora.
Honora, you are so victim,
I can't even do it right now.
I have lost my
Patience because --
there's no other
way to handle it
than throwing our
[bleep] in the river?
It's always a choice.
Every time you say
it's someone else's fault,
you're pushing away
all of your responsibility,
and that is [bleep] you
got a [bleep] thrown away.
I got my [bleep]
tools thrown away.
Quit complaining.
That's [bleep] people
that have worse out here.
All right.
You threw the tantrum,
and my [bleep]
well-being is at stake.
Luke: If you want
to quit, that's fine.
If you can't handle
it, that's fine.
But when you
come in to our life,
it's a totally different matter.
I just want to make to
make it clear, though,
that you're the one
who's been sobbing
through the forest screaming.
I think.
Yeah, does this
effect you in any way?
Does this effect
your well-being?
Adults own their stuff,
and you haven't owned any.
Well, yeah, I
totally own the fact
that I threw the
wire, I threw the knife.
No, you haven't owned it,
'cause you haven't said "I'm sorry."
You can't force
someone to apologize.
I can't, and that's
why I'm done.
Why would I apologize to you
when you're yelling
at me like this.
I'm done with you. I'm done.
-Thank you.
-I'm not sorry, Luke.
Luke: It's really damn hard
to survive without,
you know, anything.
It's a quite a
dangerous place to be.
Knowing it's 40 days, a
human can only take so much.
Narrator: Coming up
on "naked and afraid xl"
Luke: Go home.
This will be all done.
This will be all a dream.
Alana: Shane is absolutely
trying to prove himself.
I think you're lazy.
Survival has to be lazy.
I feel like Dani has
one foot out the door.
I know there's at least two.
Chris: Whole lot
of noise over there.
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