Naked and Afraid XL (2015) s01e04 Episode Script

40 Days Snake in the Grass

Shane: It's a
distribution of work.
I'm like, you know,
I'm getting firewood
so we can burn it up every day,
I'm chopping down trees
so we can have, you
know, a decent lodge,
and I come back,
and I don't even see
any kind of quarters
or anything made,
and I'm like, seriously, man.
I think you're lazy.
Survival has to be lazy.
We have different
views on survival.
I'm lazy, but I
work. I work smart.
I'm done.
I'm not gonna put up
with that bull[Bleep]
I don't need to be around a
bunch of [bleep] lazy people.
I want them to earn it.
I'm not gonna let them
earn it on my back.
The worst thing to do
in a survival situation
is to separate.
Good luck, Shane.
Narrator: 10 days ago,
in one of the most remote
and dangerous places on earth,
12 elite survivalists took
on an impossible challenge
to endure 40 days
and 40 nights Ahhh!
with no food, no water
These cramps are so insane.
and no clothes.
Oh, this is hard.
in the ultimate trial
of human endurance.
I'm getting eaten alive by ants.
To make it out alive,
they must master the
environment Aahhh!
Narrator: And
survive each other.
We don't need your help.
There will be blood.
You're really throwing
yourself into the abyss.
Narrator: "Naked
and afraid: Xl".
Jeff: The strong will survive,
and the weak will
fall by the wayside.
In the badlands of
Colombia's orinoco river basin,
12 "naked and afraid"
veterans were divided
into four different groups,
all vying for limited resources.
In El bosque, loner Shane
clashed with Alana and Danielle
over survival tactics.
From this point on Oh!
whatever we
find, we're killing it.
Narrator: At rio negro,
the all-female group --
Dani, Eva, and Laura --
struggle to find
enough calories to live.
He's got worms. You
guys don't care, right?
Woman: Ooh.
And at cao verde
I'm so weak right now.
the pressure to survive
has shattered the group.
Stop [bleep]
bitching. I'm over it.
I get told I'm a bitch,
and I need to tap out,
and that's not true.
How is this helping
the problem, though?
It's gonna make me feel better
knowing that Chris doesn't
get out of here in 40 days.
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discovery communications
you threw the
tantrum, and I'm [bleep]
My [bleep]
well-being is at stake.
Because some people
said some hard words to you,
you had to sabotage us.
If you want to
quit, that's fine.
If you can't handle
it, that's fine,
but when you come into our
life, it's a totally different matter.
You can't force
someone to apologize.
I can't, and that's
why I'm done.
Why would I apologize to you
when you're yelling
at me like that?
I'm done with you. I'm done.
Narrator: At cao verde,
tensions have
spiraled out of control.
Honora has just deliberately
sabotaged her teammates.
I'm feeling very attacked.
Okay. Then tap out.
[Bleep] You. Don't
tell me to tap out.
I'm burning this [bleep]
She's got your knife.
You throw that
knife in the water,
and I guarantee you're
gonna have a serious problem.
Narrator: Her spiteful
actions ha 'sup, homie?
Things didn't go well.
and Luke to face
the remaining 31 days
in the wild with no tools.
[ Sighs ]
She's walking around pissed
off with a machete in her hand.
What could be better?
In her mission to
sabotage this camp,
she threw the
knife, the machete,
and Luke's water
bottle in the water,
the fire starter in the fire,
and 200 yards of wire leader
in the woods somewhere
where she threw them
when she stormed off.
So out of the six
survival items,
we have one survival item.
This is the some bull[Bleep]
If this happened on the street,
somebody would have
got their ass whupped.
Luke: Go home.
Do your thing. Forget about us.
[Bleep] Them. Seriously.
[Bleep] These guys.
I have been smiling,
laughing, nice, supportive.
I've done everything
I can to help them,
and today, I just -- I
think it was pretty clear
that they haven't seen
me as a teammate.
I want to tap out.
[Bleep] You.
[ Sniffling ]
I feel like I've been as good of
a team member as I could be.
Probably wasn't too cool of me
to throw their
items in the water.
[Bleep] Damn it, she
made me so mad.
She wants to sabotage,
and she said, "well, it's
gonna make me feel better
knowing that you
won't last 40 days."
I'm a little worried
about the future.
My last "naked and
afraid" experience,
I was medically evacuated
while unconscious.
This time, I wanted
to redeem myself.
I feel like I didn't
have a chance.
[ Sniffles ]
I feel like I'm being forced
out of this by the guys.
I guess [sniffles] they
don't care about me, so
Narrator: Three miles
south in roca diablo,
the Alpha-male trio
has also lost a member,
and the remaining
two survivalists
are desperate for protein.
Ej: I am hungry.
My stomach, for the
first time, is actually --
I'm starting to feel
some slight pains.
Shh! Shh! Shh!
Damn, you look so good.
In survival length
of time of 40 days,
you cannot just live off plants.
We have plenty of barrel cactus,
so we got vegetables covered.
We need meat.
[ Groans ] Damn it.
Jeff: God-willing, we will have
some fish on the table tonight.
Ej and I, man, we haven't
eaten a lot in the last few days.
Everybody knows
me as the hunter,
like, when I got my hands
on that boa in Madagascar.
Oh! Yeah!
Oh, give it to me! Yes!
Here, I really haven't
caught much of anything.
Please, please, please,
bring in a big fish.
This isn't just fishing, man.
You know, this is
dinner or no dinner.
Not even a bite.
I've really noticed
in the last three days
we've been losing
a lot of weight.
I've been concerned.
All the critters are gone, man.
'Cause it's the very
end of the dry season.
Are you freakin' kidding me?
Aah! [ Laughs ]
Yeah! Yes!
Oh! Oh, let me kiss him.
Ej: So Jeff and I are
just moving along,
and we come across
this monster box turtle.
Holy smokes.
I couldn't believe
it's sitting right there.
-That's 15 pounds.
Oh, man.
Narrator: A turtle this size
could provide both Jeff and ej
with about 5,000 calories
in the coming days.
That's what I'm talking about.
[ Birds cawing ]
Narrator: Five miles
north in rio negro,
the all-female group
of Dani, Eva, and Laura
have set up camp.
[ Monkey hooting ]
Hunger has hit the
trio especially hard.
Dani, what are
you feeling today?
You want to, like, do
some big, solid resting?
You've been working
like a crazy lady.
Narrator: The lack of food has
wreaked havoc on their nervous
their hormonal levels,
and even their
cognitive function.
All right. Should we go do this?
Eva: Yeah, let's do it.
You guys checking the fish trap?
Yeah, I think we're gonna
just straight pull it out.
Narrator: After spending much
of the first week on her own,
Dani has not yet found
her place in the trio.
Dani: I'm having a hard time.
Eva and Laura have
known each other for so long.
They do everything
together, so I'm odd man out.
Eva: There's some
good ones over here.
They're all hanging out like
two spear-lengths away from me.
I feel alone.
We don't have enough food.
I've been looking everywhere,
and the only thing
that I can see is fish,
and they're working
on the fish aspect.
I'm frustrated with myself.
[ Sighs ]
I just feel like [sniffles]
[ Voice breaking ] I just
feel like I'm failing right now.
[ Monkeys hooting ]
[ Sighs ] I can't
wait till it cools down.
Alana: Mm-hmm.
I get, like, exhausted
just walking in this heat.
Narrator: In the thorny
groves of El bosque,
with extremely
limited resources,
Alana and Danielle have
chosen to conserve their energy
while teammate Shane
continues to search
for anything edible.
If I could transfer
from there to there --
I've got to get up that one.
I am a little
frustrated right now.
I know that we have different
philosophies on survival
and energy exertion
and things like that,
you know, male-female ego clash.
I am exerting a lot
of energy out here
to get things accomplished.
Because if it needs to be done,
man, I'm gonna get up
and [bleep] do it, you know?
That's just who I am.
Alana: Shane is absolutely
trying to prove himself.
We're here for 40 days.
You really have
to pace yourself,
and he's climbing
trees and stuff like that.
He's going to burn out.
[ Breathing heavily ]
[ Grunts ]
All right, I'm gonna come down.
I'm good for now.
Okay. I got four.
[Bleep] Amazing.
Um, I could use some water,
so if you want to walk
down to the other spot,
if you're ready to go,
'cause there's plenty
of water to drink there.
That's what I'm saying. I'm
not killing the water bottle.
Drink some water right now.
[ Sighs ]
It's freshly filled, too.
I am not a misogynistic
but they're lazy, and
I can't handle that.
That's pretty amazing.
I mean, it has like less
than an inch of meat on it,
and it won't go down.
[ Women laughing ]
I'll get it down. It'll fall.
It just sits.
I can see why Alana made
it through her last challenge.
She [bleep] had the guy
build everything for her,
and he got burnt out,
and he tapped out,
and she sat there
and did nothing.
[Bleep] Happen
here. That's not gonna
take it slow. Don't try
to be Tarzan all at once.
Take it slow.
They haven't done anything
to help me except sit there.
Honestly, that's a big hole now.
That's gonna be
sun right in on us.
If he wants to chop
down more trees,
he needs to go
to a different spot.
-A little bit further.
Their idea of survival is
very different than mine.
I'm not gonna continue
working hard and working hard
and working hard and
working hard just for them.
Get off your [bleep]
ass and work.
Ej: It's a first for me.
I'm sure it's a first for
you, building a turtle pen.
Jeff: Yep.
Narrator: Before cooking
the turtle they found,
Jeff and ej build a pen to
hold it while they get water.
It's pretty solid.
Jeff: Yeah, I know it is.
I don't want our main
prize to get away.
If we're gone for several hours,
they can get moving pretty
good once they get out,
so how do you plead?
He pleads medium-rare,
is what he pleads.
[ Laughs ]
Jeff: There you go, buddy.
That's the lock,
and this is the key.
With this weight on top of
this, he's not going anywhere.
We've got to start making
our way to the water hole.
It's gonna be getting dark soon.
Yeah, we gonna eat good tonight!
Chris: When honora
threw her temper tantrum,
she threw all our
survival items in the river.
She said it was right under
those weeds right there,
but I don't remember that.
I remember it being
over here in those weeds.
We'll check both.
If we don't find something,
the noose got a little
tighter on Luke and myself.
Luke: Hopefully we'll find it.
Right now, it's proving
a little difficult, though.
It's just that this makes
things worse, you know?
It's hot as hell.
You got to work
for everything here.
Nothing's easy.
It's hard enough
to survive out here.
With no tools, she
made it a lot more difficult.
More this way.
More what way? Your way?
This way, yeah. I think it's --
or she could have threw
it, like, we didn't see.
If that's the case,
we're [bleep]
He got it.
Yeah, baby.
[Bleep] A, baby.
-Back in the game.
Sure enough, Chris comes
up with my water bottle,
and that's huge.
We need that to purify our water
and to carry that purified
water with us wherever we go.
Your knife -- I think I see it.
[ Southern accent ] Boy
howdy, are things different here.
Phew! Good stuff.
Got most of our [bleep] back.
[ Normal voice ] Yep.
As they say, night is
darkest right before the dawn.
True that.
Luke: It's a really big relief.
We have the same
resources, but honora's gone.
A lot of that negative
energy -- that's gone.
Chris and I are
on the same page.
We feel pretty confident
that we're gonna stick
this out for 40 days together
and keep on truckin'.
Dust that off.
Dust that off, bro.
Mm. Mm.
[ Chuckles ]
Jeff: I wish we didn't have
to go so far for the water.
Ej: At least we'll have a
meal to look forward to.
Narrator: After an
exhausting trip to get water,
Jeff and ej return
to their captive turtle.
[ Grunts ]
Jeff: Dude, I'm so
stoked to eat that thing.
Dude, I don't -- I don't
freakin' feel him, dude.
Ej: What?
Dude, he's out. He's gone.
-Oh, my god.
-He's gone, bro.
[ Groans loudly ] Dude!
-How the hell did he do that?
-He's gone.
I don't know how he did it.
Dude, he can't be far,
man. He's a freakin' turtle.
Any luck, ej?
I can't see my hand
in front of my face.
There was no way out.
[ Sighs ]
And he found one.
We had so much
fun. We got arrogant.
We weren't so humble about it.
We were acting like
a couple of yahoos.
Ej: That was a huge meal,
and we started
making light of it.
Hunting is serious business.
Killing creatures
needs to be done
with reverence and
grace and thankfulness.
This was a hard lesson,
'cause that was a lot of food.
I can feel the pains in
my stomach are very real.
That was the biggest meal
we've had this entire challenge.
We let it get away.
We're not gonna
find him. This sucks.
Sounds like rain, but
it's just the flowers.
Yeah, it just is flowers and
petals dropping from our tree.
-You smell that?
-Yeah, I do.
Usually, snakes smell like that.
Shane, you awake?
You smell that smell?
It's almost a skunky smell.
It smells like a snake to me.
It's over there
now. Oh, I can't see.
Hopefully it's not one of
those nine-foot anacondas.
I'll take a nine-foot
anaconda in a heartbeat.
Is it behind the shelter now?
It seems like it was
awfully close to us.
He's a tricky one.
Dani: All I want right now
is just to find a plant to eat.
Narrator: Unsure of her
place in the group and determ
Dani sets out to
search the Savannah.
Dani: It's been really
challenging for me.
I'm not fulfilling my
potential right now,
and it's really frustrating.
I don't want to drag
them down at all,
so I'm going to
keep looking for food.
There's got to be some
sort of success for me
for me to keep going.
Keeping an eye out.
Bushes are a little
bit bigger out here,
and snakes like
to hide in bushes.
[ Birds cawing ]
The wind changed
direction just briefly,
and I smelled smoke.
I know there are other
people out here somewhere.
So I'm gonna go check it out.
Luke: The black palm fruit --
it's got the same
consistency as coconut.
Chris: Nature's candy.
It's good.
I got robbed. I don't
have any coconut milk.
I can hear them
talking over there.
I know there's at least two.
I'm gonna get
a little bit closer.
I said I was robbed.
Mine doesn't have
any coconut milk.
Looks like a mini coconut.
I am a really big fan
of these almonds.
I won't lie.
[ Laughs ]
The leaves are really crunchy.
It makes it hard to move
around without making noise.
See anything?
He just looked
suspiciously this direction.
Hear all that commotion?
He just looked
suspiciously this direction.
[Bleep] I hope he didn't see me.
Chris: A whole lot
of noise over there.
Narrator: On her search
across the Savannah
for new food sources,
Dani has discovered
another team of survivalists.
Luke: What the hell's going on?
I just got caught.
What was it?
[Bleep] Spied on.
We were getting
what's up?
Hi. Chris.
Welcome to the party.
Hey, I'm Luke. Oh, hi, guys.
[ Laughs ]
Who was with you?
I came over to
see what's going on
in this neck of the woods.
In the 40 days, I know
that we're definitely
gonna come across
other survivalists.
You want to go see our
awesome swimming pool?
I do. I want to see what
you guys got going on here.
But in the middle of nowhere,
somebody just doesn't randomly
show up in your
camp for nothing.
[ Laughing ] Oh, my god.
You guys are having
so much fun over here.
The whole vibe --
it's very different.
Yeah, ours is like summer camp.
And they're enjoying themselves,
genuinely having a good time.
You guys have a swimming pool.
Well, I just thought it was
gonna be another boring day.
I know.
-We got a visitor.
-We got visitors.
Ta-da! Chris: It's a big deal.
More importantly than
anything The boys have food.
Luke: We split everything here.
Mm. That?
Yeah. It's hot, though.
Thanks, guys.
Welcome to team bromance.
[ Laughs ]
We got almonds,
we got hearts of palm,
black palm fruits.
Do you guys have a heavy knife?
Uh, this is probably the
heaviest that we've got.
-Can I see?
We initially had a machete
in the group with honora,
but her leaving with the machete
definitely put Chris and I
at a disadvantage for sure.
We could use it today.
Oh, yeah, you guys are more
than welcome while I'm here.
Oh, nice.
I'm having a moment.
Wow, like, what if
I switched camps?
We'd pay you in almonds.
I'm good to trade.
-All right, cool.
-I will trade.
They've got a food
source right now,
and they've got a
pretty good handle on it.
Heads up. It's moving.
-I hear almonds falling.
I hear almonds falling!
Everything is wonderful here.
It's tempting, you know,
to hang out with them.
I feel like -- and
this is me personally.
I cannot speak for my
group right now, but --
can you tell us how
many people you do have?
It's three girls.
There's three of us.
I don't know if you guys
are into a third person or not.
Or into an additional
three people or not
or whatever your plans --
yeah. I mean, we haven't
even thought about that.
We haven't thought
that far ahead.
We'll wait till you leave,
and we'll talk about it.
Okay. Yeah. Perfect.
Luke: Joining up with
other people -- that's a gam
more mouths to feed.
One person --
sure, we can do that.
Three, eh, we're pushing it,
'cause we definitely
have limited resources.
Many things to think about.
Yeah, you're telling me.
Danielle: Shane.
Narrator: At El bosque,
Danielle spots the capybara
that Shane has
been hunting for days.
Shane: I can't catch
a break right now.
If he's gonna come
in that direction,
we can put a snare over
there and kind of guess
which way he's going
to try the escape pattern
if we fire something
at him again.
Danielle: There's so
many points, though.
Just one snare's
not gonna do it.
If we're gonna set
snares, let's do a bunch.
Snares are better in multiples.
Okay, bye.
[ Laughs ]
[ Sighs ] It makes me so mad.
He's so weirded out.
[ Laughs ]
If he was a like
normal, stable person,
we could talk about things,
have conflict resolution,
but he's not stable.
Danielle: At first, I thought the
team dynamic was going good,
but it's a little bit strange
and difficult sometimes
because Shane just has a
lot of personality changes.
Shane: Every time I
make a suggestion,
I'm like, "hey, let's
make a couple snares."
"Well, you really got
to put them in pairs,
and you really got to do this,
and you really got to do that."
I shouldn't have to
make suggestions
and then have you tell me
three, four reasons
why it's not gonna work
and then watch you do nothing.
[Bleep] That.
I'll be damned if I'm
gonna work my ass off here
and have to tap out
and have them sit there
on my lodge that I just built
and [bleep] cheerio.
Danielle: Thank you.
Going for a walk
to look for vines.
[ Laughter ]
Obviously they don't like
me or certain dynamics of me,
so I'm done.
I'm [bleep] done.
It's all good to me,
man. I don't care.
I'm done.
[Bleep] Yeah, dude.
They're tiny.
Hold him tight.
Eva: Dani is nowhere
to be found again.
She's gonna be on her
own little private mission
one way or the other.
There's nothing
I can do about it.
Eva: Okay.
Careful with that lid.
You know, it wouldn't be a
bad thing for her to be like,
"hey, guys, I'm
gonna go do this.
I'll catch you later."
Laura: I don't always
know where Dani goes.
Eva and I are both
feeling the effects of that.
What's frustrating
me more than anything
is the fact that it's
a big deal for me
to put my energy
into someone else
and to put my
survival on the line
to help support someone else.
And I don't want to feel like
they're not
supporting me, as well.
It feels weird not saving
some for Dani, but --
Eva: Can't help it.
Dani: Godspeed.
Good meeting you.
Be careful on your journey home.
I have a feeling
that I will probably see
you guys fairly soon.
All right, well, if we
see you, we see you.
Hopefully see you soon.
If not, not. Good luck.
-Good luck to you, too.
You always got more left
in the tank than you think.
Just remember that.
-True story.
-Parting words.
-Thank you.
-All right, lady.
All right.
So, okay, if Dani comes over --
she seems like she's
got a good attitude.
I'd welcome her with open arms.
Chris: She's got a
great frame of mind,
and, you know, it's just
someone else to talk to.
More stories, more
eyes on, more hands on.
But would you take
the other two mystery
girls that she's got?
I don't know who they are.
She can't bring the other two.
That's not how it works.
You can't just roll up on a
camp and be like, "here we are."
I agree.
Same page again.
Mm-hmm. As usual.
Dani: It's really hard for me
to pick a direction right now.
I could go with the girls,
I could go with the guys.
The girls and I
are talking about --
there's only so many resources,
and they can only
be spread so thin.
The boys have one thing
going, and it is phenomenal,
and it's something that's
needed in a survival situation.
It's so hard. It's so hard.
Like, what do I [bleep] do?
Dani: Hi.
Where did you go?
So I went south
across the Savannah,
and I smelled smoke.
I found a camp.
I met Luke and Chris.
-Just the two of them?
They know that
I'm with two girls,
but they don't know who.
And what are they
doing? Are they eating?
-Are they doing well?
-They have food.
They've been
living off of plants,
and they're totally fine.
What do they have?
The black palm
grows into a tree,
and it has these little
green fruits on them.
And they have almond trees.
For me, it was
really challenging,
like, as far as going over there
and seeing their resources
and seeing they're, like,
napping during the day,
and they're like eating.
I was just like, I
wonder -- I don't know.
Do the girls want
me around enough?
Do I want to come and hang
out here for a couple days?
I'm just gonna be the odd
man out no matter where I go,
because you two were
together for four days,
and I was alone for four days,
and if I go over there,
I'm still odd man out.
Like, I don't have a partner.
I'm like -- I'm
[bleep] by myself,
and although I have you guys,
like, I'm more or
less, like, this is it.
So I've been thinking
about you a lot today, Dani.
I feel like on some level,
like, you haven't been
thrilled with being here.
I feel like Dani has
one foot out the door.
I just think it's
really important
if you're putting 100% in
the team that you have faith
that everyone else
is 100% in the team
and in providing for the team.
To have someone come and say
that they were
gonna up and leave
because they found
something better --
I don't necessarily
want someone here
that doesn't want to be here.
There was that
moment of being torn.
I feel like on some level,
like, you haven't been
thrilled with being here.
I'm like, I feel like Dani
has one foot out the door.
Dani: The last couple
days, I've been feeling
that we have been
spinning our wheels here,
and I have been
wanting to leave.
Honestly, all of my, you know,
doing whatever
it is that I'm doing
has absolutely nothing to
do with you guys specifically.
Like, don't feel
like I'm not stoked
on me being here,
'cause I really am.
I just wanted to be like
100% out there with you guys
and let you know
where I was at today.
That's great.
It was a moment of weakness,
and that's
ultimately all it was.
Well, I'm glad you
made the right choice.
-[ Laughs ]
As soon as I walked
back into camp,
I was like, "yeah, that was
definitely the right decision."
-Like, obviously.
Now that you're back and
shared all that information,
I really appreciate
the recon mission.
Their place is
phenomenal, you guys.
They have more
nourishment, more food.
Maybe you guys
want to go over there,
like, check out the
scene for a little bit.
Yep. That turtle
is an escape artist.
He whupped us -- got us good.
Narrator: After
their turtle escaped,
Jeff and ej are forced to make
due with a more modest dinner.
Jeff: We are eating
two grasshoppers.
There's one, there's two.
One cockroach right here --
his little leg's
sticking up at ya.
And one little
lizard right there.
We better bring our appetite.
Ej: There he goes.
Snap, crackle, pop.
You want these
grasshoppers black,
'cause then they taste
just like burnt popcorn.
One Colombian
jungle grasshopper.
The resources
here have dried up,
and there isn't a whole
lot left here for us.
So it really makes us think
that we might want to get
moving to find better resources.
Alana: Where do
you think he's at?
I don't know where he is,
but, yeah, he should have
at least told us
the area he'd be in.
Narrator: At El bosque,
Shane has been away from
camp for much of the day.
That's one of the first rules
of where you could
be potentially put
in a survival situation
is leave a trail.
Danielle: Shane's gonna
do what he needs to do,
but something could happen
here where we might need him
to fend off an animal or
a predator or something.
Tell somebody
where you're going.
Today, I'm gonna
make my own lodge.
It's better for myself and
them that we separate.
If nothing else, it'll come off
that I'm an ass[Bleep]
who's a badass
rather than [bleep] woman-hater
because I built their lodge,
and now I'm building my own.
Narrator: Shane is
building his secret camp
a quarter mile from
the group's shelter.
Shane: I'm done with the group.
I don't need to be around a
bunch of [bleep] lazy people.
Sorry, man. It's not my style.
I'm not gonna put up
with that bull[Bleep] --
sideways comments, the ignoring
'cause they don't
like my personality.
It's all good, man.
[ Sighs ]
Let's see if I fall.
[ Sighs ]
Not bad.
It's hot. Danielle:
You need a snack?
Cashews are roasting.
Sweet. That sounds good.
It'll be a little bit, but
they're on their way.
I'm gonna lay on the platform.
[ Sighs ]
It's so hot in the
middle of the day.
Where were you?
Oh, I was just down by the river
just looking for vines and stuff
and checking out
other fishing holes.
Danielle: It's
a little bit weird
because each day, we don't know
which Shane we're
gonna run into.
Sometimes he wants
to be really chatty,
and other times he'll just
walk the other direction.
Alana: With his mood swings,
he's another factor to
overcome in survival,
as far as I'm concerned.
Shane: I will let them
know that I'm moving
when I'm done.
If nothing else,
I'm an ass[Bleep]
But I am an ass[Bleep]
with some serious integrity.
You're being a [bleep] baby
and throwing a [bleep] tantrum.
Can't force someone
to apologize.
Narrator: On this
40-day survival quest,
each group earns a
"naked and afraid xl" rating,
or xlr,
which tracks their
progress, skill, and teamwork.
When honora clears out,
Luke and Chris raise
the cao verde score to 7.0.
There has got to be some
sort of success for me.
The rio negro
group hits a slump,
and their xlr plunges to 7.7.
While gaining but
then losing a meal,
the roca diablo duo's xlr
goes unchanged at 7.1.
And as Shane loses
Patience with his team,
the El bosque trio's
score falls to 6.9.
For more information
on the "naked and
afraid xl" ratings,
go to discovery.Com.
Narrator: At rio negro,
Dani has regained the
trust of Eva and Laura,
and now, working together,
the malnourished trio has
resorted to fishing at night
in the caiman-infested waters.
Eva: Tonight, our plan
is to go spear-fishing.
And we're gonna use torches.
Today's the first day
when I have really
experienced that lethargy,
like that slowness that
comes with starving.
That's the thing. It
comes with not eating.
[ Monkeys hooting ]
Did you get one?
Nah, I got nothing.
I saw something moving,
but I think it was
just a minnow.
I don't think that it was
what we're looking for.
Tired and hungry.
I know that there's more out
there than what we have here.
Simply my field trip over
to see the boy's camp
said to me that there are places
that have more resources
than what we have here.
I think it's time to go.
Shane: I think it's gonna be a
huge shock when I move away.
[ Sighing ] I see.
I got to cut you.
I want them to earn it.
I'm not gonna let them
earn it on my back.
Alana: But it helps
with these little flies a lot.
It made a huge difference.
So what are you
up to? Just relaxing?
Shane: Yep.
I just finished
building my lodge.
Oh, you're building
a separate lodge?
Yes. It's done.
There's a lot of things
that are being said
that are really hurting
me and frustrating me,
so I'm just alleviating
the pressure
and separating myself.
Anything you want
to talk about, or like --
yeah, a lot of little
things, you know?
Like, I was giving suggestions
on snares and things like that,
and every time I
made a suggestion,
the instant retort that
you gave back to me
was three or four reasons
why it wouldn't work.
I did not say that. Don't
put words in my mouth.
Seriously, man?
With the snares,
"let's set a snare,"
and I was like, "well, just
one snare's not gonna do it.
If we're gonna set
snares, let's do a bunch."
You know, 'cause
the more, the merrier.
I wasn't saying, "oh,
snares don't work."
It's fine, but I didn't
see any progress in it.
Like, you know what I mean?
It's a distribution of work.
I'm like, you know,
I'm getting firewood
so we can burn it up every day.
I'm chopping down trees
so we can have a, you
know, a decent lodge.
Then I come back, and I
don't even see a [bleep]
You know, any kind of
quarters or anything made.
And I'm like, "seriously, man."
I think you're lazy.
Survival has to be lazy.
You don't go the first week
climbing trees and chopping
down every other tree you see.
That's expending your energy.
Agreed. We have
different views on survival.
I'm lazy, but I
work. I work smart.
That's fine. Well, you
know, now you can earn it.
[ Chuckles ]
You're not gonna earn it on me.
It's a load off my mind.
I don't need to tell somebody
who's a [bleep] adult who
came out here on their own
that they got to
work their ass off.
That's not my [bleep] job.
You should have came out here
with that mentality
to begin with.
You don't see stuff
like that coming.
Like, that makes no sense to me.
Good luck, Shane.
Danielle: He think he's great,
but as far as his
survival skills go,
he really doesn't have any.
Shane: I'm gonna
make the 40 days --
I would bet my
[bleep] life on that fact.
Narrator: Coming up
on "naked and afraid xl"
[ Animal snarling ]
Get up! What?
[ Screaming ]
Gentlemen. I brought company.
Ugh. I don't like five people.
Dani: This is insane.
Jeff: All these people
fighting for the same resources?
This could get wild.
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