Naked and Afraid XL (2015) s01e05 Episode Script

40 Days Jungle Rich

-- Captions by vitac
Laura: I'm freaking
tired. It's been a long day.
We got the two fires.
A fire here. We got
a fire going there.
Going to bed soon. That's all.
[ Animal howls ]
What is making that noise?
Something just woke me up.
Whatever it is, it's pretty big,
so I'm gonna wait
here and try and see
what is making all this noise.
There's a noise. I
don't know what it is.
[ Animal grunts ]
[ Rustling ]
Narrator: 17 days ago,
in one of the most remote
and dangerous places on earth,
12 elite survivalists took
on an impossible challenge
I got him, I got him, I got him.
I got him!
to endure 40 days
and 40 nights Hey!
with no food, no
water And no clothes.
[ Screams ]
Narrator: "Naked and afraid xl."
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discovery communications
e.j.: Colombia, we're
gonna conquer ya!
In the badlands of Colombia,
where resources are scarce
and the predators deadly,
12 "naked and afraid" veterans
were divided into
four different groups.
At rio negro, Dani, a
member of the all-female trio,
ventured across the Savannah
and found another
group living in paradise.
[Bleep] Spied on.
We are getting hi.
Narrator: In El bosque,
Shane reached his breaking point
with partners Alana and Danielle
and built a separate camp.
I think you're lazy.
Survival has to be lazy.
Narrator: He will now brave
the Colombian jungle alone.
Alana: Good luck, Shane.
Narrator: And at cao verde,
after sabotaging her
partners, Chris and Luke,
honora tapped out.
[Bleep] You.
Colombia claimed
its second victim.
12 survivalists started
this 40-day challenge,
10 remain.
This is what I
live for right now!
Narrator: In the eastern
camp of El bosque,
Shane has separated
from his partners,
Alana and Danielle.
There's a couple
big ones higher up.
If you want to get in
here, I'll push them down.
Alana: The dust
has settled a little bit,
and I am really feeling pretty
good about the separation.
Danielle and I have been
walking on eggshells since day one,
so now we can really
get down to business.
This tree has the
biggest fruit I've seen.
It's just not quite there yet.
Danielle: Shane's
like that weird neighbor
that you know is there,
but you don't want
to run into him,
and [laughs] you just don't
want to get on his bad side.
Narrator: Now Alana and
Danielle must focus on finding
a substantial source of
food without Shane's help.
Alana: I have the
frame to a fish basket.
I just need to weave the walls
and then the
actual trap opening.
I want to catch fish
just to maybe prove
a point a little bit.
You know, as much as he
tries to convince himself and us
that we need him, we don't.
I'm gonna take a quick peek
and see where the fish
might be hanging out.
I'm gonna try my
luck right here.
Really can't say
I've had anything
that I would call substantial
protein since I've been here,
especially with all the fruit.
That's just so low on calories
that it's almost,
like, negligible.
Narrator: 200 yards
from Alana and Danielle,
Shane has set up his own camp.
Shane: There's so much
foliage between me and my prey.
I think for this
particular location,
the spear is the
best tool for the job
for what I'm trying
to get accomplished.
I haven't had any significant
source of protein since day one,
and I am definitely looking
forward to getting a good meal.
I'm gonna make my round again
and see if I can't
see that capybara.
[ Groans ]
Alana: There's a
big one right here
No, no, no, no.
No wonder they're so hard
to catch, not even on land.
Finally! [ Laughs ]
I think we got to share
some of this with Shane.
What do you think?
Some of the fish?
Guess it's your call.
At this point,
salvaging a relationship
with him is not my priority.
Feeding myself is a priority.
With Danielle
being a vegetarian,
these fish are all mine.
Narrator: Three miles south,
in the barren mountain
rock of roca diablo.
I see three barrel cactus
here, and there's one there.
Narrator: For the
last seven days,
nothing more than barrel
cactus and are starving for protein.
Knock these two out
and just leave them here
and come back on the way back.
Jeff: The resources
are being depleted,
so it really makes us think
that we might want to get moving
to find better resources.
-So we're on this rock here.
These are those two small rocks.
And, then you can see
the orinoco way out there.
-It cuts up.
Then we'd have to trek
straight across the Savannah
and follow it all the way
down to the lake there.
There's a lake on the map,
and if there's piranha in there,
that could be a killer food
resource for e.J. And I.
Narrator: To reach the lake,
e.j. And Jeff must walk 13
miles across the Savannah,
where vital resources
like water will be scarce
and temperatures climb
to over 100 degrees.
Dude, that is far.
This is insane.
The smartest route,
the least amount
of energy expended,
with our pot of
water, we can make it.
But what if there's no
resources like we have here?
Dude, we'll find them.
What, are you kidding me?
We will smell it, and I
know you'll smell the critters.
We will eat, we'll replenish,
and we will be resourced.
Colombia, we're coming for ya!
E.j.: The past few days,
I've been working
on a carry pack
so we can carry some
of our barrel cactus,
some of our equipment to
sustain us for the journey.
Nine barrel cactus loaded.
Got everything? Knives?
Knife, ax, fishing line.
-Fire starter?
-Fire starter.
-I got a fish hook.
Now's the moment of truth.
It's gonna work.
Not super comfortable,
but I think it will get
us where we got to go.
Dear father in heaven,
e.J. And I are moving.
We don't know where
we're gonna end up.
We don't know what's gonna be
on the other side of this Savannah.
I pray that thy will guide us
to a place with
plentiful resources.
We really need protein,
father. We need meat.
Narrator: In the western
camp of cao verde
Check out these big trees.
Chris and Luke venture into
the Savannah in search of food.
Chris: Luke found a game trail
that he said looks
pretty productive
as far as game and maybe
finding some new hearts of palm.
Oh, yeah, dude, look at
that. Those are mangoes.
Chris: Yeah, buddy.
Some bigger ones way up top.
Oh, I see a good cluster
of nice ones right here.
Yeah? Is it climbable?
Oh [bleep] yeah.
We've actually hit the jackpot.
We found a mango tree
-- actually six of them.
Watch out! Sorry.
Luke: Come on, man.
Sorry, dude.
Just tell me you're
gonna shake it.
I'm getting eaten alive by ants
that's why I was
doing the quick bail.
Wow. They really got you, huh?
Aw, dude, they're all up my ass.
With the reward
came a little cost.
I had to pay the
guardians of the tree,
which were, like, little,
black leaf-cutter ants
that, you know, bit
the [bleep] out of me.
But you know what? To me,
that was well worth the reward.
This is the biggest break
we've definitely caught so far.
High in vitamin c, which
we're definitely craving,
electrolytes, and sugar.
Good deal.
Team bromance. #mangoes.
Did all right.
Oh, that's gonna be good! Mmm!
All right.
I mean, it was a great
day. It proved very fruitful.
[ Chuckles ]
Oh! That's even better.
We probably almost
doubled our resources
with very little effort,
and there are more resources
where those came from, as well.
So, this in the survival world
is what we like
to call thriving.
We have mangoes,
almonds, black palm fruit,
moriche fruit, and
hearts of palm.
Chris: We're jungle rich.
You know, we're
jungle ballers right now.
[ Laughing ] Oh! It's so good.
Luke: Team bromance,
you know, we're
literally rolling in fruit.
[ Both laugh ]
All the fruit.
Shane: I am anemic,
and it does make me
a little light-headed
when I stand up too fast.
All right, I'm gonna walk out
into the Savannah a little bit,
see if anything moves.
Let's hunt, and
let's get some food,
because all I need is one good
meal and it's day one again.
Somebody's den.
What the [bleep] is making them?
[ Rustling ]
I just heard a funny sound.
Oh, my god.
[ Rustling ]
I just heard a funny sound.
Oh, my god.
I need protein now.
But honestly, realistically,
no exaggeration,
if I got bit by a coral snake
where I was today, I'd be dead.
This location looked
really good in the beginning,
but I don't think
that it's producing
as much as any of us
thought that it was going to.
Narrator: In the northern
camp of rio negro,
the elite women's
group has subsisted
on nothing but minnows
and lizards for weeks.
Laura: There's
no plant resources.
We can't go through 40
days with no plant resources.
Laura: 40 days is
a really long time.
We can't just sit
here and try to sustain
but keep going downhill.
We need to get to a better place
because we have a long,
hard road ahead of us.
I don't know how
you guys feel about it,
but Luke and Chris
have a lot more resources.
We can go down that
way and just stop in
and see what kind of resources
they really have around them.
We could just spend
the night there, even,
and take off in the morning
if they don't have
enough directly there.
There's got to be more trees
that are bearing fruit that way.
All right, let's go. Let's
get the hell out of here.
It's time to switch
things up a little bit.
Narrator: From rio negro,
Laura, Eva, and Dani
will travel three miles across
the blistering Savannah
to reach cao verde.
See you later, camp.
Thanks for all the fish.
Laura: This journey to
the boys' camp is huge.
It basically means
getting to a new location.
We don't know the resources.
We don't know the plants.
We don't know the animals.
It's a restart button.
So it's a big deal,
and it just feels great
to be on the same page
and know that we're
all in it together.
It's beautiful. It's
definitely really hot.
There's no way we're
gonna make it in time,
it's so [bleep] hot today.
We should have left hours ago.
This is a little
bit of a gamble.
I was there days ago,
and the resources were,
you know, ample,
but there's the potential
for that to run out.
So we could get there and
everything could be gone.
We really need some big
meals in us at this point --
like, big meals.
We need new resources,
and obviously they're that way.
And regardless if there
was anyone there or not,
I want to be headed
in that direction.
I'm a little tight from
sleeping on the sand.
I might do some yoga.
You want to join?
Pbht! [ Laughs ]
Yeah, I mean, it
will stretch you out.
You look tight.
I ain't never done
yoga in my life.
The best time to
start is right now,
when you're stuck with
the hippie in the woods.
You got tension.
I can see the
tension in your body.
My tension was
gone when honora left.
I don't give a
[bleep] I'll try it.
I ain't never
done it, but I'll try.
Yeah, brother.
Big breath in.
And you're trying to get
all that air into the ribs,
opening up your ribs.
And then you're gonna exhale,
and we're gonna swan-dive down,
kind of keeping
your back straight.
And we're just gonna
hang for a second.
You feel it in your calves?
[ Both laugh ]
Chris: I got to say, I've
never been a yoga guy.
But, you know, how
often do you get to do
naked yoga with another
dude in Colombia?
Oh, dude, I got a great new view
of all the bugbites
on my ass and legs.
I love yoga now.
Yoga gives us a new perspective.
So, I would say that naked
yoga is definitely a little awkward,
especially with another man,
and especially naked
yoga headstands.
I love headstands.
Yeah, I'm not gonna
do the headstand.
[ Both laugh ]
How do my balls
look upside down?
I think our "broga" sessions
are gonna be limited.
Laura: We might roll up,
and they might be
less than excited.
And if that's the case,
we just keep moving.
We know that we're
going in the right direction.
Dani: Gentlemen, I'm
back. I brought company.
Hey, guys.
Luke: Hey. How's it going, Dani?
How are we doing?
Hey, guys.
-Hey, I'm Luke.
-Nice to meet you.
-Nice to meet you.
Eva. Good to meet you.
Eva, nice to meet you. Welcome.
Welcome to team bromance.
Do you mind if we rest
our wares for a moment?
Yeah, yeah. Come on in.
Your guys' camp looks great.
Oh, thanks, yeah. We
can give you a tour here.
Show us around.
Be careful of all
of our resources.
Yeah, sorry. Don't
step on all our dinner.
You have some
serious bounty here,
-I can't help but notice.
-Are these all almonds?
-These are all almonds.
We have mangoes.
Oh, my god.
They're not ripe,
but we cook them up,
and they're pretty tasty.
We were gonna walk across
the Savannah to find mangoes.
Laura: We're walking into camp,
and I'm looking around,
and I'm seeing
baskets of fruit hanging,
piles of nuts on the ground.
There is just
abundance strewn about
like riches in the sand --
big change from
where we came from.
Check out the best part, though.
Oh, my goodness. Oh,
I cannot wait for a swim.
Hell yeah. Come
on into our pool.
Chris: It's not often
that you look up
and see three naked,
beautiful women,
so I got to say, I wasn't mad.
This is heaven.
Right now Luke and
I have enough for us,
but splitting things five
ways, you know, is a lot.
So, we are coming this way
not to, like, leech
off of you guys,
but because where we are,
we have absolutely
no vegetation.
We've been getting protein.
We haven't been
able to get any, like,
fruit or vegetable sustenance.
So we're pushing this way
because we want to get
some more plant life into us
before we go
across the Savannah.
Eva: We just need some
of subsistence foods,
like things that we
don't have to hunt
to be able to eat them.
Everything we put in our mouths,
we've been working
really hard for.
See, that's interesting,
because we tend to
have the opposite problem.
Yeah. We have so much food,
we can't even get in our shelter
'cause we're tripping over it.
-[Bleep] Everywhere.
I was literally
rolling in our food.
We don't mean to brag,
but we are [bleep] jungle rich.
-We're jungle rich!
-What about protein?
Are you guys
getting any protein?
We have no protein.
-No protein.
-So maybe
So this is like a working-
together-type situation here?
It sounds like we have
that potential, I would say.
Five people is a lot of people.
You know, if you
have limited resources,
you know, you're splitting
those resources five ways.
Now, I saw what appeared to
be a mosquito net or something.
What is that?
That would be the fishing net.
I was gonna say, we
have the spot for that.
Oh, my god, we'll kill it.
-You have a net?
-We have a net.
We have a spot down the river
that's got a school
of peacock bass.
Every one of them's this big.
Luke: On the flip side,
you have that many
more set of hands to work,
so, you know, it's
a tough situation.
If you guys, obviously,
are willing to work,
I mean, the only thing
Chris and I are really,
like, 100% gung ho
on is positive attitude.
Thank god, 'cause
that's really important.
If you're positive, we
could starve for 40 days,
and we'll still live
on this, you know?
It will suck, but we
can totally make it.
So we're right on the
same page, it sounds like.
-That's great.
All right. Come on.
Come check it out.
Come on, come on.
Let's do it!
Dani: It's 100% worth
the trek over here,
being here right now.
Worth every step.
Worth every step in
the sun to get here.
Totally worth it.
Eva: Oh, my goodness.
Chef Chris.
They're hot.
This is happening.
Thanks, you guys, seriously.
Yeah. Tastes like
lemon applesauce.
Luke: Yeah. Like
a lemon meringue.
Just, like, piping-hot mango.
Oh, it's coming
out like applesauce!
God, I love it!
-Oh, my god.
To be so welcomed, it
means so much to me.
I mean, these guys
have a ton of stuff,
and there's no reason
why they have to, like,
have us around,
so I only hope that
we can pull our weight,
help with the protein situation,
and hopefully take part
in some of the abundance
that they've got around here.
Oh, my god. This
is -- ooh, it's tart.
That's really intense.
It takes some getting used to.
Yeah? You get used to it?
Chris: I mean, you
don't have to eat them.
I'll eat it.
We can't force it
down your throat.
When you're, you know,
splitting up your resources,
there's kind of this
gut reaction of, like,
"eh, I don't like five people
all of a sudden," you know?
And you're wanting, like --
"I want to eat half
of these almonds,
not a fifth of these almonds."
Definitely a little like,
"oh [bleep] what have I done?"
E.j.: Oh, man.
Jeff: We've got
to get water soon.
Narrator: After walking six
hours in the dry Savannah,
e.j. And Jeff are less
than halfway to the lake.
[Bleep] Man. Oh! Oh!
Being barefoot is
one of the hardest
[grunts] Parts of
doing this challenge.
Like, the bottom of my feet
feel like I've got little
razor-blade nicks in them.
Yeah. Mine too.
Like, they sting a little. Yeah.
With their water
supplies dwindling
and the sun rapidly setting,
they must find a place
to camp for the night.
Look at those
trees up there, man.
Yeah, man.
There's got to be
water there somewhere.
Look how green it is.
Yeah. We should
kind of cut in there.
We're losing daylight.
See if we can find
a place to rest up.
Oh, it kind of opens up in here.
Does it really?
Oh, dude! There's
a cave up here.
Look at it, man! There's a cave!
Holy [bleep]
Look at the overhang.
Perfect spot for a camp.
We can camp right here.
Let's get going, man.
Bust our butts, get firewood.
We can put the fire up against
the rock as a heat reflector.
Oh, this is gonna be nice.
Dude, that will keep
the bats away, too.
Dude, there's bats everywhere.
Look at these suckers.
Dude, let's just do it,
man. We're losing light.
Caves offer a natural
protection from the environment.
We needed this, after
the day we've had.
But the bats that live inside
can carry several
fatal diseases,
including rabies, while
spores from bat guano
can cause respiratory
illness if inhaled.
Jeff: Holy crap.
It's been rough.
Honestly, I'm
exhausted and worn out.
As you can see, look
how swollen this ankle is.
I was bit by a
bunch of sand flies
or gnats or something.
Man, that sucks [bleep]
We still need to find water.
So we've really got to
get some sleep right now.
We got a long day tomorrow.
We're gonna keep trekking
across the Savannah
in search of something better,
in search of a place
with water and resources.
Our lives really depend
on it, so -- [ sighs ]
Chris: New team.
We've changed the
team from team bromance
to butts & nuts.
Yeah, we're just
sitting here, kicking it,
getting to know each other.
I love my tribe.
Me too.
Good night, tribe.
-Good night, tribe.
-Good night, tribe.
[ Animal howling ]
What is making that noise?
So, it's, like,
late, late at night,
and something just woke me up.
But whatever it
is, it's pretty big,
'cause, I mean, it woke me
up making all kinds of noise.
So I'm gonna sit
tight and lay here
and try and see what
is making all this noise.
[ Animal howls ]
There was a noise. I
don't know what it is.
[ Animal grunts ]
[ Rustling ]
Holy [bleep] what was that?
[Bleep] [Bleep] Jumped over us.
Narrator: In the
woodland of El bosque,
it's been four days
since Shane split off
from Alana and Danielle,
and the separate groups
continue to survive apart.
It's so nice to have
just normal and calm,
like, energy around now.
And more animals are coming out.
The flowers are blooming.
Even the bees are like, "whew!"
[ Laughs ]
"Glad that's over."
I'm not gonna go
in it all the way.
I'm gonna skirt the edge.
I could catch fish,
but, you know,
I don't have the right
tools and material.
I don't have any string.
I don't have a hook.
I could make cordage,
but I still don't have
a hook to bait them.
What I wouldn't
give for some protein
because, you know, I'm anemic,
so this is a lot of
energy for my body.
I'm done. That's
enough walking for me.
I was looking forward
to, like, working
with three people,
like, just to see
how it would go,
but it's better to
just keep distance.
Probably. And he's so volatile.
And the stuff that
he was upset about --
not someone I want to
be naked in a jungle with.
I'm just trying to survive
40 days and avoid him.
Would either of you
care to help me fish
when it gets cooler today?
I'm about to do some fishing
myself here in a little bit.
Want to come get me when you go?
I'm just going right here.
I'm just gonna use a line.
It's not anything I
need help for, honestly.
Okay. No worries.
You can come if you
want, but it's just --
no. It's all good.
Danielle, can I borrow
the fire starter, please?
Shane: I am at a
huge disadvantage
because they have something
that I absolutely need.
I can't do friction fires.
I try and try and try,
but, man, it ain't me.
I have a feeling they're
planning on telling me
I can't use the fire
starter anymore.
And if that's the case,
I've got two options.
I can tap out,
or I can make that
long trek to another spot
and hope that I find a group.
If they choose that path.
Come on, come on,
come on, come on,
come on, come on,
come on, come on.
I want to last 40. I really do.
But I can't do it alone.
Shane: I'm about to
head over to my partners
and see if we can't find
some kind of working
agreement between us.
Narrator: For four days,
Shane has braved the
perilous jungle alone,
unable to make fire
or hunt successfully
without a partner.
Shane: So, when I
borrowed the fire starter,
I felt a little bit more
tension between us.
And I do think that
we can be successful,
the three of us, and I
would like to work together.
I will help. I don't
have a problem.
I'm not like, "[Bleep] Off.
You know, I don't
want to help you."
I want to know what
these tasks are at hand
that you think we
should all be doing.
Well, I mean, I
think it's gonna take
more than one of us to
get fish at the other hole.
That's the thing
that I'm -- you know.
And there's a lot of them there.
And so that's a task
that I would like help with.
But you have a fish basket.
I mean, that should
do the work for you.
Yeah, I understand that.
You need to, like, finish
it, and then you're fine.
You can use it every
day. Drop it and forget it.
So your point is that you don't
want me around at all then?
My point is, it sounds to me
that you need us to help you.
Like, you can't do it on
your own is what I'm hearing.
No, I cannot do it on my own.
And I don't think it's right
that I keep coming over
and borrowing the fire starter,
which I desperately need,
without offering
some support for it.
Well, maybe instead of taking
her tool away from the camp,
we'll give you all
the coals you want
that are lit and started.
You can make a fire from that.
Okay. Well, again,
I'm offering to help you
for whatever you need,
because I do need the fire starter.
Have we asked for
help once since you left?
No, you haven't.
So is that the way
you want to handle it?
This was not my decision,
for you to up and leave.
It's not even that you left.
It's, like, the harsh
words you were saying.
And you've said it -- how
many times you've said it?
No second chances survival
is a game of decisions.
It's all a string of decisions.
Little decisions
equal big decisions
that affect your
survival in the end.
Maybe you up and leaving
was not a good survival decision.
I never made the
decision to the point
where it would be me on my own
and you two on your own though.
I was just separating --
you just wanted
to live separately,
but use all the stuff
and have our help.
No. I wanted to offer my help.
I'm not sure how many
times I have to say that to you
without you -- and I'm saying
we don't need your help.
Okay. Then this
conversation is over.
-All right.
-All right.
Thank you for your time.
You're welcome.
Alana: We're not gonna let
him off the hook that easily,
without even a single apology,
and bringing it to us like
he's doing us the favor,
like we should be so blessed
to have him back
in our presence.
He really only came here
because he needs us to help him.
[ Sighing ]
[ Sniffles ]
[ Thunder rumbles ]
I can't catch a break right now.
Come on, lord. Seriously?
[ Sobbing ]
Oh, please, lord.
[ Sniffles ]
Please, lord.
Just a little
strength, lord, please.
[ Thunder crashes ]
[ Voice breaking ] It's
getting ready to rain.
This is the worst possible
day it could do this.
I just really hate that everyone
thinks I'm just an ass[Bleep]
I give everything
I have all the time.
I don't calculate my actions
or my emotional content,
and I think that's
pretty [bleep] rare
amongst human beings.
And I really wish that people
would start to
respect that about me.
[ Thunder rumbles ]
It's 1:30 in the morning.
It's been raining
for about 2 hours.
[ Sighs ] So I'm pretty cold.
And right now I'm just
trying to get some body heat
and walk in place.
[ Thunder crashes ]
So, it started raining, so
we have moved below deck
to the ground
underneath the shelter,
and it seems to be blocking
out the rain pretty good.
Yeah. Fire's still going.
So back to sleep we go.
Yeah. Minor inconvenience,
and back to sleep.
[ Thunder crashes ]
[ Both laugh ]
I am gonna need help,
no matter how hard I try,
and I don't know
what else to do.
[ Birds chirping ]
I slept like crap last night.
There was a big rainstorm.
Man, I thought that storm
was gonna hit us, you know?
It was cracking, and
the trees were swaying.
I thought we were getting hit.
Narrator: With
only barrel cactus to
e.j. And Jeff
continue their journey
to piranha lake in
search of resources.
Thanks for carrying
the pack, man.
E.j.: I'm the pack mule.
You're the pack mule.
I'll do my best to pick
us out the cleanest path
Thank you.
knock some of
this down for you.
-Slow and steady.
-Slow and steady.
That's how we're gonna take it.
Shane: I'm very cold, and
when the sun comes up,
I'm probably gonna go
walk around in the Savannah
and get myself some sunburn
just to bring my body heat up.
We're gonna have
to find water soon.
Neither one of us have
had a sip since we left, yeah?
We'll be able to get out
of the sun right up here.
-What do you think?
-All right.
Cards are on the table.
It's either water or bust.
[ Sighs ]
Boy, the dirt's even
starting to heat up.
Yeah, it is.
Let's head this way.
Yeah, a game trail.
Maybe that will lead
right down to water.
Oh, look. Hey!
It ain't much, but it's
better than what you got.
-Thank you.
Oh, hell yeah.
They can actually
taste the fish, too.
Narrator: On this
40-day survival quest,
each group earns a
"naked and afraid xl" rating,
or xlr,
which tracks their
progress, skill, and teamwork.
Roca diablo's risky trek
across the Savannah
seems to have been
successful Hey!
boosting e.J.
And Jeff's xlr to 7.6.
Shane's split with
Alana and Danielle
hurt their chances
for long-term survival
Shane: Right now I'm just
trying to get some body heat.
Narrator: Sending their
score plummeting to 5.8.
And the all-female trio
brought much needed skills
to the team of Chris and Luke,
raising their combined
xlr rating to 8.2.
For more information on the
"naked and afraid xl" ratings,
go to discovery.Com.
-[ Laughs ]
-I think I broke my keister.
-Almost there, man.
Let's head this way.
Yeah, a game trail.
Maybe that will lead
right down to water.
Oh, look. Hey!
What's up?!
[ Laughs ]
What the [bleep]
-Dude, what's up?
-Good to see you.
-Holy [bleep]
Good to see you. Shane.
-How you doing, buddy?
-What's up, man?
What a way to meet
for the first time.
Yeah, man.
How are you guys doing?
We're doing well. Freaking
moving for two days.
-Two days, yeah.
-Across that Savannah.
We came from the far
basalt rock in the background.
-Way back there.
Have you been
here the whole time?
Anyone with you?
Yeah. Alana and Danielle.
We had a slight
difference on survival style,
and I separated from them.
They got a little cranky
about me separating
and said I wasn't allowed
to use the fire starter.
They'd give me coal.
So I was like, "I got
mangoes and [bleep]."
So I'm like, "[Bleep]
It. I don't need the fire."
They're raw,
but yeah, all these
trees are all mango trees.
What was their problem?
I don't know.
I don't want to
get into the drama.
-Yeah, we don't want drama.
-I don't want the drama.
I told them that I wasn't
gonna bring it up for, you know,
other people that I possibly
meet out here for that reason.
We don't -- drama's nothing
we're into, and we're not in it.
We don't want to see it.
We've been lucky.
We haven't experienced an
ounce of drama in 20 days.
Are you guys hanging
with me for a day or so?
Dude, we were just
looking for water.
That's why we were coming here,
'cause we looked
at the terrain and --
dude, you can drink the water
right out of the
[bleep] river, man.
Oh, dude, that's awesome.
It's all geothermal. All
of this is all geothermal.
A bath and water,
then some of your
hospitality with some fruit,
and we'll share
some barrel cactus.
Let me show you the water.
All right.
[ Laughs ] I love Colombia!
Feels so good!
Drink up, partner.
Shane: My spirits
are totally lifted,
and I'm really, really stoked.
I almost want to cry
[bleep] Amazing.
Because it's just
oh, man, we were praying
for water on that Savannah.
You got water.
You got water till
your heart's content.
Like, you couldn't
drink enough of it.
Hey, thank you for your
little creek here, buddy.
No worries.
I'm just happy that two
other people are here to help.
All of a sudden, you come
busting out of the bushes.
I was like
I was like, "what the
[bleep] what the [bleep]"
Actually, we were heading
on our way to the piranha
lake that's on the map.
-That's where we were heading.
What we can do,
man, we can trade you
one of our barrel cactuses
for a bunch of your fruit,
just to make things
even off the bat.
You don't have to
worry about that, man.
It will all work out in the end,
because I'm thinking
about going with you guys.
I want to leave before
sunrise tomorrow.
So if you guys want
to chill out for the night.
I'll take you over to the girls.
We can say hi,
and then we can leave
first thing in the morning,
get really hydrated
and make a run at it.
Please bathe, man.
Cool yourselves down.
I'll chill.
Jeff: We just walked into
a little messy situation.
Shane was really,
really happy to see us --
so happy that he was
already, you know,
jumping behind
us as our third man.
And that might be what we
want to do, but it might not.
I'm excited to see two people,
and I'm rip-roaring ready
to go to another location.
Like, I'm played out.
E.j.: Jeff and I got
a lot to talk about.
The last time we had
three together, though,
it just didn't seem to be
quite what we needed.
I want to go.
We got a huge
turtle, and it got away.
You guys got schooled?
Yeah, well, we caught
a turtle, too, and --
-oh, here they come.
Ladies! Hey!
We're just in the hot
tub. Hope you don't mind.
-We heard voices.
-Oh, yeah?
-Danielle, right?
-Hi. Yeah.
-Nice to meet you, Jeff.
Nice to meet you, Jeff. Alana.
-Alana, how are you doing?
-So good.
We're so glad to see
you girls. Oh, my gosh.
[ Laughs ] So glad
to see you guys.
We found Shane
out on the Savannah.
We've been trekking for 48
hours from where we were camped,
and we told Shane
the same thing.
We were like, "we have food."
We didn't come here to rape
anybody's camp or village.
We're actually heading
to the piranha lake.
Yeah. We've been preserving
and storing food, too,
so we're kind of
in the same boat.
Jeff: Holy crap.
Danielle and Alana get there,
and a big black
cloud moves over.
Shane shuts down.
He doesn't even want
to make eye contact.
Depending on what people have,
we'd be more than happy
to give some barrel cactus.
And we've got black palm nuts.
You know, in
exchange for picking
a couple things off
some trees around here.
E.j.: Smaller cashews and
a lighter load sounds good
for this pack mule.
Jeff: I don't know what
happened between them,
but it was big, and
it was personal,
and none of them
are over it yet.
E.j. And I -- we haven't
seen a single ounce of drama,
so I want to steer clear of
anything that's gonna cause
any kind of drama with us.
The decisions that
we make today,
they're gonna affect everything
that happens the next 20 days.
We've got a lot to discuss.
Narrator: Coming up
on "naked and afraid xl"
-You guys ready?
-Let's get across the Savannah.
Laura: To not know
exactly how far it
I mean, that makes me nervous.
[ Animal snarls ]
Get up! Dude, look!
[ Animal growls ] [ Screams ]
Chris: You can stab
him, you can stab him.
Just watch out
for that tail though.
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