Naked and Afraid XL (2015) s01e06 Episode Script

40 Days Death March

Ej: Hey, man, you
see that electric eel?
That one's bigger than the
one I caught in the Amazon.
Here, Mr. Eel.
Come on in here just
a little closer, man.
Ej: All right, he's cutting in.
You got to get him
right behind the head.
Got him. Good stick, man.
I don't want him to
electrocute me, dude.
[ Electricity zaps ] [ Screams ]
Narrator: 21 days ago, 12
"naked and" afraid veterans
began an impossible challenge --
to endure 40 days
and 40 nights
Take that, Colombia!
with no food, no
water, and no clothes.
Oh, this is hard.
Laura: Quickly, quickly.
Luke: I got it, I got
it, I got it, I got it.
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ej: I love it!
Give it to me!
Narrator: After 21 days in
the badlands of Colombia,
where the temperatures
are scorching
and the wildlife can be lethal,
these "naked and
afraid" veterans
have reached the halfway
point of the challenge.
These cramps are so insane.
Dehydration has
claimed one victim.
I'm feeling very attacked.
Hunger and fatigue has
brought down another.
I think you're lazy.
Survival has to be lazy.
Teammates clash
over survival strategies.
[ Thunder rumbles ]
I just really hate
that everyone thinks
I'm just an ass[Bleep]
It's so [bleep] hot.
Should have left hours ago.
Narrator: Now, scarce resources
are sending the survivalists
on a collision course.
Luke: It's a long
damn time -- 40 days.
If you have limited resources,
you're splitting those
resources five ways.
Ej: We've got to get water soon.
Oh, look. Hey!
Narrator: On "naked and afraid,"
day 21 marks the
end of the journey.
Now the 10 who remain
enter uncharted territory.
40 days is a far
cry from 21 days.
It's getting worse.
It's gonna get a
whole lot worse.
Day 21, we all know
that normally, we'd
be done by this time.
We're in bad shape right now.
We're skinny, we're
getting weak and fatigued.
[ Shouts ]
Shane: 21 days you can wait out.
You can't wait out 40 days.
You have to make an effort.
This is where your
gut really gets tested.
Day 22, and we're coming!
[ Snake rattles ]
We're heading on our way
to the piranha lake
that's on the map.
Yeah, I'm thinking about
going with you guys.
Narrator: After days of walking
through the scorched Savanna,
Jeff and ej have stopped
for the night in El bosque.
Shane: Very excited
to see ej and Jeff.
I haven't had any
significant source of protein
since the morning of day 1.
21 days is the limit
that a human body can go
physically with minimal food.
There's not enough
protein here for me,
so I would like to go with them.
Narrator: Starved of protein,
Jeff and ej plan to walk
7 miles to piranha lake,
which his just four miles
from their extraction point --
the place they will end
the challenge on day 40.
The Alpha males
are risking everything
in the hope that this
body of fresh water
will have enough fish
and game to sustain them
for the last half
of the challenge.
Jeff: Ladies!
We're so glad to see you girls.
So glad to see you guys.
Jeff: Holy crap.
Danielle and Alana get
there, and Shane shuts down.
I don't know what
happened between them,
but it was big, and
it was personal,
and none of them
are over it yet.
I wanted to offer my help.
I'm not sure how many
times I have to say that to you
without you -- and I'm saying
we don't need your help.
Narrator: After clashing
with the girls for weeks,
Shane built his own
camp and has spent
the last nine days struggling
to live alone in the jungle.
Dani b.: Do you mind if
I come watch you guys
and kind of, like, learn stuff?
Jeff: No, that's cool.
I think we're gonna move on
to the piranha lake tomorrow.
But first, we're gonna teach
Dani a few things about fishing.
Jeff: And if a
fish takes a hook,
you're gonna make
sure you hold it tight.
Oh, he's going for it right now.
I can't see.
Pull on that thing.
-Yes, yes, yes.
Get him far enough
away from the water.
I caught a fish.
Give it up, girl. Nice job.
I'm gonna get vegetarian
hate mail for that.
Ej: Yes, you will get
vegetarian hate mail.
At the piranha lake, we're
gonna have nearly 20 days
to figure all the fish
out in that entire lake.
I have to pull in a piranha.
Have to, boys.
Shane: When I heard
there's piranha lakes,
I'm like, "I want to
kill them with a bow.
Spearing them."
Like, "I want to [bleep]"
They might not be big enough.
That's not gonna work.
Shane: I'm so over being
at this location with Alana.
It's just incredibly
You know, every
time I make a comment
or a suggestion or anything,
immediately she shoots
down my comment.
I'm just -- I can't
wait to get out of here
so I don't have to deal
with that [bleep] anymore.
I'm just so [bleep] aggravated
and sick of that [bleep].
I'm just -- ugh!
Did you catch what happened?
Yeah, I meant to
ask you about that.
I thought I caught it,
but I want to make sure
I caught the right thing.
That was a prime example
of what I've been dealing with,
you know, from day
1, dude -- day [bleep] 1.
Every time I say something,
she immediately shoots me down.
You know, it's like, "come on."
That's what I thought
you were talking about.
I'm like, I'm over it. That
why I'm like, I'm done.
I've been dealing with that
attitude since day [bleep] 1.
You can't be getting
poked and poked and poked.
I can't keep getting poked, man.
I can't keep getting jabbed.
It's too stressful a situation.
Ej: When you see a fellow
man in trouble, you know,
it's not in me to turn
my back on somebody.
Well, we got your back, okay.
We want you to go
with us to piranha lake.
I appreciate that, man.
It means a lot to me.
We got your back.
With this particular situation,
something drastic
happened, something bad.
And the best solution
for the whole group
is for us to take
Shane out of here.
You know, I just wanted
you to understand.
Yeah, yeah, you're good.
This is definitely a
blessing from god,
so really stoked.
I think, tomorrow
morning, first light,
we should push toward the lake.
Alana: Is he
teaming up with y'all?
Yeah, I think it'd be
better for you guys.
He's itching to go to the lake.
And we're going that way anyway.
So, I know you got
to stay here longer
'cause of the vegetarian.
With all the resources
that are here,
we're gonna stay
as long as we can.
I am in a spot right
now where there's a lot
of fruit and nuts
for me to live off of.
I'd rather do
everything I can now
to prepare for what
might be ahead.
We don't want to be
completely depleted
before we get to extraction,
so we're gonna have to time it.
Ej: Dani's a vegetarian.
I get why they're staying
here, but I just think
there's not enough
protein in this area at all.
And when you guys
eventually get over there,
we'll leave the
light on for you.
Narrator: Five miles north
of El bosque lies cao verde,
where Laura, Eva, and Dani
have joined Chris and Luke
to form a second
five-person group.
[ Animals chattering ]
Eva: This is probably
the longest swim
I've gone for in years.
[ Chris sighs ]
Chris: When the
girls came to camp,
we had decided we'd give
it a 24-hour "go" period,
and if it worked, it
worked, and if it didn't,
you know, no harm, no foul.
But, no, it's been
a couple days,
and everything's still
going full steam ahead.
Unfortunately, five
mouths to feed's
a lot of mouths to feed.
Eva: Oh, there's some fish.
We could put this really low.
We wouldn't have to
pull this up super quickly.
Luke: The mosquito net
is the biggest resource
that the girls have brought us.
They've had success
catching smaller fish with it,
and I'm putting my faith
in the girls and their net
that, you know, I
can get protein --
something that Chris and
I haven't been able to get.
And let's make
sure we pull tight.
That's super important.
Go, go, go.
[ Sighs ] They're fast.
Guys, just don't
hesitate. Just go up.
Yeah, keep this end high
so they're only coming
in from one way.
-Got him.
-Got him.
All right, you guys take it.
He's tiny,
but[Bleep] Little tiny.
Luke: Going 22
days without protein,
it feels like you got a
film over everything --
like this weird, like,
coat over your body.
And nothing feels
like it should be.
It's not moving the right way.
It feels like you need, like,
oil in your joints or
something like that.
I don't know how to describe it.
Narrator: The body stores
much of its protein reserves
in fluid around the
joints, so a lack of protein
makes movement
difficult and painful.
Laura: Feel like they're
pretty damn done.
Dani j.: Some of them
are super tiny, but
All right, let's get
these all divvied up
so everybody gets their share.
I know they're tiny, but
Luke: Minimal protein.
I can't wait till
we catch a fish
that's, like, 2 or 3 pounds.
-Oh, my god.
I know.
We might have to
go somewhere else.
Chris: Not for nothing
-- a fish or two this big
is not really gonna
do much for me.
We're eager to get
a kill more substantial
that will actually
feed five of us
and actually fill your stomach.
Our resources here
are coming to an end.
Within the next few days,
I could see making a move
just to try and locate some
different types of food sources,
or maybe more abundance.
Jeff: Tomorrow's the big move.
All us guys, we're
heading to the piranha lake
in hopes of some big fish.
Shane: I'm very excited
to spend the next 17 days
with my two new brothers.
I wouldn't want to be out here
with any other
survivalist on the planet.
Two cowboys
rolled into this camp.
And tomorrow, we'll
be leaving a trio.
Yes, that's right --
the Alpha dogs
picked up another dog.
We got another boy
for the black rock boys.
[ Jeff barking ]
So these banditos are
coming to a town near you.
So, piranha lake, watch out.
Ej: All right, girls,
I think we are about
ready to head out.
Shane: Ej, Jeff, and I are
heading out to the new location.
And I'm excited
that my motivation
and purpose for being here
is totally altered in
less than 48 hours.
I think that's amazing.
We'll be thinking about
you the whole way, guys.
I am relieved that Shane
is leaving the group.
Now that he's with
Jeff and ej, fine with me.
But I don't think we've
heard the last of Shane.
Bye, girls.
Shane: I am gonna
miss this camp.
The camp was cool.
But I am not gonna
miss the girls.
[ Clicks tongue ]
And good luck, Shane.
[ Laughs ]
My number-one fear
about taking this journey
is venomous snakes.
There's relatives of
the rattlesnake family.
There's fer-de-Lance snakes,
which is one of the most
venomous snakes in the world.
So got to watch
where I'm stepping.
It's gonna be a bit hot,
but you know what?
This is what, you
know, hardens you.
This is what makes
you who you are.
Narrator: Their journey
will take them seven miles
across the searing Savanna,
where the Equatorial
sun sends temperatures
soaring to 110 degrees,
and the humidity can hit 70%.
The Alpha males will cling
to the jungle's edge
whenever possible,
but the most direct route
will over them no
protection from the sun.
Ej: Just got to go for it.
Shane: Yeah, agreed.
Because we think it's hot now.
We haven't seen anything yet.
-We ain't seen nothing.
In two hours, we're
gonna be dying out here.
Ej: This Savanna and
this heat is unbearable.
This is not for
the faint of heart.
This is a real-life,
real-danger struggle out here.
It's gonna be tough.
I'm not sure we can make it.
This is gonna be hell now.
Laura: All right. Another
day, another dollar.
Another day, another mango.
Luke: My tongue
takes like burning.
Every bite burns.
Narrator: In cao verde,
with so little
protein available,
Laura, Eva, Dani,
Chris, and Luke
suffer the effects of a diet
based almost entirely
on unripe mangoes.
Chris: I just can't
wait to eat one meal
where I actually get
to chew some [bleep]
Eva: I know. It
would be amazing.
The mangos wouldn't be
so bad if they were ripe.
But because they're not
ripe, you have to cook them,
and they're so much more acidic.
And I have ulcers
all over my tongue.
But it what it is.
It's our main staple at
this point keeping us going.
It's got a lot of sugar.
When you don't have protein,
I guess sugar's the
second-best thing.
So I guess it's a
blessing in disguise.
But, yeah, I won't be in
any hurry to go buy mangos
when I get home,
that's for sure.
Luke: It's never wise
to leave fire, shelter,
water, you know?
But if we're making it 40 days,
we got to find
another food source.
Narrator: With their
resources dwindling,
the group dries out the
last of their mango supply
in the hot sun to prepare
for a potential move.
Eva: The amount of food that
we're putting into our bodies
is tiny and
nutritionally incomplete.
You can only eat so many mangos,
and mangos can only
make you so strong.
I mean, once we
cross that 21-day line,
nobody know what happens.
And what we need if we're
gonna make it strong to day 40
is protein.
And the only way to do that
is to walk across that Savanna.
Chris: So, what are we thinking?
Eva: As far as hunting goes,
this is gonna be one of
the most productive areas.
I think, as long as we
can just kind of hightail it
across the Savanna, I
think that's the best bet.
And then we'll be
pretty close to extraction.
Narrator: The cao verde
group plans a 6-mile hike
across the sunbaked
Savanna to piranha lake,
which will put them
on a collision course
with Jeff, ej, and Shane.
Now, halfway through
the 40-day challenge,
the group must make the journey
while they still have
enough strength.
Eva: Cool. It's a good plan.
We leave tomorrow.
Laura: Looking at that map,
we're not sure
exactly how far it is,
but it's longer than any of
us have traveled out here,
so to sit here and stock
up on our food and rest
is the smartest
thing, survival-wise,
that we can be doing right now.
It's something that we
want to plan well for.
We don't want to get
caught out anywhere
and be in a situation
we don't want to be in.
Laura: I'd rather not get caught
out in the sun all
day with no shade.
Eva: Oh, forget it.
That's a death sentence.
Is the pace okay?
Shane: I'm trying
to keep up a little bit.
[ Sighs ]
It's [bleep] hot, man.
Narrator: On the Savanna,
Jeff, ej, and Shane
are still three miles
from their destination.
But as the day lengthens,
the sun shows no mercy.
Ej: Ow!
Just that hard dirt.
We've been walking
for probably five hours
through this heat of the day.
The ground's been rough.
Lava rocks, thorns,
cactus everywhere.
And we're still going.
Oh, this is hard.
[ Groans ] Hot rock.
That [bleep] hurts.
Shane: My body is so weak,
and my left knee
is balking at me.
It's nasty. It's hard. It's hot.
You know, it's difficult.
If there isn't protein
when I get there,
I'm not gonna make day 40.
This is crazy.
Ej: Yeah.
When you have this wind going
across a Savanna with that heat,
it convects all the
moisture out of your body.
And when you only got a pot
that carries maybe
4 cups of water,
that's not a lot to go on.
We're in hell now, Jeff.
I didn't realize how much
more difficult it could be.
-After I did 21 days,
it was the toughest thing
I had ever done in my life.
Jeff: Couple days
ago, it was day 21 --
this big, monumental day.
We all know that, normally,
we'd be done by this time.
And we're just halfway.
I'm nervous about this
one because 40 days --
that's plenty enough
time to kill you.
Oh, man.
It's getting worse.
It's gonna get a
whole lot worse.
Narrator: After covering
six miles in seven hours,
the Alpha males are down
to their last drops of water.
[ Groans ]
Ej: Look ahead --
there's an opening.
Jeff: Dude.
I'm crossing my fingers
that when we walk in here,
we see good things.
Hey. Look up ahead.
You can see it's open.
I see what you're talking about.
I can see daylight
through the trees up there.
Oh, my.
I think I see the lake, man.
-Dude, I see it.
-I think I see the lake.
-Holy --
It's water!
Shane: Whoo!
Narrator: Jeff, ej, and Shane
have arrived at piranha lake,
home to some of Colombia's
greatest underwater predators.
And you know there's
piranhas in here, yeah?
I guarantee you those
eels are in there with them.
Piranha lake is a
breeding ground
for aggressive electric eels
that reach 7 feet in length
and generate shocks
of up to 600 volts,
powerful enough to
be fatal to humans.
Ej: This lake can give us
life, or it can take it away.
There's anaconda in there.
There's caiman, piranha,
more of those electric eels.
If they hit you while you're
out there, you're done.
Not drinking this
water without boiling it.
This is a dangerous place
we're at, but you know what?
It's gonna be our savior.
It's gonna get us to day 40.
Ej: Nice job today, guys.
Way to walk. Way
to kick that in the ass.
It was a good
bonding day, I think.
That was our first
test as a team.
And I'm just damn proud
that I done it with you boys.
Yeah, man.
[ Voice breaking ] That
was a hard [bleep] walk.
That was a tough one.
Wouldn't have had
it any other way.
[ Sniffles ]
-Not one step.
I wouldn't have
had it any other way.
That doesn't make it any easier.
Or any less, you
know, emotional.
Just, man That sucked, man.
Today was really
our first major event
we got to do with Shane.
And we solidified on that march
our partnerships, our team.
I needed that today,
'cause we're -- we're
halfway through.
We're just past that Mark.
We're on the downhill.
And I wanted to march
into this lake like a warrior,
and I felt that.
I think we should move
back up to the flat spot
where the grass
was kind of nice.
I'm game. Sounds good to me.
I don't think sheltering
up in here is --
it would be good for us at night
for safety reasons
and other things.
Up there, it's nice and flat.
I could sleep on that grass.
I don't think anything
would bother us.
The three of us will
put our heads together,
and we'll figure
out a plan of attack
to get sustenance
and get protein.
And then we're gonna get busy
and set up a decent
lodge and start working.
Right now, this is
Alpha team lake, baby.
That's right -- the alphas.
This is Alpha team lake.
All the resources here are ours.
[ Insects buzzing ]
[ Groans ]
So, we're gonna show you
Laura's beautiful collection
of, uh, brand-new bee stings.
We got one, two,
three, four, there,
and another one right there.
I feel like [bleep] right now.
-I can't move my neck.
It's all swollen.
That's the price you
pay for living in the jungle.
I'm alive.
I got pounded by bees.
And I'm feeling
a little bit out of it.
But these things happen.
And, um, I'm gonna
go to bed -- shake it off.
Back to usual in the morning.
[ Insects buzzing ]
Jeff: It was a build-up
getting to this beautiful lake,
this area where
there's eel and big fish.
Like, holy cow, that's awesome.
Just as an expression of how
dangerous this environment is,
it is 7:00 at night, and
we all just pulled out
some serious blades
and laid them next to us.
So that's how serious
we're taking this moment.
[ Animal growls ]
[ Animal growls ]
He was close, wasn't he?
Jeff: Nothing is safe
down by the lake
because there's a lot
of stuff in that water,
and we have a lot of stuff
that can kill
things in the water.
There will be blood.
You hear me?
There will be blood.
[ Rustling ]
Eva: Damn.
We did good on drying mangos.
Narrator: After deciding to
move closer to extraction,
the cao verde group prepares
for a long daytime trek.
Laura: We're headed
out across the Savanna
to hopefully find a really
good protein source.
But we don't know
what we're gonna find.
We could get there and
be really disappointed.
So having these mangos is
kind of a little security blanket,
knowing that, no matter what,
we're gonna at least
have a little bit of food
to get us through if we face
hard times when we get there.
Luke: Fire's out.
Everyone got their
original survival items,
everything important?
-All right.
-You guys ready?
-On the road.
-Let's get across the Savanna.
I couldn't be happier
that we came here,
but it is time to go.
We know there is potential
for some huge
protein across the way.
And we need a big meal
to split between five people.
So that needs to happen soon,
'cause day 40 is
a long way away.
Thanks, camp.
-It's been good.
Laura: So long, swimming hole.
-Miss you.
Narrator: The group
is heading 6 miles
across the Savanna
to piranha lake,
where the Alpha males
have already set up camp.
Dani j.: We're gonna be
hiking, and it's gonna be hot.
So I'm a little concerned
about everybody
making it all the way
there without any mishaps.
Lizard tracks all over.
Chris: For me, the
biggest dangers
are the ambush predators
hiding in the grass.
There's no secret that
the largest anacondas
in the world come from Colombia.
It's a pretty hellacious place.
The last thing I want to do
is get wrapped up
or bit by a snake.
Luke: Already feels
good to be out of there.
Eva: Just endless
possibilities in front of us.
[ Bird cries ]
Try to bring this fire around.
Jeff: We'll get some
food in us today
to just replenish
some of our energy.
Shane: This is an
inlet, so there's usually
really good fishing
right on the inlet.
Narrator: After the exhausting
journey to piranha lake,
ej, Jeff, and Shane
need to find food quickly
so they'll have energy
to build a shelter
in this hostile environment.
Ej: Was a pretty
tough march yesterday.
And I woke up this morning,
my stomach was screaming
to me with some hunger pains,
and I actually felt like I
lost five pounds overnight.
It took a lot out
of us yesterday,
and we knew, today,
it was important
for us to do something about it.
Shane: I'm gonna go look
for some vines to
make a fish basket.
I'm retying the hook again.
Just to make sure it's
strong and ready for us.
Jeff: This is the first time
I've ever thrown a hook in this l
and I have no idea
what's gonna come back
on the tip of this hook.
So, I'm hoping for a fish
about 10 inches, you know?
I'd be very happy
with a 10-inch fish.
[ Shane sighs ]
It's not like me
to be this weak.
Everybody who knows
me knows that I'm
Really super strong.
And, uh.
This is a very odd experience
for me to be this weak.
Jeff: Once that bobber goes
under, we know they've taken the b
come on, just take it.
Holy [bleep] dude.
-What, bro?
-[Bleep] Eel!
-[Bleep] Eel!
Hold on! Hold on!
Let me get the
fishing [bleep] man.
Man, it's a big 'UN.
Here, Mr. Eel.
Jeff: What if we
beat him with a stick?
Would that work, if we beat him?
They got a -- their
head is so hard.
Come on in here just
a little closer, man.
All right, he's cutting in.
You got to get him
right behind the head.
Got him.
Good stick, man.
I don't want him to
electrocute me, dude.
When does his shock go away?
No, if he's pissed,
he's already set it.
He's gonna try and
dig into the dirt, dude.
I know.
[ Electricity zaps ] [ Groans ]
-You good?
I felt the -- I felt the elec--
[ electricity zaps ] Oh!
-He get you?
-[ Groans ]
[ Shivers ]
Get back.
Jeff: When does
his shock go away?
Ej: If he's pissed,
he's already set it.
He's gonna try and
dig into the dirt, dude.
I know.
Let's just let him -- [
electricity zaps ] [ Groans ]
-You good?
I felt the -- I felt the elec--
[ electricity zaps ] Oh!
Ej: He get you?
All right, get back,
get back, get back.
Get back, get back. Get back.
He got me. It's dug
into the ground firm.
Let's machete that bastard.
[ Electricity zaps ] [ Shouts ]
You're all right.
[ Growls ]
1,500 volts through my body!
-I know, I know.
You [bleep]
See, we need to
just hack the bitch.
Here, let me take a
few whacks up high.
Yeah, baby.
[ Electricity zaps ] [ Screams ]
[ Shivers ]
[ Shivering ] Good job.
Catch your breath, dude.
[ Wheezing ]
Catch your breath.
The close you get to his
head, the harder it is, dude.
He's still got shock in him.
-Let's just sit him there.
-I'll take the knife.
See where I hacked it up high?
If you hack it right
there real deep,
it might break his spine.
But I'm telling you,
Shane, when it hits you,
it's like a horse
kick to the chest.
Shane: I'm an electrician.
I've been rapped
hard, man -- hard.
We can't let him get away, guys.
Can't let him get away.
Oh, we cannot let him get away.
[ Electricity zaps ] [ Screams ]
Son of a bitch!
We broke his spine.
Yeah, I cut him in half.
-Look at all that meat.
That's in half,
Jeff. Don't lose it.
Ej: I got to get out of
the ground a little bit.
Yeah. All right.
[ Electricity zaps
] [ Shivering ]
Still bad.
-He's still nasty, huh?
Get him up onto shore.
He's got him. Ej's got him.
If you need me, I'm here.
Oh, dude.
[ All cheering ]
Jeff: My man!
Black rock boys!
I am so happy.
We are gonna eat so
much protein tonight.
Shane: I've never
seen one that big before.
It means the world that we
took that march to get here,
because this is everything.
This morning just proved
why we needed to be here.
Protein heaven.
We needed this meal.
We needed it to
save us from tapping.
You came in with your
knife, you hacked it.
That's a team --
that's a team kill.
Dude, you're as much in
this as everyone else, man.
You got in there, you got
a taste of it, and helped.
Jeff: We would not have gotten
that eel without Shane today.
Shane has stepped
up to the plate,
and I couldn't be happier
with my two teammates.
Yeah, that's probably --
that's probably about
45 pounds, right there.
50 pounds.
We've traveled many, many
hard, grueling miles to get here.
And I am so glad
we came when we did
because this meal may
have just got us to day 40.
That's the meal we needed.
Yeah, baby!
Chris: My feet hate
me so much right now.
Laura: Well, at least there's
a sweltering, hot breeze.
Narrator: Four hours
into their journey,
the cao verde group has
only made it three miles,
less than halfway
across a Savannah
covered in lava rocks
and razor-sharp grass.
Laura: The ground
is really hot right now.
I feel it under my feet.
It's scorching
down on the ground.
Eva: Are we headed towards
the right mountains for sure?
Pretty sure.
We're exhausted, we're
dehydrated, we're hot.
We don't know the exact distance
that we're gonna be traveling,
and miles take on a
whole different meaning
when you're on day 24
of a survival challenge.
So, I'm thinking, if
we just keep walking
towards our shadows
and a little bit to the left,
that puts us in a good bearing.
-You agree?
Keep an eye on those
mountains out ahead,
and we should be going
in the right direction.
No one's walked
this far on day 24.
And to not know
exactly how far it is
and how hard it's gonna be, I
mean, that makes me nervous.
Jeff: Everything
is so dang slippery.
Sometimes, I'm having an
issue keeping everything still.
Yeah, just make sure I don't
get grabbed by a caiman.
Shane: I got you, bro.
That's why I'm sitting
here with a spear.
For the first time
since I've been here,
I am getting real protein.
I mean, for the first
21 days I was out here,
I didn't get a single piece of
protein other than a cashew.
So that's why I'm weaker
than these boys are,
and I am dying for
a [bleep] real feast.
[ Chuckles ]
Jeff: We're not
gonna get any sleep
because we're gonna be
busy eating all night long.
We're in bad shape right now.
We're skinny.
We're getting dizzy
when we stand up.
We're getting weak and fatigued.
This meal is gonna make us
three strong men once again.
The way it's sitting,
the mango juices
should slide down into the meat.
That is a lot of meat, boys.
We are definitely gonna feel
like different people tomorrow.
Shane: I am really
excited that these two guys
are putting their ass on
the line with me out here.
That's all I ever wanted,
was partners and teammates
that are gonna put
their ass on the line.
And they did, and
we worked together
and got an amazing
source of protein.
That's a pretty sight
right there, boys.
Jeff: It certainly is.
Shane: That's what
I'm talking about.
That's worth the
electrocutions this morning.
All right, we're almost there.
We should pray.
Father, we come before
you today so thankful.
You blessed us today
with a bountiful feast.
Thank you for Jeff's
sharp eye, teamwork,
and all everybody's
efforts in getting this today.
We ask that you let this
food nourish our bodies,
keep us healthy, so
that we can make it
all the way to the end
together on day 40.
Laura: Well, hey, there.
-What in the world?
-What in the world?
Shane: There's a whole
freaking clan of them.
What just happened?
Shut up!
-What's going on, guys?
Oh, my gosh.
What is this?
Jeff: Came just
in time for dinner.
[ Laughs ]
-Hack it!
Jeff: We got this, baby!
[ Both cheering ]
Narrator: On this
40-day survival quest,
each group earns a
"naked and afraid xl" rating,
or xlr, which tracks their
progress, skill, and teamwork.
This week, ej and Jeff
add a third Alpha male
to the roca diablo group
and make the biggest
kill of the challenge,
sending their score
skyrocketing to 8.5.
Danielle and Alana's decision
to stay behind in El bosque
and stockpile resources
raises their xlr to 6.0.
And with more mouths
to feed and their inability
to find a significant
source of food,
the cao verde group's
score falls to 7.5.
For more information,
go to discovery.Com.
Pray this in Jesus' name.
Laura: Well, hey, there.
What in the world?
What in the world?
There's a whole
freaking clan of them.
What just happened?
Shut up!
Oh, my gosh.
What is this?
Ej: Is this all of you guys?
-It's all of us.
-All of us.
I can't help but notice that
you're cooking something.
-Yeah, no [bleep]
-Cooking a lot of something.
Is this one eel, or --
Shane: It's one 6 foot eel.
We caught it. We
worked hard for it.
And we deserve the lion's
share, always, of our meal.
But here comes five people
who obviously been walking
for quite some time in
the Savanna -- hot, tired.
And we got all this
food in front of them.
Should we sit down?
Yeah, let's sit down.
Let me grab my
thing really quick.
Ej: You may need
something from them later on,
so you got to start thinking,
"hmm, what is
the right gesture?"
But, ej and Shane,
tell me what you think.
I mean, this is our feast,
but we would love to
share some meat with you.
I mean, if -- yeah, I'm --
it's a very gracious offer.
-Appreciate it.
-Thank you, man.
-I won't say no. Thank you.
-You're welcome.
Jeff: I feel like we did
the Christ-like thing,
and we offered them meat.
Thanks, guys.
It's totally good.
Thank you.
And I hope they appreciated it.
That's up to them, but
it was a nice gesture.
Oh, my god.
Hopefully, it's a token of peace
that we can maintain
through the next 17 days.
Well, you guys mind if we
-- sorry to dine and dash --
but if we just go settle up.
Go get rest.
-Go get rest.
-Is that cool, man?
Camp out. Get your
firewood going, whatever.
We'll see you guys tomorrow.
And you guys will
feel it tomorrow.
Yeah, I bet we will.
Dani j.: I definitely would
love to talk more with the boys,
but I think right now,
we really need to focus
on the fact that we
need to figure out
what our new home is like,
see what's going on around here
and where we want to stay.
Luke: Oh, man.
It's exactly what I needed.
-All right, cheers.
Cheers, you guys.
Eva: Mmm.
Oh, protein.
It's what we've been needing.
Luke: You know, after our little
expedition across the Savanna,
some of the people in our
group were getting a little grumpy,
a little dehydrated
-- things like that.
Feet were hurting, so,
yeah, that bite of eel,
that's what we have
been dying for as a group.
I'm not saying we're gonna
join them, but it definitely --
I see advantages with
having a bigger group at times,
especially, you know, when
everyone's on the same page.
I'm going to become
an eel [bleep] hunter.
Oh, my god.
Oh, that is the best
housewarming present ever.
I'm kind of stressed out.
Well, because, um
I just don't want that
every time I kill something,
people expect me to
share it between 10 people.
That's not feasible.
You can't split one
fish between 10 people.
And that's why we
have to set rules,
and we have to
set up a structure
that people are responsible
for their own food
within individual groups.
I agree.
And I don't want drama.
-I don't want drama.
All these people down here,
all fighting for the
same resources?
This could get wild,
and it could get nasty.
And I just hope to
stay out of the drama.
But let's -- let's
enjoy our feast.
We prayed on it.
You know, let's
focus on that, all right.
-Okay, all right.
-All right.
-I got your back.
We'll deal with that tomorrow.
-All right.
-Tonight is this.
[ Snoring ]
[ Rustling ]
[ Animal growls ]
-Get up!
Dude, what?!
[Bleep] Cat. He
was like [growls]
All right.
We'll on full alert.
All three of us are up.
Big cat just tried
to come in here.
Probably smelled our eel.
But he ain't getting no free
handouts tonight, kitty cat.
Ej, get your blade.
-It's by that tree branch.
-I see it.
[ Animal growls ]
[ All shouting ]
[ Animal growls ]
Narrator: Coming up
on "naked and afraid xl"
I don't know what the
[bleep] it is I've done wrong.
Why are you still here?
Everybody else is
going [bleep] nuts.
Luke: I hate being so weak.
Alana: You all right?
Oh, geez, he's big.
This is the dumbest [bleep]
I've ever done in my life.
[ Electricity zaps ] [ Screams ]
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