Naked and Afraid XL (2015) s01e07 Episode Script

40 Days Sacrifice

-How's it coming, Shane?
-I'm all right, Jeff.
Jeff: Dude.
Dehydration is a wicked
problem out here right now.
You're a digger, bro.
Jeff: But we don't know
if the water's safe to drink.
Dirty water can pass bacteria.
There is a lot of risk.
I'm the weakest one here
anyway, to be honest with you,
so I'll play the Guinea pig.
That's a heroic action, man.
It can be deadly.
Ej: You all right?
Just a little dizzy.
This ain't me at all right now.
Narrator: 24 days ago
in one of the most remote
and dangerous places on earth,
12 elite survivalists began
an impossible journey
to endure 40 days
and 40 nights
with no food [ Growls ]
no water, and no clothes.
[ Screaming ]
Dani b.: This is insane.
I might not make it.
Narrator: "Naked and afraid xl."
Chris: I want to find out
what my breaking points are.
Narrator: Here in the
badlands of Colombia
I think you're lazy.
Survival has to be lazy.
Ej: Hey!
ej and Jeff welcomed loner
Shane into their all-male group,
and together, they made
their first kill at piranha lake.
Got him.
Narrator: Chris and Luke joined
forces with Laura, Eva, and Dani
to form a group of five.
Are we headed towards
the right mountains for sure?
And together, they set
out across the Savanna
on a life-or-death
search for food.
No one's walked
this far on day 24.
We're hungry,
we're protein starved.
-What in the world?
Can't help but notice that
you're cooking something.
All these people down here all
fighting for the same resources.
It could get nasty.
Narrator: And our survivalists
learned at piranha lake,
the hunters can also
become the hunted.
[ Animal screeches ]
-Get up.
Hey! Whoa! Aah!
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discovery communications
hey! Whoa! Aah!
Cat just tried to come in
here. Probably smelled our eel.
But he ain't getting no free
handouts tonight, kitty cat.
But now he knows we're here.
Narrator: Seven miles
to the southwest
It's a very early
morning of day 24.
Alana, don't you
love the mornings?
-[ Laughs ]
Narrator: Alana and Danielle
prepare to leave their fr
on a seven mile journey
to get closer to
their extraction point.
I just finished chopping
all these cashews.
That's the very last of the
batch that we picked today.
Why leave this place that has
an abundance of protein and fruit
to go to a place that might
not have anything at all?
It's just logical to leave here
before I don't have the energy.
I really hope that I can
maintain my vegetarian beliefs.
Ready to go.
Ready to rock 'n' roll.
It's gonna be
really hard for me.
Narrator: Seven miles away,
dawn breaks at piranha lake.
The first thing I heard
was a [yowls] you know?
Just like that.
-Holy [bleep]
Oh, holy Wow, dude.
Ej: Let me see.
Oh, geez, he's big.
Almost three-foot stride, man.
That's probably a good -- a
good stride for a run for me,
and I'm still not
even across his gap.
That's a nasty beast, man.
-It could take one of us down.
Jeff: We'd get a little
scream out, ej: No.
That's what I'm
hearing at night.
Whatever is making
this paw print, man,
is what's stalking us at night.
Shane: It's definitely a stark
reminder that this is a jungle
and that there are
real predators out here.
[ Sighs ]
I've seen some big
animals in my day.
This one's right
up there with them.
I don't think I want to turn my
back to this part of the jungle.
But at least these
guys have my back,
and that's all I ever wanted
was partners and teammates
that are gonna put
their ass on the line.
Definitely gonna be
a fight for territory.
He's definitely not
happy we're here.
Narrator: Ej, Jeff, and
Shane have set up camp
near a tributary
of piranha lake.
They're within four miles
of the extraction point,
but they're hemmed in
by scorching volcanic
rock and dense jungle.
Just 200 yards west
of the boys' camp
I am so happy to be here
in a new location right now.
Like, this is --
this is awesome.
Eva, Laura, Dani,
Luke, and Chris
share their dwindling
supply of dried mangos
on their first morning
at piranha lake.
How nice of it was the neighbors
to hook us up with some meat?
Eva: We're new to this area,
and we've been protein
starved for 22 days.
Jeff and ej and Shane
caught an electric eel,
and they gave us
some of their food.
Chris: Well, we want to
try to plan something here?
-I might just go for a little walk.
-I kn
if everybody wants to team up
and hunt together
and share food together
and have this one big group,
that would be incredible.
Shane: I'm so dehydrated.
I've only had a little bit of water all day long.
I can't [bleep] really
do much right now.
Narrator: Over the
last three weeks,
Shane's aggressive style
has caused him to
expend so many calories
that he's running on fumes.
His body is so dehydrated
that it can no longer turn the
protein he consumes into energy.
Shane: I'm very, very weak.
But, man, I have to try to help
my brothers in arms out here
and do the best I can.
I'm gonna go get the
water filled so when it get
Jeff: Thanks.
Narrator: Drinkable
water is in short supply
because both groups must
boil it to remove bacteria
that can cause diarrhea,
dysentery, and typhoid fever.
Ej: We need water.
We need it fast.
You have to rehydrate.
You can become a heat
casualty like that. [ Snaps fingers ]
Luke: Good morning.
What's up? Welcome guys.
-How's it going, boys?
-Come on, water, boil.
Jeff: Yeah, so we've
got to boil the water.
It doesn't need filtered,
but it needs boiled.
We haven't been
hydrated since we got here
just 'cause after you boil it,
it takes so long
for it to cool down.
I think for us, if we boil then
go explore while it's cooling
and then come back
and drink and boil again.
Ej: We can go show
you the lay of the land,
where our camp is and
the lake and the whole bit.
Let's do that, and then
we can start exploring
and see where we want
to go and see what we find.
Jeff: I like all those people.
It's a little awkward, and, you
know, I'd probably be happier
if it was just me
and ej and Shane.
Okay, so that's gonna
be our shelter location.
You guys can do what you want.
I don't know if you want
to be that close to us,
or maybe you do so we
can have one central fire.
I don't know.
-Wow. So this is it.
That's the big lake, and
this is just, like, a little lagoon.
This is where we killed the eel.
Luke: This area, you know,
compared to our last location
is very protein rich
but very fruit poor.
So it's kind of the opposite
end of the spectrum, you know.
Chris: I got two five-foot eels.
-No way.
They're [bleep] sitting
here laughing at me.
There's two of them.
I need more people.
-All right, we're coming over.
-Hell yeah.
Yeah, you guys found
them. You get them.
They better catch their
own today. [ Chuckles ]
That's how we'll roll.
They're down this way?
Oh, there he is right there.
He's [bleep] big.
Luke: All right, so
let's make a plan here.
I think we get in this way
to block off the deep water.
-And push him this way?
-And push him that way.
I think we can get
him into the shallows.
I could use it.
It's just basically,
how big are our balls?
It's really what it comes
down to right now.
Luke: We obviously are
very hungry for protein,
and this is exactly
what we want.
I'm ready to get shocked.
I see him. Surface. Same spot.
Ej: Just lightly drag
your stick in front of you.
'Cause you'll feel
him 'cause he's big.
And if you get a
shock, don't be a bitch.
Put your weight in there and
sink that [bleep] in the mud.
Narrator: To stun
and kill its prey,
an electric eel generates
a shock of up to 600 volts.
-Oh, there he is.
Felt him move against my stick.
Multiple shocks
can cause respiratory
distress and heart failure.
Oh, oh, oh. Right
here. Right here.
He's right there. He surfaced.
There's his head.
There's his head.
I'll try to just keep
a bigger barrier
so he can't swim past me.
This is the dumbest [bleep]
I've ever done in my life.
He's not getting past me.
If he is, he's -- I'm
gonna [bleep] feel it.
[ Electricity buzzes ] Aah!
He's not getting past me.
If he is, he's -- I'm
gonna [bleep] feel it.
[ Electricity buzzes ] Aah!
-He was [bleep] there.
-Holy [bleep]
You don't play Patty
cake with an electric eel.
No [bleep] way we're grabbing
that [bleep] with our hands.
Came right underneath
me in my [bleep] armpit
and just went boom, and
just my whole [bleep] chest,
like, I felt my chest
just, like [gags]
Dani j.: Do you think
he's still in there?
I would think he would swim
away feeling threatened, but --
that sucks.
-There will be more, I hope.
Chris: With the hopes
of having so much protein
and it not actually
becoming a reality,
I'm pissed off right
now. I'm [bleep] furious.
You guys ain't never
coming fishing with me.
Narrator: Two miles
to the southwest,
Alana and Danielle
have not been able to
outpace the brutal Savanna sun,
despite leaving for piranha
lake well before dawn.
Oh, heat. All I'm
thinking about is snow.
I keep stepping in holes.
Yeah, I was about to say
I've seen a lot of animal holes.
It is unbelievably hot.
It is scorching on the
ground in the direct sun.
[ Groans ] Can't move my hand.
We are looking forward
to maybe running into
some other people
that may be in the area.
My fingers are tingling
now that they're open again.
But I'm also a little concerned
about the tension between
Shane and Danielle and I.
The end of the day, a leopard
doesn't change his spots.
So, once we cut across
that next part of the Savanna,
we should get to a lake.
Yeah, we're pretty close.
Home stretch.
So tired and so worn out.
I am worried about Danielle.
I definitely have
Danielle's back,
as far as her maintaining
her vegetarian diet and
one thing I'm hoping to
find at the next location
is more food for Danielle
'cause she really needs it.
Oh, I see people.
Chris: I see two
people over there.
-What's going on?
-Hi, I'm Danielle.
-Hi, Danielle. I'm Eva.
-Hi, Eva.
-Good to meet you.
Laura: We just came
last night and ran into
ej, Shane, and Jeff,
who are, like, right there.
They left us a
couple of days ago.
Jeff: Maybe they'll
join their group, then.
I mean, do you think Alana and
Dani are gonna be on their own?
Chris: If you wanted to,
there's no reason why
we shouldn't all team up.
Eva: We're more than happy to
have you guys be a part of our t
is Shane sticking with them?
-I think so.
Eva: Shane said you guys did
not see eye to eye on survival
we had some differences.
[ Laughs ]
Yeah. [ Laughs ]
Shane: I don't mean to be
such an ass[Bleep] about it,
but I don't give a
[bleep] where they go.
I don't want them with me.
I mean, there ain't no reason
to have two different camps
with two people and
five people; It's ridiculous.
Dani b.: I actually think it's
better to have a larger group.
We can all take turns rotating
who's boiling water,
who's gathering firewood.
So, I think we are gonna
take you guys up on that offer.
I'm just hoping for no
drama. So, we'll see.
[ Coughs, spits ]
Ej: Welcome, guys.
Everybody, good to see you.
We're the neighbors.
-Hey, guys.
[ Chuckles ] Long time no see.
-Nice to see you again, girls.
-We can expand the circle here. Come sit
[ laughs ] -Come into the circle.
-Come sit as a tribe.
Eva: Today for the first time,
there are 10 of us here all t
how do we operate as a
10-person village out here?
We need to talk
about the game plan.
I'm sure we've all
been thinking about it
and stressing out about it.
Dani j.: It would be
nice to be able to utilize
other people's resources,
as far as their items.
Be easier to conserve
our energy for building.
More the merrier, you know?
I've always kind of been
like that my whole life.
That's why humans
are successful.
Yeah, so, um
Just speaking totally bluntly,
here's what we're thinking.
The three of us are
working really well
as a three-person team,
and we don't really
want to mess with that.
And so, I think
the only logical way
is to live in separate groups.
That'll keep the
drama out of things.
Shane: I do not
regret my decision to
there's no need to drag
through the drama again.
It's not worth my time.
All right, guys, well,
I'm looking forward
to getting to know everybody.
We'll talk to you
guys in a little bit.
The three guys, they are
absolutely on their man trip.
Alana: All three of them
want two different groups.
That's fine.
I don't need a ticking time
bomb around every day.
[ Grunting ]
Let's get this
shelter done today
and get that out of our life.
-Hey, Shane?
-Yes, sir?
-Want to try to give me a hand?
[ Grunts ] Boy, that's heavy.
That's why I need a little help.
Okay, slow.
What you hacking now?
-A "y."
Jeff and I are
pretty like-minded.
We have a driven pace that
started from the beginning,
a long-term survival strategy
that we've been enacting.
We wanted to
dominate our domain.
We are full tilt coming at you.
Jeff, I got to take a break.
Okay. Yeah.
Protein last night still
hasn't done anything for me.
For the first 21
days, I was out here,
I didn't get a single piece of
protein other than a cashew.
So that's why I'm weaker
than these boys are.
Little dizzy. I
need to sit down.
Jeff: Shane is tanking fast.
His energy level
just isn't there.
He's been visibly
going downhill.
Narrator: After three
weeks without protein,
Shane has lost 12 pounds
of crucial lean muscle mass.
-Maybe his body's shutting down.
-That could be.
Besides mental, now he's
physically shutting down.
Jeff: We each ate
five pounds of meat,
and the day after, he
was just laying down.
It was crazy
because I felt great.
Narrator: Now the
shortage of drinkable water
and the intense
pace of the group
may be forcing Shane's
organs to shut down.
He's tired. We all
need to take rest,
but he's going to sleep flat
out 'cause he's just exhausted.
Shane: This ain't
me at all right now.
[Bleep] Hate being so weak.
Chris: We got to find one of
those sap trees tomorrow, Luke.
Dude, there's
something under my feet.
[Bleep] Moving hard. Oh, it's
no. It's not. I don't think.
This thing is [bleep]
strong. It's moving my feet.
The [bleep] is this?
Oh. Look at that [bleep]
-Shut up.
-What the hell?
-Just came out of the ground.
-Oh, my god.
-God, that's so nuts, Luke.
-That was weird.
Sitting on a snake.
Push down.
What do we need that
nature cannot provide?
In one day here at the new
site, I've seen more protein
than I saw in 23
days at our old site.
We got protein just
coming out the ground here.
I wish for Danielle's sake
that a cashew would
pop out of the ground, too.
-I know.
-[ Laughs ]
Wow. Look at that
hollow under that tree.
Couple of guys want to start,
like, clearing ground there?
We'll start clearing this.
So, how wide -- how
wide are we going?
15 foot by 15 foot?
Narrator: On their
second day at piranha lake,
the group of seven
begins work on their shelter.
Yeah, if we just laid sticks
going in one direction,
leave the other side open,
we could fit all of us in there.
-It's already half filled.
Alana: Our plan for
the shelter right now
is to just kind of
play it very simple.
We're just mostly gonna
do it kind of cowboy style,
a nice big fire,
minimal effort and work.
Do you think we
should cut saplings?
Chris: We will in a minute.
Let's just take a break.
-Oh, I need to sit down fo
you guys got to be
exhausted 'cause you did th
-yeah. Pretty tired.
[ Ax chopping ]
Ej: Timber!
Yeah, baby!
They're taking trees down.
Yeah! Take the forest!
Talk about opposite strategies.
Uh-huh. It's funny. It's like
These guys are, you know
Taking down half the forest.
Ej: Aah!
Different strokes
for different folks.
Eva: Totally.
Shane: I can't do [bleep]
over there anymore.
Good work, buddy.
If I need water
Thanks, man. Sit
down, take a breather.
You're at the point now where
you got to do it in spurts, huh?
Yeah. Yeah, I do. Sorry.
Man to man, I saw
you the other day, dude.
You stood up, and it looked
like you blacked out for a minute.
I'm feeling very weak, Jeff.
It's very, very
difficult to get up.
Honestly, I've been worried.
I mean, you've been
working nonstop,
and it's kind of obvious
what it's doing to your body.
Shane: I'm very,
very frustrated.
I love the two guys
that I've been with,
and so I'm giving
them everything I've got.
I'm gonna keep working
and working and working
you know, every day
until I can't do it anymore,
and then we'll assess
the situation then, brother.
So, I think if we just
make, like, a wood run.
-Yeah, I think fire number one.
-We'll be fine.
-Very hot.
Laura: Thank you.
That's true.
Oh, my back.
You know, it takes so
much time to process water.
So much energy. We
can be hunting right now.
Come on, water, boil.
You just got the fire on
it, man. Give it a minute.
Shane: I'm trying
hard to do my part,
with the energy levels and
depletion levels that I have,
to help these guys out.
And I'm gonna go look for
some good water that will help,
because dehydration is a
wicked problem out here right now.
Dani b.: Being in this new spot,
it definitely got me
shaken up a little bit.
After exploring my new location,
I haven't been able to find
much plants, fruits, and nuts.
I hate these spikes.
It just makes me realize
and open my eyes even more
how hard this is
going to be for me.
I don't see any fruit trees.
Shane: Wow. Look at that.
I can dig for good water.
Hardest part is
getting to the Clay.
Once you get to the Clay,
there's no roots to
fight with anymore.
We need good water,
so I started trying to build
a 3.5-foot hole over
there for the well.
-How's it coming, Shane?
-I'm all right, Jeff.
Come look at the hole.
Narrator: Shane has
discovered a potential source
that would not require boiling.
Damn. Dude.
You're a digger, bro.
That's awesome. Wow.
This could give us such a big advantage.
come take a look, dude.
This dude's a mole.
-Holy [bleep]
-I know.
-That's awesome, dude.
I love you guys.
Jeff: Good job, man.
If Shane's well proves
to be clean and healthy,
we have endless clean
water 30 feet from camp.
Nice work, Shane.
But we don't know if
the water's safe to drink.
-Straight down, right, Jeff?
And a well is no good if
you're not drinking the water.
Narrator: The soil
filters out some bacteria,
but the water may still be
contaminated with parasites
that can cause serious illness.
The only way to know
for sure if the water is safe
is to drink it.
I'm the weakest one here
anyway, to be honest with you, so
I'll play the Guinea pig.
All right?
Ej: You're good with that?
I'll take the risk, and if
anything really bad happens,
then we know
where we're at, okay?
Guys might have to
carry me for a couple days,
but I'll play the
Guinea pig, all right?
It's a heroic action, man.
Thanks, man. Appreciate it.
'Cause if it is good
-It's a game changer for us.
it's a game
changer for us, right.
Hanging out with you guys
has really made the last days
worth every
[bleep] second of it,
and I hope that we're friends
for a very, very long time.
-No question.
-You know it.
Jeff: Shane, he
volunteered himself
to see if the water
is healthy or deadly.
Jeff: It is the night of day 28,
and I want you all to
look at this beautiful face.
Look at that mug.
Oh, my gosh. It's a face
only a mother could love.
[ Both chuckle ]
-If only my mother loved it.
Jeff: [ Chuckles ]
I'm grateful that Shane
came into our group.
He dug us a freakin'
4.5-foot-deep artesian well.
It does not look like a
naked man with no tools
built and dug this well.
We are a stronger
team with Shane.
Father, I thank
you for helping me
to keep my good character and
keep my good morals and values.
Help me to put in
the effort that I need
to dominate this challenge.
That water looks better
than yesterday, doesn't it?
Shane: I've been drinking
the water out of the well,
and I haven't even had a
twingle of a gurgle in my stomach
from drinking it.
So I am now 99% confident
that the boys can start
drinking water out of the well,
and I think that's awesome.
Ej: Jeff's drinking some well
water. What do you think?
Oh, my gosh. It tastes good.
-I told you that.
-Tastes way better.
-I told you.
-Holy crap.
Shane: Told you, man.
After the first pot, I was like,
"guys, pretty [bleep]
confident that water's good."
We appreciate
every bit of it, Shane.
[ Sniffs ]
-[ Chuckles ]
Ej: With this cheap well, we'll
have fresh, clean water, cool,
which will help
us hydrate faster,
give us better energy than
boiling water and waiting.
This way we can drink our fill,
and this thing will
hold up to 20 pots.
Ahh. Good, fresh water, baby.
No more boiling, thank god.
They're good to go.
Up on a log.
Laura: I'm getting in, too.
We get enough people, we
can just get one in every corner.
Narrator: After failing
to catch an electric eel,
the group of seven tries to trap
fish with Dani's mosquito net.
Laura: It's frustrating because
right now there are 10 people.
I think every day,
it becomes more apparent
that we need a big meal.
Definitely need to
get some food in us.
All right, here's the
minnows all around it.
When the minnows
come, the big fish come.
These guys don't know
what the heck they're doing.
So, the hunters come down
to show them a few things.
I haven't gotten an
eel yet, but I got a fish.
[ Chuckles ] Yes. We're
eating protein tonight, baby.
I'm getting nibbled
all over my minnows,
so I think the fish are
getting a little more relaxed.
I feel like we need
really bloody bait.
Oh, my god. Snake.
Luke: I'm coming.
-What kind of snake? Yellow one?
-Yellow on the bottom.
Do you see him
out straight ahead?
-I see him now.
-Oh, he's moving.
Dude, we need someone to
grab a spear or stick or something,
'cause we could've had him if
we had a spear to knock him out.
Yeah, make that way.
All right, he's coming.
He's in that tree.
Shake that branch.
Shake that branch.
On your right. On your right.
All right, he's down in my tree.
Now they're shaking bushes
like a couple of monkeys.
No, he's up above
Luke about 20 feet.
Let's enjoy the show. I
haven't had TV in a while, so
-See him?
-Eva, go out to your limb.
-This big one up here?
-Yeah, he's at the top.
-Kind of a mad dash.
Tree snakes are
incredibly fast, flexible,
and good at what they
do, which is climbing trees.
But when you have food
in front of you like that,
you want to get it.
If he goes up and goes into
the canopy, he's definitely gone.
I see him right here. I can
see him. He's in that big tree.
-Where? Yeah.
-Out on the branch.
Right here. I can see him.
That's bad news unless we
can get him to come back down.
I ain't climbing
that [bleep] tree.
No, 'cause he's just gonna
run away from you anyway.
I just don't get them.
Two different survival
concepts on how to get protein,
whether it be fishing
or hunting or gathering.
Well, it was a really
good spot, Eva.
-Not good enough.
-Oh, it sucks.
I don't know why I
couldn't have gotten t
[bleep] Would've been on him.
This would've been a solid snack
for every one of
us in our group,
and it would've
been great to get.
He's not stupid. He went high.
Jeff: Hey, guys!
Guys! I need you!
Come here!
Yes! Yes!
Yeah, baby!
Yes! Yeah, baby!
Oh, look at this baby!
Luke: I thought you
were getting eaten, man.
Yeah, I didn't know
what had ahold of you.
[ Grunts ] Look at that baby.
Oh, it broke.
-Nice freaking job.
Ej: My man the fisherman.
-That's my boy.
I was just praying that god
would bless me with a fish,
and he blessed me
with an eel instead.
-Oh, that's so sweet, man.
-Great score, you guys.
But the question
I'm asking myself is,
am I gonna share it
with the other group?
[ Sighs ]
I think god is on my side,
and god would want
me to do the right thing.
I think it's only fair to
split this thing in half
Luke: Take a second
to think about it.
You don't have to do
anything you don't want to do.
I know we're here
right now, but
It's probably what you
guys would've done.
Ej: Yeah.
Jeff: There was some
part of me that was feeling
like maybe I'm giving too much.
But I felt in my heart that
it was the right thing to do.
I guess that's my role.
Yes! Aah!
How crazy is that? How
[bleep] crazy is that?
A giant eel.
I could not feel any more
grateful for this moment.
That's a lot of eel.
It's a lot of meat.
That's the one
that kicked my ass.
Yeah, he definitely is.
This is probably the eel that
shocked Luke the other day.
Yay! Food.
Proud of you, Jeff.
[ Chuckles ] Jeff: Yeah.
Dani b.: There's not
much here for me.
I have a small amount of food
that I brought from
the last location.
Right now I'm just
feeling really nervous.
[ Sniffles ]
I don't want to
be in a situation
where I have to eat
animal or fish to survive.
This is definitely one of the
worst feelings I've ever had.
[ Sniffles ]
-Did you get zapped?
No. I didn't even get hit.
Narrator: On this
40-day survival quest,
each group earns a "naked
and afraid xl" rating, or xlr,
which tracks their
progress, skill, and teamwork.
Narrator: Jeff, ej, and Shane
got a major source of protein
with their second eel kill.
Narrator: But Shane's
severe exhaustion
has compromised
team survival chances,
dropping their score to 8.4.
Joining a larger group boosts
Danielle and Alana's
ability to gather food,
but since the other
members of the larger group
suffered a "shocking"
failure to land an eel
[ Electricity buzzes ]
Narrator: The xlr of the
newly formed group of seven
comes in at 7.2.
For more information on the
"naked and afraid xl" ratings,
go to discovery.Com.
-And a glob of fat.
-Hopefully you'll get more.
-It's all good if I don't.
-Oh, my god. [ Chuckles ]
I haven't had
anything that's like this.
The eel, there's this
center core of meat,
but then around
it is all this fat.
Just like steak fat.
Luke: Yeah, exactly.
That's exactly what our
bodies are craving right now.
When you toast it over the fire,
you get these
crispy little edges
and you can just pop them
in your mouth and just --
just absorb it, and
it feels so, so good.
It's delicious.
Next one is, like, I
think it's solid meat.
It's small but it's solid meat.
Jeff: To be honest, I feel
on cloud nine right now,
and god continues to bless
me with the ability to get food.
-Here's to Jeff. Cheers.
-To Jeff.
-Viva la Jeff.
Jeff: The other group
was very appreciative
that we were so willing to
share all that meat with them.
Of course, we didn't have to,
but how could we
live with ourselves?
-[ Laughs ]
-Fine and happy with that.
Eva: Cool.
Dani b.: I feel hungry,
and right now I need food.
So this morning, I'm just
gonna walk along the lagoon
and see if I can
find anything new.
Alana: Oh, my god.
We see Shane.
It's not looking good for Shane.
I have a really bad feeling
that he is very quickly, if not
already, regretting his actions.
At our previous location,
he didn't need to do
all the tree climbing
and tree chopping
and all this other stuff that he
was so gung ho about doing.
Nobody asked him to do it.
In fact, we asked him not to
do it, yet he still did it anyway.
He's a big boy, and he
can do what he wants.
Laura: Damn, that
eel was so good. Oh.
How's Shane doing?
More weak.
Where did ej go?
Think maybe he's
bringing Shane some meat.
Eva: Yeah, he went
down to that camp.
Ej: Shane?
There you are, bro.
I knew you were feeling
weak this morning.
I figured I'd bring
you some food, man.
I figured maybe you
were not feeling good.
I'm just a little tired.
That's all heavy stuff.
I see. I was
coming up here, too,
get the water for Jeff and I.
I'm so happy to be
drinking well water.
Dude, that's better than
my faucet at home, I swear.
You all right?
You didn't black
out again, did you?
Just a little dizzy.
Just wanted to hold on.
Okay, well, I'll see ya.
Take care of yourself.
I'm feeling very weak.
Standing is a monumental
task every single time.
I just want to cry right now.
[ Crying ]
I've eaten a lot of food
in the last 24 hours,
and my body hasn't really
physically recovered very much.
I don't think it's
fair to the two boys
that work their ass off and
love to work their ass off
that I sit around and lay around
and then eat food and
things that they catch.
Can I get a spot, man?
-Yeah, man.
[ Groans ] Thanks, man.
I've been busting my ass and I'm
running out of energy every day.
And it's not me to just
sit around and be lazy
and, you know, just wait it out.
That's not me.
That's not who we are.
My body is so
emaciated right now.
I don't think it's healthy
to risk it anymore.
So, um I am gonna tap out.
I'm really at peace
with this decision,
and I want to express
my incredible gratitude
for taking me in and
working with my personality
and allowing me to be a part
of the group that you guys had.
I'm really gonna miss you guys.
Every time we needed
you, you had our backs.
Brothers for life.
Cool. Appreciate that.
Travel well, man.
-Thanks, man.
-Yeah, godspeed.
Shane: I can't give what I
want to give to those boys,
and I'm not gonna let them
cater to me and take care of me.
I'm gonna miss the dude.
Yeah, me too.
Not only am I walking
away in total peace,
I got 10 times more
than I ever expected
going into this challenge.
I have lifelong friends,
and that's all I ever wanted.
Laura: What's up, you guys?
-We'll sit right here.
-What's going on with Shane?
He looked really upset, but
I didn't want to say anything
'cause I know he
likes his space.
Shane's gone.
Shane just tapped out.
-He's leaving?
-He just tapped out.
He's gone.
-We saw him just walk by.
-Broke his heart.
Justhad nothing
left in the tank.
I knew this was coming,
and I definitely pity him,
but he should've known
that there would be
consequences to his actions.
Dani b.: Well,
it's still not over.
We all have to
make it to extraction
and just be smart.
-A lot can happen in nine days.
Yeah, that's true.
Yeah, you don't want to be
that dead weight at the end.
I think he's at peace, and
it's the right decision for him,
and I respect it.
And then there were nine.
-And then there were.
[ Groans ]
[ Clank ]
Oh, my god.
Colombia didn't beat me.
It didn't get the best of me.
I didn't tap out for an injury.
I didn't tap out because I
couldn't handle it or hack it.
I am not the kind of
person to lay around
like some of these other
people here and just milk it.
I am tapping out because
I am an Alpha male.
I am the Alpha male.
I don't follow, I lead.
And I can't do it.
So it's time to go.
I made 31 days.
Let them talk. I don't care.
Narrator: Coming up
on "naked and afraid xl"
I have a hard time trusting you.
Dani j.: This entire group
is working against me.
I just want to go home.
We would actually like to
make the extraction journey
as a two-man team.
It's not some kind of
race to the finish line.
-Whoa. What was that?
-Oh [bleep]
-There's piranhas.
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