Naked and Afraid XL (2015) s01e08 Episode Script

40 Days Falling Apart

[ Bird calls ]
Laura: I want an eel or
a cheeseburger so bad.
I'm definitely hungry.
We would love another
big chunk of protein,
like a caiman or
stingray or eel.
[ Electricity
zapping ] [ Grunting ]
You need help?
No, man. I got this one, buddy.
No disrespect to anybody.
Turn around. They got it.
Eva: Meaning
they're not sharing it?
[Bleep] It's kind of
like a [bleep] thing.
Oh, that's sad.
This is gonna get dirty.
Narrator: 30 days ago,
in one of the most remote
and dangerous places on earth,
12 elite survivalists took
on an impossible challenge
to endure 40
days and 40 nights
I got him. I got him.
I got him. I got him.
with no food
no water I
hate being so weak.
and no clothes.
Yeah, baby!
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discovery communications
Dani: It's the way
nature works --
narrator: In the badlands
of Colombia Aah!
[ Bird cries ]
one month into
the survival challenge,
Dani struggles to fit in
with the group of seven
I feel like you have
one foot out the door.
I don't want someone here
that doesn't want to be here.
Narrator: While they scrape
by with minimal resources.
Laura: One lizard split
seven ways, it's nothing.
The Alpha males have
killed two electric eels Yeah!
Narrator: And continue
to thrive as a pair.
As the remaining nine
enter the final week,
hunger and fatigue
will test the limits
of their physical and
mental endurance.
Jeff: This is survival of
the fittest in every way.
Never gone this long
being so [bleep] hungry.
Not like this.
[ Bird chirps ]
All right.
Let's so see if we can kill
something with Shane's bow.
It might be all right.
Looks good, man.
All right, man. I'm off, dude.
All right. Good luck.
Ol' Robin hood.
Kill us a bird. Yep.
Early bird gets worm.
Narrator: Camped a quarter
mile from the group of seven,
Jeff and e.J. Has successfully
hunted and fished this area
for the last seven days.
But now resources
are starting to dwindle.
E.j.: Jeff and I
are apex predators
who go out from sunup to
sundown, fish, hunt, gather.
What's up?
Alana: Hey, y'all.
But in the other camp,
a lot of them are starting
to look like zombies,
and their cognitive
skills are being wasted
because their muscle's
been getting ate for while now,
and they have no more
fat reserves to rely on.
You got to a big
group to feed, people.
Come over here. Look
at them all over here.
Luke: Oh, yeah.
Feast fit for a king.
Breakfast, easy
breakfast Dani: Aah [bleep]
Dude, the [bleep] ants
are worse than any of them.
Narrator: The average adult
needs 1,500 calories a day to
for the past month,
the group of seven
has eaten fewer than
200 daily calories each.
Tree crawdad.
Look at that gut.
I'm happy for this find.
Very grateful for
this creature's life.
Ooh, look at that tarantula.
I'll get his ass.
We got about
seven of the crickets,
one tarantula, and
about 200 ant bites.
But that'll be a little
breakfast, a little something.
We'll grill them up,
put them on a skewer.
Should taste pretty
good, I'm hoping, so
Never had a tarantula, but
there's a first for everything.
Narrator: Locusts
and tarantulas provide
between 80 and 100 calories,
equivalent to a small apple.
Luke: Every day is
harder than the last.
Our food sources are
gone in a lot of ways.
And obviously, our
bodies are breaking down,
you know, more and more
every day just because,
you know, it's been
such a marathon.
Anybody want to try one?
I might try a locust.
You know, we're super
grumpy, we're super irritable.
As a group, we're just trying
to get our sources of
protein when we can
and just do as best we
can to make it to 40 days.
Help yourself, everybody.
We're passing around?
Eva: They're just
super crisp? Is that it?
Yeah, pretty much.
Tastes like Burnt
popcorn. Right?
What do you know? Eh.
Laura: We're all
still in the thick of it.
We still have a
week left out here.
So, I'm hoping that we
can just keep catching food
so that we come out of here
stronger than we have been for,
you know, the lastFour weeks.
Ooh, look at these weird things.
What are those?
Chris: Guts? Dani, is this
what you meant by breakfast?
[ Laughs ] Danielle:
Uh, not exactly.
I have two little
cashews cooking.
It's extremely difficult
in a survival situation
to stay vegetarian and
maintain my beliefs.
I have 11 mangos left,
and I have, like, three
big handfuls of cashews.
But I'm just saving
them until day 38, 39
for when I'm really
gonna need it.
Dani: When you have a
massive group of people,
it's gonna be harder
because you're more
taxing on your environment.
But you also have more
hands that are helping.
As long as everyone's
contributing and pulling weight
and helping out in some way
or another, you'll have success.
I'm gonna go walk
on the Savanna.
Where was she at?
I don't know. What's she
keep going to the Savanna for?
There ain't [bleep] out there.
Eva: I don't know. Like
I've said this whole time,
she is a woman on her
own mission, you know?
Yeah, she'd make it
a lot easier on herself
if she'd just
kind of roll with it
and be part of
that team dynamic,
but she seems like
she's still kind of fighting it.
Luke: When you get down
to it, and you're hungry,
and you're pissed, and
you've been out here forever,
every little thing becomes
a big thing out here,
you know, good or bad.
Laura: It's like,
when you feel like
you're just supporting
someone all the time,
it's hard to not, like,
hold it against them
and get kind of
Resentful. Resentful.
Chris: Dani does a
lot of walking around
and roaming and
things like that.
Dragging ass.
That's not tolerated
in this group.
Everyone's busting their
ass every day, 24 hours a day.
Dani: It's difficult for me
to be in a group setting.
In normal life, it
would be difficult
to live with this
many people 24/7.
You know, you wake
up, they're there,
and then you go to
sleep, and they're there.
And so, I go on walks by myself.
I am doing something
that's good for me
that holds me
together emotionally
and holds me together mentally.
[ Animal screeching
in distance ]
What is that noise?
[ Animal snorting ]
River otter.
[ Otters chirping ]
I kind of want to go swimming.
There's 11 of them, one of me.
I don't know what their deal is.
And I know that being back home,
you're not supposed
to mess with the otters,
so gonna leave these guys be.
I don't think it would
do anybody any good
for me to get bit.
[ Otter snorts ]
I ain't seeing [bleep]
Me neither.
I'm definitely suffering from
severe protein deficiency.
People don't realize, you know,
you don't just need
protein to feed muscles.
You need it to feed
your brain, as well.
Laura: Okay, lizard.
Damn, girl. Got him!
Good work.
One lizard split seven
ways -- it's nothing.
You know, if we
get seven lizards,
and everyone can get
their own lizard, that's better.
But every calorie you spend
is one you're not getting back
unless you put it back in you.
I want an eel or a
cheeseburger so bad.
Alana: I feel like I've
lost a ton of weight.
I'm definitely hungry.
We're all getting worn out.
We would love another
big chunk of protein,
like a caiman or
stingray or eel.
Look on that side.
Laura: The water is so murky.
Alana: Yeah, this is gonna
be a feat, or some luck.
Narrator: Home to
piranha, electric eel,
the inlet is full of
risk and reward.
I see ray.
Where's he at? Chris:
Can you get him?
He's right in the middle. Do
you guys see it down there?
Oh, there he is. He's
moving down that way.
How big is he? Oh,
he's a big dinner plate.
The unique thing
about a stingray tail,
it's like a dragon's tail.
It's got these really
sharp, spiny barbs on it.
It's made to go in
you and break off.
Oh, there he goes.
All right, he's going
towards Alana.
Did you see where
he went, Alana?
Yeah. I just saw movement.
It looked like a tail.
It's gonna give you
a severe infection,
and it's gonna have to
be removed surgically.
He's still coming towards
you. Can you get him?
You can stab him.
You can stab him.
Just watch out
for that tail, though.
Chris: He's still coming
towards you. Can you get him?
You can stab him.
You can stab him.
Just watch out
for that tail, though.
Laura: You all right?
Please don't be
under my foot, stingray.
Don't move.
Narrator: The sharp hooks
and venom of the stingray's tail
can instantly
penetrate human flesh,
causing muscle cramps
and severe nausea.
Everything's still
where it ought to be.
He went over there.
Oh, he's going this
way. He's really big.
Oh, there he is.
We got to get him now or never.
I think I got him.
Hold him. You got him?
I did get him. He ripped it out.
Chris: All right,
that's okay. It's okay.
I see him. I got him, I got him.
Got him. I got him --
right through the head,
right between the eyes.
Laura: Nice.
Laura: It was great to have
a kill that we all took part in.
Whoo! Good work, you guys.
I am feeling awesome.
A stingray? Oh, my
gosh, that's awesome.
Do we want to have
stingray and cactus?
Chris: Yeah. I'MMA
go clean our lunch.
Someone please get
that fire stoked good.
And we're pretty sure
that the guys are up there?
I feel like we
can't really afford
to give them a whole
stingray right now
'cause there's so many of us.
Chris: I've had stingray before.
And for me, it's delicious.
It's very delicate,
flaky, white meat.
It's oily, which
is, at this point,
any kind of oils
are very important.
That's good-looking,
right there.
Nice. I ain't mad
about it, that's for sure.
Yeah, our stingray's
pretty yummy.
Our stingray's awesome.
Oh, what's going on, guys?
Laura: Hi, e.J.
What did you get, a ray?
Big one?
Uh, it was, uh
It was a little ray.
Hey, a little ray is
better than no ray.
That's the truth.
So, I got back from my hunt,
and they're roasting some lunch.
I've not tried ray yet.
The tail's good -- to eat
that part, without the Barb?
Chris: It's the most
meat on the whole fish.
E.j.: Jeff and I
provided two eels.
Could have offered a taste.
Great. That's cool,
man. I'm happy for you.
Laura: We agreed to
be two separate camps,
and when I go out
and catch 10 lizards,
I'm not including Jeff
and e.J. In my lizard count,
and I wouldn't expect them
to share their fish with me.
So much of it's luck,
you know? Just timing.
Oh, yeah. With
the rays, for sure.
All right, guys. See you later.
Alana: Good deal.
E.j.: Jeff and I have
been very generous,
and it has not
been forth returned.
[ Sighs ]
Sorry, buddy. I
didn't get anything.
So, the news of the day
-- Laura got a stingray.
I saw that. I went down there.
And then I said, "oh, a ray.
Yeah, I'd like to
sure try some ray.
We haven't had any
since we've been here."
Every day you get
further into this challenge,
the more you reveal
about your true self
and your true character,
and here they are.
I've went this entire time
without ever asking
a thing from them.
You know, it's nice to
see how people will react
when they're hungry, and
they're in a difficult situation.
It's starting to get
a little bit unfair.
Maybe I'm sharing too much.
[ Insects chirping ]
Chris: All in all,
a pretty good day.
Laura and I bagged
us a stingray for lunch.
She had her vindication.
But when it's split
between all of us,
it's practically nothing to eat.
So, tomorrow morning's agenda --
gonna walk down to the other
tributary, try and bag an eel.
And that's about it.
I want to do some
lizard-ing today.
I want to do that
again. That was fun.
You know what's going
on with Dani this morning?
Luke: Hmm?
Standard practice.
Feel like there's always
something going on there.
She's kind of
embraced doing water.
Alana: That's the
easiest job around.
Chris: Yeah, great. Takes
a little more than that.
You know, I'm still doing water.
I get up early every morning
and fill all the things
up and do the [bleep]
I got the fire going.
I want to sleep.
I don't take three naps a day.
Didn't sleep that
great last night.
It was nice out. It was
warm and everything.
But, umI had to keep getting
up to put -- not just myself.
The rest of the camp,
minus Dani Julien,
had to keep getting
up and, you know,
put wood on the fire 'cause
the fire kept going out.
The one rule that
we have in this camp
is everybody works hard, and
we don't have to assign jobs.
You know, you police your own.
It's based on integrity.
But it's been over a week now,
and Dani Julien hasn't made
one effort to put
one log on the fire.
I'm not a wheelbarrow
to carry somebody
through this challenge.
I got to carry the 160
pounds left of me still.
We're about to address
the elephant in the room.
Something that's come
to everyone's attention.
You know, you aren't waking
up in the middle of the night
to put any wood on the fire.
I mean, the last two days,
you pretty much just napped or,
when it's time for us to
collectively do something,
go on a hunt, you go
on your walkabouts.
Which is kind of a
like a slap in the face
when people are
busting ass to get protein.
You know, you still get
the same amount of
food as everybody else,
but you're not putting the
effort in as everyone else.
Her work ethic has
been seriously waning
in the last couple days.
It's becoming pretty annoying.
I will definitely try
to keep up more
with the firewood situation.
I mean, it's not just
me, it's collectively.
So, you know, if
you're gonna apologize,
apologize to everybody.
No, I definitely will.
She needs to get
her [bleep] together,
or means she should
pack her [bleep]
[ Laughter ] Just no mangoes.
Anything but mangoes.
Can I talk to you guys?
Yeah. Yeah?
I apologize to
everybody if you feel like
I'm not making my best
effort to bring stuff to the table.
I would imagine that me not
going hunting with you guys
makes it look as if I
am riding your coattails
and makes it look
as if I'm not trying.
So, if there's something,
you know, more
that you would like me to do,
please just
communicate that to me.
I haven't spent
20-some-odd days with you,
so my view of the
dynamic is pretty limited.
And just what I've observed
in just the past few days,
you do seem to
alienate yourself a lot.
You don't hang
out with the group
to know what's going on and
what's needed with the group
and what we're all
thinking about doing.
I feel like, if it isn't first
and foremost about Dani,
then it doesn't -- it
isn't necessary a priority
in your world, and
that's what I'm seeing.
And I have a hard
time trusting you.
I don't know that I am the
best person for this challenge.
It is difficult to be in a group
setting for this many days,
and maybe I did
withdraw a little bit.
But I do want you to know
I'm doing the best that I can,
but I will work on, you
know, making a better effort
to be in the group setting.
Thank you. Appreciate it.
Anything else?
I said my piece.
Sucks to hear that
what you're doing
is not what everybody
is expecting of you.
I'm struggling, yeah.
The days go by as an
emotional roller coaster.
But I'm still
positive, you know?
I still want to move
forward in this challenge.
[ Animal snorts ]
Jeff: This is a
very critical time.
This is a time when
we all need protein.
So, I'm gonna kill one more eel.
I've been watching him enough.
I know where he lives.
I know where he
enters and exits his hole.
I'm gonna cast the
larger eel hook out,
and I'm gonna
leave it there all day.
And hopefully, when I go down
there later today or tomorrow,
he'll still be
attached to the line.
I will kill another eel
before I go home on day 40.
That is a fact.
Chris: That stingray we caught
was not enough for six people.
Never gone this long
being so [bleep] hungry.
Not like this.
What the [bleep]
Eva: What do you
guys make of this?
What is that?
Looks like a squirrel.
Where did he come from?
I didn't kill it. I found
him on the ground.
I just wanted to see what
you guys made of him.
He's got rigor mortis?
No, he's really fresh.
He's soft. He's
not rigor mortis.
Just wanted to run
him by the group and --
well, he ain't got
maggots. He ain't old.
Something got into him.
He don't stink. Eva: No.
I mean, he stinks.
I mean, he smells
like a dead thing.
Eva: Rodents always
get my hackles up
just because they definitely
can carry a lot of diseases.
Obviously, rabies and hantavirus
are the first two
things on my mind.
Narrator: Rabies attacks
the central nervous system,
causing seizures and paralysis.
Hantavirus fills the lungs
with fluid, suffocating its victim.
Both can be fatal.
Laura: Wonder what killed him.
If you don't know how
long it's been sitting there,
is it okay in this
heat and humidity
to eat a dead squirrel
that there's a lot of
unknowns going on with?
Chris: To me, that says "eat."
[ Bird cries ]
He's soft. He's
not rigor mortis.
All you've got to not
do is eat the brain --
brain and spinal. Yep.
I was gonna skin him
out. Okay, let's do this.
Eva: Yeah.
Been a long time since
I've put a squirrel on a spit.
I'm always a little
funny about rodents.
People in Utah,
we get hantavirus.
Alana: What happens with that?
Becomes like an
autoimmune disease.
It just becomes
like a self-attacking,
bad-news kind of deal.
But, I mean, it's not like
we're gonna be chomping
on spinal column.
Chris: Nope.
Oh, here comes Luke.
Luke: All right, what's the
story behind that squirrel?
Found him over there.
Straight found him
on the trail just dead.
[ Inhales sharply ] Ow.
It's delicious.
Luke: This is all me?
Yep. Okay.
I feel the protein
with every bite.
It just feels so good.
It's delicious.
[ Crunches ]
Guess I didn't ask
about rabies, huh?
Eva: It was my first thought.
As I'm eating the spinal cord.
Oh, yeah. Spinal
cord, dead animal.
Probably shouldn't
be eating that.
Not the smartest
thing I've ever done.
Well, you got your
rabies shot, didn't you?
Sure, maybe.
Strange urge to bite all of you.
[ Snarling ]
[ Insects chirping ]
Dani: Once again,
I'm odd man out.
I would definitely like
to stay with the group.
You know, I don't
want to leave them.
But I also see some value
in joining up with other folks.
You know, sharing
resources, sharing knowledge.
Soi don't know.
[ Scraping ]
Yeah, that's gonna fly straight.
Jeff: Mm-hmm.
Hey, Dani. Hey, guys.
What's up, Dani?
How's it going?
Just chilling.
Here, come sit down.
We can have a chat.
I would enjoy that.
The way that I do things
is probably a little
bit more like e.J., Jeff.
Heard you were having
a hard time down there.
The challenges that I've
met within this challenge
are not the challenges
That should be occurring.
It should be a
physical challenge.
It should be a mental challenge.
It shouldn't be a
drama challenge.
Yeah, we're here
to survive nature,
and we're here to survive
the environment, not people.
Not each other,
right. Yeah, yeah.
There's a huge difference
between surviving
with multiple partners
and surviving with one.
When you're just two,
you can work together.
You can harmonize.
But any more than two, and
that's when conflicts arrive.
We don't want to make it a trio.
But we both have the
highest respect for you.
You know, want to offer
our support where we can.
Continue doing what you've
been doing this entire time,
which is basically
doing it on your own.
We're glad to be a
shoulder to lean on for you.
I don't want to be
leaning on anybody,
but it is nice to have
people that have respect
and that are
encouraging and positive.
Let me drink some
water, and then take off.
Sounds good. Cool.
E.j.: I wanted to give her
some words of encouragement
and some advice.
There is someone that's
got her back if she needs that.
The wild's tough enough.
40 days out here like this,
and you got to worry about
[bleep] Playing
high-school games?
Yeah, as long as she
keeps that mind-set,
she'll be all right.
Good luck fishing.
Get us some fish, bro.
I will, dude.
We have been always stalking
and continually looking for
something to put on a plate.
Oh [bleep]
Man, it's a 6-foot
caiman sitting right there.
That is a big-ass caiman.
[ Sniffs ] You can smell him.
Holy [bleep] he's huge.
That close.
Damn it. I was
at 25 feet of him.
Like to have brought that home.
I'm gonna find something
and shoot in the face.
Jeff: It's possible the hook got
snagged, so I decided to check.
What do I see under the water?
A big, 5-foot eel.
Narrator: After battling
two eels in recent weeks,
Jeff is wary of the
eel's 600-volt charge.
Jeff: I don't like
getting shocked.
You know, my arms
go stiff, my legs.
It knocks the wind out of me.
But it will put
food on the table.
[ Electricity
zapping ] [ Grunting ]
[ Laughs ]
[ Grunting ]
He did just get
an eel? It's Jeff.
Jeff: E.J.!
[ Grunts ] Yeah, baby!
This is what I live for!
This is what I
live for, right now!
What the?
[ Electricity zaps ]
Chris: You need help?
No, man. I got this one, buddy.
What is it? An eel?
Yeah, I got it.
[ Electricity zaps ] [ Grunts ]
Is he shocking you? Yeah.
[ Laughs ] Oh, yeah.
I told e.J. That if I got him,
I'd get e.J. Here, and
me and him would do it.
I was calling for e.J. 'Cause
I wanted e.J. To be there,
and I wanted him to
finish that sucker off.
No disrespect to anybody.
It's just a team
thing, you know?
With that being said and
the tone that he had used,
I assume that that was a
meal for just him and e.J.
And, you know, that was
a team kill on their part.
Jeff: Thanks, man.
Him and e.J.,
their team's got it.
Chris: To separate yourself,
you know, days before extraction,
it's kind of like
a [bleep] thing.
Turn around.
Turn around. It's a
him and e.J. Thing.
They got it.
It's a what?
It's a him and e.J. Thing.
Meaning they're not sharing it?
They don't have to share
their catches with me.
But I'm a little bit
worried about my group.
This is gonna get dirty.
Man up.
Man up.
[ Shouts, shudders ]
[ Shouts ]
[ Grunting ]
Take that, Colombia!!
[ Shouts in distance ]
The question I'm
asking myself is
am I gonna share it
with the other group?
[ Jeff grunts ]
Eva: We're hungry. The
stingray was awesome.
It's great to have one big meal.
But we're also running on
34 days of general starvation.
Oh! Oh, thank you!
Thank you!
Thank you, father.
You had a plan for me.
I give thee all the
credit for this eel,
and I appreciate you allowing
me to kill it and to eat it.
Should I share
this, or should I not?
Maybe I'm giving too much,
but I think I'm just blessed.
[ Exhales deeply ]
What up, guys?
Hey. Hey, Jeff.
Oh, look at that thing.
Nice accessory you got there.
First off, Chris, I got
to apologize, man.
I didn't mean to say that
I didn't need your help.
I was a [bleep] and I apologize.
Chris: No worries.
I was. I was a
[bleep] and I'm sorry.
Heat of the
moment. It's all good.
Thanks, guys.
And yeah, we're all eating.
Nice. That's awesome.
Hell, yeah. Come
here. I want a hug.
Oh, you want a hug?
A "dead and naked man
eel" hug. Thank you so much.
Oh, thanks, Luke.
I appreciate it.
Okay, can I?
Look at this beast.
That's an impressive kill, man.
You got eel smegma in your ear.
Thanks, buddy. Sorry again, bro.
Nice job, partner. Thank you.
Sorry, Dani. Air five.
I know that this doesn't
help you in any way.
No, I'm happy for
you. Thank you.
Dude! Oh, my god, Jeff.
Yeah! Yeah!
That's my partner.
Unrelenting, you are.
I really want to repay
you somehow, Jeff,
but I don't know
how I can do that.
You think of anything.
So grateful for Jeff
and his persistence
and his hunting abilities.
I've been really impressed.
He's definitely the mvp
for the last second half
of this challenge, for sure.
Cheers, everybody.
Alana: Cheers.
Luke: Cheers,
brother. Here's to you.
[ Food crunches ]
Oh, yeah.
Holy cow.
[ Laughs ]
Jeff: I killed my
third eel in 11 days,
and I was able to feed
the entire group once again.
Your hunting skills are
unsurpassed out here.
I just want to do
the right thing.
E.j. And I are so
strong right now.
We've accomplished
everything that we have wanted
to accomplish out here
except getting to day 40.
That's the only
thing left on our plate.
Danielle: I do love these
little tiny frogs that are out.
Eva: Oh, they're
adorable. They're so cute.
They make good bait,
too, like at our last place.
Were you catching
fish at your last place?
How were you pulling them in?
Just with a gorge hook. Nice.
And a little net
scooper under them,
in case they wiggled off.
I can't wait to not be
called Danielle anymore.
I know, right?
I'll call you Dani.
I wish she didn't have
the same name as me.
I tried to understand her
and give her a chance,
but she's such a roller coaster.
You know she likes
to lie about things?
Yeah, she's probably
one of those pathologicals.
Little bit of
sociopath in there.
Dani: I honestly -- you know, I
was thinking today, you know,
there's people like Shane
that can't work within a group,
that are just weird people.
I mean
Is that me?
Am I just not sane?
I might just be clueless.
[ Sniffles ]
I don't want to sit through
another nine days of negativity
and feeling like I'm
walking on eggshells
and being scared to go to sleep
because I'm afraid
if I go to sleep,
I'm not gonna wake
up to tend the fire.
[ Sniffles ]
What's the point?
[ Sniffles ]
Guys, I understand
that you guys think
that I am the worst team
member you have ever had.
I'm trying really hard,
and I feel like this entire
group is working against me.
And it's really [bleep] me up.
Beyond apparently I'm selfish,
I don't know what the
[bleep] it is I've done wrong.
This entire group is
working against me.
And it is hard enough to
be in this position as it is.
But to have
teammates that hate you
makes it so much [bleep] harder.
So, if you don't want me to
be here, [bleep] Tell me now.
[ Grunts ]
You need help?
No, man. I got this one, buddy.
Narrator: On this
40-day survival quest,
each group earns a
"naked and afraid xl" rating,
or xlr, which tracks their
progress, skill, and teamwork.
With only seven days to go,
Jeff and e.J. Thrive
as a two-person team,
bringing in their
third electric eel.
Their continued success
pushes their xlr up to 8.5.
Chris: I got him, I got him.
Laura: Hell, yeah. I love it.
The group of seven snaps up
sustenance wherever possible.
It's delicious.
Narrator: But internal conflict
has compromised the group's
strength and their ability
to make the final push
About to address the
elephant in the room.
dropping their xlr to 7.1.
For more information,
go to discovery.Com.
It's hard enough to be
in this position as it is.
But to have
teammates that hate you
makes it so much [bleep] harder.
Quite honestly, I
don't want to be [bleep]
Wasting a breath of my
energy on this [bleep] anymore.
Don't do that, Laura.
You know, it's these,
like, compounded things
that lead to a general
sense of distrust.
I know when you came to our
camp, you were ready to tap out.
All emotional, "I can't take
this, I don't want to be here."
Then once you
got a full stomach --
I mean, if you -- mm.
Why would I waste
anymore effort to help you
when I should be
concerning myself with myself
and the 40-day finish
instead of trying to
break your walls down?
To me, it's just
a wasted effort.
I don't ask you to
break my walls down,
'cause it's not gonna
happen in the next eight days.
Then why are you still here?
[ Sighs ]
I'm having a hard
time enough as it is
without taking emotional
abuse from my team.
Either I'm going crazy,
or everybody else
is going [bleep] nuts.
Alana: She is not
adapting. She's not evolving.
And that's what makes me angry,
'cause after knowing
all of you guys,
you all are
amazing survivalists,
amazing people
who don't need that.
If anything, she's
holding you all back.
I don't know why
they hate me so much.
I just don't know.
So, why the [bleep] would I not
go off on my own at this point?
It's not like they want to
spend any time with me.
Day 33.
It's coming to an end.
All the other people here
over at the other camp --
drama is just erupting.
You get one giant
group of people,
you all start starving
and surviving together,
and it doesn't work.
And all that creates
a big pot of crap.
And I'm so glad I'm
not swimming around
in that pot of crap right now.
Dani: Coming
into this challenge,
you expect the
challenge to be survival.
You expect it to be
physically demanding
and mentally challenging and,
you know, emotionally draining.
Buti was not prepared
for that last night.
[ Voice breaking ] The way that I have
been treated is really weighing on me.
And I've been hurt
real bad before,
but not by six
people at once that
I can't defend myself against.
[ Crying softly ]
[ Animals squeaking ]
Oh, hi.
A snake had gotten
hold of this frog's arm
and ripped all
the skin off of it.
[ Sniffles ] I
think it's a sign.
It's the way nature
works -- eat or be eaten.
[ Sniffles ]
I do not need 40 days for
my own pride bad enough
to put up with this.
There is not much else that
I'm going to accomplish out here.
This is it. I'm tapping.
[ Sniffles ] It really hurts.
I will.
Dani had every bit
of energy she needed
and a plan to make it to day 40.
And I thought she
was gonna do it.
And then she had
the personal courage
to decide that she
had had enough,
and I only wish
her the very best.
Here's the deal, guys.
Dani Julien, she tapped out.
You know, if this had come
to a head two weeks ago,
I feel like there would be
time for repairs to be made.
Luke: It was best
for her and us.
I mean, she was getting beat
up, you know, and we were --
it just feels like we're putting
a square peg in a round hole.
Everyone else is bonding and
becoming really good friends.
You know, she is
just the outsider,
and it just compounds the issue.
It's really hard to convey
how much of a marathon this is.
You got to get yourself
in the right mental space,
or else you can get
screwed out here.
This was the group
that I expected to finish.
That's why we cut
that umbilical cord.
I will admit it's a bummer that
40 days isn't gonna happen.
It's not even like I'm
physically exhausted.
I'm just emotionally
and mentally fried.
I'm ready to go home.
Narrator: Coming up
on the season finale
can you believe we've
been here going on 40 days?
Only the strong are
gonna survive to the end.
I just [bleep] blacked
out standing up.
Alana: Been almost 40
days on minimal calories.
I'm exhausted.
Be careful. He's
coming right towards you!
We would like to make
the extraction journey
as a two-man team.
To feel that coming
from you really burned.
This is a survival challenge.
You die, or you survive.
Laura: Oh, my god.
Chris: Holy [bleep]
That thing is as
close as [bleep]
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