Naked and Afraid XL (2015) s01e09 Episode Script

40 Days Filth and Fury

Jeff: Holy hell.
This is hot. Ugh.
Oh, my god.
I'm not seeing anything yet.
Narrator: After five weeks
in the blistering
Colombian wilderness
Dude, we're [bleep]
cramping, that's it.
this delirious group of eight
is staggering to the end
of an impossible challenge.
I see sand everywhere.
This is a cruel joke.
To survive 40 days
and 40 nights
If that's an anaconda,
I'm gonna lose my [bleep]
[ Shouting indistinctly ]
Narrator: With no
food Nice! Yeah!
Narrator: No water
This thing's kicking my ass.
and no clothes.
The bugs are hell.
Jeff: 40 days -- that's
plenty enough time to kill you.
Narrator: For 37 days,
they've been stranded
in the unforgiving
wilderness of Colombia.
Whatever is
making this paw print
is what's stalking us at night.
This is a survival challenge.
You die or you survive.
Oh, my god.
[ Grunts ]
Narrator: The
pressure to survive
I'm feeling very attacked.
I'm saying we don't
need your help.
E.j.: I just really hate
that everyone thinks
I'm just an ass[Bleep]
We're in hell now, Jeff.
I didn't realize how much
more difficult it could be.
Narrator: As they
reached the halfway point,
fatigue and starvation
began to take a brutal toll.
Jeff: We're in bad
shape right now.
We're skinny. We're
getting weak and fatigued.
Luke: Every day's
harder than the last.
Our food sources are
gone. I hate being so weak.
Bodies are breaking down
because it's been such a marathon.
I just want to go home.
Man: Stab him, stab him!
Narrator: Colombia has
already claimed four victims.
Colombia's a beast.
It's a stone-cold killer.
Narrator: Now in the
final days [ Screams ]
Narrator: The
eight who remain
face their most
daunting challenge yet.
Oh, god.
[ Groans ]
Jeff: This is gonna be
unbelievably difficult.
Narrator: A grueling two-day
journey to reach extraction
Eva: We're all
hurting really bad.
We've been stripped
down to nothing.
Narrator: Through miles
of dense jungle Ow, ooh.
and across one of the most
dangerous rivers in the world.
Oh, my god. Something
just jumped over there.
Holy [bleep] that
thing's close as [bleep]
I'm not sure we can make it.
Let's go, let's go, let's go.
Oh, my god. Holy [bleep]
Jeff: Day 37.
E.j.: Damn, dude, look at that.
That's a lot of days.
Can you believe we've been
here going on 40 days very soon?
Yeah, that is a lot of days.
E.j.: We have been
out here for five weeks.
I'm losing weight at
an extremely fast rate.
I know I am because
I can't sleep at night.
My focus right now is to
get me and Jeff to extraction
and the get the
hell out of here.
40 days. People
think 21's hard. Ha!
I feel like I've been working
incredibly hard out here,
and because of my hard work,
e.j. And I are so
strong right now.
However, I'm worried about,
you know, some of the
others making it to extraction.
Only the strong are
gonna survive to the end.
Day 37 -- I'm definitely
weak. I know I'm pretty skinny.
I'm hoping I weigh
over 100. That's my goal.
I would be shocked if you did.
Every day, it just feels like
you're getting deeper and
deeper in this rabbit hole,
like you're never gonna get out.
We're close to being done,
but we got, you know,
a long ways to go still
before we're done
with the challenge.
Takes a lot of energy to go
out and get food for everyone.
We're out here hunting
day in and day out.
And then split it six ways.
And I know people
are feeling tired,
but, like, I'm tired, too.
I just also want us all to eat.
Laura: We've been
here for a long time,
and I'm ready
to get out of here.
You know, you go 40 days
without your favorite food
or, really, any food
that you don't work for.
Hey, look.
Oh, we found it.
This is perfect. Yep.
Get deeper up here -- oh [Bleep]
there's a stingray right there.
See him? Holy [bleep]
He's in the middle.
He's working his
way into deep water.
With this big extraction
coming up, we need a big meal.
He's way out there.
I think he's right by that log.
That log right in the center?
That log right there. Okay.
Oh, I see him. I see him.
Oh [bleep] [bleep]
He's in here somewhere.
Oh, I see him.
[Bleep] How?
Lost him.
[Bleep] How, dude?
It was right in our
grasp, and I didn't get it.
So that really sucks.
Don't get down on yourself.
No point in beating yourself up.
Little things are
big things out here.
I feel like I have a little
bit of unfinished business,
and that frustrates me.
But it was still
great to go hunting
and to know that if the
opportunity arose, then --
[ rustling ] What
the [bleep] is that?
Ugh. Is that monkey piss?
I just got pissed on
by a [bleep] monkey.
That's disgusting.
This is my life.
When I was a little girl,
somehow I didn't imagine
that I would be naked in a
jungle by a Savannah in Colombia
getting peed and
pooped on by monkeys.
It's a little weird.
Maybe more than a little weird.
[ Monkey grunting ]
Hey, guys. How'd it go?
Luke: Whoa [bleep]
You all right?
I just forgot where I was.
I just [bleep] blacked
out standing up.
It's kind of scary
at times, you know?
Our bodies are definitely
wearing down here,
and you just get
this huge head rush.
A lot of times, you know,
you get the rabbit-hole vision.
You black out for a hot second.
Holy [bleep] you all right?
Yeah, I'm okay.
I was [bleep] freaked
out there for a second.
I didn't know what
was happening.
Sure is hard as hell to keep
moving, keep doing stuff
while you feel like you're
gonna pass out at any second.
But so close, we
got to finish it up.
My knees are buckling every
time I walk, that's for sure.
But extraction day comes,
I'm gonna get a
little kick in my step.
[ Sighs ]
There's bunch of mud
down here on the shore.
Like something just
jumped or something.
[ Grunts ]
Yes! We're eating
dinner tonight!
E.j.: Yeah!
Way to go, man.
That's the way, brother. Yeah!
Jeff: Me, you
have dinner tonight.
I've been having
a lot of success,
and I'm grateful for that.
However, the other group
has had not as much
success as me securing food.
Hey, guys.
How'd it go?
Went good. I got this ray.
It's beautiful.
Life is good.
I've shared three
eels with them,
and they've shared a
couple small lizards with us.
So we are done
sharing with them.
Well, enjoy your feast.
Yeah, thanks.
Man, what a day.
E.j. And I killed
a big ol' stingray.
That's a good meal going
into the next couple days.
You know, we -- we
don't mean any disrespect
towards that other group,
but it is very clear
and evident by now
that e.J. And I are
of a different breed.
Let's see here.
All right. So, we are here.
So this is gonna be tough.
Narrator: With day
40 just two days away,
Jeff and e.J. Begin to
make plans for extraction.
We'll start the journey out
by walking to the
basalt rock in the water.
We'll hop in there,
we'll make the swim,
and then swim across
the lake to the other side.
The five-mile journey to
extraction is so arduous
that it will take two days,
first through the dangerous
waters of piranha lake
and then across
scorching volcanic rock
to the orinoco river.
If they make it this far,
they must somehow
cross this vast waterway
to reach a small island
where they will be
picked up on day 40.
We may have to swim to
"x." We may -- we don't know.
We're just gonna have
to see what is there.
But the faster we get across,
the less we're gonna
be pushed downriver.
We just need to prevent,
you know, any of the weak
links from slowing us down.
E.j.: Right.
Jeff: We have been
thinking about extraction.
It's gonna be dangerous
-- very dangerous.
It's a large, powerful river.
And when you're in a group
setting of more than two,
there is always going to
be the strong and the weak.
I don't want to put our success
of our survival challenge
in the hands of somebody
making decisions for me
that's made nothing but
bad decisions the entire time.
There will always
be dead weight.
There lies the problem.
This extraction
would be a lot easier
if it was just e.J. And I.
I'm all for starting as
early as possible tomorrow.
Yeah, definitely the earlier
we can leave, the better.
Oh, hey, guys.
What's up, fellas?
Can we have a seat?
Yeah. Pull up a patch of mat.
Cool, man.
Actually, you know, we've
been doing a lot of thinking.
And, you know, we've
come to the decision
that we would actually like
to make the extraction journey
alone as a two-man team.
Um, just because, you know,
we've kind of done this
entire thing -- e.J. And Jeff --
since day 2, you know?
And we'd like to, you
know, finish it out that way.
Um, what are you guys thinking
as far as your
departure goes, then?
We're -- we're
still feeling it out.
It might be after you guys.
We don't know
exactly on the time.
Luke: Thanks for
letting us know.
See ya, guys. Have a good night.
E.j.: I am so freakin' happy.
Jeff: I can't wait to see what
they have to say about it.
Lions don't concern theirselves
with the opinion of sheep.
I'm curious what their
intentions are for doing this.
What I gathered from
the conversation first off,
was they didn't
want to be left behind
with the weak
links to seem weak.
Eva: Which is not true.
To have Jeff feel like me and
my team as the weak ones,
it completely negates
any good feelings I have
towards somebody like that.
Eva: I feel like they think that
we're somehow
gonna hold them back,
which I think is crazy.
After Madagascar, I
consider Jeff to be my brother.
But it really just made
me feel like it was a bit of
I feel somewhat betrayed by him.
We're here 38 days. There ain't
a [bleep] weak link on my team.
That doesn't sit
too well with me --
the fact that they're leaving.
They said it's for
reflection and stuff.
I'm gonna call
bull[Bleep] on that.
You consider
yourself an Alpha male,
and you're concerned that
someone is not as strong
or as capable as you.
I think the bigger man
would stay behind to help.
You want to call yourself a
superior, an elite survivalist,
then act like one.
E.j.: Day 38 in the books.
And I'm really, really
missing my family.
I can't wait to get home
to my wife and my two kids.
And I'm gonna be
home soon. I can't wait.
Can't wait to start
eating some chow, man.
I tell you what --
I've got a long list of
stuff I'm gonna destroy.
It's really starting to get to
me now how much I miss them.
It's a diary cam
I guess I'm keeping them
from their beauty sleep.
Jeff: Okay, it is the
morning of day 39.
We are leaving to
get to the orinoco first
so they don't slow us down
and so they don't
put our survival a risk.
You lead it. I'll
keep your pace.
Chris: All right, so we're
right here where this fish is.
Okay, gotcha.
And we're gonna walk around
this little tributary right here
where we've been eel fishing.
Skirt this till we
get to the water.
Narrator: This morning,
the survivalists will embark
on a grueling two-day
journey to the extraction point.
Today, they must swim through
the dangerous
waters of piranha lake
and then make a 4-mile
trek in 100-degree weather
to reach the orinoco river.
I think they left us.
I just want to,
like, clear this out,
[bleep] Do us. Brush
it off all right, it's out.
Awesome. Let's hit the road.
Oh, my god.
This is, like, the moment
I've been waiting for
for really long time.
Another 100
meters. Almost there.
Shoulder to shoulder,
just like we wanted.
That's right.
E.j.: We really wanted to
get to the lake at a fast pace.
Everything worked
out beautifully.
All right, here we are.
Let's go down here,
look at what we got.
I'm thinking if we
swim to the rock
and then over
to that left point --
right where the greenery is
We'll be able to get
up there no problem.
Narrator: Jeff and e.J.
Must now swim 500 yards
through water teeming
with piranha, anaconda,
and other deadly predators.
[ Chuckles ]
Oh, little pot, you're about
to be the death of me.
[Bleep] It's [bleep] hot.
Ow, ooh.
Hold on. You okay?
Just not used to going so fast.
I'm definitely hungry.
It's been almost 40
days on minimal calories.
Of course I'm weak.
I'm concerned about
the swim ahead of me.
That's definitely the part
that's got me the most worried.
I'm just feeling
so out of it today.
Good god.
Get rid of this anchor.
Oh, my god.
Made it, bro.
Stage 1 complete.
[ Grunts ]
You lead the way. Okay.
Oh, man.
Yeah, right here. This
where water runs off.
You can see the
bowl right there.
I see. Yeah.
We can go up and
Get in that bowl.
get in that bowl.
I had a mind-set that
this is gonna be tough.
I'm worried about making
some of those rock climbs
up those vertical cliffs.
[ Groans ]
[ Groans ]
Three points of contact.
All right. All
right, we're here.
Oh, god.
Good job. Blew my knee out.
We're here. We're here.
[ Breathing heavily ]
All right. Let's see.
Sun's right here.
East is right there.
So this ridgeline heads
in the direction we need to,
so we should just follow
up there pretty quick
'cause this stuff's
starting to heat up.
Lead the way. All right.
Narrator: Jeff and e.J. Now
face a difficult four-mile hike
through dense jungle and
over searing volcanic rock
to reach the river's edge.
I won't miss this [bleep]
I'll tell you that much.
I hear you.
Trying to walk as
light-footed as I can.
Oh. Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh.
Woman: Chris, should
we go over the game plan?
Two miles behind,
the group of six
arrives at the shore
of piranha lake.
The easiest part to
get on the island is
Leave from the closest to
swim to the closest point.
I don't consider myself
to be some sort of, like
I don't want to burn myself
out in that first long swim.
Let's get going 'cause
the sun's getting higher.
I definitely have no doubts in
my abilities to rescue someone
if someone becomes distressed.
My biggest worry --
get them across without
compromising my own safety.
I want to finish as a group.
Thanks, you guys.
I appreciate that.
We'll wait for you. Don't worry.
Chris: Take your time.
Are you all right?
Very aggressive, those teeth.
Whoa, what was that? No.
Oh, god.
Come on, come on, guys.
Let's go, let's go, let's go.
Holy [bleep] oh, my god.
Chris: You all right?
You okay?
Yeah, it's just very
aggressive, those teeth.
Whoa, what was that? No.
Oh, god. Holy [bleep]
Let's go, let's go, let's go.
Oh, my god.
Come on, Eva. Come on, Alana.
I can touch.
Eva: That was scary.
Chris: As we were swimming,
we saw piranha in the lake,
so we started swimming
as fast as we could swim
'cause they were,
like, danger close.
Eva: Thanks for the
moral support, you guys.
I really appreciate it.
The swim was hard.
I am not a swimmer, but I
have my entire team around me.
If it wasn't for them around
me, I wouldn't have had it in me.
There we go.
It was a victory,
but I'm exhausted.
All right, let's
reassess this real quick.
All right, come
down a little further.
Looks like the pretty
much easiest approach
is pretty steep.
I mean, there ain't
really much for holds.
Watch the leaves.
There's little
nubbins to hold on to.
My legs are tightening up. Ooh.
Just take your time.
Just take your time.
Luke: I'm definitely weak.
You know, my knees
buckle every few steps.
Narrator: As they struggle
across searing basalt rock,
the exhausted group of six
must still hike four
miles before sundown.
Can tell I'm starting to
drag ass. I'm so clumsy.
Me too. I can't even really
pick up my feet anymore.
Yeah, my feet
drag. Ugh. Oh, lord.
Luke: The things I most
worry about -- our bodies b
you know, standing up
too quickly, passing out,
hitting your face on the rocks.
[ Groans ]
All right.
You okay?
[ Clears throat ] Nope.
Chris: My [bleep] feet
hate me so much right now.
Jeff: Some barrel
cactus right there.
Oh, boy. Almost to the summit.
Holy crap.
-Oh, my god.
-Holy crap!
-Oh, my god!
Narrator: After a
four-hour journey,
Jeff and ej reach
the orinoco river,
the third-largest in the world.
-Yeah, baby!
[ Echoing ] Yeah!
[ Cheering ] Luke:
I can hear him.
-Oh, my god.
There's extraction.
"X" is on the other
side of that island.
That's a long way
to cross this baby, ej.
I don't think you
could swim that, man.
Look at those Eddies,
and look at that current.
Jeff: There are obvious
dangers crossing the orinoco river,
and that is one reason
why ej and I decided
to build a boat to get
up and out of the water.
-Got it?
Ej: It was very
imperative that we got
to the orinoco river early,
because we really need
to get a hold of
most of the driftwood
to build the raft
that we believe
is gonna be perfect for
getting across this river safely.
I think we can float across
the river on this log alone.
We're ready to go an
entire day of hard labor.
You can not stop
the apex predator.
Eva: You can see
everything from up here.
That big tree over there
looks pretty promising.
Maybe we can skirt around
that way and head over there.
Yeah, we don't want to
be on the rocks at night.
All right.
There's ej.
Yeah, I don't give a [bleep]
I need to have a talk with Jeff.
Hey, guys.
What's going on?
I just need to clear
the air with you two.
You know, we
looked at this thing
as, like, we are
like great eight.
You know, we are
the eight people
crossing that finish
line tomorrow, and then,
you know, you guys made
it very clear, yesterday,
that you didn't want to
have anything to do with us
and that our team
was full of weak links.
I don't think we
said that at all.
That's how it came across to us.
Jeff: It wasn't meant to
be anything like that at all.
I don't really understand
why the other group
was offended and hurt
that ej and I decided
to go off on our own.
We didn't have any derogatory
feelings for you, especially.
We went through hell together.
You know, and I
really respect you.
And I care about
you. I honestly --
I'm tearing up right now
because it really hit me hard.
You know, I'm an only child.
I don't have
brothers and sisters,
and for me to consider
someone a brother
and then to feel
like they would think
that I'm a weak link,
when I just finished
40 [bleep] days of the
hardest survival challenge
that anybody does,
and then to feel that coming
from, you really burned.
That just -- it just makes
me want to back away, so
You know I have all the
respect in the world for you.
I apologize that it
came off that way.
Yeah, I'm sorry our
words came off cross.
I think we've all been
out here a long time,
and it's been a long time since
we've all had a Turkey sandwich.
You guys do you tomorrow,
and we'll do us tomorrow.
We'll see you on the boat
for some big high fives.
Jeff: I care a lot about
Eva and what she thinks,
and knowing that they have
resentment towards me --
you know, I feel bad about it.
Luke: If you're
feeling lightheaded
Eva: I'm totally lightheaded.
Just take a few minutes.
Let's get some water.
Yeah, let's
hydrate a little bit.
That wind will dry you out.
Chris: Five people
building a raft
are gonna burn
through some water.
I'm tired, I'm
hungry. I'm thirsty.
But tomorrow morning, we
have to get across the river.
So, it's not over yet.
Well, I want to go
try that bamboo.
Yeah, I'll go with you.
[ Bird calls ]
I bet there's some
bamboo down this way.
It's usually right by the water.
Luke: Yeah, I think I
saw some down here.
This is a good spot for it.
Holy [bleep] stop.
There's a caiman
right to our left.
We're between him and the water.
-I want to try to get him.
Get your bag so that we throw
it over his eyes if we need to.
I'm gonna go around him
and make sure he
doesn't go back that way.
I'm gonna try throwing my bag
on his head if he
gets close enough.
If you think he's gonna get
past, you do the same thing.
-Careful, he's going.
-Go, go, go.
-He's going right towards you.
-Bag [bleep]
Laura: There's a
caiman right to our left.
I'm gonna go around him
and make sure he
doesn't go back that way.
-Careful, he's going.
-Go, go, go.
-He's going right towards you.
-I got it, I got it.
Got him.
-Hell yes.
Eva: You got him, Laura? Wow.
Good work, team.
-Good spot, laur.
I'm so appreciative right now.
I feel like this will be
really awesome
to get some dinner
before we head across
to extraction tomorrow.
Luke: Yeah.
Laura: I was so grateful.
It was an unbelievable
success for day 39.
Look what we brought home.
-Look at that thing.
-Holy crap.
We got dinner
on night 39, folks.
Larua: To be able to have a meal
before we have
this epic extraction,
a long swim, a
hike -- it just seemed
like this amazing gift.
It was fantastic.
Here's to us six.
Eva: Yes.
Chris: Cheers,
mine's already cooked.
Together: Cheers.
That looks amazing. Oh, my god.
Dude, this is,
like, unbelievable.
Dani b: Does anyone want cactus?
No, thanks.
I wanted to accomplish
staying vegetarian,
and I succeeded, and
I'm very proud of myself.
That was very tough for me.
You don't have
to ration anymore.
Chris: It's really tender.
Having this caiman
is just amazing.
It was just smiles and
fingers in the mouth.
Ooh, that's good.
Are we sharing?
Alana: They haven't given
anybody else the time of day.
I mean, come on.
You know, I wouldn't feel right
without cutting them
off a couple chunks.
We're all in this
as a group of eight.
I do agree with that philosophy.
We can't be having
bad blood after 40 days
of pure, unadulterated,
naked survival.
We're just gonna give
them the shoulders and neck.
I think it's the
right thing to do.
Hi, guys. Brought
you a piece of caiman.
-Are you serious?!
Yeah, I know you guys are
just trying to do your thing,
so I don't want to interrupt,
but I'll just give
this over to you.
And we'll be on our way.
There you are.
-Appreciate this.
You're welcome.
Man, I got a caiman.
That's awesome.
Jeff: Yeah, that is way cool.
It was a great, kind
gesture on the last night.
And I'm so humbled.
I am just so humbled.
Chris: It is officially
the last night
of this entire challenge.
We are overlooking the orinoco,
which is the final leg of
our challenge extraction,
and it's just gonna be a
tough journey tomorrow.
I mean, that's when
you're gonna break
if you're gonna break.
Jeff: Tomorrow
morning, we wake up,
we put some finishing
touches on our raft at first light,
and then we cross the river.
It's gonna be
unbelievably difficult,
very long, very grueling.
And I can't wait.
All right, it's day 40.
Going across the orinoco
to that side over there.
Right there, baby --
the Colombian crusher.
It's the morning of day 40.
We're watching our
very last sunrise together,
and we can't believe
it's finally here.
I'm so excited
to get out of here,
to get my shoes back on, and
to eat a bacon cheeseburger.
Eva: This is the coolest
technique I've ever seen.
I love it.
-It's just that easy.
Working smarter, not harder.
Chris: The boys had decided
to make this
monstrosity of a vessel.
Luke: One, two, three.
I decided it's easier
to go across currents.
The best plan of attack
would be something
that floats similar
to a longboard.
I mean, we had that
thing built in 20 minutes.
Narrator: To reach extraction,
the survivalists must cross
the half-mile-wide
orinoco river.
Deadly predators, like
caiman and anaconda,
prowl its marshy edges,
but the real danger is
the river's powerful current,
which discharges 9 million
gallons of water every second.
-We're off.
-Here we go.
Luke: Being so fatigued, the
thing I'm most worried about
is cramping in the water
and then kind of struggling,
which makes your cramps worse.
We're gonna be in a bad spot.
So, the current is
hitting the rock over here.
And it's deflecting
it back out, see?
Narrator: While the group
of six launches its raft
at the narrowest point
and plans to swim
directly to the island,
Jeff and ej start
a half mile upriver,
hoping to float with
the current to extraction.
Here we go. Everything you got!
That's it, man!
Straight for the bush.
We're coming for you!
Just like two vikings
storming the Atlantic.
Luke: Come on,
guys, we got this.
[ Groans, coughs ]
Laura: Are you okay?
[ Coughing ]
-You okay?
-No, but it's fine.
You sure?
Keep kicking. Come on guys.
Don't stop. Keep going.
Yeah, this is kicking my ass.
I ain't gonna lie. Let's go.
-We got this, guys.
-Come on, Dani.
Come on, Alana, come on.
Oh, my god, something
just jumped over there.
Luke: What was that?
Holy [bleep] that
thing's close as [bleep]
Right there.
Alana: As long as
it's not an anaconda.
Oh, my god!
-A lot of work, man.
Narrator: On this
40-day survival quest,
each group earns a
"naked and afraid xl" rating
or xlr, which tracks their
progress, skill, and teamwork.
Jeff: We would like to make
the extraction journey
as a two-man team.
In the final days
of the challenge,
the two groups have employed
very different
survival strategies.
Jeff and ej have
remained aggressive
in hunting, fishing, and
boat-building [ Sighs ]
while the group of six
has done everything it can
to conserve calories and
save energy for the final journey.
Chris: Keep pushing,
keep pushing.
The number of survivalist
that make it to extraction
will determine which
strategy was correct
and whose xl rating is higher.
Chris: Come on, come on, guys.
Let's go, let's go, let's go.
Eva: Oh, my god, something
just jumped over there.
Luke: What was that?
Holy [bleep] that
thing's close as [bleep]
Right there.
Alana: As long as
it's not an anaconda.
Oh, my god!
Holy [bleep]
[ Laughter ]
Luke: The dolphins were
swimming right next to us
and I'm just like,
you know, is this real?
Alana: It was very magical
just seeing them surrounding us.
It was almost like they
were cheering us on.
Come on, guys, we got this.
This is the final stretch,
you guys. Keep going.
If you stop, you're gonna
cramp up. Come on. Push.
Last few feet, you guys. We
got this. We're almost there.
Alana: Almost there.
Oh, I'm touching. This is great.
-This is awesome.
-Hold on, you guys.
The raft worked perfectly.
Chris: [Bleep] Team.
[ Cheering ]
Dude, I'm exhausted.
I got your back.
Narrator: Though
they desperately paddle
against the powerful current,
Jeff and ej have
drifted past the island,
and they may not have the
energy to correct their course.
I don't know how much
I got left in the tank, bro.
You can do it.
I believe in you.
Jeff: I can tell my
body's drained of energy,
but I felt like, "there's
nobody else in the world
that are doing what
we're doing right,"
and I knew I could do it.
Let's do this!
-Head for the [bleep]
We're here.
-We're here!
-All right!
Oh, yeah! We're coming to shore.
It's a good ship.
Yeah, it was awesome.
Narrator: A half mile ahead,
an exhausted group of six
stumbles toward
the extraction point.
-Holy [bleep]
Laura: Hot sand.
That sun's getting
up there, you guys.
Holy [bleep]
Eva: Oh, my god.
-I can't even walk right now.
-Where is it cooler?
Eva: We're all
hurting really bad.
We've been stripped
down to nothing.
Dude, we're [bleep]
cramping. That's it.
[ Groans ]
Nobody does this.
Nobody does this.
-There's a boat!
-Let's go!
Luke: Whoo-hoo!
Eva: Whoo!
To actually see that boat
was just like, "we're done.
This is it."
Almost [bleep] there.
Almost there! Whoo!
Alana: When I saw the
extraction boat, my jaw dropped.
For one, it was amazing
to see something
from civilization that
could get me out of here.
We've actually done this.
We've completed 40 days.
I've accomplished something
that I wasn't even sure
I was gonna be able
to do right off the bat.
It's a feeling you can't explain
until you've actually lived it.
[ Cheering ]
Oh, my gosh.
Whew! Holy hell.
My feet are hot, bro.
Extraction, where are you?
-I'm not seeing anything yet.
-This is hot.
-[ Groans ]
This has got to be 175 degrees.
[Bleep] And I'm
not exaggerating.
I see sand everywhere.
This is a cruel joke.
[ Sighs ]
Ej: Dude!
-Those are boats.
-Come on!
They're coming this way.
-Holy [bleep]
Hey, hey, hey!
I'm an enthusiastic guy
already, and when I saw that ship,
I just did a full
sprint for the river.
Thank you!
Thank you!
One of the best
moments of my life.
[ Chuckles ]
Ej: I was just thinking
[voice breaking] "I'm
gonna get home now.
I get to go home and see
my family, who I miss deeply."
And I out here, I've got such
a greater, deeper appreciation
for that love, for
all I went through.
I thought about
them all the time,
and that's what
got me to day 40.
We did it!
It's over.
Eva: Oh, my god.
We're extracting.
-I know, I know.
-Oh, my god.
40 [bleep] days.
I cannot believe
we're her right now.
This experience completely
turned my world upside down.
I cried, I bled.
This is the most
epic, brutal thing
I have ever done in my life.
We're really here.
40 days!
You guys!
[ Cheering ]
It's just so hard a
lot of those days,
and [sighs] you want to quit.
But you don't,
and then it's done.
[ All cheering ]
It just feels really good.
It feels -- I'm super proud.
Ej: Yeah!
Jeff: Yes! Yeah, dude.
Chris: Hey!
Congratulations, guys.
-Good job, guys.
Laura: Ej!
I could not do what you did.
Jeff: I am walking
away from this challenge
a different man.
When you're out
here for 40 days,
you truly see the true you,
and my ego has
definitely been tempered.
Good job, good job.
-Yeah, you too.
-I'm so proud of you.
Oh, you, too, brother.
All right, where are we
going? 'Cause I'm starving.
Chris: Being on the boat with
everybody that's out here --
it was a wonderful feeling --
very surreal, very emotional.
I'm so proud to have
them as my friends,
and I'm proud to
call them family.
I wasn't gonna cry, but [bleep]
[Bleep] Damn it.
Alana: After this 40 days,
I've learned that we don't
all have to be the same.
We don't all have to have
the same style to survive.
And I'm taking
away a little piece
of everybody I worked
with, and that's priceless.
-Nice job.
-Nice job!
I don't know how to
describe my experience.
I don't know how to tell
people what I just went through.
Every success and
every failure you have
is just -- it's so intense.
And the ups are so up,
and the lows are so low.
But it was an
incredible experience.
It was unlike anything
I've ever done in my life,
and I would absolutely
do 40 days again.
[ Laughs ]
What the [bleep]
is wrong with me?
[ All cheering ]
Narrator: The eight survivalist
who finished this epic quest
in the badlands of Colombia
have undergone a physical
and mental ordeal like no other.
Over the last 40 days,
each of them consumed less
than one-tenth of the calories
an average person
needs to remain healthy.
This lack of food forced
nearly every survivalist
to lose approximately
one quarter
of their body weight
during the challenge.
But both groups'
strategies worked.
The Alpha males'
aggressive behavior
helped them earn a
final xl rating of 8.4,
while the team approach
of the group of six
leaves them with an
almost identical xlr of 8.3.
In the end, eight
survivalists proved
they have what it
takes to survive 40 days
naked and afraid.
Next time, they 12
survivalists reunite
You guys look totally
different with clothes on.
[ Laughter ]
to share their secrets
I had no idea it
affected you that deeply.
and expose themselves
like never before.
I don't feel sorry one bit,
because Chris is
a chauvinistic pig.
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