Nancy Drew (2019) s01e06 Episode Script

The Mystery of Blackwood Lodge

1 Previously on Nancy Drew ACE: Lucy Sable was crowned Sea Queen, disappeared after the celebration, never seen again.
NANCY: The girl who became the ghost haunting me.
All that was left of Horseshoe Bay's most infamous Sea Queen: a broken crown with strands of her hair still in it.
I'm gonna figure out who killed you, too.
ACE: So that Lisbeth, she was something else, huh? BESS: The thing is, I guess I've just been on my own for so long, I've never let myself get close to someone like that.
NANCY: I think Lucy wants me to find something else.
BOY: I'm trying to imagine what senior year will look like.
(GLITCHING): I've been trying trying try-trying rying ryin NANCY: Ryan Hudson.
Did he have something to do with your death? NANCY: Come on, Lucy.
What's the connection between you and Ryan Hudson? (SIGHS) I can't find it in that teenage poem of yours I pulled out of a time capsule.
There's a ball, a prince, a Pegasus, a kraken, and a Medusa.
Thanks, Lucy.
Way to be literal.
What do you do when the dead stop talking to you? Hello? Is anybody home? Mr.
Hudson? She started pulling away.
It was after this party she went to, some exclusive underground thing.
Nancy Drew 1x06 The Mystery of Blackwood Lodge - I mean - Whoa, watch it.
I asked her out, so I guess it's up to me Hey! So it's up to me to book the restaurant, right? I mean, that's protocol.
I-It's protocol.
It's a first date, Bess, it's not a parliamentary hearing.
So I booked a-a reservation at Emilio's.
- Emilio's.
That's a fine choice.
- BESS: No, but it isn't.
Want to know why? Do you want to know what she said when I told her? "Okay".
(CHUCKLES) You know, she could have said, "That's great", or "Yum".
You know, she could have said, "Yum".
So-so I canceled the reservation.
- And I'm - Okay, fix her.
I don't care how.
It's inventory day; I need her fixed.
Hey, is Nancy in yet? I found more stuff about Owen Marvin in Tiffany's files.
Like your girlfriend's going to ruin her perfect record of never being on time? What do we know about the Velvet Masque? Uh, is that a band? No.
It's the underground, depraved, pervy, rich people's party for East Coast one-percenters.
That's in a different secret location every five years.
Yeah, yeah.
But I always thought it was an urban legend.
Legend or not, steer clear.
Rumor is, they brand townies or hunt them or both.
Uh, speaking of shady rich people - with questionable hobbies - Let me guess.
You found more dirt on Owen in those files.
See, I always thought Tiffany was targeting the Hudsons.
Yeah, she was, but Owen's name keeps popping up.
And the Hudsons and the Marvins used to do business together, so maybe Owen knew Tiffany was digging up skeletons.
I've been following him around to see what I can find.
What did you find? Uh, that I don't really like following people around.
Show me what you got.
I'll talk to Owen.
Uh, okay.
Hey don't let this guy pull any of his rich and charming crap on you.
Don't worry.
Rich and charming isn't my type unless it's you.
Come on.
People eat here.
Nancy Drew.
Are you staking out my parking spot? Yes.
Got to solve the mystery of how you keep your car so clean.
So what field are we digging up tonight? No digging.
But I did have a couple questions.
You and Ryan Hudson.
Associates? Business partners? Mortal enemies? I'd say all of the above.
My turn.
Is it possible these questions are coming from a certain mechanic? Good cheekbones, bad at following people around? They are very good cheekbones.
Is there another question? The Velvet Masque.
Urban legend or does it exist? And if it exists, where is it? Also, when? That's more than one question.
- And you didn't answer any of them.
- I'll tell you what, how about we discuss this tomorrow night over dinner? Tomorrow? Why not tonight? I'm busy.
Are you now? Right around dusk? I have to go.
Let's go sailing sometime.
I-I didn't mean to scare you.
What are you doing here? I think someone's trying to kill me.
I really need to talk to your father right now.
You tell me what happened in your house, I'll tell you - where he is.
- I don't know.
All I know is-is I was hearing things all night.
You know, I think somebody might have broke in.
They were rummaging through my stuff.
I freaked out.
I left.
I went and stayed at a hotel.
(PHONE VIBRATING) (SIGHS) Who do you think is after you? Let's just say that I owe money to people that you don't want to owe money to.
You're a Hudson.
Write a check.
I can't.
My father cut me off.
He hit the roof when he found out about what happened at the fundraiser.
You mean making out with your teenaged ex-girlfriend at a fundraiser to honor your dead wife? He froze my assets, Nancy.
I'm broke.
(LAUGHS) I'm broke.
Except I have these antique Roman coins.
It's the most valuable thing that I own.
It was a wedding gift from my family, and I was gonna take them and sell them at this underground auction tonight.
Let me guess.
The Velvet Masque.
I didn't say that.
Look, all I know is that these coins are in my family's secure private storage facility.
And as I'm persona non grata, I can't get to them.
But I figured, you know, maybe your father could pull some strings.
He's in Boston.
And unreachable.
But I can get your coins.
- (SCOFFS) - I kind of know - how to break into places.
- Oh, yeah, right.
What have you ever broken into? NANCY: Your house, two weeks ago.
You know what? Don't answer that.
I don't want to know.
But tell me, what's in it for you, Nancy Drew? You take me to the Velvet Masque.
Well? Do we have a deal? BESS: Okay, it's settled.
We're doing a late lunch here at The Claw.
It's perfect.
Is it? 'Cause it seems kind of lame.
You know, I just asked Lisbeth to go on a romantic lunch at my place of work.
It's in your comfort zone, right? Yeah, you're right, but You're treating me like I don't date a lot.
- You don't date a lot.
- Okay, yeah, but that's not the point.
- I think y-you're gonna be really great.
- Do you think? - Yeah.
- Okay.
Now, we should talk icebreakers.
Here you want to be honest, - but not aggressively so.
- Okay.
- What does that mean? - Maybe don't lead with the fact that you sometimes live in a van.
Or your mild kleptomania.
- Oh.
- Or your family.
You weren't kidding.
Tiffany must have been investigating for years.
Yeah, I think she was trying to look for an overlap between the Marvin and the Hudson shipping empire.
Still, I have no idea what this stuff is.
This one's a shipping manifest.
You sure? Dude.
Maritime family.
For three generations, the Fans fished.
Did Nancy get anything on Owen? No.
She hasn't called me back yet.
Now, what's that look? Just trying to decide if you sending Nancy to Owen showed great confidence or great stupidity.
Oh, a little of you goes a long way.
Oh, I know.
That's why I don't fish.
Imagine me on a boat.
Hey, I have a question for you.
Look, if it's about the layout, we already went over it.
It's about Lucy Sable.
Eh, Lucy Sable like the town ghost story? She went to the Velvet Masque the year before she died.
You were probably there.
Do you remember seeing her? (KNOCKING ON DOOR) I'll be right back.
- Uh, what's up? - NICK: Wh-What's up? Is everything okay? I've been leaving messages.
- You're missing inventory day.
- Uh, I'm fine.
I should have called, but I Is that Ryan Hudson? Okay.
- You're helping Ryan Hudson? - Just today.
It's important.
He thinks somebody's trying to kill him.
So go help that person, not the liar-slash-crazy ex-boyfriend in your kitchen who may have killed someone.
Spoiler: he may have killed two someones Tiffany and Lucy Sable.
He is the only common denominator.
Lucy Sable? What's she got to do with this? I'm being haunted by her.
Okay? She's been communicating with me.
So I get possessed, and now you're haunted? - This isn't a competition.
- Okay.
Uh, what's she communicating? Something happened to her at the Velvet Masque 20 years ago.
Why didn't you tell me about that this morning? Or-or when it all started.
It's like you don't trust us.
I made a deal with Ryan to get me into the Velvet Masque.
What if the bad thing that happened to her was Ryan? - I can handle it, George.
- What's he get out of this deal, huh? A date with an 18-year-old? I made a deal to retrieve some coins for him.
Some old Roman burial coins.
He's trying to auction them off tonight.
But if I can get into that party, maybe I can figure out what happened to Lucy.
What about Tiffany? I'm working on it.
I've got some calls in to my friend who's analyzing her blood, okay? Are we good? Yeah.
Hundred percent.
(THUNDER RUMBLING) A hundred percent? - I rounded up.
- (STIFLED LAUGH) Hey, look, look.
Roman burial coins.
They're in the shipping manifest.
I mean, what are the chances? They got to be the same ones, right? Why are they important? I don't know.
I know a harbormaster who might.
Ah, right.
Maritime family.
Also, he dated my mom.
Mom is so sorry she couldn't make it.
You brought her chocolates.
It's okay.
They'll, uh they'll keep.
Hey, since you're here, could you look at something for us? Yeah.
Yeah, yeah, of course.
Uh, it's an old shipping manifest.
This is from the Bonny Scot.
This is not just an old shipping manifest.
This is a record of the dead.
See, she sank 18 years ago.
Took the entire crew with her.
And the cargo, well, that was priceless antiquities from all over Europe it was ancient urns, relics, statuary and a dozen Roman burial coins.
The 12 coins of Charon.
(COINS JANGLE) (BELL JINGLES) I want to know why coins that should be at the bottom of the sea are in Ryan Hudson's possession.
That's why Tiffany saved cashed checks from the insurance company.
If the Hudsons put in a claim for these coins that would suggest What, they stole a cargo full of their own antiquities and sank the ship to hide the crime? Killing the whole crew in the process.
The coins could prove the Hudsons are complicit in, like, a dozen murders.
Why would Ryan be selling them? He must not know the whole story.
No wonder someone wants to kill him.
Come on, Nancy, where are you? (SIGHS) (COUGHS) (CREAKING) (GASPS) (GASPING) (RYAN YELLING) (GASPING BREATHS) (PANTING) What the hell was that? That was Lucy Sable.
You might not remember her, but she definitely remembers you.
That's it.
I'm getting stood up.
Positive thoughts, Bess.
You're a candle in the wind.
Yeah, that doesn't mean anything.
- Doesn't it? - (SCOFFS) (ENTRY BELL JINGLES) Hi! - Sorry I'm late.
- Ah, are you? I didn't even notice.
(BOTH LAUGH AWKWARDLY) Oh, um welcome to The Claw.
- It is totally charming.
- Yeah.
Although I'm not sure how it stays in business without any customers.
Well we're just closed for the day.
It's not, like, a health violation, like vermin.
(CHUCKLES) You know, there's no vermin.
It's not vermin.
I've I've never seen - any vermin.
- Hey, would you stop saying "vermin"? - Hi.
- Hi.
Uh, Bess, it's okay.
You told me you're closed for inventory I'm just kidding.
Good one.
Who would like to hear the specials? Not now.
We're talking.
I'll get - So, Bess - Hmm? I realize I hardly know anything about you.
Oh, well, ask me anything.
I'm an open book.
What part of town do you live in? Uh (CHUCKLES NERVOUSLY) NANCY: "Ryan and Tiffany".
RYAN: So we both saw that, right? I mean A ghost I mean, that-that's what we're saying, that's what's happening here? That's what's happening here.
It's this house.
It's your house.
It isn't this house.
Who do you think was at your house last night? Lucy Sable is haunting you, too.
Come on, you knew her, didn't you? When we were teenagers, we-we went out a couple times, that's it.
"The Prince carried me to a secret ball".
Lucy wrote this? That's you, isn't it? The Prince? You-you took her to the Velvet Masque.
Wha-What happened there? What happened afterwards? Look, all I know is that we had a summer fling, it ended, and then she went off the deep end, somebody murdered her.
That's it, end of story.
Do not give Ryan those coins.
Too late.
Uh, well, get them back.
They're the key to bringing down the Hudson family.
Tiffany's records led me to those coins.
- She wanted me to find them.
- I I believe you.
But those coins will not help solve Tiffany's murder, and they are my only shot at getting answers about Lucy.
I'm sorry.
(SCOFFS) Chin up, Sparky.
At least she said, "I'm sorry".
(GROANS) I don't get it.
I mean, why-why's she being so Relentless? Single-minded? Nick that's who Nancy is.
As long as I've known her, she's always had these big walls up.
You could stand right next to her - and never get close.
- Oh.
I thought I did.
If you want to stay in the game, you need to be just as relentless.
Okay, Ryan has the coins.
Short of bidding on them at a party we're not welcome at, no way we even get a look at them.
Okay, first things first, to get into the Velvet Masque, you need to know the right people, - which means a Hudson.
- Nope.
- Hey, Bess is a Marvin.
- Yeah, a van-living Marvin, so no.
What about a Tandy? (ENTRY BELL JINGLES) (EXHALES SHARPLY) How'd the date go? (SCOFFS) Well 30 minutes in, she gets a text that her niece is in the hospital for an emergency appendectomy.
And then she left.
And that was the best part, because the pain was over.
How, uh, how badly did you mess things up with Laura Tandy? Olive branches were extended and accepted.
Would you mind calling and asking her for a favor? No, I'll never smile again.
Bess how would you like to get a new dress, go to an exclusive rich person's party, and maybe even get the chance to steal something? Hey! There's that smile.
I'm not your brand-new toy This is your last chance if you don't want to be here.
No, you know what? This was a mistake.
Like it was for your last date? You got your coins.
We made a deal.
Fine, but if anything happens to you, you're not my responsibility.
(SIGHS) You don't want me to go in? Tell me what happened to Lucy right here.
(CHUCKLES) You don't give up, do you? Hello.
I already told you, I don't know anything about her.
To try to juggle my heart But like that river Which you understand Don't wanna float backwards I'm not gonna go backwards Not for a gambling man It was all in your hands, your hands Evening.
Uh, guests of Laura Tandy? It was all in your hands Don't let it go It was all in your hands Your hands, your hands.
BESS: Everyone is looking at us.
GEORGE: Well, what did you expect? I knew I should've worn Balenciaga.
Hey, we were never gonna fit in.
Let's just get to the auction.
WOMAN: Who invited the townies? Okay, first, we need to be less identifiable in a lineup.
Let's grab some masks from that creepy sex room.
Yeah, go.
So, this is what the rich do when they think nobody's looking.
Listen, I don't want to babysit you all night, so NANCY: I haven't seen a Pegasus, Medusa or kraken.
Till now.
"I watched Medusa embrace the kraken and not her husband, the king".
Why am I not surprised? What's the kraken? My Uncle Sebastian.
He masqueraded as the kraken every year until he died.
He was like a dad to me.
I'm sorry for your loss.
It was a long time ago, but thanks.
Is it true you came here with Ryan Hudson? He got me in.
What? You had your chance.
Do you happen to know anything about Ryan bringing Lucy Sable here in 1999? At five years old, I wasn't quite old enough to attend.
But I'm sure you heard stories from that party, right? Listen, Nancy, no one tells stories about what goes on here.
Got it.
Back to Ryan.
You wouldn't happen to know about a certain set of coins he's auctioning? Everybody wants those coins.
Those coins are proof that the Hudsons double-crossed my family.
The Bonny Scot was a co-venture between our companies until it sank.
12 souls died, including my Uncle Sebastian.
He and Everett Hudson used to be huge rivals.
My aunt always suspected foul play.
And then you heard Ryan was selling those coins tonight when they're supposed to be underwater.
I don't have them.
You'll have to bid.
Make it up to me by leaving.
I'm trying to protect you.
I'll leave as soon as you tell me where I can find a Pegasus.
Ryan? Sweetheart.
Oh, I've been worried.
- Mother.
- Where have you been? I've been busy.
Where were you when we buried my wife? Oh, I am so sorry I had to miss Tiffany's funeral.
The airline is issuing a personal apology, and you do know I would have been there if I could.
Well, don't worry.
Your husband had the whole "she was like a daughter to me" BS covered.
Oh, Ryan.
I know that you're grieving, and I can only imagine the pain you must be in, but you cannot sell those coins.
They have to stay in the family.
Well, Everett should've thought about that before he kicked me out of the family.
They're my coins to sell.
Your father is simply trying to teach you a lesson.
Just give me the coins, and I will tell him the lesson is learned.
You know that this is a problem I can solve.
I never liked the way you solve my problems, Mother.
Should be this way.
You're here, too.
- Oh, that is not my name.
- Not his name.
Nancy, walk down the hallway.
Third door on the right.
Remember our agreement.
You two seem chummy.
Please tell me you're not here to steal the coins.
We're here to steal the coins.
(SIGHS) You didn't leave us much choice.
There are too many of us here.
You're gonna get caught.
Then all of us will get thrown out before any of us get the chance to do what we came here to do.
We wouldn't be doing this if you'd just tell us why you're chasing a ghost.
Nick, I need you to trust me.
Then trust me.
Let me in.
I promise.
I went overboard disinfecting this mask.
My eyes are burning.
You feeling better? Eh, kind of.
Do you think I should text Lisbeth? You know, see how her niece is doing? I think she's doing fine.
(EXHALES) She fake emergency texted me.
Seems like your niece made a miraculous recovery.
I Oh, my God, you look amazing.
Do I? Or is that another lie? Well, I do, actually.
I'm here for work.
My bosses prefer that I keep my movements discreet.
Why are you here? I'm here for work, also.
- So we're just gonna keep lying, then? - Well, I will tell the truth when you do.
NANCY: Pegasus.
"The monsters were cruel, so I did hide behind the Pegasus's wing.
I watched Medusa embrace the kraken and not her husband, the king".
I've missed you.
(GASPS) You have to go.
You are in so much trouble.
What are you doing here? I said what are you doing here? You shouldn't have been back there.
In fact, you shouldn't even be at this party at all.
This is no place for a girl like you.
- A townie? - (SCOFFS) The less gracious attendees can be awful to locals.
Locals like Lucy Sable? She came to this party with your son 20 years ago.
Did she? Well, my son has had a lot of summer dates.
But you'd remember a girl who caught you in a compromising position with your husband's greatest rival, wouldn't you? What exactly do you mean, dear? I think Lucy caught you with Sebastian Marvin.
Less than a year later, she was dead.
Not long after, so was he.
In a shipwreck.
Words have consequences, young lady.
Some rumors even kill.
I would not take kindly to someone spreading that one.
But I imagine you can be very discreet.
Just like your father.
What does that mean? It means it's time for you to go home.
Gather round, all.
The auction will begin momentarily.
We want the same thing, right? Justice.
We should help each other.
Nancy and I don't need your help.
AUCTIONEER: Let us commence the bidding.
Looking for any item in particular? AUCTIONEER: Our first offering: six and a half kilos of powdered South African rhino horn.
Gross and illegal.
AUCTIONEER: We will begin the bidding at $20,000.
Do I hear $20,000? $20,000.
Do I hear $25,000? $25,000.
Do I hear 30? $30,000? $30,000.
Do I hear 35? $30,000 going once.
- (GAVEL BANGS) - Sold to the gentleman in brown.
MAN: Congratulations.
Our next offering: 12 Roman burial coins from the year 27 BC.
These coins were rumored to have been placed on the eyes of emperors when they died.
We'll start the bidding at $500,000.
Do I hear $500,000? (SCREAMING) - (PANICKED CHATTER) - MAN: What's going on? Um, I got to go.
Townies have lost hands for less.
Let her go.
(QUIETLY): They're not part of our Trust.
They're my guests.
I vouch for them.
They're gonna leave now and never speak a word of what they've seen here.
Not a word.
(GASPING) It's the ring.
Ryan, it's the ring.
(YELLING) (PANTING, YELLING) NANCY: "Lucy, arrow, Tiffany".
They're connected.
Lucy was trying to tell me that her death led to Tiffany's.
No, I didn't I didn't kill anybody, - I swear to you.
- You lied about knowing Lucy.
You've been lying about everything the entire time.
I know.
I know.
Look, I was away at boarding school (PANTING) when Lucy was murdered.
After she died, my dad told me I could never talk about her again.
That's the first time I've ever believed that you actually cared about something.
Or someone.
I really liked her.
I mean, I brought her here just to try to impress her, you know, and that was a big mistake.
Something bad happened that night and I tried I tried to get her to tell me what it was, and she wouldn't.
I had this one good thing in my life, and I ruined it.
My parents, they would never let me see her again, and every time Lucy called, they they wouldn't let me talk to her.
They just kept telling me that they handled it.
How did they handle it? The same way they handled everything back then.
Carson Drew.
Hey, I got your texts.
Tell me you have an update, John.
Oh, I have an update, John.
Uh, Tiffany's sample's gonna require more time, but Lucy's crown had a second set of DNA.
The hair samples present belonged to two separate people.
The first belonged to Lucy it matches the blood sample - from the rocks.
- And the second must belong to the guy who killed her.
Actually, not a guy.
A girl.
The second hair sample had female DNA.
NANCY: Maybe Celia Hudson did it and not my father.
GEORGE: Well that was a disaster.
Pretty good until Bess - almost lost a hand, right? - NICK: I wouldn't call any part of tonight good.
I had a lot of fun.
Yeah, because you dove headfirst into Lisbeth's face.
Yeah! And all failure aside, I forgot how exhilarating stealing is.
Oh, come on.
No judging.
I didn't say anything.
I felt your judgy eyes.
Random locker checks starting this week.
Look, I'm sorry, guys.
This was on me.
Y'all could have gotten hurt.
No sweat.
We're all still two-handed thanks to cousin Owen.
When you get up the guts to talk to him, I think you should lead with that.
- (ENTRY BELL JINGLES) - NANCY: Looks like I missed some things.
'Cause you were too busy ghost hunting.
Headline: Things didn't go so well for us.
I wouldn't say that.
I switched 'em when you guys got kicked out.
Some rich guy is now $4.
16 richer.
It took us getting kicked out for you to help us? Or because you got kicked out, I had to help.
Mm, that's a way to frame it.
I got your smoking gun, Nick.
You can take it to the authorities like you had wanted.
I I hope you found what you're looking for, Nancy.
W-What we were looking for.
Uh I found out that Lucy and Tiffany each learned things that could have gotten them killed by the Hudsons.
(VEHICLE APPROACHING) I'll handle that.
(ENTRY BELL JINGLES) So, after you all leave, the auction resumes.
I win the coins, only to find out that my $1.
5 million bought me a handful of quarters, one dime and six pennies.
Maybe they're lucky pennies.
I trust the coins will find a good home, at least.
And bring some justice for the victims of the Bonny Scot.
I've got a contact at the FBI office - in Portland.
- Oh, give me their number.
In the case that I happen to come across the coins.
I've got a crowbar in the back.
Kneecaps first? (SCOFFS) No.
I'm good.
GEORGE: We should finish up inventory day or at least start it.
- If I'm honest - (PHONE VIBRATES) Before you go Hi.
(SIGHS) Um To make up for before.
I mean, the rude, leaving part.
I, uh, kind of liked the part that came after that.
(SIGHS) The truth is, I I really like you, Bess.
Can we start over? I don't know, Lisbeth.
You-you keep a lot of secrets.
How do I know that I can trust you? Well, you keep a lot of secrets, too.
So maybe we can keep each other in check.
(SOFTLY): I like the sound of that.
- Yeah? - Yeah.
Ooh, ooh, ooh Ooh, ooh Ooh, ooh, ooh Have dinner with me.
I'm not available.
My heart belongs to a certain mechanic with very good cheekbones.
He's a lucky guy.
When I softly When I say it's easy.

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