Nancy Drew (2019) s01e07 Episode Script

The Tale of the Fallen Sea Queen

1 Previously on Nancy Drew ACE: Lucy Sable was crowned Sea Queen, disappeared after the celebration, never seen again.
NANCY: Something happened to her at the Velvet Masque 20 years ago.
- How did they handle it? - Carson Drew.
NANCY: What's the dress of a girl who was murdered 20 years ago doing in my attic? Tiffany was murdered.
And I'm gonna prove it.
I have these antique Roman coins.
It's the most valuable thing that I own.
The coins could prove the Hudsons are complicit in, like, a dozen murders.
CHILDREN: Lucy Sable once was able - to look upon the sea.
- NANCY: In the hours after being crowned, Horseshoe Bay's most infamous Sea Queen made her way to the bluffs.
- (SCREAMING) - All we know of the killer are the bloody knife and tire tracks they left behind.
CHILDREN: Now that's where she'll always be.
NANCY: But why is that all we know? Maybe the town didn't want to face that the killer could've been one of us.
Small Town USA's favorite pastime.
Lucy Sable's murder has been reduced to a nursery rhyme.
But now we know there's more to it.
Her death is linked to Tiffany's.
That's what she was trying to tell me at the Velvet Masque.
We have to solve Lucy's murder in order to solve Tiffany's.
Yeah, but how are the two murders linked? ACE: They both learned things about the Hudsons that could've gotten them killed.
Tiffany found out about the Hudsons sinking the Bonny Scot, and the coins we stole at the Velvet Masque.
Luckily, the coins proved what they did.
And Lucy found out that Celia Hudson was having an affair with her husband's business rival.
And then, less than a year later, she was murdered.
- (FOOTFALLS APPROACH) - Oh, uh, let me help.
Get your hands off my chest.
These tables aren't gonna set themselves.
Okay, George, I get it.
I ditched you to go to an underground, depraved, rich-people party.
(PHONE RINGING) Hey, I can't talk right now.
This is a bad time.
I'm in the middle of something.
MCGINNIS: Too bad.
I didn't make a deal for silence.
And I know you and your friends have been busy crashing exclusive parties.
So what did you find out there? ACE: Yeah, I may have found a lead on the Hudsons.
- Um, I'll call you back.
- Hey, you.
- Hey.
Why'd you leave so early last night? Uh, you were convincing Owen Marvin not to come after the Roman burial coins he paid $1.
5 million for.
- Figured you'd be a while.
- GEORGE: Hey, Nick.
- One sugar, splash of milk.
Right? - Yeah.
Thanks, George.
Between Laura Tandy breaking in and the cops searching my place, no way I'm leaving them at home.
So, what do we do with the coins now? Oh, we turn them into the authorities, They could prove the Hudsons sank their own ship and killed their crew for insurance money.
- There's an FBI agent we can trust in Portland.
- GEORGE: Really? And how do you suddenly know about this person? NANCY: He's friends with Owen.
We can bring him the coins and the toxicology report on Tiffany's blood as soon as I get the results back - from John Sander.
- Your scientist friend? The one who found somebody else's hair? Yeah, the a woman's hair.
You think it's Celia Hudson's hair? Uh, I did at first.
But after a little Internet digging, I found the society pages from August 2000.
Turns out, Celia was in Argentina when Lucy was killed.
That a solid alibi? Not for somebody who had the means to hire a hit man.
They're here, they're out there.
- GEORGE: Mom? - (GASPS) Who's out there? (WHISPERING): Spirits.
Dark forces.
Something is drawing them here.
I can feel it.
- You want to sit down? - Those.
Get rid of them right now.
- Why? - Because they're magnets.
Catnip for the dead and for things that were never even alive.
What do you mean, things that were never even alive? You don't want to know.
Just put them into whatever lead-lined box was obviously protecting them and throw them into the sea.
Victoria, how many drinks have you had? I'm telling you they were out there! (PANTING) They're gone, but, no, they were They were out there.
(GASPS) (SCREAMS) Oh, God! Victoria, are you okay? (PANTING): Get rid of those coins.
Nancy Drew 1x07 The Tale of the Fallen Sea Queen We have to listen to Victoria and get rid of the coins.
Nick is gone, and he took the coins with him, and he's gonna put them in a box that will hopefully block the spirits from sniffing them out.
- For now.
- No.
GEORGE: Come on.
Get back to work.
You were the one who kicked the blood bucket and got possessed.
You of all people should believe Victoria.
I never said I didn't believe her, but cowering in the kitchen won't pay the bills.
Can't Owen just bring us the lead box - that kept the ghosts away? - I can't get ahold of him.
He's in Singapore on business, and I don't know when he'll be back.
ACE: Oh.
This website says the coins, they're working in overdrive, attracting spirits 'cause of the new moon rising.
- Great.
- ACE: And they're more than catnip.
If used properly tonight, those coins will be like tokens for a pay phone that calls to the other side.
I need to take a 20-minute break.
I need to get the coins from Nick and talk to Victoria.
We just opened.
Fatherly check-in.
- Hey.
You're back.
I thought maybe you extended your Boston business trip.
Oh, I got hung up meeting with a friend this morning.
I wanted to ask you, how would you feel about starting family dinners again? - Tonight? - Family dinners? It won't be the same, I know.
But I figure we could give it a shot.
I could pick up some steaks after work.
As in working for Ryan Hudson? Celia Hudson.
- Just a minor favor.
- Oh.
So you're doing favors for the whole family now? I'm returning the favor, actually.
It turns out Celia was the one who gave Ryan the money to bail you out.
Of course she did.
I will see you at family dinner.
Lingley still owes us for the last repair.
Yeah, but he's good for it.
Uh would you mind giving us a second, Josh? Take your time.
What's up? You tell me.
Why does it feel like we're on different teams? (CHUCKLES) Nancy, you're the one that never tells me anything.
That's not true.
I just don't tell you everything.
Well, maybe that's why it feels like we're on different teams.
Not a lead box, but it'll do for now.
So we can drive down to Portland and give these to Owen's FBI friend.
That sounds great.
When we're ready.
I was just kind of hoping we could hold onto these for a little bit longer.
Give me one very quick second.
Hey, George, um, I was just wondering if you knew where your mom might be? I wanted to ask her She what? How have you already been arrested for public intoxication? It's 11:00 a.
Drinking's the only thing that stops me from seeing those things.
Officer Rawley, it is my understanding that a drunk and disorderly arrest requires clear and obvious signs (CHUCKLING): Calm down, Nancy.
- My guys didn't arrest her.
- VICTORIA: Only because you don't know how to do your job! She walked in here 20 minutes ago and fell asleep on that bench.
You're trying to get arrested? Look.
This precinct is the least haunted building in Horseshoe Bay, and, uh Okay, and you know what? And as long as those coins are out, exposed and unprotected We can get rid of the coins.
As long as you help us figure out how to communicate with Dead Lucy.
Dead Lucy? She's haunting Nancy.
Just go with it.
Lucy only comes around when she wants to, and even when she does, I can't figure out what she wants, so if we can i-if I can call on her, if-if-if I can use the coins to focus her enough - to ask her questions - There are way worse things out there, and they are attracted to those coins like magnets.
We're talking inhuman entities, - pure evil.
- These were the things - that were never even alive? - Yes.
- So then you can keep us safe.
- Us? You want to do this, too? Of course not.
But solving Lucy's murder would help us solve Tiffany's and get us off that suspect list.
(SIGHS): Oh.
I mean, if you don't know how to use the coins, then I guess we'll just figure it out on our own.
It's not just the coins.
You would need an object that Lucy touched the night she died.
It would be the only thing strong enough for her to latch onto if you were to summon her.
Say I acquire said object.
Then what? We would have to do it tonight.
Because the coins work best with the new moon.
- Thank you.
- Don't thank me.
Conducting a séance with a force as powerful as those coins will probably end up in disaster.
Well, that's never stopped me before.
- Here you go.
- Our finest fried clams.
You can barely taste the clam.
Oh it's good.
Thank you so much, John.
I really appreciate the rush.
Okay, so John Sander will messenger Lucy's crown and hair for us to use in the séance tonight when he gets to his lab.
So, all we need is, like, a spirit board? This isn't the 1800s.
Nancy, how has Dead Lucy been communicating with you? My cell phone, light bulbs, TV, DVD - Electronics.
- So we should use an electronic device for her to speak to us.
BESS: Yes, but Dead Lucy has never spoken aloud to you.
Well, then, we ask yes or no questions only.
And make them good.
We only have a short window of time to keep the spirit door open.
BESS: And if we do keep it open? Well, then we'd allow the darkest forces to come through.
So we get in and we get out.
ACE: Yes.
I'm in.
Really? You hacked into the Horseshoe Bay digital library? Sort of.
I used my library card.
Why are hacking into the library? To access Lucy's Sea Queen ceremony video.
If we trace her final hours, we might be able to figure out which questions we want to ask her.
ACE: Taking it back to the year 2000.
- This year's Horseshoe Bay - GEORGE: Wow, that's Lucy? - Sea Queen winner is - She was so beautiful.
Lucy Sable! (APPLAUSE) Did that girl just tell Lucy she killed her dog or something? NANCY: What do we know about the first runner-up? ACE: Candice Weaver is her name.
Do we think she still lives in Horseshoe Bay? All Sea Queen runner-ups still live in Horseshoe Bay.
Ooh, looks like Laura Tandy went on a one-woman campaign against the police.
How pissed do you think McGinnis is gonna be - when he sees that? - (PHONE BUZZES) (LAUGHS) - One, one, one of us - Oh, my God.
He fused his nerves when he came too quick Whatever makes the chemist tick One, one, one of us One of us.
Hey, Nick, I need an oil change.
Help me out? I, uh saw your publicity stunt.
Not bad.
Is that what you've been doing all week? That, and giving you time to dig into my sister's USB drive, like you asked.
- So? - I haven't found anything yet.
And if I remember correctly, your sister didn't want you involved with what was on that drive.
Come on, Nick, you want to prove the Hudsons killed Tiffany almost as much as I do.
Let me help.
(SCOFFS) Aren't you the one who played Tiffany's 911 call at her funeral? - I'm a loose cannon, I know, but I - Once I finish going through the drive, I'll fill you in, okay? Fine.
Be that way.
Just let me know when my car is ready.
NANCY: Candice, I was reviewing your Sea Queen ceremony footage.
You looked beautiful, by the way.
- You're so sweet.
- (ALL CHUCKLE) So, what can you tell us about the moment of winning runner-up? Um, runner-up isn't really winning.
Hey, you wanted your Sea Queen blog to be accurate, right? It's just that, when I watched the video, I noticed that you whispered something into Lucy's ear after she had been crowned.
I was merely telling her that there are rumors about how friendly she'd gotten with the judges and many other influential men.
You called her a slut.
Lucy liked to party.
Poor girl, she was always starved for attention.
Attention that you should've been getting? I'm sorry, is this all part of my interview for the Sea Queen blog, or am I missing something? Oh, trust me, you're missing something.
I remember doing that.
Back from when I was Sea Queen.
The ribbon-cutting ceremony with the mayor.
Did Lucy ask you to take over for her? I had to step in.
She had already gone MIA with her little brother.
Did her brother ever explain where they went? Her brother and mom moved away a few weeks after everything happened, and no one ever heard from them again.
Wait, but this picture isn't in the library catalog.
Well, that's because it was never published.
Lucy's death overshadowed all things Sea Queen that were supposed to be published the next day.
I had to beg the Horseshoe Bay Ledger to give me a copy of what was supposed to be front-page news.
Wait, the Ledger has more Sea Queen photos from that day? Oh, yeah.
More than I could frame.
(SIGHS) Hey, Ponyboy.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Do you use some sort of, like, softening shampoo? What's wrong? I'm bummed you don't trust me.
Why not tell me about your publicity blitz? Because I thought you would try and stop me.
We are on the same side, Laura.
I know we are.
Then tell me why Tiffany didn't want you to know what was on that drive.
How'd you even know where to find it when you stole it from Nick? Because we were super close.
Tiffany told me everything.
So close you sued her.
I took an Internet stroll this morning.
Public record.
After our parents died, Tiffany was put in charge of my inheritance, till I turned 25.
I wanted the money sooner, so I sued her.
It's what sisters do.
Rich sisters.
But I didn't love her any less.
She was all I had.
I should have told you that I was going to drag the police through the mud.
But you know how impulsive I am.
What are you doing? Doing what I do best.
Being impulsive.
You, uh ? - Uh-huh.
- Oh.
NANCY: What did you need to talk about? You said that maybe Celia Hudson paid someone off.
So I looked into Tiffany's files and found bank transfer records.
Turns out the Hudsons did pay someone a large sum of money just two days after Lucy was killed.
But it wasn't a woman.
It was Carson Drew.
Eastern Shore Shipping.
That's the Hudsons' shell company.
They made a sizeable one-time payment to your dad back in 2000.
Why would they pay him that kind of money all at once? I don't know.
Nancy? Uh, he was the Hudsons' lawyer.
I'm sure he got plenty of wire transfers from them.
Yeah, from their payroll account, but this two days after Lucy died.
George is meeting me at the Horseshoe Bay Ledger with 60 lobster rolls.
That's the price of admission for looking at their photo archives.
- Did you hear what I just said? - Yeah, I heard you list some accounting information.
That does not prove anything.
So I have to go.
Then I'm coming, too.
D! Hi.
You okay? Yeah, great.
I was just showing her It's col it's cold in there.
You're an adult.
Just be glad I'm not on the board of health.
Actually, I was going to ask you where I could find Laura.
I'm Carson Drew.
The Hudsons' errand boy.
What do you want? I'm sure you want to be done with all of the paperwork and red tape that has come with your sister's death.
So Celia Hudson would love to discuss settling outside of court.
This doesn't need to be a long and arduous process.
Mmm, but I love long and arduous.
Especially when it means that family doesn't get a dime of my sister's money.
Ace, miss me.
D, if Ryan Hudson doesn't get a dime of Tiffany's money, then who does? If the police officially conclude Tiffany was murdered, then it all goes to the last living member of the Tandy family.
Your girlfriend.
NANCY: Here's the Sea Queen archive box.
Candice said there were more photos of Lucy here.
You don't want to talk about your dad we don't have to.
But I'm hoping that you do.
Do you really think the deposit was a coincidence? Could you pass me those pictures? There's got to be something good in there.
You know you can talk to me about anything, right? Of course.
Look at this.
Candice never mentioned that her and Lucy got into a fight.
She also said that Lucy left before the ribbon-cutting ceremony, so that's a lot of lies.
Aw, shoot.
(CLATTERING) Somebody there? (EERIE BREATHING) (GASPING) We have to get the coins back in the box.
That's why they're here.
(EERIE BREATHING STOPS) (EERIE BREATHING RESUMES) Where's the last coin? Nick! Let's get out of here.
You like? It's a face mask.
(WHISPERING): I'm keeping Victoria sober.
Yeah, I can still see the dark, terrifying forces descending on our town, but at least my pores are unclogging.
More importantly, I have been creating my vision board, and I Zillowed the perfect little cottage for me to move into when I'm ready.
Six bedrooms? That is very nice.
- Mm.
- Dibs on the guesthouse.
Quick question.
Would you know if you were sleeping with a murderer? Is this a real-life thing? I think that Laura may have killed Tiffany.
- Maybe.
- No.
No, no, no.
Your girlfriend did not kill her sister.
- She and Tiffany were close.
- No.
They were suing each other over a lot of money.
But if she murdered Tiffany, why would she try so hard to get people to call Tiffany's death a murder? Because in order for her to collect the inheritance, it has to be declared a murder.
Laura was tagged in a photo the morning that Tiffany died.
Geotagged ten miles from here.
That gives her motive and opportunity.
NANCY: Hey, did you guys find anything out about Candice Weaver that would explain why she'd lie to us? @CandiCanDoltAll? Yeah, she's all over Ryan's social media.
I'm talking liking every post for the last decade.
NANCY: So, Candice has a thing for Ryan.
I wonder for how long.
Maybe she was jealous of Lucy and Ryan's relationship? - But enough to kill her rival? - (FACETIME RINGS) JOHN: Nancy, hey.
The good news is I got the toxicology back on Tiffany.
She didn't die of natural causes.
She was poisoned.
We're still trying to figure out the exact source.
It's rare and hard to detect, - so more to come.
- Uh that's amazing.
Thank you so much.
You're the best.
Yeah, I hope you still think so when you hear the bad news.
I can't find the box with all the Lucy evidence.
A-All of it? The crown, the unidentified female hair? Uh, I'm so sorry, Nancy.
Uh, it's just gone.
I mean, I-I'll keep looking for it, but I'm not gonna be able to get it to you tonight.
BESS: Great, how are we going to do the séance now? (SIGHS) Where is Ace again? BESS: He was texting his weed guy and then he just ran off.
He's stressed.
Relationship stuff.
The sunset's in an hour, and we have to do the séance at nightfall.
And without Lucy's crown All hands on deck to find something Lucy touched the night she died.
Look, Nancy, this happened almost 20 years ago.
It's not gonna happen.
- Then get rid of those coins.
- We can't give up.
We've been so focused on the Hudsons Because they look super guilty.
But Candice is a real suspect, too.
So we just need to talk to Lucy, and then we can figure out what actually happened to her or if we're even on the right path.
There's got to be something here.
GEORGE: If only she applied this work ethic to her actual work.
Lucy was wearing a bracelet most of the night but not at the end.
I've seen this charm before.
My boss, Josh Dodd, wears it around his neck.
NANCY: Lucy Sable was your sister.
Must've been hard, losing her like that.
Having her murder turned into a town superstition.
I know I'd be angry if she were my sister.
Half sister.
(EXHALES) But, um, can we keep that between us? I moved back to town a year ago, after I inherited this shop from my grandpa, and nobody recognized me and it's a lot easier that way.
I got it.
We're not here to out you.
We just have a couple questions.
So, you and your mom moved away right after Lucy died? Yeah, nobody wanted us in Horseshoe Bay.
We made Lucy's death too real.
Too sad.
And a developer offered my mom a lot of money for our house.
Out of nowhere? NANCY: Lucy gave you that charm the night she died.
Right? Do you think that she knew that she was in danger? She did seem a little off that night.
Towards, uh, the end of the festival, she she took me aside and she handed me her bracelet.
And then she hugged me and said, um, "Don't believe what they say about me".
That was the last time I saw her.
I can only imagine how much that charm means to you.
(SNIFFLES) This, uh, belonged to my mom.
I wear it every day, so please know that I don't ask this lightly.
Can we borrow Lucy's charm? Just for tonight.
We think that it could help us figure out who killed her.
(LAUGHS SOFTLY) How? It's really hard to explain.
NICK: Hey, you can trust her.
I do.
So, if you find out who killed her We can get justice for her.
Here you go, Victoria.
I made it extra toasty this time.
You lost her? She said she'd wait.
She promised.
You wanted to believe the best in her.
Rookie mistake.
But (SIGHS) NANCY: George was hoping Victoria would try to get arrested again.
No such luck.
MCGINNIS: Nancy Drew.
Let's catch up.
Well, thanks to Laura Tandy, state police are moving in on the Tiffany Hudson investigation.
I have to send over all our evidence, which includes you breaking in to the morgue and serving Tiffany her last meal.
The food came back clean.
Poison can be difficult to detect.
You know I didn't kill her.
And you know I'm not the bad cop Laura's making me out to be.
I believe Laura had motive to kill Tiffany.
So if you have anything, we both need to solve this murder.
You need to fix your reputation.
And you need to clear your name.
I have a lot of red tape that's in the way.
And you have a gift for getting access to all sorts of things.
What are you hinting at? As much as it pains me to say it, it's time for us to work together.
I have a new theory for you.
I have a theory, too.
I think you're working for McGinnis.
You were the only one that he didn't bring in for questioning the night Tiffany died.
And I saw you together at the funeral.
What were you guys talking about? You've been cagey on the phone, and then running off to who knows where.
You heard my phone call with John Sander, and less than an hour later, McGinnis is talking to me about poison.
It's not like that.
A year ago, McGinnis caught me hacking into a government computer system, which is a federal offense.
- Why would you ? - Hey the point is, I thought my life was over, but he offered me this deal.
He'd make sure that I stay out of jail, and all I had to do was look into a few things for him, keep my eyes open around town, which was easy enough, - until Tiffany got murdered.
- You could've told us.
That would have violated the deal.
I can't go to jail.
Listen, I'm sorry.
I'm not trying to make excuses.
I I messed up.
But will you at least let me try to make it up to you here? I learned something about Laura.
I how am I supposed to trust anything you say? I'm gonna fix this.
GEORGE: So, my mom got overwhelmed by the energy of the coins, and in a not-at-all-surprising not-twist ending, she got wasted.
She's in pretty rough shape.
Like the worst I've ever seen her.
And that's saying a lot.
Well, there's always the next new moon.
I'm not sitting on the coins for another month.
- We do a séance now.
- Alone? Without clairvoyant supervision? You'd be surprised at what you could do alone.
I'm in.
Me, too.
Nick? We're all on the same team, right? Okay.
BESS: Fine.
But this has nothing to do with my ghost FOMO.
I brought something we can use to talk to Lucy.
Ted! NANCY: Your sister? GEORGE: Not quite.
Ted? Since Lucy communicates through electronics, we can have her answer questions through the dragon.
She can make the eyes light up green for yes, the mouth red for no.
You said I'd get something.
- One thing.
- Five things.
Five is good.
(QUIETLY): Five is good.
Now she's spoiled.
Okay? That was a big buildup.
(COINS CLATTERING) Okay, so at this point, Victoria says you hold the beacon over the coins.
We call upon Lucy Sable's spirit.
(EERIE BREATHING) (GASPS) We we-we call upon Lucy Sable.
Lucy Sable.
Lucy Sable.
(GASPS) We-we call upon Lucy Sable.
(GASPS) A-A-Are you Lucy Sable? It's her.
It worked.
Did Candice Weaver murder you? Was it the Hudsons that killed you? Yes and no? What, b-both? (STAMMERS) I think it's-it's malfunctioning.
Are you haunting me because of what I found in the attic? Drew, what attic? NANCY: Did Carson Drew kill you? Pull it together.
It's now or never.
Did the same person that killed you kill Tiffany? Did you see who killed Tiffany? Uh, uh, uh, was it ? (PANTING): No! No! Make it stop! Where did she go? You you got to bring her back.
We can't.
The coins, they melted.
Nick, I'm so sorry.
(SIGHS) At least Josh's charm survived.
Hey, I'm really sorry about the coins.
I had no idea that was gonna happen.
I know, but even if you did, nothing was gonna stop you.
I have to find out who killed Lucy.
'Cause she's haunting you? What did you find in the attic? Does it have to do with your dad? I'm figuring it out.
Okay? I just need a little time.
You and me both.
What are you figuring out? This.
Nick, I want to be with you.
(SIGHS) And yet you keep pushing me away.
I don't mean to.
I'm trying.
I know.
(CHUCKLES) You know, I used to worry there was no room in your future for me.
But there's barely room in your present.
Nick, please don't.
I can't do it anymore, Nancy.
I'm sorry.
(SIGHS) That was intense.
Like, and all those hands, that was so creepy.
And that thing, it pulled Lucy away, right? (STAMMERS) Was that one of those inhuman entities Victoria warned us about? Look, I don't know, Bess.
I do not envy Victoria.
Imagine having to see all those things no one ever wants to see.
It must be so lonely.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Thanks for coming.
I didn't want to drive down the coast alone.
Gives us time to talk, too.
When nothing's as it seems Who should I be? Who should I be? CARSON: Hey.
Dinner will be ready in a few.
Tell me something - (PHONE CHIMES) - I don't know Overwhelmed, lost control Cynical My heart went cold Take two pills, my eyes roll - NANCY: Family data plan? - So my father's been monitoring my texts from the cloud, for how long? We've always had the same code for everything.
He must've seen my texts with John Sander about the unidentified female hair.
I got hung up meeting with a friend this morning.
NANCY: He didn't meet with a friend.
Instead, he made a detour to Sander's lab.
It's just gone.
I'll keep looking for it, but I'm not gonna be able to get it to you tonight.
NANCY: Did he steal the evidence? But why? Good idea.
Purple clouds.
Should the mountain be blue? This is fun.
Are you having fun? Are you Dead Lucy? When nothing's as it seems Who should I be? Who should I be? (SIRENS WAILING) When nothing's as it seems Who should I be? Who should I be now? NICK: Wait, is that Laura's car? OFFICER: Right there.
Who should I NICK: Oh, my God, Ace.
Who should I, who should I My teeth grinding NANCY: I used to judge the people of Horseshoe Bay for fixating on Dead Lucy's ghost while her killer walks free.
Living in denial instead of facing the truth.
And then I did the same thing.
(SIGHS) I'm glad we could do this.
NANCY: No one wants to believe that someone so close to them could do something so unspeakable.
Same way they handled everything back then Carson Drew.
NICK: Eastern Shore Shipping, that's the Hudsons' shell company, and they made a sizable, one-time payment to your dad back in 2000.
NANCY: But denial? That's no way to live.
Did you kill Lucy Sable? Who should I be now?
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