Nancy Drew (2019) s01e08 Episode Script

The Path of Shadows

1 Previously on Nancy Drew Turns out the Hudsons did pay someone a large sum of money two days after Lucy was killed.
It was Carson Drew.
BESS: I guess I've just been on my own for so long, I never let myself get close to someone like that.
Since Lucy communicates through electronics, we can have her answer questions through the dragon.
Green for yes, the mouth red for no.
Are you haunting me because of what I found in the attic? I think you're working for McGinnis.
McGinnis caught me hacking into a government computer system.
It's a federal offense.
How am I supposed to trust anything you say? I'm gonna fix this.
Laura may have killed Tiffany.
I didn't want to drive down the coast alone.
- Gives us time to talk, too.
- Yeah.
NICK: Oh, my God.
(INDISTINCT SHOUTING) (SIREN WAILING) NANCY: Everything seems to move in slow-motion in an accident.
The worst part is when you can see the collision coming and you just can't do anything to stop it.
Did you kill Lucy Sable? Did I Did I kill Lucy Sable? - I have evidence.
- You have evidence? Had evidence: an unidentified female hair found in Lucy's broken crown from the night she died.
That crown disappeared from the lab where it was being processed, in Boston.
But you already knew that.
So you can stop acting offended.
You're trying to figure out how I know? The GPS on your phone.
That's the part you forgot to cover up.
Cover up? I didn't That was Lucy Sable's bloody dress in the attic that you lied about.
- Nancy - Lucy knew Hudson family secrets in the past.
Tiffany knew Hudson family secrets in the present.
Both of them are dead.
And both times, the Hudsons called in their favorite lawyer to come and clean up the mess.
I didn't kill anyone! Who do you think you're talking to? I'm not some kind of hit man.
I have reason to suspect you.
You suspect everyone of everything.
You always have, ever since you were a kid.
But if you keep suspecting the people closest to you of horrific crimes, you're gonna end up alone.
I tried calling.
George, this is not a good time.
There was an accident.
It was Ace.
Nancy Drew 1x08 The Path of Shadows Hey.
How are you? Are there updates? What's going on? (EXHALES) Laura Tandy's being prepped.
Uh, Ace is already in surgery.
Waiting rooms are overflowing with family.
There's a lot of cops.
Ace's father was something of a legend on the force.
I'm gonna go check in.
BESS: Nick was at the scene of the accident.
He sent pictures.
- (SIGHS) - Oh, my God.
- Yeah.
- NANCY: If Laura Tandy dies, so does her claim to Tiffany's estate.
Bet that would make your bosses happy.
Did the Hudsons send you here? She's here for me, for support.
And I'm sure her employers are really hoping everybody pulls through.
Okay, Drew No, it's okay.
Everybody's on edge.
Are those Ace's? Yeah.
Paramedics had to cut his clothes off.
I didn't want his mom to see.
What are you doing? Last time we talked, Ace and I had a difficult conversation.
About what? He felt like he was letting us down.
He wanted to prove something.
Trying to figure out if Laura was connected to Tiffany's death.
That's why he was with her.
Bess, can you unlock this, please? What makes you think I know his passcode? You two are that kind of close.
(SIGHS) Last text was to you, Nancy.
"Send u what I find".
There's an audio recording, time-stamped an hour ago.
That's about when the crash happened.
ACE: I mean, you can't know what goes on inside someone else's family.
- I'm just trying to get a sense of you and your sister.
- Bess, I'm gonna go.
- Okay.
- LAURA: Well, how are you and your family - ACE: Laura, slow down! - LAURA: My foot's not even on the gas.
- No, I swear, look! - ACE: Laura! - LAURA: I-I'm not doing it! - ACE: Slow down! - LAURA: I can't control it! - ACE: Hit the brakes! - LAURA: I-I can't - (TIRES SCREECHING) What the hell? Who's in control of the car? Somebody who wanted Laura Tandy dead.
This was definitely not an accident.
Your friend's brain readings are concerning.
We're struggling to find a medical explanation for why he's in a coma.
- Wait, what? - Did you say coma? Head injuries are unpredictable.
(FADING): We'll keep monitoring him overnight.
I'll run some more tests and some scans.
Hopefully he'll show some signs of improvement (EERIE MOANING, HISSING) Ace? NANCY: Chief? You look like you saw a ghost.
That's a look I'm starting to recognize around here.
Deep thought and later you rise - For an hour, you owe me time - What are you studying? BESS: Oh.
Um I'm just stress-shopping.
I bought some Rockstar jeans to come overnight.
We've been here overnight.
Hey, then, where are my jeans? (LINE RINGING) (PHONE VIBRATING) Hey.
Any change? NANCY: They rushed Laura into surgery.
She has a ruptured kidney.
Ace's brain readings are still abnormal.
Are you at work? You could take a day off, you know.
It's not like you need the money anymore.
Work keeps my mind off other things.
Point taken.
And you? I-I, uh Uh, no, I mean, I mean, you guys must be exhausted, right? Um, I'm just tired of waiting around.
George had to go home to look after her sisters.
We've just been waiting here.
If Laura's car was tampered with, i-is there any chance somebody could take remote control of that vehicle? Well, if you crack the self-drive features, yeah.
But-but you'd have to patch a receiver into the CPU.
Yeah, but who could've done that? You're gonna be the first person they look at because you serviced her car yesterday.
Hey, all I did was change the oil.
Anyone else could've gotten access to it while it was in your garage? Uh, no, I-I I didn't see anyone.
A receiver could still be attached to the car.
Think you could get back into the police impound lot? If you can be on distraction detail.
(CLEARS THROAT) Officer Rawley.
You're the person to speak to about the car crash? I am handing the investigation.
Okay, well, I need to Hey, Chief.
Got a minute? No skid marks, no signs of braking or the car losing control.
That indicates that it was intentional.
Or the driver's intention to crash her car.
You think she was suicidal? Ace recorded his conversation with Laura right before the car crashed.
She did not sound suicidal or like she was in control of the car.
Ace was only there 'cause he was trying to build a case against her.
He was working for you.
(SIGHS) It was a favor.
Ace was arrested out of state.
I made a deal so he wouldn't go to jail.
As a favor to who? I owed his dad.
But you-you care about Ace, too.
Chief, uh, you saw something in the hospital.
I heard you say Ace's name.
People say a lot of things when they're worried.
But you were talking to an empty closet.
Do you believe in the supernatural? I didn't use to, but I have seen some things that have changed my point of view.
So, if there's something that you know I'm a police officer, Drew.
Of course.
I just got hopeful.
I'd try anything to help my friend.
(GHOSTLY WHISPERS) Why am I going back in the cage? Charlie and Jesse got sleepovers and Mom's on a booze cruise with the harbormaster.
Anyways, it's not a cage.
You should still feel guilty about ditching me.
- Feeling less guilty now.
- (SCOFFS) NICK: Okay, so, I didn't find a remote device attached to Laura's car.
But it could've been removed after the accident.
What we're looking at now are the diagnostics I took from Laura's CPU.
The computer inside her car.
And these were what we had on file from her CPU yesterday.
We're looking for discrepancies? Yeah.
Um, the oil change I did should be reflected in the service log.
But it's gone.
You know, someone wiped the computer, probably to bypass its security.
Time stamp on the real records prove that the car was accessed after Laura picked it up from the garage? That gets J.
Dodd's Repair Service off the hook.
So we're looking for someone who also knows cars.
What? Oh.
Come on.
Of course Lisbeth knows cars, she's a driver.
For the Hudsons.
And the Hudsons want Laura out of the picture so they can access her sister's estate.
You think she'd kill for them? - No.
I - What the hell's been going on in here? Can you be more specific? Someone in this town has been tampering with the spirit world.
We could stand here all day, or one of you can start talking.
Dead Lucy - (OTHERS GROAN) - was on Nancy's phone video.
We went to a medium to see what she wanted, and then the medium freaked and vanished.
Not like mystical vanished.
She just, like, skipped town.
Then there was this '70s throwback lady who applied for a job during the Nor'Easter storm.
She also might've been dead, not sure.
BESS: But Tiffany Hudson's ghost definitely attacked me in a freezer right before she possessed George.
NICK: And there was the antique coins that opened the door to a crowd full of spirits during the séance.
- Séance? - NANCY: Yeah.
I conducted it with a crash course from Victoria.
My mom's a clairvoyant.
It's why she's a raging alcoholic.
What does this have to do with Ace? You all have been reckless.
This place is still cluttered with spirits, even worse than the hospital.
So you did see something at the hospital? What was it? (SIGHS) I believe I saw Ace's spirit.
Ace is dead? MCGINNIS: He's not dead.
He's lost, scared.
The trauma of the crash, it dislodged his soul from his body.
Well, how do we get it back into his body? If Ace is lost in the spirit world, he's frozen in the moment of his greatest fear.
What, the-the car wreck? - Then we'll have to go after him ourselves.
- Yeah.
NANCY: George has channeled a spirit before and I've made contact, so is there a way together that we can bring Ace back? In a place that's not so infested with dark spirits? Nancy does have this ghost world access on tap.
Where else have you been in contact? What'd she do now? We're gonna perform a ceremony that'll hopefully save Ace's life.
There's room for a fourth.
You want in? NANCY: You're always telling me I should have more friends over.
What exactly are you doing? Every culture has its own on-ramp to the spirit world.
We're gonna use McGinnis's.
Your home is in direct view of Cadillac's Peak.
In my tribe, places within sight of the ocean and mountains are sacred.
Now, you'll be calling in a lost soul, and if we do this properly, we'll be transported to the outermost layer - of the spirit realm.
- GEORGE: Layers? Kind of like Dante? Hey, I paid attention in English class, okay? MCGINNIS: Normally, the outer layer of the spirit realm is quiet, but now NANCY: We clogged it with dead souls who came for the burial coins during our séance.
There are many things you and I need to discuss.
Can you fill this with water? Sacred water? Tap is just fine.
I'm sure George will be back soon.
Let me know if you want more ice cream.
- Hi.
- The Hudson folks got in this morning on a seaplane from Portland, but no one from the family was here yesterday, which means Lisbeth had no reason to be in town.
She said she was at work when she called me yesterday.
Why would she lie? That's up to you to find out.
- Hey.
Delivery guy was out front.
- (GASPS) Left a package for you.
My Old Navy Rockstar jeans.
- You know what you need to do? - Put on my mission pants? (SIGHS) Hey.
No, no change.
Um, I really need to see you.
Okay, great.
MCGINNIS: Now, if we sit with a shared vision, one of us will enter the spirit realm.
Just one? How will we know? You'll know.
I receive this pipe as a gift from my teacher.
Years ago, I carved these figures from stone to represent the animal beings.
There's an empty slot in the case? The bear.
I gave that away already to Ace.
When he was just a boy, his father was in a terrible accident, too.
And I told Ace that the bear would keep him safe.
And his father survived.
And if we're successful, Ace will, too.
Please, take an offering.
The wolf.
The whale.
GEORGE: A turtle.
Of course it's me.
McGinnis brought a pipe you'd like.
Ace? Can you hear me? (GASPS) Not Ace.
Random ghosts.
These must be the ones that came for the coins.
(GASPING) NANCY: That's the part you forgot to cover up.
- (INDISTINCT VOICES ECHOING) - (GASPING) Ace? What do you see? (GEORGE BREATHING SHAKILY) There are black clouds everywhere.
There could be residual dark energy in this space, unresolved emotions.
Has there been conflict here? George, hold Ace in your mind.
Focus on where to find him, the place of his fear, the car crash.
Stay calm.
Or else what? Okay.
I'm kind of freaking out now.
- (NANCY AND CARSON ARGUING INDISTINCTLY) - (GASPING) - CARSON: You always have, ever since you were a kid.
- (GEORGE HYPERVENTILATING) - But if you keep suspecting the people - Help.
Help me.
Oh, my God, Ace? I'll get you out of here.
He wasn't there.
All I see is darkness.
NANCY: I have reason to suspect you.
CARSON: horrific crimes, you're gonna end up alone.
(GASPING) It's coming from you two.
What? MCGINNIS: I can feel it.
George can feel it.
She can't find her way because of the conflict between you.
- Nancy, can I talk to you outside? - (GASPS) No! (STAMMERS) You've broken the circle.
Can't you just keep going without us? No.
We can't continue this until both of you solve your issues.
What happens if we don't complete the ceremony? We don't just lose Ace.
George will never find her way back.
Whatever's going on between you two, settle it now.
Kicked out of mystical ceremony, that's a first.
This is serious and it would work a lot better if you took it seriously.
So, you heard him, let's clear the air.
Since when do you believe in the supernatural? Since I started looking into Lucy Sable's death.
And why are you doing that? I have a theory about what got her killed.
I think Lucy saw Celia Hudson having an affair - with Sebastian Marvin.
- How would you know about Lucy was murdered in 2000, Sebastian was killed in a shipwreck around the same time.
I believe the Hudsons took them both out, and my fear is that you were a part of it.
I don't clean up the Hudsons' dirty work.
- That's not what I'm doing.
- But you did, though, once.
The night Lucy Sable died, yes, the Hudsons sent me to look for her.
They had no idea where she was.
I have no idea why they were keeping tabs on her.
Maybe she did know something that she shouldn't have.
There's no way to be certain about that, but what I can tell you is, by the time I got to the bluffs, Lucy was already gone, over the edge.
You were at the bluffs the night Lucy was murdered? What did you do? I panicked mainly.
My heart broke for that poor girl.
Why didn't you tell me this? Not because I killed her, I can promise you that.
Nancy, if this is something that you need to know about, I can tell you every detail, but you have to choose to believe me.
As soon as we save Ace and George, you tell me everything.
Is that Lucy Sable's dress? "Lucy Sable once was able to look upon the sea".
It's everywhere, on the walls.
Like Lucy wrote it a hundred times.
She must've tried so hard before it finally worked.
Why is this house so important to Lucy Sable? - Hey.
- Hi.
Is everything okay? No.
I think I'm falling apart.
You know, I-I know we just started dating.
I mean, are we even dating? I don't know what we are, but Can I fall apart on you? Easy on the ham, Bess.
We're trying to get a confession here.
Yeah, of course.
I wish you came straight to see me when you got back to town.
I had some work to do.
I'm sorry.
What kind of work? LISBETH: I was sent to pick up some of Ryan Hudson's things, stuff he needs at his wellness retreat.
BESS: So you don't just drive for them? No, I do odds and ends.
Have they ever asked you to hurt someone for them? No.
I no, that's not who I am.
Well, who are you exactly then? Because you're not who you claim to be.
LISBETH: What are you talking about? BESS: Well, you're hiding something.
Your social media.
This post, "dated" December of 2016, features an Issey Miyake blouse that wasn't available until fall 2017, and these shoes Why-why are we talking about my clothes? Because your online identity is a, is a fabrication.
- Everyone's is.
- No! You didn't exist before, like, five years ago.
Hon, did you do their dirty work? Do your bosses know? Did you hurt my friend?! - No, I didn't.
- Well, we'll see.
Because I'm gonna ask the Hudsons.
I You know, I'm gonna go straight to the cops.
No, no, no, no, no.
Bess, please.
(SIGHS) You can't.
You can't.
You cannot speak to the Hudsons.
You cannot speak to the local police because I am undercover.
I'm sorry, you're what? (SIGHS) Bess, I'm state police.
I've been tasked with investigating the Hudsons.
We think they have someone in the local police force on their payroll.
- (GASPING) - MCGINNIS: Focus on Ace.
Call in his spirit.
(GASPS) McGinnis? You mean there's no way to stop the bleeding? You mean there's no way to stop the bleeding? Is she talking about Ace? Tell Thom we're here for him.
Who's Thom? It's Ace's father.
This is good.
I think George is seeing a reflection of Ace's past, a night in a hospital waiting room.
I was there.
In the spirit world? No, in real life, 15 years ago.
The night Ace's father almost died in the line of duty.
I was with Ace in that waiting room all night.
You said Ace would be frozen in the moment of his greatest fear, but what if that wasn't his car crash? It was the moment he thought his father was going to die.
We need to look for a different version of Ace.
He was six years old that night in the wintertime.
A high-speed chase that nearly killed his father.
(SHUDDERING BREATHS) Happened on the ice in a snowstorm.
These boots don't belong.
I have bare feet.
You do.
(CHUCKLES) Don't forget the boots.
Did it work? Did you find Ace? That's his bear.
He's with me.
) He didn't wake up.
The doctor noticed a change in his brain waves.
It was significant.
Just not quite a miracle.
But you made a difference, right? Ace's spirit is back in his body.
But he has work to do on his own now.
There was something else I saw on that spirit walk.
I think Ace was trying to give me a clue.
Nick and Bess have been texting.
A lot of red siren emojis.
(EXHALES) GEORGE: What's with the 911 texts? "Don't trust the cops"? Um (CLEARS THROAT) we have a source that says there's a dirty cop in Horseshoe Bay.
You have a "source"? BESS: There are reasons we cannot reveal the identity of You know her town car is parked outside.
Oof, I do not know whom you are referring to.
LISBETH: I don't expect you to keep my cover.
Although I should have gotten you to build my legend.
NANCY: You're a cop.
Well, you were right to suspect her.
(SIGHS) No one could like Bess that much.
(SCOFFS) Well, that part is real.
- Right? - Yeah.
- Yeah.
- It was.
Past tense? Well, there's no way I can stay under now.
The Hudsons are already asking questions about me seeing you.
And now that you all know NICK: We'll keep your secret.
You have a criminal record, and she's got an arraignment pending.
I'm not sure I'd trust you guys with a surprise party.
Oh, well, we also have the Hudsons' secret books on a USB.
Does that sweeten the deal? I have access to HBPD financial records.
We could always cross-reference outgoing transfers from Hudson family accounts with deposits made by local police.
If there is a dirty cop working for the Hudsons, couldn't they have been the one who put the receiver on Laura's car? The could have cleaned it up at the scene.
Okay, um I think I know what boots they were wearing.
I don't exactly know how to explain it, but I think it was the last thing Ace saw.
Leather boots with brass eyelets.
Worn by the person that caused the accident.
Your shoe leather is actual shoe leather? Bess, if I come forward, there's a chance I could get pulled from the field.
Let me do it.
I'm apprehensive.
NANCY: Chief, look at those numbers.
There's clearly a long pattern of payments between the Hudson family - and the private accounts of - What's your source? - It's confidential.
- (KNOCK ON DOOR) Chief.
Final report on the Laura Tandy incident.
You found no foul play? No, sir.
The car's CPU was wiped.
You didn't find that suspicious? I beg your pardon, that's You know, for a dirty cop, you clean up too thoroughly.
You should have at least made up some sort of mess about the CPU being wiped.
Here, Chief, look at the other printout.
The car's actual maintenance records.
And then compare that to the doctored version that Officer Rawley just handed you.
How do you explain this? You can check his personal accounts, and that'll link him right to the Hudsons.
What exactly are you accusing me of? Killer boots, by the way.
The Hudsons won't ask me to defend a dirty cop.
It would confirm Rawley worked for them.
They'll just claim the money was a friendly loan, and pay him for his silence.
So what do we do about them? We do nothing.
Nothing? So, what, we just hope that Laura Tandy lives long enough for them to take another shot at her? What if they find out how we caught Rawley? How did you catch him? George brought something back.
I just don't want any more people I care about getting hurt.
Neither do I.
Okay that night on the bluffs.
I saw tire tracks in the dirt, a piece of broken crown on the rocks, and Lucy's dress dangling off that cliff face.
And you just took it.
Why? Why didn't you turn it over to the cops? I wanted to.
But if it was a Hudson I was scared of what they'd do to us.
So Laura Tandy was not the first person the Hudsons drove into a ditch.
And if they can do that to a billionaire heiress, imagine what they could have done to your mom and me.
And you.
I had to protect us.
So you left town and took a check the Hudsons wrote you for $50,000? That money was for services rendered long before that night on the cliff, and yes, it helped us get away from them.
It's why we stayed in Europe for the first year of your life.
So now you know what happened.
If you need to go report me, report me.
You've done all this illegal stuff.
It's just so not how I would handle things.
It's exactly how you handle things.
I do not cover up for murderers.
But you do break the law.
You stole evidence from the morgue, and you sent it out of state because you believed that it was the right thing to do.
I understand that impulse.
It runs in the family, I guess.
And yes, I did take your evidence from John Sander's lab.
You were right about that.
But I did it to cover for you.
(PHONE VIBRATING) NANCY: Hey! What the hell?! You broke up with Bess? This will only take a minute, Mrs.
She's crying her eyes out.
She thought you were one of us.
Yeah, well, she thought wrong.
You know I already took down one Hudson goon today.
- (SCOFFS) - (SLAPS CAR) - Step away.
- Or what? You really don't know who you're dealing with.
Don't test me again.
- (CHUCKLES WEAKLY) Hopefully, that little performance will ensure Lisbeth's cover as a loyal Hudson flunky.
Come on.
You know, I really don't think they'd suspect her now.
She really played her part.
Yeah, she was very convincing.
(DOOR CREAKING) Mom? Do you want this? (WHIRRING, SPARKING) What's behind the mask - Once you do, you can't turn back - The other side of the veil Don't get lost on the trail.
All right, shorty, you've been adequately good today, so Ted? Okay, not funny, Ted.
Where are you? Ted! - (BELL JINGLES) - Ted! Ted!
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