Nancy Drew (2019) s01e11 Episode Script

The Phantom of Bonny Scot

1 I've been watching - Wow.
- All of my past repeating There's no ending And when I stop pretending See you standing Facing All mirrors are erasing Losing beauty At least at times it knew me At least at times it knew me I missed you.
At least at times it knew me.
(THUDDING) (DOOR CREAKS OPEN) (EERIE BREATHING ECHOES) (THUDDING) (SHRIEKS) (GASPS) (EXHALES) NANCY: Either Dead Lucy really wants me to check out what's in here or she's got some pretty strong opinions about my love life.
- Mom was Lucy Sable's guidance counselor? - (BUZZING) Dad.
Hey, you.
It's so good to see you.
Yeah, you, too.
(HANDCUFFS CLICK) You okay? Yeah.
I'm okay.
We're gonna get you out of here.
It's just, uh All that stuff that I wrote in my journal, it was just They-they were just theories, and they were wrong.
And I am gonna fix this.
- Hey.
- I promise you, I will fix it, because Hey, hey.
Can we just Can we take a minute? I'm happy you're here.
How are you? You look tired.
I found a box of Mom's old files underneath the staircase.
She was a guidance counselor at Keene High? She never told me that.
Old history, I guess.
It was while she was getting her master's.
She had a folder for Lucy Sable.
But it was empty.
Do you know why? No.
I don't.
Your mom was meticulous with her files.
It's just I think that whatever was supposed to be in that folder could lead us to Lucy's real killer.
Maybe there was something incriminating in Lucy's transcript.
Something that the Hudsons wanted gone.
Is there any chance that they could've gotten access to Mom's stuff? Your mom and I shared a home office.
Everett came to see me there occasionally.
- Maybe he took it.
- If he did, he would've destroyed it.
I don't want you getting involved.
Then you get involved.
Fight this.
Tell the cops that it was the Hudsons who sent you to the cliffs the night Lucy died.
I can't prove that.
It would be their word against mine, and my prints are on the knife.
You know that they could've paid somebody - to plant your prints.
- Or maybe I did stumble across the knife that night, and I just - I forgot about it in all the confusion.
- Dad, stop second-guessing your memory.
We have to find the person that actually did do this so that we can get you out of here.
Let this go.
You know me better than that.
Nancy Drew 1x11 The Phantom of Bonny Scot Hey, Owen.
Uh, give me a call back.
I'm working on this "two birds, one stone" thing with my dad, and, also, I was thinking of you.
Glad I'm not the only one who was running late.
I didn't see Ace's car in the parking lot, either.
He's fishing with his dad, and George is in a meeting.
So we have a minute, which is good, because I need to clear my throat chakra.
Some sort of disturbance in the Force? No, Owen called.
I'm having lunch with Aunt Diana today.
Going full Marvin.
I know.
(CHUCKLES) It's exactly how I manifested it.
Unless I totally blow it.
I-I could totally blow it.
- I-I - Aren't you in by virtue of DNA? No.
Genetics gets you through the door.
It's not like we were doing well before the rich lady was murdered.
All right, well, have you seen the sales from the last two weeks? It's a Band-Aid on a fire hydrant.
Dawn, I can fix this.
I'm putting The Bayside Claw on the market.
What? MAN: You're still working at J.
Dodd's and living there? Yeah.
I like the commute.
Well, you got your GED.
You got options.
And here's the good news.
This is the last time you're gonna have to hear me say that.
We have reached the end of our court-ordered counseling sessions.
After today, you're on your own.
So What is it you want? What if I don't know, Keenan? Well, I hear Florida's nice.
I'm not ready to face my family yet.
My parents are teachers, and my cousins are in med school.
And I'm the guy who spent two years in prison.
If you don't quit looking in the rearview mirror, you'll never change that.
- (BELL JINGLES) - What (SIGHS) I'll be back as soon as I can.
Wait, seriously? We'll be waterfront condos by then.
Hudson, you need to help my father.
I have no idea what you're talking about, though I admire your allergy to pleasantries.
My father's in jail because of the money you wired him to clean up Lucy Sable's murder.
Never hired Carson to clean up a crime scene.
You and I both know he didn't do it.
You have the leverage to get him out of there.
A phone call to a judge or the state police is all it would take.
You want something in return.
Owen Marvin thinks I had something to do with his Uncle Sebastian's death on the Bonny Scot.
He's spreading rumors that some artifacts from the ship have resurfaced.
But since the Bonny Scot's cargo sank along with her, anything he has is counterfeit.
Still, I can't have him slandering my family by suggesting we've been engaged in insurance fraud.
Not to mention murder.
I mean, the ship went down with her crew, right? It was a tragic accident.
Find out what Owen thinks he has.
Don't you have people that usually do this kind of stuff for you? Yes, I do.
And he's in jail.
You want my help getting him out or not? You know your way out.
(EERIE BREATHING ECHOES) (LIQUID DRIPPING) (SIGHS) LISBETH: So, you said your house is on this street? BESS: I said my residence was.
Home sweet home.
- (DINGS) - BESS: Oh, I stole those.
Yeah, when-when I get anxious, I get klepto.
Oh, don't arrest me.
For what? Definitely did not just hear you admit to petty theft.
Tell me everything.
I grew up in Tower Hamlets, a rough neighborhood in East London.
That's where my dad's from.
- You don't have an accent.
- Oh, no.
That does not go with the future I'm manifesting for myself.
Or maybe it's an opportunity to embrace authenticity.
I'm kind of a fan of the Brits, myself.
(BRITISH ACCENT): Are you sure? - (EXHALES) Oh, yeah.
- (CHUCKLES) (LAUGHS) So, when did you leave London? A year ago.
I came here to be an au pair for a family in New Hampshire.
But I got fired for stealing.
And now I can't go back.
My visa ran out a few months ago.
But I'm hoping, with the Marvins' influence, they can get me a green card if all goes well today.
It will.
Okay? You can get through lunch with Diana.
(CHUCKLES) And as for me accepting you, that ship has totally sailed.
GEORGE: You said, if I ever needed something, you would help me, right? Right.
Will you help The Claw for me? It's going under, and it's the only thing I have paying my family's rent.
Look, I have plans to bring a new business, but I can't do that if they turn this place into condos.
- Why don't you just get a job somewhere else? - Not an option.
Between me and my mom, other restaurants aren't exactly fans of the Fans.
And neither is any other place in town, really.
- Well - No, look.
We just need $40,000 to catch up with payroll and overdue bills.
Then we can keep the lights on for the next few months, while I get this place going again.
Look, and we'll pay you back, with interest.
I wish that I could, but I'm-I'm working through some stuff with my family right now.
I'm sorry.
How goes "Making a Marvin"? Trying not to freak out.
It's nice to hear the real you.
Yeah, I'm giving her a go.
Hey, is there any chance Owen's gonna be at this lunch? He's not returning my calls.
Why do you need him? Everett Hudson wanted me to find out if Owen has anything on him.
He claims he'll help get my dad out of jail in return.
I'm not gonna sell out Owen.
I just think it could be helpful - if Everett thinks that I am willing to.
- Devious.
I like it.
Yeah, we should ask Owen for help.
You know, I actually keep a running tab on the Marvins at all times.
Not in a stalker way.
I had to know exactly where they were in order to avoid them before I could present myself.
- Yeah, I'm, like, a reverse stalker.
- When it comes to following people around without their knowledge or consent, I am somewhat of a repeat offender.
This is true.
Okay, so Owen should be having his weekly trim.
Done in 15 minutes.
I'll drive.
(LINE RINGING) (CELL PHONE RINGING) BESS: Guess he's not endgame after all.
I am only disappointed because of the task at hand.
You keep telling yourself that.
Why are you ducking my calls? Yeah.
Is it another girl? Oh, how could you put me in the middle of this, Owen? No, no other girls but you two.
Bess, I thought you'd be getting ready - for lunch with Diana.
- No.
I have exactly one hour, six minutes and 52 seconds.
And I'm British, by the way.
- Okay.
- Is this about the Bonny Scot? This is why I've been avoiding you, Nancy.
It's impossible to keep anything from you.
Come on, follow me.
(KNOCKING) Bashiir? I'm Owen.
We spoke on the phone earlier.
You didn't mention bringing others.
Uh, sorry.
Uh, these two are habitual party crashers, but they're on our side.
(CHAIN SLIDING, CLACKING) Bess, Nancy, this is Bashiir, sole survivor of the Bonny Scot.
My family had a lobster-fishing business in Mogadishu.
The warlords seized it and killed my parents.
I fled.
So sorry.
(CHUCKLES WRYLY) I met a man, Gabriel, who could get me on a ship to the U.
I paid him everything I had.
Gabriel was one of my Uncle Sebastian's partners in Turkey.
- He told me about Bashiir.
- I stowed away aboard the Bonny Scott when it was docked in Istanbul.
It wasn't hard to hide.
The shipping containers were empty.
Because the cargo never made it on board the Bonny Scot.
What happened the night she sank? I don't like reliving it.
OWEN: Please.
I just want to know what happened to my uncle.
I snuck up to the top deck to look at the stars, and a bomb exploded below deck.
How did you know that it was a bomb? From the war.
I know the sound.
I was able to get to the life raft.
I was the only one.
The fishing boat found me.
They asked me where to drop me off.
I didn't know.
The crew on the Bonny Scot talked about this place, Horseshoe Bay, so I just said that.
And and you've been here ever since? My plan was to claim asylum once I got here.
But I was afraid to come forward.
I thought the authorities wouldn't believe me.
Or worse, they'd blame me.
Why would they blame you? Because of where I'm from.
People sometimes suspect the worst when they hear the words "Somali" or "undocumented".
Maybe we can help you with your immigration status.
OWEN: If you can tell people what really happened.
Look, I know I should go to the police.
I know that.
But I don't want to have to leave.
I've made a good life fishing here.
You ask me to risk everything I have.
I'm-I'm sorry.
I cannot do it.
NANCY: Bashiir.
How did you get these water stains? You all have to go now.
We're gonna help him, right? He'd make it easier if he were willing to come forward with his testimony.
We should help him anyway.
We're the good guys.
And I know what it feels like to come here, try and make a life, terrified that one day you'll be forced to leave.
(CELL PHONE CHIMES) (BESS SIGHS) I'm gonna be late for lunch.
But I will grab a Lyft and let you two talk.
So you were never gonna tell me you found a survivor? Was I supposed to? I care about getting justice for the Bonny Scot, too.
Yeah, I know.
But you've got your own stuff going on.
I think my dad being in jail qualifies as more than just "stuff".
And it deserves that insanely reckless, singularly focused drive that makes you great.
Why doesn't that feel like a compliment? It's recognition.
We both go after what we want, and we usually get it, even if it means other things fall by the wayside.
Other people, too.
(DOOR OPENS, FOOTSTEPS APPROACH) Ah I live for your tuna melts.
(CHUCKLES) Pretty sad.
Also, I'm sorry, but you have to pay for your food now.
Everything okay? The Claw's in some serious financial trouble.
I'm sorry.
I know how important this job is to you.
It's not just a job.
My grandparents supplied the fish for The Claw until my mom messed that up.
Dawn didn't hold that against me.
When my mom couldn't feed us, they always did.
I carved my name into every single one of these tables.
I mean, this place is more of a home than my actual home.
Sorry to get all gross about it.
No, don't be sorry.
Hey I've never had a connection to anything like that.
How you gonna save this place? I have ideas for next summer, but we're a seafood restaurant and a vacation town, and it's off-season, so Maybe have a party.
Hmm? Remind the locals lobster's good all year.
"Still Summer at The Bayside Claw".
I'll help.
(CHUCKLES SOFTLY) Can't pay you.
I could use a project.
You know, plus I work for tuna melts.
(LAUGHS) Yeah, you got some real problems.
(CHUCKLES) DIANA: Your mother was a rebellious spirit.
Pity she kept you from us.
There's a place for you in this family, Bess, should you want it.
I do.
I do.
I mean that would be wonderful.
Of course, being a Marvin means doing things the Marvin way.
Is there any other way? Well, you can help with the family business, too.
Mergers and acquisitions.
I do like buying things.
Bess, I want you to have lunch with Amaya Alston, heiress to the largest precious minerals distributor in North America.
- I would love to meet her.
- We've been wanting to get into business with the Alstons for years.
And she's about your age, so you'd have plenty to talk about.
And I think you'd like her a lot.
Are you worried about your girlfriend, Lisbeth? Don't be.
My hope is that Amaya will simply become a mentor to you in the world of business.
And as for Lisbeth, well, there's no issue with having fun with the drivers, bodyguards, pool boys or girls.
Your mother certainly did.
But Marvins don't marry drivers.
Bess, clear you schedule for dinner tomorrow night.
(BELLS JINGLE) GEORGE: Hey, hey, hey, where did those come from? We can't afford that.
Moonstone Castle Brewery donated 'em.
I convinced 'em to do a cross-promotional thing.
(SIGHS) (LAUGHS) Want to add your name? Really? You earned it.
But just one.
Use this.
What's all of - Ow.
um, this? - GEORGE: Hey.
- Hey.
I'm gonna go check on the clam delivery.
Uh "Still Summer at the Bayside Claw".
Yeah, George's big event to get in more traffic.
Well, we could certainly use it.
(SIGHS) You okay? Am I a bad person? No.
Where is this coming from? Everett Hudson offered to help get my dad out of jail.
- In exchange for ? - Spying on Owen and seeing if he has any leads on the Bonny Scot.
- And I'm guessing he does.
- He found a survivor, Nick.
This guy Bashiir he stowed away on the Bonny Scot, and he escaped as it sank.
And before you say anything, I'm not gonna give him to Everett.
I'm not a monster.
- No, you're not.
- Just selfish and cutthroat and willing to step over anybody to get what I want.
Why are you beating yourself up if you're not gonna do it? You're thinking about doing it? I don't want Bashiir to get hurt.
And if he didn't get hurt? If you went to Everett and you negotiated a scenario where Bashiir is safe and your dad is free? Then the Hudsons get away with murdering 12 innocent people.
A bad person wouldn't care about that.
Maybe a good person does their best to help as many people as possible.
And I've seen your best, Nancy.
There is nothing like it.
Um (CLEARS THROAT) What does what does Bashiir want? He's really scared of being deported, but there's something else, too.
His apartment it's-it's filled with this oozing water damage.
But it smells like the sea.
It's not normal.
You mentioned Dead Lucy left seawater behind, and she died in the water.
Think he's being haunted? I mean, he did survive something horrific.
We should go and visit him.
And we should go right now.
- Yep.
- Okay.
All right, 200 clams ready to shuck.
(DOOR CLOSES, BELLS JINGLE) Guess I'll just shuck myself.
Bashiir? It's Nancy from before.
What the ? Bashiir? BASHIIR: Help! (BASHIIR SCREAMING) Bashiir? - Bashiir? - Bashiir? Oh, my God, it's the Bonny Scot.
This must be what happened.
Help! Help! - I have to save them! - MAN: Hurry up! - (GRUNTING) - Hurry up! (PEOPLE YELLING) (GRUNTING) (PANICKING YELLING) Oh, no.
(WATER DRIPPING) Does this happen every night? For the past three weeks.
Since our séance.
The Roman burial coins must have woken up the ghosts of the Bonny Scot's crew.
I've tried to stay at a hotel.
It happens everywhere I go.
It's because I-I I couldn't save them.
(CRYING) Hey, hey, hey, I've I've made mistakes in my life.
And-and the guilt has been so big that I thought it would crush me.
That shame doesn't make things better.
It just stops you from moving forward.
I want to move forward.
And I'm I'm sure that feels impossible in your situation.
I know about being haunted.
Figuratively and literally.
So, if you feel like you owe something to these crew members, then help us get justice for them.
Will it make the hauntings stop? I-I truly believe that it will.
I want to show you something.
Oh, my God.
Are those - bomb fragments? - That's how I knew the explosion was no accident.
I used this as a shield when the fire broke out.
The bomb must have been hidden inside that trunk.
So what do we do with it now? RYAN: Why do you want to meet with me when you already sat down with my father? I have something to run past you.
Hypothetically, if I were to give Everett something on Owen Marvin, do you think I could trust him? If my father gave you his word, yes.
But, Nancy, it's not gonna end there.
If he wants dirt on Owen, he's got professionals.
Why-why does he call a college dropout? I didn't drop out.
I never applied.
It's different.
And I went to him.
Only, it doesn't matter.
Well, I am out of options.
Unless, of course, you would be willing to help.
(LAUGHS) I may have my issues with my father, but I know well enough not to get involved when he's in play.
(DOOR CLOSES, ENGINE STARTS) Day after day (BELLS JINGLE) (SONG CONTINUES PLAYING) (SCOFFS) Were you up all night? Oh, I I didn't know you were gonna keep working.
You didn't ask.
You just left.
I'm good.
Are we good? Sure.
I just have a lot to get done.
Hey, don't push me away just 'cause I want to help.
You call this helping? I call it hiding behind everyone else's problems.
You broke up with Nancy, yet you drop everything when she needs you.
We had to get to this guy's place - before a certain time.
- Mm-hmm.
And he could help us take down the Hudsons.
For Tiffany.
You make everyone else your project.
Look, you've got a bunch of money.
Why don't you go find a project of your own? EVERETT: Thanks for accepting our invitation.
It's been too long.
Has it? And I was thinking it could have been a little bit longer.
Oh, man, I wish I still drank.
So, is this your ticket to the Alston family? She is darling.
Bess is so much more than that.
And it's good to keep family close, what with someone going after Tiffany's poor little sister.
Dirty cop.
He'll pay for what he did.
I think you've paid him enough.
You don't think your family has skeletons? Ask your aunt about Mirror Bay.
Make no mistake, if you come after us, any destruction will be mutually assured.
If you're done threatening my nephew, Everett, - can you pass the salt? - (DOORBELL RINGS) My soup is a bit bland.
(DOOR OPENS) I need to speak with Everett.
- What are you doing here? - Nancy? - Uh - You can step into my office.
Is this why I haven't been able to reach our new friend? Everett's gonna help free my dad.
What's going on here? Owen found a survivor of the Bonny Scot.
Let's get this sorted out.
Well, dinner is getting cold.
And so what if there's a survivor? He can prove that your family sabotaged the Bonny Scot, killing the crew and my Uncle Sebastian to keep the artifacts for yourselves.
CELIA: Are you accusing us of murdering 12 people for insurance money? DIANA: Her shocked and offended face.
She's been honing it for decades.
The payout would have been pennies compared to what we would have made had Sebastian lived.
His death set back both our companies.
Billion-dollar deals fell apart.
Maybe it was less about business and more about Everett wanting to kill Sebastian for diddling you, - Celia.
- (CLEARS THROAT) - Mother? - Oh, my goodness.
NANCY: The survivor has physical evidence pieces of the actual bomb.
Which he could have gotten anywhere.
He knew the shipping containers were empty.
And he had a witness that helped him get on board.
How much to make this all go away? Green card and a nice retirement package for Bashiir.
I can do that.
Plus a new identity and a relocation someplace the Marvins can never find him.
Let's say two million? That'll work.
Bashiir's account number.
Drew, you certainly are your father's daughter.
Thanks for coming.
Enjoy the party.
LISBETH: Everyone, please stay seated.
Everett Hudson, you are under arrest for fraud, racketeering and 12 counts of murder.
The account you transferred that money into it's ours.
Wait, hold up, hold up.
- You're a cop? - I think it's called a sting, Ryan.
Looks like I won't be able to help your father after all.
I think we'll muddle through without you.
How could you let this happen? I should have left after I found the proof of your affair with Sebastian.
NANCY: The missing contents of Lucy's file.
- Everett did take it.
- (SIGHS) Hey.
Nice work.
Uh, you, too.
Thanks for the help.
Yeah, faking a fight with you is almost as fun as a real fight.
(CHUCKLES) - We owe you.
- Eh.
Consider us even.
For the coins.
And you're gonna help Bashiir.
Yeah, I'm financing his lobster operation, and I hired the best immigration lawyer on the East Coast.
Now, that seems very fair.
Like I said.
We go after what we want, and we get it.
If you'd been me and-and handing over Bashiir meant saving your family, would you have done it? Uh, I-I don't know.
It's a good thing you thought of another alternative.
Hey, can I finally take you out? To celebrate? Uh, I'd like to.
But I can't.
(SIGHS) Is this about Nick? It's not always about a guy.
CELIA: Your father will be out by the next shareholders' meeting.
Is that what you want? He's the head of this family, and, like it or not, he steers our ship.
He murdered Sebastian for payback.
11 men were collateral damage.
Police do not have proof of that.
Well, I have a Grecian urn from the Bonny Scot.
Is that proof enough? Oh, you wouldn't.
This family has drifted off course, Mother.
I think it's time I steer this ship.
When I was a boy I learned not to cry Ooh, all right, Picasso.
I learned how to rhyme I'll be right back with your drinks in a moment, okay? This ribbon of mine How are the clams? - (CHUCKLES) - Great.
Thank you.
Thank you, guys.
- Get a button.
- Thanks.
Oh! Hi, Dawn.
Welcome to The Claw.
I-I I love the party.
It's gonna be a weekly thing.
I was right about listing this place.
Got a call an hour ago with a bite.
I wanted to give you the heads-up.
I'm taking whatever they offer.
I'm sorry.
Stressful dinner, huh? Oh, you have no idea.
(BOTH CHUCKLE) I really like that you're keeping the accent.
- Thanks.
- Mm-hmm.
Yeah, you were pretty amazing tonight.
Well, I'm glad you think so.
Because I am maybe, kind of, sort of (TAKES A DEEP BREATH) falling in love with you, Bess Turani Marvin.
Well I'm a little, sort of falling, too.
(CELL PHONE VIBRATING) What is it? I'll deal with it tomorrow.
(BALLOON POPS) Hey, what's up? Figured you'd be on cloud nine right now.
- Dawn's selling The Claw.
- To who? Oh, I thought I was the only inquiry.
You're the one who inquired? O-Okay, um I was gonna run it by you before I made a real, actual offer.
Like you said, I have a lot of money.
Okay, but you can't just go and buy me a restaurant.
(CHUCKLES): I wasn't gonna buy it for you.
We could split it.
I'll loan you the money for half, and when we make a profit, - you can pay me back.
- Nick, no.
Okay, I didn't ask you for a loan, 'cause I didn't want you to put a target on your back by cashing the bonds Tiffany left you.
Okay, the bonds are untraceable if you use them right.
I can give Dawn, like, $400,000 worth of them.
She'd settle for way less.
I've been putting off thinking about my future.
Just taking it day by day because I didn't know what I wanted.
But something like this I can get behind.
Also, our party was a hit.
You and I make a great team.
Uh, well, I did most of the work, so And that's why I need you.
What do you say? You want to finish what you started? NANCY: Thought I'd do anything to get you out of there, but I just couldn't turn Bashiir over to Everett.
CARSON: You did the right thing.
I just wish you hadn't gotten involved.
He'll come after you for this.
I figured this was the only way to get you to abandon your non-tactic of just sitting in there and letting people think you're guilty.
Nancy, please listen to me.
Since you won't stand up to the Hudsons to protect yourself, I'm hoping you will do it to protect me.
You're taking your life in your hands.
I'm putting it in yours.
Because I need my dad back.
I'll call my lawyer.
I can't prove anything about Lucy, but There are things I know about the Hudsons.
Things I could leverage for a plea deal.
It's at least a place to start.
Thanks, Dad.
I love you.
I was left waiting - Out for the day - Keeping in trouble And keeping at bay If I live by the quiet light - Then I may learn - (WATCH BEEPING) How to play the game Alone - Alone - (LAUGHING) (SIGHS) Okay.
"Celia's spreading rumors about me.
My mom's gonna kill me if she finds out.
You don't understand.
If anything ever happens to me, it's my mother.
It's her fault".
Kill her? Could Lucy Sable's mother be a suspect in her murder? CELIA: Everett's in custody.
Carson knows enough to keep him in there forever, so I want you to make sure that Carson doesn't talk.
I want his daughter to get our message, too.
If the moon is on time tonight Then they may be alone.

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