Nancy Drew (2019) s01e12 Episode Script

The Lady of Larkspur Lane

1 NANCY: Hi, Josh.
Uh, I know that my father is in prison for murdering your sister, but I wanted to talk to you about your mother and ask whether or not she may have had homicidal feelings towards Lucy.
- Lucy Sable was killed by - Ah! Oh, my God.
killed by her mom? Sorry.
Bess, what are you doing here? I still have a key from when I stayed over.
Okay, but the question still stands.
Wardrobe crisis.
Okay? Um, Aunt Diana Aunt Diana Marvin is sending me on a critically important lunch meeting, and I am tired of everything I own.
So you came to raid my closet? Yeah, but my expectations are low, so What's this about Lucy Sable's mom? Turns out Lucy was afraid of her.
And how do you know that? Because she talked to her high school guidance counselor about it.
And her guidance counselor was my mom.
- Oh.
- I know.
I saw the transcript myself.
Lucy said that her mom was going to kill her because of the rumors the Hudsons were spreading.
Okay, whoa.
This is getting incestuous.
Do you really think Lucy Sable's mom would do that? No.
I'm betting Lucy meant it metaphorically.
But it shows me that her mom knows something.
And I am willing to chase any lead that could prove my dad is innocent.
- So - Yeah.
Happy hunting.
JOSH: Listen, Nancy, uh I'm sorry about your dad.
And for what it's worth, I don't think Carson murdered my sister.
Lucy loved her talks with Kate.
And she always said your dad was really decent to her.
Then help me prove his innocence.
If I could just talk to your mom, then My mom she's in a facility.
They don't accept visitors, unless they're family.
What if I said that I thought that she might hold the clue to finding Lucy's killer? I appreciate the effort.
I've spent the last 20 years hoping for justice.
It's not that easy.
I get that.
I do.
But I found some new information about Lucy My mom had a stroke after Lucy died.
She hasn't been the same since.
I doubt she'd be able to tell you much about anything.
I'm sorry.
It's okay.
ACE: So Diana wants you to make friends with this Amaya Alston? You're really good at that it sounds simple.
(CHUCKLES): Oh, but it's not.
No, Aunt, uh, Diana doesn't want me to just make friends.
- Really? - Yeah.
What does Lisbeth think about that? No, it's not romantic.
That's not what I meant.
Diana wants Amaya to mentor me in business.
And yes, Lisbeth knows about it.
- She's totally cool with it.
- Oh.
So the business thing is why I've been reading up on finance and mergers and investment strategies.
Diana wants me to make a good impression and forge a relationship that could open the doors so our family empires can work together.
- That's a lot.
- Mm.
And what if I make an impression that is mediocre, hmm? Who wants to mentor someone who is mediocre? - Bess, you are well above mediocre.
- (SIGHS): Ah.
You have to say that; you're my platanchor.
And as your platanchor, it's my contractual obligation to keep it real with you.
I mean, think about this.
You've convinced everyone including me, you're a rich socialite.
For months.
Business acumen doesn't have to be your forte, because if anybody can fake it, it's you.
Seriously, though, I mean, what's the worst that could happen? I totally blow it.
Hmm? Aunt Diana never forgives me.
I have to go back to the UK, to the family that wants nothing to do with me.
And that's if I don't go through immigration hell because of the sorry state of my documents.
Bess Marvin you got this.
Thank you.
- Thank you.
- Enjoy.
What do you think? (SIGHS) About a recipe for vampire dip? Yeah.
To add to the menu.
I thought you didn't want to get involved in the restaurant business.
I don't.
The Claw is for you.
It's your thing.
I just had a thought.
- (DOOR OPENS, BELL JINGLES) - Okay, boss.
NANCY: Boss? Um, uh n-n-not-not exactly.
Al Although I I did buy The Claw.
- You bought The Claw? - Look, we only did it to keep the place from going under.
You bought The Claw together? No.
I-I did it to help George out.
She's still running it.
She's the boss.
I'm-I'm a a silent partner.
I'm really happy for you guys.
And now we can all work together.
As a team.
Uh Like right now.
I'm actually here to ask for help.
To do what? (SIGHS) So, I think Lucy Sable wants me to talk to her mom.
- Okay.
- It's a long shot, I know.
But if Patrice Dodd knows something that could help - exonerate my dad - We're in.
Where's Lucy's mom now? Well, according to my last conversation with Josh, there's really only one place she could be.
The only mental hospital in Seabury County.
NICK: You're telling me this used to be someone's house? NANCY: Just the east wing.
The part we're gonna sneak in through.
Front door security is tight the only way you can get a visitors' pass is if you are relatives of a patient, and the rest of the building is heavily guarded.
So is there, like, a good-news component to any of this? They just started doing renovations last week.
So we have two options.
Air vents or the sewers? Up or down.
Your choice.
Okay, be honest did you go with sewers as a shout-out to Jean Valjean? Heh.
Not all my decisions are inspired by French novels, okay? I'd just rather keep my feet on the ground, is all.
GEORGE: Oh, look.
What kind of renovation is this? Ooh.
Are you sure this wing's only been closed a couple of weeks? It looks like it's been abandoned for decades.
Let's just find Lucy's mom and get the hell out of here.
I don't hear anyone out there.
Okay, all clear.
Let's go.
(ECHOING CHILDREN'S LAUGHTER) Nancy Drew 1x12 The Lady of Larkspur Lane (DISTANT SOFT CHATTER) Okay, first things first.
We need to get past the security desk and into the records room to find out where Patrice Dodd is living.
Nick, can you snag us some security passes - from the front desk? - Yeah.
We'll communicate by text.
Um, small problem with that.
No service.
Okay, how about we meet in front of the moldy hallway on the hour? Okay.
George, you're with me.
What's the plan? Please don't say I'm the distraction.
(WHISPERS): You're the distraction.
How did you ever have a solo career? (EXHALES) (CHUCKLES): Hi.
You must be Amaya.
I'm Bess.
From the Marvins.
You feel like a snack.
Wait, uh, is that an invitation or an observation? (EXHALES) That's a gorgeous ring.
(SIGHS): It was a gift.
From someone I hate.
(CHUCKLES AWKWARDLY) Um, Aunt Diana said that we would have things business things to talk about.
Things to talk about? Or something pretty for me to look at.
Okay, point your face at these guys, but keep it on mute.
I double-booked this slot.
- Okay.
- My time is money.
Good to see you.
Facing this way, single file.
(MAN SPEAKING INDISTINCTLY OVER SPEAKERS) Stay to the right! To the right! PRISONER: Everett Hudson has a gift for you.
(PHONE RINGS) Bayside Claw.
Under new management.
Is Nancy there? Mr.
No, she's out.
(SIGHS) I tried her cell.
It went right to voice mail.
Is everything all right? - I mean, beyond the obvious? - No.
No, it is not okay.
You need to get Nancy.
Everett Hudson put a target on my back.
I think it's happening today.
What? So-so, what I mean, your lawyer needs - to get you out of there.
- No.
I tried her already.
Radio silence.
For all I know, Everett threatened her.
The Hudsons can reach anyone: inmates, attorneys, COs.
That's why I need Nancy.
She can find out who to trust.
What about Chief McGinnis? No.
They're not gonna let me make another phone call.
You're it.
Okay? You got to get ahold of Nancy.
I got to go.
All right, just hang tight, all right? Nancy, I know you're in the middle of a thing, but I really need you to call me back.
But, uh, thing is that your dad is in trouble and there's no time to wait.
I'm sure, you know, it's gonna be okay.
Unless it isn't.
But, uh But it is.
It's gonna be, uh, good.
Just call me, call me back whenever you get a chance.
You owe me, Drew.
ORDERLY: Excuse me.
Where's your badge? You're not supposed to be in here.
We got a runner.
There may be more on the loose.
Keep checking.
"Temporarily relocated out of the East Wing.
Low-sodium vegetarian diet, need help walking" ORDERLY 2: Hey.
Where's your visitor's badge? You're not supposed to be here.
Uh, I-I must've dropped it.
Uh, I'm actually here to visit my aunt's room Hey, it's Sal.
I found the runner.
(EXHALES) I'm not a runaway visitor.
I-I just think I dropped my badge somewhere.
Well, we're being extra vigilant these days.
Because of what's been going on? I can tell you-you really care about this place.
Y-You care about safety.
Well, so do I.
That's actually why I'm here.
Who are you, really? I am from The Horseshoe Bay Ledger.
I'm writing a story about what's happening here.
You're here about the haunting? Yes.
(LAUGHS SOFTLY) I've been trying to tell people for weeks.
No one wants to talk about it.
I want to talk about it, for my story.
And you can remain totally anonymous, I just need you to tell me everything.
All right.
Uh, excuse me, sir.
Do you have a reservation? I have many, but I'm here anyways because I saw Ryan Hudson's car parked out front.
There he is.
Thank you.
I need to talk to you.
It's urgent.
Very important.
Will you excuse me for a minute, please? Thank you.
Did your dad order a jailhouse hit on Carson Drew? My father wouldn't do anything like that.
Your dad sank his own ship and killed the entire crew.
More recently, he had me and my girlfriend run off the road.
Carson represented you.
He had your back after your wife died, when nobody else would.
Call off the hit.
(CLEARS THROAT) If Carson Drew is being targeted, the only way you're gonna save his life is by getting him out of jail.
(CLEARS THROAT) - I need you to talk to Ryan.
- (WHISPERS): What are you doing? She's great, isn't she? Check your texts.
(CHUCKLES) SAL: The renovation is a total cover-up.
The haunting began three weeks ago.
We-we had a supernatural attack by mold and insects.
What happened? Well, it started with this ice-cold wind that kept blowing through the rooms of the East Wing.
Then the roaches came.
We called in exterminators, but no matter what, the bugs came back.
After that, the mold started.
That's when we moved everyone out and called in a priest.
He blessed the East Wing and sealed the doors.
These problems in the East Wing, did they happen to start after the night of September 10? You did your homework.
I got a report at the Ledger about some kids who conducted a séance and may have unleashed a dark spirit or two.
Hey, did they move the cafeteria? Let me guess.
Lactose intolerant? No, vegetarian.
That's a weird guessing game.
I pride myself on knowing every patient's dietary restrictions without having to look at their door labels.
So which one means vegetarian? Green apple.
Cryptic, right? Come on, buddy.
Let's get you to the cafeteria.
Okay, green apple means vegetarian.
Now, which one means low-sodium? When the 18th comes around, those put options will be so far in the money you'll get your face ripped off.
Gentlemen do we have a deal? I believe we do.
- Pleasure.
- Thank you.
(SIGHS) Nice meeting you.
Wait, that's it? Unless you want me to dumb down the epic deal I just negotiated.
I don't need you to bitchsplain the stock market to me.
(PHONE BUZZING) Wha (GASPS) - Is this from that tall jar of mayonnaise - that has a mad-on for Ryan Hudson? Look, the Hudsons have killed before, okay? Ryan is the only one that can stop it from happening again.
Bess Marvin.
You might be more interesting than I thought.
Mentoring moment.
Come on.
You - (LOCK BUZZES, LATCH CLICKS) - GUARD: Hold the line.
- Carson Drew.
- What is it? You're being transferred to State.
(BUZZING) Sign here, please.
ACE: You got it.
- What are you do - Shut up! We gonna have a problem? Can't stand the chatty ones, man.
I said get Nancy.
Don't worry about it.
I got a plan, Mr.
(ENGINE STARTS) Let me get this straight Let's not say it out loud.
You hacked into the Department of Corrections database, ordered my official transfer to the state prison, impersonated an officer of the law, stole a van Changed lanes without signaling.
That one just happened just now.
And broke me out of prison.
I am a prison escapee right now.
Technically, yes.
But if we reframe it No, no, no.
This doesn't get reframed.
You need to take me back to jail before they realize you took me, Ace.
Yeah, I'm not gonna do that, sir.
What do you think is gonna happen when I don't show up at the state prison? There will probably - be some confusion.
- Yes.
There probably will be.
But if I bring you back, you'll be killed.
For Nancy's sake, and for yours, I can't let that happen.
So, all due respect, Mr.
D, I'm not turning around.
(SIGHS) So what's this plan that you have? Step one was get you out of immediate danger.
Step two is get you someplace safe.
Step three is to get proof that your life is in danger, then we can ask a judge to do something about it.
This is Route 1.
Please tell me you're not just taking me to my house.
Where would you like to pretend that I'm taking you? Psst.
- Hi.
- (EXHALES): Hi.
Ah, impressive.
So, we wait in here till we meet Nancy in the East Wing in seven minutes.
So, what do we do for seven minutes? I actually have some ideas on restaurant management.
So proactive.
Your axe is huge, dude.
My axe? Whoa.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
- Slow down.
- I'm gonna chop off your cuffs.
Come on.
I went to archery camp, I got great aim.
- Archery camp? - Sit.
Look, the plan is to get the cops here so we can prove your life's in danger and negotiate your release.
At least this way, you'll be handcuff-free in the comfort of your own home.
Put them up.
Don't look at me.
- Three, two - (THUD) Mrs.
Dodd? Yes? How are you feeling today? Just fine.
What do you want? I actually want to talk to you about your daughter.
Lucy? What about her? Did Lucy ever do anything to upset you? What hasn't she done to upset me? Out all hours of the night with the wrong people.
Even last Friday.
What date was last Friday? 17th of September.
In-in 1999? Of course.
Come closer.
Kate Drew.
You're Lucy's guidance counselor.
I didn't recognize you without my glasses.
What do you want? Did Lucy finally convince you I'm the Wicked Witch? Why would she do that? Because she's starved for attention.
Haven't you figured that out yet? Mrs.
Dodd, Lucy's friends at school have started saying some really unkind things about her.
That's all they are.
Those kids will never know the truth about my Lucy.
I made sure of that.
What did you do? Mrs.
Dodd, did you hurt Lucy? Course not.
- Do you know someone who could have? - Could have done what? Lucy's fine.
Last time I saw her, she (EXHALES, INHALES SHARPLY) I'm so sorry.
- I didn't, um - She didn't come home.
Oh, no, no.
Not my Lucy.
She can't be gone.
She Who the hell are you? - You're not Kate Drew.
- I-I'm her daughter.
All you want to talk about is Lucy.
You're just like that other lady.
What other lady? The one that left me the key to Lucy's secret.
But no one will ever find it because I hid it.
Where did you hide the key? Someplace no one will ever find it.
- In the thin man's book.
- Is that here? At Larkspur Lane? He calmed the sea with a whisper.
- Who are you talking about? - He stilled the storm with a whisper, and the waves of the sea were hushed.
- Patrice, I - Get out.
Get out! Get out! Get out! Get Lucy! - ACE: Hello? - Ace, it's Karen.
Listen, I've told everyone here that you're a good kid.
But I need you to be honest with me.
Okay, is anyone hurt? No.
I-I mean, not yet.
Did Carson put you up to this? No, this was my idea.
Hey, Ace, give me the phone.
- No, I'm not I'm not gonna - Give me the phone.
Then demand an emergency hearing.
I demand an emergency hearing for Mr.
That's not gonna happen.
Okay? And this won't end well unless you ACE: Unless you go get the footage from Seabury County Prison that shows one of Everett Hudson's goons was gonna kill Mr.
- What? - ACE: Everett Hudson put a hit on Mr.
D's life to punish Nancy, probably keep him from spilling whatever he knows about the Hudsons.
So if you check the security tapes from between 9:00 a.
and noon today, - you'll see what I mean.
- Okay.
But I need to speak to Carson.
I'm not gonna let you try to convince him to come out with his hands up.
He He's my hostage.
Now get that footage, Karen.
Too strong? If you say anything with enough authority, - people will believe it.
- (EXHALES) Thank you.
(CLEARS THROAT) You are a Marvin.
Start acting like one and stop acting like a desperate little mentee.
Fake it till you make it.
Like you do? (CHUCKLES) How you pretend to be all ice-cold and don't give a crap about anything? You know, I might not know a lot about the business world, but I do know about being a human.
My guess is that that cocktail ring is a gift from someone you "hate" because they hurt you.
And now you wear it as a reminder to never let anyone get too close.
You-you pretend to not have a heart so no one takes advantage of it, but what you haven't figured out is that that's a strength.
It's not a weakness.
Bitchsplaining, was it? Yeah.
ORDERLY (IN DISTANCE): That makes six.
(INDISTINCT CONVERSATION) (CHILDREN LAUGHING) Nancy! Did you find Patrice's room, or do we have to do more laps? Okay, is it just me, or is this mold spreading really fast? Uh, yeah.
It was by the security desk, too.
(SIGHS) When we opened the doors to the East Wing, we must have unsealed whatever was containing it.
So, that's our cue to leave.
- (SIGHS) - Not yet.
I talked to Patrice, but I didn't get anything that proves my dad's innocence.
I think she has dementia.
What'd she have to say about Lucy? NANCY: Only that she hid Lucy's secrets in a "thin man's book".
Then she said something random.
"He stilled the storm to a whisper.
The waves of the sea were hushed".
That's not random.
It's a Bible verse.
From Psalms.
- Oh, so we go to church now? - So, Patrice hid Lucy's secrets in a thin man's Bible? Who's the thin man? I don't know.
But I think I know someone who does.
GUARD: Carson Drew! CARSON: What is it? You're being transferred to State.
- Get the videos? Ace, give me the phone.
Karen, listen to me.
Neither of us want this to escalate, right? Then put an end to this.
CARSON: That footage proves that my life was and is in danger, and if you show it to Judge Edelstein, it'll get her to agree to a pretrial release.
Look, as much as I want to be on board with that plan, the security footage doesn't actually show anyone attempting to harm you.
- What? - KAREN: If someone went after you, they did it in a blind spot.
Nothing was caught on tape.
(SIGHS) Oh, no.
BESS: Why is there nothing on the tape? - Ask him about - (EXCLAIMS) Face on mute, please.
(EXHALES) So, we need the hit man to confess or-or some other proof? Otherwise, they're gonna send Mr.
D right back there to die.
Carson Drew's life is in your hands.
What the hell is it with you people? (SIGHS) You can make one phone call and get him the proof he needs, or you sentence him to death.
And that's on you.
Not your daddy.
It's not that simple.
AMAYA: Be a human, Hudson.
It's a man's life.
And I'll sweeten the pot.
If you make this phone call, if you save Carson, the Marvins will owe you.
- You'll have a chip - Chit.
Chit to call in with my family.
You've been a Marvin for, like, a week.
Why the hell would they - listen to you? - Because I made it this far when I started out with nothing.
I've done more in the last six months to better myself than you've done in your entire life, and because as of today, I have a badass mentor from the Alston family empire.
Assumptive close.
I hope you don't mind.
I'll allow it.
Anything you ask.
As a Marvin, I will make it happen.
A bit ago, I saw this-this very odd, very thin man walking down the hallway, and then every time I looked back, it looked as though he was farther away.
Oh, mercy.
You saw Mr.
Roeper? Who's Mr.
Roeper? Back in the 1870s, the East Wing of Larkspur Lane was the Roeper mansion.
One morning, the milkman found the parents and their three kids lying side by side in this one dark room the Whisper Box.
(CHILD LAUGHS) They'd all died overnight, with smiles on their faces.
Authorities couldn't figure out the cause.
The townspeople started saying there was something evil that kept coming from that room.
Up until about three weeks ago, the Whisper Box was just the place where they stashed the Roepers' old possessions, but when the hauntings started happening, it's where the cockroaches and mold came from.
I believe it's the source of the haunting.
This is a terrible hospital.
How do I get there? - Nancy - Don't do it.
No one has been inside the Whisper Box - since the haunting started.
- I will be fine.
The Roepers died overnight.
You seriously want to go into this Whisper Box and see if Mr.
Roeper's Bible is in there? And risk a gruesome, haunting death in the process? If it means finding out Lucy's secrets that could exonerate my dad, yeah.
You really think we're gonna let you go in there alone? You are on Larkspur Lane's Most Wanted list.
If they catch me with you, this is all for nothing.
What about the guy who's not on their Most Wanted list? I will need him to come in and save me if I am not back in ten minutes.
It's gonna be great.
- Ace.
Check your cloud.
Got it.
Now, that link is the only thing that there is.
There is no digital footprint that'll lead back to an identifiable source.
Oh, and Ace, this makes us even for what my dad did to you.
Thank you.
DISTORTED VOICE: Kill Carson Drew.
MAN: How do you want it done? That's Gus, one of the prisoners who tried to kill me.
A voice comparison can confirm it.
Something clean.
GUS: We'll do it when he's on his way to the yard.
There's a blind spot.
DISTORTED VOICE: Your family will never have to worry about money again.
Ca-Carson, this is out of my hands now, okay? - There's nothing more that I can do.
- (LINE BEEPS) Hang on.
It's Judge Edelstein.
Detective Hart.
Your Honor Yes, I'm, uh, at the Drew house now.
Do all the rich and powerful people just know each other? Yes.
We're all on a text chain.
- I'll add you.
- Oh.
I apologize for making a snap assessment of you earlier.
You make a pretty good mentee.
By the way, I did convince Judge Edelstein to go easy on the 14 or 15 charges that could've been thrown at your friend.
How unexpectedly human of you.
His heart was in the right place.
(SIGHS) (PHONE BUZZES) Hey, Bess, need a ride? Day's gone dark All that's left (PHONE BUZZES) Ooh, lock the door And please don't go I close my eyes But I can still see shadows fall (ENGINE STARTS, REVS) But I can feel them In my wall I still see shadows fall.
So, you just happen to know all the books of the Bible, or just the ones Larkspur patients recite? When I was a kid, my-my grandma used to drag me to a First AME church every Sunday in Miami.
- Hmm.
- Yeah, it was a thing.
I got swatted quite a few times for hiding my comic books in the hymnals.
- (LAUGHS) - (LAUGHS) Hey.
I know I said I'd be a silent partner in The Claw, and I meant it at the time.
But? But there's something about having a say in things.
- Hmm.
- I I haven't had that in a long time.
And co-owning The Claw, get-getting it back on track I-I feel like I feel like I have a purpose again.
Like I'm waking up.
And that feels good.
So, like co-bosses? I can get down with that.
ORDERLY (OVER WALKIE): Karla, go ahead and check the rec room.
I'm headed back to my station for my spare keys.
Oh, that's not good.
Sorry, guys.
It's for the best.
(SIGHS) "He stilled the storm to a whisper.
The waves of the sea were hushed".
(SIGHS) And the key to Lucy's secrets.
(SIGHS) No, no, no, no.
No, no.
No, no, no, no.
): Attention all Larkspur staff, patients and guests, please proceed - to the nearest exit immediately.
- Everyone meet on the front lawn! (INDISTINCT CROWD CHATTER, ALARM CONTINUES RINGING) Sal! Why weren't you in your room during the headcount? Where did you get that uniform? And how did you get my badge? And did you take that from Orderly Steve? Sal's a patient? SAL: You guys should be more careful with your things.
Let's get you back to your patient group.
Mom made pancakes.
Sounds great.
I'm starving.
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