Nancy Drew (2019) s01e13 Episode Script

The Whisper Box

1 Mom? Good morning.
KATE: There she is.
Sweetie, you could have slept in.
Tell it to that guy.
We only get you for two days before you go back to school.
Yeah, and then I am back for the holidays.
Hey, uh, by the way, whatever happened to turning my bedroom into a yoga studio? It is exactly the same down to the glow stars on the ceiling.
Dad's empty-nesting in more predictable ways.
Mm, let me guess, extra caseload and excessive volunteering.
The Horseshoe Bay Historical Society sees him more than I do.
Hey, speaking of my caseload Hmm? how'd you like to earn an extra few bucks helping me out on one while you're home? Yeah, I'd be happy to.
So, a wealthy client of mine just closed on a new house, but he says there are problems with the place.
You can meet him this morning.
Really nice guy.
- Name's Ned Nickerson.
- Cool.
I'll meet him at my usual spot.
10:30? Nancy, hey.
Uh, you must be Nancy.
Yeah, you must be Ned.
Please call me Nick.
- Okay, can do.
- Uh (CLEARS THROAT) Thanks for, thanks for offering to help.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
I got a bit of a real estate - situation.
- Yeah Yo, yo, Ivy League in the house.
- Hey.
- Bring it in, Drewdles.
- Oh, I missed you.
(CHUCKLES) - I missed you, too.
Nice to see you.
Hey, guys, she's here.
Damn, having coffee with Nickerson? I thought college was supposed to make you smarter.
- Hmm yeah.
- Um - So we have a history.
- It was one date.
Well, half a date.
Total disaster.
His fault.
ACE: There she is.
- How you doing, Ace? - How you doing? - Hey! - Hey.
Can I? - Yeah, sure.
- How is Columbia? NANCY: It's great.
How is, uh, #VanLifeinTheHB? Oh, Bess's Instagram's been blowing up.
It's pretty nice.
ACE: It's over six figures.
NANCY: Nice.
- (ALARM RINGING) - Shoot.
I keep telling them to wipe the grease off the grill.
Are you serious? Ace, please do something.
- Guys, turn it off! - MAN: I'm trying.
GEORGE: Well, there's customers out there.
Turn it off.
U-Use that, do something.
There's no smoke.
Where's my locket? NICK: I can't do it anymore.
- CARSON: I didn't kill anyone! - (SCREAMS) Nancy? Are you okay? (PANTING) None of this is real.
Nancy Drew 1x13 The Whisper Box You know, uh, maybe it's stress.
Or lack of sleep.
GEORGE: Whatever it is, she's freaking out the patrons.
But The-The Claw does not have patrons, and since when - do you and I hug? - Since ninth grade.
Since when do you enjoy living in a van? - (STAMMERS) - And since when do you ? You're the same never mind.
You and I No, we have never met before.
If we've never met, then how do I know about your football injury? Or your manslaughter conviction? Or the $5 million in bearer bonds that Tiffany Hudson gave you? How do I know about that little, - you know, bean-shaped scar that's under your ? - NICK: Oh.
(CHUCKLES) What are you, what are y'all playing at here? Us? We have nothing to do with this.
Nancy's cracked.
Everyone here's is perfect and happy, and there's no murder and no ghosts and my mom is still alive and you all like me.
GEORGE: Wait, Nancy, you're going to scare everyone.
BESS: Nancy, are you okay? I am dreaming.
I am stuck in a dream of my perfect life, and I need to find a way to wake up and get out of Larkspur Lane.
Wait, what's Larkspur Lane? It's the psychiatric hospital.
GEORGE: There is no psychiatric hospital in Horseshoe Bay.
Of course there's not, because everything is perfect here.
Oh, my God, if I if Larkspur Lane does not exist, then how am I supposed to get back? NICK: Okay.
In your head, in your world, where is Larkspur Lane? Mayfield Avenue.
Eight Nancy, that's the house I just bought.
- (SIRENS WAILING) - GEORGE: Nancy said ten minutes.
All she had to do was get the key that Patrice left in the Whisper Box.
Come on.
Thank you.
As safely and cautiously as possible, please.
Right down the stairs.
No one goes in until we're cleared.
We got to go back in.
Our friend The fire marshal found some kind of structural problem cracks in the foundation no one's allowed in.
Hey, I got a job to do, man.
All right.
Please, right down the stairs.
(WHISPERING VOICES) Here we are, 1800 Mayfield.
Home, sweet home.
And before I could even move in, you know, some weird things started happening.
Weird stuff like what? (MOANING) (CREAKING) (CLATTERING) Your 75-year-old boiler and 100-year-old pipes.
They make those sounds when they deteriorate.
It's calcium deposits.
Not a ghost.
This place feels so familiar, like a déjà vu or something.
Tell me, in this other reality of yours, w-we seem like pretty good friends.
I mean, you've seen my you've seen my scar.
Yeah, it's, uh, it's a long story.
Oh, so more than friends? Yeah, we were.
So, what happened? What's up there? Uh, don't know, haven't checked.
Nick, that's the door.
This has to be the Whisper Box.
If-if I can get through here, then-then maybe I can wake up.
Do you have the key? Not to, not to this door, but I can try.
(MUTTERS) What is that? That's the last thing I saw before I woke up here.
ORDERLY: Everyone, please move away from the building.
Is your friend okay? She's stuck inside, thanks to you.
Hey, Sal, for your own protection, you may want to keep your distance from us right now.
You lied about being an orderly, you sent Nancy to the Whisper Box, and then you pull - a fire alarm? - To cover for you.
- And I tried to warn Nancy.
Let me help.
- No, thanks.
We'll get her out ourselves.
You won't.
It's the Whisper Box.
You'll die in there, too.
And how do you know that? I've been in and out of this place for years, enough to hear its secrets.
The haunting that killed the Roepers is active again, and you'll need to protect yourselves from it if you're gonna save Nancy.
NICK: Okay, if the haunting started three weeks ago, why didn't it spread to the rest of the hospital till today? The priest.
You said something about a priest - visiting Larkspur Lane.
- Right, uh, Father Sh-Shane.
He sealed the doors of the East Wing, which someone opened.
What exactly did Father Shane do? There was odd, mumbly praying, and-and he was big on the holy water.
He spritzed everywhere.
Ace, I need you to track down a Father Shane and get a vial of holy water he used to seal the haunted wing at Larkspur Lane.
(THUNDER RUMBLING) So we just sit here and wait? Is that ? - FATHER SHANE: Do not - (SCREAMS) turn around.
Straight ahead.
(SIGHS) Did you bring what was requested? (EXHALES) (WHIMPERS SOFTLY) - Ace - Listen closely.
There is an evil that comes from Larkspur Lane.
I can't risk going back there.
The-the Church won't condone this, but Be careful.
(THUNDER RUMBLING) Use the water sparingly.
And whatever you do, do not run out of it.
What? (GASPS) (SHOUTS, PANTS) Ace, go-go-go-go-go-go-go! Hey, what took you so long? There's no directory for mysterious priests in Horseshoe Bay.
We had to sneak past - the fire marshal.
- Is that the holy water? That's Sal, a Larkspur Lane success story.
SAL: We've got maybe ten minutes before Conrad realizes his keys are gone.
Yippee-ki-yay - Hey, come on.
- Oh, I'm sorry.
It's growing.
(WHISPERING VOICES) Straight ahead.
She's in there.
BESS: She moving? - (EXHALES) - Let's see the juice.
What? Okay.
This is how Father Shane used it.
That is top-of-the-line holy water.
Nancy? Oh, my God, Nancy? Check her airway.
- She's breathing.
- GEORGE: Nancy? Can you hear us? Nancy? Here.
Nancy! Guys, we got to get her out of here.
- Come on.
Okay - Help me get her up.
(GRUNTS) Okay.
Here we go.
On three.
One, two, three.
(GRUNTS) - (GROANS) - Oh! Oh, my God! I don't think the Whisper Box wants her to leave.
Put her back down! Put her back down! GEORGE: Okay, Bess, okay.
(PANTING): Okay.
This is ridiculous.
- You know what we need? - The key? Yeah.
Who sold you this shoddy house with one completely impregnable door? Oh.
Ryan Hudson.
Terrific guy.
(LAUGHS) Of course.
Yeah, okay, let's go meet fake Ryan Hudson.
GEORGE: Nancy! (ALL PANTING) Now what? Pulse is steady but it's really weak.
It's the room.
It's killing her.
- Well, that's why I wanted to get her out! - Okay, Nick! You can't, okay? You saw what happened.
So if she stays here, she dies.
We try to take her out, she dies faster? - What are we supposed to do? - I don't know! - Nick, hey! - What are we supposed to do? - Huh? - BESS: Hey! Hey! This is up to Nancy! She's got to find her way out.
RYAN: Thinking we'll put a swing set right-right here.
- Kids love swing sets.
- MAN: Okay.
Nancy, did you move off to NYC and forget about how important your hometown still is? (CHUCKLES) Hey.
Can you give us a second, please? - Sure.
- Thank you.
So, Tiffany and I are breaking ground on a new center for at-risk youth.
- Congrats.
- Thanks.
NICK: Uh, so, Ryan, well, w-we wanted to ask you about, uh, the house you sold me.
Oh, right, yeah, the money pit, and I say that - as a term of affection.
- You know that door upstairs? The one with the unopenable lock? It's really important that NICK: Oh, that I open it.
So, do you have the key? Okay, is this a test? (LAUGHING): You don't remember? The only one that has the key, Nancy, is you.
You don't say.
I do.
Remember, you solved the mystery of my grandparents' fake will when you were 14? You found the real will in that room, next to the bootlegger's stash of dangerous chemicals.
So Nancy hid the key? - Why? - Because I told her to.
Yeah, that room was just it was a shrine to-to a criminal empire that my family used to run, and I I didn't want to see it again.
But you did leave me with a set of clues.
Like a "break glass in case of emergency".
Yeah, I did.
Ryan, break the glass.
"12 steps from the sweet angel, take a right at the farmer's wife.
Under the shadow of both devoted grandparents, find the belly of the hollow oak".
NICK: You don't know what any of that means.
Not yet.
- Hey, Ned.
- Hey.
(WIND WHISTLING) (SIGHING) (SCREAMS) Hey, what's-what's wrong? What's wrong? (PANTING) You okay? - Yeah.
- Yeah.
There's that symbol again.
What does it mean? I don't know.
Okay, here's the deal.
None of you exist, but I still need your help.
So if anybody has a problem with that, - that's totally cool.
- Oh.
Are you gonna want to order anything? Might I suggest dessert? Okay, yeah, sure.
Since none of this is real anyway, yes, let's order dessert.
(WHISPERS): On it.
We are looking for the key to the mystery door in Nick's house.
Uh, Ryan Hudson left us three clues.
A sweet angel, farmer's wife, and devoted grandparents.
- eBay usernames.
- Country music lyrics.
- Rejected names of drinks.
- Wrestling moves.
Here you go.
Death by dessert.
Next stop, cemetery.
Oh, my God, that's it.
You said you wanted dessert.
No, no, no, no, no, no.
Right, right, right, right.
U-Uh, sweet angel, farmer's wife, devoted grandparents.
Phrases found on gravestones.
I hid the key in the cemetery.
Hey, has anyone seen my beanie? Are you okay? My doctor, uh I just got a message from him.
And he wants me to call back.
Why? Um, last month, during my physical, they found something suspicious.
So I went, I went back for a series of blood tests and now the results are in.
Do you want me to sit with you while you call? Hi.
It's Kate Drew.
I got your message.
Um, you have the results? Uh-huh.
Thank you.
(LAUGHING) I'm-I'm perfectly fine.
Oh, sweetie, I was so scared.
- (LAUGHS) - (SNIFFLES) Yeah, yeah.
Yeah, me, too.
(LAUGHS) Oh CARSON: All right, honey.
We got to get a move on.
Oh, no.
What am I missing? Nothing at all.
(LAUGHS) Take me to dinner.
- I will tell you all about it on the way.
- All righty.
Oh, hi.
Uh, Mr.
Drew, Mrs.
Are we expecting a power outage? Nick and I are-are working on his case.
- Oh.
- Well, come on, Counselor.
The Historical Society's not gonna honor itself.
Your beanie is in the living room.
(MOUTHS) (THUNDER RUMBLING) It's really pouring out.
So? We get a little wet.
Or, uh, or a lot of wet.
So, here's a thought.
We wait out the storm.
A radical idea, I know.
But pouring rain, muddy cemetery versus warm living room.
The key is out there, and the quicker that I find it The quicker you go home, I know.
As soon as it stops, we'll go.
You think I'm crazy, don't you? You don't believe any of this.
I believe that you believe it.
And that's good enough for me.
I've missed you.
What happened with us? In your reality? Uh, you broke up with me.
- Nah.
- Mm-hmm.
Nah, I don't believe any version of me would do that.
(LAUGHS) Did you tell me I was making the biggest mistake of my life? I wish I had.
And were you wearing this wonderful beanie when we first met? No.
But it was raining.
We ran all the way back to your place above the garage.
- I live above a garage? - Yeah.
- It's nice.
- Oh.
So, I'm, I'm guessing no fireplace? No.
No fireplace.
Then, this is better.
Feel like a stranger Mistaken, misplaced Searching for someone I know In unfamiliar faces (GASPING FOR BREATH) We need to find a crash cart.
Is there a defibrillator, epinephrine, oxygen around here? Crash cart's in the dispensary.
Give me the water! Sal? You show me.
- Okay? - Yes, yes, yeah.
- Come on.
- I'll help.
Come on! Let's go! BESS: Ace, that is not the answer.
Okay, there must be something else we can do.
We can talk to her.
Like you guys did with me when I was in the coma after the car accident.
- You heard that? - Yeah.
Yeah, I remember you had new pants.
They were very special pants.
I remember they were, like, magic pants.
Come on.
Come over here.
You talk to her.
Ah I don't belong here Nancy, it's Bess.
Please wake up.
You're running out of time.
(THUNDER RUMBLING) I can't tell if I'm lost Or waiting to be found I don't belong here Ooh, I don't belong here.
(RUSTLING) (THUNDER RUMBLING) Um uh, wh-where did these come from? Bess, Ace.
God, that one sounds like George.
You got through to me.
Wh uh, I'm running out of time.
We have to go to that cemetery and find the key.
Come on.
(WHOOSH) BESS: Come back to us, Nancy, please.
(CRYING) - Did you see that? - I think she heard you.
Yeah, she did.
Thanks for showing up.
You guys are really nice figments of my imagination.
ACE: As long as we eventually get to sample whatever you've been on this whole time, I'm in.
- Yeah, so what's the plan? - Ryan's clues should act like a map to lead us to the hollow oak, where we'll find the key to the locked door in Nick's place.
The door that'll lead me home.
All right.
Sweet angel.
Farmer's wife.
Devoted grandparents.
Let's go.
ACE: I got a "sweet angel"! (SIGHS) Nice.
NANCY: Okay.
Now 12 steps.
Here, here! Farmer's wife! NANCY: Okay, from here we turn right.
- (BRANCH CRACKS) - (GASPS) What was that? Come on.
- (OWL HOOTS) - (GASPS) (OWL SCREECHES) - (WINGS FLUTTER) - (ALL GASP) NANCY: "In the shadow of both devoted grandparents".
Hey, do you mind putting down your flashlights for a second, guys? Bingo.
The hollow oak.
(CHUCKLES) (GASPS) My God! (SCREAMS) My God, Nancy! Let go of the key, Nancy! No! (NANCY SHOUTS) (ALL PANTING) GEORGE: Are you serious? At first, Nancy says she's in an alternate reality, and now, all of a sudden, there's ghosts? (THUNDER RUMBLING) NANCY: I really hope this works.
I have to get back and save my dad.
Are you sure that you want to do this? Which one of us you gonna miss the most? Just know that this isn't easy for me, because in my reality you guys aren't happy like you are here.
We don't always get along, and we hurt each other sometimes.
And our lives are pretty messy.
Especially mine.
I really wish I'd had the courage to fight for us.
No, no.
No-no-no, no-no.
This can't be it.
BESS: Hey on the bright side, it means you can stay here.
- With us.
- No.
No, no-no-no.
No, I have to go home.
Nancy? Nancy? KATE: Alphabetical order? No sense stacking them willy-nilly, right? I'm trying to find an organizing principle.
A reason why these keep showing up in this world.
Maybe it's to help me find my way back.
And maybe there is no way back, so Let's just say there isn't.
What's the worst thing that could happen? Hey.
If some part of your mind has been afraid of losing me, it's just an outgrowth of the anxiety you had as a little kid.
But there's nothing to worry about now.
- I was pretty anxious as a kid.
- Oh, yeah.
We used to have long, existential conversations right here at this table.
- We talked about death and mortality - And heaven.
And how I would find you there if you died.
You asked her if she could draw you a map, so you could find her when you got there.
You drew me a map of heaven, and you wrote me a letter, which you put in a blue envelope, which I kept in my room.
- (GROANING) - The holy water's wearing off! - Oh, God.
- BESS: Guys.
- We found epinephrine.
- What?! No, that's not gonna fix this! Yeah, well, we can't just stand around and watch her die! - Nick, use it! - No! You cannot beat supernatural with science.
You have no idea what that could do to her.
ACE: Nancy is in there.
She squeezed Bess's hand while you were gone.
It's just a matter of time until she figures her way out.
GEORGE: All right, so what's it gonna be? The medicine or the metaphysics? NICK: Okay, okay, okay.
We, we, we rationed the holy water so we could all resist the effects long enough to get out, right? So what if ? - (GASPING) - GEORGE: Okay.
The swan constellation.
No, no! I need a clear night.
Where are the stars? I need stars Whatever happened to turning my bedroom into a yoga studio? It is exactly the same down to the glow stars on the ceiling.
You found your way home.
(EXHALES) It hasn't felt like home since you died, Mom.
I've missed you so much.
And the way out was the one place it was too painful to look.
I wrote you that letter because you were scared of losing me.
And then I did.
The worst part is that I never got the chance to say goodbye.
You don't have to if you stay.
You of all people know that I can't do that.
Because none of this is real.
And it's what you taught me.
To always seek out the truth Even when it hurts.
I am who I am because of you.
Thank you.
Goodbye, Mom.
BESS: You made it.
GEORGE: Thank God.
Are you guys real? What kind of dumbass question is that? Yeah, you're real.
Yeah, come on, okay.
Here you go, here you go.
(WHISPERING VOICES) (LOUD CLATTER) (SCREAMS) ACE: It's mad that you woke up.
Let's go.
Go! Go! (LOUD CLATTERING) "Firefighters responded to an explosion at the Larkspur Lane facility tonight, triggered by a gas leak.
They said it's doubtful the building can be saved".
The firefighters said the foundation was cracking.
I mean, that haunting took the whole building down with it.
Wait, does that mean the Whisper Box is gone? Can evil get blown up? NICK: I mean, without the building, it can't trap any more victims.
You okay? Mm-hmm.
Yeah, peachy.
'Cause it was all worth it, right? Came away with this key to I have no idea what.
Was the reality in your head as haunted as this one? Yeah, there was a force in there.
Some kind of ghost in a sheet that I didn't quite understand.
Kept leaving this emblem everywhere.
BESS: What were we like? What was I like? Um, Instagram influencer.
(LAUGHS) And George was a big hugger.
Incredibly nice to me.
That's weird and gross.
Ace was largely the same.
ACE: As long as there's dirty dishes, I'll be there.
And speaking of Yeah, I'll come with you.
Was I there? Yeah.
Yeah, you were there.
(PHONE RINGING) We, uh We solved a mystery together.
And that's it? There was more, Nick GEORGE: Hey, beer supplier's jacking up their rates! The restaurant inspector's asking for the owners, co-owner.
Who knew owning a restaurant would require actual work? (CHUCKLES) Uh-huh.
I'm glad you're okay.
Okay, so I can't deal with this.
We've had the same rates for the last, like, I don't even know how long.
This guy doesn't want to budge can you just ? NICK: Okay, let's talk to the restaurant inspector first.
Then we'll deal with the beer supplier.
- GEORGE: You mean you will.
- (LOUD THUD) I can't stand that guy.
Weird being back in Kansas again? Dorothy never had to deal with an ex.
Doesn't "ex" mean, though, that you don't have to worry about 'em anymore? Yeah.
Especially when they're doing much better without you.
Uh, hey, if you are going home, one other thing happened while you were on your head trip.
CARSON: Hey, you.
(DOOR CLOSES) House arrest, huh? Yeah.
I have to wear it, but I think I can pull it off.
I really missed you.
I missed you, too.
Ace filled me in.
Not exactly how I would have handled it, but we survived.
Pending trial, the state's providing security, so we've got the safest house on the block.
(SIGHS) I'm gonna solve Lucy's murder and clear your name, I promise.
The real problem is gonna be filling my time.
I can't just sit around the house all day, working on my defense I'll go nuts, so I was thinking about maybe some volunteer work.
The Horseshoe Bay Historical Society sees him more than I do.
How about the Historical Society? I haven't thought about that place in years.
You used to love it.
Yeah? Oh, yeah.
Yeah, I had to do some research there for a couple probate cases, and you came with me every Saturday.
You'd hide away in the library and play with the nice woman who ran the place.
(CHUCKLES) NANCY: An anchor, a square and six horseshoes.
That's it.
(KNOCKING) - Can I help you, dear? - Hi.
I'm Nancy Drew.
I used to I used to come here when I was a little kid with my dad.
(CHUCKLES) You've grown up.
You probably don't remember me.
I'm Hannah Gruen.
- (GASPS) - Oh, my hands.
- I'm sorry, I usually warn people - No, no, no, no, no, no, um I-I'm so sorry that it's not It's not that.
Would you believe me if I told you that I've had this whole experience before? Call it a a dream.
But you were there.
Because the last thing that I saw before it all started was this.
Do you, do you recognize this? Parts of this symbol are hidden in the Historical Society crest.
Still a smart girl, I see.
This is a key to one of our lockboxes.
Patrice Dodd's? No.
Tiffany Hudson's.
Tiffany came to me for help before she died.
She asked me to hold onto this.
She hoped someone would come for it someday.
All those lockboxes are those are those all people that have come to you for help? At various times, yes.
What are you? A keeper, of sorts.
I should warn you.
This isn't easy to watch.
TIFFANY: I can feel something watching me in the night.
I went to a local medium.
She gave me this.
But it-it's not enough to stop her.
(GASPING) She's here.
HANNAH: Is there a reason why this presence may be haunting you? TIFFANY: She's haunting me because of what I found.
(SCREAMS) What did Tiffany find? She wouldn't tell me.
She suspected someone was coming after her and tracking her whereabouts.
This was the last time I ever saw her.
Yeah, she was poisoned three days later.
I tried going to the police, but by then it was too late.
I believe Tiffany got too close to the truth.
The truth about what? Someone didn't want her to solve Lucy Sable's murder.

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