Nancy Drew (2019) s01e14 Episode Script

The Sign of the Uninvited Guest

1 BESS: So, Tiffany Hudson was being haunted by Dead Lucy.
- Why? - I don't know.
I think that that's why Tiffany went to Lucy's mom about it? Why not show Lucy's mom the video with Lucy on it? I think that there's a possibility that Tiffany tried to show Lucy's mom the video, but chances are, Patrice probably unraveled like she did when I tried to talk to her about Lucy.
Hannah Gruen thinks Tiffany got too close to finding out the truth about Lucy.
I'm just I-I have all the pieces.
I just don't know how they fit together.
I really need to figure out who actually killed Lucy before my dad's evidentiary hearing in two days.
(BOTH SCREAM) - Patrice! - Come on, girls.
- Break's over.
- (WHIMPERS) (WHISPERS): What? Chop-chop, girls.
- Did you? - No.
Lucy's mom says she worked here.
She let herself in with the spare key.
I guess we haven't changed that hiding spot since the '90s.
Where's Nancy? She's Beautiful Mind'ing it in George's office.
Says she needs to see the case.
But she told me that when Patrice had her episode in Larkspur Lane, it wasn't like this.
It was a lot scarier.
- ACE: Is she dangerous? - BESS: I don't know.
I don't think so.
NICK: Yeah.
Okay, don't worry.
She's-she's here.
All right.
So, Josh was taking his mom to check out a new facility since Larkspur burned down.
They stopped for gas, and she jumped in the driver's seat when he went in to pay.
So now Josh is stranded at a gas station outside of town.
Oh, my If I go pick him up, can you guys, uh, keep an eye on her? Are you kidding me? I can't take my eyes off her.
Party of one.
Ha! (LAUGHS) Laura? You Oh, my goodness.
You look amazing.
I am amazing.
Blessings, Bess.
- Hi.
- Hi - Mmm.
- Ooh.
You, um, you seem different.
After our near-death experience, I realized I was carrying around so much anger and negativity in my life.
Life's too short.
I want to open myself to the beautiful and positive possibilities all around us.
Uh, Laura? I, uh, I promised Tiffany I would keep you safe.
And I-I I'm sorry.
I feel terrible.
If I had known the Hudsons were gonna try to kill you Your guilt is a heavy energy.
I don't want it weighing me down.
Close your eyes and take a deep, cleansing breath with me.
- BESS: Hmm.
You know, um, we-we got this, if you want to go get Josh.
Uh Great.
So, what brings you back to town? Uh, my sister.
I am closing the loop today.
Been cleared as a suspect Thank you.
And Tiffany's death has been ruled a murder, due to a rare poison.
White baneberry.
Moral of the story is that Ryan Hudson and his fa family, - they don't get a dime.
- BESS: Oh.
So you're here to collect the entire inheritance? Mm-hmm.
- And then tomorrow, I go to Paris.
- ACE: Oh.
I bought two tickets.
First class.
Come with me.
- To-to visit, or? - No.
Come with me.
Move with me.
There's nothing keeping you in this town.
(WHISPERS): You were made for Paris.
An expat, soulful thinker.
Come on.
You actually speak French.
But what about finding out what happened to Tiffany? The Hudsons are murderers.
The state police have taken over the investigation.
I trust that they'll prove it.
This is it, Ace.
I'm not coming back.
You lost me once.
Do you really want to lose me again? No.
Of course n I (CHUCKLES) Patrice.
So, what did I miss? Tell me everything.
It's been tough.
You know, since Larkspur burnt down.
I can't manage my mom's care alone.
I think I found a new place, the Golden Pavilion, over in Mapleton.
I wanted to check it out today, you know, make sure it's a good fit.
This must be hard.
Even with full-time care, I still need to be there regularly.
I'm gonna have to close up the shop.
Then it's probably time for me to find a new place to live.
Listen, I'm sorry, Nick.
Though, I'm pretty sure you shouldn't have been sleeping in a working garage.
Hey, the price was right, okay? And I never slept so good in my life.
(CHUCKLES) Well, I'm certain those were the fumes.
(LAUGHS) Yeah, probably.
Ow! I'll fix that.
Okay, so this is the overlap between the Tiffany murder and - (WHISPERS): The Lucy murder.
- GEORGE: Okay.
You know this is a restaurant, and you're turning it - into murder town.
- My dad's hearing is in two days, and I need to find something that proves that he had nothing to do with Lucy's untimely thing.
Hey, Patrice? Um, would you mind going and filling up some ketchup bottles in the back? Glad to.
So, we know that the Hudsons had something to do - with Lucy's murder.
- Right.
After Lucy was killed, the Hudson shell company paid Patrice to leave Horseshoe Bay.
And we got that info thanks to Tiffany's USB drive.
She was collecting dirt on the Hudsons.
But now we know that Tiffany wasn't just looking into Ryan's family.
She was looking into Lucy Sable's murder as well.
- My sister did love a good puzzle.
- That's what I was thinking.
Maybe she found some piece of evidence or something Sable once was able to gaze upon (MUTTERING): Lucy Sable once Patrice? Someone got her in the water, and that's where she'll always be.
Josh, we were just We should go.
Hey, uh, I'm-I'm sorry, Josh.
What the hell just happened? Okay.
Lucy is trying to tell us something.
All of this happened as soon as I said that Lucy's death led to Tiffany's death, which means I'm on the right track.
- Ace, Laura, let's go.
- Wait, hey.
- Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
- No, thank you.
Wh-Why not me? I need to retrace Tiffany's last steps before she died.
And in order to do that, I need a hacker and somebody that knows Tiffany better than anybody else.
No, no, no, no.
This is not part of my plan.
I am loop-closing, not loop-opening.
And you don't have to stay here, Ace.
Think about Paris.
It'll be so romantic.
You know what is so romantic? Solving a homicide together.
With me.
I will help you.
Today only.
Tomorrow, Paris-bound, hand in hand with vous, right? - Mm.
- Whoo-hoo.
- Yeah? - Gonna be so fun.
All right.
Okay, wait.
Just Just be careful, okay? Whatever Tiffany discovered got her murdered, and it could get you killed, too.
So just be careful.
I'm gonna be fine.
Where's Chief McGinnis? LAURA: Yes.
I need to tell him that I forgive him for being incompetent.
I'll let him know.
He's in a deposition all day.
Court prep for Carson Drew's evidentiary hearing.
Can I help you with something or? I think you've helped enough, Karen.
If this is about your father, you put together that evidence.
I was simply doing my job.
Oh, your job? You mean invading my privacy and stealing my journal? And now my dad's gonna go to jail for something he didn't do.
Because I think I'm doing your job, Karen.
I'm trying to find out who actually killed Lucy, - instead of - Uh, nice That's a great segue, Nancy.
That's kind of actually why we're here.
LAURA: I want to know where my sister went on the day she was murdered.
State police have the case.
We're iced out.
But you have access to Tiffany Hudson's phone GPS information, right? It's her last remaining family member personally requesting it.
And what does this have to do with Lucy's murder? You always said Lucy's case file didn't have the answers to what happened, so we're trying a new angle.
Right this way.
ACE: This is the GPS from Tiffany's cell phone, tagged with locations? Two weeks of data tracking her movements.
Until her death.
Hudson residence, Horseshoe Bay Wine Merchant, La Tresse Salon - Mm-hmm - Uh, Yacht Club, Tone Up Health Spa.
Is any of this jumping out to you? How long was she at the Yacht Club? 1:15 until 4:07 on August 14.
Three hours? Tiffany wouldn't have spent more than three minutes at the Yacht Club unless she had a gun to her head.
Wait, that's Gallows Lane.
There's an address on here.
725 Gallows Lane.
Tiffany went to see a medium on Gallows Lane.
That's less than a ten-minute walk from the Yacht Club.
Tiffany was looking into Hudson family secrets.
She was asking questions about Lucy's death.
She was paranoid that the Hudsons were tracking her.
It's not paranoia if they were actually following her.
A week before she died, she told me she felt like she was being watched.
She was hiding her movements.
She drives to places where the hill-toppers frequent.
She leaves her cell phone in her car and walks to wherever she really wants to go.
Yeah, the Wine Merchant is right by my house, and she came by to check out my mom's car.
The health spa is right near Larkspur Lane.
KAREN: Yeah, and the day before she died, her phone was at La Tresse Salon for almost three hours.
What's near there? - Library.
- Ooh.
Let's go.
- I'm not going to the library.
- What? Why? I have enemies there.
Uh Okay, well, I'm not going, either.
I have to deal with some pesky estate lawyers, but Paris.
Say yes.
Um, hey, so, before you move to Paris, uh, will you go with me to la bibliothèque? Mr.
and Mrs.
- Good to see ya.
- Hi, Ace.
They're regulars.
Mm, and you, as a character in a Victorian novel, spend all of your free time in the library? Kinda.
My mom works here.
WOMAN: But she's not in today.
I am.
- So why are you here? - Ooh, uh, well.
- You need my help.
- Not your help, specifically.
Dominique, we need the help of a staff member generally.
You're lucky we store all of our security footage for a year.
Actually, my mom implemented that policy on my suggestion.
First season of Serial really shook me.
- DOMINIQUE: What's the date? - NANCY: August 28.
ACE: Between 1:22 p.
and 4:05 p.
If you would, I like to be accurate.
Unless it's a capture-the-flag competition.
You cheated, Dominique.
It's hacking, Ace.
There's no cheating in hacking.
Ah, ah.
There she is.
Can you switch cameras? Tiffany visited the library to use the computers? If she's hiding her GPS movements, it makes sense she'd try to protect her digital trail, too.
At the library, she can search for whatever she wants without any fear of anybody else finding out.
We need to see which computer she went Hold on.
That's a problem.
You don't know how to restore extra frames from a glitch? I didn't study coding, like some people.
Some us are just naturally gifted.
So that's a no.
JOSH: Yeah, of course, Father Shane.
I'll be there shortly.
Let me guess: church boiler broke down again, and you can't leave Horseshoe Bay knowing people will be cold on Sunday.
Well, I'm a sucker for a long-term client - that prays for me.
- Hmm.
I get it.
I'll stay with your mom.
I appreciate it, Nick.
Hey, uh, you want me to write up one last work order for old time's sake? Nah, it's okay.
(CLEARS THROAT) I packed up the office.
Oh, don't-don't worry about the tools I'll I'll grab 'em tomorrow.
(RUSTLING NEARBY) Oh, um, Patrice, Josh just packed that.
The move has been very hard on Joshua, you know? He's been different.
I'm very glad he made a new friend.
Middle school can be so tough.
Put that in the kitchen.
Uh uh Does Joshua talk to you about his past? About our family? Um, no, no.
Josh mostly keeps to himself.
Hello? Stuff it! You know, I think there's another reason why Dead Lucy left this-this image.
It's like it's a message.
Like she's trying to tell us why she was there when Tiffany died.
I can't believe Nick even has us doing this.
I mean, it's not even, like, an innovative idea.
Coupons in the mail? What is this, 2003? Sounds like being co-bosses isn't as easy as you thought it would be.
What is this? Bess, enough about the photos.
Not the photo.
(SIGHS): That sounds like it's a dinner date.
How does Lisbeth feel about your new mentor? Well, she's great with it, but if Amaya's asking me on a date date, she'd be less great with it.
It's just Aunt Diana really wants me to foster this relationship, so, I mean Dude, screw what Aunt Diana wants.
You have a girlfriend.
Tell Amaya to go take a long walk off a short pier.
(SIGHS) Lucky for us, we can follow Tiffany's trail, because a few years ago a wily teenager installed keystroke-logging software on every computer in the library.
And you did that why? Okay.
Uh, got it.
Tiffany was looking at an old QwikSnail account, specifically this e-mail train.
Oh, my God, they're love letters, between Lucy Sable and Ryan Hudson, from December 1999 to April of 2000.
- Wow.
- "I've never felt like this before.
I think I love you.
" "I think I love you, too.
"I want to be with you.
I don't care what anyone else says.
" The last e-mail between them Lucy sent.
"Please forgive me.
" Forgive her for what? Hold on.
There's a response to that e-mail that was deleted on Ryan's end.
- Can we find it? - We can if we hack Lucy's site.
And now I know her e-mail.
How long do you think it's gonna take? We're in.
It's an old account on an old server, but if Dominique asks it was really difficult and I was amazing.
Do you think we could find out where Lucy was sending those e-mails from? The Sables weren't wealthy, so I don't think that they had Internet access at home in 2000.
Yeah, I can trace her IP address.
In the meantime, I found what Ryan sent Lucy.
Here's your deleted e-mail.
"I can't forgive you for what you did.
You're a whore, just like everyone says.
" "I hope you die.
" There's nothing else? It was sent to Ryan's QwikSnail account.
He went to boarding school then.
In August, Lucy sent Ryan an e-mail to his Eddings Hall account.
"I know you're still angry, but I need to talk to you.
"Meet me the night of the Sea Queen "ceremony at our spot.
" And Ryan replied "I'll be there.
" They arranged to meet the night that Lucy was killed.
ACE: Bess is right.
This photo is a message.
Told you.
I think we need to look at Tiffany's death video again.
Might be some hidden frames.
Some hidden what? Ace ran into his nemesis today at the library, and she taught him some hacking tricks.
ACE: What does that look like to you? NANCY: Blurry figure wearing a shirt.
Camouflage pattern.
Or a smudge.
- (DOOR OPENS, BELL JINGLES) - "I can't forgive you for what you did.
"You're a whore, - just like everyone says.
" - (DOOR CLOSES, BELL JINGLES) "I hope you die"? Whoa.
What? I know that we've gone down this path a million times, but I think we should look at Ryan again.
I have a theory and a plan.
My theory is Tiffany figured out that Ryan killed Lucy, so Ryan had Tiffany murdered.
Wait, so Ryan is responsible for the death of two women, and he's still walking around free? Screw being Zen.
Let's bring the bastard down.
Okay, so, what's the plan? We get Ryan to The Claw.
We figure out exactly how he had Tiffany poisoned.
And how exactly do we get Ryan back to The Claw? Yeah, he's not just gonna stroll in so we can accuse him of murder again.
NANCY: No, but he might stroll in for a different reason.
(THUNDER ROLLING) Remind me why an illustrious member of HBPD needs to be here again? We need her.
Ryan's confession only holds up in court if there's an officer here to witness it.
Otherwise, it's hearsay.
I parked in the back so he wouldn't see my cruiser.
This way.
Why is there an audience here? You said that you thought we should come together to heal and forgive, that you didn't Didn't want the burden of Tiffany's estate to cloud my new life of simplicity? Yeah, no, that was a lie.
NANCY: We think, with your help, we can figure out who poisoned Tiffany.
How? Well, most of the people in this room were here the night Tiffany was murdered.
The idea is, we walk through everything that happened, from the point of you walking through the door until Tiffany died.
See if we missed anything.
- That's a good idea.
- Thank you.
Except we already gave a statement.
Well, giving a statement is one thing, but seeing what everybody actually was doing is a whole other thing entirely.
We think that the whole picture will give us more than the sum of its parts.
Are you in? Of course.
I want to find out who killed Tiffany just as much as all of you, and I have nothing to hide.
"Nothing to hide"? What about the? What about the what? Oh, nothing, you seem super innocent.
Ooh! I have an idea.
So, since Nick, Laura and Detective Hart weren't here the night Tiffany died, they can fill in for Ryan's friends.
Bess, sit down, we're not doing a reenactment.
Um, Nancy said "walk-through," so he should walk through the door, sit in that booth, just like you did the night Tiffany died, right? Okay, so let's take it from the top.
What, you-you seriously want me to go back outside and then come in? - BOTH: Yep.
- Yeah.
- In the rain? - ALL: Yep.
Okay, Ace, kitchen.
- (BELL JINGLES) - Okay, great.
(KNOCKING) Sorry! We're closing early today for the parade.
What? It's how I said it.
Hudson, welcome to The Claw.
- Now, I sat over there.
- Yeah.
Hey, tell me to do the fork thing.
- No.
- But All right so, they sat, and Ryan ordered for Tiffany.
She didn't want to come in.
I get that.
This place isn't the Hamptons.
And while Ryan and his friends were looking at the menu, George brought Tiffany's order over to me and asked for help.
Wife needs food, I need a minute.
Little help, please? I was overwhelmed.
Tiffany was outside, and I was ashamed.
And kind of freaking out, so I just needed to take a minute to get myself together.
Look, it was stupid for me to pick this place and bring her here.
Why did you pick this place, Ryan? I picked this place because I was trying to pull off a merger that I knew that my father wouldn't be pleased with.
And this seat right here was here and it was empty.
Because it was for Owen Marvin, who didn't show up.
I was trying to find a quiet place to bring him.
Yeah, you, you mean a place where one-percenters wouldn't go.
I mean both.
I wanted to see you.
Seriously? With your wife in the parking lot? Look, I made this plan before I-I knew that she was gonna come.
Okay, so George took a moment to herself.
I went to go get drinks.
And I took the order for the table.
One fish and chips, two burgers with fries.
One burger with a side of salad, no dressing.
The cooks weren't here because we were closing early.
So I took their order and Tiffany's order and I brought them to Ace.
What happened next? Bess broke her 200th glass.
Um I'm improving.
- (GLASS SHATTERS) - I finished preparing the salad.
- You all right, Bess? - No.
ACE: Bess broke the glasses.
Bite your tongue No, I'm sorry.
GEORGE: I asked Ace to help Bess.
Don't just stand there, Ace.
Help her clean it up.
Nancy, can you help me? Then Nancy and I refilled the drink orders.
Tell it to her There's people who are lost And there are messengers Be what you want to be So, there's a window of time where the kitchen and the food was left unattended.
And Tiffany was killed by a very rare and fast-acting poison, which means the delivery system had to have been the food.
But the food tested clean.
I don't think that this lab knew how to test for a poison this rare.
How-how long was the kitchen empty? A minute or two? And then I went back and cooked the fish and the burgers.
BESS: Ace asked for a hand, so I helped him dress the salad while he cooked You know how it goes, they're watching you move and then I took Ryan's plate out with the fries.
When there's nothing to prove, yeah Be what you want to be, be what you want to be Don't fake it Find what you want to be A friend or an enemy, yeah GEORGE: Then Nancy and I brought out the drinks.
RYAN: I stopped George, sent the salad back because I didn't want the dressing.
Salad dressing.
Yeah 'Cause it's me Yeah I I used that salad for Tiffany's entrée.
What? I-I thought that Bess had accidentally plated Tiffany's salad on a side plate.
I transferred it to an entrée plate.
I thought it was for Tiffany's order.
Then I took that out to Tiffany in the parking lot.
RYAN: What? I don't (LAUGHS) I don't, I don't get it.
Ryan, that poison wasn't meant for Tiffany.
It was meant for you.
Ryan, wait! I'm not spending another minute in this town unless I have a private security detail.
Why would they try to kill me? - Is this a business hit? - Oh, my God, Ryan.
Are you serious? When Tiffany died, you were losing money for Hudson Enterprises.
I don't think anybody considered you a business threat.
I think it had a lot more to do with this.
I was trying to record the fireworks the night Tiffany was poisoned, but instead I caught this.
I've got to take this info back to the station.
Are you all okay? (SCOFFS) No.
We're fine, Detective.
Thank you.
You know, this is all my fault.
If I hadn't have dropped that tray of drinks Bess.
I plated her food onto a poisoned salad.
I'm really sorry.
I know, it's okay.
- I don't blame any of you.
- You should.
If I'd just thrown away that salad.
If I wasn't so caught up seeing him.
No, all of us Nancy, we're all just as responsible for Tiffany's death as the poisoner.
Guys, don't do this to yourselves.
It's easy for you to say.
You didn't help kill a woman.
What happened was a horrible accident.
The real killer's out there.
You should not feel guilty for what they did.
That's not on us.
What is on us is to find out who it was and hold them accountable.
I can see why Tiffany liked you so much.
RYAN: Is that Lucy? What the hell is this? (GASPS) Oh, no.
(THUNDER CRASHES) (WATER SPLASHING) (CRACKLING) Now everyone from that night is here.
What do you mean, like Lucy? (CRACKLING) I think she's trying to show us something.
- No, no, no.
- Oh, my God.
- (CRYING): No, no, no - LAURA: What? What? What? Oh, my gosh, I texted No.
What happened? The killer could hear your order.
Everyone else at the table ordered fries, but you ordered a salad.
So they knew exactly which dish to poison.
That doesn't make any sense.
Of course it does.
Lucy arrow Tiffany Because Lucy's death led to Tiffany's death.
And this is how.
It was revenge.
Because you murdered Lucy Sable.
That's why she's been haunting you since you came back to Horseshoe Bay.
Tiffany sensed her presence because Lucy was trying to warn her about you.
That's why Lucy was here the night Tiffany died! Because you killed Lucy! I didn't kill Lucy! I loved her.
"I can't forgive you for what you did.
You're a whore, just like everyone says.
I hope you die.
" Yeah, that sounds a lot like love to me.
I-I-I didn't You didn't what? You didn't write that? Just like you didn't lie to me about breaking things off after the Velvet Masque? Just like you didn't arrange a meeting with her the night that she was murdered? Did she meet somebody else, and so you killed her? (SCREAMING) (CAR DOOR CLOSES) (ENGINE STARTS) (TIRES SQUEALING) I was supposed to send Lisbeth a text about what happened today.
I sent it to Amaya.
She's gonna think I'm crazy.
- Imagine if Aunt Diana hears about this.
- LAURA: Wait.
- Amaya Alston? - Yes.
I get it now.
I get it now.
Part of you wanted to share it with her instead of, you know, your actual girlfriend.
Are you trying to ruin a good thing? Hey, it was a mistake, George.
George! (RAIN FALLING) Maybe I don't have to move.
I can just go there and visit for a few weeks.
I think you can do a thing half-assed or commit to it all the way.
Don't waste her time, or yours, with anything else.
The banners are on the patio and so are the face-painting signs.
We should bring them all in before they get ruined.
Hey, want to lend a hand? (DOOR OPENS, BELL JINGLES) (DOOR CLOSES, BELL JINGLES) You all right? What are you working on? Is this the? Yeah, as you requested, I've been searching for the GPS coordinates of the IP address Lucy used to e-mail Ryan, so - BESS: Ace.
We need your help.
- Thanks, Ace.
I-I let myself in.
Uh, uh, Nick said that you weren't gonna be here.
Um, I just was checking on something about your sister.
Did-did she ever use this computer in high school? I don't imagine you guys had Internet access at home.
Yeah, we both came here after school.
That computer is old as hell.
I powered it up last year when I came back to town, - after I inherited the shop.
- (COMPUTER CHIRPS) You have all of Lucy's e-mails.
S-So, did you know about their love affair? Love? Does that look like love to you? He called her a whore.
Lucy became a different person after Ryan.
I used to have to listen to her cry herself to sleep every night.
She couldn't let go of him.
But he was done with her.
So he killed her.
And because he's a Hudson, he got away with it.
LAURA: A week before she died, she said she felt like she was being watched.
Before Tiffany died, she said that she thought she was being followed.
And she was, in a way, because you started following Ryan as soon as he got back to Horseshoe Bay this summer.
For what it's worth, I don't think Carson murdered my sister.
I spent the last 20 years hoping for justice.
NANCY: And when you saw Ryan at The Claw it was a crime of opportunity.
(TRUCK DOOR CLOSES) You listened at the window.
You knew exactly where to find the spare key because your mom used to work at The Claw.
You let yourself in through the locker room.
- You all right, Bess? - NANCY: Skeleton staff, only one person working in the kitchen, and then your window arrived.
Ryan's salad was already plated, so you snuck into the kitchen and you doused it with poison.
You put the spare key back in its hiding place, and then you left as if you had never even been there.
Like a ghost.
You killed Tiffany Hudson.
It was supposed to be Ryan.
(BOTH SCREAM) (BOTH GRUNTING) (GROANING) (SCREAMING) This is only a beginning He admitted to poisoning Tiffany.
- Did he say anything else? - No.
He was too busy trying to bash my head in with a pipe wrench.
We're going in, Detective.
(SIGHS) I hope Nancy's okay.
She's with the cops and EMTs now.
She's fine.
I kind of meant emotionally.
To the point of no return Hey, so I know that I am not the most sensitive person, but I just want to say I'm sorry for being a little bit harsh earlier about Lisbeth and Amaya.
A little? Okay, fine.
A lot harsh.
It's just relationships get complicated, you know? Yeah.
And sometimes it's easier to think about what it would be like with someone else rather than work on stuff with the person we're actually with.
And if you end up acting on things - Everyone involved gets hurt.
- Yeah.
Yeah, you're right.
I know.
I get it.
No, I I don't want to hurt Lisbeth ever.
I'll-I'll talk to Amaya, and I will make the lines clearer.
And if she can't respect the boundaries, then I don't want to be her mentee anymore.
Aunt Diana be damned.
- Hell yeah.
- Hmm.
Solid plan.
You know, you're not in that situation anymore.
Oh, I am so not getting back together with Ryan Hudson.
Ew! No.
Oh, come on.
Him and Nancy aren't together anymore.
You're allowed to feel whatever you feel for Nick.
Maybe stop fighting it.
Ooh-ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh-ooh Secrets are unfolding You know, you were right.
It felt good to help finally find out who killed Tiffany.
And it's the perfect note for us to leave on, because there's nothing left for us here, and Laura.
Holding on to broken flesh I'm not going with you to Paris.
I don't want to run away from Horseshoe Bay.
I think if I did, I would really regret it, and I don't believe in regret.
What do you believe in? I believe I have a purpose here.
And I believe in being true to yourself, even at the risk of being misunderstood.
I think you believe that, too.
Which is why we both know I shouldn't go with you to Paris.
Miss me.
(DOOR OPENS, BELL JINGLES) Into the shadows You know, the one thing that I can't understand is how he got the poison.
Did he make it? I mean, John Sander said that it's really rare and very hard to render.
- Thank you.
- Detective Hart, we need you.
Uh, Nanc-Nancy! Where the darkness surrounds NICK: Where is he? The body's gone.
Follow me into the shadows
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