Nancy Drew (2019) s01e15 Episode Script

The Terror of Horseshoe Bay

We issued a statewide BOLO for Joshua Dodd.
We have checkpoints on all the highways, and Chief McGinnis is coordinating with the Coast Guard.
It's been over an hour.
He could be anywhere by now.
Did he mention any friends, family? No.
Just-just his mom.
And she just moved to a place in, uh uh, Mapleton.
Golden Pavilion.
Power got knocked out, but this thing's supposed to have a backup battery, so hopefully, we got something.
- No.
Nancy, don't! - Wait! Nancy.
He's gone.
Hope you're hungry.
Bacon's extra crispy, just the way you like it.
Thank you.
Um, but I'm actually on my way out.
You know, I think you should stay home today.
Get some rest.
No time for that, unfortunately.
Whatever else you have going on, it can wait.
What I have going on is trying to keep you out of jail, - so no, it cannot.
- Nancy, you almost died last night.
Almost dying is my new normal.
Come on.
I'm serious.
Joshua is still out there.
We've got the state police guarding our front porch.
- Benefits of house arrest.
- I am fine.
If Josh is going after anyone, it's Ryan.
And I'm sure he's holed up at the Hudson compound with his security detail.
Well, that doesn't make me feel any better.
Do you want to maybe tell me why you think he'd be going after Ryan? Joshua went to poison Ryan at The Claw but killed Tiffany instead.
He found some evidence that led him to believe that Ryan killed Lucy.
Apparently, Lucy and Ryan planned to meet the night she died.
Wouldn't Ryan have been away at boarding school in 2000? That's his story.
But if I can prove that he wasn't and do it before tomorrow Then maybe you can burst into my evidentiary hearing with a magic bullet that gets all the charges dropped.
Nancy, I don't want you to get your hopes up.
After the evidentiary hearing tomorrow, they will most likely transfer me to a prison in the next county while I'm awaiting trial.
But it is possible that you won't.
It's possible you'll be exonerated, right? Tell me it's possible.
It'd take a miracle.
Where are you going? I'm gonna go find you your miracle.
What, you slept here last night? Yeah.
My place is a crime scene, and every hotel in town's booked solid thanks to this Harbor Day.
So Joshua killed Tiffany, huh? Yeah.
I'm still trying to make sense of it.
I mean, h-how did Josh even get his hands on some rare poison? Well, serial killer Claire was our only local baneberry poisoner, right? I don't know.
Maybe they were in, like, a book club together or something.
Happy Harbor Day, my fellow Horseshoe Bay ans.
Horseshoe Bayites? Bayfolk? Trying to get traction on Baygles.
- Horseshoe Baygles.
- Girl, what is on your head? This belonged to my great-great-great lots of great grandfather, Douglas Marvin.
I borrowed it from Aunt Diana.
If they don't know you're borrowing, it's called stealing, - Bess.
- Yes.
And, you know, this is how I cope.
Okay? It's very stressful with a murderer on the loose.
Someone want to awkwardly change the subject? I'll do it.
Um, so, uh, what's the deal with this holiday anyway? Well, Harbor Day marks the anniversary of the first ship that reached Horseshoe Bay.
And turns out that there was a Marvin ancestor on board.
I am a founder.
You're missing the best part.
The ship was supposed to land in Virginia, but an evil sea spirit called the Aglaeca drove the ship off course, and it landed here instead.
The a-whatta? The Aglaeca.
Urban legend says that one day a year, on Harbor Day, you can look into the mirror, and you can ask the Aglaeca for something.
One time, I asked him for a PS3.
I didn't get the PS3.
- But I asked for it.
- Yeah.
I asked for tons of stuff - in high school, and I got none of them.
- Hmm.
Silver lining: my eyes didn't bleed, which supposedly happens when you get your wish.
- We talking about the Aglaeca? - Mm-hmm.
Yeah, that's a load of crap.
I'm still waiting for my hoverboard scooter and my first edition copy of All The President's Men.
How you feeling? I'm fine.
Hey, do you have the copies of Ryan's e-mails to Lucy? Mm-hmm, in my car.
All about that paper trail.
Whoa, check it out.
Chief McGinnis is leading the manhunt for Joshua Dodd, who we now believe is responsible for the death of Tiffany Hudson.
As a safety precaution, all Harbor Day festivities - have been cancelled.
- Boo.
Uh What is my dad doing there? He could be volunteering to help with the manhunt.
Hey, I need to bring those e-mails to Karen at the police station.
It might help my dad's case, so if you want to - Yeah, I'll come with you.
- Hey.
I'm coming, too.
I want to figure out how Josh got the poison.
You got me thinking about Claire Barnett's book club.
Yeah, I'm just gonna chill here with Bess and her ridiculous, stolen hat.
We confiscated all the electronics from J.
Hopefully we can use them to track his whereabouts.
I need to talk to you about the Lucy Sable case.
- This isn't a good time.
- I have new evidence that points to a different suspect in Lucy's murder.
It could help exonerate my dad, and if you ever cared about him at all, then you'll give me five minutes.
Okay, come on.
What are you doing here? And why didn't you tell me you were volunteering? I know, but This is Nick.
I had a-a cousin growing up who was deaf, so I, uh, picked up a little bit.
I was hoping you might help me take a look at, um, Claire Barnett's file.
I, um, I have some questions.
Late August, 2000.
These e-mails prove that Ryan and Lucy planned to meet the night she died.
He told me he was at boarding school that night.
There was no official reason to look at Ryan Hudson.
And unofficially? She was your best friend, Karen.
Unofficially, I'd say, if someone wanted to check out Ryan's alibi, she might look at alumni from his boarding school.
Roommates, maybe.
I'll let you know what I find.
Nancy? You okay? Yup.
All good.
Thanks, Lucy.
That's new.
Owen, hi.
I've been leaving messages.
Is she okay? Who let her go confront a murderer by herself? "Who let her?" Owen, have you met Nancy? And, you know, technically, she didn't know he was a murderer at the time.
Bess, where is she? Oh.
- Hi.
- Hi.
I heard about what happened last night.
I'm fine, not even a black eye this time.
- Yeah.
Did they find the guy? - No, not yet.
I don't know if you're here to-to volunteer for the manhunt Actually, I'm just here to make sure you're okay.
I appreciate that, but I actually need to get going.
Sounds urgent.
Yeah, I'm-I'm-I'm trying to track down this BioTech CEO in Portsmouth, New Hampshire: Chad Vogel.
You confronting another murderer? Confirming the alibi of someone who may or may not be one.
Hey, you want some company? Get there faster in the carpool lane.
We don't have carpool lanes in Maine.
Well, then maybe I can help you get in the door somehow.
I mean, look at me.
I speak CEO.
I pick the playlist.
After Lucy's death, Josh and Patrice moved to Vermont.
So, what year was Claire's last kill? Ace? Uh last kill was 2009.
So, according to Claire's kill time line and Josh's history, I don't see how they could've crossed paths.
I found two other cases of baneberry poisoning.
But they were in Missouri and Illinois.
Can you get the case files? Yeah.
Kind of a long drive to New Hampshire.
You hungry? We can stop by the cafeteria.
The chef makes a killer sous vide octopus.
Oh, I'm good.
Thank you.
Traveling with an assistant that's a baller move.
- Oh, no, this is, um - Yes.
I'm Mr.
Marvin's assistant.
Okay, so you're thinking of absorbing Hudson Enterprises? I can rely on you to be discreet? Bro.
Hudsy and I were in the stew together.
That's what we called our dorm at Eddings Hall.
Uh, my, uh, assistant has some questions.
Love it.
So, we're looking deep background.
Uh, we just want to make sure that Mr.
Hudson doesn't have any skeletons in the closet, especially in this day and age.
And especially when it comes to women.
Hey, I get it.
M-Me, too, my friends, right? I mean hey, me three.
So, was Ryan a long-term relationship kind of guy or did he play the field? He was definitely a ladies' man.
Though we did lose him to one serious long-distance girlfriend for a while.
That would be, um Lucy Sable? Yeah, that's right.
Did you ever get the chance to meet her? Not officially, but she did come to campus once.
Her and her and Ryan had this big blowout behind the dorm.
And when he came back to the room, Ryan was a mess.
Said she dumped him.
Didn't even give him a reason.
Do you remember Ryan ever going to meet Lucy sometime in August of 2000? Uh, yeah.
Actually, I remember that very well.
He snuck off campus for a few hours and got totally busted sneaking back onto campus.
Was Ryan gone long enough to get to Maine? Maybe.
All I know is, when campus police brought him back to the dorm, they busted a few of my buddies and I with a bottle of vodka.
I got suspended for two weeks.
Did you ever talk to her personally? Uh, once.
After they broke up.
Uh, s-she called the dorm looking for Ryan.
She wanted his school e-mail address.
Well, call me a hopeless romantic, 'cause I gave it to her.
And, you know, 'cause I'm for women.
That's very clear.
I hacked into the St.
Louis City police department, got the case file for the Missouri poisoning.
Here are some crime scene photos.
They're gross, but You know, those don't look like natural deaths.
- Mm-mm.
- No, Claire's poison didn't do that.
She prided herself on creating perfect victims.
And she's a chemistry teacher.
Clearly very skilled.
She must've refined the poison, make sure victims' bodies don't get contorted.
So, if Tiffany died like Claire's victims, Josh must have used that same poison.
- Right? - Right.
Yeah, but how'd he get it? What do you think that means? Uh, q-question.
What does this mean? Dad, the, uh, the poison that you found at the scene of Liza Ainsley's death.
How much was left? Joshua and Claire, they n they never crossed paths.
But what if he got a hold of her poison somewhere else? Right here, in this building.
I have to admit, that was kind of fun.
Um, are you really gonna invest in Chad's clinical trial? Uh, no.
Definitely not.
I got caught up in the moment.
You were very convincing.
Eh, well, I've had a lot of practice.
Nancy? What happened? I've been having visions, and I think Lucy wants me to find her bones.
I'm sorry, what, now? Yeah, and that's not all.
In the last vision, her eyes were bleeding.
Wait, like when you call to the Aglaeca? I think so.
Okay, so now you believe in all this crap? Out of pure necessity alone.
My dad is running out of time, and I really need your help.
Okay, so we call to the Aglaeca.
Is this, like, a normal thing for you guys? But today is the only day we can do it.
- Right, George? - Yeah, but it never works.
Need I remind you guys, I got a "D" in French? My call was not answered.
Yeah, but maybe you didn't know how to do it? Okay, we need a primary source.
What, is there a section in the local library with firsthand accounts of evil spirits that haunt the ocean, Bess? Not the library, but the Historical Society.
Let's do it.
Uh I mean, it's not like we have any customers today.
You know, with a murderer on the loose and all.
Surprise, fugitives and manhunts are kind of bad for business.
Just give us a second.
Uh, is everything okay? Yeah.
Uh Nick Nick needs me at the police station.
He says it's really important.
Um, I'm just gonna tell Bess and George - that they can go ahead without me.
- Well, let me tell them.
I've always wanted to check out the Historical Society.
Really? No.
But it sounds like you could use all the help you can get.
Ask for Hannah Gruen.
She's been there forever.
She can point you in the right direction.
Hannah Gruen.
All right, Romeo.
Let's get going.
So, we did some digging, and there's no way that Claire could've shared her poison supply with Josh.
But, when Liza Ainsley's body was found, there was a vial of poison at the crime scene.
Which went to police evidence.
So we checked the evidence log.
There's nothing suspicious.
Just in case, we pulled the Ainsley file.
See that asterisk? The refrigerator broke down, the vial of poison was moved to another unit until it could be repaired.
That's a perfect opportunity for someone to access the evidence without having to sign for it.
Did Joshua do the repair? No.
I-I checked the records, and he didn't.
So I called around to a couple other local repair shops and found this.
Northeast Island Repair.
Yeah, they came round and fixed the broken fridge a week before Tiffany died.
This work order has a signature on it.
We need to get into the evidence room.
I can't help you with that.
You got to talk to the chief.
Dad Ace, it's o it's okay.
Thank you, for everything.
I appreciate it.
Now, I know you're not giving up that easy.
And, um, there's one more thing.
You know Captain Thom, right? He needs some help with files in the bullpen.
Thank you.
This is Claire Barnett's poison.
The vial's full.
How could Josh have gotten the poison from here? The seal on this vial is brand-new.
There's no way that it's from Liza's case 15 years ago.
The original vial got swapped out for a decoy.
Hey, Detective Hart.
That's police evidence.
Okay, everybody just be cool.
This isn't Claire's poison.
- What? - You're trespassing - and - I saw your signature on the work order for the refrigerator repair.
That's when I realized it was you who swapped out the poisons.
Because you don't have to take AP Chem to know that, in a glass container, the meniscus of a liquid containing poison, like baneberry, curves downward, but this meniscus curves upward because it's just water, right? - No, no, no! - Whoa! What are you ? You leave me no choice.
I'm arresting you for breaking and entering - and trespassing.
- Do not let her do this.
She's gonna get us out of here and then destroy the vial and no one will ever know the truth, Karen gave the poison to Josh.
Yeah, they will.
- Hey! - Ace! You okay? Just water.
It's over, Karen.
I didn't kill Tiffany.
Joshua did.
You gave him the poison.
That is accessory to murder, Karen.
Because I signed a work order form? That's your proof? You confiscated all of the electronics from J.
Dodd's, including Nick's tablet.
You thought by doing so, you could get rid of this, but you forgot about the cloud.
You didn't know there was a camera when you went to Joshua's last month.
I'm not the only one who reads lips.
Captain Thom just confirmed that this is what you said.
"I gave you the poison for Ryan, not Tiffany.
I'm going to have to fix this".
I just want to know why.
I wanted to get justice for Lucy.
She was my best friend.
I spent years looking for answers, and then Joshua came back to town.
Joshua had seen Lucy's old e-mails on the computer at J.
He thought Ryan killed Lucy, and so did you.
Ryan is untouchable.
He's had people cleaning up his messes his entire life.
And I know the system favors the privileged, but the Hudson family are on a whole other level.
So you thought that Ryan deserved to die because you were tired of how the world works? No, because I saw him preying on another young woman, the same way he did with Lucy.
You saw him with George.
I couldn't let that happen again.
An innocent woman is dead because of you.
You tore her family apart.
You tore two families apart, actually.
You arrested my dad for something that he didn't do.
Your father's fingerprints are on that knife.
He was the Hudson's cleaner.
He did something.
He did not kill Lucy Sable.
I never wanted to hurt you.
I'm just glad my mom's not around to see who you've become.
Nancy At least we finally got some answers about Tiffany.
Yeah, answers, but not justice.
Josh is still out there.
I wonder how far he got.
Pretty far.
I hear there's a motorboat missing from the marina.
We're ready to take your statement now.
I know Nancy, I knew she was right.
I'm sorry if I scared you, though.
Last time we talked, you promised after your accident, you weren't gonna go back to the force.
Okay, we agreed that that was safer.
If you're asking for my blessing, you're gonna have to wait.
I wonder where this Hannah Gruen is that Nancy mentioned.
Maybe she has Nancy's work ethic.
Do you really believe in the legend of the Aglaeca? I may not believe, but I know Nancy saw something, and I believe her.
You're so evolved.
Guys! Look, here he is.
Captain Douglas Marvin, - our ancestor.
Do you - Ew, Bess You know, I can't wait to learn more about our family history.
- Well, be careful what you wish for.
- Hm, what'd you say? Nothing.
Um, is there anything in there about the Aglaeca? - No, I don't think so.
- Typical.
300 pages about men and women get two pages in the back.
I found something.
"When the first women arrived in Horseshoe Bay, they started weaving stories about a presence haunting the waters.
Once a year, on Harbor Day, they would make requests of this mysterious entity they called the Aglaeca".
Look at that.
so it says, "Step into the water.
Let your heart's desire call her.
Blood payment you will need, wrapped in chains from the sea".
"Summon your courage and venture near, to a vision then appear".
"It's the toll you pay, if you dare.
If unwilling, then you must beware".
So do you think that's how we call her then? Knowing this town, it would be in a cryptic nursery rhyme.
Are you guys sure that you want to do this? We've reached out to spirits in the past and the results have always been very mixed.
I promise to not let you get possessed again.
I feel so relieved.
Nancy? Hey, uh, I need to tell you something.
What is it? Where are you? Joshua Dodd had an accomplice.
What are you talking about? The poison that he used came from police evidence.
It was Karen, Dad.
What? No, no, no, no, no.
I don't, I don't believe it.
We have proof.
She's in custody right now.
Nancy Just listen.
If Karen's judgement is being questioned, can't we dispute her arrests? Your arrest? It won't change anything.
Without physical evidence linking someone else to the murder, you won't be able to prove my innocence.
I don't want to be convicted, I don't, Nancy, but you and I both need to start accepting that it's going to happen.
Nancy, you okay? We have to get Lucy's bones.
I need to call to the Aglaeca.
So you want to call to the Aglaeca for help finding Lucy's bones? And why do you think her bones will help your dad? Because it's possible that the real murderer left clues on them.
If the attacker was right-handed, or they used a knife that's different from the one that they have in evidence, - that would exonerate your dad, right? - Exactly.
Okay, b-but I thought calling to it never worked.
Please tell me you have something.
Oh, we found something.
Courtesy of some O.
Horseshoe Bay women.
Okay, so I can just try what's in the book.
Uh, no, actually, you can't; at least, not by yourself.
Yeah, you need six people to complete the ritual, representing the members of the six founding families.
Also, you have to pay a toll, which doesn't sound good, but, hey, who wants to hear a creepy nursery rhyme? - I do.
- Guys, wait.
Oh, and you see that, uh, wreath of seaweed tied with a white ribbon? I made one to help us along.
What is it? I can't ask you guys to do this.
I don't know what we're up against.
None of us do.
Hey, that's never stopped us before.
It's not stopping us now.
Yeah, and I kicked over a blood bucket, so I'm marked for death anyway.
It's not like it gets much worse than that, right? Right.
Okay, so, now that's settled.
Well, it's not settled, because George said we need six people.
I count six.
Owen, - you don't have to - What, and miss all the fun? - I want to help.
- Okay, this is sweet and all, but the call to the Aglaeca has to happen at low tide, which is - 14 minutes from now.
- 14 minutes.
Well, grab a coat and some winter boots if you don't want to catch pneumonia.
What exactly are we supposed to do? Okay.
So you have the rope and the knives? Yeah.
Let's go.
Prick your finger and let your blood drop into the ocean.
Ugh, this is so unsanitary.
All right, Drew.
Call out to the Aglaeca and make your request.
Don't want you to get your hopes up.
It'd take a miracle.
"Guardian of the mighty sea, we summon you with our blood.
I make this request: with your power and wisdom, reach into the watery depths and fulfill my heart's desire".
Aglaeca, I call out to you for the lost bones of Lucy Sable.
Oh, wow.
Thank you! Oh, that is so disgusting.
It worked! So the stories really are true.
You know what that means.
That the toll is real, too.
Okay, Drew.
Time for the mirror.
Okay, just be careful.
That is an antique hand mirror Oh, come on, it's freezing.
You can do Antiques Roadshow later.
Okay, face away from the water, hold up the mirror and look at the water in the reflection.
We should see something that'll give us some kind of idea of what the toll is.
Yeah, the book is a bit vague about this part.
Oh what did I just see? - Oh, my God, Nancy, your eyes.
- Oh! Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
No, no, no.
Come on.
Get get-get out of the water.
Get out of the water, Owen.
- Get out of the water.
- Ow Owen, you need to move.
I can't move.
The Aglaeca's trying to kill him.
The wreath! Destroy it.
We didn't finish paying the toll.
I wonder if the Aglaeca wanted Owen's blood as the toll because he's a male descendant of a founder.
Yeah, whatever the reason how do we know if it was enough? What should we do with the bones? Put them somewhere cold and dry where no one will ever find them.
I already called John Sander.
I need him to examine the bones right away if we're gonna stop my dad's hearing tomorrow.
Yeah, I really hope these help somehow.
Hey, guys, well, thank you for a lovely evening.
Nancy, can I crash at your place tonight? You still have a police guard there, and it feels a lot safer than van sweet home.
Yeah, of course.
Uh, I'll call and let them know you're on the guest list.
I'm just gonna take Owen back to his place in town first.
Thanks, guys.
You want to ride with me? Yeah.
See you guys.
- Bess.
- Yes.
It's you and me.
And Florence.
Thank you, uh, for the ride back.
It's the least I could do.
After what I put you through today.
It's okay.
It was worth it.
I wanted to help you.
Yeah, you could've died.
But I didn't.
I should go.
Thanks anyway.
No luck, huh? Yeah, all the hotels are still booked.
Well, it's not as great as a booth at The Claw, but I do have a couch with your name on it, if you're interested.
Actually, that sounds great.
Uh, uh, thank you.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.

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