Nancy Drew (2019) s01e16 Episode Script

The Haunting of Nancy Drew

1 Ah Any other day, an evil sea spirit wants to send me a foreboding omen, I'm game.
Just not the day of my dad's evidentiary hearing.
In the heat of the moment The heat of the moment We can change it all Breaking down the walls Thanks for letting me crash on your couch last night.
Oh, I slept like a log.
- Sure about that? - Come on in, John, welcome to The Claw.
Wow, it's much bigger than it looks on FaceTime.
Hey! So are you.
Thank you for coming all this way.
Well, it beats sneaking illegal human bones into my lab.
But I'd do anything for Nancy.
- Where is she? - She's here.
Hey, John.
I'll be there as soon as I can.
I'm just waiting on Lucy's case files.
My dad's lawyer is sending me a copy ahead of his hearing today.
The prosecution wants me to testify at 3:00 p.
So I have until then to find the hard proof to exonerate him.
That's where the bones come in.
They may not be admissible in the court, but if they tell us something about the killer, then maybe I can track that evidence down.
Now, what makes you think the remains of a girl who died 20 years ago suddenly just appeared? Take another go Next thing you know We performed a mystical ritual asking an evil spirit for them.
Got it.
You don't want to tell me.
I probably don't want to know.
Oh, that's the Lucy files.
They should have her dental records, so you can confirm the identity of the bones.
I'll be by in a bit.
I assume you kept these bones in a sanitary, sterile environment, as per basic scientific guidelines? Ooh.
It's all I could find.
Halloween box felt a little on the nose.
Let's just get to the lab, so we can start doing things the right way.
Yeah you're at the lab.
We're closed for the day.
Place is yours.
Well, round up your sanitizers.
We got some scrubbing ahead of us.
Made that out of clay.
I saw tire tracks in the dirt and Lucy's dress.
The Hudson shell company made a sizeable, one-time payment to your dad back in 2000.
The same way they handled everything back then Carson Drew.
Did you kill Lucy Sable? I didn't kill anyone! Your father's fingerprints were on the knife.
Carson Drew, you're under arrest for the murder of Lucy Sable.
He's been in jail for two weeks and it's all my fault.
After the evidentiary hearing tomorrow, they will most likely transfer me to a prison in the next county.
A little help, Lucy? No? Nothing? No cryptic message? I am trying to solve your murder! Okay, Lucy, what? The knife from Lucy's crime scene.
And the silver steak knives in the pantry.
Yeah, yeah.
The ones Mom loved so much? She always kept these stored away in here.
Lucy's crown had a second set of DNA.
Female DNA.
Did my mom have something to do with Lucy's death? Got Lucy's dental records.
Did you find anything else in the files? Not really.
Hey, you know the other female hair that was found on Lucy's crown do you still believe that that was from the last person who saw her alive? I'd bet my license on it.
Did you happen to sequence that DNA, too? Of course, and I backed my data up to the cloud before the physical evidence went missing.
I was hoping you would say that.
I sent a lock of my hair to your lab to compare with the unknown hair to see if it's a mother-daughter DNA match.
I'll, uh, make a call and see if I can get the results expedited.
Wait, wait.
You think your mum killed Lucy? If your dad's covering for her, that could explain some of his cagey behavior.
I'm just ruling out any possibilities.
She had no motive, so The only thing that makes sense is that Ryan killed Lucy, Everett found out, and then called my dad in to clean it up.
No, listen.
You don't seem so sure.
Okay, you know, maybe you should rest.
You got home late.
Well early.
And you sounded pretty sick.
Probably just stress.
Maybe it's a bug.
I tried to contact Owen today, but he didn't answer.
He said that he was gonna be out of town, so maybe he's got the bug, too Owen's fine.
He's just tired.
You got in this morning, and you know the reason why Owen is tired.
Aah! You slept with my cousin! Nick, I'm really sorry.
I didn't mean for you to find out like that.
No, it's fine.
Bone time.
It's pronounced "forensic analysis".
Okay, uh so, if you guys are if you guys are good here, I'm just gonna, I'm gonna go and look over Ryan and Lucy's e-mails.
Divide and divide and conquer.
Are you okay? That was awkward.
I'm just just surprised.
I guess the, uh the grace period's over, huh? Yeah.
But you know what? I'm-I'm I'm actually really okay.
Really? Yeah.
Well I'm glad.
We should celebrate.
Right, right.
Like maybe you don't have to sleep on the couch tonight? - Oh.
- Be-Because it's super uncomfortable.
- And - I'd I'd like to not sleep on the couch tonight.
The cops are here.
Okay, okay.
No one panic.
Can I help you? Detective Abe Tamura.
- Detective Abe ? - Do you know this guy? - I don't know - And this is the part where you invite me in.
Is he a vampire? Is he a ? Just open Hey, come on in.
- Go.
- Welcome.
Welcome to The Claw.
Uh, we-we're actually closed today.
What for? - Private party.
- Inventory.
A little bit of both.
I have a warrant to search the premises.
And you have no diners to disturb.
Search this place? - Really? - Chief McGinnis brought me in to take over the Tiffany Hudson investigation from the recently discredited and, well, incarcerated Karen Hart.
We're surrounded.
Don't be nervous.
Unless you got a dead body hiding in one of these booths, you got nothing to worry about.
Kitchen's through here? - Yeah.
- Yeah, right through there.
I'll show you.
- Just - Come.
The cooler.
- Right this way.
- Take the booth by the window, where the husband was sitting.
What? That was a mess.
We really need to get on the same page about these things.
Nancy, how are you doing? In Ryan's e-mails to Lucy, he used single spaces after the periods.
But in the last e-mail, where he called her a whore, he uses double spaces.
You think he didn't write that one? Can you track the I.
address to see, uh, where it was sent from? Yeah.
Give me, uh, two minutes.
Hey, Ryan.
No, I just gave another statement on my wife's murder.
I'm really not in the mood.
I know that you didn't write that e-mail to Lucy.
About hoping that she'd die.
Come here.
It came from an I.
address in Lisbon.
Where, according to Forbes, your dad was busy acquiring a company in 2000.
Why would Everett impersonate you in an e-mail to Lucy? I don't know.
Okay, well, then, let's find out.
It is high time that you tell me the whole truth about your relationship with Lucy.
Or I will turn those e-mails over to the judge when I testify later today.
I do not think that you killed Lucy.
But I do think that you are the key to finding out who did.
Please, Ryan.
Well, I'll be.
This is Lucy Sable.
The cops are right outside the door.
If we're to believe Karen Hart's report, Joshua Dodd came in through this back door, poisoned the victim's food in there.
We'll start in the dining room.
Now all we need to do is stop them going into the cooler in a non-suspicious way.
- Piece of cake.
- Yeah.
It would've been a lot cakier if you would let me handle it.
Private party? Where are the private partygoers? Oh, it is a far better deterrent than "inventory".
Oh, yeah, says you.
Now I've got to slow them down.
Who wants brunch? On the house.
Except we can't get to the food in the cooler.
So then go grab sardines and saltines from the back.
What are you waiting for? Go.
Oh, my God.
What? He should have let me handle it with the cops.
Okay? We're co-bosses.
We don't have to "co" everything.
- What? - Okay, listen, if you've maxed out on "co's" before you've even kissed each other, then maybe it's a sign you shouldn't be together.
Come on.
After the Velvet Masque, Lucy and I had to keep our relationship a secret from my parents.
Then your dad found out in spring, and he made Lucy break up with you and then he sent this e-mail to make sure she stayed away for good.
Why did you keep your relationship with Lucy a secret, even after she died? I had to.
I came to Horseshoe Bay that night to see her.
At least I tried, anyway.
And what happened? I did everything that I could to get here, you know? I-I hopped a school fence, I hitchhiked, and then finally, when I-I got here, there were police everywhere and people were saying that Lucy had been murdered.
You know? And I-I blame myself, because I thought maybe if I could've gotten here a little bit earlier, she might still be alive.
But then I-I realized how it would look.
You know? We've been hiding our relationship for months, and then all of a sudden, the night that I show up, she dies? So I left before anybody could identify me.
Nancy, I I loved Lucy.
I was just, I was too afraid to mourn her, so I buried it.
Your dad must have read your school e-mails.
That's the only way he would have known that you and Lucy were gonna meet at your spot that night.
The bluffs? The bluffs wasn't our spot.
What do you mean? What was it, then? Ain't got time Wow.
This place hasn't changed in 20 years.
Well, that's the charm of it.
My dad's had me scooping since I could reach the ice cream.
So, were you working the night of the Sea Queen ceremony in 2000? Anything to miss the lamest event of the year.
Did, uh, did-did Lucy Sable come in that night? - Sure did.
- And you didn't tell that to the cops? There's no record of it in her file.
Yeah, they didn't take me seriously.
Especially with everyone phoning in bogus tips.
But they should have.
Why? What happened? Well, Lucy came in Um, she had this little pink backpack.
She was wearing her Sea Queen dress and sash, but she didn't look like she'd won anything.
She was so sad.
Just writing in her journal, waiting for someone.
How long, how long did she wait? Long enough for her ice cream to melt.
Eventually she left.
Uh, and that's when I noticed a town car was following her.
It had this, uh, eagle hood ornament.
That's my dad's car.
A couple months before Lucy was murdered, you sent her an e-mail from Ryan's account saying that you hoped she'd die.
Oh, look, she's back.
I want to know what happened to Lucy.
Why'd you do that to her? You were throwing away your future on a nothing girl.
What the hell is wrong with you? Your grades were abysmal.
You slept through how many crew practices? Okay, the night that Lucy died, you knew he was supposed to meet her, but you got there first.
I offered her a ride so we could chat.
- Did you hurt her? - Don't be so dramatic.
I simply reminded her again to stay away from my family.
Advice I could offer you as well.
When I left, Lucy was walking up to her house, very alive.
In fact, a friend was waiting for her.
They got into an argument.
What friend? It was the cop that tried to kill you, Ryan.
As far as I know, Karen Hart was the last person to see Lucy alive.
Why were you arguing with Lucy the night she died? Junior year, rumors spread that Lucy was sleeping with hill-toppers.
She became withdrawn, depressed.
I hardly saw her.
But she'd, uh, she'd always wanted to be Sea Queen, so I nominated her to try to cheer her up.
You entered a social pariah into a popularity contest to cheer her up? I switched out the ballot box so that she'd win.
I wanted everyone to see her for who she was.
A Sea Queen.
Not a slut.
But your plan backfired because then everybody thought that she slept her way to victory.
I felt awful.
So I went to her house, tried to explain myself.
Hey, stop for a second.
- Didn't work.
- You've said enough.
Please, please.
I waited for her outside, but by the time she came out, she made it clear that she wanted to be alone.
Let me explain.
Come on.
Just leave me alone.
And then she just rushed off.
Did she have anything on her? She didn't.
No-no-no journal, n-nothing? When she arrived at the house, she had her backpack and her journal.
But she had nothing on her when she left.
Her mom tore the house apart trying to find it.
What if that journal's still in there? Thought they knocked this place down.
Yeah, that's what the city wants you to think.
Found out that they changed the house number and the street name so that it didn't become a shrine to Dead Lucy.
Couple families have lived here over the years, but nobody has ever stayed.
Yeah, I don't think Lucy wants us here.
Yeah, but why, if, i-if her journal's inside? Yeah, I don't know.
God, I guess the same reason she's never brought me here before.
She doesn't want me to find it.
But I guess there's only one way to find out.
I have less than an hour until I take the stand.
I need to find that journal.
They finish already? Yes.
What is this? I got gherkins and I got clams.
I'll make a salad.
Yeah, but George will probably hate it, because apparently it's my fault that the cops are here.
Right, Nick, please.
For the sake of my frazzled chakras, you and George need to spend some time apart.
Okay? Oh! What's that? Uh, just a bunch of spatulas.
It's all good.
That's her skull? Everything all right, Detective? I don't know.
You tell me.
Yeah, yeah.
Everything is great.
Just me being clumsy, as usual.
Yeah, there's a reason we call her "butterfingers".
Ready for the cooler, sir? Sure.
So, about that cooler No, I was just about to serve homemade clam salad.
Yeah n-n-n-n-no.
Who are you? We're the busboys.
I'm the senior busboy.
McGinnis was right about you guys.
You're always up to something.
Search it.
I hope we can find something in here to help exonerate my dad.
Okay, let's just give that thing some space.
- I'm allergic.
- Yeah.
Me, too.
Nancy! - Nancy! - Lucy, stop! What ? Okay, we got to get out of here.
She doesn't want us in this house.
I am not leaving.
What? What? No.
Nancy, you Nancy! Lucy wrote this.
I've seen her do it before.
What is this? "I'm going to Dead Man's Bluff".
These are different.
Lucy never wanted anybody to find these.
She couldn't keep them inside anymore.
What is this? Lucy's journal.
Sorry about that mess we made in the cooler.
Oh, and good luck with your inventory.
Or your private party.
Whichever one you decide it is.
All clear.
How'd you guys do it? Where are the bones? Only place the cops didn't look.
Aah! So many health code violations.
- This is - Ace.
Sorry, Lucy.
Okay, guys, we need to get to the courthouse.
Entries from 1999, 2000.
August 31, day she died.
I think I know why Lucy never wanted us to find this.
We got to go.
The State calls Nancy Drew to the stand.
Drew, please take the stand to admit your journal as evidence.
I will, but not to admit my journal.
Someone else's.
Lucy Sable's.
I know who killed her.
And it wasn't Carson Drew.
My testimony begins in the summer of 1999 when Lucy met a boy who took her to a ball.
And even though they were never supposed to see each other again, this boy and Lucy fell in love.
They met up again on New Year's Eve of 1999.
Then continued their secret romance via e-mail.
Lucy Sable and Ryan Hudson.
H-How is this relevant? I want to see where this goes.
In the spring of 2000, Ryan's father Everett found out.
And he went to Lucy directly and told her that Ryan's future had no room for a townie girl like her.
But Lucy refused to break up with Ryan.
So Everett got what he wanted another way.
Lucy's mother lost her job.
Lucy lost her private scholarships, her chance to go to college.
The Hudsons started spreading rumors that Lucy was sleeping with hill-toppers, and the town believed them.
The slut-shaming spread from there.
Hate mail.
Cruel notes passed to Lucy in class.
She kept them all.
Until finally Lucy folded.
She broke up with Ryan in person, too afraid of his father to tell him the real reason why.
But by then, Lucy's life had unraveled to the point of despair.
A journal entry marked the week before she died.
"Everyone in this town hates me.
Tried talking to Mom, but she just freaked out and hid all the knives".
The next entry, she wrote about a visit with her guidance counselor Kate Drew.
"Had lunch with Mrs.
Drew and her husband Carson.
We ate homemade pie and used her grandmother's silver.
Everything was so nice.
So beautiful".
"Why can't my life be like this?" It was at that lunch that Lucy stole one of Kate Drew's silver knives and kept it in her possession until the Sea Queen crowning.
When she wrote one final entry.
"I'm going up to Dead Man's Bluff to end my life.
I love you, Mom.
I hope you never find this".
"I'm sorry".
Her suicide note.
Carson Drew did not kill Lucy Sable.
She took her own life.
And for 20 years, we told ourselves a story of a mysterious killer, when really the killer was us.
This town.
But I promise to remember the girl who lived, not the girl who died.
The sole piece of physical evidence linking Carson Drew to the crime is a fingerprint on a knife that Lucy took from his house.
Is that enough to send a man to trial for murder? Quiet.
Lucy never wanted me to figure out how she died.
Yeah, I get that.
Maybe she carried the trauma of her suicide over into her death.
But then why is she haunting me? Why the bones? What did she want me to solve? Lucy's handwriting has been authenticated.
And there was a picture of her with this journal in her high school yearbook.
The journal is real.
I have considered the new evidence and find that it is compelling enough to hold that there is no probable cause for Carson Drew to have killed Lucy Sable.
Thus, the charges against him are dismissed.
Um, so I'm heading to The Claw.
Anyway, I could bring some stuff home.
Uh, let's just do it at home.
I'm sorry.
For what you lost.
Just be glad that you're both finally done with my family.
I'm never gonna be free from 'em.
Nancy, thank you.
We missed you at The Claw today.
Get used to it.
I'm moving my family up to Augusta.
Took a job there.
Had enough of the corruption in the force here.
Thought I'd start fresh.
So that's why we're stuck with Detective Hotshot now? Try not to break any more federal laws.
Something tells me Detective Tamura won't be as forgiving.
Um, I think it's best if you stick to sleeping on my couch tonight.
Oh, yeah.
Um, yeah, totally.
Totally, yeah.
- The couch.
- Yeah.
Couch is, uh, couch is a good place.
Well, yeah.
Just so we can keep being co-bosses.
And friends.
Well friendly co-bosses? Where's the bone? - Hey.
- Hey.
- Hello? - So? Just finishing what we started.
Anything? I'm getting there.
Okay, thank you.
That was my lab calling about the hair you messengered earlier today.
Oh, do you have the results? Nancy, I think you better sit down.
You're late.
I cooked your favorite to celebrate.
Nancy? I just received a piece of evidence that proves you're still lying about the night Lucy died.
- I don't - I took the stand for you.
I testified to your innocence.
I followed every lead.
I took every risk.
Please tell me what's going on.
No, you tell me.
What happened that night? And I need to hear the truth.
No more lies, no more evasion.
What did you do, Dad? What did Mom do? She was on the cliff with Lucy.
- Mom never hurt Lucy.
- How do you know that? Because I was there, too.
When Lucy was still alive.
What were you doing there? We were watching the fireworks.
Your mom got a panicked call from Lucy.
Hello? Lucy? She needed help.
Are you okay? Okay, just please stay where you are, just stay put.
And then we saw why.
She had come to the cliff to end her life.
And then the baby was born.
Visible parturition pitting along the dorsum of the pelvic bone.
It's what happens when a woman gives birth.
This is why Lucy wanted Nancy to find her bones.
Lucy said she had kept the pregnancy a secret.
Out of fear.
She'd been threatened.
Everett Hudson.
He spoke to her earlier that day.
Lucy was told if she had the baby, her life was over, and so was the child's.
That's why she arranged to meet with Ryan that night.
To, to tell him about the pregnancy.
CARSON: We told her that we would figure everything out.
We, we just wanted to help.
Lucy begged us to take her child.
And raise it.
Don't let the Hudsons know about her.
And protect it from the Hudsons.
We didn't know what to say, we just It's okay.
we had to calm her down It's okay.
Take care of my baby long enough to get help.
We'd only turned away from her for a second.
When we turned back, Lucy was gone.
I climbed down to the water to try and find Lucy, but I couldn't find her.
Her body had already washed out to sea.
All that was left was her dress.
We never knew if she had slipped or jumped.
And through the rest of that night, we held the baby in our arms, weighing what we should do.
And by the time the sun rose the next morning, the only thing we cared about was honoring her mother's dying wish and keeping her safe.
And we'd fallen in love.
We decided to leave Horseshoe Bay to keep the baby's origin a secret.
Couple years later, we came back.
Things were safer by then.
Everyone believed she was ours.
And we decided to stay and raise her here.
All I've ever cared about is giving her a good life.
One where she'd never have to know the truth.
I was her father now.
I was her father.
And that's all that mattered.
Lucy's baby thrived.
She grew up to be whip-smart and compassionate and kind and endlessly curious.
And she loves solving mysteries.
Your DNA wasn't a match for the female hair.
It's a mother-daughter match for Lucy Sable.
She's me.
The baby is me.

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