Nancy Drew (2019) s01e17 Episode Script

The Girl in the Locket

1 Previously on Nancy Drew Your DNA wasn't a match for the female hair.
It's a mother-daughter match for Lucy Sable.
She's me.
The baby is me.
You had every opportunity to tell me the truth.
But you didn't, because you hoped that I would never find out that Lucy was my mother.
Every day for 19 years, you woke up and you chose to lie to me.
And what did Kate think? - Your mom - N-N-No.
What did Kate think? Did she have second thoughts? Is that why you sent me away from her when she was on her deathbed? So that you didn't have some attack of conscience and then tell me that Ryan Hudson is my biological father? - Oh, my God - All we knew was what Lucy told us.
She begged us to protect you.
She said you wouldn't be safe if the Hudsons found out who you really were.
Nancy, Lucy gave you to us and begged us to raise you.
It was her dying wish.
What would have happened if I hadn't ever tested Lucy's DNA? How long would you have kept up this-this master deception? - Your mother and I - Stop calling her my mother! We both agreed it was best - not to tell you.
- Why, why ? - That it would be best - No, listen.
Why-why did you bury her dress in the backyard? (SPEAKING INDISTINCTLY) Why were you arguing when you were digging it up? Kate was the one who buried the dress.
For her, I think it was some kind of link to Lucy.
And when she told me, I asked her to get rid of it, and she didn't.
She hid it in the attic.
I guess she-she probably thought that nobody would ever find it there because no one ever went up there.
Please let me in.
I really, really need some space.
You shouldn't be alone right now.
Yeah, well, it turns out I've been alone my whole life.
You know that's not true.
(SIGHS) Nancy, please.
TED: Why didn't he sleep in George's room? CHARLIE: Well, they can't do it, you know, with Mom in the house.
TED: Oh (STIFLED LAUGH) Oh, my oh Morning, Ted, Charlie.
Look, just to be clear, your-your sister and I are just friends, okay? A-And-and colleagues.
GEORGE: You two, out.
Go help Mom.
You go help Mom.
Good morning.
How'd you sleep? Terribly.
Same here.
If you stay one more night, I'm charging rent.
This ain't an Airbnb.
- Ignore her.
- Don't ignore me! Um, she-she's right.
Y'all have been more than generous.
I'll I'll look for my own place today.
Just as soon as I find my other shoe.
Oh (SQUISHES) Very funny, guys.
What happened? Someone put the Atlantic Ocean in my shoe.
Come on.
Seriously? NICK: That's weird.
I could've s-sworn Ah, well this one just has peanut butter on it.
Someone needs a spin on the chore wheel.
Drew? Nails in all four.
Yeah, slow leaks.
Like someone wanted you to drive a couple of miles before you got stranded.
You got a vandal in your neighborhood? I would put money on it.
Hey, I can, I can make these safe enough so you can drive back to town, but you're gonna want to get new tires.
Hey, just want to say, with the apparent exception of one vandal everyone's thrilled you were exonerated.
You and Nancy must have had a hell of a celebration, right? Where is she, anyway? Why isn't she out here with a tire jack? She's not answering her phone.
I'm lucky I was able to get you.
I know you've been busy over at the restaurant.
Nancy told you about that.
Yeah, she's caught me up on recent events.
The highlights, anyway.
Um (CLEARS THROAT) Look, when I ended things with Nancy, - I - No, no, no.
No, that's between the two of you.
I just wanted to say, it's good you're making a life for yourself here.
Kate would've been happy to see it.
I hope so.
Yeah, she was an amazing lady.
Pardon me.
- (GASPS) - Hi, oh.
- Hey, don't mind me.
- Um Me and Lisbeth just haven't seen each other in a few weeks.
- (LAUGHS): Okay.
- Yeah.
- Bye.
- Bye.
Portland can't compete with you.
- Then it should quit trying.
- Mm.
Hey, be my plus-one to Aunt Diana's birthday party tonight.
She asked me to plan it.
- Mm-hmm, rich lady soiree, huh? - (CHUCKLES) Okay, but our next date night's drive-in and a pizza.
- Okay.
- I got to go.
- I'll pick you up at 5:00? - Perfect.
- Okay.
- Bye.
That's the nature of man.
I just want to make sure that you're thinking as much with your head as you are with your meow.
- What the hell? - You heard me! BESS: Let me guess, you had a bizarre vision that turned into sand? Tidal crab in my corn flakes.
ACE: Crusty nautical rope in the sink, severed finger.
Yeah, maggots in the tomatoes.
Nick said he found seawater in his shoe this morning, and it wasn't a prank from my sisters.
ACE: Wait, Nick woke up at your place this morning? Yeah, his last night of mooching.
BESS: Hi, Victoria.
Do you think these are messages from Dead Lucy? Hi, Bessie.
What's up? - No, not likely.
- Hey Leftover sand sounds like a warning.
Like a curse.
George told me that Nancy called to the Aglaeca and didn't pay the toll.
We tried to pay it.
Owen Marvin almost bled out.
Yeah, well, obviously, it wasn't enough.
Look, inhuman sea spirits are very unforgiving.
So now the Aglaeca's pissed, - and that's why they're sending you these portents.
- Hey.
You have to find a way to appease it.
Oh, and before anyone asks, I will not be doing the ritual.
It turns out, spirits make me drink.
Oh, poor you.
But I have heard of a ritual that can defuse the effects of a curse from an inhuman sea spirit like the Aglaeca.
You need two ingredients: the person who called to it and one of their blood relatives.
For the person who made the call, ooh, it is gonna hurt like a son of a bitch.
- Okay.
- And - Hey.
- We need to find Nancy and Carson.
Jesse, get off that nature cam, say goodbye to the bears, we got to go.
- JESSE: Coming! - Do you need any help? (DOOR CLOSES) (BUZZING) (EXHALES) OWEN: What, are we hiding out from the world today? Can we call in sick? (CHUCKLES) I would love to, but I can't miss Aunt Diana's party.
Ah, yes, of course.
But, um, I'm flying back to New York tonight.
Why don't you come with me? I think with everything that's happened, you deserve a few personal days.
Yeah, I do deserve that.
All right.
We'll hit Diana's party tonight, and leave right after.
Sold? Sold.
(GRUNTS) What? What happened? (PHONE RINGING) Are you ? Hello? Ace? Uh, yeah, she's (MOUTHS) Um, it's an emergency? (SIGHS) Get in.
I know you're dealing with a lot, but, uh, Victoria says the Aglaeca's coming after us.
Nick, Bess, George, we've all gotten these really weird visions.
Have you? I vomited up a seaweed wreath yesterday morning.
I would say that qualifies.
When I went to look for it later, it had turned to sand.
You're saying the Aglaeca did that? Yeah, apparently it's like a bloodhound.
And because it responded to your call for Lucy's bones, you're acting as its gateway.
But that also means that you're the one that's capable of stopping it.
Okay, how? Well, Victoria says that you can throw it off your trail by mixing your blood with somebody else's.
Disguising yourself so that, you know, the curse can't find you, because if it can't find you, it can't find any of us.
Uh, but the ritual has to be done with a relative.
Your blood relative.
Well, that's a problem.
Because you-you saw the test results last night.
My closest relative is not my blood relative.
But Ryan Hudson is.
Look, I know that poses certain challenges.
And don't worry, I'm gonna keep that part confidential, but I, um I think I have a plan.
I'll meet you guys at Diana Marvin's party.
Well, can I know the plan? I have to talk to my father.
(DOOR OPENS) What, did you break in? Figured you and your dad would be celebrating by now.
I need your help.
Uh, sorry, I can't do that.
I got to get over to the free clinic in Trenton.
Don't you have rich-people health insurance? It's not for me, okay, I'm trying to get answers on Lucy.
The court clerk gave me a copy of her journal.
Why? Why? Because my dad threatened her.
I wanted to make sure he wasn't being physically violent.
I didn't see anything in her journal about that, but I did find this.
Look, check it out.
Early spring 2000, she's writing about being sick, queasy, her clothes don't fit anymore.
That was just a couple months after her and I spent the night together on New Year's.
Let's just say that we weren't exactly safe.
You don't have to share everything.
I think that Lucy was pregnant.
Yeah, think about it, right? She would've kept it a secret from her mom, 'cause that woman was crazy, but she could've snuck out to see a doctor, and the closest free clinic is in Trenton.
So I'm gonna go over there and pay 'em a visit.
I'm sure the whole staff has changed by now.
Nope, wrong, there's only one ob-gyn, and that's Dr.
Been there since the beginning of time.
Uh, why do you even care if Lucy had a baby? Because if she had a baby, then that baby's mine.
And I have spent far too long not knowing everything that I should know, and I want to find out.
Hey, what if you came with me? Yeah, why don't you come with me, do your little girl detective work, you know, it'll speed up the process.
I'm sure you're curious to know if Lucy was pregnant.
Counteroffer uh, I'll come with you if you do me one favor.
Okay, deal, but we're taking my car, 'cause yours is like a moped with a roof.
NICK: Victoria said the answer's in here? Yeah, my mom only knew the rules, but the exact incantation is in here.
Um, try under blood rituals.
Ooh ooh Who's laughing now? Can you hear me coming? (SINGER VOCALIZING) (MOANING) Okay, we, um shouldn't rush into anything.
Yeah, I agree.
Um Yeah, we don't want to rush.
- Oh.
- (CLEARS THROAT) Oh, uh, sorry to interrupt your, uh closed-door owners' meeting.
I'll be out of your hair so you can, um Oh, just stop it.
Okay, well, since I have you, do you think it would be possible to squeeze in the de-cursing blood ritual after Aunt Diana's cake-cutting but before the champagne toast? See, the, the party's on a very tight schedule.
Bess, the only timetable that matters is getting rid of this curse ASAP.
Ooh, let's hope the Aglaeca doesn't feed off negative energy, am I right? Do you mind? We were - Looking for portents? - Yeah, exactly.
Mm-hmm, in each other's mouths.
BESS: Carry on.
Can you hear me coming? Done.
Document's decrypted.
- Wow, that was fast.
- (PHONE CHIMES) Oh, no.
Oh, no.
Yo-Yo Ma can't make it.
Aunt Diana loves chamber music, and this was one of my surprises for her.
It was only one of them.
And I'm also thinking about bringing Lisbeth.
Huh, Lisbeth.
You're surprising your aunt with the girlfriend - your aunt disapproves of? - Well, yes, but 'Cause she's actually a cop with a knack for investigating rich families.
That's why Diana has a problem with her.
Can you hear me coming? - Hmm.
- Just think about it.
Ace, thank you for your help.
- You're welcome.
- See you tonight.
- SANDOE: Well, you seem to be - in perfect health and you're not expecting.
May I ask why you wanted your friend to be here? - I was hoping to - I want to know, do you, do you remember a girl named Lucy Sable? Well, I've lived here all my life.
Of course I remember her.
W-Was she ever a patient of yours? You're not allowed to say, I know, but I But she was, wasn't she? Can you just, can you, can you tell us, w-was she pregnant? - Uh - It would've been the summer of 2000.
HIPAA confidentiality still protects the deceased.
Okay, so what protects me, then? If she was pregnant, then I was the father.
Look, ma'am I cared about Lucy.
Okay, and-and she didn't think that she could tell me the truth, but she was wrong.
- She could have.
- I am not gonna break the law for you.
Why can't you see the human side of this? I'm sorry for your loss.
Oh, well, then, what if I buy this place - and I just shut it down? - Ryan! - What? - Or you can give me the answers I'm looking for.
We'll keep it between us.
I'll write you a big fat check, and you can go back to, to giving flu shots - to homeless people.
- Bullying me is not gonna help.
I am not bullying you, ma'am.
- I'm just trying to negotiate.
- Hey.
Hey, how about I talk to Dr.
Sandoe privately? 'Cause it's my exam, right? I am not going to ask you to violate patient confidentiality.
But I am going to ask you to wait in here for five minutes and then walk out looking upset.
Did you work your sleuthy magic, or do I got to pull out my checkbook? What'd she say? Not here.
(RYAN CLEARS THROAT) So, what'd she say? Yeah, Lucy was pregnant.
You guys were together on New Year's Eve of 1999.
Her due date was late September 2000.
She died August 31.
Maybe she had the baby early.
You know, she put it up for adoption? Dr.
Sandoe would have heard.
(EXHALES) So that's ? That's it? Lucy died pregnant with my kid.
- Hi.
- Hey, hi, uh I'm gonna leave this with you.
So is this posh enough for Aunt Diana? - (SIGHS) - Oh, my God, you hate it? No, no, no, no, no.
I love it.
You you would look amazing in it, um It's just, um, I double-checked and, um I can't actually bring a plus-one.
- Oh, I - I'm so, so, so, so sorry for all the trouble, so last minute.
That's why I wanted to come and apologize in person.
Bess? Among the things that I love about you is you are a terrible liar.
It's not about a plus-one, is it? It's about Aunt Diana? Hey, I'm not mad.
But if someone has a problem with us being together, I would rather deal with it now than later.
I know, I just I don't want to lose you, I don't want to lose them.
No, I've been waiting to meet my family for so long Do you want my advice? Let's face 'em together.
But you-you have to be ready.
So if you are call me and I will be there.
In a fancy jumpsuit.
Okay? RYAN: So, you, you gonna, like, tell me why we're going to Diana Marvin's house? I mean, you know that I'm like persona non grata, so you want to tell me what this favor is, or what? Yeah, in-in a minute.
Can I ask you something? Yeah, sure.
What would it have meant, uh, if-if you'd had the the baby? Do you think you were ready to be a dad at 18? At 18, no.
No, hell no, no.
A kid like me, I was dumb and spoiled and I had horrible parental role models, as you know, so no.
That would've been a disaster.
Do you think ? Do you think that you would have tried to ? Oh, my God.
- Oh, my God.
- Wh-Wh-What-What's going on? Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
- You okay? - (CHOKING) Hey.
Hey, h-hold on.
(GASPING) Hey, you okay? You choking? Hey, what, what, are you having a panic attack? No.
Uh - It was a portent.
- A portent? - What, you mean from Lucy? - No.
From something completely different.
This is the favor that I had to ask you, actually.
A few days ago, I did something unusual to get the evidence to exonerate my to exonerate Carson.
Um, my friends and I did this ritual to call to this sea spirit.
Sea spirit.
Like-like dolphins? Stay with me.
It's, uh, it's a local legend.
Uh, and it worked.
The Aglaeca answered my call.
But the problem is is I couldn't hold up my end of the bargain.
The-the Aglaeca wanted Owen Marvin's blood.
All of it.
So we couldn't go through with it, and now we triggered this, uh, curse, and I have to fix it.
And in order to do that, I need to do another ritual to make sure that the spirit doesn't lock onto its target, and-and that's where you come in.
Why me? I mean, unless this Aglaeca takes cash, then I'm It's not about your money this time, Ryan.
It's about you, specifically, because It's a long story, uh, and one of which you don't need to know all the details.
But i-if you just come with me Yeah, no, of course.
I mean, it sounds urgent, so - It is.
- Okay, yeah.
Uh, just out of curiosity, though, if I if I don't go and help, um, does this sea demon come after Owen Marvin? 'Cause there are some pros and cons to him being dead.
- Excuse me? - Well, I mean, the guy's my biggest business competitor, you know? And I'll never forget that smug little look he had on his face when he turned me down when I asked him for help.
He's gonna regret that.
I need you to be serious right now.
I am being serious right now.
I don't forget when someone crosses me.
What is wrong with you? Why are you like this?! Wh-Why am I like what, Nancy? What am I supposed to be like? You've met my dad.
No! No.
D-Don't blame genetics, because people make choices.
You, you chose to hide your relationship with Lucy.
You chose your corrupt parents' money over anything else in your life.
You chose to step out on Tiffany.
- That marriage was a business proposal.
- You are an entitled, morally bankrupt legacy criminal with no spine and-and a thing for teenaged girls.
What, having a kid was supposed to change all that? You know what? I want you to find your own way home.
You just got hit with another portent? Nancy? Yeah.
I couldn't breathe and I thought that all my hair got cut off.
Oh, my God, your hair? Ugh.
Meanwhile, in George land, those little tidal crabs? I found a whole family of them in my apron.
Okay, my mom says escalation could mean we're marked for death, so no pressure.
I found the directions for the ritual.
Tell your dad to meet us at Diana's party.
He's not coming.
What? Drew, you had one job.
What is plan B? I will call you when I figure it out.
I'm sorry.
Wait (GRUNTS) Hey, he turned down Nancy.
Why would he say yes to us? We got to try, right? Hey.
Sorry to bother you.
And we know Nancy already asked, but is there any way you would reconsider helping us with this de-cursing blood ritual? And not to play the guilt trip card, but we only helped Nancy call the Aglaeca because you were in jail.
We didn't know the evil spirit was gonna, like, latch onto her.
Okay, h-h-hang on.
I have no idea what you guys are talking about.
I don't even understand some of the words that you're using.
But you've spoken to Nancy today? You mean you haven't? ("I SEE BEAUTIFUL" BY CLAIRE GUERRESO PLAYING) My eyes see beautiful (CHEERING) Never so gullible Everywhere I look Thanks for the invite.
Think I might get lucky tonight.
(CHUCKLES) Yeah, and I definitely will not.
Do you think I messed it all up with Lisbeth? You know what? Don't answer that.
DIANA: Oh, there she is.
So beautiful - (CHUCKLES SOFTLY) - Hey you got this.
Thank you.
So beautiful Happy birthday, Aunt Diana.
Oh, everything is absolutely perfect, dear.
And look at you, speaking of perfect.
- (CHUCKLES) - Now, where's your guest? - No plus-one? - No.
I-I I came alone.
Well, aren't you clever? Arrive unencumbered.
Bess, may I present Cassidy hello, Cassidy and Isaac Marvin, my late husband's children by his first marriage.
- Oh, right.
- Mm.
Are you an only child, or are there more secret cousins lying in wait? BESS: No.
No, no, it's just me.
(CHUCKLES) Oh, Whitney, you're in Bess's place.
Hi, Whitney.
Um, I've heard so many wonderful things about you.
But no.
(CHUCKLES): I couldn't possibly take your place.
Bess, you have earned it tonight.
- Go ahead.
- BESS: Okay.
Never so gullible Everywhere I look, everywhere I go My eyes see beautiful Diana, I am getting you a drink.
Do not move.
(EXHALES) She hates me.
- No, no, no, no.
- Yeah, she does.
Whitney used to plan my parties.
But then, in her wedding speech last spring, she placed several junior relatives ahead of me in her list of people to thank.
- That's all.
- I This family's a game of Chutes and Ladders, dear.
We have to be ruthless.
But I think you're gonna do just fine.
Come on.
Have some fun.
OWEN: Excuse me, gents.
- Hi.
I am underdressed.
- It's okay.
I'm just glad you're here.
(CHEERING AND APPLAUSE) Um, look, you won't be offended if, uh, you don't meet the whole family tonight, will you? I'm looking to make a surgical exit from this thing.
No, I have had plenty of family time today.
Um, but I do need to meet my friends before we go.
Sure, you do that.
I've got some business to put to bed.
And once Aunt Diana blows out her candles, we are out, too.
My jet will have us in the city by midnight.
I can't wait.
Hey, it's me.
- Leave a message.
- Nancy you at the party yet? Call me when you get this.
Hey, buddy.
- Can you get me a drink? - Seriously? (CHUCKLES) I don't work here.
And we'll wake up in the evening.
(BREATHING SHAKILY) But the ritual won't work without a blood relative.
- Yeah, I know.
- Hey.
You left this in my car.
Ace, can you give us a sec? I'll get set up.
Is this you? - Yeah.
It used to belong - Yeah.
Well, this is a picture of Lucy as a baby from her yearbook.
Compare and contrast.
You look like you could be twins, Nancy, why is that? (STAMMERING): I don't know.
Babies look alike.
It happens.
No, no, you're smarter than that.
That sounds like something I'd say.
Why do you look like twins? (WHISPERS): Okay, let's take this somewhere else.
And Lucy was smarter than me, too.
She had this-this way that she looked when she was figuring things out, just like you.
Doesn't prove anything.
Yeah, well, what about the wasp stings? You told me you were allergic to wasps.
You know I carry an EpiPen everywhere I go? Millions of people are allergic to wasps.
Yeah, and are they haunted by Lucy Sable? I mean, I get me, Nancy, but why you? Look, this-this might sound crazy, but think about it.
The photos, the wasp stings, the way you carry yourself.
Lucy was pregnant 19 years ago.
What if she had that baby? Can we just do the ritual, please? I'm not going anywhere until you talk to me.
Why was Lucy Sable haunting you? Lucy wanted me to find out that she had her baby before she died.
That the baby survived.
I survived.
Why didn't you just tell me? Can I have my locket? How did Carson and Kate ? Lucy asked them to protect me.
She never said who the father was.
So Lucy died thinking that I abandoned her.
Is that is that why you asked me to come do this ritual with you? Because, what, you-you needed a parent? Uh, just needed a blood relative.
And that's why I know the truth? What if you hadn't needed me? I wish I didn't.
A straight answer.
(SIGHS) Looks like you guys have done this before.
Okay, what's the point if Nancy's not even here, Ace? Do you even have the ? It's all good.
We're all good.
Uh, what's going on? BESS: Ryan Hudson? What the hell's he doing here? - Are you all right? - No.
Nancy You can go.
You're not needed.
Let's do the thing.
Um without a blood relative? We have one.
"Make a fire.
Burn seaweed as an offering to the sea spirit".
BESS: Yeah, we have it all there.
"Scatter signs of the curse into the offering flame".
Well, here's what's left of my pocket friends.
"Blood relatives join h-hands over the fire".
Start the incantation.
I don't understand, though.
Are-are you two cousins or something? No.
Can we get this over with? Please.
"In this fire, to end a spirit's desire, we burn the signs with the salt of the sea - and two blended wounds".
- (GROANING) "With this offering of blood for blood, we cast a veil between the herein kindred spirits and the vengeful one, so that it may no longer pursue us.
Forever gone".
(CRYING) - Nancy, I have to stop this.
- No! No, no, I (GRUNTS) I need you to save my friends.
Why do you need Ryan? (CRYING): Because Lucy was p was pregnant with Ryan's baby.
And right before she died she gave birth.
To me.
(GROANS) Oh, my God.
Are you, uh Are you okay? Yeah.
Thank you.
For helping.
Yeah, I hope it works.
Me, too.
Hey, should we, um (CLEARS THROAT) Sh I don't know.
Should we, like, go maybe get a-a coffee or something sometime? I don't think I'm ready for that.
Yeah, me neither.
Going to excuse myself.
(SIGHS) Ryan.
Before Lucy died, she told us that the Hudsons weren't safe.
That meant you.
Lucy didn't know the truth.
Did she? She died thinking I abandoned her.
Nancy would've been safe with me.
And I lost the chance to raise her because of you.
(STARTS ENGINE) I know what it feels like now.
To have a secret that you don't want anybody to know.
Because (SIGHS) if they find out, it'll change everything.
I was afraid I was going to lose you.
Keeping the secret changes everything, too.
So I'll sleep in my office loft, starting tonight.
I'll give you that space you want, - for as long as you want.
- No, stay in your house.
I'm going to New York, actually, with Owen.
You don't have to run away.
I need to be someplace you're not.
("WE GET HIGH" BY ASHE PLAYING) Ryan is Nancy's dad? Dead Lucy is her mom.
Wait, George slept with Nancy's dad? Whoa, whoa, guys.
Okay, we just need to hold up a second.
- Uh, Ge - George.
They're waving me for photos.
At least the ritual worked, right? Yeah.
Hopefully, no more portents.
You should go, though.
You look way too good not to be in those photos.
Our money's been gettin' tight Okay.
But when we get low (EXHALES) Dead in the water Uh, let's start with our newest cousin.
Dead in the water I do hope Lisbeth forgives you for not bringing her tonight.
Because I do want you to continue your relationship.
She could be a valuable window into how the police view our family.
Oh, yeah, but, you see, uh, Diana, she wouldn't mix work with relationships.
And she should never know they're mixing.
Think of it as your birthday gift to me.
(EXHALES) And I learned how to dive To the depths that lie within (GASPING) (GRUNTING) Now I rise with the tide Treading blind no more, no more Sticks and stones, broken bones Leave them on the ocean floor Now I rise with the tide I won't stop till I reach the shore - (GASPING) - When you're lost You will find You've been what you're looking for - Now I rise with the tide - George? - Treading blind no more, no more - George! Now I rise with the tide I won't stop till I reach the shore When you're lost, you will find You've been what you're looking for You've been what you're looking for (CHOKING) (GRUNTING) (CHOKING) Now I rise with the tide Treading blind no more, no more - Now I rise with the tide - (GASPING) I won't stop till I reach the shore When you're lost, you will find You've been what you're looking for - VICTORIA: What did you do wrong? - Nothing.
We did it word-for-word.
The whole "ritual to ward off a curse from an inhuman sea spirit".
But you got bigger portents, so, clearly, you messed something up.
NANCY: Nick thought he was drowning.
Ace saw his hands and feet tied.
And this morning Owen said that he saw fishhooks, uh, tearing into his skin.
And-and I saw a vision of someone with their hair sheared off.
Um, like a like a prisoner on-on their way to an execution.
We assumed that the Aglaeca was an inhuman entity, someone that was never alive.
But what if the Aglaeca was a person? Someone, uh, tied hand and foot and thrown into the ocean.
Uh, Victoria, what would happen if-if-if the Aglaeca was an entity of human origin? If this thing had a human origin, well, then that ritual you just did, you took the right medicine for the wrong disease.
And you probably pissed off the Aglaeca even more.
The portents will only get worse.
We have to tell Owen.
Yeah, he's not answering.
- Dead in the water - (BUZZING) Oh, it took all of my fight But now I know how to survive When you left me dead Weird place to lose your phone.
Owen? Owen, you okay? Owen? - (SCREAMING) - (GASPS) When you're lost, you will find You've been what you're looking for You've been what you're looking for.

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