Nancy Drew (2019) s01e18 Episode Script

The Clue in the Captain's Painting

1 Nancy? Nancy.
I know that it's painful to think about the past few days, but anything that you noticed anything you can tell me might help find Owen's killer.
Owen?! I'm gonna get you some more water.
We want the body released to us as soon as possible.
Whitney, don't you think we should be doing a full autopsy? Yes.
In a private facility.
Not in some county morgue that takes just anyone.
I really think that we should ask Aunt Diana what she wants.
Do you want to be in charge of making the arrangements? I know what's best for Owen.
I'm not even sure you know his middle name.
Look, can I just get a supervisor or something? Not here.
Has anyone talked to you yet? Uh, uh, no.
Ace is giving a statement now.
Lisbeth's running the investigation.
She's been in there with Nancy for a while.
I don't even know where to begin.
Look, uh, I know that your family has an allergy to law enforcement, but, Bess, I really wish I'd been at your aunt's party.
- I know.
- I could have seen something.
I know, I'm sorry.
I screwed up.
We'll catch who did this.
I know that you and Owen were together, so if there's anything you could tell me to point me in the right direction a-a motive, a suspect I did it.
It's my fault.
Nancy, I know that it must feel I-I, uh, dragged Owen to a ritual at sea and because I didn't pay the toll, a spirit called the Aglaeca took Owen.
- N-Nancy - Just leave me alone.
Do we really think Owen was murdered by the Aglaeca? She wanted all his blood, she got it.
Yeah, but the protection ritual we tried Clearly it didn't work, Bess.
You guys, if the legend is true, Owen's not the only one who pays the toll.
No, she's gonna come for all of us.
Okay, we know she sends portents.
What if Owen got some other kind of sign right before she cut him open? Hey, we could, we could talk to him, talk to Owen.
If he could tell us how the Aglaeca got to him, then maybe we could figure out how to stop her from getting to us.
So you guys want to do another séance? We have got pretty good at this ghost thing.
- Have we? - Didn't go so well the last time.
No nuclear-charged coins this time.
Yeah, but Owen's spirit could still be here, just like Tiffany's was after she died.
I mean, the time is now.
We have to try it.
If we don't get ahead of this thing, we're next.
How do you know when these ghost traps are working? They light up or fly? They're supposed to make a little jingling sound.
Like Tinker Bell? Do broken ones still work? Owen broke that.
He bumped into it when it was hanging in the mudroom.
Ghosts are drawn to objects they've touched, so we could use those bottle pieces to try to summon Owen.
I'll get the matches.
Okay, so the cousins are all gathering round Diana's, and they're all wondering where I am.
So the quicker we get this done, the better.
Okay? - Okay.
- Good.
Hey, you-you just pulled away from my hand like I was on fire.
What? When? Just now.
And earlier, at the police station.
Is there something more going on that I should know about? No.
Look, don't all guys hate being tied to their girls in front of their friends? Uh, I don't think we're anywhere near that territory yet.
Well, what if PDA's just not my thing? That's fine I guess.
I, um I heard about Owen.
And I-I just I wanted to come by and check in on Nancy.
You know, because, um - I'm-I'm her - Her father? I can't tell you what Nancy doesn't need right now, but, Ryan, this is definitely close.
Are you sure about that? Because I-I'd kind of like to hear it from my daughter.
- Hi.
- Look, Ryan, I-I, um I totally understand what you're trying to do.
But you don't get to claim me.
I'm just trying to do right by you.
I can't let you into my life like this.
If you want to know why, just look at your past.
I mean, all the women in your life have ended up messed up or dead.
You know, Lucy, Tiffany.
I'm not gonna be next.
I'm sorry.
Though the bucket curse hasn't struck yet.
I guess that means I'm in the "messed up" category.
George, no.
I didn't mean you.
I-I It's fine.
Let's get going with the séance.
We call to your spirit, Owen Marvin.
Is everybody feeling ready to do this? I feel ready.
I feel sad but hopeful.
Maybe we'll be able to say goodbye.
And let you get rid of some of your guilt.
Well, hopefully Owen tells us what happens after the portents, but before her final attack.
All right, if we're gonna do this, let's focus.
Owen Marvin wherever you are, hear us, please.
Follow the sound, touch this world one more time.
Come on, Owen.
Owen is that you? Somebody's here.
Somebody big.
That was the Aglaeca.
I don't think she wants us talking to Owen.
Hope this wasn't a family heirloom.
Oh, I can fix it.
The legs are shattered.
Well, I could fix some of it.
Okay, I-I can't hold off any longer, guys.
I-I have to go face my family.
What do you need, Bess? Yeah, we're here for you.
Can you be there for me, please? Yeah.
I'll go with you.
Yeah, me, too.
Thank you.
Hey, will you stay with Nancy? Yeah.
Did you see her face? - Lady Aglaeca? - Mm-hmm.
I think you're gonna need a bigger bottle.
If she wanted us all dead, why didn't she just kill us? Maybe it's just not how she operates.
I wish we knew something about the person she was before she died.
We need a history lesson.
Isaac, hi.
Did Whitney do all of this? We're sitting shiva, darling, or whatever passes for it in whichever religions we're worshiping this week.
Although Cassidy's bending her elbows more than her knees, if you catch my drift.
Where is Aunt Diana? Up in her suite.
You've got this.
Yeah, holler if you need us.
Are either of you artists, by any chance? Whit has tasked me with finding a painter.
Owen will need a portrait for the hall of tragedies.
There's a-a whole hall? I said I wanted to be alone.
I'm sorry, I Oh, Bess, it's you.
Please, come in.
I thought it was Whitney with another insipid question.
I'm just going through some papers of Owen's here.
Oh I know Owen was your favorite.
He was really, really good to me, too.
You know, he was so supportive of helping me become part of the family.
You really care about being a Marvin, don't you, Bess? Yeah.
Then you need to fight for it, dear.
W What do you want me to do? I need to know what happened.
And you have that relationship with local law enforcement.
Can you trust her, Bess? Yeah, of course.
Why? Well, I believe it could be extremely helpful to know everything Lisbeth knows.
As soon as she knows it.
Is this the first mention of the Aglaeca, 1806? Uh, in print, yes.
What have you got there? Bound copy of the Horseshoe Bay Gazette.
Not your most reliable publication, unless you like your journalism biased.
We're pretty straight shooters.
Then the Coronet is the paper for you.
They were the first to source the folktale to an actual woman.
How well do you know the Aglaeca? The story or the entity itself? How would you know the entity itself? We met, briefly.
Oh, no.
No, no, you're mistaken.
Credible eyewitness accounts of the Aglaeca are extraordinarily rare.
She's not your common street ghost.
She's the white whale.
She did have a tail.
We summoned her.
The two of us and a group of our friends and Owen Marvin.
Owen Marvin? She wanted his blood as a toll, and we didn't exactly pay in full.
In all my years as keeper, I've-I've never encountered anyone who's summoned her.
I'll need to check the previous keeper's records.
Will that tell us how to save ourselves from becoming her next victims? Next? But Owen died yesterday, and you're both still alive.
As far as we know.
In all the reputable lore I've heard about the Aglaeca, if you don't pay her toll, she collects all souls at once.
If she was the one to take your friend's life, she would've taken yours the same day.
But then, who killed Owen? If Owen wasn't killed by a vengeful spirit, are we looking for a vengeful person? How crazy have things gotten that we never even considered that the murderer could be an actual human? Yeah.
Sidenote from the historical society: we are still on the hook for the Aglaeca curse.
But this is the problem that we are facing, okay? Who who would want revenge on Owen? Someone with a serious grudge, or someone who stood to gain from his death.
Yeah, we're, um, we're kind of surrounded by possible Marvin heirs.
Yeah, but the way he was killed, I just, I I don't see any of my cousins doing something like that.
They could've hired someone who could do something like that.
Bess, do you feel comfortable talking to your family? Seeing if there are any possible motives? Um, we're not the only ones digging here.
Detective Lisbeth brought a whole forensic team.
Oh, my God.
Use that to our advantage.
If the cops are there, now is a good time for us to check out Owen's apartment.
You mean his room at the estate? He had a private apartment on the other side of town.
That's where he went if he wanted to get away from family or if he had a guest over.
Bess, uh, are you cool handling the investigation on your end? Yeah, um, guys, she's already gone.
- A selfie? Really? - You don't need to check.
I'm not even driving.
This isn't a blood alcohol test, Ms.
It's a DNA swab to clear you as a suspect.
You could've let me know you were coming.
Uh, yeah, I could have, but I didn't want to wait for an invitation.
What is going on here? This is a private affair.
Yes, and this is a court order.
These are very broad parameters.
You do know there are, minimum, 11 lawyers here? I look forward to swabbing each and every one of them.
I'll make sure to make a note you were not interested - in being eliminated as a suspect.
- No, I-I'll go first.
On behalf of the Marvin family, we are happy to cooperate.
On behalf of the police, we appreciate that.
Hey, well, do you suspect someone in my family? I'm not prepared to say.
Okay, so, can you let me know when you are prepared to say? I could.
The cops are back? Please.
There hasn't been a Marvin in bracelets since the feud with Harry Winston.
Does that mean you don't suspect anyone in your family? Or that they just get away with everything? If you expect the goss on my living relatives, well, let me just say: Marvins don't rat.
Isaac catfished his caddie.
Took his identity, ruined his credit, bought a hovercraft.
All because of a bad read on the 18th green.
But he loved Owen.
And he's too cheap to hire a hit man.
Whitney might.
She had a boy smash up this married guy's car once, 'cause she was dumb enough to fall for him.
What? Like, how desperate do you have to be to be someone's mistress? Hey.
You okay? Yeah.
Just divide and conquer.
I Are you trying to push me away? I'm sorry.
I forgot.
No one likes that.
I'll just meet up with you later, okay? Does Aunt Diana know you've got your other friends playing amateur detective, too? Yeah, Diana wants me to help, with Owen.
Marvin, please confirm the spelling of the programs.
- Owen's middle name? - Yes, it's Tiberius.
Thank you.
- Our deepest sympathies.
- Thank you so much.
But I'm handling this.
Um, there is no good way for it to go.
Okay? This should not have happened at all.
We need to select pallbearers and speakers.
You know, I could really use your help.
I don't know your game.
But you won't win.
Wow, my family are mean-spirited, self-medicating narcissists, but I think they all loved Owen.
Not as much as they love themselves, but still.
I mean, I don't see a killer among them, either.
For every photo Cassidy posts, there's a thousand others in her phone.
Does she have an alibi on there? Yeah.
A dozen shots of herself at the party at the time of the murder.
And enough of all your cousins, so - No.
- none of them held the knife.
No sign of Tinker Bell? Nope.
Not everybody comes back.
I know lately you've been pummeled by life.
Everything you learned about your parents and now If you ever want to talk about anything, I'm here.
I really appreciate that.
If I find the words, I will share them with you.
But until then, how great is it that I can avoid talking about my two dads by avoiding talking about my dead boyfriend? Hey, look at that.
It says "Marvin storage unit" on it.
Don't suppose you know where the key is? Mm-mm.
Never mind.
Found one.
Hey, Ace.
Someone was here.
Someone was watching Owen.
The print's not even dry.
Couldn't be more than a day old.
- I appreciate the call, Nancy.
- Great.
Return the favor.
Your forensic team at the Marvin estate, they're collecting DNA samples.
What are they comparing it to? I respect that you are dealing with a huge loss, but inserting yourself into a murder investigation isn't the way to do it.
Agree to disagree.
Do you have the killer's DNA? Where'd you get it? Off of Owen.
He fought back.
We obtained skin samples from under Owen's fingernails, yeah.
And the-the-the print on the window? When will you get the results back? Uh, unfortunately, I don't think we're going to.
Why is that? The handprint was clear, but there weren't any fingerprints, as if the tips of the fingers were covered.
We found a similar print on Owen's phone.
There were trace amounts of an unidentified substance.
The lab's testing it now.
Is there anything else that you can tell me? Please.
Let me help.
Uh use me.
Uh what about him? Can I use him? You got this.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Is everything okay? Is this about Nancy? What? No.
I mean, yeah.
I mean Look what Nancy said earlier about all the women in your life how we all get messed up because of you Wait, this is about us? George, we talked about this.
What we did was wrong, but we No.
- What you did to me.
- You're right.
I should've never strung you along at all.
But I thought, I thought that we were okay now.
Yeah, I thought I was okay.
- But how could I be? - George, you never said that you weren't.
I mean, in fairness, you always said you wanted to be with me.
Because I was 17! I was 17, and I had a crush on you, and I thought it was something more, because I didn't know any better.
You did.
You're right.
I was, I was being stupid, and a-a liar, and I made you think that I was gonna leave Tiffany.
My life was a mess.
Your life? No, Ryan, you are not the victim here.
- George, I'm so - You made it so I believed everything that you said.
So I could never trust anyone else.
You made me think that I didn't deserve any better.
You made me think that I didn't want any better.
You made me okay with being a dirty little secret because I was a 17-year-old girl from a poor family swept off her feet by some rich, older, married man.
Because of you, I don't know how to be in a real relationship.
It's all warped in my head because I thought that the way that we were was the way that things were supposed to be.
I I can't even hold a guy's hand in public, because you taught me the wrong rules.
George, I'm so sorry.
- I didn't - No, don't! Don't touch me! Okay.
Okay, all this time I thought that I was fine, and I'm not.
I'm really not.
But I will be fine.
'Cause I'm George freaking Fan.
Just go.
Last night, the passcode on Owen's phone was repeatedly entered incorrectly until the phone shut down.
Here's the time stamp.
Right around the estimated time of death.
So the killer wanted something from his phone? Yeah.
He didn't get it, though.
Are those the results? Yeah, we tested the substance from that handprint at Owen's window.
Traces of ethanol-blended gasoline and FC-W oil.
It's, um - It's the kind they use on - Motorboats.
I need to handle this.
Do me a favor? Stay here? Yeah.
Let's go.
- So where are we going? - To catch a killer.
Secret compartment? Is that custom? Yeah, Nick put it in for me when my car was in the shop.
But look at that.
I don't see anything.
As early as yesterday morning, Lucy's compass charm was in there.
If Nick built it at the garage where he worked, it would have been out in plain sight.
I-I think the handprint on the window wasn't because Owen was being watched, I think I was.
You really think he's back? Buckle up.
Would you mind waiting out here? I think I might get more out of her one-on-one.
Of course.
But I guarantee you, this is 100% nontoxic, and all-natural.
This completely Patrice? I need to ask you about your son.
Who? Where's Joshua? Mmm.
Green Jell-O, that's the good stuff.
Please, Patrice.
I-I really need to find Joshua.
Do you have any idea where he might be? He said he has on his way to find you.
At the Sea Queen ceremony.
Win or lose, he wanted to give his big sister flowers.
I told him if he just stayed put, that you'd come home to us, Lucy.
Here, let me help.
Thank you.
You always know how to take care of your mother.
Even though I don't always know how to take care of you.
You're still my love, you know that, right? No matter how upset you think I might be with you.
I'm not Lucy.
I'm her daughter, actually.
Well, that's not possible.
Lucy's gone.
She's been dead 19 years.
I was born the night she died.
She never told anybody that she was pregnant.
You're her child? She gave me a granddaughter.
And here you are.
I've missed your whole life.
Just the part before now.
Patrice Grandma I really need you to tell me if Joshua has come back.
Sweetie he never left.
Hello? No-no-no-no! Hey, Lisbeth, I think Joshua Dodd is alive.
Lucy's charm.
You killed Owen.
Well, if your boyfriend had just sent you the text like I asked him to, I would have let him go.
You used him to lure me to you.
I tried, but he wouldn't do it.
He fought me.
I had to keep him quiet.
It wasn't easy.
He seemed to care more about you than his own life.
I didn't go there to hurt him.
He wasn't the one that turned the cops on me when all I wanted was justice for my sister.
Lucy was not murdered.
Yes, she was! And you you helped Ryan Hudson get away with it by convincing the judge that my own sister killed herself.
Your sister was my mother! I know you didn't know it, but the last time you saw her, she was pregnant.
And-and hours later, she headed up to the bluffs to end her life.
Stop lying to me.
She gave birth there, to me.
She called Kate Drew for help.
She made her promise to not tell anybody my identity.
I am Lucy's daughter.
I am your niece, your family.
Nancy! The cops are here.
Josh don't try to run.
Josh, don't! Josh! He was hanging onto the edge of the building with one arm.
Nancy races over, grabs onto him to pull him back up.
I don't know if I raced over to him.
I almost let him fall.
Hey, that was self-preservation.
He went psycho on you.
He was also really heavy.
I mean it, though.
I-I thought about it.
Yeah, but it matters more what you did about it.
You pulled him up together.
And that's how we're gonna beat this curse.
Whatever comes, we're in this together.
- All cursed together.
- Mm.
Some of us have our own personal curses, thank you.
Well, there is no "I" in "Aglaeca", so rest up, team.
Let's go.
Hey, you.
I just wanted to say thank you for putting Joshua Dodd in prison.
My family really appreciates it.
I'm always happy to serve and protect.
Has he asked for a lawyer, do you know? Were you wondering that, or did Aunt Diana ask you to keep tabs on me? I'm just trying to support her in her time of need.
All right, so what happens when she asks you to keep her abreast of something that I'm not allowed to talk about? Wow, you're saying it like my family are a bunch of criminals.
Uh, Bess, they have a hall of tragedies.
Ye What happens when you find out that your family has some skeletons in the closet? Are you gonna let me know? May I? Wait.
I just I need to say this.
My outlook on relationships has been a little screwed up.
I have a really bad habit of expecting the least out of people, including you, and I'm really sorry.
No, no, you don't need to apologize.
No, I-I do.
To you, and to myself.
When I ghosted you at the Marvins', I went to go and see Ryan.
Okay, I didn't see that coming.
It was just for closure; closure that I didn't even know that I needed.
I thought that what I had with him was all I deserved.
And now I know I deserve whatever the hell I want.
And what's that? You.
And not just some "on the side" version of us.
You holding my hand in the center of town.
So much PDA that the world is gonna barf.
I guess I just got so used to being the girl you keep a secret, not the girl you take to dinner.
Well, then, I'll make reservations.
I know that your mother and father never showed you the kind of unconditional love that you deserve.
But know that you are loved here, my darling, and you have a home here, if you want it.
Because Marvins take care of Marvins.
I want to take care of you.
Now, when's the last time someone truly did that, hmm? - Yeah.
- Good night, dear.
Good night.
Aunt Diana, these paintings.
Who did them? Oh, those, dear, were painted by your great-great-great-grandfather, Douglas Marvin.
He was a great sea captain, but he suffered a lot of tragedy in his life.
Oh, there's so much for you to learn about your family history, Bess.
But another night, dear.
The Aglaeca.
I thought if I solved all these mysteries, I would find some kind of peace.
But instead, I've just made everything worse.

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