Nancy Drew (2019) s02e07 Episode Script

The Legend of the Murder Hotel

1 Pain EVIE: Okay, Jen.
You have to survive the witching hour in the most haunted hotel room in all of Horseshoe Bay.
And then you'll be a full-fledged member of the Howell College volleyball team.
On my hands and knees, am I insane? How many people have died in here? Four, at least.
It's worth our two-hour drive to Horseshoe Bay.
They don't call it the Murder Room for nothing.
It's a piece of cake.
Oh, yeah.
Is that why you cried last night, rookie? (LAUGHS): Because it was so easy? (LAUGHING) All we need is your phone.
Thoughts inside my head See you on the other side.
Inside my head, take me to a place Last night, the crying? I just, I freaked myself out.
I thought I heard chains or something, but it was just in my head.
Oh, and don't forget: leave the lights off.
They can see if you turn them on.
It's just a drafty old hotel.
- (CHAINS RATTLE) - (JENNIFER GASPS) (WHISPERS): I think there's something in here with me.
- (CREAKING) - Are you there? Don't answer.
She's fine.
- (THUMP) - (JENNIFER SCREAMS) There's no prize for "most dramatic".
No point in screaming.
Nobody else is staying on this floor.
(THUMPING) - (CREAKING) - (WHIMPERING, GASPING) - (POUNDING ON DOOR) - Please! Please let me out! Let me out! You still have 57 minutes to go.
(BANGING AT DOOR) - (BANGING STOPS) - (SCREAMS) Jennifer? Hey, Jen? - Let her out.
- That's disqualifying.
If we open the door, she won't make the team.
Give me the key.
(LOCK CLICKS) Jennifer? If this is your idea of a joke, kiss your future as a Polar Bear goodbye.
It's not a joke.
She's gone.
NANCY: It's my first official day as your investigator.
What's the case? Let me guess.
Um, wrongful conviction.
- Fraud.
- Divorce.
Ooh, divorce.
What do you need? I could, um, I could follow the husband around, get a money shot of him in flagrante? What? No, no money shots.
- No flagrante.
- Okay.
Well, then, what would you like me to investigate? These files.
Bank statements, e-mails, deeds, gift receipts.
I need you to organize it all.
Barber thinks her husband is hiding assets, so we need to go through these Why are you making that face? I just thought being your investigator would be more Exciting? I get it, I get it.
But I haven't even told you the best part yet, which is that you get to two-hole-punch any documents that we should admit into Seriously? Did you plant this? It must've fallen in there.
Columbia has online courses.
I was curious.
Are you? I don't know.
Online or in person.
If you want to go, we can make that happen.
Well Looks like the universe already made the call.
(SIGHS) Uh, what, uh, college is gonna want to take me right now? I-I tanked my senior year grades, I-I got, I got arrested for breaking into the morgue, and I didn't sign up to retake my SATs because I was too busy summoning bones from an evil sea spirit that tried to kill me, which was stupid anyway.
You Wait, what? Figuratively.
I'm going to investigate the documents.
And I will have them back for you later tonight.
Can't forget the best part.
Nancy, I just don't want you to forget that Columbia was what you always wanted.
And if it still is, when you're ready, I'm ready.
Thanks, Dad.
Seventh time's the charm.
(SPEAKS FRENCH) "Ancient Babylonian priests would destroy clay or wax images of the demons they sought to exorcise".
Not a priest, but more than happy to smash something.
(SIGHS) (KNOCKING ON DOOR) NICK: George? George, y-you okay? The door's locked.
Uh, yeah.
Just, I-I came in early to do some deep cleaning.
Got to Marie Kondo this whole place.
NICK: Okay.
Well, you-you gonna open up? Yeah, just a sec.
- Here you go.
- Oh.
Coffee, perfect.
- Thank you.
- Yeah, you look like you need it.
And, you know, if you can't sleep, chamomile tea works wonders.
She's okay.
We thought we lost her, but we didn't.
(QUIETLY): Yeah.
Yeah, I know, I know.
I can't shake the feeling that something isn't right.
And the locked door isn't helping.
You know what will help with that? You're gonna say sleep, aren't you? - Yes.
Yes, I am.
- Right.
- I'll be back.
I got to run an errand.
- Hmm.
- Great.
- (DOOR OPENS) Is Nick still here? Um, he-he just popped out.
That's really good.
- Do you - (KNOCKING ON DOOR) We need your help.
ZOE: We came to you because of how it happened.
We follow @NancyDrewsNews.
Plus, you're the only Drew address in AddressWayFinder.
Can we come in? Yeah.
So, what exactly did you need my help with? One of our new recruits Jennifer Watts, she was kidnapped.
Kidnapped? Call the police.
EVIE: We can't go to the police.
Uh, we were doing a team-bonding event.
You were hazing her, which is illegal.
If they look into this, we could lose our scholarships.
Okay, but your friend was kidnapped, so you need to call the cops.
She was taken by one of the ghosts that haunt the Breaker Hotel.
You were in room 413? We were standing in front of the only door out.
The windows don't open.
We know this sounds crazy, but Jennifer was taken by a ghost.
And we've heard rumors about you investigating in unearthly spaces.
You're the only person who can find Jen.
Will you help us? How could I say no? - MAN: I asked for fresh towels twice.
- Twice more than I should have to.
AMANDA: Technically, it's one more time than you have to ask, because you do have to ask.
- Water conservation and all.
- That's not the point.
The point is, I called the front desk, and no one brought towels.
Good morning.
Just wanted to flag that you are yelling about towels in public right now.
It's a little embarrassing, for you.
AMANDA: You know who really should be aware of the towels? The owner, Mr.
Thanks for the assist.
Yeah, that was extremely chill.
You're Amanda Bobbsey, right? You a cop? No.
Uh, my dad is.
Well, he was.
I'm - I'm not.
- You a stalker? Ace.
- We got to go.
- Aha.
You know Nancy Drew.
It all makes sense.
Thanks for your help finding my brother.
BOTH: You're welcome.
Nice to meet you.
- Officially.
- It's time-sensitive, the case.
Maybe I'll see you around.
So, what was the case? The case, what Um, alleged ghost abduction.
Ghost abduction.
See, that would've been, like, my third guess.
The infamous Murder Room.
And it's all ours until 12:00 p.
Lucky us.
Every year, we book this room for the weekend and do initiation here.
Isabel did it on Friday, and nothing happened.
Nothing ever happens except we freak ourselves out.
Plenty to freak out about.
Three people died in this room.
Four, actually.
Legend says, when the hotel claims a new victim Blood weeps from the walls.
I know.
But that's just stories.
Oh, the windows only open two inches now.
In the '70s, people who stayed here were so overcome by despair, they kept jumping out.
Sure, but this security rod on the window is bent.
Jennifer didn't get taken by a ghost.
She ghosted you.
See? Okay, well, um (GASPS, SCREAMS) - ZOE: What happened? - Did you cut your hand? This is not my blood.
Oh, man.
This is feeling less alleged.
If one of the spirits took Jennifer, and the rest of the ghost story is true, then we need to move really fast.
(CAR APPROACHES) (CAR DOOR OPENS) (SEAGULL SCREECHING) Well? Yo, please, please tell me you found something.
You've had Tiffany's drive for two weeks.
It's not good, man.
I mean, I always knew that my father wasn't exactly aboveboard, but I cross-referenced the drive with some files that I found in the Hudson vault, and I don't think that the Bonny Scot was the first time he's killed in business.
I don't think it was the last, either.
But that is good.
- Th-That's what we need.
- Yeah, but it's not enough.
Now, I'm connecting some dots, but I don't have everything.
I need to get access to his offshore accounts.
Okay, so you're following the money.
That's smart.
Problem is, is that his private wealth manager won't give me access, so now I got to find another way - to go around and get the records.
- Wait, wait, wait.
You called Everett's wealth manager? - Does your dad know? - No.
I mean, I I don't know.
Yeah, yeah, but could this guy tell Everett you were asking to get access? If your father realizes you're poking around in his secrets Okay, we-we, we got to get ahead of him before he figures out what we're doing.
Hey, hey, where you going? I'm going to get some advice.
Do not get cold feet on me.
Listen, just trust me a little while longer, please.
(DOOR CLOSES, ENGINE STARTS) (TIRES SCREECH) If we can narrow down which spirit took her, it could help us figure out how.
Maybe the, uh, Crying Child.
Or the Woman in Red.
She wants a companion.
Mm, keep looking.
5 stars: Ghostly chains rattled for hours.
Didn't sleep a wink.
Best trip ever".
"Five stars: Slept all through a hot summer night in room 413".
ISABEL (LAUGHS): Sounds so nice.
We had to be on campus in August for volleyball.
It was deadly.
The AC barely works in my dorm.
When did, uh, when did your semester start? Let's just focus on the haunted hotel, okay? It says the place was a private mansion.
A bunch of people died just building it.
- I thought it was always a hotel.
- Yeah, I did, too.
Apparently, the original servants' bell system, on display in the hotel bar.
- Oh.
- So cool.
It's like Downton Abbey.
You know what? I have to go back to the hotel.
Uh, no way, we can't go back there.
A ghost already got one of us.
Uh can you stay with them? I just don't want to leave three scared strangers alone in my house.
I'll text Bess and George.
He watches Downton Abbey.
(DOOR CLOSES) Hey, hey, hey.
Here, let me help.
Are you all right? It's just you've been, you've been so tired lately.
The bags under your eyes could carry groceries.
I mean, sorry.
I'm-I'm Seriously, I'm fine.
I just had a bug, but now I got rid of it.
(GASPS) Menteuse.
You okay? - Bess, I - (PHONE BUZZING) Oh, it's Nancy.
She needs us to meet her at the Breaker Hotel ASAP.
Something about a missing college student? Okay.
I'll deal with you later.
(EXHALES) So, I need to undo my grandfather's will.
Give me a dollar.
To reengage my services.
Yeah, um Let's see, I've got, uh All I got is 50s.
(SIGHS) Fine.
You have attorney-client privilege again.
Thank you.
So, my grandfather, he founded Hudson Enterprises.
He-he wanted it to be run like a monarchy, so the corporate structure is - It's laid out in his will.
- Right.
After my grandfather, the company passes down to my father and my uncle, Josiah.
Fifty-fifty split.
But Josiah, he drank himself into an early grave, so By the way, that's why my father's so messed up.
So Everett got full control of Hudson Enterprises, and if he dies, as I recall, or is otherwise unable to continue as CEO, then Hudson Enterprises goes to you, unless you trigger the forfeiture clause by making a move against Hudson Enterprises or its CEO, in which case you get cut off entirely, and the company goes to your heir.
And that's the part that I want to undo.
Well, your grandfather is deceased, which means his will can't be changed.
Yeah, okay, but the problem is, is that I have an heir now right, Nancy and she's the reason that he's on trial for murder.
He hates her for that.
If he finds out that I tried to trigger - this forfeiture clause - Okay, hang on.
The last time we spoke about your dad, you were staying on the sidelines.
What changed? Are you making a move against him? It's possible I am.
And if I do, and if Hudson Enterprises gets passed down to Nancy, she's gonna burn that place down before anybody can stop her, and Everett knows that.
And if Everett finds out who Nancy really is He would destroy her.
One phone call.
That's how he does it.
I mean, he'll have her dying in some mysterious accident.
That's how he does it it-it doesn't matter if he's in jail or if he's on the moon, he'll make it happen.
Okay, then whatever it is you're planning, whatever would trigger the forfeiture clause, don't do it.
I might have already done it.
There's a chance that I might not be able to cover my tracks.
(SIGHS) Then there's only one option.
Make sure Everett never finds out about Nancy.
Everyone who stayed here in the winter complained that no matter how much they turned the heat up, it was always drafty.
BESS: Well, yeah, that makes sense then, doesn't it? Ghosts.
Also Maine, winter.
old-ass building, cold.
And everyone who stayed in this room in the summer said how beautifully cool it was.
Also, again, Maine, ocean, air-conditioning.
Ghosts cannot be your go-to for everything.
Or a draft from a hidden door.
Ace said that the hotel was originally built as a family home, and what do rich families have? If you say ghosts one more time No.
Uh, I was going to say servants.
But back then, families didn't want their guests to see their maids and butlers coming and going, so they built servants' corridors and hidden doors so that the staff could access most to the building while remaining relatively unseen.
Yeah, the Marvin Estate has a drawing room modeled after the Queen's White Drawing Room, but it has a servants' hidden door.
Why does that not surprise me? I mean, it's kind of like this, but way more expensive, and it has, like, a latch behind the (CLICKING) - (HINGES CREAKING) - (GASPS) - No way.
- (GASPS): Oh, my God.
Are you kidding me? Thank you, Bess Marvin, and thank you, Queen Elizabeth.
Our pleasure.
So, we-we gotta go in there, right? Yeah.
Okay, we're going in now.
- What's up? - Is that Nancy? Did she find Jen? What did she say? Oh, I'm-I'm just gonna text her.
Can anyone make an omelet? Never mind.
They were really scared about their friend being kidnapped by a ghost, so I told them about all the ghosts that we've dealt with.
Now they feel a lot better.
Help me.
(GROANS): Oh, that's the longest hallway ever.
- It must run behind every room.
- Uh GEORGE: All that's missing are the pervy peepholes, and this hotel is officially my worst nightmare.
(ELECTRICAL BUZZING) Do you hear that? - Ooh.
That's a piece of Jennifer's shirt.
Isabel sent me a picture of her from last night.
What's at the bottom of the shaft? GEORGE: Dumbwaiter.
Looks very broken.
What if Jennifer was running, scared, and then she jumped into the dumbwaiter to hide, and the whole thing crashed into the basement? And nobody heard? Oh, well, maybe whatever she was running from did.
Uh, or she's still down there, trapped, hurt.
Either way, we need to get to the basement now.
Jennifer? Perfect.
The lights are broken.
(EXHALES) She was here.
GEORGE: She couldn't have gotten out from over here.
It's locked from the outside in.
Just like the door we came through.
She couldn't have gotten out that way, either.
(GASPS) Blood.
- Blood? Where? - Yeah.
What if this doesn't have anything to do with ghosts? What if someone is using the hotel's history as a way to Mm, kidnap and murder people? Secret access to rooms.
Old legends of-of missing guests written off as ghost stories? - Wait.
Tapes, of victims screaming? - I mean - Hey! - (SCREAMING) You shouldn't be in here.
(GRUMBLES) He caught us.
(WHISPERS): That is the hotel owner.
(WHISPERS): You mean hotel murderer.
Hi! Oh, God, I'm so glad you're here.
Thank God.
We We got so lost.
- Lost? - We were so lost, because it was so dark.
(WHISPERS): Stop overselling it.
Come on, Nancy.
Excuse you.
Hold on.
So we can give him a second chance to murder us and drain our blood? No, thank you, Nancy.
He is not a killer.
Holmes would've locked us in that room if he was a killer.
I've seen that logo before.
I saw Mr.
Holmes talking to the butcher this morning.
The blood is from Frank's Butcher Shop on Main.
The chains are for rattling behind the walls in the servants' passage, and the scream tapes are not from victims, they are sound effects.
Oh, my God.
That guy's a freaking genius.
Think about it.
Horseshoe Bay's two biggest tourist draws are lobster rolls and ghosts.
People come to this hotel because they want to be scared.
I'm willing to bet nobody was ever murdered here.
Maybe one or two natural deaths became old legend, so they capitalized on it.
But our hotel owner was guilty of faking a haunting.
I don't think that he hurt Jennifer.
Okay, but how can we be so sure? There was a camera in the basement.
It's where they keep their liquor for the hotel bar, so they're required to have a security feed.
If we can get ahold of that footage, we can find out what happened to Jennifer.
- (CLATTERS) - (GROANS) Come Hi.
You're about to ask me for something, aren't you? I am.
There is a security camera in your basement.
I was wondering if I could get my hands on the tapes from last night.
I would if I could, but the boss password-protects that stuff.
And sadly, I'm a thief, not a hacker.
Oh, but I can get you a discount on a room - or some minibar snacks.
- That's okay.
Though I do know someone who could help you with your computer woes.
Oh, Zoe You don't cook pancakes in the oven.
Who raised you? - Really? - (PHONE CHIMES) Is that Nancy? - NICK: Uh, no.
- Son of a (PHONE CHIMES) - Is that Nancy? - Uh, yes.
- Did she find Jennifer? - What'd she say? ZOE: Which ghost was it? - Nick, Nancy needs me.
- (ALARM SOUNDS) So I'm gonna, I'm gonna go! You have fun.
Ace? Ace, no.
Don't you Don't you dare.
Ace, don't Ace, please don't go.
God Somebody ask for a friendly neighborhood computer guy? Please, kind sir, help me.
- What's the problem? - Uh, it keeps freezing, and percussive maintenance hasn't helped.
Uh Uh yeah.
You know what? Actually, I'm gonna Sorry.
You know, I'm just gonna run a debugging program and do a hard reboot.
It'll only take a sec.
That quick? I can type more slowly if you want.
I mean I wouldn't mind.
Ace finally uploaded the hotel security footage to our FTP.
You and Ace have a private server? The teammates said that the hazing started at the top of the witching hour.
- (GASPS) - Yikes.
What is that? Wait.
Who is that? George? You need to explain right now.
Okay, I was trying to find the right time to tell you guys, but I I didn't want to worry anyone, and I thought that I could take care of it, and then I did, and it worked, but then it didn't work, - and I - NANCY: Slower, with more specific words.
Odette Lamar's ghost has been time-sharing in my body right now.
- Huh? - What?! (SIGHS) When I died and you brought me back to life with the shroud, I didn't come back alone.
- You're possessed? - Well, this feels different.
With Tiffany, I was almost dead within 24 hours.
Odette has been with me for weeks.
I've tried a bunch of different exorcisms, and nothing has worked.
You did an exorcism without me? NANCY: So that's not you on the video.
Not really.
It's Odette.
And I have no memory of it.
It's like when Odette takes over, the switch goes off, and I'm unconscious.
Did you tell your mom? Did you talk to her about it? - What did she say? - No, I haven't told anyone until now.
And before you yell at me, I know.
Okay? Just save me the lecture.
George, we need to get Odette out of your body.
We have to.
A possession could kill you.
Uh, maybe the possession rules are different with an older ghost.
Maybe they don't, you know, kill you as fast.
I don't know.
All right, well, we have the time to figure out the problem with my passenger.
Right now, we need to focus on finding Jennifer.
- And in order to do that - We have to talk to Odette.
(CLEARS THROAT) (LOUDLY): Odette, can you hear us? - No.
- Okay.
How do you make her come out? (SCOFFS) If I knew, I wouldn't be the most likely suspect in Jennifer's disappearance, now, would I? - I'm so hungry.
- Oh, my God.
Uh, George, um, call me back when you get this.
I'm just, um I'm just ch-checking in.
Uh, love you.
You called her again? Smells like girl trouble to me.
We can help.
Tell us everything.
Um Okay, okay.
Um, there was a-a freak accident, and my girlfriend almost died.
But she's fine now.
We're all fine.
You know, it's fine.
But it was scary.
And I'm worried.
Well, if I survived a freak accident, I wouldn't want anyone hovering.
You know, I'd want to move on, and I'd want the people I love to move on, too.
ISABEL: I don't know.
I think I'd want people to keep checking in on me, even if I wasn't ready to talk about it yet.
It's nice to know people care.
So, should I send a follow-up text or-or not? (MAN SPEAKING FRENCH ON TV) I can't.
I am so full.
Well, then we've tried everything.
I mean, pastries, portraits of Odette, pictures of her vineyard, 18th-century novels.
I mean, I've read three chapters of Candide, and I still have no idea what this book is about.
What are we gonna do, George? We-we we have to talk to her.
We-we have to find Jennifer.
- (GROANS) - Yeah, I I hate to say this, but maybe it's time we go to the cops.
What? Y-You can't be serious.
The-the only lead that we have is a video of the missing person and you.
- Well - Detective Tamura will arrest you before you can say "nice jawline".
- (DOOR OPENS) - NANCY: I found it! It was under the passenger seat in my car.
(INHALES, EXHALES) Odette, when you were the Aglaeca, you burned most of the letters you wrote to your beloved Englishwoman because they had the power to destroy the monster you became.
But now, you're a human spirit, which means I am betting that you would not like me to destroy the last connection you had to the love of your life.
Hello, Odette.
What happened last night? What did you do with the girl at the hotel? (WITH FRENCH ACCENT): I was taking in the night air.
I followed the sound of her screams.
She's with the hounds now.
- She won't be coming back.
- With the hounds? BESS: That's not just George doing (PANTING): a French accent, is it? No, Bess, that's Odette.
(NORMAL ACCENT): Oh, my God, it-it worked? What'd she say? - Well - Um, that she's with the hounds now.
Like the hounds of hell? Okay, George, don't panic, okay? But, um, I'm 99.
9% sure that you killed Jennifer.
I mean, I really don't know why I'm so surprised.
When she was the Aglaeca, she killed a bunch of people.
Bess, Bess, calm down, okay? George, you said sometimes Odette can watch you when you look in the mirror.
And can you watch her when she's in control? No, I-I'm telling you, I don't remember anything.
I-I mean well, is she just gonna stay in your body forever? I mean, what does she even want? What, to murder us all? And-and why was she at the hotel in the first place? Odette's been stuck in George's body for weeks.
I mean, maybe she got full control and wanted to go for a walk.
Give me your phone.
We can track Odette's whereabouts where she went, where she took Jennifer.
- Let's see what her Maps app says.
- (SIGHS) Odette did take Jennifer to the hounds.
) Your teammates asked me to find you.
I'm Nancy.
Did you know there's a hidden compartment in the windowsill in room 413? The hotel staff fills it with chicken blood.
So gross.
I think what happened was, whoever filled the compartment didn't close the hidden door all the way.
So when you were in there alone by yourself in the dark, scared, you saw a sliver of light, and you ran.
(SCOFFS SOFTLY) Crashed is more like it.
Right into the basement.
And then this weird, angry French girl found me, and she didn't seem to know what a cell phone was, but she had one on her and she let me use it.
You made sure that the servants' door was shut behind you.
So your teammates couldn't follow.
That was pretty extreme.
I was wondering why.
I wanted to vanish.
College isn't what I thought it would be.
I'm not who I thought I would be.
I can relate.
My whole life, all I cared about was getting into a good college.
And when I did, I realized my whole identity was built around that.
I didn't know who I was supposed to be now.
That secret door, that was my ticket home.
A way to just (TAKES DEEP BREATH) disappear.
Without being that girl that dropped out of college.
Then why haven't you left? I checked the schedule there have been three buses that could have taken you home by now.
Never mind.
You don't understand.
I do understand.
(TAKES DEEP BREATH) You don't want to be the "college dropout".
Well you are talking to the "high school burnout".
Big dreams of going to a fancy school totally abandoned, because my my mom got sick and she died.
And so I stopped trying.
And then I found out some pretty some pretty messed-up stuff about my family.
And my my boyfriend was murdered.
And then I realized that I am not who I should be.
No college wants this version of me.
You went through all of that? You solved a freaking mystery after all of that? Here I am, struggling with a minor existential crisis.
Why did you let me talk for so long? I think there's a reason you didn't go on that bus.
I think there's a reason you keep thinking about going to school.
Maybe you're not who you thought you should be, but who you are now is still pretty badass.
(SNIFFLES, EXHALES) You took a job with him? - Just let me explain.
- No.
No, no, no.
No, no.
I think I got it.
You ran back to Daddy the first chance you got.
Everett's using you.
He wants the public to think you've forgiven him for what he did to Lucy.
And my forgiveness is only useful for him ahead of his murder trial.
But that gives me all the power, Nick.
Look, when I was 11, there was this bully named Max.
Oh, my God.
I do not need some sob story - about Max the bully.
- Listen to me.
I came home from school one day.
I was all scared because Max said he was gonna beat me up.
So Everett decides that he's gonna teach me how to throw a punch, right? So he says, "You got to let him in close.
That's how you deal the fatal blow".
Then he punches me.
He thought I was gonna block it, but I didn't.
So instead, I start crying.
He tells me he's disgusted with me, I'm useless.
So I go to school the next day just expecting to get my ass kicked, only Max wasn't even there.
'Cause Everett paid his family to have him transferred to another school.
Hell of a dad.
Hell of a dad.
Nick, that's why I took this job.
'Cause I got to get close to him so I can deal a fatal blow.
But if he finds out it's me, then Nancy's life is in serious danger.
So the only way I'm gonna pull this off is if you help me.
And then your life's in serious danger.
I'm all in.
I made a promise to Tiffany, and I intend to keep it.
EVIE: And even though you didn't complete the initiation, we're still glad to have you on the team.
- You're officially a Polar Bear.
- (LAUGHS) (LAUGHS) I've had a lot of time to think, and this isn't for me.
Playing volleyball was something that I thought I had to do, but I don't feel that way anymore.
EVIE: Well, that's okay, too.
Come here.
(LAUGHING) Let's go.
- Let's go.
- Bye, Nancy.
(DOOR OPENS) (DOOR CLOSES) (SIGHS) (TAPS KEY) (SIGHS HEAVILY) I don't think it should be a secret.
I think you should tell him.
I'm asking you to wait, Bess, okay? Nick deserves to know.
You want to know why Nick is so tired? He wakes up every night screaming, okay? He has nightmares about me dying in his arms.
So I would really like to hold off on adding anything else to his plate right now, if that's okay with you.
I'm sorry.
- (SIGHS) - I'm sorry.
We'll wait.
Uh, we can do some more research in the meantime and figure out a way of getting rid of Odette.
(WITH FRENCH ACCENT): The only way to get rid of me is to kill your friend.
Is that actually true? Or are you just saying that 'cause you don't want to leave? Hey.
Just wanted to swing by and - see how my patient was doing.
- Running like a dream.
Did Nancy get what she needed? It's fine.
Just next time, you don't have to trick me.
With the flirting and charm, you know? You could just tell me what the plan is.
I've heard I'm extremely chill.
The flirting wasn't a ruse.
MAN: Excuse me.
(QUIETLY): Don't go anywhere.
Checking in? MAN: Yeah.
What brings you to Horseshoe Bay, sir? I'm here to find my wife.
I don't suppose you know her, do you? (WOMAN SCREAMS, BELL DINGS) (PENCIL SCRIBBLING)
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