Nancy Drew (2019) s02e08 Episode Script

The Quest for the Spider Sapphire

1 Welcome to Kings and Queens Airport.
The local time in Manchester is 9:48 a.
Excuse me, excuse me.
Excuse me, sorry.
I got you the treats that you asked for.
These'll get us through this hideously long flight.
What a good little wife you are.
For richer or for poorer.
They go best with a sip of this.
- Sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
- How clumsy are you? I'll clean it up.
Don't worry, I'll clean it up.
All right.
Oh, I'm just making it worse.
That is You know, that's perfect.
That is perfect.
Now I'll get to enjoy the smell of rancid citrus for the next six hours.
Well done.
I'm sorry.
There's a ladies' around the corner.
I'm gonna go get cleaned up, all right? Don't make us late.
All right.
- All right.
- All right, go on.
Yeah, excuse me.
I see him.
Sir? - Would you please come with us? - Why? A few minutes ago we received a call from our safety hotline.
- What are you talking about? Who called you? - Here's the contraband.
Hey, that ain't mine.
Hey, what Get off me! What are you doing? Get off me.
Get Whoa, what is this? Bess! Bess! "The blue griffin has long represented the seas that our ancestors crossed to build a legacy here.
And as our family's newest arrival from across the Atlantic, I am delighted to honor the crest and present the annual Marvin toast".
Oh, good, but I think that you may want to mention that our crest has a bordeur argent.
That's the silver.
That's what the guests care about.
But surely there's admiration for the history of the founding families.
Otherwise why would the Hunt & Roast be held - in our collective honor? - Oh, habit.
And people like to get close to the silver.
Oh, well, I respectfully disagree.
Well, you're the exception, my dear.
Pure of heart.
You care more about the family than the wealth behind it.
Aunt Diana, I don't want to be the exception.
I want to blend in with everyone else at the crowning event of the society calendar.
You know, I, I think I shall wear my ensemble from Milan.
Or-or the Miu Miu with the scalloped neckline.
I have already found you an outfit.
All you'll need are a comfortable pair of shoes.
Why? Is there going to be dancing? No.
But there will be hunting.
That sounds invigorating.
Will your restaurant friends be joining us? Yes.
Um, they are delighted to be invited as our guests.
- In fact, they are beside themselves.
- Um, can you excuse me for a moment? - Oh, off you go.
- Thank you.
Yes, Ace, what's wrong? Are you married to a man? - What? - I was at the Breaker Hotel this morning saying hi to Amanda, and there was a weird guy at the front desk.
He's looking for his wife.
He had a photo of you.
No, no, he most have got me confused with someone else.
Bess, I saw the picture.
Um it's nothing to worry about.
I-I gotta run.
Bess Stephen.
What a surprise.
Well, I have no doubt.
Happy to see me? Overjoyed.
Still the best liar I ever met.
Were you afraid that I'd never find you? Well let's talk business.
Shall we? So the whole thing with Odette started with the shroud.
Where is it? Safe in my locker.
Makes me feel better knowing it's close by.
Like a security blanket? In case I die and need to get resurrected again.
- You never know.
- Right.
The only thing we know is that pre-shroud, no ghosts stuck inside you; we use the shroud, ghost.
There has to be a way that we can un-stick her.
What if we burned the shroud? Oh, hell no.
For all we know, that's the only thing keeping my soul attached to my body.
Then we should talk to the previous owner of the shroud.
Whoever put it in the archive boxes in So, all we need to do is find R.
Jenkins and see what they know about it.
- I'll tell Nick that we need the morning off.
- Wait.
Don't tell Nick, please.
I haven't quite looped him in yet.
About the murderous French ghost that's time-sharing your body ever since we defeated the Aglaeca? It hasn't come up in conversation.
- Okay.
- Look, it's for his own good, okay? He just got over his nightmares of me dying in his arms.
I'm not gonna send him on an anxiety spiral.
I'll just text him and tell him that we're doing an emergency supply run.
All right, we're good.
Ah, Celia loves any excuse to get our family in The Continental.
I never thought it'd be for a puff piece about me, though.
Well, you finally get to be the fresh new face of Hudson Enterprises, right when they desperately need one to distract from Everett's impending murder trial.
The only thing that's keeping my lunch down is knowing this'll end in taking down his empire.
If you play this interview right.
- I've talked to reporters before.
- Yeah.
But this one, Valentina Samuels? She's got a radar for BS.
You've got to come across like you're completely devoted to your family and this new role at the company.
And that's how we get into Everett's inner circle, and close to the smoking guns, the evidence that we really need.
Okay, just relax.
I got this.
Ryan Hudson, onetime spoiled playboy, is now a serious adult.
Celia has corporate PR sending over some topics of things to stay away from.
Well, you just make sure you add the secret child you had with Lucy Sable to that list.
Keep the target off Nancy's back.
I'm gonna keep her safe.
You don't have to worry.
"Emergency supply run with Nancy".
Nancy's here? Right now? Did she say anything about me? Uh no.
Hey, but that just means she's still working through her feelings about you being her father.
Okay? She'll talk when she's ready.
Hey, I thought we were good on inventory.
- What do we need? - Oh, babe, you worry too much.
Ryan, I see you.
Stop being so weird.
Oh, hey.
Told you.
Not ready.
You even walk like one of 'em now.
Did your homework on these marks.
They're not marks, they're my family.
Hey, I was your family after your own mother threw you out.
Where would you be now, eh, without all my years of sacrifice on your behalf? Yeah? What about all my years doing everything that you said for the sake of your many scams? Including this sham marriage, which you bizarrely hold on to as somehow real! The bond between us is real, because I made you who you are.
Now, without me, who knows how you would have survived on the streets.
Without me you'd never have got to this.
So that's how you found me.
Oh, didn't expect me to have access to the society papers.
After you planted counterfeit euros on me at the airport, had me arrested and hauled off to jail.
Listen, I know you're here for something.
So can we just get on with it? Mm.
This is the Spider Sapphire.
A priceless Marvin heirloom, and a way for you to solve all the problems you've caused.
One and done, all debts repaid as soon as it's in my hand.
You expect me to bring you that watch? I can hardly afford to buy it.
No, I'm not gonna steal from Aunt Diana.
And yet you're already thinking about it.
- No.
- Yes.
The way the piece would feel against your fingertips.
Huh? The smoothness of each tiny gem.
The shock of delight as you get the whole of it in your grasp.
See, I taught you to steal like the best of them.
I'm not that person anymore.
Keep telling yourself that.
While I tell Aunt Diana the truth about your criminal past.
Oh I'll even alert the London authorities.
You'll be extradited to England to face the same prison hell that I went through after you abandoned me.
See, I'm offering you a kinder way out.
So what's it gonna be? Aunt Diana, the person standing before you has a past she's not proud of.
I lied.
I stole.
I conned people out of money at the behest of a man who saved me from poverty when I was younger, and he's never let me forget it.
When I came to America to Quick question.
- Yeah? - Do you want to add that it was a fake marriage? That you two never slept together, because you only date women? Good point.
Good point.
Yeah, I'll mention something about how the relationship with this man was a messy, emotionally tangled friendship.
When I came to America, I tried to leave my past behind me, but I didn't, and now he's trying to extort me and I need you to know the truth.
- How was that? - It was so good.
- Yeah? - She'll totally understand.
What if she doesn't? You know, what if she hears all about my past and kicks me out of the family? You got to go on faith.
That's easy for you to say.
Your mother didn't kick you out when you were 13.
You've always had enough food, enough money.
Have you ever had to skip a meal? No.
But you don't have to do that anymore.
You don't have to lie to survive now, either.
You can trust all the people that are around you.
We'll set you up with a new locker.
Oh, uh, Bess, Ace, this is our new line cook Grant.
He's gonna cover us tonight while we're at Bess's party.
- Uh, you show him the ropes? - Mm-hmm.
Oh, uh, uh, Bess, you got a visitor out back.
I received your message, dear.
You said it was an urgent matter? Yeah, um Aunt Diana, the person standing before you has a past that she's really not proud of.
I'm aware.
You are? Well, I know that you conned your way through London after you and your mother parted ways.
I always do a thorough background check before meeting a new relative.
Bess, dear, you are a beloved member of this family now, so your past is your past, and none of it matters as long as you always put the Marvin family first.
And you promise to do that? Yes, yeah of course.
Well, then, we have nothing more to worry about.
- All right? - Okay.
See you later.
Hey, so it looks like Aunt Diana already knew about my past and she already forgave me.
So I won't be needing to steal that watch for you after all.
You'll have to find your happiness elsewhere.
I wish I could say I'm surprised by your selfishness.
But I knew that you'd be incapable of empathizing with my needs.
- You ready? - Let's do it.
So, we are now on the record.
You've had a very turbulent few months.
Your wife's murder, a brief stint in rehab, a very public revelation of your father bullying your teenaged girlfriend into a suicidal depression.
Okay, starting with the softballs I see.
Your father has been accused of murdering 12 men on a ship, trial pending.
And suddenly you receive a promotion to become community outreach director for your family's company.
Do you feel like a shiny distraction for public opinion? We just want people to know that there's more to Hudson Enterprises than my father.
So, have you forgiven him for what he's done? No, thank you.
Um You know what? Let me ask you a question, Val.
- Me? Okay.
- Yeah, um, are you a hundred percent good with both of your parents? Ah, see? No one is, right? I mean, if we were, then, all the therapists in the world would be out of business.
True, but inserting yourself as a new player in your father's corporation is one way of showing the world you're on the same side.
Was was that your intention? My intention was just to do the right thing.
Now, holding on to anger about the past, that only gets in the way of protecting the family legacy.
So you have forgiven him.
I think that the idea of forgiveness deserves a longer exploration.
Perhaps somewhere where you can see the full context of my family's legacy in this town.
So, why don't we, why don't we get out of here? We'll go to the next stop on the itinerary.
Um, your publicist is expecting us at something called the Hunt & Roast? Yes, it's an annual walk in the woods for rich people who don't like nature and don't like walking.
The irony appeals to me.
Let's go.
- After you.
- Oh, you've got to be kidding me.
Jenkins Is the late R.
Well, this is a setback.
- Yeah.
- At least we can buy his stuff.
Hey, you have five bucks? This is a wage advance.
- I love the song.
- Enjoy.
I can't stand it.
Not your fault.
Uncle Ralph liked the kind of tunes that get stuck inside your head.
He said it helped keep the voices away.
What do you mean? You know.
Voices in his head.
He was a little eccentric.
Hey, get this.
According to this obituary, Ralph's nickname was the Comeback Kid because in 1986, he was the sole survivor in a three-car crash.
He was legally dead for ten minutes until his body was "miraculously revived in the ambulance" when his mother came to identify his body.
Maybe she revived him with the shroud, and then after that, Ralph put it away in one of the archive boxes? I mean, the timeline works, but we can't confirm it.
It says that his mother died a few years ago.
And Ralph died on the 21st.
That's the same night we beat the Aglaeca.
"On the 21st, Ralph was in a late-night game of poker with friends and suffered a fatal cardiac arrest, shortly before 1:00 a.
Meanwhile, you died right after midnight, and then I brought you back with the shroud a few minutes before 1:00 a.
Oh That cannot be a coincidence, George.
Couldn't it be, just this once? What if using the shroud kills the previous owner? Nancy, I am the previous owner now.
If anyone else uses that shroud, it'll kill me.
The same way I killed Ralph.
Well, of course, it used to be something rather grand, you know, with the hunt including foxes and hounds.
However, in the 1960s, there was some unpleasantness among the founding families, and so they decided to make a change in the format.
And of course, I'm afraid now it's only a vestige of its former glory.
But this way, people don't get shot.
Can I steal you away? Sure.
That was the queen of the Marvins.
I'd like to introduce you to my dearest mother Celia.
- Oh.
- Ms.
So glad you made it.
I do hope you're getting everything you need from our Ryan.
Eh, working on it.
Saw your new best friend hanging out in your office today.
Ryan's helping me with, uh, a certain USB drive full of secrets.
Hey, you were the one that told me I needed to find someone to fill in the blanks from the inside.
There you are.
Nancy just texted.
Her and George are running late.
- That's for you.
- Oh.
Feels like something's up.
What's up is, we're about to crush this hunt.
Not a lot of people know this about me, but the woods, they speak to me.
Ralph Jenkins.
I killed an innocent man.
Okay, there's no way you would've known that would happen, Nancy.
- It was a total accident.
- That does not change the outcome, George.
Well, part of the outcome is I'm still alive.
And I'm not sorry about that, no matter who this Ralph guy was.
And it's not like he had an amazing life.
From what his niece said, it sounds like he was better off dead anyway.
Oh, my God, that is not actually what she said.
She said that he was bothered by voices in his head.
Okay, well, I'm trying to rationalize - and you're not letting me.
- Wait, he was a victim of a, of a three-car crash when he was young, a-all three drivers dead on the scene.
And then the shroud revived Ralph, who spent the rest of his life hearing voices in his head.
What if those voices were the other two drivers? Mm, his family probably thought it was survivor guilt - or a brain injury.
- But what if it was real? What if those two drivers' ghosts got stuck in Ralph, the same way that Odette is stuck inside you? Okay, so the shroud is like like flypaper? Exactly.
Like, i-it not only brings your spirit back into your body, but it also brings the lingering spirits around you, too.
Sometimes multiple spirits.
Are you saying I lucked out, with only one ghost? Well, George, it clearly could've been worse.
I mean, who knows what would happen if you ever got shrouded again.
Which means we should definitely not flatline you and re-shroud you as a way to hit the reset button.
Have you seriously been thinking about flatlining me? Not seriously.
I need a snack.
- Excuse you.
- George.
Come on.
I-I was just envisioning possible scenarios.
- Don't be mad.
- I'm not mad, I'm hangry.
Who the ? You okay? George? George? George? "Find me in the night sky, shining from up high.
Sailors beware when rocks are close by".
- Must be the lighthouse.
- Oh You are far more clever than your cousins are.
- Oh.
- Well, at least now we won't have to arrive to a cold dinner.
Yeah, absolutely.
Oh, Bess, if only you had joined the family years ago.
Oh Excuse me.
- Do you mind? - Oh.
Off you go.
Stephen, I have nothing else to say to you.
You forced my hand, Bess.
You did this.
What are you talking about? Check your text messages.
Oh, my God.
I'll tell you where they are after you give me that watch.
Otherwise, you'll be identifying your friends' remains from what's left of their teeth.
Don't test me again, Bess.
You have one hour.
The clock is ticking.
- Maybe Stephen's bluffing? - No, no.
I made him angry.
He's capable of anything now.
I've seen him nearly beat a man to death before.
Then ask Diana for the sapphire.
And what if she says no and calls the police? Stephen says don't call the police or else.
I mean, how could I let this happen? This is all my fault.
Hey, Bess, the guy who grabbed them and tied them up, it's his fault.
Can that photo help us figure out where he's keeping them? Hello.
I can pull a GPS location - from the metadata coordinates.
- Okay.
- Text me with a pin.
- Will do.
I'm sending you that photo now, and as soon as you're done, I'm gonna need your help with a two-person play.
A constrictor knot.
Why is it that anytime something vile happens, it always involves you? Odette.
You bedbug.
You can't blame this one on me.
I have no idea how we even got here.
We've been taken prisoner by your friend's husband.
The one with the pretty eyes.
- Who, Ace? - No.
The English rose, who smells like lilies.
Bess has a husband? Okay.
Anyway, do you know where he is? He departed soon after I awoke.
Did he say anything about what his plan was? Yes, he left us detailed instructions and a warm breakfast.
Okay, you know what? Let me talk to George.
I don't take orders from you.
You want to get out of here? We need George.
She can help.
Am I still here? What hilarity.
I thought that you could decide who controlled George's body.
It is not always easy.
Sometimes George's mind puts up a fight, although it is useless.
As for relinquishing control, I have not perfected that yet.
Yeah, George must hate all of that.
Enough about George.
If you don't stop fidgeting, you will suffocate yourself.
While I would welcome the resulting silence, I assure you it is a most unpleasant way to die.
Are you sure we can't get George back? Awesome.
Hey, watch your step there.
Deer poop, 11 o'clock.
I'm kidding.
I will say, you're pretty down-to-earth, despite your family's wealth.
Can I get you to print that? 'Cause I feel like some people might disagree around here.
You're better regarded than you think.
- Really? - Yeah.
I've been getting the town's take on Ryan Hudson.
The local business owners, parking attendant at the yacht club.
Even your old girlfriend's mom had good things to say.
Patrice Dodd? You talked to Lucy Sable's mother? I'm doing a comprehensive profile.
But for what it's worth, Patrice is a fan.
Said you bring her groceries.
I do, yeah.
She's, um She's a sweet lady.
She's had a hard life.
She did mention one thing that maybe you could clear up for me? Yeah.
She kept insisting Lucy had a daughter.
That Lucy had a daughter? That's what Patrice said.
In fact, she was really looking forward to seeing her granddaughter again.
Do you know who she might be talking about? Well, no, but Patrice suffers from dementia, so, unfortunately, she makes up all kinds of crazy stuff.
- You know? - But Lucy could have become pregnant during her secret relationship with you.
And any child of yours would claim a significant birthright.
Maybe even inherit control of Hudson Enterprises someday.
- Ah, that is a juicy hypothesis.
- I Yeah, too bad it's not true.
How do you know? Have you looked into it? No.
I've not looked into it, just trust me when I tell you, the stories about Lucy, they they've taken on a life of their own.
Way bigger than what actually happened.
But ah.
- Ah.
- Here's what I do know.
We have now found enough of these clues to hunt down the next location for the venison dinner.
Which actually got shipped in all the way from New Zealand.
I'm sorry, I'm working on my accent.
Would you care to join me at the roast? - I'd love to.
- Okay.
After you.
- Here you go, sir.
- Thank you.
Yep, one, please.
- Here you go, sir.
- Thank you.
- Enjoy.
- Mm.
Miladies, would you care for a beverage? Oh, Aunt Diana, you remember Ace.
Indeed I do.
Cider me, young man, I am not driving.
All right, let me see if I can just get it open.
- Oh.
- Oh, there it is.
- Oh - Oh, Ace! - Uh, uh, yikes.
- Sorry.
- I'm drenched.
- Quickly I-I thought you were a professional waiter.
You know, I'm more on the dishwashing track.
That's my background, that's my-my training.
It shows.
U-Um, Aunt Diana, I'll go to the valet line - and get your car brought around, okay? - Oh, thank you, dear.
- That'd be lovely.
- Okay.
All right.
- Hey.
- Hi.
I sent Nick the GPS pin for a one-mile radius of where the photo of Nancy and George was taken.
I'm gonna rendezvous with him there unless you need me? No.
No, no, no.
Stephen said I have to meet him alone.
- Watch your back.
- Thank you.
Based on the burn rate of the candle, I'm guessing we have about five minutes until the lantern drops onto the gasoline.
So we need to work together.
You'd think the fates would be done with me, - after my time as the Aglaeca.
- Oh, my God.
Perhaps they are punishing you and I am just an unlucky un de plus.
Punishing me? Like karma? For what I did to Ralph Jenkins? Punishment suits your worldview.
You were going on and on with your needless remorse.
You could hear when I was talking to George? I can choose to witness her experience.
When it interests me.
By the way, I my remorse was not needless.
In fact, I think you could have used a little back when you were killing all those people for centuries.
I was killed too, remember.
Those men on the Governance stripped me of my life.
In the trauma of my death, I became the Aglaeca.
Those who died by the monster's hand had already been warned.
They made their choice.
Just as you did.
Yeah, I did.
In fact, I have a history of ignoring warnings.
Calling to the Aglaeca, stealing the shroud, using it without knowing what the consequences would be.
What kind of person does all that? Maybe I was just born this way.
What are you saying? You consider it your destiny? Huh? No, my well, I don't know, more like my gene pool.
What you would call a-a bloodline.
What bloodline would that be? The name Drew is not one I recognize.
You might recognize the name Hudson.
There was a Reverend Hudson on the Governance.
One of my murderers.
You are descended from an evil man.
And now you want to expel my soul from this body? Perhaps your bloodline does determine your actions, meurtrière.
Why the sad face? Hey, what do I always tell you? Where are Nancy and George? Well, after I've driven safely away with the Spider Sapphire, I'll text you their address.
- Or maybe I won't.
- If anything happens to them, you won't even make it to the airport.
We have photo evidence proving that you kidnapped them.
Don't be like that, love.
All is well, all right? You made a mistake, and now you've fixed it.
My only mistake was being a child and believing I had no option when I met you.
Get into your car, and know that if you ever come back, this will not end the same way.
As you well know, Bess, I am a gentleman of my word.
Consider the debt paid.
Him again.
I see them, I see them.
Okay, okay.
Be careful, there's gasoline on the floor! Oh, God.
Whoa okay.
- Hey, you okay? - Hey, be careful, careful.
They're constrictor knots.
So if you pull on the ropes, we'll get strangled.
Good thing you brought an Eagle Scout.
So you find the segment of rope that curves over the rest of the knot.
It's a "riding turn" 'cause originally it was used Okay, I got it.
Well, you, uh, cut that piece.
And then Ah - Okay.
- What are you doing? Hey, it's okay.
He's gonna help.
- No.
- Hey.
- Okay, I just got to find - No.
- where the tension's levied.
- No! Hey, hey, hey, you better stop moving.
George, hold still! - Hey, George, take-take it - Tu peux la récupérer! Okay, just - Nick? - Just hold - Okay, okay, be careful! - You're gonna make it worse! You're gonna make it worse.
Stay calm.
This is gonna hurt.
Hey, hey.
Breathe, breathe.
Okay, okay, okay.
I got you.
I got you.
I got you, I got you.
Aunt Diana, what are you doing here? Well, I'm looking for something that belongs to me.
Tell me, dear, do you happen to know the time? The Spider Sapphire watch! It must've fallen off into the woods Oh, it didn't.
It was stolen.
The Spider Sapphire is equipped with a microdot tracker, and it's in your possession at this very moment.
Consider the debt paid.
But how ? How did it ? It must've fallen off in the woods, - right into my - Please.
Don't steal from me and then insult me.
Oh, Bess.
I have rarely been so disappointed.
Oh, please, Aunt Diana, you have to understand.
I had no choice there was A man had taken my friends and I And what might he do next? What if it's members of your family that he tries to hurt? No, it's okay 'cause he-he's not coming back, okay? I won't let him.
Bess, your past it's clearly not behind you, dear.
Or it wouldn't be so easy for you to choose your dysfunction over me.
And it breaks my heart that you hid the truth from me and that you stole from me, Bess.
I know.
I can never trust you again and I cannot put my family at any further risk.
I'm sorry, I Wait, no, Aunt Diana, please.
Bess Turani.
You and I we're no longer related.
Please I'm really sorry for what I put you all through.
Especially Nancy and George.
Eh, we survived.
Wasn't my first chloroforming.
Though you could've told us about Stephen, you know.
I know I should have, I just as soon as I saw him, I couldn't think straight.
I was so scared, like some stupid child.
While he had it all planned.
You know, he must've known the whole time about the microdot tracker.
He always does his homework on his marks.
He knew this would happen.
He knew Diana would kick me out.
Just like my mom all over again.
It's exactly how he wanted me to feel and it worked.
- Bess - I'll talk to her.
We should find you some ibuprofen.
You can find some in the cabinet next to the fridge.
So now we have this.
The musical reminder of the man we just killed.
At least we got a bargain.
Listen, Odette was telling me that when she takes over your body, sometimes your mind resists her.
And I was looking at this before we went on our little chloroform adventure, and I think that Ralph may have lost the fight against the two other drivers in his head.
"Larkspur Lane gift shop".
Ralph spent time at Larkspur Lane? He went insane? If you don't find a way to coexist with Odette then I I'm worried that the same could happen to you.
Please leave a message for the Continental mailbox you requested.
Hey, it's me, Val.
There's more to the Ryan Hudson story here.
It's gonna take me a couple more days to figure out what these secrets are.
Earlier, when you were tied up, why'd you say, "You can have her back"? What? Tu peux la récupérer.
You said it to me in French.
A couple weeks ago, when we were reading Odette's letters, you didn't read French, so what, did you, like, do an online class or something? No.
Then it's really weird.
No, I mean, it wasn't me.
I wasn't the one speaking French.
It was Odette Lamar, okay? That's-that's what's been happening.
What? What? No, no, Odette Lamar, uh, moved on we got rid of her spirit.
No, we didn't.
When Nancy used that shroud to revive me, it pulled my spirit back in my body.
But it also pulled Odette's, too.
Now we're stuck together and I don't know how to get her out.
Is it is it dangerous? - Is she hurting you? - No.
And that's the good news.
The bad news is that we found out something about the shroud today and if anyone ever uses it again I'll be dead for real.
But Nancy is going to get it out of my locker right now.
That thing will not leave our sight.
And we'll keep it safe and make sure that no one uses it again.
Are you telling me to stay away from Gil Bobbsey? Nancy Drew.
Gil goes dark sometimes.
My mom's murder, all the questions Do you trust me? You have a choice.

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