Nancy Drew (2019) s02e09 Episode Script

The Bargain of the Blood Shroud

1 (SNIFFLING) (SOBS) (BLOWS NOSE) (MOANS) Thank you for staying over.
- It's gonna get better.
- Don't see how.
Is the earth gonna open up and swallow me whole, make me forget that Aunt Diana exiled me from the only family that I ever had? (PHONE CHIMES) Oh, that sound.
That's what it sounded like when the Marvins texted me.
Nancy needs us at The Claw.
No, you go ahead.
I'll catch up.
Just gonna lie down for a bit longer.
You again.
Odette Lamar.
I've been waiting for you.
Wondering when we might meet.
Go away, Nicolas.
(CHUCKLES): Uh, no.
Uh, no, it's not, it's not "Nicolas", and I-I'm not going anywhere, okay? We need to talk.
No, we don't.
I hear you talk.
Has your chérie changed? What kind of love affair can this be for you? I give you permission to au revoir.
- No.
I'm not au revoir-ing.
Hey, will you talk to me? (NORMAL VOICE): Nick, what are you What is going on? Why are you out of bed? Um Uh, uh, it's (CLEARS THROAT) We we had a visit from Odette.
Oh, that bitch.
(PHONE VIBRATING) I'm sorry, I have to take this.
I've got, like, a hundred missed calls from Nancy.
Yes? George.
I think we're in trouble.
Someone broke into our lockers at The Claw.
I've been looking for hours, but (EXHALES) (PHONE BEEPS) The shroud is gone.
The shroud? Wait, the The shroud that kills you if it's ever used again? That shroud? That is the one.
Someone stole it.
They came in here and broke into all the lockers.
One was picked, the rest were just bashed open, so we're looking for an experienced thief with a short attention span.
So this thing that could kill you, it was it was just in your locker? It was locked in my locker.
NICK: Right.
Oh, okay.
But not in a bank or a safe or somewhere that's actually Hey, Ace, Was anything else taken? They took a banana cream pie.
Hey, forget the pie, okay? How would someone even know about the shroud? Not just what it is but where.
Yeah, that's the question, because besides Bess, the only people who know that are in this room.
- Yes? - I have not told anyone.
Me, neither.
Not a soul.
NANCY: Did you tell Amanda or not? It's hard to say.
Something about her just opens me up.
Like a flower.
I'm I'm in bloom.
GEORGE: Wow, Ace.
I'm so happy for you.
You've got a crush and now I'm gonna die.
Ace? Wake up.
Gil's probably offering it to the highest bidder as we speak.
Nick, you don't know Amanda.
She would never betray my confidence like that.
(INSECTS BUZZING, DOGS BARKING IN DISTANCE) NANCY: (EXHALES) Okay, our only goal here is to get the shroud.
So we're gonna give him an out.
Okay, all carrot, no stick.
Got it.
(CHUCKLES) Nancy Drew.
And friends.
What, uh, what brings you to Bobbsey Manor? There was a break-in at The Claw last night.
An antique I guess you could call it a shroud was taken.
Where is it, Bobbsey? NANCY: Gil, we know you sometimes freelance in the lost valuables and antiques space.
Maybe you, uh, came across our shroud in your travels.
Yeah, no, uh, wish I could help.
Do you have any leads on the burglary, though, or ? Yeah.
Yeah, they're all over your shirt.
Those crumbs? That's pie crust.
(CLEARS THROAT) Uh, whoa, whoa.
Uh Oh! Banana cream.
From The Bayside Claw.
Hey, manager, Hendersons' disposal's clogged again, and you Hi - Ace.
(CHUCKLES) - Hey, Amanda.
Uh Why don't you go take a swing at Henderson's disposal? - Hmm? - I fixed it last time.
ACE: I know my way around a disposal.
I could lend you an extra hand if you want.
- She doesn't.
- I'd love that.
- What? - We know you took the shroud, Gil.
If it's about money, just name a price.
No price.
All right? It's not for sale.
Our mom was murdered 14 years ago.
I'm sorry.
I didn't know.
GEORGE: The shroud won't bring her back, Gil.
It won't revive someone who's been dead for longer than an hour or two.
Yeah, I know.
But it will tell me what happened to her.
- How? - Her body was never found, no arrest was ever made, but I-I know who did it.
Eddie Collins.
All right? He's-he's the old creep that lives on top of Pulpit Hill.
- Tell the police.
- Oh, come on.
They wouldn't build a case against him then, they're not gonna do it now when he's about to die.
Brain aneurysm.
He's in a coma, and word is they're about to pull the plug.
That's why you took the shroud, 'cause you're gonna revive Eddie Collins.
And to make him tell me what he did.
I want answers.
Hey, do you know what happens if you use that shroud? NICK: Oh, he knows.
He knows.
You think I'm playing, huh? I will tear this place apart.
And you still won't find it.
Do you trust me? Why? But also, yes.
Gil? If I can get you those answers before Eddie dies, will you give the shroud back? No, no, no.
No, no, no.
We-we are not negotiating.
Will you? (EXHALES) You have until 6:00.
Hey, Eddie Collins knows the truth.
I won't let it die with him.
Carson is gonna file an amicus brief to try and get the judge to delay termination of life support.
Okay, so the plan is you-you distract Gil trying to solve his mom's murder and then we toss his place and find the shroud? It's not there, Nick.
Then we dangle him from the roof until he tells us where it is.
No, the-the plan is, uh, solve his mom's murder and get the shroud back.
What, by 6:00 p.
? A case that hasn't been solved for, what, 14 years? And what if you don't? Huh? W-What happens to George? I'm not going to let anything happen to George.
Okay, can George weigh in? I want to go with Nancy's plan.
I'm gonna go text Ace, see if he got anything out of Amanda.
(GRUNTING) (GROANS) (DOOR OPENS, BESS GASPS) Yes, Your Honor, a motion for injunction.
I'm writing it up now.
(BESS WHIMPERS) - Bess? - Mr.
I'm sorry.
I-I scared you.
Um I should go.
No, no, no, no, no It's fine.
I just didn't realize anyone was I'm picking up case law books for this injunction, and then I will be out of your (CRYING SOFTLY) - Are you all right? - (SNIFFLES) I'm just having a real hard time getting going this morning.
You know? (PHONE CHIMES) And now they've taken me off the group chat.
Why? So they can talk about me? (LAUGHS) You know? - (PHONE THUDS) - (MOANS) You know what? I may work from here today.
So I'll be in my office if you need anything.
I didn't tell Gil where the shroud is.
Jackass reads my texts.
(CHUCKLES) He's got no boundaries.
Thinks he's protecting me, even though he was born two minutes after me.
Get him to give us the shroud back.
I don't think I can.
Gil goes dark sometimes.
My mom's murder, all the questions Tell me about your mom.
Dad was doing six months in county.
So it was just me, uh, Amanda and Mom.
(THUNDER RUMBLING) You know, it was like summer camp all year, 'cause our mom was, uh Mercurial is what Rosemary was.
Um she was fun to be around.
Didn't always remember to buy us shoes.
She'd drop us off at school, hike these trails all day, and be back to pick us up.
Until the day she wasn't.
The police found evidence of a struggle in the woods, and a witness said that they saw her arguing with some weird older dude.
Eddie Collins.
The cops, they, uh they searched his house.
And they found my mom's sweater and some other clothes.
(THUNDER RUMBLING) - They were having an affair? - Yep.
But he never confessed to killing her, and, uh, they never found a body, so they didn't charge him.
Look, if he dies tonight, and I never get any answers Part of you dies, too.
What do you say we go pay Eddie Collins one more visit? ACE: I need you to tell us where Gil might have hidden the shroud.
You don't have siblings, do you? That's, um a question.
When my mom died and I couldn't stop crying, it was Gil who packed up all her stuff so I wouldn't have to see it.
We've looked out for each other every minute of our lives.
Then keep looking out for him.
If he uses that shroud, George is gonna die, and Gil will be responsible.
There's no coming back from that.
He has stash spots all over town where he hides what he steals.
(THUNDER RUMBLING) GEORGE: Exorcisms will not get rid of Odette.
I told you.
I've tried all of this on her.
None of it works.
Maybe you missed something.
Maybe I missed something? Nick, please show me someone more motivated than me to find a solution to this.
- There is no solution.
- Hey, hey.
We fought your death curse.
We fought the Aglaeca.
We were out of the woods with-with good days ahead, and now w-we're just gonna give up? No.
We're gonna live with it.
At least I am.
You have a choice.
Look, Odette is trapped inside my body until the day that I die.
That is the only way both of our souls get out.
I'm a package deal now.
ACE: I got a list of Gil's stash spots around town.
Let's divide and conquer.
Clock's ticking.
Don't got to tell me twice.
- I do not have the patience.
- I know.
I have seen your work.
Yeah, the pins are tight.
This may take a second.
(CAR DOOR OPENS) What are you doing? Can't be helped.
I am patience-impaired.
- Shh.
- You shh.
(PANTING) MAN: Crap, crap, crap, crap, crap! Be honest, Drew.
Wasn't this more fun than picking a lock? (CRYING, SNIFFLING) Hey, Bess, I'm sorry to bother you.
Oh, I'm sorry.
Is my crying too loud? What? No.
I have this hearing this afternoon, and I was hoping I could read you my opening statement.
(SIGHS): Okay.
I guess.
This'll be really helpful.
I appreciate it.
Okay, if you could just maybe just sit up a little bit.
Just to help with eye contact.
- (GROANS) - There you go.
(INHALES DEEPLY) All right, here it goes.
Your Honor, if it please the court.
- There are times when individual rights - Hold on.
Why don't you just say: "If it please the court, and even if it doesn't".
That's stronger.
You should, you should start from the top.
From the top.
The basement's down here.
Gil? (EDDIE WHEEZING SOFTLY) Hey, let's-let's leave him be.
Okay? (GASPS) (SIGHS, GROANS) What the hell was that? An involuntary contraction.
It's called a death rattle.
Happens near the end.
Come on, let's check the basement.
(EDDIE WHEEZING SOFTLY) - Hey, uh - Hmm? How'd you know all that, by the way? The death rattles, involuntary contractions? Um Uh, when my mom was sick, when she was dying, - I read a lot about - Did it help? No.
Nothing helped.
Plaster dust.
It's falling apart.
(GRUNTING) Oh, my God.
(COUGHS) That's her.
That's my mom.
(SIREN BLARING) This is one of your brother's stash spots for his stolen goods? It's his favorite one.
(SIGHS) Some operation you got here.
Gil's operation, not mine.
Just 'cause we're siblings doesn't make us partners.
There's no shroud.
Well, maybe George and Nick are having better luck.
Hollow, mossy limestone.
Um Hey, does this sound hollow to you? George? What's going on? (AS ODETTE, FRENCH ACCENT): "What's going on?" You ask that of George constantly.
Can thoughts in her head not remain in her head? Odette, pleasure to see you again.
- Why could this not have been me? - Well, I guess you got lucky.
Or you'd rather be in the ground, six feet under? My bones in the earth and my spirit reunited with my love? Oui.
Instead I am imprisoned in this tiny, oddly garmented body with my idiot cellmate who cannot tell granite from limestone.
(SIGHS) Granite.
Be done with it.
(HOLLOW THUMPING) (GRUNTS) (NORMAL VOICE): Hey, what did I miss? Uh, well, Odette called me an idiot.
And there's no stolen merchandise here.
I think this is where Gil stored his mom's things after she died.
Ooh, the Bobbseys' first footsteps.
Maybe Nancy's having better luck.
NANCY: He didn't bury her.
He painted her.
(SIGHS SOFTLY) Gil, what if Eddie Collins didn't do it? What? Are you seeing any of this? That son of a bitch was clearly obsessed with her.
There is no body here.
Then he buried her somewhere else! You know what? Screw this.
I'm getting answers tonight.
No, no.
Gil, I can get answers for you.
- Okay? But I need the shroud.
- No.
No, the deal's the deal.
Gil, even if you went through with it, why would Eddie tell you anything different than he told the police 14 years ago? Because I'll make him.
I'm Eddie's niece.
- Caroline or Kelly? - Kelly.
Um, I just came to see Uncle Eddie's art one last time.
S-Such a talent.
(CHUCKLES) Weird question, but, by any chance, did he mention anything about the mysterious specter in the-the background of his paintings behind the subject? Mr.
Collins is legally blind.
He's never painted a day in his life.
And he has no nieces, "Kelly".
So, you found a key to a safety deposit box? What was in it? Another locked box.
I know.
I gave it to Nick and George.
They have bolt cutters.
Divide and conquer, right? Where's Gil? Shouldn't somebody be conquering him? We have until 6:00.
He gave me his word.
Why would Eddie hide those paintings all these years? Who was he trying to protect, Rosemary's real killer? Find the artist, find the killer? Maybe this thing did it.
I Whatever the hell it is, I saw the same figure carved into a tree right where Rosemary was last seen alive.
Another suspect not of this earth.
GARY: Restrooms are for clients only.
ACE: That's a shame, 'cause we'd heard - great things about your restrooms.
- Hi.
We have an acquaintance that was going to have his art collection appraised by your gallery before he took ill.
But I was hoping you could help us identify the artist.
Somebody local, maybe? Ah.
The artist is Unknown.
- Yeah, that's that's what we said.
- (CHUCKLES) (CHUCKLES SOFTLY) "Unknown" is the name the artist goes by.
Like Banksy or Weegee.
There's a signature.
May I? Now take a look.
Are you sure this is the same artist? There's the signature.
Is there anything else you can tell me? A name or an address? Unknown.
Well, good news.
You're gonna let us use your restroom after all.
BESS: Oh, and another thing.
You should cut that last line out.
I-It steps on your big finish.
This is really good.
- I buttered both sides of the bread.
- Mmm.
I'm really happy to see you feeling better.
I am feeling better.
There was no hearing, was there? (CHUCKLES SOFTLY) No.
The judge denied the hearing.
He's going to rule on my written motion instead, and I filed that this morning.
So, your opening statement? You Bess, I would have taken every single note of yours.
You are really good at this.
Yeah, but it was a trick.
A nudge.
- I wanted to give you something else to think about.
- (SCOFFS) Something besides how I've lost everything? Well, it can be really hard to figure out your next step when things get overwhelming.
How are you doing? (CHUCKLES SOFTLY) It's been scary.
- But also freeing.
- Yeah.
I don't have to worry about keeping my story straight every time I talk to Nancy about the past.
For the first time since she was born, I'm just me.
Without any secrets.
Guess that makes two of us.
Although I'm just me without any hope.
You know I saw this documentary once about spider monkeys.
Flying through the jungle from vine to vine.
And they're incredible.
There's always this moment after they've let go of the last vine before they grab onto the next one.
And they don't falter.
They don't look down.
They just go on faith that the next vine will be there.
The next vine will be there, Bess.
Have faith.
(CHUCKLES SOFTLY) - BESS: How can they sell you - a piece of art without giving you the artist name? It's Unknown? There could be a million Unknowns.
ACE: Well, technically, they sold it to Nick.
What? This Unknown has a signature.
Upper left.
Yeah, those numbers.
- 5962.
- NANCY: The same numbers that were on the paintings in Collins' basement.
GEORGE: Hey, I swear I've seen those before.
Yeah, we both have.
The baby book.
You got yourself a deal on this art.
Two for the price of one.
Check it out.
Hey, there's a painting underneath.
NANCY: That's Rosemary Bobbsey.
But, like, 14 years older.
How she'd look today.
CARSON: I just heard from the judge.
He's not going to rule on my motion.
What? Why? (SIGHS) Eddie Collins just died.
His body gave out.
Couldn't wait until 6:00.
We got to find Gil.
I'm not gonna let you do this, Gil.
The clock started.
I'm doing this before the coroner gets here.
Eddie Collins didn't kill her, Gil.
Those paintings are self-portraits.
They have her signature.
- 5962 is not a signature.
- It is.
Five pounds, nine ounces.
Six pounds, two ounces.
Those are your birth weights.
Amanda's and yours.
As recorded in your baby book.
So, she was a painter.
He still killed her.
No, Gil.
She is a painter.
She's still alive.
(BREATHING SHAKILY) Where is he? He's halfway to a morgue in Bangor.
You're never gonna get there in time.
- The shroud won't work.
- (GRUNTS) (BREATHING HEAVILY) You-you tricked me.
She saved you.
Mom's alive.
What, now-now y-you believe her? Huh? We were six years old.
Why would Mom leave us? She was sick, Gil.
Mom was being treated for psychiatric delusions.
We found her medical records.
She thought she was being haunted by a monster.
A-A Burning Thing.
NANCY: It was in her paintings.
It was carved into a tree in the woods.
She met Eddie in group therapy.
She confided in him that painting is the only thing that eased her fear, so he let her paint here.
AMANDA: Mom made Eddie promise not to tell.
She didn't want to scare us.
- Read her medical reports.
- No, no, no.
No one can tell us the truth except for Eddie Collins, - who is now dead.
- No, Gil.
I can tell you.
This is the one thing of Mom's that I held onto.
I had forgotten about it until I saw that painting.
I must have been four.
I went into her room because I couldn't sleep.
I was afraid there was monsters under my bed, and she drew that for me.
She said this is the only monster I should be afraid of, but promised to make sure it never found us.
(BREATH TREMBLES) Why-Why'd she tell you but not me? Who knows? Maybe because she didn't want to frighten you.
Or maybe it's because I'm two minutes older than you, and it's my job to look out for you.
Give the shroud back, Gil.
(BREATH TREMBLES) I am I'm so sorry.
So am I.
("IT'S ALL HAPPENING NOW" BY PORTALS PLAYING) (DOOR OPENS) Mm-mm, mm-mm (DOOR CLOSES) (CRICKETS CHIRPING) Like explosions in the air - (SIGHS) - Lighting up the atmosphere Cheer up, boss.
We won.
You know? George is safe, the shroud is locked away.
All is well in the world.
No turning back I mean, there's still an old-timey French lady living in my girlfriend, but, you know - Mm-hmm.
- all things being equal.
You met Odette.
Yeah, she's weird, right? I mean, she's she's just so mean.
This is gonna be complicated.
Mm, all relationships are.
(CHUCKLES) I don't know who I'm going to bed with at night, or who I'm waking up to in the morning.
And in between night and morning, on the occasion that, you know, mood strikes us It's complicated.
- Yeah.
- Oh, wow.
If Odette's gonna be in George's body, you know, there's there's got to be rules.
- Mm.
- A schedule.
Full-time solitary confinement.
Only coming out with George's permission.
This is George's body, not hers.
Our tomorrow's finally come Where is George? (SIGHS) She went to close out.
But but that was a while ago.
And it's only just begun Phone and her bag.
She must have left in a hurry.
I don't think George was driving.
(WIND WHISTLING) One of Odette's love letters to the Englishwoman.
What was she looking at on her laptop? Uh, it's tidal charts.
I mean, why would she be looking at tidal charts? To make sure there's no water to break your fall.
(WAVES CRASHING) It's all happening now It's all happening now We've waited for this time to come And it's all happening now.
- Odette! - (GASPS) Odette, stay right where you are.
(AS ODETTE, FRENCH ACCENT): Why? So you can tell me your rules? Put me in solitary confinement? God.
She must have heard us talking.
Ah, you brought a friend.
Do you have something to say, amie, or have you just come for the show? It's okay.
(SIGHS) If it please the court and and even if it doesn't, this isn't about Nick.
Okay? When when you were killed, you lost your true love, your reason to get up in the morning.
And now you're just a spider monkey in the jungle between vines.
Her name was Mary.
One step forward, and we can be reunited.
(BESS GASPS) - Whoa.
- Hey, hey.
Hey, maybe maybe if that's how it works and-and if you can even find her.
Yeah, if wherever you're going is where she is.
D-Do you even, uh do you even know what-what became of her? I know we were robbed of a life together.
That is a pain you cannot imagine.
Okay, but if you if you do this to George, I won't have to imagine it.
But George George deserves to live, Odette.
Her full life.
Let her live.
Let-let her live, and, uh, we'll and we'll make this work, okay? All of us.
And I swear, we we'll help you find a reason to get up in the morning.
Give up my love for yours.
Why should I trust you? (SNIFFLES) Yeah.
Because if you don't, - if you kill George - BESS: Yeah.
I will have no choice but to follow you off that cliff, and I will spend eternity making sure you feel my pain.
Hey, Odette! Odette.
Odette, I love her.
Which means for better or for worse, we're in this together.
If it please the court.
And even if it doesn't.
- (CRYING) (PANTING) Man, you are good on a cliff.
Okay, that's a big fall.
- Yeah.
Yeah, we got to go.
- Oh, right.
- Oh.
(BIRDS SQUAWKING) (KEYBOARD KEYS CLICKING) Really ties the room together.
I was checking the newsprint, Lebowski.
(CHUCKLES) She must've used 30 strips, all from the same newspaper.
Oh, you're trying to figure out where Gil's mom lives.
Yeah, I thought about doing that.
But? He didn't ask me to, so maybe not my mystery to solve.
That's good instinct.
He would've killed George, you know.
It's not somebody you should trust.
Are you telling me to stay away from Gil Bobbsey? I'm just telling you that I know you, and you seem attached.
Says the guy dating his twin sister.
I'm not dating his twin sister.
Your lucky blue pullover says otherwise.
I know you, too.
(DOOR OPENS, BELLS JINGLE) He's probably not here for the chowder.
You can always go out the back, let the new guy wait on him.
Yeah, that would be the that would be the smarter move.
("BENEATH THE SURFACE" BY DEMONS OF RUBY MAE PLAYING) (PEN CLICKING) Always wanting what he couldn't get So, what'll it be? One slice of banana cream pie? His own fortune? Spending his life living through regrets It's okay.
AMANDA: Maybe she's better now, right? In that new painting, she looked Happy.
- She looked happy.
- (CHUCKLES) You think she's hoping we come looking for her? Hoping we don't? Just the same in everything you do I don't know, but when you're ready, I mean, if you ever are ready, I can tell you where to start looking for her.
Santa Fe, New Mexico.
You tracked her down for me? Ace I'm about to do something that Gil Bobbsey's gonna hate.
I'll give you three guesses.
What if I only need one? (CHUCKLES SOFTLY) - (PHONE CHIMES) - Mm.
- Sorry.
- Oh Oh, somebody's oh, somebody's just Somebody keeps texting me.
Better not be my brother.
It's not.
It It's mine.
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