Nancy Drew (2019) s02e10 Episode Script

The Spell of the Burning Bride

1 Thanks for having coffee with me, Ms.
So, do you have the headline for the society profile yet? I was thinking "Ryan It on for Size".
"The Prodigal Hudson Returns".
Or "The Hudson Also Rises".
I think that Ms.
Samuels has got it covered.
Just "Ryan" to help.
You're good.
We're big fans.
Especially of your of your early investigative work.
Before I sold out and started profiling the rich and famous? I just put my foot in my mouth.
I'm shameless.
Your investigative work is pretty impressive, too.
Impressive enough to score an alumni interview with the Columbia School of Journalism? Hmm.
I may or may not have an application in.
Any advice is welcome.
Looking forward to life beyond the Bay, huh? Big fish, small fish shack.
Is that your deal? No.
I wouldn't say that.
This town made me.
I solved my first mystery at the warehouse down the street.
I taught myself how to read lips at the ice cream shop.
"Pistachio with sprinkles" was a tough one.
That's all good stuff.
The interviewers will love that.
And I like how clean your social media is.
No bikini pics.
Nothing overtly sexual.
You come across as someone who's wholesome.
You're the kind of girl people can take seriously.
I have been known to wear a bikini sometimes.
I-I don't think that that changes my accomplishments or my intelligence.
Well, you wanted my advice? Don't give them any reason to judge you.
Well Hi, Lily.
How are you? Excuse me.
Thanks for your advice.
Hey, Lily.
I saw that one of the windows at your shop was boarded up.
Yeah, someone smashed it last night.
All they took was one bouquet of flowers.
Like, who steals flowers? That's weird.
Did you call the police? Yeah.
I got Detective Tamura.
You know, the one with the bedside manner of a plumber.
Said about two words and hung up.
- If you want, I can look into it for you.
- Sure.
If it runs me less than another window, I'd be willing to pay you to find who did it.
Oh, well, I would be willing to let you.
You wrapped that up pretty quickly.
Yeah, it took an unexpected detour.
Apparently, in order to succeed in life, I need to don a nun's habit and stay chaste.
Well, that's good, right? 'Cause someone's always chasing you? That's great.
Well done.
Odette better leave this body as she found it.
Are you taking pictures of yourself like a rental car? Yes.
I guarantee you return with the same number of tattoos and piercings.
Well, it's still a good plan.
Boys, you are staring.
Uh I'm gonna stay here - the whole time you're in control.
- Mm.
Ça va.
You stay here.
- I'm going out.
- Uh, no.
I'm keeping an eye on you.
That's George's body.
George's rules.
- You're not going anywhere without a chaperone.
- Yeah.
How do you intend to stop me? Hi.
Um, Nancy wanted me to tell you that You are not George.
I'll take the girl.
- Pardon? - Bess, ma petite chou, would you squire me around town this evening? Uh, can I squire you? Um Yes.
Yeah, sure.
Uh, wh "Dabla" for me, too, I guess.
"Petite chou".
Hey, did you just call me a cabbage? Hey, would you-would you chaperone the chaperone, just in case something goes wrong? Yeah.
Yeah, I can watch their date.
It's not a date.
No, of course not.
Nancy Drew.
- To what do I owe the nuisance? - Detective Tamura.
I hear you're making some new friends.
- Lily the florist came to see me.
- Ah.
The great bouquet heist.
Crime of the century.
Already on it.
Care to share any details? - Why would I do that? - Because I've got something.
And I thought maybe if you show me what you've got, I could show you what I've got.
The floral case may be part of something bigger.
The third odd break-in this week.
Home goods store.
Same M.
Nothing missing from the till.
Just a set of candles.
Next up The jewelry store.
Seems like a bigger deal.
Except they only took two simple gold rings, left everything else.
Store cams had no angle.
Your turn.
There was a dumpster-related dispute two years ago which led to the baker and the butcher spying on each other, so they put cameras all over the place.
So I asked them for the footage from last night.
Benefits of being a local.
Who's that? I think if you're gonna work this beat, you might want to learn to ask "What is that?" instead of "who".
What about that who? The suspicious parked car with the male driver? That is a who I know.
I, uh, I thought I smelled bacon.
I keep kosher.
What were you doing parked on Main at 2:30 a.
? I went for a drive.
Find someone else to harass.
How are you? After, you know, everything with your mom.
I'm-I'm fine.
You had to have seen who smashed up the florist's.
I had never seen her before.
Oh, looks like we got a new ghost in town.
You know, normal burglars don't go walking around in vintage, brocaded wedding gowns, Detective.
A wedding gown? - How do you know what brocade is? - I have an eye.
Like I said: ghost burglar.
Welcome to Horseshoe Bay.
I raided my local source for records of supernatural phenomena.
Typical waitress occurrence.
There was one account in particular that stood out to me under "bride, comma, ghost".
There you go.
Brocade bodice.
How does every man suddenly know what that is? So, what's your theory? This bride is back from the dead and window-shopping? - That's a - Now who's back from the dead? The cop's son subscribes to ghost theory, too? Or are you running another scam on me? Whatever do you mean, "another"? According to the old keepers' research, the dress itself has supernatural abilities.
The Bridal Gown of Boothbay tames the wildest of women by suppressing their carnal desires.
Who would want that? It was all the rage back in the day.
It's why they invented graham crackers.
Graham was a preacher who believed that unbleached flour kept you from touching.
Guess that being bound in whalebone corsets just wasn't enough.
Well, supposedly, the dress converted women into chaste, submissive brides just in time for them to make it to the altar.
So, where does the lust go? Into the dress? Like like butterflies in a net? Apparently, it worked.
Until 1919, when this last bride wore it.
Ooh, who's getting married? Nobody.
The supernatural detective and the basic one stumbled on a case that may call for Bess Marvin, fashion police.
But you have a date.
It's not a date, Ace.
Are we ready to go? Your chariot awaits.
Oh, yeah Nick went to meet the contractor at the historical society to finish the new security system, so I'm gonna teach the new kitchen dude how to lock up before I go.
Grant, come with me.
Do any of you actually work here? Bridal Gown of Boothbay.
Yeah, I concede that the dress looks similar, but would your ghost leave hairs at the scene? Sorry, what? Do you have a hair sample? And you didn't you didn't tell me that? Why? Mm, because you're not an actual cop.
Can we go back to the-the police station and pr just pretend for just a little bit? Ryan, your eyes look so heavy, like this is some kind of burden.
Samuels, how do you think he looks? Uh, acceptable.
We can do better than that.
You know, Val, my father's inner circle are avid readers.
A few choice words from you could put me in the room where all the juicy schemes go down.
Oh, he is joking, Ms.
I can assure you, we are scheme-free.
Now, I would like to see Ryan standing instead.
- Portrait-length, for the cover.
- Mm.
- Yeah.
- I like it.
All right.
Thank you for handling her - with such - Good humor? I was gonna say "grace".
- We ready? - Yes.
That's better.
Shoulders back.
You said - I only love you when I'm - Mm.
Hey, be careful.
That's not your body! Oh, this takes me back to my childhood.
A frozen pond in Chamonix.
Perhaps the world has not so much changed.
That's nice.
- Bess, come.
- No, I'm good.
- I'm-I'm staying here.
It's fun.
- Oh, come.
- Bess, please.
- Oh, gosh.
Soft knees.
Let yourself relax.
- You are so tense.
- Ooh.
- It's quite fun.
- All right.
That was fun.
One moment.
To help you loosen up.
I shouldn't.
And, you know what, you shouldn't either.
Oh, Bess.
So I'll take that.
Damn it.
The root is still intact on the hair you recovered from the florist.
Uh, follicular tissue's present.
No signs of degradation.
Likely pulled recently.
Yeah, from a living subject.
Also, it's brown.
And your bride in the old black-and-white wedding announcement photo appears blonde.
Can I make an observation? Haven't been able to stop you yet.
I get that you're not exactly comfortable with the ghost business, but you flinch every time you mention brides or weddings, which makes me curious what your problem is with brides.
Which made me look up your name, which led me to a registry and a wedding announcement, but no wedding.
Why is that? Relocated to Horseshoe Bay for a fresh start.
The diamond wasn't the only thing that went pear-shaped.
I would never have known.
Wasn't a wedding announcement.
She's beautiful.
I saw a picture of her online.
But you're better off without her.
I mean the old picture of your bride.
It wasn't from the newspaper's wedding announcement.
She was connected to a homicide.
Murder case from 1919.
Looks like she was the kind of girl that "got around".
So they forced her to get married.
Made her put on the dress.
It took away her desire, and next thing you know, she went nuts and killed her husband.
Candles, flowers, rings.
That's the shopping list for another wedding.
What if it's not a ghost? What if it's a living person under the influence of a haunted dress which carries the ghostly imprint of the murder perpetrated by the last bride - who wore it? - Oh, yeah.
That's much easier to accept.
Now, purely hypothetically, where would one get a haunted dress? Is that at a werewolf seamstress or No.
There is a place in town where old supernatural artifacts are kept.
And there's a there's a woman who works there with brown hair.
Hannah Gruen.
Well, if she's replaying this history, we need to find her before she kills her groom.
Does it say how the last bride did it? Fire.
Looking good, Noah.
Just gonna check the settings and give Hannah a call.
Bess, don't look down.
- What? - Look at me.
All the time Wrapped up in your reverie You are where Um You couldn't do this in your day, right? They would have killed me for just holding your hand.
Inside of my head They did kill me.
Why don't we just - drink? - Oui.
Ace, you said Nick was going to the historical society, right? Yeah, Nick just called on the other line.
It sounds like something's up.
I'm gonna merge you in.
Daydream, baby Okay, Noah, let's just calm down and put the torch away.
Nick? Nick, we're on our way.
Okay, Noah.
Oh, the door's welded shut.
Noah, it's the dress.
You're under its spell.
Give me back the dress.
I need it.
Oh, she's still under the influence of the dress.
We have to destroy it.
Noah, you okay? God, what was that? I didn't mean to take the gown.
It just kept calling to me, you know? From the boxes.
Like Jumanji.
There was a security breach a couple weeks back.
But somehow you got the gown before Nick sealed the boxes back up.
How? Blowtorch.
But I'll fix it.
And the windows, too.
- Free of charge.
- Well, maybe we can work out a community service deal with the judge.
If you get counseling for substance abuse.
All right? So, I know you-you might need a minute to-to process what just happened.
No, I've seen people do strange things when they're high.
I once saw a man eat his own bicycle.
I guess this is the end to us joining forces? It was - Whoa.
- Ooh.
You okay? Yeah Uh Yeah, it I'm good.
Bess? What the hell? Why-why are we handcuffed to a bench? Um, sleeping one off? Wh - What happened last night? - Oh, my God.
What, you don't remember? I don't remember anything when I'm not in charge.
Weren't weren't you watching me? - Her? - Yes, yes, I was.
I Uh, can I just have a couple of minutes? My face isn't working yet.
Did you already forget how to do your job without me? What? I'm sorry it's taking so long, Reverend.
Someone will be with you as soon as possible.
Couple of the officers let your friends sleep off a wild night on the bench.
Um those are those are words.
Uh were you just walking in slow motion? Excuse me? God, sorry.
Whew! Are you always this hot in here? Is it is it always this hot in here? Your friends are freshening up.
- Mm-hmm.
- I just gave them toothbrushes.
A clean mouth is so sanitary.
I am I'm just, I'm a huge fan of hygiene, personally.
So smoldering.
So, you guys are still together.
What? Oh, no, we're not together.
That would be inappropriate.
Wouldn't it? Um, hey, maybe you could come by The Claw later and get some banana cream pie.
So Can you just give me the thing to sign so I can get out of here? No, you're not going anywhere.
You are not leaving.
Nancy? Uh, get me out of here.
Yeah, no, seriously.
Get me away from them.
- Okay.
Um - Oh.
Okay, okay.
Thank you for your hospitality.
- I think that wedding gown did something to me.
- Okay.
Hey, where have you been? - I've been calling you.
- Yeah.
Uh, the police took our phones.
What? - We'll circle back on that later.
- Well, are you all right? Yes, I am okay, but somebody dosed jelly legs over here.
How much have you been working out? - Yeah, he-he does work out.
- Uh Um, I wasn't even in this reality, and somehow my chaperone's chaperone needed a chaperone.
It was a triage situation.
Had to make a snap decision.
And it was absolutely the right one.
There was imminent danger with the bridal gown and the spell.
Oh, boy.
- Can I touch it? - T Oh.
It's so much softer than I even imagined.
N-Nancy, it's a net.
Who's Annette? - I'll kill her.
- N-No, the gown.
The gown is a net.
You ripped a hole in it.
Yes, yes! And all the lust butterflies went in my face.
CliffsNotes version, please? The dress contained the stolen lust of a century's worth of women, and when I destroyed the gown, I released all that lust, and it got stuck inside me.
God, you are so smart, Ace.
I don't care what anybody says.
Your palms are really sweaty.
- Oh.
- Pulse is racing, too.
It's pretty high.
Being in this state, it increases blood flow and raises body heat, but what does this mean? Is it making me feel attracted, or is it intensifying feelings of attraction that I already had but was repressing just in the moment that I need to stay chaste because I want to keep my clothes on because I want to get into college?! You know what I need.
This is better.
Okay, guys, there's a notation in here that says the dress was locked in the Historical Society by the Women in White.
Oh, you mean the witchy badasses who first called to the Aglaeca? This says they sewed the dress themselves on commission from a wealthy family.
Oh, so, the badass witchy types also dabbled in female repression.
- Not exactly the epitome of allyship.
- Hey.
Thomas Jefferson never freed his slaves.
Margaret Sanger started Planned Parenthood to support eugenics.
And rich people needed their sexually liberated daughters to quiet down and get married.
One of those Women in White was a Hudson.
The Hudson family archives may have some details on how the dress was made.
We have to find a way to break this curse.
Nancy, you're gonna be okay.
Oh, I could melt all of this stuff.
Something is going on with you.
Come on.
Tell me.
I found my brother.
You have a brother? W-Wait, hold on.
You lost your brother? - H-How What? - No, I've never met him.
He's lived his entire life in witness protection.
Since before I was even born.
What did he witness? He didn't witness anything.
His mom did.
And his mum is not your mum? - No.
- Okay.
And I don't think my mom knows, either.
The U.
Marshal who ran his mom's security detail - was my dad.
- Oh.
Again, it all happened before I was even born.
- Oh.
- Yeah.
A year ago, I was digging around for details of my dad's early career and fell down this rabbit hole that led to a Evidence of a secret affair with this other woman? Right, okay.
So, then, you hacked into a federal database and found out that you had a brother.
You really are an onion, aren't you? Promise I won't make you cry again.
I shouldn't have let Odette get you blackout drunk.
I mean, I wasn't.
I-I mean, I drank.
I drank real good.
But It was with intent.
It-it seemed like the best way to to evade from the feelings that I was having.
The feelings that made you want to make out with a ghost trapped in your friend's body? Yeah.
Yeah, I know I was looking at George, but that's not what I was seeing when I was looking at her and feeling these things.
I mean, none of this is okay, is it? In what circumstance would any of this be okay? Under no circumstances - would this be okay.
- Yeah.
That's what I thought.
And what are you so upset about? Well, for one, I've inherited a hangover that I didn't even earn.
The headache will fade, but the anger will last a lifetime.
You don't get it.
People were looking at me, thinking, "Like mother, like daughter".
Okay? I've had to pick up Victoria from that bench so many times, you could put a plaque on it.
Look, if you can't treat me with respect, I'm never letting you out again.
How's she doing? I'm afraid of losing control.
We're gonna We're gonna work on it, okay? And we're gonna get better at it.
Is that Nick out there? Hey, Nick, can I see you? Please? Did you get the ancestor stuff for Nancy? Yeah.
Turns out my Uncle Josiah was really into the family tree.
Everett kept it all in storage after he died, so Temperance Hudson.
That's, like, Nancy's great-great - great-aunt times a bunch.
- Um i-is Nancy in trouble? She's okay.
Just a little boy crazy.
I mean, the instructions for this dress read more like a recipe.
It's like, "Inlaid mother-of-pearl sewn throughout the fabric".
Could be the secret ingredient that contains the lust.
- What are you guys talking about? - Yes.
Um, nothing.
Uh, to the bait shop.
Thank you! Bye! You are fine.
Your brain is not on fire.
You just can't stop thinking about sex.
Don't think about sex.
Think positive thoughts.
Think about literally anything else but that.
No sex.
I'm positive that I want sex.
Detective Tamura.
Is Nancy here? Uh, she's not available at the moment.
I need her to sign this witness statement.
She raced out of the police station without You again.
Can I help you with something? I'm looking for Nancy.
She said to meet her for pie.
What are you doing here? Casework.
Nancy, you're obviously catching some feelings right now, but you're, like, jacked up to a hundred, and Whoa! You done? I am so sick of you hounding me.
You might have Nancy fooled, but not me, Bobbsey.
You were probably casing the block when the break-in happened.
Uh, could you could you help George, please? Hold it down, Grant.
- Girls, what are you - Nancy, you don't want to do this.
You asked me to keep you away from them! What are you doing? I changed my mind.
Little help here? - You guys gonna watch her kick me? - Nancy? - Yeah.
Let's wrestle.
- Oh.
Okay, no, no, no.
Okay, uh, I've got her.
You've got this.
There is a recipe in Temperance Hudson's writings.
- Okay? - Might be an antidote.
It's made from crushed nacre.
So you're gonna cure her with pearl cream? You ever seen a horny oyster? Nancy! Open wide.
Just a little spoonful of this antidote - and then we can let you go.
- Yeah.
- Mmm.
- Ew, gross.
Choo, choo.
Mmm, mmm, mmm Mmm.
- Mmm.
- But I don't want it.
Come on.
- I don't want - Just a little bit.
Aw, that's good.
Yeah? Is it working? Kinda.
Yeah? Yeah, actually, I feel - I feel fine.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
- She's lying.
Get off Take a step back.
Yeah? Take off that badge.
Let's see what's up.
- Come on.
- Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, better idea: why don't you both get out of my restaurant.
Hey, no, no, no, no, no.
You, you go out the back.
Okay? Go out the back.
- Oh, I'm gonna be sick.
- Ace, get her a bucket now.
Anything bucket-like will do.
No, I'm gonna be sick right now! - George, I am serious! - Nancy! - Oh.
- Stop.
Is she okay? Still Handsy Drew, but we gave her the antidote.
I mean, come on.
It might take a minute to kick in.
We probably didn't poison her.
Um Nancy? Nancy.
I thought I came here looking for you.
Here I am.
I-I feel awkward saying this, but, um I liked working on the case together.
Our brains are so compatible, right? - Thought you hated me.
- I'm I don't think we should let the fact that we hate each other get in the way of doing what we really want.
I wasn't suggesting that we do anything.
Neither was I.
Because we shouldn't.
To be clear.
- Oh.
- You okay? What was that? I think it's leaving me.
So that's good.
Yeah, I got to say, I'm kinda disappointed in my ancestor, Temperance Hudson.
And then again, I'm kind of disappointed in women now-a-days in general.
Val Samuels really got in your head, huh? I don't know.
She thought she was complimenting me by being reserved online.
I guess I just don't really understand why somebody should be complimented for buttoning up their sexuality in the first place.
Okay, you really want to solve thousands of years of self-inflicted, self-sabotaging woman-on-woman repression tonight? - Probably not.
- Perhaps we should end the night by saying, Nancy, you are a brilliant detective, chaste or unchaste.
Thumbs-up emoji.
- What are you doing? - I don't know.
It's more than a thumbs-up.
Come here.
Hey, after everything that you have been through today, what the hell are a couple of bikini pics? Seriously.
She's right.
Can I tell you something? After I stopped fighting against the spell and analyzing it, it felt so liberating to just feel desire.
- Yeah, well, you are big on the thinking.
- Yeah.
You know, I never thought I'd see the day where Nancy Drew is chasing after every guy in her path.
Okay, that was the whammy working.
I do not want every guy.
I mean, it's okay if you want one or two.
My brother's in town.
He sent me a pin.
He wants me to meet him at the cannery.
Right, you want me to come with you and then ditch you when you really need me.
- Still juicing that lemon? - That was the last squeeze.
To what do I owe the Hi.
I wanted to clear the air.
Yeah, me, too.
You asked me a question that I didn't answer.
About why my engagement was broken off.
Passive voice.
Sounds like it was not not your decision? No.
She didn't like what I do.
She had no interest in the things that we that-that you and I, uh, share a passion for.
You're a great detective.
Well, I also respect your skills.
And the next case, I won't push back so hard - on your theories.
- Eh.
Your skepticism provides a balance.
It works.
You said "next case", so I'm gonna hold you to that.
It has been a crazy day.
Your profile in the Continental contained everything we wanted and nothing we didn't.
- Thank you.
- My pleasure.
It was refreshing getting back to my investigative roots.
You mentioned you wanted to discuss a follow-up to the article.
You'll have to forgive my bluntness, but it sounded like you were proposing a transaction.
Only if you want me to stay quiet, Mrs.
You were right Ryan is hiding something.
Nancy Drew is your granddaughter.

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