Nancy Drew (2019) s02e11 Episode Script

The Scourge of the Forgotten Rune

1 (INSECTS CHIRPING) (BIRD CALLS) (GRUNTS SOFTLY) (ENGINE SPUTTERS) Hello? Anyone? I need to get to 118 River Heights Drive.
(KNOCKING ON DOOR) Nick, what happened? Who are you? RYAN: I'm sorry, I'm gonna have to ask you to repeat that.
Nancy Drew is your daughter.
And why would you think that? Her DNA.
I can understand why she kept it a secret.
I mean, she's right to be afraid.
Can you predict your father's reaction when I tell him? Everett has always wanted you to have a child, an heir to the company.
But he did not imagine this: a teenaged girl, legally an adult, who can now destroy our family.
- And you haven't told him yet? - No.
I wanted to, uh, to talk to you first.
I wanted to be able to assure him that you didn't know anything until this very moment.
And I would very much like for that to be true.
Well, of course I didn't know, Mother.
I'll handle it.
Don't worry.
NANCY: His symptoms are consistent with a severe case of retrograde amnesia, meaning he's retained basic skills walking, talking, dressing however, he does not know who he is or who any of us are.
NICK: Hey.
Sorry about all this.
- I just want to understand who I am.
- (BESS CHUCKLES) Then we should probably get you changed out of that, - 'cause that's not you.
- Oh, really? But it-but it's so warm.
NANCY: You're from Florida.
Not a lot of need for fleece.
I'm from Florida? Then why am I here in Maine? It wasn't really your choice.
You got yourself into a little bit of trouble when you were 16.
You came for your friend Tiffany.
BESS: Yeah, who actually gave you several millions of dollars.
So, congratulations, you're a millionaire.
NANCY: Hey, Ace, any luck tracking down Nick's phone? Not yet.
Keep asking.
I'm working on it.
What's going on? Got a little mystery of my own.
Hey, isn't that the box your long-lost brother left you before he stood you up? Yep.
My parents have one just like it.
ACE: I don't know what it means or why he'd leave a photo of my dad in it.
And now he's not answering my texts, either.
I am confused.
GEORGE: Your name is Ned Nickerson.
NICK: You call me Nick? GEORGE: Your mom's name is Millie.
- Mm-hmm.
- I am your girlfriend.
That's-that's important.
- Okay.
- Hey.
Found these in your pocket.
These familiar to you at all? No.
No, n-never seen that before.
Then you must have gotten them before you lost your memory.
Hey, let's make a timeline.
Who saw Nick last night? Um, Nick called me around 9:00-ish to say that he was crashing with Ace again.
You stay on his couch sometimes.
You bounce around.
ACE: When we closed up at 10:00, Nick said that he was headed to George's.
So I lied? Do I do that a lot? Maybe I misheard you.
Uh You know what? I'll go ask my parents if they saw you last night and get you some of your own clothes.
So I'm a a lying millionaire who couch-hops and has no home.
(PHONE VIBRATES) No, that is not who you are, Nick.
I have to go.
I have a situation.
That, however, is exactly who she is.
(DOOR CLOSES) We have exactly four hours to save Nancy's life.
'Cause as soon as her Ladies Who Yacht luncheon docks, Celia has her weekly summit meeting with Everett.
- She's gonna tell him then.
- We cannot let that happen.
- No.
- Can we dial down the dramatics a little bit? People find out they're grandparents every day.
Not-not you.
I'm not Not you guys.
This isn't a joke, Nancy.
Everett's father made an immutable will.
As Ryan's only child, that means you'll inherit the company.
Everett won't let his legacy go to someone he knows wants to destroy it.
And there's only one way that he can stop this from happening.
You've both known about this? Well yeah.
And you're saying that he would try and kill me? If he finds out? Nancy, he's awaiting trial because you had him arrested on 12 counts of murder.
He came after Laura Tandy and Ace and me for a hell of a lot less than that, so And you wouldn't be the first wayward family member that he ran off of a ski slope.
Thank you for finally telling me that my life is in danger.
I need to go handle this.
Mom? Acey.
Can I get you a nosh? Fully noshed.
Thank you.
Is there any chance you saw Nick here last night? No, but I was asleep by 9:00.
It's important to get those REM cycles.
Hey, Mom, what is this box? I never told you? Dad made that.
He gave it to me the night he told me he loved me.
Oh, this is not food-free.
You're not food-free, Grant.
Didn't go well at home, then? We have this nice, happy life.
What if it's all built on a lie? What if my dad knows that he has a son, this kid who's been growing up in witness protection, and he's just been hiding him from us the whole time? Well, why don't you ask your dad about it? You know, Ace, nothing changes if nothing changes.
(ENTRY BELLS CHIME) Here's your chance.
You tell me first what's going on.
NANCY: Captain? Ace, is there a problem? ACE: There was a murder outside of the historical society last night.
Aristotle Fellowes.
He's an employee there? That's the tour guide.
They found Nick's phone at the scene.
There's also security footage of his truck leaving the driveway, just after the time of death.
Well, his estimated time of death.
ACE: Aristotle was wearing a step tracker, so they have an exact time.
Nick is not here.
I'm a murder suspect? I should - Shouldn't I go talk to them? - No.
You should absolutely not go talk to them.
Come here.
That's what the window's for.
ACE: I got photos from the crime scene.
As long as you didn't get them by hacking your dad's phone.
Okay, whatever.
Let's see.
Oh NICK: They think I did this? - NANCY: Those slash marks are huge.
- No.
What kind of blade does that? Uh, maybe it was an animal? I've never heard of an animal in Maine with claws that big.
NANCY: On the floor beside the body.
Zoom in.
Those look to be the same kind of carved bones that Nick had on him.
Well, why w-why would I have the dead guy's carved bones if-if I didn't - You didn't.
- Well, we honest.
Could I have killed him? I mean, h-have I ever done anything like-like this? Absolutely not.
Younger Futhark.
Okay, look.
I did an image search on the symbols on the bones.
Those are Younger Futhark runes.
The-the language of Vikings.
Vikings in Maine? That's random.
Yeah, according to this article, there was a super-old Norse penny excavated near Mount Desert Island.
Okay, Vikings, pennies.
None of this brings us any closer to solving Nick's memory loss.
NANCY: That might.
That security camera recorded Nick's truck pulling out of here.
And your truck left something behind.
There was oil on Nick's shirt.
The one he was wearing last night.
Nick, you left a trail for us.
(TRUCK DOOR OPENS) BESS: Okay, it says, "Only use fan in emergency".
What is it, like a heat emergency? It looks like something's hooked up to the engine.
I saw a description for this device in Hannah's ledger, it was in box 45.
It's hooked up to the vent system, so the substance from this globe gets pulled in and then released through the fan.
Yeah, did I mention you were a mechanic before you bought a restaurant? NANCY: I remember an alchemist built it to try and cure her husband's dementia.
Did you take this from the archive boxes? To do what? E-Erase my own memory? Bess, will you start it up? Yeah.
ACE: It's out of gas.
Good thing I always keep a backup nosh for Florence.
Check out these slash marks.
I think they're the same as the ones that were on Aristotle's body.
BESS: Well, whatever killed Aristotle maybe that's what came for Nick.
GEORGE: There's an easy way to find out.
ACE: I mean, is that a good idea? We still don't know why Nick erased his memory.
NICK: Yeah, well, I need to know.
(COUGHING) You okay? Nick? You shouldn't have let me get my memories back.
You need to leave.
- Now! - Wait, wha-what's going on? What do you remember? Why did you erase your memory in the first place? Because it was coming for me.
And now it's gonna come again.
You need to get in the car and go.
Now! Go! GEORGE: Wait, Nick Wait.
George, please.
You need to trust me, okay? What is going on? - Just go.
- Okay.
(ENGINE STARTS) (CRACKLING NEARBY) (SCREECHING) (LOW GROWLING) (SCREECHING, ROARING) (GRUNTING) (COUGHING) Hello? Anyone? Hello? - Nick, you're okay! - Uh, who are you? Wait You know me? Yeah, you erased your memory, again.
Here, read this.
Okay, so we can rule out an animal.
Or anything of this world, right? Yeah.
New slash marks.
So whatever came after Nick before came again.
- (PHONE VIBRATES, HONKS) - But why, because of something Nick knew? Either way, we're not restoring his memory until we can figure out what that is.
ACE: The cops think that Nick killed Aristotle.
Hiding from them is not helping.
You need a lawyer.
NICK: Whoa.
Yeah, this is a this is a cool space.
We should start the interview.
Thom? You ready? Your client lost his memory.
He can't answer any of my questions, yet he still knows ASL.
That's common with amnesia.
Do you remember learning ASL to communicate with your little cousin? Oh no.
You remember fixing all the wobbly chairs in my house? Uh (CHUCKLES) no, I don't, but you're welcome.
(LAUGHS) Did you kill Aristotle in self-defense? What? What? No, no.
I, um I don't know.
You know about my criminal history.
What-what history? Hey, what-what'd I do? - Hey, hey, Nick.
- What'd I do? Thom, can we just give him a minute? Nick? A few years ago you were attacked at a party, and while you were defending yourself you I I killed someone? In self-defense.
You served two years for manslaughter.
I killed someone? I That's not N-no.
No, I just I don't remember I don't Hmm, Aristotle had his share of nemeses.
- Here's two of them now.
- Oh, my gosh.
ARISTOTLE: History isn't feeling.
- This is at the chapel.
- It's fact.
- And how do you know that? - Ah! That's us! Did anyone comment on Nancy's awesome zinger? - (CLEARS THROAT) - Can someone sign my time card? W-Wait, hold on, there's, like, 300 mean comments about Aristotle.
Troll bots.
Most likely operated by one garbage human who's too lazy to spread their own hate.
Garbage enough to kill Aristotle? I'm running software to try and track down the troll master.
And I'm scrolling through Instagram while we wait.
Since we're all announcing what we're doing.
ACE: Found it.
Got an IP address.
Yada, yada.
Troll's name is Mark Matter.
(PHONE VIBRATES) Whoa, he was Aristotle's roommate.
(SIGHS) Sorry, can you guys talk to him? Um, I have to go do this family thing.
Yeah, okay.
Get in! Or I could keep honking.
It would be great for them to see your granddaughter making a scene, right? (HORN HONKS) Well, I see that Ryan told you, which is both disappointing - and predictable.
- Listen, I do not want Hudson Enterprises.
So I will sign whatever.
The company passes to you automatically.
And one could suspect that you're already trying to expedite the process by having Everett arrested.
I wanted justice for his victims.
I It was not a coup.
Look, I know that there's a way that we can work this out.
This is not a negotiation.
Kindly let go of me.
I am really sorry about this.
I trolled Aristotle so I wouldn't kill him.
The guy was the worst roommate.
Even with all this awesome Viking-centric decor? Well, Aristotle got all that from some fringe archaeologists.
He was doing a podcast on their Viking dig site.
Bunch of nerds.
Do you have any of the contact information - for the archaeologists? - No one's heard from them in a week.
Aristotle went to the dig site yesterday to look for them.
I killed someone.
I had to learn it from Ace's dad.
Not from my friends.
Not my girlfriend.
Is it is it because you're ashamed of me? No.
No, no.
Anything but that.
Look, I didn't know how to tell you about the worst trauma of your life.
I didn't want you to have to go through that again.
What a cute little restaurant.
- Isn't it? - (LAUGHS) Psst! Did you put her memories in the same bottle with Nick's? Is Nick gonna come back part-Celia? No.
No, no, no.
Uh, the ledger says that a person's memory is tied to them, so he'll get his memories back.
Listen, Bess and Ace found audio files from Aristotle's trip to a Viking dig site.
I'm gonna drop you a pin, okay? Ooh.
(CHUCKLES) - Nancy.
- Hmm? Hey, what's the emergency? Ryan okay.
I tried to reason with Celia, I really did, but, uh, it didn't work, and I panicked and I erased her memory.
- You - Just to buy us a little bit of time.
I'm gonna fix it.
Just keep an eye on her.
And, you know, she's kind of sweet now.
So Hi.
And you are? ARISTOTLE: This week on Aristotle.
A couple hundred Vikings settled in Maine long before Columbus pulled up.
All those settlers died suddenly, for reasons yet unknown.
This is a terrible podcast.
So why isn't Maine called some crazy Viking name? They left murals of a god they worshipped, but destroyed all evidence of its name.
Why? Did their god turn on them and kill them? Notes from the two archeologists who found the site indicate so.
But they've now disappeared, their research unfinished.
Where'd they go? These slash marks are the same ones we found on Nick's truck and Aristotle's body.
So this homicidal god got to the archaeologists first, then went after Aristotle? Found Aristotle's notebook.
NANCY: He tore that page out in a hurry.
I think it's the god's name.
Gr (GASPING BREATHS) Aah! Was that me? Is that me? Who are you? I have no idea.
BESS: It says, "Only use fan in emergency".
What, like a heat emergency? ACE: I guess we inhaled.
Ooh, is this place a restaurant? "Nick Nickerson.
Good at building stuff.
Suspect in a murder investigation, but don't worry, you are innocent".
Want to trade? I have a dead French lady inside me.
My name is George, and I am your - girlfriend.
- Hey Hi.
Basically, there were these Vikings.
They worshipped a god, the god killed them all, and now it murders anyone who knows its name.
So then, we figured that out, but survived by erasing our memory using the device in that truck.
Okay, why should we believe any of this? "When George asks why we should believe any of this" Oh.
"Because I said so".
Okay, well What to do.
"Document damage from previous attempt".
"Form new plan".
"Summon entity by flipping over card labeled 'flip for entity's name'" Thank you.
"If new plan fails, turn on fan in truck to erase memories.
Start over".
How many times have we done this? I'm Ace.
I'm not sure if that's a first name or a last name.
Okay, um, I'm Bess Marvin.
I'm a social media savant, a former klepto, and into girls.
"Watch the video on Nancy's phone".
Which one of you is Nancy? If you're watching this, attempt five water-gunning the entity with holy water did not work.
(NANCY PANTING) NANCY: How do I not remember any of this? Okay, well, hi, guys.
Sixth time's a charm, right? (WHOOPS) Go team.
(GIGGLES) (GASPING) Aah! What's happening? Is that me? (GASPS) Who are you? If you're watching this, attempt seven slingshotting the steak knives at the entity did not work.
How can I not remember any of this? How can I not remember any of this? How can I not remember any of this? (GASPING) Aah! Idea.
For attempt number 17, we'll shoot acid-filled balloons at it using a tennis ball machine.
Do you think this set of slash marks looks - bigger than the rest? - Yo, slash marks, we're headed to find a tennis ball machine.
(ENTRY BELLS JINGLE) - (DOOR OPENS) - CELIA: Nancy? I brought doughnuts to say thank you.
You know my name? We've met? I thought amnesia was my thing.
I only know that I really needed to see you, so I snuck out.
Is that one of those machines that plays music? (PRESSES BUTTON) - - Oh, I love this song.
Rain I don't know why - it haunts me.
- Mm.
I'd give anything to know who I am.
Me too.
If I learn anything about you, I can promise you that I'll tell you.
I like you.
I think I like you, too.
(CHUCKLES) Tearing Our world apart (GASPING) Aah! ACE: Guess we inhaled.
(SIGHS) NANCY: If you're watching this, it's because you failed to defeat an evil entity that kills anyone who learns its name.
Many many times.
You only survived by erasing your memory using a special substance in this device.
You just took the very last dose of the amnesia substance.
So this time if you learn the entity's name, it will kill you.
The only way to survive is to give up.
You can never restore your memories.
This is your life now.
So I guess this is the first day of the rest of our lives.
You're giving up? It does sound like we get killed if we don't.
If we do give up, the people we were before are already dead.
(FRENCH ACCENT): Move on, you stubborn fools.
Oh, salut.
I'm Odette, the ghost trapped in George's body.
You wrote about me.
But do ignore the last part.
I should just let you end things, but alas, I am a gentlewoman, and I have made a vow to keep George alive.
And one of you I actually like.
So I must stop you from fighting a battle you will not win.
Your memories are not worth dying for.
No, our memories are what make us who we are, and that is worth fighting for.
I would risk everything to know who I am.
ACE: We still don't know why the god turned on the Vikings, but it killed them.
It kills anyone who learns its name.
The slash marks they almost always span the same width, except for in two instances, where they're wider and they did more damage.
Like the entity was more powerful those times.
Well, those two attempts aren't labeled, so maybe that was before we started trying to kill it.
I was the only one who knew about the entity at that point.
So the marks it left were smaller when all five of us knew its name, versus when only Nick knew its name.
What if this thing gets less powerful when more people know its name? But tons of Vikings knew its name, so how did it kill all of them? I don't think it did.
So, fun fact: I must have been teaching myself to translate the Vikings' language.
It says "Soon the disease will kill us all".
What, the Vikings died from the disease, not the entity? What if these hundreds of Vikings knowing its name, I mean, uh, what if their, uh, their group knowledge is what kept this entity in a in a weak or inactive state? NANCY: Yes.
That's why they tried to erase its name before they all died from the disease.
ACE: And people who have learned the name since the two archaeologists, dead, Aristotle, dead, and us.
Not dead yet.
If we're gonna conquer this thing, then we need a lot of people to know its name.
"Bess Marvin.
Social media savant".
Go forth and gather thy devices.
Come on.
NICK: Okay this thing is holding our memories, and I want my past back no matter what.
- I'm in.
- NANCY AND BESS: Me, too.
You all risked everything to help me.
Okay, I'm going first.
I'll lure it away and buy you some time.
(INHALING) - ANNOUNCER: Looking to pass.
Harris looking deep, - (DOOR OPENS) but has to get rid of it, a shovel pass.
- Cortez was almost immediately - (DOOR CLOSES) taken down by the defense.
- Uh - Aristotle? - Huh? - Can I help you? I need to get into box 45.
There's a memory-erasing device inside.
I read about it in Hannah's ledger.
I need it (GRUNTS) so I can forget its name.
- It's coming.
- Okay.
Uh, I'll-I'll have to open the box - through the security system.
It'll take a sec.
- Okay.
It's here, the Grimathorn, outside.
- The Grima-what? - Oh! I'm sorry.
Now you're next.
Get the device.
It's the only way we survive.
I-I'll lock the windows.
Hey, hey.
Uh, Aristotle, you dropped something.
Hey, hey! (GASPING, SCREAMING) Oh, my God.
Memories restored.
Some better than others.
Good luck, Nick.
I'm not the girl you kiss goodbye.
I'm the girl who goes with you into the fight.
Write that on your hand.
(ENTRY BELLS JINGLE) (GASPS) (ROARS) BESS: Hey, send me that video.
We need visuals.
"The more people who know about it, the weaker it gets.
Got it, resharing it.
Tagging everyone I can think of.
Hey, what's going on over there? The retweets are rolling in, but we're still pre-viral.
Yeah, we need a-a dozen influencers, uh, two scandal-ridden pop stars, or Mark's trollbot network.
Hacking now.
It's not working yet.
(GROWLING) Please hurry! - (GRIMATHORN GROWLING) - (GRUNTING) Whoa NANCY: Nick? George? (PHONES DINGING) NANCY: It's working.
(ROARING CONTINUING) Hey, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.
What? Listen.
(SHOUTS) (GASPS) It's just an idol now.
(SIGHS) Think it'll stay this way? If enough people know about it.
This idol form must have been what the Vikings worshipped.
Now we're worshipping it, too.
Okay, we're locking this thing in an archive box.
I'm ready to never see it again.
CARSON: You used a supernatural device to erase all of Celia's memories.
(SIGHS) Maybe I am more Hudson than Drew.
You're my daughter.
And you can still do the right thing.
You may have their blood but you're a Drew at heart.
Thanks, Dad.
I really needed to hear that from you.
(SIGHS) And if I fix this when I fix this I'm gonna need you close.
So Will you come home? - Of course.
- (CHUCKLES) RYAN: I just have to ask this.
A-Are you sure about this? Because this is your life.
I know.
But I made a promise to her when we didn't know who we were.
As soon as you do this, she gonna put - a target on your back.
- She might.
But she's also gonna remember everything that happened the past few days.
And if there is any of this Celia left there's a chance my plan could work.
Good luck.
- Hey, Ma? - Yeah? I'll see you soon.
Aw Bye, sweetie.
Bye, Ryan.
Come here.
Look how tiny you were.
- Aw.
- (CHUCKLES) Wouldn't it be nice if I was your granddaughter? Oh wouldn't that be wonderful.
- Uh, you hold that thought.
- Oh.
(CHUCKLES) Look, I know we have our differences, and there's no hard evidence to back this, but you got to believe me.
Nick is innocent.
You know his heart.
I mean, you just got to trust your instincts.
Will liars and thieves Ever pay for their misdeeds? Will they go on free - The what? - Forever? Will the fire and the flood Ever come to judge? How long Will the strong men wonder So, then Nick's fine? You could've told me that before I went on and on.
Will liars and thieves Ever pay for their misdeeds? Will they go on REBECCA: Ace.
Tell your dad not to make me eat this chicken by myself, because I won't.
I will sit here and starve.
Will the fire and the flood Mom says dinner's ready.
To judge How long will strong men wonder? Please don't tell Everett about me.
I have to.
If he finds out that I knew and I kept it a secret from him that would be very bad.
I saw a different side to you today.
The kind of person that you would be if you did not have the memories that made you who you are.
Being sweet and believing that people were good - that was never gonna protect me in life.
- I know.
And I know that you gave up a lot to become a Hudson.
But if you can do it, so can I.
I made you a promise, and I kept it.
You can trust me.
I can be an asset to this family.
But I need your help getting Everett to trust me.
We'll see how that goes.
Hey, um (CLEARS THROAT) I'm sorry I lied to you the other night about going to eat ice cream alone at the historical society.
Sometimes you need space.
It's okay.
I get it.
Well, maybe it's a survival mechanism.
(CLEARS THROAT) In juvie, it was easier to survive if I took up less space.
And so I taught myself to to need less.
It felt like what I deserved.
Well how can I help you man-spread? - Oh, I'm ready.
- Mm.
I'm ready to-to get a space of my own, with enou-enough room to build stuff, and-and I want you Odette and all to crowd it.
All right.
Where can we start looking? Let your anger Well (CLEARS THROAT) Carson's moving back in with Nancy.
And I have always liked that loft.
Oh, Lord - Love help me.
- (KNOCKING) NICK: Cola or cola? - Hey, you.
- GEORGE: Hello.
- Hey! - Hi.
You're buying the whole building? It's a good investment, right? - Congrats.
- Nice.
- Thank you.
- (KNOCKING) NANCY: What are you gonna do with all the space? Grant, if this is about your timecard I need to talk to you.
(CONVERSATION CONTINUES INDISTINCTLY) You're my brother? I'm your brother, Ace.
And I need your help.
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