Nancy Drew (2019) s02e12 Episode Script

The Trail of the Missing Witness

1 - We are brothers? - Half-brothers.
Why didn't you say something the first day? I tried.
Every day.
My plan was to get a job at the restaurant, make sure you weren't a psycho, then become great friends.
So, what brings you to town? Oh, you know, looking for a change of scenery, and a job.
And since you look like you might be a body short in the kitchen My bad.
Hey, you know what? Congratulations.
Let's get you started.
And you don't have to lie to survive.
You can trust the people that are around y.
Oh, uh, Bess, Ace, this is our new line cook, Grant.
He's gonna cover us tonight while we're at Bess' party.
You okay to show him the ropes? - Yeah.
- Okay.
Oh, uh, uh, Bess, you got a visitor out back.
See ya.
Kitchen? - Yeah.
- Come on.
I'll introduce you to Ruth, our deep fryer.
You two are gonna be close.
Hey, Ace, I was wondering - if we could talk over lunch? - You know, I wish I could.
Maine law demands that I take a 30-minute break.
Salad's a misstep it won't power you through the afternoon shift.
You're removing the flavor layer.
The flavor layer? I get it now.
Your last restaurant closed due to lack of flavor.
This is never gonna work.
Hello? Who is this? Wait.
Let me talk to her.
I'm your brother, Ace.
I tried to tell you, but it never felt right, because, aside from DNA, we don't have much in common.
That can't be true.
Come on, litmus test.
Aerosmith or AC/DC? One, two, three.
- Aerosmith.
- AC/DC.
And we each have one of these.
Guess it was our dad's move.
He must have made one for your mom while he was protecting her in WITSEC.
You know about that, right? All I knew until you contacted me was we moved around a lot.
Does our dad know about me? I I haven't told him anything.
Do you want him to know? I'm not sure.
Honestly, I've got bigger problems.
My mom is in trouble.
I got a call.
I was able to find you and your mom because you left protective custody.
You're gonna get me what I want, or you'll never see her again.
He said his name is Daniel West and that he and my mom used to work together back in her previous life.
He knew my address.
He knew I go by my middle name.
He knew my mom's license plate number.
- Can't the marshals protect her? - No.
He sent me this.
Daniel has someone working for him in my mom's detail if I call for help from law enforcement, she's dead.
So what does he want? He said she stole something very valuable from the company they used to work for right before she entered WITSEC.
And now he wants it.
Back then, she said she'd buried it underground somewhere in her hometown in a place called Red Gate.
I've looked everywhere, and I can't find the hiding spot.
Daniel will be here in 24 hours, which is why I decided to confide in you.
Because you heard that I've been called the hero of Horseshoe Bay? Because I knew you could talk Nancy Drew into helping me.
That was my second guess.
Look at that.
- Mystery face in the window? - Uh-huh.
On it.
You okay, Grant? I just can't believe I've been lied to my whole life.
You're gonna get through it, even though I'm sure it feels like you don't know who or what to believe anymore.
That's got to be Daniel West.
Do you recognize him? No.
But if I could redirect us back in figuring out - what Red Gate means.
- Oh, it's a farm.
It shut down after I uncovered this nature cult when I was in the tenth grade.
It was renamed, so that's why you couldn't find it.
I know where it is, though.
It had a fallout shelter there.
That could be where your mom buried that valuable thing.
Uh, the tunnels were unstable even back then.
So we're gonna need some some pretty serious equipment.
- I got equipment.
- Okay.
Um, I'll send you a PIN.
- Meet me there in an hour? - Cool.
Morning, Ace.
- And - Grant.
He, uh, works at The Claw.
- We're going hiking.
- Great.
Hey, so, in the stone age of the '90s, there was a local woman who went into witness protection after testifying against her employer.
Does that ring any bells? Uh, some very small ones, yes.
So, you know how you said that you wanted to do some more networking? - Mm-hmm.
- I thought that this would be a pretty good icebreaker you could bring up when your chatting up - your other - Prehistoric attorneys? - Yeah.
- I'll see what I can do.
Thank you.
Well, hello.
Thank you for helping me christen the place.
I already feel the good juju.
- Mm, do you? - Mm-hmm.
Okay, hold up.
This bad juju.
- Is this from - Tiffany's drive.
In her notes, she said someone in the Hudson inner circle offered physical proof that links Everett to murders for hire.
She called this person the Saint.
They made contact through an old mailbox on Carriage Road, and contact has been reestablished.
007, yeah? Mm-hmm.
Yeah, I'm meeting the Saint at the food festival today.
Hey, the best part? They want me to wear a a red flower on my lapel so they know it's me.
Yeah, but if they do have proof, then I can bring it to the D.
to use in Everett's trial.
A mole? I love a mole.
Hold on.
The clams just got delivered.
We are gonna win the Chowder Bowl.
Oh "My darling Bess, I wake up from the deep darkness filled with thoughts of you".
"Your eyes, your lips, your voice echoes in my mind as I long to be near you.
Do write back.
Leave it where you know I'll find it.
Je t'embrasse.
It's cool you keep all this stuff.
Mom and I never really had anyone to do holidays with.
She gets rid of as much as she can every time we move.
That must have been hard.
I believe we were looking for spelunking items.
Um I think we're gonna have to improvise.
Spelunking Wiffle ball bat.
Spelunker's lucky lifeguard whistle.
And a couple pairs of - Tunnel cleats? - Tunnel cleats.
I bet you never tunnel without 'em.
Hey! I didn't know you had a friend over.
Are you coming to the food festival? Yeah, we actually have other plans.
Well, want a cookie? Just brushed my teeth.
- Thanks.
- Yeah.
I'm Grant.
The Claw's new line cook.
Um He's the new cook.
He's a friend from the restaurant.
Nice to meet you.
Let's go.
I guess the yacht club was all booked, huh? Your grandfather has ears everywhere.
That is, except here.
I imagined you're aware, - since you're the reason he's on trial.
- I understand the D.
has a solid case.
Actually, they just lost one of their key witnesses.
Your friend Bashiir moved to the Caribbean because of some unforeseen visa issues that popped up.
Unforeseen visa issues.
Typical Hudson move.
You're a Hudson.
Which makes it sticky, considering the D.
's case rests upon a statement that you gave to her.
Oh, the statement where I said Everett ordered the deaths of 12 men on the Bonny Scot? The statement that you made during an emotional time.
Now, I am sure the D.
would understand if now, with a clear head, you told her that you embellished with regards to Everett and that your testimony was incorrect.
That would be a lie.
And it would destroy my credibility while helping a guilty man get away with murder.
If you want to be the grandchild that Everett has always wanted, one that he will certainly want to keep alive, this is the way.
Enough of these moves, and the loyalty will be proven.
And when the inevitable time comes that Everett finds out the truth you'll be safe.
It really is wonderful seeing you.
We need to make this a regular thing.
Has he always been deaf? No.
Happened when I was a kid.
It was a car accident in the line of duty.
Should I have told him who I am? I guess I just panicked.
Nancy's here.
Look, they're moving.
We have to cook them alive or the taste is all wrong.
That's something a barbarian says.
Okay, sis.
Want to chop these potatoes? They don't have mothers.
It's time for the Fan family to win the Chowder Bowl again, reclaim the glory of Grandma's New England clam chowder.
You said Mom lost that recipe back when she was working here.
Okay, well, it doesn't mean we have to give up.
I am so tired of losing the Chowder Bowl to those granola crunchers at The Beak.
It's bath time, boys.
I won't be a party to murder.
It's the cycle of life, Jesse.
- No.
- Yes.
I'm not helping you.
Hey, I got your letter.
Did you - Whoa! - Hi.
- Hi.
What are you doing, Bess? - George Uh Nothing.
Just What letter? Uh There's a customer calling, so I'm gonna gonna go.
All right.
Hey, you.
How's the award-winning chowder going? Eh, we're working on it.
How's Operation - Red Boutonniere coming? - It's on.
Ryan just came in with a couple of prospects that might be the Saint.
- I got to go find a mole.
- Hey.
- Hey.
- Howard, Sid, I want you to meet a good friend of mine, Ned Nickerson.
He's a promising young business owner.
- Pleasure meeting you.
- Pleasure.
- Let's get a photo.
- Yeah.
Let's do it.
There's something you should know.
I need to be on the left.
- It's my good side.
- Okay.
Say "chowder".
District Attorney Rosario.
Can I help you out with those? Only opposing counsel calls me District Attorney Rosario.
Are you appearing against me, Carson? I wouldn't dare Jean.
Got the whole Drew family on my side this week.
You know, your daughter is my star witness.
She's the linchpin in my case.
Been trying to get Everett Hudson for years.
You know, I can still get a handcart.
No, no, I've got it.
- Okay.
- But But you have a request.
Manual labor comes at a price.
A small request.
Info about a case from the late '90s.
State of Maine v.
the Holt Group.
Insurance firm.
You're familiar with it? Well, yeah, it was a five-alarm fire.
It was criminal conspiracy, RICO.
A whistleblower brought down the whole firm.
What interest do you have in it? Which answer will get me a look at the case files? I'll see what I can find.
I mean, I do owe the Drew family this week.
- I didn't want to play that card.
- Oh.
Sure, you did.
After you.
Watch your step.
I got one.
Star Wars or Star Trek? Is this a thing with you guys? In what possible scenario would you ever have to choose? I think you're missing the point of the exercise.
I'm just trying to see what your favorite color is.
You know what I mean? It should be in this section of the tunnel, if I remember correctly.
I got something.
You all right? Looks like an old gaming device.
Why would my mom hide a toy? Ace, run! Hey.
You guys okay? - We're trapped! - Um - Is trapped okay?! - Define "okay".
- Go get help! - I'm not leaving without you guys! Ace! Okay, we need to secure the other beams so that they don't fall.
What do you have in your backpack? Four rock climbing cams, a baseball net, - a whistle - Push the baseball net and, uh, two of the climbing cams through.
We can use this tire jack I brought to help secure the beams.
Grant, here.
Take this one up there.
Okay, attach the cams to the rocks above your head about shoulder-width apart, and then hook the net onto the cam.
Here's the jack.
You should go first.
Take my mom's device.
All righty.
Coming through.
Those beams are gonna break.
Grant, listen to me.
You had the guts to leave home, leave witness protection, to come find me.
You can do this.
Okay? Just trust me.
I'm your brother.
Which Ninja Turtle were you? You bring me to my knees And I come crawling back Tied up with treachery How can I Oh, you got to be kidding me.
- Hey.
- Keenan.
Hey, wait, wait.
I-I didn't miss a meeting, did I? No.
No, don't panic.
All your counseling sessions are complete.
I'm just here for my daughter.
Hey, you know, there are a lot of kids who ought to hear your story.
No, I'm still trying to forget my story.
Why? Why? You're more than the troubles in your past, Nick.
I mean, come on, you're an honor student.
You're captain of the football team.
Now you're a business owner, therefore, a community leader.
- It's a damn good story.
- Hm.
Well, anyway, when you are ready to tell it, I just happen to be very well-connected - at the Old Navy job mentorship program.
- Under attack Hey.
Good hike? Sweet VCR.
I had to pull all this in from the garage because I was loaned some materials for a case that Nancy wanted me to look into.
Still works.
All right, I've got to go meet a client.
Hey, by the way, D.
Rosario had some really nice things to say about you.
About how you're the star witness in Everett's trial.
I'm really proud of you.
Ace, don't break my TV.
- My name is Helen Davis.
- That's my mom.
With her real name, before WITSEC changed it to Suzie.
During my time with the Holt Group, I facilitated payments that connected them to the disappearances of at least a dozen former associates.
Daniel West.
Can you describe your working relationship with Ms.
Davis? After I finished a job, she sent me my money from the Holt Group.
Please specify what these jobs were.
Anything they wanted.
If someone needed to be handled I did it.
Davis, you've indicated that you're prepared to provide a list of other corroborating witnesses.
I have one name: Luther Matthews.
Why only one? What changed? Luther Matthews was killed, and I don't want that to happen to anyone else, including myself.
Hey, uh, we're looking for a one-eighth-inch barrel connector.
I don't get it.
If Daniel West was a cooperating witness, why is he coming after my mom now? And why does he want this toy? The Theseus80 is not just a toy.
It was sold in toy stores.
It was created for hackers to open-source ideas and create programs and encryptions.
Maybe your mom thought that it was a good place to hide something that needed protecting.
Something still valuable to Daniel West after all these years.
What if this is the list of witnesses? Maybe that's what's on the device.
Got it.
Light it up.
"It's what gives us faith to make mountains fall.
" Is that a riddle? Just try zero, zero, zero, zero, zero.
No, wait, wait, wait.
Don't touch it.
That icon button means it's a wheel cipher.
If we put in the wrong code, it erases whatever's on it.
Grant, your mom made up this prompt.
I would think we should talk to the person who knew her 22 years ago.
Our dad.
He's at the Taste of Horseshoe Bay Festival with my mom.
- Daniel West is on his way here.
- We got to go now.
Power, power, power I'll go find our dad.
- No, Celia, I won't do it.
- I want you now I want you now Don't you want to go with him? The thing is, my whole life, I thought my father must have been no good, that he left my mom.
But now I've realized they had to leave each other.
A relationship between a marshal and the witness they're protecting is forbidden.
It seems like Thom never knew about your mom's pregnancy.
She may not have known until she got assigned to her next location.
My dad should know he has another son, right? But what does that do to his family? What's it do to Ace? Mm.
It's not just about them.
What about you? What do you want? I want to save my mom from Daniel West.
Everything else can wait.
A hundred little dead bodies bobbing in a cream-based funeral.
Okay, you are so not in charge of writing our menu description.
But I'm really glad you're here.
We haven't had sister time in a while.
It's okay.
We all get it.
You're practically a working mom.
And besides, after you fall asleep after a long day, Odette comes out.
What? You've met Odette? Yeah.
She helps me with my French homework.
Ted really likes her, too.
They've been using Ted's telescope to track some comet flyby that's happening next week.
What about Charlie? Has she met her, too? Yeah, a bunch of times, but Charlie thinks you're just messing with us and actually being fun.
Uh Guys, get some chowder.
- People are eating it up like mad.
- Oh, great.
- I'll try one of those.
- Hi.
How are you? Hey, any luck finding the Saint? No, and I don't get it.
This Saint is supposed to have actual proof for me.
What are they waiting for? I need to ask you about her.
Come here.
You knew her before Mom.
A long story, and Mom's headed this way, okay? Suzie wrote that down.
"It's what gives us faith to make mountains fall".
Do you understand what this is? Oh.
Bye, honey.
Read it back to me.
Eight, 31, It was the last night Suzie and our dad were together.
That's why Suzie held on to this picture.
It's the list of names.
My mom's name is on there.
So is Luther Matthews.
He got killed by the car bomb.
These are all the other witnesses.
We were right.
If we hand that list over to Daniel, all those witnesses end up dead.
Ace, if we don't give him the list, my mom ends up dead.
Stay put.
I'm gonna be right there, okay? Ace, right? Daniel West.
Oh, my God, Ace, what happened? Did you get waylaid by funnel cakes or something? Ace is busy.
Let me guess.
Daniel West.
He doesn't have what you want.
But you do.
And Ace is my guarantee that you're gonna hand it over without involving the police, marshals or anyone else.
There's an abandoned paper mill outside town.
Meet me there in 30 minutes.
Bring the list.
We need help.
I have to get my father.
No, Thom is a cop and a former U.
Daniel West is a professional killer.
We are not risking Ace's life.
We have to do something.
I can't lose my mom and my brother.
We're not losing anyone.
We just need to get somebody that doesn't play by the rules.
It's me.
I need a favor.
Have you reconsidered my request? Hi.
We're from Bayside Claw.
- Where's the garlic salt? - Hi.
Delicious chowder.
We're better than the ones over there.
Yeah, go ahead, take one.
"Dearest Odette, I was so moved by the depth of the pass" Oh, the depth of passion, huh? " for me conveyed in your beautiful letter".
Are you What the hell is this? What is that? Oh, you got a letter? - Who sends letters anymore? Am I right? - Gee.
I don't know.
Who dots their I's with hearts and signs "Kisses, Bess"? You're writing love letters to a ghost? And you're falling for someone who is totally unavailable - and in my body.
- I I know.
I'm sorry.
But I would I would never let my feelings for her cross that line, okay, ever.
I just think there's a hole in my life, you know, where Elisabeth used to be and the Marvins used to be, okay? I'm sorry.
We're all out.
Thank you.
And maybe I'm just trying to fill a void.
Okay, look, I say this with love and a little weirdness.
Whatever emptiness you're trying to fill with Odette it needs to end now.
The festival judges are pleased to announce this year's Chowder Bowl champion The Bayside Claw! Oh, did we do it? - Yeah.
- They're giving us the trophy.
We won? Oh.
Salut, ma chérie.
No, no, no, no, no.
No, no, no.
No hugging.
- Okay, okay.
- Oh.
- You can't be here.
- Bess, we won.
And here representing The Bayside Claw, Jesse Fan.
Oh, my God.
It's here! We brought it! Let him go! Not until I get that list of names.
More people are gonna die.
I can give you this, but first I think you should consider if it's gonna get you what you really want.
- No! No! - Oh! I've considered.
Now hand it over.
I'm sure life in WITSEC was no picnic, right? You went from being a highly-paid hit man to, what working a minimum-wage job at the graveyard shift wherever they assigned you? Why are you still talking to him? I'm giving him the list.
That's close enough.
I'm not leaving here without those names.
That's my way to The Road Back.
The road back to what? That's a funny question.
All along, I thought you knew.
What's The Road Back? Does it have something to do with the Holt Group? You really have no idea who you're up against.
The Holt Group is just a front, a part of something much larger.
Your mother she knew that.
That's why she turned state's evidence and went into WITSEC.
She might have ended Holt, but no one person ever ends The Road Back.
They want the list of people who secretly fed her information.
When I give it to them, The Road Back will owe me.
And then I'll have so much more than just my life back.
Now do you want your friend to die or not? Nancy, don't do it.
I don't want to be responsible for the murder of all those people on the list.
You even cracked your mom's code.
She's a very smart woman.
The only dumb thing she ever did was trust me.
Are you okay? You gave him the list.
He won't have them for long.
I asked Celia for help.
She sent somebody to-to follow him and get the list back.
And she promised me she wouldn't spill any blood or anything.
You believed her? I couldn't lose you.
I promise our next bro-hang will be less dangerous.
We can do a deep dive into why Back in Black is the best album ever made.
Actually, I just got a text from the Marshals Service.
The guy Daniel West had working for him has been arrested.
My mom's safe, but we're being relocated.
Of course, that's the right decision.
So you'll miss me? No.
Don't be ridiculous.
At least I have a little brother now.
Even if he thinks fryer grease is a food group.
Fryer grease powers cars.
What does salad power? Nothing.
You got it back from Celia? As promised.
Now I owe her a favor.
What's the dark web have to say about The Road Back? Uh it's like a real-life Illuminati.
Totally under the radar, but they got people everywhere, including multiple governments.
- What do they want? - Not sure.
But you're in it for life.
People on that list get killed for betraying them.
Which is why no one's ever gonna find this.
Grant, how would you like a tour of the newly-impenetrable Horseshoe Bay archive boxes? Lead the way.
Let's win again next year.
Grandma's recipe? Where did you find this? Remember Big Tony? He worked at The Claw a few years ago.
Yeah, he got fired for stealing oyster crackers in bulk.
He took the recipe with him.
I saw him working at The Beak booth.
Those hipster sons of bitches.
They've been winning with our stolen recipe? They have.
But guess what.
You never needed the recipe.
You figured it out all on your own.
No recipe, no help from a French ghost.
It was all you.
You're right.
Also, in marine life rescue news, I heard someone liberated a gross of live clams from The Beak this morning and released them into the wild.
Mm? - They had to use canned clams.
- Yeah, they did.
Hey, shouldn't you be more victorious? Shouldn't you? Oh, you never found the Saint.
Well, hey at least we got this cool new trophy.
Yeah, it is pretty cool, huh? I haven't won a trophy like this since high school football.
Hey, I'll be I'll be right back.
Uh, Mr.
Driscoll? Can we talk? Sorry, now's not a good time.
But I noticed your college ring earlier.
Shay Valley College.
They recruited me for a football scholarship, which is something Tiffany Hudson knew.
The Shay Valley Saints, right? You're the one who's trying to finish what Tiffany Hudson started.
She was my friend.
She trusted me.
I promise you can, too.
The reason I didn't approach you earlier was because Ryan said you were his friend.
And is that a problem? I found the Saint.
He sent me proof that ties a Hudson to murder for hire.
Bank statements, wire transfers, contract agreements.
All in your name.
I've I've never even heard of these accounts.
I've never seen any of this money.
Yeah, but that is your signature, right? Yeah, it is, but look, it's from a long time ago.
I mean, my parents used to put stuff in front of me all the time and tell me to sign it when I was a teenager.
They told me I didn't have to read it, so I didn't.
Okay, Ryan, this proves your father set up a slush fund for his wet work.
Hit men, car accidents, bombs.
You put your name on all of it.
Everett Hudson set you up.
Oh, my God.
My brother wants to meet you.
Suzie had a son.
He's your son.
You didn't know she was pregnant when she left, and he he's here now.
He wants to meet you before he has to go back to his mom.
He says you look just like your mom.
I imagined this so many times, but I never thought it would happen.
He never thought this would happen.
He's glad it's happening now.
He's sorry that he didn't know you before.
I appreciate that.
Star Trek.
Better science.
That's my brother.
Come in.
Thanks for meeting me on such short notice.
All good.
I was gonna reach out tomorrow for our pre-trial prep.
Yeah, about that.
I, um I would like to amend my statement.
Uh, amend how? I was confused.
It was an emotional time for me.
I was wrong.
I no longer believe that Everett Hudson was involved in the Bonny Scot accident.
I call them the Fire Souls.
They're my friends.
They wouldn't hurt me.
Would they hurt others? I don't know how to fix this.
- I promise I'm gonna do better.
- Is that blood? Ghosts don't bleed.

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