Nancy Drew (2019) s02e13 Episode Script

The Beacon of Moonstone Island

1 All the pieces shouldn't fall in line GIL: Morning, sunshine.
(CHUCKLES SOFTLY) And if the world comes down I wanna hold your hand That's a decidedly unbalanced take.
Oh, it's just a dumb headline.
"If Carson Drew's in-house investigator lied about this, what other cases has Nancy lied about?" He's getting dragged because of me.
- (PHONE VIBRATING) - Oh, speaking of Hi, Dad.
I'm fine.
No, I do not Nope.
Okay, I'm hanging up now.
(SIGHS) He thinks I need a day off.
Great idea.
Hey, come on, let's take a road trip.
- Hmm? - Mmm.
Ooh, or a boat trip.
My dad has a client, a captain who crashed his ship and is getting sued for lost merch.
500 gallons of pickles lost at sea.
Tragedy for the ages.
The captain claims that he crashed because he was blinded by a light on Moonstone Island.
I kind of want to check it out.
You know, the waters around Moonstone Island are dangerous.
Ships have been crashing there for years.
Sounds fun.
And if I get this win, then I can, you know, restore my reputation and my name.
(CLEARS THROAT) But I am coming with you.
Our first official date.
Thought I could find you In dreams I've had.
(PANTING) - Can I untie you now? - (CHUCKLES) Yes.
- Coffee? - I'm good.
Really? 'Cause you were tossing and turning all night.
Found out I have a half brother named Grant.
- (TOILET FLUSHES) - He had to leave, and I'll probably never get to know him.
And I think my dad's mad at me - for bringing him into his life.
- (FAUCET RUNNING) But he would rather bury his feelings - than talk about them.
- (FAUCET TURNS OFF) My kind of guy.
I'm not sure I've fully processed the whole thing yet.
Better to avoid.
Let it blow over.
Oh! Uh, before you go, do you think you could take a passport photo of me? Now? Yeah.
I mean, my hair looks amazing, and I will never be able to recreate this on my own.
You traveling somewhere fun? Yeah.
I'm thinking of doing a solo hike.
Gil doesn't know, so don't say anything.
He'll freak out and try to talk me out of it.
Why? Probably his deep-seated abandonment issues from our unmoored childhood.
I'll miss you if you leave.
It won't be forever.
And besides, I am still in the process of saving.
Gil! Where's my money? Uh, okay.
You're at an 11, and, uh, I haven't even had your coffee yet.
- What are you doing here? - Oh, seriously? - Gil! - (CLATTERING) (AMANDA GROANING) You and Amanda.
You and Gil.
Where is it? About yesterday when I asked the Hudsons for help.
Let's not talk about that right now.
- Hey, we should get going.
- The money where is it? We have a date on Moonstone Island.
You have a date - on an uninhabitable island? - AMANDA: Gil! How are you getting there? - Seriously, Gil? - I figured I'd take my dad's boat.
Uh, no, you're not.
Water's out on the east side of the lot, and it's your turn to play landlord.
I'm sorry.
She's right.
But I can take you.
I mean, it is my boat.
Dad gave it to me when he went away.
- You sure? - Yeah.
- I-I've got nothing else to do.
I just got to I got to run by The Claw really quick, but I'll meet you in the, the harbor in an hour.
All right.
Well, don't have too much fun without me.
(CHUCKLES) Jesse, get over here! Charlie, breakfast is getting cold! Ted, get up! The bus is coming in 20.
- Yeah? - Hey, what happened to your essay on The Great Gatsby for Mrs.
Upton? I didn't finish it.
No, I got that from her email.
Why didn't you finish it? Poor time management? That's not an answer! Where are my hoodies? JESSE: Oh, Odette took them.
- And she got Charlie a parakeet.
- It needs to be fed.
- Excuse you.
- Bye.
(SIGHS) NICK: She came by earlier, looking for you.
I hope whatever that is was worth recanting your testimony.
I did one morally compromised thing, and lives were at stake, including Ace's.
(SIGHS) Yeah, I know.
But my whole case against Everett is blown.
Everything I was working on.
Justice for Bashiir and the men who died on the Bonny Scot, following through for Tiffany, and I don't know how to fix this.
I know.
But I am ingratiating myself in the family.
Celia is starting to trust me.
I will find another way for us to undermine the Hudsons, I promise you.
- Us? - Yes.
I-I'm I'm still on your side.
I-I just just need a second to clear my head and figure out what-what our next move is.
Is that what your reputation's worth to them? A beanie? The Nancy I know would throw that in the trash.
It's just, it's nice cashmere, so I'll just probably donate it to Goodwill.
Is it not enough for you to screw up my home life? You have to rearrange my office, too? Come on! (EXHALES) I was unable to sleep.
And you should have a mind to thank me.
You are a business owner.
You cannot be clothed in children's outerwear.
You can't just leave my house at night, okay? My sisters might need me.
They can fend for themselves.
And why did you buy Charlie a bird? I enjoy its song.
Look, this business provides for my family, and I need it to run smoothly.
It won't run smoothly if you change everything around! (GROANS) George, I Too late, Bess.
Your lover just left.
Um, actually, I wanted to talk to you.
Um I'm really sorry.
Okay? I-I meant nothing by it, and I promise I'm gonna do better.
- Okay, and I'm gonna tell Nick - Wait, no.
Don't tell Nick.
He'll just be mad about the letters.
Wait, are you are you still mad at me? Oh, my God.
The letter! (LAUGHING) Where are you going? To go hide Odette's love letter from the Englishwoman.
Maybe that'll teach her not to mess with my stuff.
She seems really into you.
Yeah, I'm into her, too.
Didn't realize you two were moving so fast.
We're both capable of surprising each other.
AMANDA: Okay, where do we start? Carson's client said he saw a beacon coming from the lighthouse, but, according to the Coast Guard, the lighthouse has been inoperable for 50 years.
It is a pile of rubble.
A pile of rubble with fresh embers.
Did someone have a bonfire here or something? Is that blood? (TWIG SNAPS) ACE: Hey, look at this.
It's a tally mark system.
The lines are in groups of seven instead of five.
- Weird.
- (RUSTLING) - What was that? - Wild animal? Or ghost.
NANCY: Hey, there's the missing pickles.
(RUSTLING) Ghosts don't bleed.
She's real.
Are you hurt? My name's Nancy.
This is Ace and Amanda.
What's your name? Birdie.
Is your family with you? No.
You live here all alone? Where'd you get all this stuff? (WINCES) I think she has a ligament sprain, and that infection on her leg doesn't look great either.
I'm a volunteer EMT.
I can fix it! It won't hurt.
I just need supplies.
NANCY: Yeah, we can take you back to Horseshoe Bay.
If you don't get help, you could lose your leg.
You'll take me back here after? To this deserted island? It's not deserted.
It's my home.
NANCY: Yeah, okay.
- Let's just get you some help first.
- Okay.
So Ace and Amanda are a thing now? Oh, do we like her? She's competent.
So the pickle jars I saw in Birdie's stash were a part of the captain's order.
Maybe she caused the accident? We searched Missing Persons.
She doesn't match any descriptions.
She seems pretty well fed and taken care of.
Couldn't have been on the island for that long.
GEORGE: All right, so what's the move? Detective Tamura? NICK: Or social services.
I mean, she's clearly been through a lot.
It'd be good if she talked to someone.
AMANDA: I treated her best I could, but she should go see a doctor.
- (GLASS SHATTERS) - (BIRDIE PANTING) (GASPS) Birdie, are you are you okay? I-I want to eat something else.
Yeah, what would you like? Grilled cheese and peanut butter.
We can make that for you.
(QUIETLY): I think you're right about the social worker.
I'll stay with her until somebody gets here.
I'll go make the call.
Can I use the bathroom? BESS: I mean, come on.
Who eats grilled cheese and peanut butter sandwiches? GEORGE: You know what's weird? I actually remember one of my first shifts at The Claw.
There was a huge catering order for grilled cheese and peanut butter.
Gross then, gross now.
I should feed that damn bird.
And George has been working at The Claw since she was 14.
That was almost five years ago.
I saw tally marks carved into a rock on the island.
It's it's 260 rows of seven.
NICK: 1,820 days.
That's almost five years.
ACE: I found something.
November 30, 2014.
Paul Klohs, owner of Marine Mechanics in Owl Cove, Maine, went sailing with his wife Olivia and daughter Elizabeth.
The boat washed ashore days later.
Bodies were never found.
BESS: Her grandmother and uncle held a vigil.
They served grilled cheese and peanut butter sandwiches.
And it was Elizabeth's favorite snack.
NICK: Birdie.
She was never a missing person.
She was presumed dead.
And somehow she's kept herself alive this whole time.
GEORGE: Hey, has anyone seen a parakeet? NANCY: Oh, you have a little something (BIRDIE SCREAMS) (GASPS) It was an accident.
I'm gonna get you a clean shirt.
Why? Why are you doing this?! We need to get help for Birdie now.
She's not stable.
George, I'm sorry.
She killed the bird.
What?! Why does it smell like fire? - Is that ash? - What? Wait.
They're mad I left.
Who's mad you left, Birdie? It-It smells like gunpowder.
I don't think it's Birdie that's the danger.
Is there something else here with you? Whatever it is, I'm not letting it destroy The Claw! Okay, my loft's mostly made of bricks.
It's way more fire-resistant than this place.
Yeah, and it's nearly empty 'cause you have no tenants.
- What? - Does that hit a sore spot? Okay, hey, look, come with me, okay? We're gonna go somewhere safer.
Amanda's on her way back with some more clothes, but until then, here.
Are you sure? We turned the heating off to reduce, uh, fire hazards.
I know that it scares you, but can you tell me who came back with you from the island? I call them "the fire souls.
" Okay.
They protect me.
If they protect you, why'd they smash those plates and kill the bird? They didn't mean to.
Well, it seemed pretty deliberate.
That's why we have you in this salt circle, to make it harder for the ghosts to find you.
You don't know them.
They're my friends.
- They-they wouldn't hurt me.
- But would they hurt others? (THUNDER CRACKS) Birdie, when was the first time you saw the fire souls? I was in the water.
I couldn't breathe.
They brought me to shore, made me a fire, and wrapped me in a blanket with 15 stars.
They saved you.
What were you doing earlier that day, before you were in the water? I opened my eyes, and there was only water.
There was no before.
She's suppressing some serious trauma.
We have to get her help, but first we need to figure out how to safely deal with the fire souls.
Did you guys learn anything? The USS Bannister was a privateer ship that fought in the War of 1812.
The crew wrecked 34 British vessels.
Never left any survivors.
Their motto was "give no quarter.
" It means destroy everything, leave nothing behind.
(THUNDER RUMBLING) An enemy ship blew up the Bannister with a cannonball.
Killed everyone.
They all died on board in a fire.
Hence their calling card of gunpowder and ash.
In 1816, a schooner named September crashed during a storm, and since then, there have been dozens of shipwrecks in that area.
GEORGE: And then, in 1923, a Boston family built a private beach house on the island.
They had a big party, but there was a massive fire.
No survivors.
In 1970, hilltoppers built homes on the island.
Utterly destroyed by fire again.
Also no survivors.
No one's lived there since.
Except Birdie.
She said the fire souls gave her a blanket with 15 stars to keep warm.
Little does she know they're cold-blooded killers.
The American flag had 15 stars in it till 1818.
It could have easily been on the Bannister in the War of 1812.
The fire souls are the ghostly crew of the USS Bannister.
Uh, long-time listener, first-time caller.
They've been taking care of Birdie for years.
No wonder she's defensive of them.
But what would murderous privateer ghosts want - with a teenage girl? - I'll text Victoria, see if there's a ritual that can help.
(THUNDER RUMBLING) I need to go back to the island now.
Birdie, I need you to listen.
Okay? Your name is Elizabeth Klohs.
You were born in Owl's Cove.
You love to write songs.
Your favorite holiday is the Fourth of July.
Five years ago, you went on a boating trip with your parents.
There was an accident.
You were the only survivor.
(SIRENS WAILING IN DISTANCE) I remember before the water.
Mom had a picnic basket.
Dad was steering toward the shore so we could eat.
And then then we were gonna hike.
Then I was alone.
(THUNDER CRACKS) NANCY: Well, you're not alone anymore.
You have a family who loves you.
Grandma Carolyn and your Uncle Frank.
And we can take you to go see them.
But the fire souls cannot come with us.
They are putting everybody in danger.
Hey, there's a ritual that dispels ghosts who attach themselves to humans, but we need a totem from Birdie's past.
Something before she met the ghosts.
It'll make her harder to recognize and them easier to trap.
We need to get her on board right now.
Twitter has reported fires all over the town.
They want to destroy the town so there's no place for her to stay.
These ghosts took care of Birdie for years.
Why would pirates, who never do anything good, do that? Guilt.
Celia told me to light myself on fire by recanting my testimony.
And then she gave me a gift.
These fire souls must have done something horrible to Birdie, something they were desperate to walk back.
What do we know about the accident? Uh here's what happened to her parents' boat.
NANCY: Fire damage.
Birdie, these fire souls are not your friends.
They caused the accident - that killed your parents.
- No.
They've hidden their true selves from you, but this is who they really are.
And we can save you from them, but we need you to do something first.
(THUNDER RUMBLING) Come on, Birdie, hurry up, huh? I buried this after sixth grade graduation.
(WIND WHOOSHING) ACE: A time capsule? - Nice.
- Yeah, hold onto that.
Empty rum bottle should work for trapping pirates.
GEORGE: Okay, Birdie, repeat after me.
"I am no longer served by these ties that bind.
Rid these spirits from my body and mind.
- GEORGE: They don't seem happy.
- ACE: They look really mad.
(GASPS) BIRDIE: They've never done that before.
NANCY: You have to send them away.
I am no longer served by these ties that bind.
Rid these spirits of my body and mind.
- BIRDIE: Nancy! - (BESS GASPS) (PANTING) - Why do you have that? - I just did a successful ritual to detach ghosts from a living person.
Made me think that there's still hope for us.
Our spirits are entwined.
That cannot be undone with a ritual.
- Give that to me.
- Give me my hoodies.
Your raggedy scraps of fabric can be replaced.
My letter cannot.
Now you know how it feels to have someone meddle with your life.
Foolish child.
I was meddled with every day of my life until it was taken from me.
Mary is the only one who understood.
She was your Nick.
That letter is all I have left of her.
- NICK: Hey, you okay? - Yeah, everything's great.
Just got go check on my sisters, okay? Bye.
(SIGHS) She's not great and it's my fault.
- Why? - It's Odette-related.
You know, I have this pattern of relying on other people to make myself feel loved.
And I know it's unhealthy, but I am just terrified of being alone.
You know, and I don't mean, like, you alone in your big, empty loft building with no tenants in it at all 'cause, yeah, that's your choice.
- I - Okay.
It's not It's not that I want to have the building to myself.
Okay? It's that I haven't figured out who else to let in yet.
- Okay? - Sure.
What were you saying about Odette? Uh I've been writing the history of her life.
Yeah, we did promise that we would tell her story, so I was just about to, um, send my article off to the Horseshoe Bay Ledger.
But George said that it would just cause more trouble, so Mm-hmm.
Well - I trust George's instincts.
- Mm-hmm.
And whatever else is on your mind I trust that you'll make the right choice.
Yeah, of course.
- Okay.
- Thanks.
Let's go get you ready for bed.
Hmm? We look so happy.
(WHISPERING): Yeah, honey.
Come with me.
I'll take you to your room.
Did Lizzie say anything to you about the accident? I just, uh, I don't know what to say to her about it.
Yeah, I think it's best to just not overwhelm her.
Uh, here's my cell number.
Uh, you ever need a boat repair, give me a call.
On the house.
- Thanks.
Will do.
- Mm-hmm.
- Good luck.
- All right.
Hey, Ace, can you pull up a picture of the boat after the accident? Yeah.
Yeah, that's weird.
The char on the boat from the fire is black, but then the ash from the ghosts is gray.
Could be a difference in burn temperature.
Yeah, maybe.
Ah You should change the bandage on that.
Uh It says, "Give no quarter.
" The ghosts' motto.
Never leave survivors, destroy everything.
If the ghosts caused the accident, they wouldn't have left anything behind.
No boat.
No Birdie.
This is a message from the fire souls.
It was not them.
They didn't sink Birdie's boat.
That explains the difference between the boat char and this ash.
Did anybody else ever have access to the boat? Looks like a first-degree burn.
We should keep an eye on it.
The family's boat was registered to a trust.
Marine Mechanics.
That's Birdie's uncle's shop.
What was that hull I.
? Uh, hull I.
is 4258092320177.
Check out this entry.
The handwriting is different than the others.
You can see it in the sevens.
I That entry also doesn't make any sense.
Impellers are supposed to be changed every three years, max.
That one says it's five years old.
A mechanic would take way better care of his boat.
ACE: Unless someone wanted to make the mechanic look negligent.
The handwriting matches Frank's.
- Why go through that trouble? - (EXHALES) T-To cover up the fact that you sabotaged the boat.
(CLATTERING) Coast is clear.
NANCY: Looks like there's some kind of magnetic latch down there.
(SOFT CLICKING) Um, I-I need another ear.
- (CLICK) - Heard a click.
Me, too.
- (CLICK) - How about that? Yep.
(CLICK) There.
- What is it? - It's a paper trail.
Proof that Frank was using the shop to launder money.
Birdie's dad must have found out.
(GASPS) I'll be right there.
Birdie's missing.
You can tell us about maybe You were afraid that Birdie was gonna remember - that you sabotaged the boat.
- What? You did something to her.
After everything this family's been through, coming here with more of your lies? It's the truth.
I have proof.
- I can explain.
- And then recant it later? If you don't leave now, I'm gonna arrest you for disorderly conduct.
I'm sorry, Frank.
Listen, what we really need to know is, do you know anybody else who might know where Birdie - No, no - Her whereabouts, her friends, maybe secret hiding places she used to go to.
Uh, guidance counselors.
NANCY: Carolyn.
There's something you should see.
(GASPS) Birdie gave this to me.
She said she didn't need it anymore.
The others are still looking for Birdie.
I told Nancy we'd check if she came back here.
What's the deal with you and Nancy? You two ever hook up? What? I just get a vibe.
And if you did, I wouldn't be mad at it.
I mean, she is foxy.
- There's no vibe.
We're just friends.
- (DOOR OPENS, ENTRY BELL JINGLES) Figured you'd show up eventually.
Where have you been all day? We were busy.
And where's my money? What's it for? Tampons? Fine.
I'm getting my passport and hiking Camino de Santiago.
Backpacking through Europe.
You know, I, uh, I expected more from Amanda's first big girl adventure.
Why are you such a dick? Amanda and I have our own code.
Codependency is not a code.
She can do whatever she wants.
Thank you for the TED Talk.
No sign of Birdie anywhere.
You still thinking about your brother? It's hard not to.
Well, maybe you should talk to your dad.
He's probably feeling the same way.
What about all that stuff this morning? Avoid it and let it blow over? Honestly, it was an out.
I just didn't feel like going there with you.
I just thought we've been talking so much I know.
It's It's just we skipped over all the early relationship weirdness and settled right into the good.
It scared me.
You still scared? Birdie.
I can't be here.
This is too hard.
We drove on that street where my dad taught me to ride a bike.
That photo.
My mom made me wear a dress, and I didn't I didn't want to, and now she's (SIGHS) now she's gone.
Birdie, those memories aren't gonna go away just because you go back to the island.
They're with you now.
Y-You have to learn to live with them.
How? You stay here and you grow.
This is the place where you're gonna make music and fall in love and watch the fireworks on the Fourth of July with your friends.
And honor your parents and celebrate the time that you guys had together.
And become something more than just a girl who survived a tragedy.
Trust me.
This is your home now.
And you are so much stronger than you realize.
What about the fire souls? I made a mistake.
It wasn't the fire souls that caused the accident.
All they did was save you from drowning.
(BREATHING UNSTEADILY) I want to see them.
It's just a little too risky.
They're really dangerous.
No, it's different now.
They don't need to protect me anymore.
They know that I'll be all right.
I can't make excuses for the things that they did before they found me, but they loved me.
They're not all bad.
If I'm gonna stay, then I, I have to say goodbye.
(HANDCUFFS CLICK) Birdie's uncle confessed to murdering her parents.
I'm not gonna ask you where you got that file Carolyn had.
I know sometimes the ends justify the means.
Just trying to do the right thing.
Just when I've written you off, you surprise me.
Nice work.
(DOOR OPENS) (DOOR CLOSES) In an uncertain time Thanks for talking to Mrs.
She gave me an extension.
Okay, so then go do your essay, then.
Thank you, Odette.
Even though an extension is basically cheating.
ODETTE: You are welcome.
(SIGHS) And the world should tell I'm sorry.
Like, I hav I haven't been fair.
I've just been so consumed with all the ways that you've taken over my life Improved your life.
that I haven't fully recognized what you went through.
It must be hell to be here without Mary.
I have become quite skilled at the art of self-distraction.
Do you think she's a ghost? Maybe I could help you find her.
My friends and I are kind of good at this stuff.
Very well.
Do you mind if I drive for a bit? The Claw's off limits, and so are my clothes.
Oh, we'll be fine Hey, Dad.
Good news, bad news in the captain's case.
Good news, I found the smoking gun.
Bad news, the smoking gun is ghosts.
Call me.
When the world's gone mad Hey.
I'll always be with you - I didn't mean to scare you.
- It's okay, I'm not scared.
I know you did what you did to save my life, but it's not like you to work with the Hudsons.
I don't know what you want from me.
I want to know that you're okay.
You've been different lately.
It's been an intense couple of weeks, wouldn't you say? I don't think Gil's the best person for you right now.
Get a girlfriend, and suddenly you're a relationship expert? He's controlling, and he takes up a lot of energy.
And you're dealing with so much already.
I'm fine.
It's nothing to worry about.
You're right.
Not my place to say.
(KNOCK ON DOOR) If you - (CLEARS THROAT) - Are by my side Hi.
I respect the boundaries you have set with George, and I will not cross that line again.
I would, however, endeavor to maintain our friendship.
Just friends.
Yes, yeah, I can do that.
Shall we, as you say, "Netflix and chill"? No one would embrace in such a familiar manner.
They could contract typhoid.
- (CHUCKLES) - (INDISTINCT CHATTER ON TV) (SIGHS) (BELL JINGLES) Finally got the smell of gunpowder out of here.
What are you drawing? - I was thinking about Birdie.
- Mm-hmm.
And how she overcame incredible odds because she had help, right? So imagine all the kids that could overcome bad situations if someone was there for them.
And I got these empty units in my new building.
It's a lot of space, so I was gonna turn them into a youth drop-in center.
I think that's amazing.
Oh okay, it will be amazing eventually, but I got to figure out a lot of stuff.
Hey, how are you? Hell of a day, huh? Ghost pirates.
I was thinking about Birdie, too.
I know that the privateers are unquestionably bad, but they also raised Birdie and they changed for her.
I don't know, maybe good and evil's not is not as clear-cut.
What if this beanie isn't about payment or guilt? What if it is a token of love? Nancy as special as you are, Celia Hudson isn't gonna change because you're her granddaughter.
I think people can surprise you.
I think we've lost Nancy.

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