Nancy Drew (2019) s02e14 Episode Script

The Siege of the Unseen Specter

1 - Seriously? - I'm not making a big deal over your birthday.
Today is not my real birthday.
It was just a date that you and Mom picked for my fake birth certificate.
And Nancy Drew is really not living up to her name these days.
So it just feels wrong to celebrate me.
If you I swear I didn't invite anyone.
I did not.
Knows you wait on Detective? Nancy Drew.
You're under arrest for contempt of court.
You got to be kidding me.
What? It's 7:00 at night! - You're cuffing her? - Nancy told the D.
she provided false information about the Bonny Scot.
She lied to law enforcement.
That's a misdemeanor.
I'm calling Judge Edelstein right now.
In the meantime, you have the right to remain silent.
Use that right, Nancy.
Happy birthday to me.
It's one night in lockup.
And weeknights here are ghost towns anyway, so I'm telling you my office got a call about a town emergency.
Councilman Fraser, we did not place that call! - There is no emergency.
- Well, is there anyone else that I can talk to? Because I just got a text that I need to report here - for a follow-up for a property dispute.
- It's all right, Officer Hampton.
- I'll come back tomorrow.
- Sorry, Reverend Carter.
- Ghost town, huh? - Nancy Drew, how does it feel to be held accountable for your actions? Brandon Schmidt, Horseshoe Bay Ledger.
Got an anonymous tip the "Liar of Horseshoe Bay" was being brought in tonight.
Did you, now? It wasn't me.
Stay put.
Credentials and I.
? - Nancy? - Oh, hey.
Wait, why are you in cuffs? Mm.
Contempt of court.
What are you guys doing here? Oh, uh, Ryan and I have been trying to set a meeting for my youth center, and, uh, figured I'd get the Hudson Outreach Fund involved, and And out of the blue, you got a phone call saying it was set for tonight? An email, yeah.
So everybody here was just invited mysteriously.
There are no mysteries here tonight, just jail.
Oh, right.
Come on, Drew.
Odette's Englishwoman lover, Mary Clarke, never set foot in Horseshoe Bay, so our only hope in finding her soul among the billions of others in the spirit world is to summon one of our ancestors to navigate.
Why is it taking so long? I'm looking for a totem to use as bait for the ancestor.
Hey, is that Odette? Hi.
Please, can you just give us a couple more hours, and I promise I will call for you as soon as we have news on Mary? Her I trust.
Do you? Every Fan has lost at least one paycheck to another Fan on this mah-jongg set.
We'll use it as our totem.
"Ancestor, speak to me here and now.
I call on you, the one whose blood runs through my veins" Ace! Are you okay? Xiao Lan, who told you to wear your hair like this? Don't you know it makes your face look too round? Okay, so the ritual worked.
Ace is ? My Great Aunt Mei.
Of course it had to be Great Aunt Mei.
It's round like a mooncake.
Why is that camera different than the others? Oh.
That's new.
Is no one gonna get that? You're killing me, Hampton.
Hello? This precinct is on lockdown.
Nobody enters.
Nobody leaves.
I want to speak to Nancy Drew.
Everything's frozen.
You're gonna want to rethink this prank.
You're approaching felony territory.
Anyone tries to escape, they'll feel the consequence.
What are you doing? Starting to understand why I hate small towns.
Oh, my God.
Hey, stay away from the doors, okay? Is he dead? He's still breathing.
I'm Nancy Drew.
Who are you? What do you want? Tonight, I am the Arbiter.
Someone here knows what happened to Dolores Barrett.
Get them to confess the truth.
The longer it takes, the worse things will get.
We need to get you to a hospital.
I'm fine.
How did you get your cuffs off? I can put them back on if it makes you feel more comfortable.
Why aren't our cell phones working? This Arbiter must have planted a signal jammer nearby.
Landlines are down, too.
The back exit's electrified, as well.
You can hear the power hum if you too get close, and the radios are all sabotaged.
All the windows are blacked out so we can't even signal for help.
Okay, you know what? I don't deserve this, okay, because I am a good person.
And I'm a mom.
Yeah, Mitzi, why don't we get you some water? Whoever that Arbiter is, he's clearly watching us.
So next time he calls, we start negotiating.
- Yeah.
And we get an ambulance for Tamura.
- Mm.
His head could be worse than it looks.
- Yeah.
Can you keep an eye on him? - Sure.
So who's Dolores Barrett? She's a missing persons case Hampton and I worked back - in 2013.
- You were a policeman? This is the case that made me leave the force, - run for town council.
- Hampton, pull the file.
We should have the hard copy somewhere.
Dolores was from from Portland.
Last seen here in Horseshoe Bay.
She, uh, had dinner at the Blue Iris Bar & Grill, and then she vanished.
Her mother reported her missing.
Four months later, Dolores's empty car was found, smashed at the bottom of a ravine.
No body? No signs of foul play? Wild animals likely made off with her remains.
The coroner ruled an accidental death.
Why isn't this ringing any bells for me? A missing woman in Horseshoe Bay that's front-page news.
Rose Turnbull went missing the exact same week.
Rose?! The girl you found behind a hidden staircase in that warehouse? You were in the newspaper for that.
So Rose got all the attention, and Dolores fell by the wayside? Our resources were stretched too thin for both searches.
I hated that, so I went into policy.
No wonder she wasn't found.
Rose goes missing; Dolores never stood a chance.
Okay, Aunt Mei, why are you communicating through Ace? Because I wanted to know what it's like to be a tall white man, so when you called on me, I thought, here's my chance.
Now what do you need from Aunt Mei? Okay, good.
We need your help finding a woman named "Mary Clarke" from the spirit world.
Uh, she's from England, dead for 200 years.
All we have is a letter from her.
We were hoping that you could, uh, track her scent, you know, like a bloodhound.
Like a dog? Do you think that's how we work? Yeah.
What do you want with Mary Clarke? I have a very pushy ghost trapped inside my body named Odette Lamar, and I agreed to help her find Mary.
See, Xiao Lan? This is what happens when you don't go to college.
I'm gone three years, and nothing's changed.
And now you're housing a ghost.
How did I fail you so badly? I have my own path.
It's not a path if it doesn't go anywhere.
That's a hole in the ground.
Okay, Aunt Mei Let's take a breather.
You're our only hope right now, so please.
But on one condition.
Xiao Lan, you need to bring me my reading glasses.
Find my glasses, I'll find Mary Clarke.
See, I told you she'd want something.
I'll go check lost and found.
I'm a person of interest? According to the file, you were the last person to see Dolores alive.
You want to get out of here, you start talking.
All right, okay, yeah, I had dinner at the Blue Iris that night, and I'll tell you what I told the cops then.
I noticed Dolores because she'd had quite a few drinks.
She looked wasted.
And so, later, when I heard she'd driven off a ravine, I mean, it kind of tracked.
That's pretty cold.
It is what it is.
Voice on the speaker seems to think there's more to the story.
He seems to think someone here knows what happened to her.
Yeah, because he's crazy.
All right, let's just wait him out.
My wife knows where I am.
She's gonna notice when I don't come home.
Uh, hey, guys, I think we've got a leak here.
Seems you need more motivation.
If you don't figure out what happened to Dolores in one hour, I send the next electrical charge through the floor.
The clock starts now.
You made your point! - Turn off the water, so we can work! - Please! Can you get him to open the door? - One step at a time.
- Boss! Hey, hey, we need to get you some help.
What we need is a working theory for when he calls back.
Hampton, Fraser, go over every step of this case, find out what you missed.
- Sure thing.
- Nick, Nancy, with me.
Let's go see if there's anything in Evidence.
Found 'em, Aunt Mei.
- They were in lost and found.
- What else did you find? Your ambition? A husband? A future? Walked right into that one.
I always hoped you would get out of this place, not end up like your mother.
Put them on me, like you used to.
So - that's what you look like.
- That's what you look like.
Every time.
Better? Good.
Um, so now that you can see, you can look for Mary Clarke.
Ghosts don't need glasses.
I just didn't feel like myself without them.
Give me this letter.
Save those.
Items from her car and her glove compartment.
Photos of the wreckage.
What's that right there? On her back fender.
- Nick's a car guy.
- I get it.
I'm just an actual detective.
It looks like a transfer of red paint from another vehicle.
Maybe it was a hit-and-run.
If Nancy's right and we're all here for a reason, well, I started running cross-checks on everyone.
The night Dolores went missing, Ryan Hudson was arrested for a DUI.
What was he driving? Porsche.
A red one.
I don't, I don't think I hit her.
You don't think you hit her? No, I In 2013, I was I was drinking to blackout levels, and on occasion, I was dumb enough to drive, so Ryan, you were arrested on Monday, March 11, at 6:15 p.
near Mill Road and Delowe.
Do you remember where you were coming from? Uh, if well, if it was a-a Monday, um, I had therapy at 4:00, so Hey, what about if you skipped it that day? Couldn't have skipped it.
It was mandatory.
My father's brother Josiah died of alcoholism, so he had a zero tolerance for for that, and back then I was way above zero.
Look to be honest, I don't, I don't even remember getting pulled over.
Okay? I I remember I went to therapy, and then after that, I went to happy hour at the yacht club, and next thing you know, I'm here, I'm getting processed, and then it's fuzzy from that point on.
I remember they put me in a freezing cell.
The pipes were moaning, and the toilets didn't work.
When was Dolores at the restaurant? Her credit card was run at 6:08 p.
Then Ryan couldn't have killed her.
- You sure about that? - Mm-hmm.
Or is this like the time you said Everett Hudson put a bomb on a cargo ship, and then you recanted your testimony? Ryan was coming from therapy and a happy hour near the yacht club.
Dolores, at 6:08 p.
, was at the Blue Iris.
There is no way that Ryan could have crossed paths with Dolores before he got pulled over.
She's right.
- That is a relief.
- Yeah.
For him, maybe.
But Rich and Drunk over here was our only lead, so now how do we get out of here? You know, I'm-I'm not the guy that I was back then.
I know.
What's their deal? Hudson and Drew.
You think he's the reason why she recanted her testimony and let Everett Hudson walk free from 12 murder charges? Maybe get back to wondering about the missing Black woman who's been ignored for the last six years.
You suggesting I'm not? I'm suggesting that crimes against Black women are underreported under-investigated and under-solved.
So maybe if Dolores had been white, more people would have been asking about her.
Maybe they could have found her.
Maybe even saved her.
I wasn't here then.
You're here now.
You're on a mission.
Yeah, well It's because of me that Bashiir and 12 other men on the Bonny Scot are being denied justice.
So the least I can do is get it for Dolores.
Didn't Brandon say that Dolores looked drunk? Yeah.
Why? Hey.
Buried at the bottom of the pile.
This business card was on the floor of Dolores's car.
"Mitzi Channing Realty"? Yeah.
There's insurance info on the back.
Kind of stuff you write down after an accident.
And isn't that Mitzi leaning up against a red car? I didn't kill Dolores Barrett.
We all know that there was an accident.
So did you hit her with your car? No! Then why'd she have your card? I-I, um Okay, look, look, she-she hit me.
Okay? Okay.
We were I mean, we were we were coming out of the restaurant at the same time, and then sh she just backed her car into mine.
And then sh-she tried to give me cash, and I said that I wanted to do it the right way.
And then she just got really aggressive and she drove off.
So you were the last one to see Dolores alive.
You didn't want to mention that before? You have a problem.
Carson Drew is outside.
If he makes it to the door, he'll die first.
But he won't be the last.
Make a call.
Carson Drew.
Dad, it's me.
Tamura says you're in the parking lot.
I haven't heard back from the judge yet.
I'm so sorry.
But I brought you something to eat.
I don't need you to white-knight your way in here.
I am not a child.
I don't want a-a "Goldilocks and the Three Bears" bedtime story.
So take your misplaced concern and your birthday pie and your twisted candles and go home! Mm.
Yeah, she's gone.
So why does she call you Xiao Lan? Is that your Chinese name? No.
It's her weird nickname for me.
It means "Little Lazy".
Anytime I did something slowly or wrong, she thought that would motivate me.
That's not a very motivational name.
I mean, like, "Unyielding Lioness" or "Spine of Steel", - that's motivational - Mei thought if she went easy on me, I would underachieve.
She wanted me to succeed and be reliable.
Well, you are massively reliable.
I wasn't.
Not when it counted.
Nancy's being held hostage at the police station, and we have to save her without tipping anyone off.
Can you help? That sounded like a question, but it was really a statement.
Okay, so, Mr.
Drew, you're absolutely 100% positive - this is a hostage thing? - "Goldilocks" is code name for a game that Nancy and I used to play when she was a kid.
It means, "Pay attention to the third thing I'm about to say".
The three bears.
The third thing was always "just right".
Nice game.
And "twisted candle" is an old case of hers? Robbery at a department store.
- Mm.
- The criminals booby-trapped the exits, took hostages in the home goods section and Nancy led the cops through a secret basement, saved everyone.
Okay, so the-the police station exits are Most likely electrified.
Which is why I was hoping Ace might be able to help me with the power grid and maybe the security cameras.
But you say Ace is - Uh, he's soul-searching.
Jesse's with him.
- Yeah.
I was actually thinking we could use the rubber floor mats in the car to insulate us from the electric charge.
That's a great idea.
And if these don't work, maybe we can scale the side of the building, hope to find a trapdoor on the roof.
Look at us.
Who needs Ace? Scale the building? He's in pretty rough shape and getting worse.
He needs a doctor.
Tell them what you just told me.
I, um I saw them fighting outside the restaurant that night.
And Brandon.
And I didn't tell you earlier because I'm I'm afraid of him.
What? I mean, Dolores, she was furious.
And it was like they were they were having, like, a lovers' quarrel.
I mean, you grabbed her arm, - and she pulled away.
- No, no, I She was drunk.
I just I tried helping her.
- She freaked.
- Okay, I found this earlier.
This is a statement to the cops from Dolores's mom, Linda.
"My Dolores is a sweet girl who loves flowers.
She's never even smoked or drank".
Guys, come on.
Of course her mother's gonna say that.
Right? I mean Do you believe Brandon? No.
Why-why would you tell him that? I'm watching a pizza get delivered to 404 Guilford Lane.
Guilford Lane? He's watching Brandon's house? That's not my house.
It's mine.
My family.
He's threatening my family - because you keep lying! - Hey, wait! - Hey! - I swear to God, if he hurts - my family because of your lies - Listen! You were arguing with Dolores.
You grabbed her arm.
Because I didn't want her to leave! You knew her, didn't you? - Didn't you?! - We dated! For a few months.
Were you married back then, too? Is that why she came to town to break up with you? She threatened to tell my wife.
I just I wanted her to see my point of view.
I wanted her to hear me out.
And then she left, so I went inside, and I drank till last call.
And then my wife picked me up.
So I have an alibi.
Oh, my God.
His skin's cold.
Okay, he's got a pulse, but just barely.
Okay, George, Bess, here we go.
Coming through.
- All right, go, guys.
- Okay.
Wait, wait! Stop! - What? - Stop, stop! It's ripping.
It's ripping.
It's ripping.
What? Detective Tamura needs a doctor.
Please! I will get justice for Dolores.
I want to balance the scales, but I can't do that if another innocent person dies! - Are you all right? - I don't know, but we have to hurry.
He could turn the power back on any second.
- Okay.
- Hey! Bring Tamura! He goes first.
The door is open.
Grab Tamura! Come on, let's go! We're getting out of here.
Come on! - Come on! - Yeah, come on, let's go! - Go, go, go, go, go! - Hurry up! Hurry! Hurry up.
Come on.
- Nancy, wait.
- Uh, hey, there - There is a line.
- The day after Dolores disappeared, a flower-shaped topaz earring was found here.
I've seen that earring before.
We both have.
Remember? Dolores was in this station the night she went missing.
Hurry up! We got to get out of here! Come on.
Wait your turn.
Dad, here's what I want for my birthday.
Trust me one more time.
Rearm the doors! What are you doing?! Somebody here is still lying.
Somebody knows what happened to Dolores! And nobody is leaving until we find out how she died.
I'm the Arbiter now.
This makes you an accomplice.
Arrest me.
An earring identical to one of Dolores Barrett's was found in the precinct the morning after she disappeared.
It was logged as an unclaimed possession, and then someone tore the page out.
Why was she in the precinct? Ryan, you were there that night.
Do you remember seeing her? Nah, I was wasted.
I mean, I didn't sober up until I walked home at midnight.
At midnight? Yeah.
Because this says that you were released at 8:00 a.
the next day.
Okay, well, that's definitely not true, because when I got out, no buses were running, and my car was in the impound so I had to walk.
Plus, it was it was dark outside, like-like midnight dark.
Why would you release him ahead of schedule, and then alter the records? Maybe they didn't want him to see what happened after midnight.
Nancy, I just got Internet back on my phone.
Dolores was pulled over the night she disappeared.
I accessed the DMV database.
Her plates were run.
Who pulled her over? It's not what you think.
You arrested Dolores.
Why? Okay.
Dispatch got a call from Mitzi about a Black woman driving erratically.
She said Dolores had a ton of cash and that she was probably a drug dealer.
No, no, I didn't.
I didn't.
I said I said possible drug dealer.
I mean, every-everyone is a possible drug dealer, right? So when I pulled Dolores over, and I saw that wasn't the case, I let her go.
I didn't mention it earlier because I didn't want to out Mitzi for for obvious racism.
What?! I am I am not a racist! Uh It's the police.
The police they did something to that girl.
'Cause why else would Hampton have threatened me earlier tonight? Yeah, she told me that if I said I called the cops on Dolores, that it would get out that I weaponized the police against a Black person.
And then, it would be all over the Internet, and that people they would come after my kids, and I'm so sorry, but I'm a mom.
You must have misunderstood me.
Employee personnel record for that night.
Officer Hampton was on guard duty.
She would have been guarding Dolores.
Ryan, you said something earlier about pipes? You sure what you were hearing was moaning pipes? I-I thought it was.
It was this high-pitched It sounded like crying.
That's because it was crying.
It was Dolores Barrett crying, wasn't it? What'd you do to her? I didn't - I didn't - Please.
Please, please, just tell us the truth.
Fraser brought her in that way.
Not another word, Hampton.
He said if I didn't cover for him, he'd make sure I never got backup again.
She's lying.
Dolores came in holding her head, sobbing.
Please help me.
I wanted to call the doctor, but Fraser said, "No.
They all do that.
They all call for their mothers".
Then Dolores had a seizure! She was bleeding inside of her head.
She died in front of us.
We panicked.
We threw her car in the ravine and her body in the ocean.
You're the cops.
You believe that insane story, really? I kept the dashcam footage from that night.
Even though you told me not to.
You hit her head against the car right after you handcuffed her.
The video shows it all.
It was an accident! She was resisting! She pulled away.
Probably because she was terrified.
Because we are always terrified.
Brandon, you harassed her.
Mitzi, you humiliated her.
- Are you listening to me? - Fraser, you pulled her over without probable cause, and you terrified and assaulted her.
Hampton, you left her to die a slow and painful death alone as she cried out for help in a holding cell.
And then you covered up her murder, and you threw her body in the ocean.
Did you get all of that? Are you okay? No.
So who was he? The Arbiter? Haven't figured it out.
Got to be from Horseshoe Bay, though, 'cause he recognized Carson by sight.
They'll figure it out.
You got justice for Dolores tonight.
I'm proud of you.
I guess that's one down, and, uh, 12 to go.
Do you have a confession to make? I was hoping that you could say a prayer for a woman who was murdered.
Her name was Dolores Barrett.
Her killers were caught tonight, but her family won't get to see it.
According to the Internet, her mother, Linda, died last week.
Linda never stopped trying to find out what happened to Dolores.
Ignored by the police, she found someone to advocate for her.
Someone who found Dolores's missing earring in 2013.
Someone who administered chaplain services to the jail and the police department back then.
Someone who still does.
On the phone tonight, I heard the faintest ringing sound.
Tonight, I am the Arbiter.
Someone here knows what happened to Dolores Barrett.
Church bells.
Ringing on the hour.
So, the same question goes for you, Reverend.
Do you have a confession to make? How long do I have before the authorities arrive? I didn't tell them about you.
In 2013, after they published Dolores's photo, I realized it was her earring I found that morning in the holding cell.
And when I asked them about it, they insisted someone else had claimed the earring.
But I knew in my heart that wasn't true.
I could tell they had done something to her.
For years, I prayed for justice.
And then Dolores's mother died last week, and I decided to make that justice happen myself.
But I needed to make sure they would confess.
And for that to happen, I needed pressure.
When I heard Tamura and the D.
discussing your arrest warrant, I finally had my chance.
I was a mechanical engineer before I went to the seminary, so rigging up the water and electrical was simple.
Still I'm sorry Tamura's hurt.
Tamura's gonna be okay.
He's just about to head into surgery soon.
I read you recanted your testimony against Everett Hudson.
Doesn't seem like you.
I don't know who I am anymore.
Matthew 7.
"Every good tree bringeth forth good fruit, but a corrupt tree bringeth forth evil fruit".
One's choices tell the world who they are.
What will yours say about you? Okay, what do you mean, you can't find Mary Clarke? Yeah, and why did you wait until after you ate the dessert to tell us? Mary Clarke moved on.
The spirits who knew her whispered her story to me.
After Odette died, Mary grieved, healed, but eventually found love again.
A great love.
She had a full life and died in old age surrounded by family.
Odette was only a very small part of Mary's long story.
Menteuse! She lies.
I died with Mary's name in my heart.
She was waiting for me.
Waiting for me to return.
Oh, Odette.
I'm sorry.
Thank you for trying, Aunt Mei.
Aunt Mei I'm sorry that I didn't come to visit you when you needed me the most.
I just I didn't want my last memory of you to be sick and hooked up to IV tubes.
It was It was really selfish.
Xiao Lan.
Do you think that's why I've come? To scold you? No, you do plenty of that yourself.
For better or worse, my voice is in your head.
Sure is.
Then hear me tell you this.
Like Mary Clarke, I, too, died surrounded by family and love.
Your love.
It lives with me, and it always will.
Give me your hand.
My palm hasn't changed.
But you have.
I read all the clippings on the wall in here.
Co-owner of this restaurant.
And Ted is class president.
You have done a very good job raising your sisters.
Really? Just because I never told you I was proud of you doesn't mean I'm not.
But, Xiao Lan, I'm scared for you.
You must find a way to untangle Odette's soul from yours.
Your palm has changed.
Your life line is beginning to merge with Odette's.
Your original line had a rocky start but ended up happy and long.
Odette's life line is violent and brief.
If you do not find a way to sever your connection, your life line will be greatly shortened.
Reclaim your destiny, George.
I do not want to see you again until you're an old lady like me.
Don't take this the wrong way, but you You don't have to keep hugging me if you don't want to.
Uh Whoo.
Welcome back.
You okay? Yeah.
But you're not.
I heard what Aunt Mei said.
Just do me a favor? Don't tell anyone.
I don't want to ruin Nancy's party later, okay? Just open the fridge real quick.
And now, live from Palley General Hospital, Detective Abe Tamura with a comment on the murder of Dolores Barrett.
Rest assured, the police department is committed to eradicating the racism and gross abuses that led to this tragedy.
We have a lot of work to do, and that work begins today.
Thank you.
- Hello.
- Hey.
- Hi.
Thank you, thank you.
- Yes.
Welcome, welcome.
Come on in.
- I know you said no party.
- It's okay.
Pie time? Get in.
Cheese! Nice.
So, Nancy's fake birthday, that is just arbitrary, right? Why did you pick November 19th? It's the anniversary of the Gettysburg Address.
Kate had a mild obsession with Abraham Lincoln, so we named Nancy after Lincoln's mother.
And during his first inaugural, he coined a phrase: "the better angels of our nature".
And that's who Nancy was to us.
Still is.
Our better angel.
You know what, I haven't even changed.
I got to get out of these clothes.

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