Nancy Drew (2019) s02e15 Episode Script

The Celestial Visitor

1 Hey, Dad, hope you made it to Boston okay.
There was the weirdest thing.
The smoke alarm kept going off last night for seemingly no reason.
Couldn't seem to get it to stop.
Probably nothing to worry about.
They were like this when I got here.
Something's got to be interfering with their navigation.
The street lights are all going haywire.
People are panicking all over town.
Nick, we should cancel date night.
No, we're not canceling date night.
Guys I scooped this up from the dock out back.
Is that sea water? It's glowing.
Okay, so, something seriously supernatural is going on here.
George, we need one of your mom's rituals to call out whichever spirits are behind this.
Crap! Can you pick up the pace a little bit, please? Oh, hey, I'm not a native speaker, Bess.
I'm trying! Oh.
Oh, no.
Oh! Oh! - What the hell is that?! - Oh! - Oh, my God! - Come on, Bess.
- What did you eat? - What happened? Oh, I accidentally summoned a kitchen demon into Bess's cheek.
What?! I'm looking for Nancy Drew, Horseshoe Bay's premier freelance detective? Yeah, that's me.
Um Let me see where we went wrong.
Yeah, we just had a minor plumbing incident.
Oh! Ooh.
And you are? Tom Swift.
I was about to say I need your help, but it looks like you may need mine.
- treker79 - Oh.
Oh! It says you get rid of a kitchen demon just by opening a door.
Welcome to The Claw.
Barclay, help a girl out.
Greetings, Tom.
Bruh, how did they talk you into all of this? Uh, - after I came to this town - You met some white people? Got into their nonsense? Tiger Woods Syndrome.
- We understand.
- Uh-huh.
- Thanks, Barclay.
- No worries.
This is much less vomit than when we were in Ibiza.
I hope you don't mind my AI assistant.
I programmed him when I was eight, and he's always been a little extra, right? Nancy, my company is searching for an artifact a rare meteorite that crashed into Horseshoe Bay 90 years ago and then vanished from public record.
I need to find it under the radar.
How does $2,000 sound? - Hmm? - Mm-hmm.
Oh, any other day, that would sound great, but I have to investigate the catastrophes in town.
You help me find this meteorite, your mission is accomplished.
This is Banneker's Comet, and in 24 hours, it's going to be passing over Earth for the first time since 1929, where a piece of it broke off and landed into this town.
And now that piece is being activated by the approach of its source.
All the catastrophes out there? That's the meteorite going haywire.
And I need your help finding it.
It's not a supernatural issue after all.
That's different.
Are you all broomstick people, or ? Thanks for telling us about the meteorite, but, I I have to ask why do you want it? It matches my shoes.
I'd like to put it to use for research.
He's not lying, Nancy.
I thought I recognized his face.
Tom Swift, like Swift Enterprises.
The legendary family of inventors.
Aerospace, self-driving cars.
I hate that picture of me.
You know, I should hack the algorithm so that my Insta comes up first.
Oh, my God.
Great idea.
- What do you think? - Excuse me a sec.
You have been invited to Everett's private fête to celebrate his charges being dropped for the Bonny Scot.
He wants to personally thank you for recanting your testimony.
Did you tell him I only did it to save someone's life? I told him you did it because you no longer want such a powerful man as your enemy.
Now this party is the perfect time to introduce Everett to the fact that you are his granddaughter.
You want me to just tell him? You and I have been playing a very dangerous game, Nancy hiding a secret from Everett that, if he found out, would make him very unhappy.
Now chin up.
You're a most promising young woman.
And joining the Hudson family means no more waiting on tables.
I'm gonna skip the part where I pretend that I wasn't eavesdropping.
If you go to that party, that's the end of Nancy Drew.
They want you to be Nancy Hudson and work for some murderous patriarch.
And I I know you feel like you don't have a choice I dug my own grave.
Uh, uh, it's my mess to deal with.
Banneker's Comet is approaching at 2,000 miles an hour.
If you think a bunch of dead birds is bad, try a gravitational tsunami.
First things first.
Can't bring Everett to justice if Horseshoe Bay no longer exists.
Hey, guys, can you hold down the fort? I'm gonna save the town by helping my new client find a space rock.
Space rock? 1929, a meteorite did indeed land near Horseshoe Bay.
It crashed into Acadia National Park.
A group of men found it, put it on display, - started making money.
- Tom, your father is texting.
"Have you asked Geraldine to the Tubman Society Benefit yet?" Should we say, "Later, Dad", - or "Remind me which one is Geraldine, Dad"? - Barclay, no.
- No.
- Or, I'm ready to tell him - your boyfriend's name is James - No.
- when you are - Barclay, chill.
And no, not a boy named "Geraldine".
My dad and I have some disagreements.
Back to the meteorite men, huh? Okay.
They used the money that they made touring the meteorite to buy up some real estate.
Then they sold the real estate, made some more money, and a couple years later, they formed a fraternal organization, - called themselves the "Icarans".
- Ooh, yes.
Straight men love an excuse to put on a dress, don't they? Looks like they stopped touring the meteorite in 1935, which was when Icarus Hall was built, which I'm sure has got to be where they kept it.
Sounds dusty.
Yeah, you might want to Oh, it's okay.
I have an outfit for every occasion.
Let me show you.
Jealous? This registers the gamma particles released by the radioactive isotopes unique to the meteorite.
The particles only travel a few meters, so we have to get close.
Yeah, we should stay together.
It's safer, and included in my fee.
Tom, there was a mayoral campaign.
It's a land deed.
These guys were amassing serious power before they abandoned this place.
Tom, where are you? The meteorite is here! Somewhere at the end of this hallway.
Nancy! Nancy, run! Move! We gotta go! We gotta go now! Nancy! Run! - What? - Move! We have to go! Come on! Now! - Those were those were - Ghosts.
No, no, no.
Ghosts aren't real, okay? There-there has to be an explanation.
- Hallucinatory mold? - Ghosts.
Uh, local teens pranking us? Tom, ghosts.
The ghosts of the dead Icarans.
Whatever was in there exerted kinetic energy.
I can apply physics to energy.
Barclay, open.
You cannot science your way through ghosts.
That's not how this works.
They're mystical entities.
We have to find out how they died so we can figure out how to get rid of them.
Nancy, I appreciate you, but I went to MIT, and you went to a thrift store to buy that hat, okay? I'll see you later.
With the meteorite.
Thank you.
I'm billing for my mileage.
- I am embarrassed.
- I can't believe they used this one.
- Well, Celia insisted.
- Of course she did.
So what, you want me to, like, sign this for you, or ? Oh, yeah, I can sell it on eBay.
- For real? - No.
Don't flatter yourself.
- Oh, that was so mean.
You had me.
- Oh, come on.
Okay, well meanwhile, back here in reality - Mm-hmm? - uh, I'm guessing that I probably shouldn't be your plus-one to Everett's party.
Um, I know you're here covering it for work.
Um, does your family normally throw parties every time one of you gets off on murder charges when weird stuff is happening all over town? Well, it is gonna take a lot more than crazy weather for Celia to not throw a party, trust me.
Um - I got to take this.
One second.
- Yeah, of course, yeah.
- Hello? - Your mother invited me to Everett's party.
When she said "black tie optional", was that a trick? Hey, should we order in? They were calling for rain.
- Yeah, that's a good idea.
- Yeah? Okay.
Is that Val Samuels? What is she doing here? She's having lunch with me right now.
Something's not right about that, Ryan.
I-I think she's sniffing around for a reason.
Yeah, or she just enjoys my company.
Look, we've been keeping in touch since she wrote the article about me, and I got to tell you, I'm actually Are you talking to me about your love life right now? Yeah.
Yeah, I guess I am.
Is that is that weird? Wasn't until just now.
I went back to Icarus Hall.
What happened to your clothes? Did you burn your holster thing? Ah Whoa, oh, oh Barclay, use the parabolic foil to create a sound barrier.
I'll transmit the data to your heads-up display.
We the greatest, no hesitation through hatred To be the great DNA gifted to most folks 'Cause when the pressure's on, I start to close, I won't fold Ice in my veins keep me frozen Only one chosen One, two, glow like the sound of explosion Coming up I'm coming up Feel the rush We've got to get to the meteorite on the other side of that door.
Charging the infrared pulse ram.
You hit us, you get hit back.
Whoa-oh-oh, whoa-oh-oh Ah, ah, ah We may have gotten a little aggressive.
Scan for a trigger mechanism.
You know we can scan from outside.
Whoa, whoa, oh-oh-oh Ah Superhuman I remain Now let me give you what you came for Oh hell, no! Fell asleep a man, woke up superhuman.
I was unfortunately prevented from getting the meteorite.
Because of the ghosts.
Come on.
Say it.
Here's what I'll say.
I do need your help.
I Wait.
Why are you wearing a prom dress? Oh, I might have to go to this thing this week.
An ugly dress party? No.
It's for Everett Hudson.
I owe his wife a favor.
What kind of favor? Just the kind that you would owe murderous, life-shattering billionaires.
I can help with that.
After we find my meteorite.
Deal? Only if we can bring backup this time.
If we're gonna recover the meteorite, we need to know exactly what happened in Icarus Hall, 1939, Christmas Eve.
According to The Horseshoe Bay Gazette, it was a gas leak that killed the Icarans.
And now their phantoms haunt the hall.
- Since when do ghosts get so mad about gas? - They don't.
Clearly, some other terrible thing happened that night.
Checked the library.
Do have a lead on a crime scene photographer from the 1930s, though.
Nothing more on phantoms yet.
So, have you always been into magic, or did you want to be Black Harry Potter? Yeah.
Harry with Kobe's jump shot, right? Yeah, and I wanted to be Harry with Dumbledore's fits.
Yeah, you'd look good.
Damn! Who did that to you? Oh, yeah, your lineup is an act - of violence.
- Yeah.
I did it myself.
See, I went into the Horseshoe Bay barbershop, but the guy took one look at my hair, had a panic attack.
So I'm taking it you went to a white barber? Look, I am so sorry about that.
Yeah, I mean, uh, there's a Black barbershop like three hours from here, but mostly, it's just it's just me, my clippers and YouTube.
- So if you take the, uh, double clips - Uh-huh.
and you just slide it across the back and just don't Hey, what are you guys talking about? Nothing.
I'm I'm gonna head out.
Nothing? Nothing.
We're just-just Hey, it's just it's just it's It's just cool to finally talk to someone my age who's Black.
So, you're a different person when you're not around other Black people? I mean, it's more complicated than that, but kind of? Hey.
Hey, look, okay, let's talk about it tonight, okay? No code-switching, nothing, all right? I'm still taking you on that date, you know.
Okay, well, the town is falling apart, so it's dangerous to go outside.
Well, if the world is gonna end, I want to end it next to you.
Hey, tracked down the crime scene photos from the '30s.
You guys want to go for a ride? Sure, let's pre-game.
Well, first, I need a favor.
Val Samuels seems to be chasing Ryan.
I think she's working against him, but I need proof.
Uh, Ace, can you hack into Ryan's phone so I can figure out which hotel room she's staying in, steal her laptop? - Yeah.
- Let us know what you find out.
I wasn't gonna ask you to steal.
I'm not No, no, no.
No, you're not enabling my addiction.
No, no, no, I only get, like, a buzz off shiny things, remember? So, I'll do it.
I think Florence enjoys my touch.
I should give you inside intel on the workings of hotel fire alarm systems more often.
That's not why you're sitting there.
I wanted Florence to get to know you better.
I want that, too.
Oh! Hey, got it! Val's laptop! - We have to go.
- Yeah.
- Have fun.
- Yeah.
Thanks for the assist.
Hacking treat for later.
Sounds like Florence likes her, as well.
So this is your idea of romance? This will just take a second.
Hey, Nick.
How did it go? Uh, Ace's dad found this for us in the police station archives.
Yeah, back in the 1930s, the police photographer in town held onto his prints.
The department kept the portfolio.
That one.
That one.
That is definitely Icarus Hall.
That's not a gas leak.
That's people slaughtering each other.
Now I get the cover-up.
That's pretty bad PR for the patriarchy.
- Thanks, Nick.
- Yup.
If I dial up the concentration of beryllium in the outer compartment, maybe this carrying case I designed for the meteorite can protect us from its effects.
Do you really think that the meteorite caused the Icarans to go mad and start killing each other? Because that thing was traveled around in carnivals for a decade, and no one ever got slaughtered.
It's packed full of rare cosmic isotopes.
Any one of them could have hit an awkward half-life in 1939 and driven the Icarans mad.
Okay, then, you take care of counteracting the isotopes, and I am going to try and figure out what made the phantoms so vengeful.
Cool, you do that, and I'll pretend anything you just said makes sense.
So, introduce me to the real Nick.
I am the real Nick.
- Mm-hmm.
- But I don't like Lemon Demon.
"Cabinet Man" is our favorite song.
No, I I googled "Cabinet Man" because I liked you.
Also, I've never seen Friends.
Even after I binge-watched it? Look, being one of the only Black guys in a town like this isn't just about haircuts and-and favorite songs.
There's this guy in The Claw, and he comes in every week.
And he loves to sing along with rap lyrics, and he says the "N" word a lot.
So why don't you just tell him to stop? Because then they just say, "Why do you get to say it, but I don't?" And then I have to argue with them about how that word is offensive, knowing full well that they are not gonna hear me.
Explaining yourself all the time is just exhausting.
It's easier just to keep quiet than be the angry Black guy.
I get that.
I just I just thought that you were comfortable showing me all of you.
Then why haven't you shown the world us? You never post us.
Okay, since when are since when are you on social media? I looked at your feed today because I wanted ideas for tonight.
You post your recipes.
You post The Claw.
You post your sisters.
And I saw your family commenting on there a lot.
So maybe you don't want them to see you with a Black man? Hey, we don't have to go right away.
Wh-Whoa! - I'm so sorry.
- Uh or-or we could go right now.
Another new outfit? Different tactics, different armor.
Okay, so what are these again? Beryllium-neutron field emitters, to shield us from the meteorite effects.
- How do we know they're working? - If the meteorite doesn't turn us into a bunch of murdering lunatics.
Since the phantoms yes, I just used the word "phantoms", say nothing are attracted to body heat, I calibrated these nanobots to the exact temperature of a human body.
You invented those? - Mm-hmm.
- Oh, so the Icarans chase after them instead of us.
That's smart.
See? No phantoms.
Thanks, science.
You're welcome.
The meteorite's got to be under there.
There's a hidden compartment in the floor, sealed by these magnetic latches.
It's right there.
Are you okay? Bess? Uh, what was that smoke? Bess? Go, go, go, go.
Nick! We're gonna come back to fix this! Sorry! The beryllium should've protected Bess from the meteorite's effects.
The meteorite didn't cause the madness.
I've seen that kind of smoke before.
It was the Women in White.
Okay, I feel like we've maxed out on secret societies.
This is more like a spooky sorority.
That smoke is one of their trademarks, but it's not the only one.
The Women in White have a thing for animal bones, herbs, dead insects.
You have a mobile witch library? Yeah, this belonged to one of them.
Vampire moths.
Here we go.
"To hex a soul with murderous fury" You know what, I'm gonna text Hannah Gruen, see if the Women in White were still active in 1939.
I'm guessing they placed the hex over the meteorite's hiding spot so that it would go off when the Icarans opened the compartment on Christmas Eve.
A catalyst for a different outcome.
Courtesy of these practitioners.
The successors of the Women in White were still working under the radar in 1939.
Now, why they wanted the Icarans to murder each other, that is a whole other question.
Thank you.
Can't let you bleed to death.
Um what you said before, about not posting pictures of us I was hiding you.
My grandfather is on social media, and sometimes older Chinese people can be prejudiced towards Black people.
And I didn't want any of his toxic crap to get in the way of us.
Well I can't promise my friends back in Miami Gardens won't say something reckless about me dating an Asian girl, either.
Would they expect me to be harmless, submissive and well-behaved? Why do you think I'm so prickly sometimes? 'Cause the world expects me to be polite and super high-achieving and awesome at math.
That sounds frustrating.
Maybe not as frustrating as having white guys argue with you about why they can use racial slurs.
Tell you what.
Mm? I'll watch Friends with you if you watch Coming to America with me.
- 'Kay.
- Mm-hmm.
Next time that jackass comes in, I'll just tell him he can't do racist karaoke in our restaurant.
And I'll be right there next to you with a skillet to enforce it.
Tom, your pulse rate is 120.
You've got this.
Something tells me your intensity isn't just because you're worried about saving my town.
You never really did explain why you needed this meteorite.
This particular meteorite is made of a rare substance called ciemedelum.
Unique in the universe.
Kind of like my dad.
Care to elaborate? Commander Barton Swift.
He's a Navy pilot world explorer and CEO.
He beats everybody at spades.
He's bigger than the stars.
And I'm supposed to be his reflection.
But to him, no matter what I do, the fact that I'm doing it gay means I'm never going to be good enough to be his son.
So I play along with his little games of selective memory and hetero matchmaking, keep hope alive.
He's always wanted to explore outer space, and this meteorite can make that possible.
I can diffuse it into a fuel so powerful I can take him to Saturn on a spaceship I built.
Which-which might be enough for him to see me as his brilliant inventor son instead of his gay disappointment.
Could he ever see you as his brilliant inventor son - and gay? - Perhaps.
But there's something nice about keeping power over one piece of my identity.
If I force my dad to acknowledge I'm gay, I become vulnerable.
Because then I'll know what he actually thinks.
So you keep it hidden? I just put that part of myself away, to protect it.
To protect me.
That can work for you, too, by the way, if you want to survive a bunch of life-shattering billionaires.
You just have to tuck Nancy Drew under some armor.
My armor is Balmain, fast cars, savage wit.
So you're gonna lend me your Ferrari? Girl Maybe.
It's like a Fourier transform in calc.
You know? Sometimes you can be in the middle of a function, and the only way to solve it is to do some trig.
To do something you never thought would work for you.
Calm down.
I have an idea.
As I recall, the hex came out and hit Bess after she pulled the latch in the floor.
Thank you.
My instruments detected a magnet there.
If the origin of the hex is underneath those floorboards, then I could destroy it at its source.
Watch out.
Hey, what is her name? Your car, I mean.
His name is Chris.
Mine's Florence.
Came to me in a dream.
- Nancy, Ryan's mom - is being blackmailed by his new girlfriend.
But Val's emails are gonna have to wait, 'cause I just found a ritual to break the hex.
All right.
I'm gonna create a neutralizing electromagnetic field that will override the latch and get you access to the hex's source.
Huh? Mine is better, right? Oh, no.
Bess went full Jack Nicholson.
I'll, uh, stand watch.
Barclay, override the trip wire with the electromagnet.
Tom, wait.
The hex is still gonna go off if you touch it.
There's only one way to destroy it.
"Sanguine power, given freely, conquer this hex.
With my blood, erase the veil and free the afflicted".
Good news, bad news! I found Bess.
Bess? Hey.
Stop! What is that? The hex is fighting back.
No! No, no! Damn it.
We have to finish this ritual.
Please tell me you have a fire extinguisher on that holster thing? I don't, but Okay.
Uh, Barclay, on my mark, vibrate at 50 terahertz.
- Ready? - Ready.
Oh! Now.
You're using a piece of wood as a fire hose.
You just started a fire with your blood.
How did you ? Everything organic is partially made up of water.
And if vibrated at the right frequency by something as powerful as Barclay, everything becomes a fire hose.
"With my blood, I erase the veil and free the afflicted".
"Once the bundles turn to ash, the hex is broken".
We did it.
What Did we get the meteorite? Now I can build my dad a spaceship.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Somebody left this at my house with your emails on the home screen.
Give me one reason why I shouldn't turn you in to the cops.
Well, if you were serious about it, I'd be in jail already.
But you're not really on your parents' side, are you? Yeah, but that doesn't mean that I'm okay with you blackmailing my mother and endangering Nancy.
Look, I haven't gone public about Nancy yet, and I'm not going to.
I had to blackmail your mother as an insurance policy.
Gonna bring down your father, which is the only way to keep Nancy safe and, I don't know, win a Pulitzer while I'm at it.
But, also, I can see that underneath this billionaire candy shell, that there's a decent man who wants to do what's right.
And maybe Maybe I just don't feel like hurting you.
Once the hex was broken, the phantoms were finally able to move on.
Why did the Women in White want to kill them in the first place? Well, here's what I took from the Historical Society.
So, in 1920, women won the right to vote.
- Right.
- Then when the Icarans took over Horseshoe Bay, they started barring women from casting ballots through intimidation and violence.
Fear a Woman in White scorned.
- That's not the end of the story.
- Yeah.
I was thinking about what we saw in there.
I counted only eight phantoms, but I remember seeing ten Icarans in the photos.
So it turns out two of them survived the massacre.
They left Horseshoe Bay, went to Boston and rebranded themselves.
That logo The Icarans became The Road Back.
The Illuminati group that went after my brother's mom.
That's why he grew up in witness protection.
According to the dark corners of the Web, The Road Back has people everywhere.
Governments, business, law.
But there's no official trace of them out there.
The operative phrase being "out there" in the big wide world, no longer here in your nice little town.
Celestial radiation suppressed.
Just like what needs to happen with you.
Put Nancy Drew in a beryllium box? While Nancy Hudson does what needs to be done to survive her billionaire family.
I'm not psychic, but that spell book from Temperance Hudson you used specifically said "my blood", as in DNA.
Therefore, you must be a Hudson.
Hey, your secret is safe with me, Nancy.
Let's make a deal.
I'll try putting some armor on if you try taking yours off.
Unless you wanted to live in a beryllium box with Geraldine forever, which, if you do, I get it.
Look, I've tried explaining the truth to my dad, but words have just failed us, so Maybe you need something more than words.
Honestly? Screw it.
My trust is already vested.
Now I just need to find a gorgeous man to kiss, put it on the Internet, and there's no way my dad will pretend anymore.
Hey, Nick, help your boy out.
One pic, no tongue.
Never talk about my hairline again, and I'm in.
Oh, brother, it's flawless.
Like Lebron's.
Oh, right.
Hey, is, uh, is a photo okay with you? There's an extra person living in my body.
You're good.
Okay, let's do it.
All right.
Use the presets.
Touch nothing.
Uh, you mind taking this off for me? - All right.
- Come on, let's give them a show.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
I posted it on your live feed, Tom.
They're saying Nick's biceps look like thighceps.
Oh, that's very kind of you, Internet.
Oh, this is gonna take some explaining to my dad, but hey.
And now I can stop explaining to my dad.
- Thanks, Nick.
- Yo, there's, like, ten comments here that just say "eyes".
Come here.
You got to kiss me next.
I wonder, does Emily Tyson still follow me? She's gonna be so jealous.
Grandpa Fan will just have to deal.
It was a pleasure working together.
Even though I constantly disagreed with you? Actually, I found it kind of refreshing.
Your armor is here.
I already Venmo'd your payment, but here's a bonus.
This is incredible.
In Balmain, Nancy Drew is bulletproof.
Thank you.
Tom, it's your father calling.
Guess my dad saw the pic.
I'm gonna take this in the car.
Hello? Dad? Barclay, driving mode.
Dad, hold on.
I found the meteorite.
I'm sending you to Saturn.
See you soon.
So, who wants to clean out the grease traps? I do.
What better way to spend my last night as Nancy Drew? Tomorrow, the world meets Nancy Hudson.
- treker79 -
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