Nancy Drew (2019) s02e16 Episode Script

The Purloined Keys

What have you done? (GUTTURAL GASPING) (MUFFLED SCREAMING) (SCREAMING) Nancy! Nancy! Nancy! Nancy! Hey.
Hey, hey, hey, hey.
Hey, hey, it was just a nightmare.
It's okay.
You're okay.
You're okay.
You want to talk about that nightmare? It's probably just anxiety over my meeting with Celia this morning.
We're going over the guest list for Everett's Beat the Rap party.
Maybe she wants to rehearse how you're going to tell Everett you're his granddaughter.
Unless you've changed your mind about that? (SIGHS) Here we go.
So that's still the plan? You're giving away your entire identity.
No, I'm not.
I'm playing a role.
Nancy Drew will be tucked away inside of me the whole time.
Don't worry.
(DOOR OPENS) NICK: Well, we tried to link Everett to extortion and tax evasion, and we almost had him on conspiracy to murder with the Bonny Scot, but then Nancy put a stop to that.
Still, we know he's had people killed.
And my contact at the company, Howard the accountant he's supposed to be meeting us.
He sent me an encrypted text saying there's something called "the Black Crown tape" that shows Everett committing a murder himself.
RYAN: Yeah, and this-this could be the straw that takes down the whole house of dominos.
Okay, mixed metaphors aside, don't you think something smells a little fishy here? Your contact is over a half an hour late.
And why would someone keep a murder tape? Well, if it exists, I can think of a few reasons someone might keep something like that around.
Most of them nasty.
Maybe we should go by Howard's hotel.
He's staying at the Breaker.
- Okay.
- Thank you.
(CLEARS THROAT) So, everybody (ENTRY BELL JINGLES) now that the distractions have gone, can we please hi focus on the matter at hand - dating profile pic.
- Cute.
I'm really gonna need some more feedback here, guys.
Unless she wants me to keep pining for the ghost that lives inside her.
She doesn't.
She has enough on her plate already, what with the dire warning she got from Aunt Mei.
What dire warning? (BELL CLANGS, SEA GULL SQUAWKS) (CLASSICAL MUSIC PLAYING) "Everett and Josiah Hudson".
Good morning.
I saw your name on my wife's schedule, so I'm taking the opportunity to speak with you.
Is Celia running late? Mm.
I wouldn't expect my wife to keep track of time today.
She gets this way when she's planning one of her parties.
All obligations go out the window when table settings are on the line.
Well, I should go find her then.
I have a job for you.
Celia is convinced that your skills as an investigator could be an asset to our family.
After your performance with the D.
recanting your testimony, I'm willing to give you another chance to demonstrate your loyalty.
You mean you want to test me.
What's the job? While I was under indictment, several of my accounts were frozen.
- Hmm.
- I've been forced to clean up some messes that never should have been made.
And that has revealed some issues with one of my favorite accountants.
What's the problem? Numbers not adding up, or ? Howard has been less than careful with confidential corporate information.
Someone got in his head, convinced him to start telling tales out of school.
Howard wouldn't confess to it when I fired him yesterday, but I need to know who has been talking to him, and who else, in turn, Howard has been leaking lies to.
Lies about me and my company.
Why are you asking me? Don't you have people for this kind of thing? Since Howard was compromised, I no longer know who I can trust among my other employees.
I had his phone and computer confiscated.
I can have them delivered to your house.
I'll let you know what I find.
Driscoll? It's Amanda from front desk.
Howard? You try his cell? No answer.
VAL: Well, there's no "Do Not Disturb" on the door maybe it's time to make up his room? Mm.
That's it? You're just gonna ask for, like, a favor? I'm sorry.
I thought that the bribe was implied.
- Hmm.
- Um, all I've got is big bills, so That'll do.
NICK: His bed's made? Housekeeping hasn't been in here, right? Maybe the dude's just tidy.
VAL: His bag's over here, but I don't see a videotape.
Uh, something's blocking this door.
I'm starting to believe that murder videotape of Everett's does exist.
And someone here really didn't want it found.
(GASPS, PANTS) Hey, guys.
Oh, my Okay, um, I'm gonna call the cops.
Don't touch anything.
Uh, so, it looks like Howard killed himself.
Yeah, "looks like".
NICK: What do you mean? Window doesn't open all the way, and the door was blocked from the inside.
Yeah, but a killer could have slipped out.
What, you think someone made him swallow pills and just fake his suicide? I think your father has the motive and the means to make this happen.
- Oh, no.
Um - (CLEARS THROAT) - Hello? Hey, is Howard Driscoll your source? Everett asked me to find out who made Howard turn on him.
Oh, he he asked you? Am I and I crazy or are you on the job for Everett Hudson? He's testing me.
I'm obviously not gonna tell him anything about you and Ryan.
NICK: So, Everett knows - Howard was talking? - NANCY: Yeah.
It's pretty clear that there's a piece of information Everett is worried about.
He fired Howard for sharing it, but he doesn't know who Howard shared it with.
NANCY: Have you been in contact - with Howard recently? - NICK: Uh, no.
No, I haven't connected with him since we since we first met.
Um, sorry.
I'll-I'll see you later.
(CLICK, DIAL TONE) - CELIA: Nancy? - Okay.
Nancy? There you are.
I am handling a million different things.
- So much is riding on this party.
- Mm.
Oh, God, I made such a mistake with that list.
Can we talk about the guest list in a second? Everett just asked me I know.
I know.
We talked.
He said he needed my help.
I don't know what he's after.
We need to be careful.
Now, I have to do an interview, and then I'm gonna go and confirm the floral arrangements.
Let's talk there.
The flower shop.
What time? Was that a 2:00? Or 3:00? Okay.
Do you want me to clear this away, or ? I'm not sure.
Celia Hudson asked me to do this preparty puff interview, but what are the odds I'm being stood up again? Pretty decent.
But, actually, meanwhile, while I have you, you're a slightly judgy outside observer, right? Can you, um, can you look at this profile with me, please? No, no, no, it's okay.
I have pottery, okay? I have a dog and a cat.
Here's me on top of a mountain.
Here's me underneath the water.
But it Obviously, someone has been cut out in these photos, right? I mean - This isn't you.
Who is this? - I-I don't know.
It's just someone's dating app screaming, "Look how great my life is.
I am totally whole and undamaged".
Bess, what is the problem? Just be yourself.
A former con artist who likes to dabble in the supernatural looking to rebound from a crush on a dead woman! - Excuse me one second.
- I am unswipable.
RYAN: Hey, Ace.
So, I've got a guy over at the Seabury Prison who confirmed that Howard was there yesterday visiting an inmate.
What does that mean, you got a guy? I got a guy.
Okay? That's for your girlfriend.
She's been helping us out.
Maybe she can keep helping us out.
Look, if this inmate pointed Howard to the murder tape, then we need to pay this inmate a visit.
Who's the inmate? Bertram Bobbsey.
Gil and Amanda's dad? CARSON: Hey.
This came for you.
Messenger from Everett Hudson.
Used to send me packages like this.
I regret every one I opened.
Everett asked for my help with a mission.
Part olive branch, part loyalty test.
You were the one that said, "Do whatever it takes to stay alive".
Before you recanted your testimony.
Before he asked you for whatever this is.
Another piece of your soul? NANCY: Howard Driscoll's ID and passwords.
(EXHALES) You're just being dramatic.
I'm just being protective.
(COMPUTER CHIMES) You know, it was Kate who pulled me away from the Hudsons after you were born.
She saw what they were pushing me to become, so she said, "Let's pack our bags and go to Europe".
Running away didn't really fix your problems, did it? What if you talked to the D.
about turning state's evidence? Are you suggesting I go into witness protection? That's your plan B? - There's - (SIGHS) (COMPUTER CHIMES) I can see why Everett wanted help.
What kind of email address even is this? That's an inmate address.
I use the same connection service at Seabury Prison.
- Whose laptop is this? - Everett's favorite accountant.
Who's been leaking information to Nick.
And I would ask Nick about it, but I think he's been lying to me.
So, Howard was talking to someone in the prison, too.
Someone who sent some emails last week.
Something about missing payments.
- (SIGHS) - Maybe Howard knows what the payments are for.
Okay, undoubtedly something that you should stay away from.
Please, stop before engaging with Everett any further.
Not while Nick and Ryan are still out there unprotected.
I'll tell you what.
I I'll hold off on answering Everett, okay? - Okay.
- Running late anyway.
I promised Celia that I would meet her at the flower shop.
I knew you were hiding something.
Why are you shutting me out? NICK: We're looking out for you, Nancy.
Lives are on the line, and you are overleveraged with too many loyalties.
I took this case to look out for all of us.
He's dead, Nancy.
Howard is dead.
NICK: We found him in his hotel room.
Cops are there now, and it looks like a very convenient suicide.
NANCY: If Everett is closing the loop on people that he can't trust, - you two could be next.
- Everett is a lot less worried about what Howard told us than what his prisoner friend told Howard.
- (LOCK BUZZES) - Bertram Bobbsey.
Former Hudson groundskeeper.
I ID'd him through his pay history, which predates incarceration.
We're after the same information.
We can work together.
Well, I-I called ahead to talk to Mr.
NICK: You won't be able to get in.
Uh, his visiting hour's been booked by a family member.
We're out here waiting for Amanda Bobbsey.
She's already inside with her dad.
And I think it's best if you just step back from this one.
You don't know me at all, do you? - (LOCK BUZZES) - (FOOTSTEPS APPROACHING) Hi, Dad.
Well, this is very irregular.
Who's this boy who is not your brother? Uh, mm, this-this is Ace.
Good to meet you, sir.
You, too.
She never lets me meet her boyfriends.
This must be important.
Uh, Dad, you had a visitor recently.
Also not your brother.
He's stubborn like that.
BERTRAM: I bet you can get through to him, though.
AMANDA: Okay, fine.
If I bring him with me next Sunday, will you answer some questions about your other visitor? Aw, anything for you, Panda Bear.
(LOCK BUZZES) RAY: I know I owe you a favor from that thing with my niece at the ski jump, but there's nothing I can do.
- There's limits on visitations.
- Okay.
Can you tell me about this man that was here yesterday? Glasses, tie with a big knot.
Name's Howard Driscoll? RAY: Yeah, I checked him in.
I thought he was a lawyer.
He got pissy when I said he couldn't take his pen and pad in.
That's the rules.
Got it.
Yeah, some people like to take longhand notes.
Thank you.
Seems like it'd be easier to talk to Howard yourself, though.
Right? Instead of coming out here to see me? He told our friends about a tape.
Did he learn about it from you? The Black Crown tape.
Yeah, I told him where it was locked up.
I thought it'd kick the gears into place and get my canteen money flowing again.
He didn't try to get in the hiding place, did he? What would happen if he did? It might defy nature.
Like a flower that grows in total darkness.
You see, the help sees more than you think they do.
I saw Everett Hudson burn that tape.
I saw him smash it into pieces.
I saw him throw it in the bay.
But no matter what he did, that tape just kept coming back.
It'd show up on his doorstep in perfect condition every time.
If that's not a haunting, I don't know what is.
And if you can't destroy something like that, you better hide it.
ACE: So, before this, Everett had you on payroll to keep you quiet? Because you know where the bodies are buried? Panda Bear, everybody knows where the bodies are buried.
But why are you asking me? Hmm? If Howard told your friends, then why can't he tell you? H-He's dead.
It happened this morning.
Guard! You need to forget you heard anything about this.
The only reason I told Howard about that tape was to get him to start paying me again.
He shouldn't have looked any farther, - and neither should you.
- Mr.
Bobbsey, if the tape is worth killing for, - you could be next.
We - Guard, we're done here! (LOCK CLICKS) Dad, just tell us where Everett hid the tape.
You know too much already.
Dad - (LOCK BEEPS, CLICKS) - What do you know? AMANDA: What I know about my dad is he loves to collect keys.
NICK: And by that, you mean your father steals keys.
He holds on to them.
Just in case.
There is a lock that needs opening.
"Try to get in the place", he said.
- The videotape is locked up.
- AMANDA: Right.
And for every lock, there's a key.
What did he do for your family? Well, he looked after the grounds at the lodge.
Made an okay garden trellis, too, I guess.
- Thanks? - RYAN: Wait.
I think this went to my high school Porsche.
ACE: Do you recognize any others? (PHONE BUZZING) It's Nancy.
So, what was in Howard's notebook? He didn't turn it over.
It's property of Hudson Enterprises.
Um, uh, wh-what notebook? The GPS on Howard's phone says that he only drove to the prison and his hotel.
If I find out that you removed the notebook from his room - and you are lying - Look, Nancy, we didn't take anything - from a murder scene.
- No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.
Anything we say to her could make its way to Everett.
(THUNDER RUMBLES) Wait, if Howard drove, where's his car? (PHONE BUZZING) Your mother's beyond late for our interview.
RYAN: Yeah, well, I told you.
Before a party, she's like a chicken with her head cut off, so Hey, you didn't happen to see a notebook at, uh, the hotel, did you? It would've been in Howard's things? No.
Why? Well, I think we're about a half a step ahead of Nancy, but you're a lot closer to the hotel than we are.
I'm on it.
(SIREN WAILS) NANCY: Let's see what Howard's phone can do.
(LOCK CHIRPS) (GRUNTS SOFTLY) Taking evidence from a dead man's vehicle.
May require some explaining.
(THUNDER RUMBLES) All I have to do is whistle.
You know you started this whole thing, right? With your quest to drag every Hudson on the front page.
The ripple effect is spreading.
You're gonna get somebody killed.
Maybe you already did.
That's not worth a Pulitzer.
Okay, just give me the notebook.
Give me the n (CAR BEEPS) Now neither of us can have it.
Howard wrote down GPS coordinates that point to the Hudson Hunting Lodge? What the hell is there? (PHONE BUZZING) Hey, Bess.
George wants to know if you're ever gonna show up for your shift.
Did-did she not get my text? That's so weird.
I can't come in.
I convinced Nick and Ryan to let me help.
And I think I have a location.
Of what? The thing they want really badly.
(GASPS) The Black Crown tape.
Oh, my gosh, how did you get Oh, sorry, that's Nick calling on the other line.
I got to go.
I think Nancy just used me for information.
And I don't know how I feel about that.
And I'm not sure how I feel about Nancy skipping another shift again, but, hey, here we all are.
Hope Jesse feels like being a waitress again today.
Do you want to talk about what's really bothering you? Hey, Ace told me that Aunt Mei said something about your lifeline being cut short 'cause of Odette.
(SIGHS) Not talking about that.
Anyway, you're just using that as an excuse not to finish your dating profile.
No, I'm deleting that.
No way.
No, I'm gonna be a ghost-whispering spinster for the rest of my life, and no profile can change that.
(LAUGHS SOFTLY) Read the latest draft.
(SIGHS) "Looking for someone whose sense of wonder will match my own.
Someone who is open to new experiences, who is unafraid of looking at the world in a way that challenges prior beliefs.
Someone who is courageous and loyal like I am".
Just thought that people should know the truth.
You wrote this? With a little help from Odette.
Most of the good stuff was her idea.
But not all of it, of course.
Some of it was mine.
We both just want you to be happy, Bess.
(LAUGHS) Thank you.
(SNIFFLES) And Hey, I won't press you to tell me what Aunt Mei said, but if you are ready to talk about it, then I will come to you, I promise.
Sorry I'm late.
I-I'm in the middle of trying to track something down for your husband.
The Black Crown tape.
Have you heard of it? - No.
- I'm just trying to figure out if it's something that E-Everett needs or it's something that he already knows about and is using to trap me or other people.
I think Everett found out.
He knows our little secret.
Are you sure? What did he say? I know my husband, and something isn't right.
I should have done more to protect you.
To protect myself.
You're not the only secret that I've kept from Everett.
Now what if this has put you in more danger? I mean, what kind of a grandmother am I? I-I think that if Everett knew the truth, he wouldn't bother putting me through a loyalty test.
Right now, I'm playing my part.
As-as long as I get Everett the information he needs about Howard, then I should be good.
I'll have proven myself.
Well, that's not our only problem.
The florist will not confirm the details of our delivery.
You know, you tell someone that their work is substandard once, okay, maybe twice, and all of a sudden they act as if they're too good for your business.
Okay, well, I will talk to Lily.
Do that.
And do tell her that I disapprove of her customer service.
I will definitely not do that.
What I want to know is why did Everett keep paying Bobbsey after he went to jail.
Was it to keep him quiet about the Black Crown tape? No.
No, Bobbsey would be dead if Everett thought he knew about the tape.
The payments Everett makes, they're for former employees that are in jail now, you know, it keeps them happy.
Happy people don't talk to the Feds about who they saw coming and going from the lodge or what they overheard over the years.
It's kind of like an insurance policy, you know? Wait.
This is a greenhouse.
We didn't have a greenhouse.
- Really? - No.
VAL: Must be a clue.
What did you have that was green? Uh, tennis courts were green, uh, swimming pool topiaries.
The old stable was green.
What was, uh, overgrown? I mean, pretty much everything.
Bobbsey was a lousy groundskeeper.
Again, no offense.
Okay, well-well, what did he work on that was especially half-assed? Well, the old stables.
For sure.
And the aviaries.
Totally normal thing to have.
Family mausoleum was overgrown.
The Was he trying to tell us ? "Everyone knows where the bodies are buried".
Yeah, leave it to my dad to have a sick sense of humor about where he hides stuff.
Okay, come on.
It's time to go visit my favorite relatives.
The dead ones.
(PHONE BUZZING) Hello, Everett.
What can I do for you? I wanted to check on your progress.
Unfortunately, Howard was found dead in his hotel.
Apparently it was a suicide.
That's regrettable.
Perhaps he was motivated by his guilt about betraying me.
Were you able to glean any information about who he had been in contact with? I was able to locate his personal notebook, and, um, the-the most recent entry before he killed himself indicates that he met with someone who gave him a string of numbers.
I can't figure out what the numbers mean yet, but maybe a bank account? Focus on who gave him the numbers.
It's imperative that I learn the identity of that person.
Celia led me to believe you were more effective than this.
So Everett didn't ask what the numbers mean because he already knows.
He wanted to know who Howard's contact was.
But he must have a way of finding that out now.
(SIGHS) Hey, you know it's not too late to Is that new? Yeah, it was a gift from a friend.
- What were you saying? - Um, I was I was saying that it's not too late for you to change your mind about this party.
You're putting yourself in danger, and you know it, Nancy.
You're being reckless.
I am trying to stay alive.
And I'm trying to keep my friends alive.
And I am trying to be everything to everyone and I'm so sick of everybody doubting me instead of trusting me, because I know what I'm doing.
I do trust you.
Nancy, I do trust you.
I'm sorry.
I'm just I worry.
So, then at least humor me.
For old times' sake? (EXHALES) One (CAMERA WHIRRING) You cheated.
And - Thank you.
- You're welcome.
Be safe tonight.
Especially around Everett.
I will.
I won't walk into any traps.
I won't walk into any traps.
What's wrong? Nick and Ryan are about to make a huge mistake and I need to go stop them.
This is Ned Nickerson.
I can't come to the phone right now.
Please leave a message.
NICK: Let's get this videotape and send Everett to jail for good.
You get to desecrate their graves.
Let's start with the closest one.
VAL: 22 archaeologists died opening Tutankhamun's tomb.
You believe in curses? RYAN: Hey, can we not right now, please? (GASPS SOFTLY) Do you think he put it in there? Nah, I know my dad's messed up, but I don't think he'd go that far.
Hey, guys? This one barely has any dust on it.
And the seal looks fresh.
"Elora Hudson".
My Aunt Elora, she was cremated.
No dust.
(RYAN GRUNTS SOFTLY) I thought Everett hid this evidence years ago.
NANCY: Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait! Stop! What's going on? You just walked right into Everett's trap.
(QUIETLY): What? (SIGHS) Smile, Ryan, we're on camera.
I was calling you to warn you.
I spent all day today trying to make sure that this didn't happen! And you played right into his hand.
Now Everett thinks that you and Val are the people that Howard was leaking to.
Your father knows that you betrayed him.
The evidence we were hunting down, it-it was worth the risk.
Was it? The videotape isn't in there, because of course it's not, because Everett moved it the second he found out that Howard was looking into it.
And now Val and Ryan are next on his hit list.
VAL: Okay, but he's not actually - gonna go after his own son.
- Yes, he is.
Even if he regrets it later, when Everett gets angry, he can't control himself.
- He sees red.
- You need to get her out of town.
No credit cards.
Nothing in her name.
Ditch your cell phone.
No communication with work or with Ryan or your favorite aunt.
Okay? Not until Everett is gone.
Hey, hey, hey.
Where you going? Celia managed to convince Everette to trust me.
If anyone can stop him from doing whatever he's about to do to Val and Ryan, it's Celia.
(CAR DOOR OPENS) (ENGINE STARTS) We need to talk, in private.
Would you help me? The champagne flutes are still in the boxes.
Ryan is in trouble.
He was the one working with Howard, - and now Everett knows.
- Everett? I think he knows our secret.
Yeah, I know.
You-you told me that earlier.
Are you okay? Why aren't you dressed for the party? The champagne flutes should be in here somewhere.
(GASPS) (SCREAMS) (SHUDDERING) The body is in rigor mortis, so you've been dead a minimum of eight to 12 hours.
Maybe all day.
You kept talking about Everett.
(ECHOING): I think Everett found out.
He knows our little secret.
Did Everett kill you? - I don't know.
- Did-did he hire somebody? Was it because of me, because of because he found out, or was it something else? I don't remember.
I can't remember.
My God, how far ahead of me is he? I thought that I was just having to pass a loyalty test, but I already failed.
He he murdered you for lying.
His own wife! And if he's willing to kill you I thought I was trying to pr I thought that I could protect everybody, but now I don't stand a chance.
I don't stand a chance.
- (SOBBING) - It's okay.
Shh (WHISPERS): It's okay.
I am so sorry.
I can't stay.
No, no, no, no.
No, no, no, no.
- (WIND RUSHING) - Don't go.
No, please don't go.
(INDISTINCT VOICES IN DISTANCE) (EERIE, ECHOING BREATH) (BREATH TREMBLING) ACE: You're gonna want to get a new one in a week or two, max, just to be safe.
I got Ryan a burner phone, too.
The number's in there just, you can't call him from any other line.
Not sure how you feel about sardines, - but - (BESS GROANS) This box is pretty unfortunate, but this book is really good so take that.
And then this sweater is kind of cute, but wash it before you wear it.
Listen, this is gonna hold you over for a while.
- No.
No, no.
I can't take this.
- Yes.
Yes, you can.
- You have to.
- No.
I can help you figure this out.
I don't want to leave you.
Let's give them a minute, guys.
Look, Nick can stay, all right? Because he wasn't caught on camera.
So he's safe for a while, but you and I, we're not.
- My dad will send somebody for you.
- Yeah, but what about you? I'm gonna stay, and I'm gonna fight this.
Okay? I can buy time, but you can't.
But when it's safe, I'm gonna come get you.
But until then, I need you to stay underground.
And I need to make sure that you're okay, 'cause I have already lost too many women that I care about.
(EXHALES) Care about? The tone of your voice when speaking Take care of the reporter now.
I'll speak to Ryan myself.
I can't take much more How theatrical.
Nice dress.
Much more You hired me because you were worried about Howard and what information he might have leaked.
But it's not him you should be worried about.
And I'm waiting, waiting What are those marks? Patiently I'll wait patient, I'll wait patient Mm.
Then who should I be worried about, in your estimation? Me.
Your granddaughter.
(RAPID CLICKING) (STRAINED GRUNTING) I'm waiting, waiting Patient, patiently Okay, Gil, let's go.
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