Nancy Drew (2019) s02e17 Episode Script

The Judgement of the Perilous Captive

1 Are you insane? Do you have any idea what you've done? The bag goes back on as easily as it comes off.
All I want to hear from you is how you killed Celia and why.
What? Was I not loud enough? You murdered her.
Where's the weapon? Celia's dead? This guy.
I told you, we're gonna have to make him talk.
Gil Bobbsey.
Stole a limo, helped out with a kidnapping.
If you wanted to join your father in prison, well, mission accomplished.
This guy killed his wife because she was keeping you, his granddaughter, a secret.
All right? What do you think he does when he finds out my dad's been telling anyone who'll listen - about his Black Crown tape? - Gil, I have it covered.
Just had a thought over here, kids.
I don't believe a word you said.
Celia's dead? Prove it.
Gil, give me your phone.
This is a photo that I texted Gil from the crime scene.
Do you believe me now? She's dead, and I'm going to bring you to justice so we can all finally breathe again.
I'm not gonna let him do anything to your dad.
So go get changed.
Don't be afraid to crank it.
Where am I? The home of one of your many victims.
Lucy Sable.
Seemed fitting for what comes next.
And what comes next? This is the confession of Everett Hudson.
Nancy? Carson? Anyone? Celia Hudson was just found murdered.
I just heard.
Nancy, it's me again.
Please call me when you get this.
- Nancy didn't come home last night? - No, she didn't.
But if I'm Nancy, I have to wonder if Everett learned Celia was keeping his secret granddaughter from him And then murdered Celia in a fit of rage.
And to protect herself, Nancy goes off the grid.
Which is a good plan, I hope.
Oh, you're scrapbooking.
- Oh, this calms me down, too.
- No, no, no.
I wasn't scrapbooking and it's not calming me down.
I was trying to understand this.
Hey, what's wrong with her? I have no idea.
I took this of her last night before she left for Everett's party.
But it's not the camera.
- It's her.
- Oh, my gosh.
You kids you see things like this quite often, don't you? Yeah.
I wish we didn't, but we do.
Is this creepy? Mm, a little bit.
But also kinda cute.
Mm Mm.
Don't you want to know why I was watching you sleep? Because last night Everett caught Val and Ryan on camera looking for the Black Crown tape.
Okay, you say that like Everett won't want to kill the people hunting for footage of him actually killing someone.
Ryan made sure Val was safe and I wasn't caught on camera.
Maybe you should leave town for a while.
Then who will watch you sleep? Oh, you got to be kidding me.
What? One of my tenants, Jake Cazine, filed a complaint saying the youth center I want to open in the building will, uh, cause economic hardship for his café.
Probably 'cause you want to tear down that wall.
- No one wants construction near their business.
- Great.
The last thing I need is for my center to get caught up in never-ending grievances.
I thought being landlord means you get to do whatever you want.
Yeah, well, Jake still has tenant rights.
I could be fighting endless red tape if I don't get him to drop this.
Not covering your shift, Bess.
No, George, have you heard from Nancy? Not covering hers, either.
No, listen, Carson thinks Nancy might be in trouble.
Can you come to the Historical Society? And bring Nick.
Okay? Please? What's going on? Um, unspecified crisis from Bess.
All hands on deck? I'll talk to Jake later.
No, you can't.
You need to focus on you for a change.
I'll take care of Bess.
You take care of Jake.
Show him what you're about.
- You're the best.
- Mm.
That's what I keep telling everyone.
Okay, I'll start.
You slaughtered 12 men on the Bonny Scot.
You murdered your own accountant and made it look like a suicide, even set up a slush fund in your son's name so that he would take the fall for your crimes.
If you agree, say nothing.
This recording will never hold up in court I'm under duress.
Mm, good thing it's never going to court.
It is, however, going to multiple law enforcement agencies to give them a running start, once you tell me who you paid to kill Celia and what your motive was.
But I think we know the answer to that one already, don't we? More dime-store fiction that I flew off into a murderous rage when I heard that she had been keeping Ryan's illegitimate daughter a secret? You can stop acting like there's any reasonable doubt, because there is no doubt here, there is only the truth.
The truth is that I had no idea you were my grandchild until you told me.
And I didn't kill my wife.
Why do you seem more upset over an accusation than you do about your own wife's death? Maybe because you seem upset enough for both of us.
Which is strange.
How well did you actually know Celia? - Well enough.
- Ah.
Well, you certainly sought her out, didn't you? How did you gain her sympathy? Did you play on her weakness for anything connected to her darling son? Or were you using the mother-sized hole in your life to emotionally manipulate her? Or was it both? If you agree, say nothing.
You used Lucy Sable's one-night stand and Kate Drew's cancer death to make yourself an heiress.
Never say their names again.
Very sorry for your loss.
These are your mother's personal effects.
Thank you.
Where's my father? I was hoping you knew.
His limo was seen on the west side of town last night.
No sign of him since.
I'd like to talk to him.
Yeah, I bet you would.
Because he did this.
He's killed before.
There's a videotape.
You're serious? - Who'd he kill? - I don't know.
Okay? But I I haven't seen the video tape.
But it exists.
Trust me.
Sounds like you want to confess.
You're running out of time.
Surely someone noticed a limousine driving through the worst part of town.
The police are out looking for a man they think killed his wife.
What's gonna happen when they track me down? Gag him.
We don't need to listen to this.
You don't think your boyfriend here is gonna sell you out, say it was all your idea? He's a Bobbsey.
Watch him for me.
I'll be right back.
Whoa, hey, Nancy, where are you going? Listen to me, my dad's life is on the line.
Which is why the only way I let Everett walk out of here is in handcuffs.
He killed Celia.
If he doesn't want to confess, then I'll go find the proof myself.
Okay, Howard.
Help me finish what you started.
Any luck finding Nancy? I'm working on it.
How's Mr.
D holding up? I mean, yeah, he's fine.
He's received a crash course in the supernatural.
Based on Nancy's appearance and bruises, I believe she has some sort of living hex or curse.
Do you have any more photos of her looking like this? Yeah.
We just printed off the most recent pictures of Nancy from my phone.
Those marks on her face.
The same markings, only smaller.
Okay, keep looking.
Go through all of your photos.
If we can figure out when the affliction began, - then maybe we - Ace found Nancy.
I'm sending Mr.
D her right location now.
- You get it? - Yeah.
- Hey.
- Hey, Nick.
- How's it going? - Uh, not great, actually.
I got your discretionary review for economic hardship in the mail.
Look, I-I promise you, construction will be minimal on the wall I want to tear down.
I appreciate that, except it's not about the wall.
Then what is it? Because, you know, I-I'd really like to pay it forward - to the kids who need it.
- That's just it.
Do we really know these kids? Well, you know me.
Right? I-I was one of these kids that could now use my help who just need a They just need a second chance to make a life for themselves.
You were able to move on and-and start a life in a a good, traditional town.
I want to keep this town good and traditional.
It's not you I have a problem with, Nick.
You're one of the good ones.
- Right.
One of the good ones? - Um I just I don't want my customers to feel uncomfortable.
You understand.
Uh, no.
No, I don't.
Because, uh, youth center or not, there's still gonna be kids in our community who need a place to go.
You know, we-we can make a difference with-with outreach, like-like Old Navy's This Way ONward job program.
We can mentor them and give them life skills that you and I, we take for granted.
All right, should we just do nothing? Huh? Wait for them to screw up? You're right.
You're right.
I get it.
Tell you what.
How about I donate to your youth center? That would be amazing.
As long as it's not in this town.
Every time I ask why, I hear silence Jake.
Studies show Honestly, Nick, you can prove it to me up and down.
You're never gonna change my mind.
They can get help someplace else.
Just not here.
Hey, Jimmy.
You got to try the pumpkin pie.
Very clever.
What are you up to? This is your hit man account, Everett.
Where is the money, you psychopath? That can't be right.
Don't overdo it.
It's tough to pee without your hands, and that part of the gig, I did not sign up for.
Thank you.
And I hope you didn't take my earlier outburst to heart.
My mind is not the clearest.
But what I do know is that you are your father's son, and Bertram is a truly stand-up guy.
You know, he never once asked me to use my influence to get him out of prison, which is a shame.
Because I do have influence.
A man like me could get your father released.
And then what? Hmm? You're gonna kill him the same way you killed your accountant? You know, it seems like the best thing for my father - is for you to just disappear.
- Is it? Or would it be better for him if I provided the means for you and your sister to get out of that trailer park and start a new life? I don't want your father dead.
I want him quiet.
And his long-term happiness achieves that as well.
With a significant upside for you.
How much money? Give me a number.
Connor, it's Tamura.
Do we have a time of death - for Celia Hudson yet? - We do.
Mm, looks like her body was discovered 22 hours postmortem.
Give or take.
22 hours.
So she was killed long before guests would have used the yacht club parking lot for Everett's party.
Yeah, judging by the state of rig Gil, we got to talk.
- What the hell are you doing? - Hey.
- Listen, I found us a way out of this.
- I have an offer.
Screw your offer.
- I don't know what he told you - It's not what it looks like.
Just let me explain.
Thank God.
You killed her.
- Son, I've never been - Ryan? You killed her! What are you I'm sorry, Ryan.
I know that Celia was I don't want to think about her.
I want to think about him.
How did you find us? Tamura told me.
His limo was last seen on the west side, and what other connection does he have to the west side but Lucy Sable? Don't-don't panic.
Okay? I figured it out first.
Tamura doesn't know about the history.
We got some time till he catches up.
So, what's the plan? Get Everett to confess.
I went looking for proof.
I have Howard's laptop.
So, w-we need to access whatever accounts he had put in my name, and then we need to trace the money - to whatever hit man he - Right, but there are no recent payments.
What do you mean, there's no recent payments? It-it doesn't clear him, still.
It doesn't.
M-Maybe he hasn't paid yet.
'Cause you know hit men who work on spec.
Or maybe he didn't use your account for payment this time.
Or he paid in cash.
There has to be a money trail.
Unless Everett murdered Celia himself, but that's not his usual M.
Was there anything o-on the computer? A-Any clues? Nothing that'll take Everett down.
What are you not saying? I read Everett and Celia's prenup.
He forfeits any right to Celia's family's estate if she's ever murdered.
Okay, but if he had her murdered, he'd make it look like an accident.
- I know.
Right? - Just like he did with-with Howard, with all the murders that he's involved in.
Look, he doesn't inherit anything if she's murdered, right? Why would he pass on a fortune? - It just It just doesn't add up.
- Well, it will.
I just need a little more time.
No, it won't.
I should've let him go when I had the chance.
Do you really think that Everett was gonna pay you? You really think he would fold up and confess? Huh? That was a stupid plan.
- Hey, back off, okay? - It was a plan - you agreed to.
- Yes, because you said you could protect my dad by bringing Everett to justice.
But now you're wrong about Everett and I get to end up in prison for kidnapping.
He killed Celia.
I will find the evidence.
Trust me.
You won't.
Because it doesn't exist.
And even you are starting to believe me, aren't you? Can I ask you a non-Nancy-curse-related question? - Sure.
- Okay.
So, I have this friend who is hosting the spirit of a dead lady.
- Go on.
- We were recently told that my friend's life line is now merging with this woman's.
Um, Nodette.
Problem is Nodette's life line was violent and short, and my friend was told that if she doesn't sever the connection between them, her life line will also be shortened.
But that-that's crazy.
- Right? - How old was Nodette when she died? - 22.
- Well, when two souls are intertwined, the average is weighted towards the spirit.
So your friend probably has no more than a decade left.
I'm sorry, George.
Detective Tamura, could I borrow you for a second? Yeah.
I could actually use your help.
You're a car guy, right? Do you know what kind of car this taillight might belong to? Oh.
Oh, yeah, that's def Definitely a really common taillight that, um, is easily confused with taillights from any number of cars.
Or boats.
Got it.
Oh, well.
Thought I'd take a shot, you know? Have a seat.
So you needed something? Is it urgent? - Uh yeah.
- Yeah, it is.
Um how serious were you when you said you wanted to help reform this police department? I'm having an issue with a tenant.
Look, you keep bringing up Everett, but maybe someone else wanted her dead.
No offense.
No offense taken.
It's the truth.
Celia didn't have enemies.
She had garden parties.
And this killing was cold and vindictive.
Even ritualistic.
Somebody was sending a message.
And the way that her body was posed I've-I've seen I've seen something like that before.
Her body was posed like Icarus.
Uh, what now? Greek mythology.
Guy who put on wings, he flew too close to the sun, - you know - He reached too far, paid the price, fell to his death.
So what are you saying? You saying that Celia paid a price for something? Yesterday, Celia was obsessing over this list.
Oh, God.
I made such a mistake with the list.
I thought it was the I thought it was the guest list for Everett's party, but what if the What if it was the list of names she got for me? You got the list back from Celia? What-what list? What names? Celia did something risky for me.
There was this list of witnesses.
I couldn't let it get in the wrong hands.
Whose hands? This secret organization called The Road Back.
Celia went up against The Road Back? - Who are they? - A powerful group with infinite means and unflagging resolve.
The general public have no idea they even exist.
A scarce few know that they're out there.
But The Road Back wouldn't hesitate to make an example of anyone who angered them.
And they'd be very clear that they were the ones who were angry.
If it was them, they would have left an actual calling card, as well their marker.
Like a symbol? Look.
Police left this for me.
It's Celia's stuff.
I thought it was weird that she was carrying around pocket change, but then I saw the symbol, and I didn't know what it was.
That's the symbol for The Road Back.
So it wasn't Everett.
But guess what.
The person responsible is here.
Because if Celia hadn't helped Nancy with that list, she wouldn't have earned retribution from The Road Back.
Your grandmother was brutally murdered to send a message to you.
I got Celia killed.
- No.
No, you didn't.
- Mm-hmm.
- She was doing a favor for me.
- A favor? You were doing this to save Ace's life.
She was doing this to keep her son of a bitch husband out of jail.
That's how she did business.
If I had known then, Ryan, I would have How could you have known what The Road Back was capable of? You couldn't.
She did.
And those were the choices that she made.
How do I get justice for her? Maybe you don't.
Maybe you just add it to the list, and you focus on what you came to get justice for.
- For Everett? - Yeah.
- I was wrong about him.
- No, you weren't wrong.
Nancy, don't forget who my father is.
You tied up the right guy.
You just tied him up for the wrong murder.
Hey, Jake.
Hey, Nick.
Glad I caught you.
I just, uh I wanted to thank you for helping me understand the real reason behind your complaint.
Aw, don't worry about it.
- You got a good heart.
- Yup.
But I lost focus, and I made the mistake of thinking my goal was to change your small mind.
- Excuse me? - See I always think that I have to go through people like you, like I've had to do before.
Like those who came before me have had to do because they had no other choice.
But I have the means and the privilege to do things that they couldn't.
- Like find a way around you.
- Okay.
I, uh, see what you're doing here.
You're trying to make me the bad guy, and I No, no, no, no, no.
You are the bad guy.
But that's beside my point.
What I'm trying to get you to see is that building across the street there, because I just bought it for my youth center.
I'm rich, Jake.
Very rich.
And according to the zoning committee, because the youth center's gonna be more than 50 feet away from your café, you have no say if, when or how it gets built.
You know, I, uh, just want to keep this neighborhood safe.
Then you'll be happy to know I partnered with Horseshoe Bay PD.
And they are also committed to reinvesting in at-risk kids.
Was setting up your center in the next town over really that big of a deal? Allowing kids to thrive in their own community is a big deal.
Letting them know that they belong here is a big deal.
And setting up a rival café in my new building that's gonna be a huge deal.
So, good luck, Jake.
So this Road Back what are you gonna do about them killing your wife? I mean, you're a powerful man.
How do you think you survive long enough to become a powerful man? Banish emotion, pick your fights.
Understand when you have leverage and when you're outmatched.
I'm so sorry, Gil, for bringing you into this.
I messed it all up.
Are we about done? My hands are beginning to numb.
It's our favorite detective.
We need to know what they know.
Answer it, but don't give anything away.
Oh, is this really necessary? Hey, Detective.
You got any news? It's a long shot, but I found a broken taillight by the yacht club.
I believe it's from a car that belongs to Nancy Drew.
Know anything about that? Uh, no.
No, I don't.
I-I'm sorry.
Any chance you've seen Nancy today? No, no.
Have not have not seen her today, no.
Put Nancy on.
Detective, you seem very concerned about my brake lights.
I appreciate it, but they are fine.
When did you and Ryan get so close? That's a weird question.
What, do you want in on our book club or something? Well, I'm curious, since you're the one who got his father arrested for murder, and then abruptly recanted your testimony, which seemed kind of coerced.
And you had to know it would spring Everett from jail, and now he's the prime suspect in his wife's murder.
Sorry, you're-you're kind of breaking up.
Hey, Nancy put Everett on.
- Plan C.
- Okay.
What's Plan C? Gil and I agreed that if Everett didn't walk out of here in handcuffs, he didn't walk out of here.
Wh You you can't be serious.
It was an idea, okay? We never You said it yourself, Ryan.
He's a murderer.
Not Celia's, but he killed someone - on that Black Crown tape.
- Okay, but come on Imagine your life without your father.
No one else ever gets hurt or killed because of him again.
Can I just can I talk to you in private, please? You know that I am right it's obvious what needs to be done.
Does your offer still stand? You know, now that your granddaughter is about to convince your son - to get rid of you, - The sooner we get this over with, the better.
I'm thinking I have leverage.
Like you said, we didn't tie up the wrong guy.
Yeah, I said that because I thought you were trying to get a confession, not trying to kill him.
They're not bruises.
They're claw marks.
I think this is the same thing that's happening to Nancy.
Parasitic Entities? Oh, fantastic.
She has a supernatural parasite attached to her.
An entity feeding off of her life force.
If it's already this bad Then Nancy only has a few days to live.
What? No.
No, no, no, no, no, no.
I re-I refuse to accept that.
I-I've seen parasites.
Parasites can be removed.
What-what How did the people in this book recover? They didn't.
They all died.
- These are their death photos.
- No.
No, I, too, refuse to accept that.
Not today, Satan.
I am sick of supernatural freeloaders cutting our lives short.
We just need to expose which loser parasite is attached to Nancy.
Without a clear image of the parasite, we can't.
There is no camera that I know of that can capture one at the exact visual wavelength that reveals its true being.
Then we make a new camera.
Good news.
I know a guy.
- What's going on? - Hey.
Nancy has a supernatural parasite attached to her, and I was hoping we could use the same technology as your ghost goggles to create a ghost camera to get a clear photo of it so we can figure out what it is and save Nancy's life.
Say what, now? Well, what do we have here? The Black Crown tape.
Clever ruse, son.
So I'm guessing it wasn't your idea.
You tied up the right guy.
You just tied him up for the wrong murder.
Then let's tie him up for the right murder.
Understand when you have leverage and when you're outmatched.
I'm so sorry, Gil, for bringing you into this.
I messed it all up.
When you see your chance, take his deal and let him go.
He'll lead us right to the tape.
Trust me.
Do you have any idea what this one and Gil Bobbsey did? Gil who? I've been with Nancy all afternoon, alone, so I don't know what this guy's talking about.
He said, he said, she said.
I'm a big movie fan, Mr.
And I would love to see yours.
What is this? This looks like the old nature camera footage they used to record wildlife activity.
Who's that on the tape? It's my uncle Josiah.
Everett's brother.
Black crown is a type of bird.
Is that Everett? Yeah.
Yeah, it's him.
The Black Crown tape.
I saw Everett Hudson burn that tape.
I say him throw it in the bay.
But no matter what he did, that tape just kept coming back.
If I go down, you go down, too.
October 1981 is when Uncle Josiah went missing in the woods.
You killed your own brother? You You told me that he died drunk in the woods of exposure.
That's what you told me! I would like to speak with my lawyer now.
Yeah, I can't believe, for almost 40 years, people thought that my uncle died of alcoholism.
Why do you think Everett killed him? The same reason he does anything.
Control of the family company, you know He was never built for sharing.
He wanted it all for himself.
Is that him? It is, it is.
It is Everett Hudson.
Hudson, could we get a comment? Is it true that you did murder your brother, sir? - If what would be - Ladies and gentlemen, we have no comment at this time.
We'll prepare a statement, we'll share it with you.
Please be patient.
Hey, earlier, Everett whispered something to you, before Tamura took him away.
He, um He told me to tell you welcome to the family.
Hudson, do you have anything to say at all? I-I wasn't gonna pass that along.
No, I'm glad you did.
I'm done hiding from him.
Hey, are you okay? It's, uh You've had a lot to process.
You, uh How are you still standing? I guess the trick is to not process.
Look, I got to I got to go, um, give my statement.
And don't worry, I'm gonna keep it short.
"I didn't-I didn't see anything".
- Thanks.
- Yeah.
You, you go home.
Get some sleep, okay? Thanks.
- Hey.
- Yeah? You want to maybe get l-lunch tomorrow? Not process things together? Deal.
Are you all right? I heard about Everett's arrest.
I thought it would feel different.
I mean, I-I did it, I brought Everett to justice, and I don't I don't feel anything.
No anger, no satisfaction.
Not even relief.
Just nothing.
I don't know who I am anymore.
And after what I did today, all I keep thinking is, "What would Mom think?" What is wrong with me? Nothing we can't fix.
Okay? But I need to show you something.
Come on.
Was there a power outage or something? Yeah, careful.
Here, I'm gonna take this.
Please, just trust me.
Whoa! What the hell? What is going on? I think we got it.
Nancy, I'm so sorry I couldn't warn you.
Warn me about what? We did this to help you.
You've had a passenger for weeks.
A-And w-we had to catch you by surprise, otherwise it might not have allowed us to take its picture.
Is this the Wraith? I got rid of the Wraith in the-in the woods.
I set the bus on fire and then I got away from it.
Nancy, come on! It must have hitched a ride out with you.
That's not possible.
I would have known, right? I would have felt something.
Are you sure you didn't? You said that you haven't felt like yourself.
You don't know who you are anymore.
Could this be why? Has something been attacking your sense of self? Columbia has online courses.
If you wanted to go, we can make that happen.
Well, looks like the universe made the call.
Maybe I was just born this way.
You're never gonna get there in time.
The shroud won't work.
You wanted my advice? Don't give them any reason to judge you.
Well And you believed her? Morning, sunshine.
He's getting dragged because of me.
Your grandmother was brutally murdered to send a message to you.
Oh, my God.
It's been-it's been with me since I left Gorham Woods.
Getting s-stronger, feeding off the moments I'm most vulnerable.
Hurting me, changing me.
Parasites kill their host.
How long do I have left?
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