Nancy Drew (2019) s02e18 Episode Script

The Echo of Lost Tears

1 All right, Hannah texted a backup 12th-century recipe for removing supernatural parasites.
All we need is vinegar, a crucifix and some spoiled eggs.
We got plenty of those in storage, right? We're almost out of crickets.
George, we have been at this all night.
How many remedies for removing supernatural parasites do you have? Till we get it right.
Ready for my close-up.
On three.
One, two.
The Wraith is still attached? Stronger than ever? That's probably why you can see the marks without the camera.
Hey, Hannah.
How's your side of the research coming? We need an S.
Please call me back.
Okay, I say we hack town records, look for the earliest accounts of the Wraith.
And I'll speak to the park ranger's office, uh, get a crash course on the Gorham Woods.
So, the Wraith hitched a ride out on you because you stayed behind as bait? I want to have a talk about impulse control on the other side of this.
If I make it to the other side of this, we can talk about anything you want.
Hey, you're gonna beat this.
Okay? You beat Everett, and you put him in prison.
We're not in the clear with that yet.
What if Everett decides to tell the world that Carson raised me? I mean, he-he could destroy you, take you to court, file kidnapping charges.
I don't think he would do that.
If he outs you as his granddaughter, you inherit his company.
He's right.
He cut me off, he froze my assets.
I can't even afford Celia's funeral right now.
Oh, Ryan, I'm really sorry.
Ah, don't be sorry, because all that matters right now is that we help you.
I mean, you're all I got left.
So I'm gonna get you another water, okay? Hey, I think the best thing you can do for me is to stop hovering, and then, also, to go with Ryan and help him lay Celia to rest.
He needs a dad right now.
Here you go.
Thank you.
- All right.
- Go, please.
The minute anything changes, call.
I will.
- Chicken chips? - It's nourishment for our road trip.
Amanda and I are gonna take it to the next level as long as no one dies in the next 24 hours.
Here comes the other Bobbsey Twin.
Why haven't you answered my calls? - You've been ignoring me.
- Um - What happened to you? - Nothing.
It's just a supernatural malady.
But, um, we've got it under control, and I'll - I'll give you a call.
- No.
Why are you pushing me away? Hey.
It's Hannah.
Maybe she's got something.
What did you find? Since the only sightings of the Wraith until now have been in Gorham Woods, it's likely that's where it was born.
If we can find out how something was born, we can understand how it needs to die.
- So do we just ask it? - The creation of an entity this powerful could have left a supernatural echo, a-an imprint of the past that reverberates through time in the place where it happened.
Well, how do we access the echo? I know of an inversion ritual that will use the Wraith like an antenna and Nancy like a receiver as a way to actually see what happened on the day it came into being.
It's very risky.
I can walk you through the records I found.
- Can I talk to you for a second? - Mm.
So you're gonna ignore me and consider their insane plan? I don't know if it's the Wraith, or if you've always had bad judgment.
Hannah's never failed me before.
Come with me.
You don't need them.
Those marks weren't there before.
You're getting worse.
It's because of them.
Will you listen to me now? I'm getting worse because of you.
The Wraith made it so I didn't see the worst parts of you.
You put me down.
What a stupid plan.
You undercut me.
- You tried to isolate me - What? from my friends, and they warned me.
You're not yourself right now.
This is the Wraith talking.
- Clearly, if you just - No! It is the Wraith's fault that we lasted this long.
This whole time, it's been manipulating me and feeding off of my vulnerabilities.
We're not doing this anymore, Gil.
You're breaking up with me? Now? You'll regret this.
- Hey.
- Hmm? All this time, the Wraith made you think there was no separating you from it.
You just proved that wrong.
Ready? Dark spirit, reveal to us your origin.
We call on this forest to show us the past.
Dark spirit, reveal to us your origin.
Something's happening.
Nancy! - Can she hear us? - She can't.
She's the projector we're gonna see this through.
Temperance Hudson, come no farther! You think your barrier can keep me from entering Horseshoe Bay again? You left me no choice but to create an entity strong enough to destroy your pathetic barrier.
Temperance, don't do this.
- Stop.
- Stop it, Temperance.
Your ritual has failed.
All that's left of your entity is a deformed wraith.
Still, we cannot let you live to pass through our barrier again.
No! Please! Nancy.
What, uh what-what happened? Did you see the birth of the Wraith? It was made by your ancestor Temperance.
I guess my Hudson problems really are far from over.
The Wraith was made of Hudson blood, so that's why it latched on to me.
It could smell its creator.
Then that's how we fight it.
In the blood.
- You drew a fish.
- It's a lacrimatory.
The vial of Temperance's own tears that she used to power the supernatural device that created the Wraith.
If we can track down the tools that she used, maybe we can, um I don't know reverse the process, destroy it.
Ryan says there's nothing like this device in the Hudson vaults.
- Maybe we could build it.
- Aah.
I mean, I can sketch the outside of it, but I have no clue what mechanisms were inside.
But if this thing is-is still out there, I think I got an idea how to find it.
Humans take, what, 1.
8 billion photos a day.
And most of them end up on the Internet.
We just need to find one of these.
It's time for my masterpiece.
This is everything that Hannah had.
According to this, Temperance was a troubled young woman who actually started going against the women in white.
She tried making contact with a diabolical power hiding beneath the town, putting everyone's lives in danger.
So the other women separated her from her power source by building a barrier strong enough to last seven generations.
Seven was their their special number.
It was a biblical numerology thing.
Listen to this.
"A decade after - the women in white killed Temperance - No! No! her daughter, Charity, stole her belongings back from the women in white, including the device used to create the Wraith".
Rumor was she settled in New York.
- Geotags in New York? - Mm-hmm.
I'll text Ace.
Ooh, and I'll make some crisis nachos.
Oops! Sorry, that's your bag.
Uh, this isn't This isn't Hannah's, is it? Um Ugh.
I was researching wills.
For me.
To leave my share of The Claw in Jesse's name.
George You might not have much time left.
You don't want to just start focusing on-on doing what's best for you? No.
Look, ever since I kicked that blood bucket, I have been running from an early death.
I'm tired of it.
I don't want to think about how I'm not gonna see Jesse get her PhD in biology or or Ted get hers in laser cats or me not not get to have a future with Nick.
And by the time we're even ready to do something crazy like like get married it'll be too late.
Pushing her just a tad hard.
- Non? - Just trying to be here for her.
It's Ace.
He says he's on it.
Feeling good about this new lead with Nancy.
But I am still planning on us making our road trip.
Um about that.
Look, I-I can't go.
Nancy broke up with Gil, and he needs me.
- They weren't even that serious.
- Okay.
Well, it was serious to him.
And he's really hurt.
I mean, he got dumped for no reason.
The reason was that he's not a great influence.
You say that all the time.
You don't get to judge him or me for wanting to be there for him, for that matter.
Meaning you're supposed to just put your life on hold whenever he feels bad? Spoken like an only child.
Amanda Wow.
Nice time for a hit.
Stonerock Manor is owned and run by a woman named Myrtle Hudson.
Website says that it originally belonged to her great-great-aunt Charity, Temperance's daughter.
Let's go.
Let's go to New York.
Um, it's-it's-it's an overnight drive, and we don't know how much time you have left.
Nick, we're-we're out of options.
Welcome to sunny Westchester.
So, I just got ahold of Myrtle Hudson.
She said she deals with weddings, not antiques.
Well, that's how we get in two of us pretend to be engaged and distract her while the rest of us look for the thing.
I think we could pull off "till death do us part".
You want to pretend to be engaged? Oh, no.
- I'm not-I'm not great at acting.
- Oh.
We're a real couple, right? How much acting would you need? Mmm.
Did someone call for an actress? Odette, now is not a good time.
Maybe not for you.
Come, ma chérie.
Let's play fiancée.
Um, sorry Sorry.
Madame Hudson, you have a most beautiful venue.
Right, ma trésor? Yes.
Is your wedding planner all right? Oh, yeah.
I'm fine.
I'm just a little carsick, but I'm gonna pull through.
What's in that, uh, room over there? Uh very unique, priceless rugs.
No need to be a hero.
Um, why don't you rest? And we'll finish the tour.
You guys check the rest of the house for Temperance's stuff.
And I'm just gonna sit guard.
Well, I can pull off literally anything.
I even have a zebra hookup.
To think, if we were born in a different time, we could only love in secret.
And now we may have zebras at our wedding.
Well, let me show you some examples.
Hmm? I hate zebras! I just - Get me out of this room! - Take us to a room where there are no pictures of zebras.
If you can move those old caskets out of the way to get room for Celia's, that'd be great.
- Okay.
- Thanks.
I Here.
Put the charges on my card.
Hey, can I ask you something? Yeah.
If Everett decided to come after you, you know, for kidnapping Nancy is there any way to stop it? I did what I did.
I'll live with the consequences if that happens.
Yeah, but I mean, there's got to be, like, a-a document that I could sign.
You could sign something called a consent of parent to adoption.
Backdate it to August 31, 2000.
The night that Lucy died? The night Nancy was born.
With that document, you could award custody to me, retroactively.
I mean, and this-this is fine, right? I mean, she's-she's 19.
Still it's your legal right to be her dad.
That means something, Ryan.
It always will.
Hate this house.
That was a really inconveniently placed window.
This is the room from the photo, so - She just gets so nervous around stripes.
- Mm.
It's not about the stripes.
None of this is realistic.
And it never has been with you.
Are we still talking about zebras? E-Either way, what matters is that the two of you are going to spend the rest of your lives together.
- Hmm? - Yeah.
What was that? Oh.
Go, go, go.
No, we'll just take it, we'll just take it.
That wasn't me.
That was you.
What the hell is going on?! I am calling the police.
Those are my family's - priceless heirlooms.
- Okay, but, please, no, no, no.
This is a matter of life or death.
- Please.
- 911, please state the nature of your emergency.
They're my family heirlooms, too.
Are you still there? I'm a Hudson.
My father's Ryan Hudson.
It's why we're here.
False alarm.
Ryan Hudson doesn't have any children.
I may not be acquainted personally with the big Hudsons, but I do follow their scandals.
I was a secret until this very moment.
And she needs to stay a secret, too.
You're not French? Not when I can help it.
Look, I really wish that it wasn't the case.
But the Hudsons are my family.
And something that they created in their past is going to kill me unless you help me.
Our ancestor, Temperance Hudson, made this wraith, and it's feeding off of me.
And she used those tools, so I need those to destroy it before it destroys me.
Yeah, it's a lot to take in.
I know.
But I really don't have much time left.
You may borrow my heirlooms.
On the property.
Thank you.
Okay, Hannah says if we run the ritual in reverse, then it should create enough energy to start weakening the Wraith.
At which point, the Wraith will retreat somewhere like like a cockroach.
And then we squash it.
It's working.
Hey, are you okay? Keep going.
Bess, add Temperance's tears on three, all right? One, two Hey, we will be here with you monitoring you the whole time.
Okay? three.
- Ah.
- Nancy? I think we should give her some space.
Is she going to be all right? This thing's drawing blood really fast; is it gonna kill her? Okay, okay, we should pull the line now.
No, don't.
We don't know what'll happen if we stop now.
It's too dangerous.
The device is going to keep draining your blood.
You won't have much time to finish it, Nancy.
Bess, dump in the rest of the tears.
Give it everything we've got.
Oh, Nancy Oh, gosh.
It's working! Hello? You're too late.
You're not the Wraith.
Let me go.
I need to find out where it's hiding.
There's no getting past me because I'm you.
The real you.
How are you here, George? Your mind needed a defense for itself, and I'm what it manifested.
Not sure what she's all about, though.
Come on.
She's my darkest moment.
One of them, anyway.
Don't be a quitter, Drew.
Oh, please don't fight me.
I just need to get through the door.
Not until you answer for what you've done to us.
We were perfect.
We did everything right.
Solved the crimes.
Got good grades.
Made Mom and Dad proud.
How could you let us become you? Someone who lies, steals, gets people killed.
Bess? You won't get past her like that, and you are running out of time.
Figure out why she's here.
I don't know.
I don't know.
She's the person I was when I solved my first case.
I went into a warehouse, I followed a kidnapper, I saved his victim.
But why? Why did you do that? If your life was so perfect, why did you risk everything to find the truth? Because my own truth was kept from me.
And I knew that.
On some level.
I've always known.
The lies my parents told me.
The-the trunk they dug up.
The truth they hid.
Help me, please.
I-I don't have much time left.
I can't.
I'm sorry.
Losing Mom damaged us beyond repair.
Nick, help me, please.
You gotta do it yourself.
This is the moment that I thought I would never be okay again.
And the Wraith is buried beneath these layers of-of sadness and trauma for a reason.
But you can't give in to it, 'cause you did feel okay again.
Right? You were a part of that.
That's why it hurt so much when you chose George.
But I'm still here with you.
Thanks for still being my friend.
Why am I here? I don't even remember any of this.
But you still carry the moment inside of you.
You're the only one who knows how to find her.
Why do you think we're here? This is where it all started.
Lucy dying.
Carson and Kate being forced to raise me on lies.
Ryan not even knowing I existed.
I was born broken.
And that's why all these pieces of me are broken.
You weren't born broken.
You're hurt, maybe.
But in the end, the only way to heal is to let that pain become love.
I really want that.
It's time to kick the monster out of your house.
What do you say? Will you hold me? I thought you'd never ask.
Knock 'em dead.
It's connected to you, my traumas.
This is how the Wraith grew.
It was feeding off of each of you.
So if I if I kill it, I kill you, too.
Most people would be happy to lose the most painful pieces of their life.
What choice do you have? Ah! Why can't I do it? Because you always went looking for the truth, and we're part of that truth, too.
Yeah, the part that hurt me and left me vulnerable to the Wraith.
How do you think the Wraith got to us in the first place? Because I shoved you down here in the dark, alone, and the Wraith got to you before I ever noticed.
I didn't want you to be a part of me.
But if I destroy you, I destroy the pieces that made me who I am.
Don't be scared.
I do have a choice, and I am bringing you with me.
And I know it'll be hard, and every day I'll have to face the things I never wanted to.
But I'm ready, and I have you now.
Come with me.
Nancy, you're alive.
It was a it was a team effort.
You okay? Yeah.
Um the Wraith is gone.
Um The trauma's still there, but I think I'm strong enough to hold it now.
Come on.
I think you always were, Nancy.
Hey, can we talk about the other day? I wasn't as sympathetic as I could've been.
I know how Gil can come across, but I'm all he has and he's always been all I've ever had.
He needs me now.
I get that.
I'm not asking you to choose.
I'm-I'm just saying that I want to prioritize you.
If you'll prioritize me.
I just want to say thank you for yesterday.
You really stepped it up for me.
And I appreciate that.
I have grown quite fond of you.
Perhaps too fond.
I'm turning into a, uh How do you say ? Helicopter ghost.
It is why I must say goodbye.
But you can't say goodbye.
That's the irony of our predicament.
I may not be able to move on and leave your body, but I can stop coming out.
What, like lock yourself up inside? And throw away the key.
You need to go live every moment you have left.
And I need to get out of the way while you still have time.
There is nothing I can do here that is worth stealing another second from you.
There is one thing.
Go find Bess and give this to her, okay? For you.
To remember me by.
When I disappear into the depths of George's unconscious.
I get why you're doing this, but I don't want to say goodbye.
You and I may have been a fantasy.
But you have made me whole again.
Oh And now I must deliver this to you from George.
She's gone, isn't she? I'm sorry, Bess.
I'm so sorry.
Hi, Ace.
I, um I had this dreamscape experience with you at the bluffs.
And I had to see you because it was very it was very powerful and I felt things Nancy? I thought that was you! Well, if you're looking for Ace, you just missed him.
He and Amanda are off on this romantic road trip.
You look disappointed.
Come on, take some cookies home.
You can freeze them they keep forever.
I'm glad we're doing this.
Here's to new priorities.
What's wrong? I feel like I left something behind.
Yeah, I always feel like that when I go on a long vacation.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Do you like it? I love it.
I want to be more like you.
And start living my life now.
No more delayed gratification.
No more waiting.
Okay, well what do you want to do first? Marry you.
Good one.
Nick Ned Nickerson will you marry me? knuckles on the ball, but not with the fingernails and fingertips.
This allows the pitcher - to slow the speed - Hey.
- How you feeling? - Whoa.
There's two of you.
Uh I'm good I'm good.
Uh, this is about the the origin of the knuckleball pitch.
The knuckleball a lot more to it than you think.
What is it? I am hosting a press conference tomorrow.
To announce that I'm a Hudson.
And to take over Hudson Enterprises as its rightful heir, now that Ryan has been frozen out of the succession.
But I am only doing that because I want to divide up the company's assets.
And give them to Everett's victims as reparations.
And I know what you're thinking.
How do we protect Carson, what about him? Well, I did a little digging and there's something that you could sign, Ryan, called a "consent of parent to adoption" I already took care of it.
You gave up your rights as my father? Yeah.
But check this out.
I got a sweet new spot on your couch in exchange.
I told Ryan he could stay here with us while he figures things out.
pitcher Phil Niekro.
Niekro rose to prominence in the 1970s and '80s, leading the National League - So I just do this like this? - So far so good.
- Save some soap for another batch.
- Oh, okay.
Thanks, Nancy.
First cup.
Thanks, yeah.
No, no, no! Don't pull too hard.
You're gonna break it right away.
Here, face it down, press the button "My dear Nancy.
It's not every day you get to meet a long-lost blood relative as special as you.
But if I've learned one thing from a long life, it's that it's full of turns in the road".
"And the longer you're alive, the harder those turns become to predict.
Something's wrong with this one.
It looks like someone clawed their way out of here.
"In all my many years, I never could've predicted you'd walk through my door.
But I'm so grateful you did.
I'm going to carry a bit of you with me from now on".
"Hopefully we get to see each other again soon".

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