Nancy Drew (2019) s03e01 Episode Script

The Warning of the Frozen Heart

1 Previously on Nancy Drew I'm hosting a press conference to announce that I'm a Hudson, and take over Hudson Enterprises as its rightful heir.
I had this dreamscape experience with you at the Bluffs.
REBECCA: Nancy? If you're looking for Ace, you just missed him.
He and Amanda are off on this romantic road trip.
So I have this friend who is hosting the spirit of a dead lady.
Your friend probably has no more than a decade left.
I may not be able to move on and leave your body, but I can stop coming out.
There's nothing I can do here that is worth stealing another second from you.
I want to be more like you.
And start living my life now.
Will you marry me? Temperance Hudson, come no farther.
You think your barrier can keep me from entering Horseshoe Bay again? Ryan Hudson doesn't have any children.
I was a secret until this very moment.
ACE: This thing's drawing blood really fast.
- Is it gonna kill her? - Keep going.
MYRTLE: It's not every day you get to meet a long-lost blood relative.
But if I've learned one thing from a long life, it's that it's full of turns in the road.
TEMPERANCE: And the longer you're alive, the harder those turns become to predict.
Hopefully, we get to see each other again soon.
We're at the annual Town Carnival with our brand-new host, Nancy Hudson.
Or do you prefer Nancy Drew? - Oh, uh, either one.
- So, you're a long-lost heiress about to head off to college.
I haven't actually been accepted yet, but the early decision notifications are coming tonight.
And I'm gonna be an heiress for all of about five minutes.
I'm dissolving my grandfather's corporation and redistributing its assets to the victims of his crimes, with my biological father's blessing.
Whoa, Ryan Hudson without money.
- What does that look like? - Oh, you know You spent $600 on weekly groceries? Yeah.
I wanted us to have some culinary variety.
Wait, I lost my watch.
- Did anyone get my sorbet? - You got five We didn't even need mustard! Did anyone get my sorbet? (LOUD POUNDING ON DOOR) Seven nights in a row.
Someone is definitely messing with us.
I'll file another complaint.
Must've lost my watch at the grocery store.
Let me see Wait, what-what were you saying about sorbet? Hmm? We're adjusting.
What are you gonna miss most about Horseshoe Bay? The many opportunities I've had to participate in the local hospitality industry.
Wake in the morning feeling like the undead I skip the shower, dirty hair on my head Uh, is that for the interior of the youth center? - I like the green.
- Oh, yeah, thanks.
Drew, tell those jockstraps they can't bring a cat in here.
It's a health code violation.
(CAT MEOWING) Hey, you, uh, you can't have your cat in here.
- It's a health code violation.
- That's Kegstand.
Our house mascot.
Where I go, he goes.
Hey, aren't you, uh Nancy Drew? That girl detective person? - Yeah.
- (KEGSTAND YOWLS) (DEEP, GUTTURAL GROWL) NANCY: "Thanks for showing us your clams, Ginger"? Also, tell Bess to stop parking her conquests out back.
They're blocking the fire door.
My body doesn't work, I can't catch up My brain is broken and I'm all messed up Okay.
It was nice to meet you.
But there you are, writing nice things - All about me in your five-star diary - At least buy her breakfast, you work at a restaurant.
You scared me.
I am not the one you should be scared of.
You got nothing to be scared of.
It's not like I asked one of you two to marry me a week ago and you still haven't responded.
NANCY: To be fair, you did ask Nick to think about it for a week; you insisted.
Yeah, because I didn't want a pity yes on account of my shortened lifespan.
Five-star diary Five-star diary Your five-star diary You have to leave home if you want to grow up, right? Five star diary.
(EXHALES) (SIGHS) Thanks so much for pitching in, you guys.
It feels really weird to be hosting the Town Carnival this year.
Well, your family of origin has been hosting the Town Carnival since the 1800s.
So, sometimes it's okay to give the people what they want, Nancy.
NICK: Yeah, plus it's the first year all the carnival proceeds go to Everett's victims, so you can feel good about that.
BESS: Yeah, and with no mysteries to solve, and no supernatural entity hunting you down, it must be keeping your mind off Columbia.
It was.
I'm sorry.
You ready to leave us so soon? More like I'm ready to hit the refresh button on life, clear my browser history.
As long as we're not a permanent part of that history.
That's not possible.
(SCREAMS) (PANTING) (GASPS, YELPS) Our murder victim was a John Doe.
No cell phone, no ID, no wallet.
There were no signs of a struggle or blood by the corpse, which means the body was moved after death.
What does Detective Tamura say? He is tied up in Augusta on the Everett Hudson case, and nobody at the station will answer any of my questions except to say that there's a specialist coming from Boston.
Ah, but who needs a specialist, right? Especially when this can distract you from thinking about Columbia.
Yeah, there was a body dropped on my family's land, so I need to find out why.
Weird to hear you call the Hudsons your family, but okay.
All we have to go on is what we have seen on the victim.
He was not dressed for the weather.
He was wearing a polo and a light jacket.
Mm, definitely from away.
Tourists do not understand layers.
He had tobacco stains on his fingers, so he was a smoker.
I already called around to a bunch of local hotels, and Airbnbs.
Nobody remembers seeing a guest that looked like him.
Could've been staying with a friend.
- Or maybe he was a transient.
- There was something about his shoes.
On the treads of his sneakers, there was pine needles and sand and wood ash.
Maybe he was camping.
We should check all the oceanfront campsites - where a tourist could've smoked in peace.
- Yeah, I'm on it.
Okay, so, Connor the coroner, he said this is a one-time favor because we saved his son from an undead creature.
But then he confirmed that the heart was missing from the corpse.
But the, uh, surrounding icy chest cavity suggested that the heart was frozen solid before being ripped from the body.
That's grotesque, but also useful to know.
Anyone seen Bess? She went on a coffee date.
Oh, sorry.
I was supposed to relay that message.
GEORGE: Hey, Jesse, would you like to work a double - to cover Bess's lunch shift? - Uh I can if carpool drops Charlie and Ted here after school.
Thank you for tag-teaming childcare with me while Victoria treks around China on Grandpa Fan's dime.
Okay, I'll let you know what I find.
(KISSES) He's just just gonna leave like that? Just like Are you Did you see that? (SIGHS) GEORGE: I shouldn't blame him.
Right after I asked Nick to marry me, I told him my Odette soul-share means I have ten years to live.
Probably felt like a bait and switch.
Nick doesn't see it that way.
You know this based off of his deafening silence? Silence doesn't mean he's not thinking about you.
NANCY: Hey, Darlene, so the victim was probably from out of town.
Have you heard any complaints about odd tourists? The only complaints I hear about are how long it's taking to fix the electrical grid after that weird blackout last Friday.
(WOMAN CRIES OUT) (INDISTINCT CHATTER) The paint is still wet.
We have 12 hours to stop the next murder.
Really? You want me to come investigate a murder with you? Like like father-daughter time? Yeah.
The body was found on our land, so if our family is being targeted, I want to know why.
- Let's go.
- Now? - Yep.
- Um Yeah, coming.
I'm coming.
I'm coming.
- (DOOR OPENS) - Hold on.
Glamping is a real thing.
It's how they improved camping.
Why do you hate progress? Uh, I don't know, maybe because only a child needs an electric toaster in the wilderness.
If you're that soft, why don't you just stay home? Bess! We need you at the Claw.
No one's waiting tables.
There's a line around the corner.
Workplace emergency.
I am so sorry to cut this short.
Um, it was nice to meet you, but, uh good-bye forever.
Chef Jamie is threatening to go back to France.
- Man's never been to France, Bess.
- Ah Okay.
Thank you for saving me.
You know, I was worried you'd forgotten what "happy belated birthday" was code for.
I would never forget your signal for extraction.
- What happened? - You know, I should have known that someone who insisted on a get-to-know-you coffee first wasn't interested in a bit of uncomplicated fun.
I guess I was just hoping that "coffee" was code for "afternoon tryst".
Some people like to ease into things before they get more serious.
Serious is what I'm trying to avoid.
Look where serious has gotten me.
Heartbroken, soul mate gone, and a huge void in my life where Odette used to be.
Oh, now I'm sad.
Is there anything in this car that I can eat? Oh Terry? Who's Terry? Not those, actually.
(GASPS) Oh, my God, are you cheating on Amanda? No.
No, we're fine.
Never better, in fact.
This is just an errand I agreed to run.
That's an odd sort of errand.
Tell me more.
(PHONES CHIME) Nick figured out where our murder victim was staying.
- Let's go.
- (CHUCKLES) Look who's saved by the extraction text now.
(BIRDS CALLING) RYAN: We need to call the cops.
Yeah, we will.
After we take a peek.
Okay That dead guy from the corn maze, his name is Matthew Burke.
"I am alive forevermore and have the keys of hell and death".
That's a Bible verse.
From the Book of Revelation.
"The Great Darkness will soon be restored.
A crown beset by the mark of four".
This guy was a wannabe prophet.
Okay, and he also had this reoccurring nightmare.
"I see the hilltop flooded with blood and the claps of thunder".
Looks like he was writing everything down to try and make sense of it all.
Hey, gas station receipts.
He drove from Pennsylvania in one day.
Wonder what the rush was.
My watch.
The one that I lost at the grocery store.
He's got articles of me, Everett.
He picked up my watch.
He-he was following me.
He was keeping track of every living Hudson.
Including me.
Okay, but besides my watch, what did he want from us? (INDISTINCT RADIO TRANSMISSION) - Hi there, Nancy.
- Hey.
We got your message on the tip line, about the campsite you found.
A couple unis are checking it out.
You need anything else? I just came in to find out the status of my application for Community Police Liaison.
Election's not until next week.
Although the position is mostly relaying town council minutes via email newsletter.
Why would you want to do that? Yeah, I just figured I would apply to as many last-minute volunteer opportunities as possible.
Pad my resume in case I get wait-listed at Columbia.
Who's the suit? FBI profiler, from the field office in Boston.
The specialist.
Does he have a theory? That's what the briefing's for.
Can I listen in? Very funny.
Tell your father I said hello.
Will do.
Oh, sorry.
Sorry about that.
How'd it go at the gas station from Matthew's receipts? Well, the attendant remembered Matthew because he had a Southern accent.
Said he seemed really tired, but that was all.
How'd it go at the station? (EXHALES) The FBI profiler is here.
He's behind closed doors, but I managed to get a look at the autopsy photo.
There was a moth wing on Matthew's clothes.
You know what? I recognized it, actually.
It's a it's a rare species that's found outside of Icarus Hall in the woods.
- I'm gonna head there now.
- Okay, great.
Well, we're gonna take care of everything else on our to-do list before people close up early because there's a killer on the loose.
So how are you and Amanda? Is her epic hike along the Camino De Santiago causing problems De larga distancia? - No? - No, we are great.
But this week, her dad got an early release, um, because he helped with Everett Hudson's arrest.
So, I didn't want Amanda to worry.
I gave her dad a ride to his crash pad in Lewiston.
Okay, well, couldn't the other Bobbsey twin just do that? No.
Gil is on a pilgrimage to New Mexico to find their long-lost mother.
And what about the box of chocolates? Mr.
Bobbsey asked me for some help with deliveries.
They're, like, amends gifts chocolate for people like Terry.
Ace, this is how you reel in a mark.
Okay? Y-You start with small favors, and then you go to bigger ones.
Uh, what has Amanda said? I texted her.
She hasn't responded yet.
She's summiting something.
I will stay on my guard with Mr.
Bobbsey, I promise.
(SIGHS) NANCY: George hasn't been able to make any sense of Matthew's writings.
Did you find anything out at the grocery store? Ah, not much.
The parking lot didn't have surveillance cameras, and that's the only time that Matthew could have taken my watch.
It only looks haunted.
Last time we were here, I-I rid the place of a host of phantoms.
Oh, cool.
The only thing I accomplished before I went to college was wrecking my dad's Bugatti and getting a C-minus in Physics.
I'm proud of you.
What? Would you still be proud of me if I was writing investigative articles for the college newspaper, or learning how to navigate the subway? You know, normal stuff? So that's why you want to go to Columbia.
You want to live somewhere normal and take the subway to get there.
I just want to be somewhere where I've got space to grow up.
Not be boxed in as billionaire waitress.
Girl detective.
Pretty much.
Who's there? (LOW GROWLING) (GLASS SHATTERING) Next time you decide to drop in, call ahead.
No, this can't be possible.
Have you two met? We actually have.
Right before I acquired her blood, bathed in it to restore my youth, then used what was left of it to bring down an invisible barrier that had kept me out of Horseshoe Bay for 172 years.
I'm Temperance Hudson.
Tea? NANCY: How are you alive? The Women In White killed you in 1847.
BESS: Yeah, we saw it with our own eyes.
They buried you in the Hudson mausoleum.
But was I really dead? What if I knew what was coming that night in the woods? What if I dosed myself ahead of time with a revival hex? Did that revival hex also put you in an old lady suit, Myrtle? It aged me prematurely.
A small price to pay to cheat death.
Did any of your records ever mention how much I love playing games with death? Okay, nobody drink the tea.
What do you want, Temperance? Why are you here? GEORGE: According to the Women In White, she tried to summon a dark power that lay beneath the town.
Those snowflakes were so dramatic.
They kicked me out for dabbling in ambitious new techniques, nothing more.
I'm here because this is my home.
This hall stands on land that I once owned.
I have a right to return after seven generations.
Is that the same right that you exercised when you stole my daughter's blood to restore you youth? To be fair, she was done with it.
Can-can we just refocus on the fact that a week after Temperance breaks a barrier, moves back to town, and settles in at Icarus Hall, there is a murder? A dead man who was obsessed with quotes from the Book of Revelation.
He was? Which ones? Oh, don't play dumb.
We could work together to figure out who the murderer is.
I'm just as invested as you are.
After all, you saw the man stalking my home.
You're welcome for saving your lives, by the way.
How do we know that this man wasn't just a trick of yours? I mean, you create entities.
You-you made the Wraith.
The Wraith was an ill-conceived mistake.
I don't know who the man in the hat is.
Okay, call the cops and tell 'em you have a suspect right here.
And when they ask what evidence I have, I tell them that she's my 200-year-old great-aunt who's also an occultist who tried to summon a dark power from underneath the town and is possibly here to finish the work she started seven generations ago? Weirder things have happened.
Can't think of any right now.
If you enjoy being wrong, go right ahead.
But if you're interested in the truth, how about a game? No, I think we're good.
TEMPERANCE: One of you will be the other's demise.
One of you will betray your true love.
(FLIPS CARD) One of you will lose your heart.
One of you will wreak havoc on this town.
One of you will forsake what is dearest to you.
And only one of you will fulfill your destiny.
And that one will cause the rest to fall.
You know where the door is.
NANCY: The clock is ticking.
There's only a few more hours till the killer strikes again.
You mean Temperance, right? My gut says it's not her.
I don't know, the only evidence linking her to the crime are moths from Icarus Hall.
Which doesn't explain the figure in the hat that tried to attack us.
Yeah, but Temperance is crafty.
I mean, she created the Wraith that almost killed you.
Come on, you've only just recovered from that trauma.
You don't need to add more.
I have dealt with the Wraith thing.
I had a mystical tree experience, and I buried it with lotus flowers.
Anyway, Temperance had no motive to murder Matthew Burke.
Listen, Matthew was obsessed with all the living Hudsons.
Temperance is sort of living.
I mean, what if they crossed paths and she saw him as a threat? (GASPS) Mm, is that the strawberry rhubarb? It is.
It was a gift from a new client.
Another new client, huh? Seems to be an influx of single women with non-urgent legal matters.
- Yeah, that all come bearing baked goods.
- Mm-hmm.
It's a very giving community.
Oh, yeah, yeah, especially if you're the local town hero who saved Lucy Sable's baby.
Hey, come on, man, just own it.
You're the most eligible bachelor - in Horseshoe Bay.
- (LOUD KNOCK ON DOOR) It's too early to be the phantom knocker.
I'll get it.
These are just clients, that's all.
- I'm not ready for anything else.
- Yeah.
Drew? Uh, Jean Rosario is here to see you.
- Hi.
- Hey.
I brought you a gift.
Oh, um, Jean, before you say anything else, you should know that, um, I'm just not really in the mindset to be dating.
Did I miss the part where I asked you out? Oh.
Ye You weren't So these chocolates are sold in grocery stores.
Anyone can buy them.
But these boxes were recently seized at a stop and search of some persons of interest.
So we think that there's a group of local criminals that have devised a way to communicate undetected by hiding messages via analog courier.
So if you see the-the gift tags on the confiscated box are slightly altered.
So I'm trying to figure out if that's how they've been encoding their messages.
Old-school communication.
Makes surveillance impossible.
I'm hoping to question one of your clients, Asher Davies.
He's a former associate of a suspect on my list.
If Davies can offer me some helpful information, I'll cut him a deal on his petty larceny charge.
No jail time.
I will recommend that he cooperates.
Thank you for coming to see me in person.
Oh, I mean, it's-it's better than a phone call.
I'm a bit old-school myself.
Well, I'm glad.
RYAN: So what's with the old-timey cookbook? This's a grimoire of rituals, written by Temperance Hudson.
As in handwritten.
So we can compare the handwriting with the killer's, starting with the capital letters.
G, A, C, I Yeah, none of those match her writing.
I mean, Temperance had lovely penmanship.
Our guy writes like Charles Manson.
He's got this real distinct "K".
Let me see that.
Yeah, Temperance's Ks are all Gothic and spooky.
The killer's had a tick-mark at the beginning, and a closed loop that doesn't reach the stem.
I've seen this "K" before.
I have to call the police.
I know who the killer is.
Did they arrest to the college kids I called about? You're the local who keeps phoning in with tips.
I called exactly twice because I want to keep my town safe.
Well, I appreciate your level of civic engagement Before you dismiss me as a civilian or an amateur, you should know that I've been solving crimes since I was in the seventh grade.
I've rescued kidnapping victims, prevented murders, recovered stolen treasures and reunited long-lost family members.
I've exposed corruption in law enforcement and figured out a lot of mysteries that other people couldn't crack.
So Some days I even bring killers to justice, like today.
Meaning the teenagers you accused? Did they confess? They are refusing to be held accountable.
They say their friend Dustin was behind the prank.
Sorry, did you say prank? Unis are on their way to pick up Dustin from campus now, but all three were at their dorm when Matthew Burke was murdered.
They have been alibied by classmates.
So they're just vandals? Bright side: the walls of your town are safe again.
Then why does that one look so upset? He says Dustin lost their cat, if you're looking for something else to investigate.
I do not do missing pets.
But you do investigate clues that other people have overlooked.
And that has yielded answers in the past.
According to the public record, and as seen in the many arrest reports containing your name in various capacities.
Have you read up on me? Well, the way you announced yourself on the tip line voice mail indicated that you thought the name "Nancy Drew" would carry weight with the police, and I was curious to find out why.
So then you know that I could help you.
I may have been solving crimes for fewer years than you, and my estimate is based off your apparent age, minus the average age of a seventh-grader, but I did train at Quantico after completing my psychology residency.
It's where I learned that the most valuable tool we have is our objectivity.
Given your history with the town and the fact that the body of the victim was found on property held in your name, your objectivity will be compromised.
So I am going to decline your offer of help.
But I do appreciate your level of civic engagement, because that is a quality that I respect.
Which is what I was trying to tell you earlier.
- Uh - (PHONE CHIMES) Sorry.
Oh, my God.
Sorry, uh, Columbia just emailed my admissions letter.
Glad you finally found time to talk.
You know it's been seven days since I asked you to marry me? I know I told you to take a week to think about it, but I A day, after the second day, I at least thought you would say something; a word, a hint.
- But instead - (ROCK MUSIC PLAYING) Who is playing "Cabinet Man"? Let's find out.
(SONG CONTINUES PLAYING) (SEAGULLS SQUAWKING) I hadn't yet been played Inside my workshop Behind the old arcade Electric desires had unraveled all my wires Ace since when are you into Lemon Demon? Oh, since today, when we found this crazy LP at the thrift store.
We heard it was your favorite.
Okay, to be clear, I am very, very mad, - and I'm still very scary.
- NANCY: Don't be mad.
It's just an impromptu gathering of friends.
In front of everyone, like you always wanted and deserved.
George Li-Yun Fan Whoa, whoa, whoa.
My answer's yes.
It always has been, with my with my whole heart.
But-but I, um I wanted to say yes with a gift that would tell you something more.
Which is this.
No matter what tries to get in our way I am never saying good-bye to you.
In this life or the next.
And I'm sorry this couldn't happen earlier, but I had to ask Victoria to send a few things from China.
Mom got this from the village where Grandpa and Grandma grew up.
She said the phoenix and the dragon represent a partnership of equals.
- Thank you.
- Congratulations.
- I love you.
JESSE: I love you.
I love you.
Grandpa Fan sent Mandarin ducks, 'cause they mate forever.
I love you.
I love you, too.
- Thank you.
- Say yes.
So, I hope you can forgive the, uh, slowness of my response, due to international shipping delays.
And also, I had to go around today and pick up the ring after they finished re-sizing it.
God, I just think I need a week to think about this.
I-I'm kidding.
- (LAUGHTER) - I'm kidding.
Here, put it on, please.
(NICK LAUGHS) - I love you.
- I love you.
- I love you.
- I love you.
(CHEERING) You can't win me I can't be beat I won't hurt you Unless you cheat You can't see me Behind the screen Nancy didn't bring anything.
I got the warehouse permit from a favor I called in from Councilwoman Darlene Fowler.
And I have sparkling cider in the back of my car, so I'll be right back.
I can help you carry it.
(ALL CHEERING) What's wrong? What do you mean? You didn't even try to stop me from helping you.
Normally you'd say something like, "The cider's not that heavy", or you'd rather do it all yourself or something.
Well, maybe it's exceptionally heavy cider.
Or maybe something's on your mind.
(BUOY BELL CLANGS SOFTLY) It's not about George and Nick.
They're great together.
The the Columbia admissions portal opened an hour ago.
I didn't get in.
They didn't wait-list me.
They didn't say to apply again later.
Columbia just said no.
I'm sorry.
It's just I don't understand why they didn't want me.
Nancy, that's their loss.
Some other school is gonna see right away how amazing you are.
Do you want to talk about it? I don't know.
What is this? Cat carrier.
It's my sign from the universe that I'm supposed to stay in Horseshoe Bay and find missing cats.
I don't think that qualifies as a sign from the universe.
A sign from the universe would be more like (INDISTINCT RADIO CHATTER) Please stand back, thank you.
BESS: Okay, well, it's clear the killer is targeting Nancy.
The first body was at her carnival, the second one's on her car.
They're acting like a cat leaving gifts for her.
God, I'm so sorry this r interrupted your guys's engagement.
It is not your fault.
I had Jesse take Ted and Charlie home.
- It's fine.
- (QUIET CHATTER) - MAN: tell us something.
- MAN 2: Yeah, is it safe to be outside? What are you gonna do to catch them? It's against protocol for us to answer any questions at this time.
- WOMAN: And you are? - MAN 2: Who are you? What does Nancy have to say? I know you're all scared, and we don't have any answers yet.
but the clues are out there, and so is the truth.
The cops will find it.
And what if they don't? Will you? Let's get out of here.
- RYAN: So you got the smoky on the end.
- CARSON: Uh-huh, this one? This middle guy is the best.
Middle guy's sweet, you know? This is why I got variety.
I should have trusted you from the start.
I have a list of backup schools.
It's just I was so sure that this one was where I wanted to go and figure it all out.
Guess the point is just to go elsewhere, right? If it's what you want.
Yeah, I'll, um I could start some supplemental essay prompts this weekend or something.
I can help you proofread.
Darlene, um The town council would be honored to have you serve as our first Community Police Liaison.
It's mostly about, you know, relaying council notes via email newsletter.
But there's room for independent projects, at your discretion.
I thought the election wasn't until next week.
We had an emergency meeting.
The vote was unanimous.
There's no one else in town who can do what you do.
You're our homegrown sleuth.
I got pretty choked up the day I joined the town council, too.
Congratulations, Nancy.
Oh, thank you.
Sunlight fell and reminded me that life can be So gracious sometimes And I felt like everything around me Was connected somehow (QUIET CHATTER) You won.
- Sweet! - Yay! - Nice.
- Um this town is where I belong.
It's my home and my heart.
And I'm not gonna run from it anymore.
The ones you love I'll grow where I've been planted.
Keep 'em close to you Starting with catching a serial killer Hold on and dealing with my centuries-old ancestor-witch on the loose.
And let the light shine through.
Your centuries-old what on the loose?
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