Nancy Drew (2019) s03e02 Episode Script

The Journey of the Dangerous Mind

1 Hey.
Whatever you're into, I don't care.
You can't be here.
- Who let you in? - Nancy still has her keycard.
You know, I'm so sorry, you guys, I really thought that Connor would want our help figuring out if our murderer was a human or a supernatural baddie.
Yeah, like the supernatural entity that came after his son last month.
And we brought bagels.
Two dead guys, both with iceboxes where their hearts used to be.
One found on Nancy's car, one found at Nancy's carnival.
I vote Temperance.
Obviously, she's dangerous, and the timing of her Horseshoe Bay Homecoming is fishy, but for her to show up and then immediately start leaving me bodies I feel like she'd be a little more strategic than that.
I mean, this town is infested with all kinds of supernatural menaces.
We shouldn't rule anything out.
There's also a chance the killer could be of the human variety.
Serial killers have been known to put body parts in freezers.
Okay, I got to get to the station.
Bess, George, why don't you guys look into if there's been a history of supernatural freezings in Horseshoe Bay.
Nick, Ace, watch the autopsy, follow the human serial killer angle.
I work alone.
Honey, we saved your son from a lamia.
- Hi.
- Hi.
I brought some bagels.
Well, thank you, but I would love it if you laid low for a minute.
There's a serial killer out there who has some kind of twisted fascination with you, so forgive me for being cautious.
I'm gonna be at the police station, starting my duties as community liaison.
Kind of the safest gig in town.
A-Aren't they still holding your car as evidence? Yes.
But no one has impounded my feet yet.
I'm walking.
Or you can drive me.
Okay? Be right back.
You know, when I was growing up, the tighter my parents tried to grasp onto me, the harder I tried to slip through their fingers.
I think I know how to parent Nancy.
Sure you do that's why there's bagels.
I used to pull this trick all the time when I partied all night.
Bagel doesn't fall far from the tree.
Hi, Joyce.
It's my first day as community liaison.
Can you please escort me to my office? Uh, we set it up for you.
It's Does the community liaison not get a chair? Don't worry.
I'm gonna make I'm gonna make one.
Matthew Burke, from the corn maze.
His chest cavity was frozen solid and scooped clean.
Not a trace of his heart remains.
Dustin Yates' cavity is messy, burnt.
Little bits of frozen heart tissue hanging in place like, uh, tiny streamers the day after a New Year's party.
Well, if the first kill was clean, why would the second one be sloppy? The killer is experimenting? Or becoming more erratic, possibly more violent.
If we can figure out what the killer used to freeze Dustin's heart, maybe we can track them using recent purchases.
Sounds like an excellent new hobby for you.
Yeah, do that far from here.
It's like the sparkles are dancing.
Okay, it is a rock and piece of metal that in no way defines my worth.
All right? I mean, - obviously I love it.
- Mm.
I just don't want them to mistake jewelry for identity.
Oh, yeah, I know, I know.
But this piece of rock and metal looks damn good on your finger.
I need you to forge Victoria's signature again for school.
Behavioral issues? No, no, no, Charlie, I'm not signing this until you tell me what's going on.
Did you see the new BTS clip? - Oh, my God, look at that.
- Are you kidding me? Um, nothing about frozen hearts.
When does Hannah get back from her research trip? She said it was open-ended, which is why she's letting me mind the historical society while she's away.
Yeah, I haven't found anything on hearts, either.
But there is all this stuff about my ancestor Martha Marvin.
She was an original Woman in White, and she had all these occult tools to enhance her skills.
It's so crazy.
They were so powerful for so long, and then they just folded.
Probably for the best.
They, like, totally dabbled in anti-feminist repression.
George, where's your ring? Half of these messages are about stray cats or property line disputes.
You're sidelining me.
Technically, you don't work for me.
I'm just here to track and profile the killer.
I'm giving you an avenue to be of assistance, safely.
Because this killer is an attention-seeking sadist, and their decision to leave a body on your car indicates that they're desperate for your attention.
If you give it to them by pursuing them openly, they will believe that you two are in a dialogue one that ends up with you getting hurt, or worse.
All the more reason for me to find out who they are and stop them.
I was told to come here if I had tips about the recent murders.
Oh, you already know the community liaison.
Nancy could you handle? Mm.
Okay, I work here now, so I don't have time for tarot card readings or blood-bathing rituals, and I highly doubt you have an actual tip.
You're right.
It's better than a tip.
I have a way to solve these murders.
So, what's in it for you? This was my town long before it was yours.
I want peace returned just as much as you.
And with innocents dying and a threatening man coming into my home trying to hurt you, I feel compelled to step in.
You know, your rescue the other night was impeccably timed it was almost like you knew - I was in danger.
- Can't I have a vested interest in the well-being of my youngest relative? Oh, you mean your blood bank that you used to restore your youth? Tomayto, tomahto.
Honestly, you very much remind me of someone I once failed to save.
Set aside your hostility.
You need my help.
- Mm.
- I saw the three-fingered man the night of your friends' engagement.
How do you know about the suspect? I overheard those college boys yammering on about their story.
The one about a menacing man following them the day of their friend's murder.
You might have seen him, too.
- Oh, before he left the crime scene? - Yes.
Our recollections may be incomplete on their own, but I have something at my home that could serve as a memory aid.
Or perhaps we should simply wait until more innocent hearts are ripped from chests.
Who knows maybe the next ones could be our own.
All right, Fan clan, mission today is find my ring and keep Nick away from me until we do.
I refuse to see the look on his face if he finds out I lost it it'll absolutely kill him.
Oh, God, Nick's here! I'll distract him.
Go! Go! Hi! - Hi.
What's all this? - Hey.
Oh, yeah, we're gonna test ways the killer could have frozen Dustin's heart using pig hearts that Ace got - from Frank the butcher.
- Ew.
Um, okay, well, we have customers in today and we don't want to scare them, so why don't you go through the back door.
- Yeah, good idea.
- Yeah.
Ace! Whoa.
Sorry, didn't I didn't mean to startle you.
- I was hoping to ask a favor.
- Mr.
Bobbsey, you know you can call me, right? I was in the neighborhood, so Plus, I I hate the telephone, you know? People say one thing, and then their face says something else.
- So, what's up? - Can you pick me up tonight, 121 Harlowe Street, 9:00 p.
? I'm catching up with an old friend.
If if you can't, no big deal.
I could I could maybe walk it.
- No, I could do that.
- Yeah? Yeah.
Yeah, I'll be there.
I appreciate you, Ace.
You know that, right? Ah, Amanda was right about you.
- You're a good egg.
- You are, too.
- Is he harassing you? - No.
He needs a ride.
Doesn't have his driver's license back yet.
Why do you have a problem with him? Because he's super sketchy and just got out of jail.
On good behavior.
He's just trying to start fresh.
I'm trying to help him.
I promised Amanda I would.
Oh, you just got a Oh, sorry.
It's just a little fly.
- Thanks.
- Mm-hmm.
No problem.
While we're freezing heart number one in dry ice, we can flash-freeze heart number two using liquid nitrogen.
Whoa, you ever done this before? No.
But I watched a YouTube video.
Okay, now what? Flash-freezing's actually a misnomer.
Takes about 20 minutes.
So, how is engaged life? Oh.
Yeah, it's good, but sometimes I feel like an outsider, and I want to be part of the Fan sisters' lives, but I'm not sure how.
Do you know what a memory weave is? Mystical arts and crafts.
It's a powerful ritual that combines the memories of two people who were at the same place at the same time, in order to weave a fuller picture of a moment, revealing details a single human consciousness would otherwise miss.
- Oh.
- But first I need access to your memories.
Access? Oh, no, I don't This is the day of Nick and George's engagement.
What did you do to me? The answer's here, so here we are.
- You had no right.
- The memory weave can only sustain itself for a few moments before collapsing.
The show's starting.
There's you.
I was watching you from here.
The oversharing on social media makes your generation so easy to stalk.
It's him.
Time's up.
And now we have a lead on the man who infiltrated my home.
- You could say thank you.
- For roofieing me? Pass.
Hey, uh, you need anything from the store? Do you have any idea why Nancy is waiting for a rideshare outside Icarus Hall right now? Wait.
Are you tracking her phone on an app? She kept responding to my texts with the same thumbs-up emoji.
So I tried calling to check in.
She didn't answer.
So I called the station.
They said she wasn't there.
Oh, my God, bro, you have no chill.
I don't need chill.
- I need to know that my daughter is safe.
- Our daughter is safe.
And, come on, don't you trust her? Put the phone down, Carson.
If she needs you, she'll call you.
There you go.
Okay Do I want to know? It's Martha Marvin's protection ritual.
Doing it for Ace.
You actually think you could pull it off? Well, I'm choosing to believe that my ancestors' talents are genetic.
Wait, what does Ace need protection from? The serial killer.
Yeah, in case they're targeting young, vulnerable men.
I'll do Nick next.
- Hey, Jesse.
- Hey.
Uh Oh, have you got any recommendations for, like, a really good vegetarian snack? You know, you have some nerve coming out here with all that blood on your hands.
- Uh, blood? - Mm-hmm.
The blood of the pigs you murdered for your cruel experiment.
To pigs, you are the serial killer, Nick.
I can I-I can probably figure out - the snack on my own.
- Okay.
- Good luck with that.
- Okay.
I don't know.
Working my fingers down to the bone I been building my kingdom up on my own, got a destiny Hey.
New playlist.
Huh? Stop.
Just - stop.
- You are the resident music expert, so whatcha think? It sucks.
Customers are complaining.
You should probably go and fix it.
I mean, unless you want to lose business.
Can I get a witness? Oh, yeah, yeah, sure.
And I will Believer Got nothing here.
Come on.
Just have faith, I'll make you a believer I been on my hustle every day and night There is no life situation where I will ever need to know the surface area of a pyramid.
Okay, maybe not, but there's a homework situation where you need to, right? - So how can I help? - You give the worst reasons.
- Ooh, hoo - Make you a believer Nick.
Have some faith, I'll make you a believer.
Oh, yeah.
That is rock-solid.
Try this.
- Ow! - Whoa! - I got a pig heart in my eyeball! - You all right? Yeah.
I was momentarily blinded.
Okay, uh Okay, what have we got here? The ice crystal patterns in both these hearts are different from Dustin's heart.
The killer did not use liquid nitrogen or dry ice.
Well on to heart number three.
Wait a minute, wait a minute, wait a minute, wait a minute.
Nitrogen is-is a liquid, right? And-and the dry ice is a solid.
So what if the killer used a gas to freeze these hearts? Sometimes radiologists use argon gas to freeze tumors in cancer patients.
Argon is a heavy gas.
If that's what the killer used, it'd still be present - in the corpse.
- Check with Connor.
I am guessing that's not what you were looking for.
I lost my engagement ring.
What? How? If I knew, I wouldn't be shoving my hand into this pit of despair, now, would I? Yeah, well, you've been here all day, right? Couldn't have gone far.
It's probably in the place you'd least expect.
Did you take it What's with the peas? Uh, Connor confirmed the presence of argon gas in Dustin's body.
Argon is used in welding.
Might explain the burns in Dustin's chest, right? Any idea how the killer got argon? Yeah, here's a list of all the local businesses that sell welding equipment.
I figured HBPD can get access to the purchasing records - faster than we can.
- Yeah, I'll let you know what I find.
Whoa, whoa! What happened? It is not Ace's day.
Can you, uh - Glue that up? - Yeah.
Ace, you okay? Okay, I've got two solid leads Ooh.
Uh you meditating? I find it easier to listen with my eyes closed.
How can I help you? Oh, Premeditated with Laci McAllister.
Is that a true crime podcast? Who's the Frozen Hearts Killer? A serial killer who started in Alaska ten years ago, then worked his way across the Lower 49.
The killer freezes their victim's hearts.
Killing stopped about three years ago.
You think that's our guy? Did cross my mind.
Do you get a lot of leads from podcasts? No.
I've been following this unsub for a while now.
It's actually why they assigned me here.
But I do find Laci's podcast relaxing, and I'll take leads from anywhere.
Because here are mine.
So, the coroner found traces of argon in Dustin's body.
I think that's how the killer froze his heart.
Argon-induced frostbite sounds like a good way - to lose two fingers.
- Right? So, there's a couple of local vendors that source argon.
The killer drives a white van.
This is his license plate number.
If you get the vendors' purchase records, you can cross-reference that list with whoever that van is registered to.
And I was there the day the killer put Dustin's corpse on my car.
I caught a glimpse of him before the body drop happened.
And you're just remembering all of this now, as well as the entire license plate number? Yeah.
I have eidetic memory.
Um, sometimes my recall is delayed.
No, that's not how eidetic memory works.
What aren't you telling me? Please run the plate.
You don't have to stay with me.
It's not your fault that I slipped in a puddle of melted hard ice.
Well, it is my fault a little.
I performed a protection ritual on you, but I must have messed it up, because you keep getting hurt.
You're trying to do magic now? No, I was just trying to help.
- You're in danger.
- I slipped in a puddle.
The hook was loose, okay? There's nothing mystical happening.
I'm not in danger.
Got a name: Richard Trott.
He's the van's owner.
- He recently placed a large order for argon.
- Oh, my God.
Uh, no online presence.
"Richard Trott" is an alias.
But his van did get a toll booth ticket back in Alaska in 2005.
Same year the frozen body parts serial killer was reportedly active in that area.
Same goes for Oregon and Virginia.
Well, that's got to be our guy.
What is he doing in Horseshoe Bay? What does he want with me? Won't matter once he's behind bars.
Which he should be very soon, due to your solid leads.
So thank you.
Uh I don't think anybody here has ever thanked me before.
Well on behalf of law enforcement everywhere, good job.
The argon vendor just texted me.
This is the address the argon shipment went to.
I'll meet you all there.
Hey, wait a sec.
Is Trott at 365 Hamden Forest Drive? We'll find out.
Going to the courthouse - to rush a warrant.
- It's just, uh, Hamden Forest Drive isn't in the right parking zone.
The van had a decal for zone 6R.
So why would Trott park half a mile from his address? You need a second warrant.
I can't get a warrant for an entire zone.
I'll start with the house.
Send a unit to zone 6R.
Maybe, uh, I could ride along.
It's likely Trott wants to kill you.
You'll only make it easier for him if you try and chase him down.
My answer is no.
"My next-door neighbor has been disposing of waste improperly.
I've seen him put empty chemical canisters in his recycling" 4660 Cascade.
- Hey, what's up? - Hey, Ryan.
Can you give me a ride to 4660 Cascade Avenue? All right, 4660 Cascade.
You know, you can can tell me what we're really doing here.
I'm not gonna flip out, like some other dads would.
I am on a case, and the police have iced me out.
I'm trying to work with them, but neither they nor Carson wants me to help with the investigation.
So, where's the lead? Well Hey, the-the chimney's still going.
Are you sure that no one's home? It's too warm for a fire.
Oh, my God, they're destroying the evidence.
- I have to stop them.
- Wait.
Wait, hold on.
You're going inside there? Is this person dangerous? Uh, no.
Uh it's a white-collar crime, a parking ticket scam.
Can you stay in the car? Just be my lookout.
But do you have permission? Sorry, what's that, Carson? Okay.
Yeah, I'll just I'll wait here in the car.
Did you get my text? No.
I am trying to break into a suspect's house.
Great, totally understand, and you should be very careful doing that.
But can I just bug you for a tiny favor? I'm looking for a candle.
You're calling me about a candle? Yeah, it's a Marvin family heirloom.
And according to the Historical Society's ledger, Temperance's daughter Charity stole it in 1861.
And if Temperance ended up with the candle, it could be in Icarus Hall you were there It was on the mantel under a moose skull.
Okay, thanks.
Ooh, could we just Okay Whew.
Oh, damn! The drain is clogged again.
How long ago did you lose your engagement ring? How long what - Excuse me? What? - You've been hiding - your left hand from me most of the day.
- Hiding? No.
Babe, this hand has been working.
Why didn't you tell me? Because I was trying to avoid that look on your face.
See, yeah, that look.
Nick, I'm so sorry.
It's just a small piece of rock and metal, right? No, it's not.
It was a sign to the world that I have a future to live for.
Every time I look down at that ring, I imagine our future together.
Now it's gone.
But I'm still here.
And we are gonna make the most of the years we have.
And if you need a reminder just look at me.
A human heart.
Oh, it's a minefield.
Hey! Hey! Nancy's inside! Sir, I need you to stay right where you are.
Is she okay? Is-is she okay? Stay back.
Nancy, it's Agent Park! Can you hear me? No, uh, don't come in.
If you come in, everything would be inadmissible, and it'll be my fault.
So just let me try and figure it out.
Hey, what are you doing here? What are you doing here? The police scanner said that there was a civilian trapped in a suspect's house, and Nancy's phone was at the same address.
Tell me you didn't bring her here.
Look, I didn't know.
She asked for a ride.
She said it was a parking ticket, white-collar thing, so I-I was just trying to be supportive.
No, you were trying to be "Cool Dad".
You let her manipulate you.
You're supposed to protect her.
What the hell am I supposed to do when she is who she is? They're pipe bombs.
Yeah, you should have led with that.
Well, I thought you would detect it from the tone of my voice, FBI profiler.
Yeah, well, I'm not that good.
Nancy you're gonna be just fine.
But I need you to stay completely still.
Your weight is holding down a trigger, and we don't know how sensitive that release plate is.
You should go.
Are we okay? I think we are now.
What time did you arrive? Little after 4:00 p.
The chimney was smoking, so I had to go in.
I understand.
How did you enter the premises? Through a through a back door.
Look, are we not gonna talk about the fact that I screwed up? At this point, I'm just gathering data for my report.
Well, will your report include the fact that I put the case in danger and how my entry was illegal and evidence was destroyed and now Trott's in the wind and we don't have any other leads - and we don't even know what his real name is - Hey.
You made an error in judgment.
It happens.
Dwelling in frustration or guilt it's not gonna move the investigation forward.
Was there anything else? Yes.
Thank you for risking your life to save mine.
Don't even think about it.
Your hands are shaking.
Uh adrenaline.
It'll wear off.
We should, uh, finish this tomorrow.
What do you plan on doing with that? I, um This this belonged to my family.
Who? Martha Marvin? I taught her everything she knew.
I taught all the Women in White.
You don't need that candle, Bess.
You need me.
Um, no new friends, thank you.
Your friends don't understand what you're capable of.
They don't see your potential.
But you well, you feel it.
I know what that's like.
It's why I became a Woman in White.
I wanted to come into my power.
And I think that you want that, too.
I can teach you, if you let me.
W-Well, I I did try one of Martha's rituals, which didn't work and I don't know why.
Because I had the blood of the spider, the strand of hair and the grind of mustard.
A protection ritual calls for grain of mustard, not grind.
You need mustard seed.
But how did you know I was doing a protection ritual? I told you, I created all of the rituals in Martha's book.
Would you like me to teach you something? Something small? Hey.
Mind if I sit? Oh.
Hey, I think it's-it's it's probably weird for you and your sisters that I'm gonna be a part of the family now.
So if you you ever want to talk about anything I'm here.
It's always where you least expect it.
Am I in trouble? No.
No, no, but I'm gonna have to give this back to George.
Okay? And I'll-I'll I'll tell her I found it behind the lockers, if you want.
Oh, my God! - Where'd you - Hey.
Where-where did you find this? - Oh, it was just behind - I took it.
Are you kidding me? Charlie, why? I don't want you to leave.
Whenever Victoria found a new guy, she always left.
Well, I am not Victoria.
You'll always have me.
Come here.
You'll always have Nick now, too.
Did, uh, we get our nightly door-knocks? Yep.
Scary pounding, then it stopped nobody was on the doorbell camera.
Yeah, but someone or something just keeps knocking Nancy, can we please, please, please just stop talking about the knocking for a minute? What you did to me earlier that-that wasn't cool.
You know, I'm-I'm trying to have a relationship with you I want that, too.
I-I Oh, yeah? Well, you could have fooled me.
Oh, wait, no.
- You did fool me.
- If you had known the truth, you would never have let me go.
And you would have followed me in there.
We came with you anyway.
Every time you go running into some serial killer's house, or into a fire or off a cliff, you take me with you.
You take everyone who loves you with you.
Running it that's in my nature, so I don't I don't know I don't know what I'm supposed to do.
You can meet us halfway.
Communicate with us, transparently.
And then next time you're running into something dangerous remember you're not alone.
Okay, I can do that.
I'm sorry that I scared you.
Night, Dads.
Look, nobody ever taught me how to parent.
We're all just trying our best.
Hoping it's enough.
Just, I-I got nothing to offer her.
Was never really good in school.
I, uh, got no career.
I I don't even know who I'm supposed to be.
I can't answer that for you.
And there's no one left to take with you Perfect.
Thank you, Nick.
Okay, guys, okay, okay.
Jungkook purple hair or blue? Purple.
- Blue.
- Purple, yeah.
- Purple? - It's blue.
- Blue? Blue? Trick question.
- It's No, purple.
Wait, when did he dye his hair blond? Hey, hey, come on.
Yeah? Oh, really? Really? Well, listeners, after all these years, I finally know the true identity of the Frozen Hearts Killer.
My hunches about this case have been correct, and I have no doubt who our murderer is.
Tune in next week to find out.
In the meantime, I'll be signing merch tomorrow at DetectiveCon in Portland, Maine.
Get out.
What? You scared of a little blood? It's not what you think.
No, no, I said that I would give you rides.
I never said I'd be an accomplice.
Get out of my car.
You're gonna regret this.
Bring light, bring life, carry this energy into the night.
Oh, my God.
Bess Marvin I think you're destined for greatness.

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