Nancy Drew (2019) s03e12 Episode Script

The Witch Tree Symbol

It seems as though one of you took something of Ms.
Myrtle's while playing in the woods today.
Who would like to speak up? May I? (SIGHS) There once was a mother with a beautiful child, who was taken from her by women both visceral and vile.
They wore white for their purity, with dark hearts that burned bright, when they cast her out of the town and whispered lies out of spite.
And the people of the village turned their backs to ignore the sole person who had ever deemed their town worth more.
And now that woman would give her life to take back what is hers, but she cannot do it unless you give back what is not yours.
So if one chooses not to speak, and say what you know Well, then your place on this Earth you must now forgo.
(CANE THUDDING LOUDLY) (EXHALES) Anything? We just searched Icarus Hall and the surrounding woods.
No sign of Temperance.
Or her free-spirited prisoner, Lev.
They're not at the Historical Society or the tunnels down below, either.
Okay, so, we know that Temperance doesn't just want Charity's soul to have a family reunion with the daughter who despised her.
According to Charity's note to Cora Dow, Temperance has a bigger plan.
Yeah, the same plan that got her banished from Horseshoe Bay.
Maybe if we can figure out what Temperance's larger plan is, we can figure out where she's hiding Lev.
Okay, well, the only thing I've found out regarding Temperance's master plan was her letter to Charity and that creepy map with the blood leading to the Youth Center.
We should, uh, all split up.
W-We'll cover more ground that way.
NANCY: I can search Icarus Hall.
Maybe it takes another screwed-up Hudson to find a family clue from the original screwed-up Hudson.
Hey, you are not a screwed-up Hudson.
Eh, I don't know.
I just feel like I'm always two steps behind Temperance.
You're not alone in this.
I mean, I can go with you to Icarus Hall.
Maybe find a clue to implement in my genealogy algorithm.
And then we can finally be two steps ahead of Temperance.
Find the last person containing Charity's soul.
(DOOR OPENS, CLOSES) PARK: Good! You're all here.
ACE: Ah, we gotta fix that bell.
BESS: What, still no sign of Lev or Temperance? I had my team search Temperance's Westchester home.
She's still MIA.
In the meantime, why don't I accompany you two to Icarus Hall? Outstanding.
We'll take our own cars.
- Ooh.
- I gotta Uh Ugh.
Customers will be here soon.
Okay, so, uh, I haven't exactly told my sisters that we're broken up yet.
Okay, look, I'm sorry I overreacted.
What, and that make-out session was you - trying to get back together? - GEORGE: No.
Oh, my gosh, no.
I just I wanted Charlie to still think that we are a thing.
Look, being with you, that was the first time that Jessie, Ted and Charlie have ever seen a healthy, stable relationship.
They are going to take the news really hard.
- I don't want to lie to them.
- Okay, you won't have to.
- (PHONE CHIMES) - I swear I'll tell them tonight.
Okay? Okay, Nancy says that Carson and Ryan are parking their cars out front.
She wants us to keep them out of her hair until we find Temperance.
Okay, how about you and Nick help with the Temperance manhunt, and I will keep an eye on Ryan and Carson.
I will have my overdue sister chat.
BESS: Okay, good, that's great.
We can research the Historical Society for Yeah, yeah.
Uh, I'll meet you there.
I just gotta make a quick stop.
Nothing like an impromptu kiss from your ex to send you flying out the door.
- (DOOR OPENS) - Ah! Hello, Mr.
Drew and Ryan! Wow, fancy seeing you here.
Uh, what can I get you two today? Whatever caffeinated drink you just chugged.
CARSON: And two bowls of your world-famous chowder, please.
Dad-bonding lunch? We were prepping for Ryan's discovery hearing for Everett's trial and got a craving.
Well, legal talk always goes better with some award-winning New England chowder.
You have got this.
Thank you.
Hey, hey, hey.
Where are you, Temperance? Why are you out here looking for Temperance? Hey.
You have been acting suspicious all week.
What is going on? - What are you keeping from us, Nick? - Okay, there are things going on that it's better that you don't know about.
For everyone's safety.
Who is "everyone"? Oh, my God.
Temperance is threatening the kids.
- Oh, my God.
- Bess.
Bess! Bess! Hey, kids, is everything all right? Just checking in.
- Yep.
- Mm-hmm.
- We're good.
Oh, my God.
Temperance has put a hex on the kids.
Don't say it out loud! I can call Nancy, she can No! No, no, no, no.
I'm trying not to let anyone find out about this.
Well, it's a little bit late for that.
(SIGHS) Okay.
You Do you, do you remember, uh, the-the artifact that Tyler was looking into - behind the Youth Center? - Mm-hmm.
Well, Temperance told me that it's a supernatural seal covering up a tear in the Veil between this world and the darkness below.
She's been waiting 200 years to open that veil.
Yeah, and what she wants on the other side of that seal is very, very bad.
- (WHIMPERS) - (KNOCKING) - Hey, buddy.
- Hey, Nick, um, I think I just got bit by a nasty bug.
Got any first aid? It won't stop itching and burning.
When did the itching start? Just now while you and Bess were talking.
BESS: Oh, my God.
I think the hex heard us.
(GRUNTING) Oh, this can't be good.
(FOOTFALLS ECHOING) The effects of Resting Powder are never pleasant.
Oh! (PANTING) Who are you? Temperance Hudson.
This will all be over soon.
For everyone.
After Nancy accepts her town's fate.
(GRUNTS) (PHONE BUZZING) Bess, it's getting worse.
Okay, so, I did find the symbol.
Um, "the dui circuli typically indicates the presence of the Debrev hex".
There is a footnote.
It says the symbol can also represent hundreds of other hexes.
Temperance chose a hex that would be impossible to narrow down.
It's okay.
We're gonna figure this out.
You still have the art easels at the Youth Center, right? There has to be something in here that gives us some insight into Temperance's master plan.
Odds are it's hidden in plain sight since we've all been here before and never zeroed in on it.
(NANCY SIGHS) I can't believe I ever trusted Temperance.
This place screams "villain's lair".
Definitely has a vibe.
I just let a huge threat walk around, unchecked.
She played on your emotions and your maternal relationships.
You do everything you can to protect this town.
About what you told me last night Hey, I think you should look at this! The, uh, mortar around that stone is about a quarter of an inch thicker than the rest.
ACE: Classic.
What is it? ACE: Like, a bone? I've never seen that language before.
I have.
At an orphanage that was abandoned in 1971.
Ah, damn it.
It should be right here.
Kids are always screwing around in this place.
The police tossed it the last time we were here.
What is that? A mystery for another day.
We should fan out, - look for the bone fragment.
- Uh, yeah.
Why can't anything be simple? Complexity makes an eventual win that much more satisfying.
And is that the goal? To be satisfied? If you're into that sort of thing.
Personally, I think satisfaction is limiting.
(SIGHS) So is contentment.
Or security in what's familiar.
I think those things tend to keep you from seeing options that are right in front of you.
Like what? ACE: Hey-o! Found it.
NANCY: Oh, nice.
Has the same weird writing on it.
The breakage point looks the same.
Can you decipher the writing? NANCY: No.
But I know someone who might.
So, with the symptoms the kids have shown so far the two-circle mark, the skin irritation, the itchiness, and the fact that the hex hasn't killed them yet I was able to narrow it down to these four candidates: the Malti, the Debrev, - the Prynsipia and the Bonnafis.
- Okay.
And you can perform a ritual to get rid of any of these? Technically, yes.
But we still have to figure out which hex we want to break.
Right, okay.
Um Whoa.
It's this hex.
Right? Headaches are a symptom.
And Talia's got a headache.
Have any of the other kids had headaches? Well, no, but maybe they're just trying to tough it out.
I-I bet you it's the Malti.
Okay, I think that your desire to solve this is making you rush a little bit.
What's the alternative? Wait for Temperance to flip the death switch on these kids? - Of course not - I built this Youth Center so these kids would have a safe space.
And now, now I'm the reason that their life might be in danger.
You're right.
It is definitely worth a try.
I'll prepare the ritual.
- Thank you.
- Okay.
Come on, Bess.
You can do this.
BESS: Cursed agent from darkness beyond, sent from an enemy with ill intent, your work is now at an end, and I call on you now to return from whence you came.
Not exactly the denouement I was expecting.
What happened? I don't know.
TALIA: Hey, my itch went away.
Mine, too.
- Hey, the kids stopped scratching.
- (LAUGHING) - It worked.
- (CHUCKLES) (GASPS) BESS: Oh, my God.
I chose the wrong hex.
They're antlers.
From a silver stag.
Very rare.
Thought only to appear every 400 years during the vernal equinox.
You can tell by the spiral pattern just there.
The Women in White believed that the antlers carried mystic abilities.
- And the writing? - DARLENE: I recognize it.
It's a language the Women in White used during their rituals way back in the day.
But I'm not fluent.
Do any of the words look familiar? The only thing I can make out is "Bring forth" something "within".
I think I have a book somewhere in the basement that has a cipher for the language.
Forgive me.
I just moved into this place.
But if you give me a few minutes, I can find it.
No problem.
Thank you.
(PHONE BUZZES) Boston field office.
Excuse me.
Agent Park.
(SIGHS) I've been avoiding talking to you.
- Really? - Mm-hmm.
Well, sometimes a person's got to avoid.
But for what it's worth, I don't regret what I told you.
Whatever comes of it.
Being in the liminal space gave me some perspective on my life, so when you're ready to not avoid I'll be here.
GEORGE: See? I told you CarMax would have plenty of options.
Here, what do you think? Ooh! Jungkook has one of these.
He's Nick's favorite.
Get the SUV.
Uh, what about something smaller? You know, for, like, just us four Fan girls.
Super cozy.
Or three Fan girls and Nick.
Which three Fan girls? I think we both know.
No, seriously, Charlie, which-which three Fan girls? Anyway, where is Nick? I need help with my science project.
Uh, he's running an errand.
But, Charlie, I love projects.
And what's better than some old-fashioned sibling teamwork? Getting an "A".
No offense.
I'll just wait for Nick.
Yeah, no, that-that's cool.
I totally get it.
That's cool.
How well did you know your Uncle Josiah? Not well.
He was in and out of rehab when I was a kid before, you know, my father murdered him.
I know this is hard for you.
You know, it's just I keep thinking about this-this one thing he said to me once.
He said that he hoped that I could outrun the family curse and avoid a gruesome demise.
- Dark thing to say to a kid.
- Yeah.
Well, that must've been the alcohol talking.
But I think being a Hudson does raise your chances of a violent, early death, so - (SIGHS) - Well, there's good in the Hudson name, too.
In you.
And Nancy.
I appreciate that, man.
(INHALES) Why don't we take a break? I'm supposed to meet Nancy for lunch.
- GEORGE: Hey, fellas.
- Holy - Did anyone save room for some delicious apple pie? - On the house.
- RYAN: Nice.
Thank you.
That's really sweet of you, George.
And-and take your time.
I'll tell Nancy that you're working through lunch.
- Great.
- Pie.
(FLOOR CREAKS) - (KNIFE STABS) - (GASPS) (GRUNTS) Why are people always trying to take these from me? I had to vanish a whole orphanage after one of them stole that piece.
Little brat stashed it away somewhere.
At least that prevented others from seeing evidence of my plan.
(GASPS) (EXHALES SHAKILY) I'm sure you have questions.
If only you'd finished translating.
- NANCY: Darlene? - (DOOR OPENS) (FOOTSTEPS APPROACHING) Call an ambulance! (SHUTTER CLICKING) I recognize that knife.
It belongs to Temperance.
She was here.
What if doing that blood ritual made it possible for her to track me somehow? It would explain how she followed us here, but how'd she get away? PARK: Darlene lost a lot of blood, but she's gonna pull through.
- This is the part that Darlene decoded? - Mm-hmm.
"Bring forth the key I hid within".
Within what? Without the antler fragments, we can't finish this.
NANCY: I remember the inscriptions.
But I just need the book that Darlene was using to finish decoding the rest of it.
That I can help you with.
(CLEARS THROAT) I'll get the statements from here.
Find out what Darlene remembers when she wakes up.
- No, I'm not.
- Yeah.
- No, I'm not.
- I'm doing it right.
- RYAN: Hey.
You mind hooking us up with some free refills? In an old house tonight George? You, uh You okay? (SIGHS) Okay, honestly, no.
I'm not okay.
I don't know how to tell my sisters that Nick and I broke up.
It's gonna crush them.
Well, unsolicited advice? Hiding things from your sisters isn't gonna help.
Wow, you were right, Ryan.
- Your advice was very unsolicited.
- Look, I had overbearing parents growing up.
All right? They always hid stuff from me.
They thought that they were acting in my best interest, but it always just made me feel like they didn't trust me, like they didn't think I was mature enough to handle tough situations.
And that stunted me.
For a long time.
Yeah, I guess I never really thought of it that way.
Thank you.
Of course.
You took the time (SIGHS) More soda.
All right.
- Here you go.
- I never followed up with Nancy about missing lunch.
GEORGE: More pie? (CLEARS THROAT) On the house, as are your refills.
That makes three things that George Fan has given us today for free.
- Where's Nancy? - Yeah, where is Nancy? Okay.
She's trying to figure out how a guy who went missing last night fits into Temperance's master plan.
So, basically a fact-finding mission.
As opposed to running into a house full of nail bombs.
- Call that growth.
- In the meantime, I was supposed to keep you guys out of her hair.
Your candor is appreciated.
- So is the free pie.
- You see? Now, doesn't honesty feel good? Maybe you should, uh - you should keep it going.
- No, look.
Okay, surface area.
You can find the surface area - CHARLIE: Um, okay.
- (SIGHS) It says once Temperance has all four pieces of Charity's soul, she's going to pierce the Veil and bring forth the key she hid within her daughter's soul to enact the New Genesis.
What are the odds this whole New Genesis - is actually something delightful? - (PHONE BUZZING) - NANCY: Hey, Bess.
- BESS: Okay, so, Temperance put a hex on the kids at the Youth Center.
- Oh, God.
What? - BESS: Yeah, we we tried to remove the hex, but we We chose the wrong ritual.
A-And, look, their symptoms are getting worse, and we can't risk choosing the wrong ritual again.
- NANCY: Okay.
We'll be right there.
- Thank you.
Oh, my God.
That is why the antler fragment was at the orphanage.
Temperance was there in 1971.
Why? What happened to the orphanage in 1971? ACE: That's when all the kids disappeared.
Think about it.
Kids and staff at Fernwood Orphanage.
You at the Historical Society.
Hannah at the Copperhead's cage.
I thought they all disappeared without a trace, but they left something behind when they crossed over.
This symbol.
A tree mark.
I know exactly where Temperance is keeping Lev.
She took him to the liminal space.
Poison? Stop fighting.
This won't hurt.
There are only two hexes left to choose from.
- That's the bright side.
- BESS: Yeah, the not-bright side is that the clock is ticking on children's lives.
We have to keep them here for an impromptu game night so that we can monitor them while we fix this.
ACE: Doesn't look like they're actually up for playing games.
I thought Temperance didn't have the ability to venture into the liminal space without help.
Isn't that why she needed us, a Hudson and a Marvin, to save Ace and Hannah? Yeah.
Which leads me to believe that she harnessed some of our blood during the ritual when we cut our hands.
We charged her up like a battery.
Hey, is there any way you could, um, profile Temperance? Figure out which one of these hexes she might be drawn to? We know she's a narcissist and a sociopath.
She despises vulnerability.
That'll make her risk-averse in terms of engaging with a target.
ACE: Then maybe she'll avoid this one.
The Bonnafis hex uses totems from the victims.
Strands of hair, possessions, that kind of thing.
Did she ever come inside this building? No.
But she was out back.
Uh, you watch the kids.
I can show you the spot.
(SIGHS) BESS: This is where Temperance was trying to get at the Veil between the real world and the darkness below.
That's a story for another time.
How often do the kids play back here? Every day while Addy and Nick are-are setting up arts and crafts inside.
Your research board listed Terra firma hexes.
What does your book say about those? Uh It says the Prynsipia hex can be carried to the victim by elements of land.
Land which Temperance has manipulated.
That's the one.
BESS: Wait.
Oh, no.
What? What? That doesn't sound hopeful.
It says the fatal Prynsipia hex can be slowed down or transferred.
But only the person who cast it can go back and reverse it.
PARK: Temperance won't do anything to jeopardize - her leverage.
- No, she doesn't care about anyone but herself.
And Nancy.
In her letter, she specified that your existence as a living, seventh-generation Hudson is the key to restoring Charity's soul.
So, you're saying that Temperance has to keep Nancy alive in order to carry out her master plan.
NANCY: Yeah.
And I'm saying that in order to keep the town safe, Bess, you're gonna transfer all the kids' hexes onto me.
GEORGE: All right, I called together this Fan family meeting because I realized you guys deserve to know the truth.
And the truth is Nick and I broke up.
- Does Nick not like us? - What'd you do? Okay.
(CHUCKLES) I did not do anything.
And, Ted, he likes you very, very much.
He likes all of you very much.
It's just that sometimes, adults need time to grow separately - so that they can grow together.
- CHARLIE: No, Nick wouldn't just break up with you for no reason.
You must've driven him away, just like Mom does - with every good guy.
- Charlie, that's not fair.
GEORGE: It was a mutual decision.
We're never gonna see Nick again.
Hey, he's still gonna be a very big part of our lives.
He cares about you very, very much.
We're still friends.
We're-we're still friends! (PHONE CHIMES) Great.
Charlie texted me, "Trust broken".
Oh, my God.
"Please come back".
She-she blocked me? Already? How do you even ? (SIGHS) Oh, my gosh.
Kids today, am I right? Jessie, I knew this would be bad, but I didn't think I didn't think Charlie would hate me over this.
I hated you once.
- Your pep talk is not helping.
- Okay.
Remember that time you burned a microwave dinner and smoke was everywhere and everyone was yelling at you because you read the instructions wrong? It was a few years ago.
Oh, I remember.
Well, I told you you were the worst sister ever.
I only said that because Mom had been gone for so long, and I was really scared, George.
Point is, I didn't mean it, and I got over it.
So will Charlie.
Okay? I promise.
When did you become such a grown-up? (CHUCKLES) (CHUCKLES) (SNIFFLES) (WHISPERS): Okay.
Okay, can you please just make this section a little bit more circle-like? Thank you.
Um Hey.
I, uh, I was meaning to talk to you.
Kind of off-topic.
I really appreciate you as a person, and As a friend.
Which is not to say that I have any regrets at all.
Especially any involving a-a coat check closet.
(CHUCKLES SOFTLY) (SIGHS) You know, there are a few scientific studies that confirm a "friends first" initiation in a relationship is the preferred and prevalent method of beginning a long-term relationship.
Are you profiling my-my relationship with Ace? - Who said anything about Ace? - Mm.
You're good.
NICK: Hey, Nancy.
(PARK CLEARS THROAT) Ready for the hex transfer? Well, the ritual won't work unless Neptune is directly, uh, overhead, - which will happen around midnight.
- ACE: In the meantime, we put together this list of all of the known places where the tree symbol appeared.
Which indicates where a person was zapped into the liminal space.
The Historical Society, the orphanage, the Copperhead tunnels and Darlene's basement.
I feel like Temperance would want to emerge somewhere where she feels comfortable.
Where she can control the environment.
So, she's not gonna reemerge at Icarus Hall.
She'd expect us to wait for her there.
What about the tunnels where you met the Copperhead? ACE: Who, by the way, is still on the hunt for Lev.
Especially at this hour.
Tunnels are too constricting.
She'd want exit routes.
Stratemeyer Woods by the orphanage.
That would be ideal.
Although the Historical Society is closed right now.
That would be the next best place to Icarus Hall if she needs some mystical ingredients.
That's smart.
Stratemeyer Woods, Historical Society places that Temperance would most likely be.
We should check both out.
You in? Yeah.
Temperance isn't at the Historical Society, - which means - (LEV YELLS) She's here.
- (WHIMPERS) - (GROWLS) (GRUNTING LOUDLY) Help! Help! (EXHALES) (HUMMING "THE BATTLE HYMN OF THE REPUBLIC") (GROWLS) It may comfort you to know that I created a supernatural substance which you inhaled and spread through your blood and into your heart.
That will serve as my tracking device.
(CONTINUES HUMMING) - (GASPS) - And I will follow this beast until he leads me to whomever holds the fourth piece of my daughter's soul.
(GASPS) (HEART BEATING) (COPPERHEAD SNARLS) Thank you for your sacrifice.
- Know that it was not in vain.
- PARK: Lev! (PANTING) (BESS CLEARS THROAT) I can't promise you this won't hurt.
Hey, hey, listen.
Listen, nosebleeds don't last forever, right? What you need to be concerned with are your QB follow-throughs, right? Hmm? Fundamentals are everything.
My follow-throughs are on point.
I practice almost every day.
Here you go.
Your nose stopped bleeding.
Hey, can I Can I see the back of your neck? Hey.
(SIGHS) (PHONE BUZZING) (EXHALES) What did you do, you stupid girl? Are you gonna let this stupid girl die because of a hex you started? Don't you need my blood to open the Veil? Hmm.
Thank you.
Proves that you really do need me.
So come and get me.
Temperance's New Genesis.
I fall through things Right down to the bottom Oh, no.
Um Is there any chance you're gonna see Addy tonight? Hey, what's wrong? You don't sound okay.
See you through the dark It's just, uh Um I need Addy to take over the Youth Center.
For-for good.
Nick, no.
Th-Those kids need you.
No, they don't.
I kept the hexes a secret when I should have told you all sooner.
I chose the wrong ritual.
I keep breaking my promises.
To the kids.
To To George.
Her sisters.
I told George that no matter what tries to get in our way, I would never say goodbye to her.
In this life or the next.
But everything's falling apart, Bess.
You'll keep on taking (CRYING) I can't I can't do it anymore.
You swore you'd hidden (SNIFFLES) It's time I rethink everything.
(PHONE BUZZES) - Nick? - PARK: Bess.
Agent Park.
Listen, did an excellent job profiling Temperance.
I was hoping you could help me locate her now that I've received some new evidence.
What kind of evidence? Lev, unfortunately.
- I found his body.
- Oh, God.
Poor Lev.
The Copperhead killed him in Stratemeyer Woods.
Uh, s-so, the Copperhead killed him? Not Temperance? Looks that way.
And Lev's death will have triggered the final victim's dreams, just like Matthew Burke's death prompted Jake Cazine's dreams and Jake Cazine's death set off Lev's dreams.
So, somewhere out there, the-the person containing the last piece of Charity's soul is having a dream about Gettysburg.
- (INDISTINCT SHOUTING) - Whoever this last person is, we don't have much time to find them.
Only time will tell (ARTILLERY FIRING) (PANTING) (HEART POUNDING) Only time will tell I'm next.
Only time will tell.
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