Nancy Drew (2019) s03e11 Episode Script

The Spellbound Juror

So, we're trying to figure out who currently has Charity's soul pieces inside their body.
Nancy and Park think that the soul passes on generationally.
The FBI field office in Boston is prioritizing a search for firstborn descendants of Gettysburg survivors who might have passed it on to next of kin.
Sounds impressive.
Oh, well, I can beat it.
According to genealogy theory, both Jake Cazine and Matthew Burke inherited Charity's soul from an ancestor, right? So I looked into their family trees, and they each had a grandparent who lived to be over 100.
What if having been a vessel for Charity's soul actually makes you live longer? - Like the opposite effect of Odette? - Exactly.
She wants to stay on this plane, - she's got to keep the host alive.
- Mm.
So, my algorithm is searching for descendants of Gettysburg survivors who lived to be 100.
- Huh.
Equally impressive.
- Thanks.
Uh, I got to get to this jury duty.
Worst timing ever with these kids.
At the youth center? What's happening with the kids? Um, you know, emotions, pre-teens.
I'll be back by lunch.
How can you be so sure? Well, I have a bulletproof excuse.
When they ask if I was ever convicted of a crime, which they always do, I say, "Yes".
No one wants a criminal on their jury.
You were a juvenile.
Aren't your records sealed? Yeah, doesn't matter.
Truth is, I get asked, I was convicted.
Order up.
- Thanks for the coffee.
- Thank you for caring.
Yeah, of course I care.
I want to protect this town.
That's why I'm here.
Can you describe how Jake was acting before he died? You said his behavior was a bit erratic? He was fidgety.
He kept tapping random objects.
A pen, a rolling pin, a coffee tamper.
And he kept the temperature in here at 58 degrees.
It gets freakier.
He started quoting the Bible out of nowhere.
And he kept talking about dreams where he's covered in blood on a wooded hilltop.
We all have crazy dreams.
When did the behavior start? After the guy was found with his chest frozen at the town carnival.
Jake was in a terrible mood the whole next day.
I-I thought he was hungover.
And he started making these diagrams on our take-out menus.
Hey, Kiran, one more coffee? Hey.
Oh, one last thing.
He had some sort of obsession with the Hudson family.
With Ryan and with you.
Sorry if that's weird.
No, that's okay.
Not weird at all.
I was actually just thinking about you.
Just met with an estate planner.
They're in the middle of dissolving the last bit of Hudson Enterprises, and they found some boxes of family heirlooms.
So, uh, you know, I don't know.
I thought maybe maybe you'd want to come by, take a look before they get auctioned off, see if there's anything you want to hold on to.
Oh, end of the empire, huh? Yeah.
Not with a bang, but more like a whimper.
Yeah, I could stop by for a bit.
I didn't know that you run for fun.
Uh, only for charity and free mugs.
My sister has a cabin at Winter Harbor.
- It is very pretty there this time of year.
- Mm.
We should head up there sometime.
It'd be nice to get away, just the two of us.
Well, I can't remember the last time I took a vacation.
It has been nonstop at work.
142 cases this month alone.
Yeah, I've been slammed, too.
I just got handed this case two days ago.
I was surprised to get your substitution of attorney.
It's my first time up against, in person, the-the great Carson Drew.
Lucky me.
I don't know how lucky you are.
I've been on a winning streak.
Well, we could leave for Winter Harbor tonight if you take a plea.
Why would I do that? My client is innocent.
You could drop the charge to a misdemeanor instead of a felony.
Your client is a repeat offender.
One charge of petty theft, as a minor.
He's an 18-year-old kid accused of stealing a laptop.
You know yourself the only reason this case has even seen the light of day is because the victim is a one-percenter.
Theft is theft.
You know, my college roommate was accused of petty theft.
He went on to help build the first electric car.
Really? Well My first year as a prosecutor, I chose not to press charges against someone for disorderly conduct.
A week later, he got into a fight with his wife, he pushed her down the stairs.
She broke three ribs and almost died.
- You couldn't have known.
- No.
Not until experience taught me.
See you in court.
Think I got everything of yours from Nick's loft, but we should double-check.
Thank you for doing this, Bess.
No, hey, it's good to reclaim your stuff.
You know, set some boundaries.
Assume yours.
Technically, his.
Uh, he bought that for the proposal.
Technically, I did, in case that makes keeping it any easier.
You know, I thought that I would feel angry.
I'm good at angry.
But instead, I feel I feel empty.
And I never knew that empty could hurt so much.
It's like, when he talks to me, his voice is different, like like I'm just some person, not his person.
Scar tissue is the toughest thing that our bodies create, so No, man.
That's tooth enamel.
That's the toughest thing we make.
Hold on a second.
Hey, Carson, what's-what's up? George.
I have kind of a random favor.
I'm working with a client who's accused of theft.
His friend was his alibi, but that friend is now refusing to take the stand, and I can't track down any of my client's family to vouch for him.
- How can I help? Would I know him? - Well, I hope so.
My client is Peter Tombar.
His friend is Felix Raybolt and he works in the kitchen at Alunni's.
Have you ever heard of him? George! George! Hey.
Actually, why don't I track down Felix and convince him to testify? Sure, yeah, if-if you're not too busy.
Not busy at all.
Okay, great.
That's great.
So, if you can get him to tell you what happened and write it down, I can submit that as evidence.
That'll fly? Just my words? Yes.
It's called a declaration.
I can use it in lieu of in-person testimony.
On it.
I will get you that declaration.
Uh, did you get a chance to speak to Nancy yet? No.
Okay, well, you know, as your platanchor, best friend, and romance enthusiast, I'm required to ask.
George and Nick just broke up.
I feel like the energy in the friend group's a little off.
I don't need to rock the boat right now.
Yeah, well, we have, uh, almost all died together multiple times, so I think the friend group can sustain.
I saw Nancy and Park making out at the historical society.
What? So you're afraid of a little competition? Park is an Ivy League grad.
He was one of the youngest in his class at Quantico.
He speaks eight languages.
I only speak three languages.
Well, it's good that, you know, there's no language requirement to date Nancy.
I wash dishes for a living, sleeping on Nick's couch.
I got that going for me.
Yeah, Ace, that really doesn't matter.
If we got the soul-splitter back from Temperance, do you think you could separate out Charity's soul from the next Copperhead victim? Okay, now you're changing the subject.
No, I'm serious.
We're gonna need a way to get Charity's soul out of the victim, ideally without harming them, and you've already used the soul-splitter on George and Odette.
Yeah, but I but I lost Odette.
I don't I don't know if there's a way of doing it without either destroying Charity or her unfortunate host.
This light is brutal.
You feel that? Did I miss an earthquake again? It's the raw energy of our voices coming together to enact justice.
The sweet smell of civic duty.
I think that's disinfectant.
I hope we get a murder.
It's Gettysburg.
Uh, excuse me? - Did-did did someone drop this? - Keep it moving.
I just I just I just really need to find out who this belongs to.
Ask later.
- You finished jury duty already? - No.
I think the Copperhead's next victim is in the courthouse with me right now.
You found the next victim? Uh, what are you gonna do? Let's go! I'm gonna get on that jury.
It was a gift to Everett from the pope.
Yeah, the pope needs better friends.
Hey, this is, um, some of Celia's jewelry.
She'd want you to have it, so just take whatever you like.
It's heavy.
So I got a job interview for a consulting firm.
I-It would be the first time that I ever worked for somebody whose last name isn't "Hudson", so fresh start, here I come.
You deserve it.
Thank you.
It's Charity Hudson Dow.
It's, uh, Temperance's daughter.
Man, I cannot imagine what it would be like to lose a kid.
I know.
It gutted her.
It's a letter from Charity to Cora Dow.
That's Beckett's mom.
"If my soul is able to cross over, resurrection at the hands of my vengeful mother will lead to a flood of devastation without end.
She has shared with me a wretched plan of which I desire no part".
Charity didn't ask Beckett to split her soul so they could reunite in death.
She did it to keep her mother away forever.
This's why Cora and the Women in White set up the barrier outside Horseshoe Bay to keep Temperance out.
And then Beckett became the Copperhead in case she ever broke through.
And the keepers of the historical society got roped into it, too, just to protect the town from Temperance.
I fell for her story about being a grieving mother who just wanted to reconnect with her daughter.
I'm such an idiot.
There's no way that she's gonna get the last two pieces of Charity's soul.
Have you ever had your car broken into? No, ma'am.
Have you ever been the victim of a crime? The victim? Um, uh, no, I have not.
Nickerson, I'm aware that you work at the Claw with the defense attorney's daughter Nancy.
I assume that you know Mr.
Drew, as well? Yes.
But I understand the law and can apply it with merit, regardless of personal relationships.
Counselor? Mr.
Nickerson, you believe you are able to be fair and impartial? - Yes, absolutely, sir.
- Thank you very much.
Good morning.
Have a few questions for you.
Do you understand the burden of proof beyond a reasonable doubt, and do you think that you can apply that law? I'm here about your friend Peter.
I'm slammed right now.
All you have to do is tell me if he was here.
I don't want to get involved.
Look, I know this might be inconvenient for you, but Peter could literally go to jail for something that he did not do.
Was he here or not? Fine.
Come on, come on.
Are these leftovers all from the restaurant? Sometimes they order too much.
Our boss tells us to toss it, but I can't do that knowing there are hungry kids out there.
Like Peter.
He's not the only one.
So he was here that day, picking up food.
Hey, I get it.
If it weren't for Claw leftovers, my family would've skipped a lot of dinners.
So you understand why I can't say anything.
There are rules.
The restaurant could get shut down.
Too many people count on this food.
Don't worry.
I got you.
Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, we have an eyewitness who saw the defendant break into a car and steal the laptop.
This same laptop was later found discarded in an alley next to a young man who is currently in a coma.
The defendant stole the laptop with the intent to sell.
The sale went poorly, setting in motion a tragic chain of events.
The defense is going to tell you a sob story about how the defendant has a bright future.
Don't be swayed by emotional manipulation.
Peter Tombar is a repeat offender, and he is causing chaos in our streets.
To be clear, my client has not been charged with any act of violence.
Don't be confused by the D.
's unfounded insinuations.
This case is one on a docket of 142 for her.
The prosecution is creating a fiction to make up for the fact that they have no hard evidence, which leaves plenty of room for reasonable doubt.
Counsel, please approach the bench.
Nice try framing my humanity as emotional manipulation.
Well, nice try undercutting my work ethic.
Cheap and ineffective.
Cheap is trying to tie my client - to an assault he has no connection to.
- Oh.
Are you two in a relationship? My clerk saw a new post from @HorseshoeBaes that says you two are dating.
You're practically having a lover's quarrel out there.
Whatever our personal relationship is, I can assure you it has no bearing - in this courtroom, Your Honor.
- None whatsoever.
This post has 746 likes and several sub-posts.
A lot of people have opinions about the D.
dating a defense attorney.
I don't want this case to be influenced by outside gossip.
Out of extreme caution, I'm sequestering the jury.
Maybe it isn't such a good idea for us to go away right now.
I could not agree with you more.
Carson? Here.
Your Honor, may I request a brief recess? Five minutes.
I would have kept your secret about the restaurant safe.
I didn't beat up the guy they found with the laptop.
I knew him, but I-I-I didn't touch him.
Don't worry.
That's not what you're on trial for here.
The truth is, their star witness is a security guard with no real proof that he saw you.
All he has is a story, which we can unwind.
I can do some digging.
Always happy to have an extra set of eyes.
Temperance is using Charity's soul to unleash a flood of devastation.
Take it you are no longer Team Temperance.
Hard no.
Park's team is keeping an eye on her at Stonerock Manor in New York.
We have no idea when she'll be back, but it should buy us some time, at least, while we look for the Copperhead's next victim.
Breaking news! "Carson Drew, top lawyer in town, is in a relationship with D.
Jean Rosario".
Okay, well, since when does social media care - about Carson's love life? - Yeah, I leaked that.
Nick asked me for a favor.
He was looking for a way to get sequestered.
I had to think fast.
Okay, he thinks the next victim is on the jury with him.
The piece of Charity's soul inside Jake began to awaken and show symptoms as soon as Matthew died.
Whoever that person is, they should be exhibiting symptoms right now.
Jury duty sure is draining, huh? I'm legit a zombie right now.
I was teaching Smash Up at 5:00 a.
At the community fitness center? It's cardio boxing.
Oh, uh, got a favorite passage in there? Revelation 1:8.
"I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the ending, saith the Lord, which is, and which was, and which is to come, the Almighty".
God is totally a woman.
Didn't he steal Ryan Hudson's baby? Oh.
Oh, no.
I wouldn't say it like that.
Ryan Hudson is fine.
The day he followed me on Insta, I was dead, just obsessed.
I want my phone.
Hey, have you had any weird dreams lately? - Perhaps about war? - Yeah, actually.
I chalked it up to too many late nights playing Call of Duty with my roommates.
Why do you care about my life? Are you hitting on me? At jury duty? Not interested.
I I am.
Hey! Hey, George! Move along.
Let's, uh let's grab lunch sometime.
Why didn't anyone tell me that Nick was on Carson's trial? He gave me the weirdest look.
I hate this.
Yeah, something is weird.
We just got a phone call from the court officer assigned to Nick's jury.
She placed a huge lunch order at the Claw.
Nick asked for Bolognese.
He knows we don't serve that.
And he sent credit card info.
I mean, doesn't the court pay for the lunch? It was a code.
"Let's get lunch".
It was a signal.
He knew I would understand.
"Daniela teach.
Nick is remarkably level-headed under pressure.
Daniela Pino.
She teaches Speed Freak, Shred Tread and Smash Up.
She sounds fun.
Order Nick a tuna melt.
I got to go.
Whoa! Are you kidding? Okay.
What are you gonna do? Hey, you! - Yes? - What are you doing? Um, nothing.
I-I didn't see the car.
I asked what you were doing.
I was walking, and now I'm walking away.
Let me see your bag.
Excuse me? There have been instances of theft around here recently.
Yo, don't touch me! Good afternoon, Ms.
Can I help you with those? How was your day today? Daniela is a match.
Her ancestor fought for the Union Army in the Civil War, and her grandmother lived to be 101.
Park's guys are running the name, too, just to double-check.
- Awesome.
- Okay.
- So, how are we gonna protect Daniela? - Well, the Copperhead targets people with Charity's soul.
It's able to identify them somehow.
Well, you're the only one of us who's seen the bloody thing up close.
What do you remember? It could sense I had Charity's doll.
Almost like it was using that as a guide to find me.
- Like a bloodhound sniffing a scent? - The doll could have created an odor image.
Maybe - the Copperhead's using that to find her soul.
- Right.
Okay, so if it knows what Charity smells like, it must be able to detect the scent of the host, too.
Maybe we throw the Copperhead off the Daniela trail by spreading her scent around town.
We just need some personal effects of Daniela's.
Um, and what about Temperance? If Temperance knew where Charity's soul was, she would have all the pieces already.
She's trying to figure it out, same as us.
We just have to beat her to the punch.
As I crossed the lot, I saw a man emerging from a Ferrari.
I chased him as far as I could, but I couldn't leave the lot unattended.
Thank you.
And is the man you saw running away in the courtroom right now? He sure is.
- In the green shirt.
- Thank you.
No further questions, Your Honor.
We'll resume cross-examination after a five-minute recess.
The whole time, that security guard was giving me side-eye.
And for literally no reason, he demanded he sees my bag.
But then a fancy lady walks by, and he's all, "Oh, let me get the door for you".
Was he perhaps profiling you - because he saw you spying on him? - No.
He was just being a dick.
There's absolutely no way that guy saw me spying on him.
What makes you say that? He was wearing sunglasses, and he jumped when I approached, like he didn't see me coming.
You know, Victoria used to wear sunglasses when she was hungover and sleeping in public.
Defendant's exhibit one is a photo taken the day of the alleged crime.
Randall, what are you wearing on your eyes in that photo? Sunglasses? The same sunglasses on your collar? Yeah.
Would you put those on for us? What does the top line say? I - I can't read it.
- Because you can't see without your prescription glasses, which you did not have on the day you accused my client of stealing the laptop.
There's no way you could have seen his face - across that lot.
- Objection! Calls for speculation.
Withdrawn, Your Honor.
Hey, Jake's co-worker said that he turned the cafe temperature down to 58 degrees before he died.
But Daniela's thermostat is set at a balmy 70.
Kind of weird.
Park's team searched Daniela Pino multiple times, and didn't get any hits.
Maybe Park's wrong.
What's he saying now? Oh, nothing.
- So what's up with you two? - I don't know.
We haven't put a label on it yet, but he surprised me in a good way.
Daniela wasn't in Horseshoe Bay when Jake Cazine's death would have triggered the curse.
She was in Milwaukee at her sister Jackie's wedding.
Jackie's her older sister.
But Charity's soul passed down generationally to the firstborn.
So, if Daniela has an older sister, then she can't be the host.
The victim is a different juror.
Your Honor, the prosecution would like to offer into evidence the cell phone records of Tony Wassell, the man found comatose in the vicinity of the stolen laptop.
- Hey.
- We can still save his leg, Doctor! Juror number two, we're in the middle of cross-examination.
Stop talking now, or I'll have you removed.
- Understood? - Uh-huh.
You okay? I just had the strangest nightmare.
I was standing on the grass in the middle of a battlefield.
Park subpoenaed the list of jury members.
His team got a match with the name "Lev J.
Go, Park! There's no residence, though, only a P.
Lev lives off the grid.
Well, it's almost the end of the day.
The jury's gonna be heading to a hotel for sequestering soon.
We just have to figure out which one they'll be at.
Your Honor, a vague text exchange in no way proves that my client is guilty of stealing a laptop.
My love, I shall always be with you.
- My love, I shall always be with you.
- Juror number two, since you can't follow the rules of the courtroom, I shall always be with you.
I'll always be with you.
I deem you unfit to serve on this jury.
You are excused! Oh.
Okay, no cell phone, no Internet, no owl.
What am I supposed to do? Send a freaking smoke signal? Hi! We are so sorry about the leak in your bathroom, so we set you up in Room 413, with the court's permission, of course.
Oh, why, thanks.
I'll just, uh I'll grab my things.
You know this place is haunted, right? Oh.
Murder room for the win.
Okay, okay, so, uh, I was wrong about Daniela being the Copperhead's next target.
It's, uh Lev J.
We know.
Do you know which room he's in? No.
He had a Copperhead-induced meltdown, got excused from the jury and took off.
- He's not here.
- Okay, so how are we gonna find him? Oh, I might have an idea.
So I'm hosting one-fourth of the soul of a woman who died in the Battle of Gettysburg, and a supernatural entity is trying to hunt me down? Yup, that about sums it up.
At least I have a reason for why I've been so scattered.
One moment, I'm myself, and others, I'm not.
I'm sorry.
I know how much that must suck.
I've always believed that there was something more out there than what we've been told.
And I don't fear death.
No one's gonna die on our watch.
Uh, Lev, we think we might have - a plan to keep you safe.
- Hey, um But we're gonna need access to your room, and some of your stuff, if that's okay.
- Uh, I looked at the coroner's reports again.
- Mm-hmm.
Jake and Matthew both wore wristwatches that were frozen at the exact same time 11:57 p.
It's their recorded time of death.
That's the darkest part of the night.
And Matthew Burke wrote about the Great Darkness in his journal.
We have two hours until 11:57.
Our-our plan can still work.
Each of us just gathers Lev's scent and we spread it around as far as we can as fast as we can.
Lev, it's us.
We're just checking in.
He's gone.
Lev? Lev?! Looks like he's in some kind of trance.
Lev? Lev? Can you hear me? Come on.
Oh, my God.
Okay, I have an idea to break his trance.
A protection ritual, modified.
Where am I? What's going on? Run! What? It's 11:58 p.
11 guilty, one not.
I just think we should go over the evidence before we potentially send a kid to jail.
He stole because he's poor.
What more evidence do you need? - Plus, why can't anyone alibi him? - Yeah.
He has no friends? No family? I know his family.
Mom ran off with the neighbor.
And his dad fixed the roof of my uncle's house a few years ago, asked for payment up front, did a crap job and dipped.
See? If the family's no good, the kid's no good.
- Can I ask? What's your family like? - Great.
- My parents are doctors.
- Oh.
- Lucky you.
Are you a doctor, too? - No.
- I run a nail salon.
- So, growing up, did people ask you if you were gonna be a doctor like Mom and Dad? All the time.
It was annoying.
Why? If you didn't like being judged based on your parents, why would you do that to Peter? Okay, fine.
What about the kid they found next to the laptop? The one who's been in a coma? - He's got nothing to do with this case.
- Yes, he does.
Peter stole the laptop to sell to the kid, then beat the kid up when the deal went bad, left him for dead in an alley.
That is not what he's being charged with, and there is zero proof that Peter was ever with that kid.
But they exchanged text messages about a payment, so it's possible.
Possible assumes reasonable doubt.
- Peter was arrested before, for stealing.
- True.
But this is a separate case.
Horseshoe Bay used to be a nice place.
Now there's three men with their hearts ripped out.
We can't take chances.
The safety of the town is at stake.
Why do you care so much, anyway? Kid pays a fine, does time, whatever.
He's no saint.
Maybe this shakes him up.
It's not on us to shake him up.
Our job is to look at the facts.
And and if we were better people, we'd be talking about how messed up it is that we care more about this laptop - than the kids struggling in our community.
- I'm tired of having to feel sorry for people who can't get it together.
I was kicked out of my house at 16.
I figured it out.
Well, maybe Peter's trying to figure it out.
And he happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, and now this sets him back, we set him back.
And not, not because of hard evidence, but Not because of proof beyond a reasonable doubt.
But because of our opinions.
Because we feel a certain way.
Should we take another vote? Members of the jury, have you reached a verdict? We, the jury, find the defendant as to count one, grand theft not guilty.
- Oh.
- Oh, my God.
George, thank you for your help.
You were a rock star.
Yeah, it was actually fun.
Being a lawyer was always a pipe dream of mine when I was a kid.
Victoria always said I was great at arguing.
Well, why didn't you pursue it? I could never afford law school.
And I suck at test-taking.
I failed the bar my first time out.
Don't sell yourself short.
All right.
Well, if you need help again, I'll be around.
Good to know.
Tony Wassell woke up.
He ID'd his attacker.
- It wasn't Peter.
- Hmm.
Can't say I'm surprised.
I was sure the two were connected.
You were doing your job.
They say "fair and impartial", but it's impossible to be impartial.
We're human.
The people of Horseshoe Bay don't know how lucky they are to have you looking out for them.
Also, my sister's cabin in Winter Harbor is available this weekend if you're still around.
I just might be.
You're not gonna tell her, are you? The last time I tried, I got sucked into a liminal space, and she hooked up with Park.
I think that's a sign.
I know signs.
That is not a sign.
Park isn't the problem, okay? The problem is you.
You-you're afraid the idea will be better than the thing itself.
- It would change everything.
- So? Yeah, love is-is painful and messy and stupid, but it-it's also beautiful and perfect and worth it.
Park arranged a police surveillance detail for Lev and an escort for protection during the day till we figure out a plan.
On the plus side, Lev still seems pretty Zen.
- Or he's disassociating.
- Hey, Lev? How you doing, buddy? Honestly, I feel grateful to be a vessel for Charity's soul.
When I was under the Copperhead's trance, I actually felt the pull of its love for her.
What a gift to experience that, if only briefly.
Lev, HBPD is here for your protection.
So, keep your phone on you, and we'll We'll be in contact soon, okay? Whenever you're ready.
Thank you.
Well, I don't know about you guys, but I am starving.
- Regroup at the Claw? - Yeah, I'm just gonna grab my bag.
Can I talk to you for a second? Yeah.
You look like you're about to tell me my dog just died.
I have feelings for you.
I've had feelings for you for a long time.
Seeing you with Park made me realize I've I've been an idiot for not saying something sooner.
I know that you guys are together now, and it's probably too late, but I-I just needed to tell you.
So I told you.
I don't know what to say.
Hey, something really weird just happened at the estate auction.
You guys are never gonna believe this.
- Oh, hey.
What's up, Ace? - Hey.
So you know the stuff that belongs to-to Charity this medic kit - and all? - I'm gonna go.
- Yeah, okay.
Later, dude.
- Bye.
So, this kit just drew the highest bid.
Some anonymous donor offered a ton of money for Charity's belongings, which I thought was weird, right? 'Cause of the whole Temperance-Charity beef.
So, I took it all back.
You know, I didn't let anyone buy it.
- Yeah, good looking out.
- Right? Thanks.
You're welcome.
Um, but then, as I was leaving, the auctioneer handed me this, said it was for you.
The hanged man is the card of sacrifice.
So who's the sacrifice?
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