Nancy Drew (2019) s03e10 Episode Script

The Confession of the Long Night

1 D.
You're here, - in my kitchen.
- You can call me Jean outside of the office, Nancy.
French toast? Is this an early-morning meeting or Oh.
You slept over last night.
Your dad didn't tell you about it? Oh, me being here this morning.
Not what we did last night.
Oh, dear God.
Yeah, a heads-up would have been nice.
Or traumatizing.
I haven't decided yet.
Jean, can I help with breakfast? You're here too.
If I had known we were having company, I would have gotten dressed.
I am so sorry that this caught you off-guard.
Last night, uh, you said - you might stay at George's.
- Yeah, emphasis on "might".
My mistake.
I've been missing from Horseshoe Bay for two weeks? I had no idea that much time had passed.
It's as I feared.
We're trapped in a parallel reality.
Is that why nobody in the regular world can see or hear us even though we can see and hear them? Yes.
This liminal space warps the physical world and affects our perception of time.
You were sent here as soon as you turned the key in the Copperhead's padlock.
The same thing happened to me as well.
The night Temperance returned to Horseshoe Bay and lowered the barrier, her arrival activated a mystical signal.
As Keeper, I was told that when I saw the signal of the six roses I had to unlock the Hallows Snare, no matter what was inside.
As soon as the padlock and the cage door were unlocked I was trapped in the liminal space.
But why make things worse for the town by unleashing the Copperhead? I have no idea why they told me to do that.
I've been trying to make contact with you all ever since, but you thought I was Charity's ghost.
It was a better guess than "Hannah turned invisible and is trying to signal us for help by throwing things at me".
I nearly got a concussion.
I was trying to tell you, "Please get me out of here.
I don't want to die".
The myths say that when the moon is full, all beings inside are purged from existence.
When is the next full moon? The zenith is at 9:33.
We have to escape before then.
We got to find Nancy.
She's sharp enough to understand our signals.
As someone who's been knocking on her door for two weeks, I disagree.
I can get through to her.
Trust me.
The Long Night Ball was one of my favorite town traditions.
We'd gather under the full moon in December and light candles to illuminate the dark night.
It was beautiful.
Love that you brought it back.
Wow! Yeah.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
I mean, the color's great on you, but I just think the silhouette is a bit floomfy.
That's too bad.
Charity did always have the perfect figure for ball gowns.
Yeah, it must be really painful looking just like your dead daughter.
It is difficult.
But in a way, it makes me feel closer to her.
Thank you for helping me pick out a dress, by the way.
I asked Nancy, but she was on community liaison duty.
Yeah, you two have gotten closer since the Burning Sorrows incident.
Speaking of, why do you think bait meant for the Copperhead lured the Burning Sorrows instead? I'm sure I don't know.
What's with the bloody map? Oh, it was a ritual, but the blood trail got blocked by an unknown obstruction in town.
I think it's working now.
Oh, nice! We cleaned up the flood in the bathroom.
- I think it was a burst pipe.
- Oh.
You know what, someone from Water and Power came by yesterday.
Maybe they damaged a line while they were working.
You know what, make the town pay for the repair.
Even if they did, this place needs a lot of work.
Might have to sacrifice that Miami Gardens expansion fund - that Eve suggested.
- Hey, that's okay.
Glad the rumors weren't true, about you breaking off your engagement.
- We did break it off.
- Oh, I'm sorry.
It's just you don't look broken up.
Oh, we're still together, we're just, you know, not getting married right now.
- Mm.
- Huh.
I'll get that.
The genealogical tracing to determine future Copperhead victims is a massive task.
Uh, thousands of people can be traced back to the criteria of descendants of Gettysburg soldiers.
Uh, the Boston field office is helping Oh How many pages is this document? Ugh.
You do not have to help me with this.
Yeah, I'm not sure I've been much help.
You, uh, got a little Uh Oh, I'm sorry.
Uh That was inappropriate and my fault.
I should have maintained a more formal distance.
Yeah, no, I just lost my balance.
Of course.
Yeah, I'm sorry.
You at the precinct? Unfortunately, - why? - Uh, we just found a body behind the youth center.
Tyler? Ryan.
Should have known you'd pick the yacht club.
Best mixologist in town.
Yeah, it's the only restaurant my parents could tolerate back when we summered on this island.
Well, the elite only summer here because it's the last private enclave for the one percent to discreetly do business, - which, I'm guessing, is why we're meeting.
- Not exactly.
Listen, it's no secret you've been making some unreturned calls recently.
Well, you know, prospecting takes time, Tyler, you know that.
And-and, besides, I'm branching out into-into new directions.
I heard you hit up the deep pockets of New York a few weeks back, fundraising for a local nonprofit.
You've been working wonders cleaning up the Hudson brand by investing in a community you actually spend time in.
I need that.
- Okay, so this this is about PR? - No.
No, my PR team is busy swatting down a bunch of fabricated ethics complaints.
Look, I'm interested in this personal brand of charity that you've gotten into here.
If you can facilitate a charitable capital infusion to this youth center of yours, I'll make you my head of my corporate giving.
With very competitive compensation.
Yeah, let's, um let's talk about that.
What is with you and FBI guy? Okay, so, earlier, I thought that Agent Park and I were having a moment, so I may have leaned in to Wait, you did not try to kiss him, did you? - Mm, no, I did, yeah.
- And-and? - And? - And he recoiled in horror.
- You got swerved? - Yeah.
He said it was inappropriate, which I have no idea why.
I technically don't even work for him.
- Just-just chill.
- I just-just feel like I'm really off my game lately.
Ace texted me last night to meet up about something, and I thought that m I don't know.
I thought that he was It doesn't matter.
He stood me up.
Are you saying that you like Ace? Oh, come on.
I mean, "Oh, wow, how did I miss this?" Girl, look at you, with two suitors, Ms.
They're not suitors.
- I sound like a - A healthy, single woman with agency and options? Mm-hmm.
Thank you.
No visible wounds, bruising, or obvious signs of assault, it's possible our John Doe died of natural causes.
- Or supernatural causes.
- Agreed.
His chest cavity was still intact, which rules out the Copperhead's M.
, but I still have to investigate any possible connection - to that case.
- Uh, Nick, will you come with me real quick? Uh, yeah.
I-I hope what happened earlier won't affect our working dynamic.
- Nothing happened earlier.
- In that case, should we carpool back to the station together? No.
I'll drive myself.
That way we can keep a formal distance.
Hey, Nick.
I have someone I want to bring over to the youth center.
Uh, no, now-now is not the best time.
No, but listen, this is Tyler Gillis, the tech billionaire.
He wants to give the center a million bucks.
We-we just found a dead body - out back.
Wait, did - Uh - did you say a million dollars? - Yes! Yes.
A million.
A million bucks.
Look, how about-how about I just send over the email offer for now, okay? Okay.
He's so excited.
The utilities company called on the way back here.
They've never seen the victim before.
Uh, so far the autopsy results are the kind of weird - where it's best to loop in Nancy.
- Well, I'm flattered.
I'm declaring the cause of death inconclusive.
Zero internal trauma.
Like the life was sucked right out of him.
I would know I sat through Leo's first-grade production-slash- debasement of Our Town.
Anyway, pulled an ID from our victim's prints.
John Doe was named Michael Isaacs.
Appreciate the help.
Just doing my job.
Speaking of, I'm looking forward to Ace's interview this afternoon.
Oh, I I didn't know about that.
That's how we get her attention.
H Uh, how did you move things before? Focus on the object, then fully commit to your intended action, but be careful moving things takes a lot of energy.
Nancy, can you hear me? Let's find out what we can about Michael Isaacs.
Ace, I really think Temperance is up to no good, and I can't tell Nancy, 'cause, you know, she only responds to hard evidence, and I don't have any actual proof.
Temperance is slipperier than a well-moisturized newt.
Help me.
Don't make me beg.
What's that? I don't know.
I've never seen this metal before.
So that wasn't what you were looking for with your blood map? All will be revealed in time.
We better hope this guy from Water and Power died of a heart attack, because this is one million dollars from Tyler Gillis.
All right? I mean, this money could go to-to repairs and educational programs, scholarships Hey, you wouldn't have to use your expansion fund, then.
I could open up my center back home.
W-Wait-wait a sec.
Tyler Gillis makes his microchips from ruthenium mines that have poisoned several communities' water tables.
- Really? - No, no, no, hold on, now.
Hold on.
Tyler's making amends to those communities.
Well, an apology doesn't really mean much - when you have no drinking water.
- Sure.
But everything from your cell phone to the overnighted art supplies in the youth center come from exploited workers or environmental abuse.
So if some rich guy wants to-to ease his conscience by throwing money at our good cause, then why not let him? Because that money is never free.
Okay, look, don't take my word for it, right? Go ahead, read Tyler's offer and find the strings attached.
I mean, there are stipulations about how the money should be spent.
This one, requiring me to build a swimming pool out back - that is oddly specific.
- W A pool? Okay, no.
Absolutely not.
This property is on unceded Passamaquoddy land and our tribe considers the field out back especially sacred.
We have yearly ceremonies there.
I mean, the land is our mother and we have to respect it.
Okay, let's lose the pool.
I'll talk to Tyler, I'll get it taken out of the contract.
Thought you were a dealmaker that could get this done.
Nick doesn't agree to the swimming pool, I am rescinding my offer.
I'm not an idiot, Tyler.
I know this isn't about a pool.
You looking for another ruthenium mine? That NDA you had me sign is terrifyingly iron-clad, so It's not ruthenium.
It's a completely untapped rare earth ore.
An extremely powerful semiconductor that will transform microchips.
So you think there's an ore underneath the youth center.
Is there any chance that you hired someone to survey that land? No.
No, my satellites did a Geo scan of the area after detecting weird seismic activity two weeks back.
Look, I'm concerned my competitor Swift Enterprises may have figured out the ore is here as well.
So this isn't about a youth center.
Or me.
Look, the donation offer is real.
You get me that swimming pool keys to the clubhouse are yours.
You know that woman you saw me outside with - Uh-huh.
- Temperance? She used this unusual divination tool that led to exactly where the man died and where the ore was buried.
Look, I'll show you.
This ore this is what the dead man was digging for, and Temperance was fascinated by it.
I'm just afraid that she's up to something nefarious.
I did get a vibe from her.
Yeah, a 200-year-old wily witch vibe? No, I was gonna say entitled, but, yeah, okay, sure.
- That too.
- Yeah.
I just wish I could make her tell me the truth about her plan.
Okay, so I recently found a ritual that compels people to tell the truth.
Uh, this particular potion is activated by fire, and Temperance is doing a candle lighting at her ball.
So I could dose her and then interrogate her.
Oh, you were being literal about the witch thing.
Too much? Hey, look, I already told you: interesting is hot.
High-end contract firm Michael Isaacs worked for refuses to name their clients without a subpoena.
We might have another lead.
Ryan says that billionaire Tyler Gillis is offering a big donation to the youth center.
Ryan's handling the deal, but he's worried that a death on the property might - turn Tyler off.
- Not quite grasping the lead.
Tyler really wants to build a pool behind the youth center.
So he wants to keep digging in the same backyard where Michael Isaacs died digging - for something mysterious.
- Ah.
A tech billionaire like Tyler could've secretly hired Michael's firm, but if I try to ask Tyler - about it, he'll lawyer up.
- True.
But everyone loves to chat with an heiress, so I'll talk to Tyler tonight at the ball.
I'll make sure Ryan brings him.
There's a hole in your heart You wanted to die There's a hole in your heart You wanted to die You couldn't have it You wouldn't have it So you want what you see At the front of the line And you want what you see At the front of the line It doesn't matter Text Ace.
Why'd you stand me up yesterday, question mark.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Any sign of billionaire Tyler? No, not yet.
Guess he's late.
Less than two hours before the moon reaches zenith.
We will find a way to reach Nancy.
So when Temperance lights that candle, it'll release a puff of smoke that makes her tell the truth? Yes, but the wick needs to be wet, so I have to give it to her now.
The spell should last an hour or so, but that's more than enough time to question her.
I know you were busy with last-minute arrangements, - so I grabbed your candle for you.
- Thank you.
Always the star pupil.
I try.
Welcome to the Long Night Ball.
Let's begin our candle lighting.
This is a Horseshoe Bay tradition on the longest night of the year.
Normally we would each light our votives from this altar candle, but in the spirit of togetherness, let's pass the light along instead.
Thank you.
You know, I wonder if he looks that good without clothes.
Yeah, well, I thought Nick was my soulmate, but ever since we called off the wedding, I've been wondering if that's true.
I mean, what if I just never knew I was capable of being with anyone else because he's been my only healthy relationsh ship? Nick - Hey! - Yeah.
I think something went wrong with your truth spell.
George just blew up her relationship and your friend Nancy is either super horny or has no filter.
Why can't I stop talking? So you know that pair of socks you found in the freezer? I left them there by accident and I blamed Leo.
Hmm, I figured.
Also, I didn't accidentally shrink your Phish shirt in the wash I threw it away.
Oh, no, no, no, no.
Temperance must've used her candle to somehow douse everyone else's.
We are being compelled to tell the absolute literal truth, even if we try not to! I've been outfoxed.
You figured out the candle ritual.
But guess what? That dress isn't your color.
And nope, that's a lie.
You look great in it.
Excuse me.
God, I'm a disaster whose ambition will never match her skills.
Also do I have B.
? I sweat when I'm nervous and I'm smelling garlic.
Okay, Bess, focus.
You smell a little, but I have deodorant in my clutch.
And Temperance got hit, too.
Right? You can still interrogate her.
She can't get her hands on that ore it's too important! Wait, you know what the ore is? The metal is culturally and historically significant to my community.
One ancient medicine man even believed it could heal wounds.
I didn't say anything before because working with that metal is considered a closed practice it's private.
So please don't say anything.
No, I-I swear I won't, okay? And-and I won't let Temperance desecrate tribal land to get to that ore.
It's been bothering me all day that you didn't tell Nancy I was staying over last night.
I was scared to tell her.
My last relationship after her mom died did not go well.
I made a lot of mistakes.
I just don't want to disappoint either of you.
But trying to protect Nancy and me just infantilizes us both.
Is Tyler here yet? No, he's running late.
Why do you seem so intense? Because I think he's after the land behind the youth center - and had a role in Michael Isaac's death.
- Oh, no.
Tyler wouldn't kill anyone.
I mean, sure, he wants the land because it's full of some special ore, but I Oh I was not supposed to tell you that.
Look, my-my point is is that Tyler's a capitalist.
- He's not a murderer.
- Oh, don't be naïve, Ryan.
Excuse me? You're so desperate to get your Hudson clout back that you'd let anybody play you.
I'm desperate? And getting played? Well, you think you know everything all the time, but you don't.
And you know who thought they were the smartest person in the room? Celia.
And look what that got her.
I didn't I Di-I Di I did not mean to say that to you, I'm-I'm sorry.
Okay, so I accidentally dosed everyone in the room with truth serum, so it's made things a bit heightened.
- Nancy, I - Forget it.
We use the situation to our advantage.
Nancy, I've been looking for you.
I need to tell you something.
I think it's time that I start building a life that is less entwined with yours.
I totally hear you and I'm happy for you.
Do you think we should make a family schedule? Maybe you could hang a sign on the doorknob? Whoa! Nancy.
- Hi.
- Yeah, tell your friend Ace not to bother to reschedule.
Should've known.
Hair that good never works in a morgue.
So Ace didn't come to your meeting? - No.
- That worries me.
Hold that thought.
Gillis, hi.
I'm Nancy Hudson.
Welcome to the party.
Mind if I just light your candle there? Why? What's with the candles? Oh, they're just doused in truth seru Are you okay? No, I'm trying to get you Never mind.
So-so-so what, you want, you want to date other people or Uh, maybe.
Look, I want to grow next to you.
But I still want to grow.
These are options I never got to explore when I had an expiration date.
So-so how-how long have you, have you known this? I thought about telling you at the courthouse, but you were still so sad.
I want us to be together for the right reasons.
Not because we just settled for each other.
Oh, you-you settled for me? What, because I was the first nice guy - who didn't treat you like - Like what? Like poor slutty George with her hard life and her drunk mom and her parade of death curses? Okay, no, I never pitied you.
But you really wanted to save me, right? - Yes.
- Yeah.
'Cause you know what, Nick? That's your move.
You want to save everyone else so you don't have to deal - with your own problems.
- Oh, you know what, I don't-I don't I don't feel like getting yelled at again.
Stop running away from me like you do everything else! Nick, if you have something to say, say it right now.
Did you ever really love me? Desperately.
But you know that was never enough.
It could never compare to the fantasy that you built in your own head to escape your own trauma.
Damn it.
You okay? 'Cause you're composing yourself in a coat closet, which would suggest No, I'm not okay.
But I'm surprised that you care.
You think that I don't care because I avoided kissing you.
Why did you pull away? Don't say that it was because it was inappropriate, 'cause that seems like an excuse.
If you don't like me I can't stop thinking about you.
I want you to expand on that.
Your warmth.
Your sense of humor.
The way your hair smells like clove and citrus.
The way that your eyes flash when you're thinking.
Nancy, I knew that if I kissed you I wouldn't be able to stop.
So don't stop.
Maybe the DJ? We can use snippets of certain songs to send messages.
I think we should try Nancy again.
You being in love with her is not gonna make her hear you.
- Love? - Yes.
It's obvious.
While I understand the ache of a missed connection, we are out of time.
I'll try the DJ myself.
Truth serum ritual.
Better party entertainment than I could've ever planned.
Well done.
What are your plans for the ore? Did you kill that man? I have no idea what that ore is.
I didn't hire or kill the man who found it.
How could you accuse me of murder? - Also, why? - Because I found a letter about how you were using the Burning Sorrows to manipulate Nancy.
I had to risk my own death as a way to get Nancy to see me as a human being, and I would do it again because I need her help to defeat the Copperhead.
What is your ultimate plan? My son-in-law Beckett Dow was too much of a lovesick whelp to have actually destroyed Charity's soul.
He must have the first two pieces hidden away somewhere, and if I can just collect all four pieces, I may be able to see my daughter again.
Have fun watching your friends' lives implode because of your stupidity.
Tyler, hey.
So I was talking to Nick about the pool that you want to put in, and I have to be honest with you he's afraid that you're a robber baron who doesn't care about this town.
- Well, that doesn't bode well.
- It does not.
But maybe you could win him over.
You see, Horseshoe Bay is obsessed with its traditions and rituals.
They rally around anyone who participates.
That's what they did with me.
Why don't you try this tradition? It's to illuminate the long night.
So tell me, Tyler, did you hire Michael Isaacs to find the ore at the youth center? Yeah, I hired Michael.
Why the hell did I just say that? Because you're just being honest with me.
Were you involved in Michael's death? Well, I didn't even know Michael was dead.
Last night I asked him to get a larger sample of the ore, then his equipment started getting crazy readings and the call dropped.
Trust me, if I had known he died, I would've just paid someone to get the body out of there before the police could find it.
Keep your money.
I don't want anything from you.
Well, that's fine.
'Cause I already sent a Maine state official a warm-up bribe to seize the land from you via eminent domain.
At which point, I'll just lease it from the state at a fraction of the price.
How did you know about the ore to begin with? Not the ore, an indigenous artifact made from the ore.
See, I've been collecting ancient relics for years, and this one this one is the pièce De résistance.
You give those artifacts back to their respective tribes, you planet-destroying, colonizing garbage.
At least I'm smart garbage.
I don't even pay taxes.
Get out of my way.
Is this where we part ways and pretend nothing happened? Is that what you want? You take my hand Please take my hand You take my You take my hand Hey, sorry.
Uh, look, I talked to Tyler.
And he is definitely the worst, but he didn't kill Michael.
And he's gonna leave the youth center alone or I'm gonna leak his truth online.
We still don't know how Michael Isaacs died? No, no.
And, Nancy, I'm sorry.
You know, I-I only lashed out because I was feeling insecure.
I'm sorry, too.
I was just worried about you rushing off to your old life.
I kind of like having you around.
And I still do need a job, so if you don't mind making calls for me? I'd be happy to.
I need you to know that I'm here, Nancy.
You okay? Yeah, I just felt this It's me, Nancy.
It's Ace.
This is very weird.
It's like something's tapping at my shoulder.
There's nothing nothing here.
I think it's a message in Morse code.
A C E Oh, my God.
It's Ace and Hannah.
They need our help.
It worked.
I got through.
Ace said they're trapped in a liminal space, and he and Hannah will die unless we get them out.
Do you know how to rescue them? I'd be glad to help.
This is Cora Dow's shoddy handiwork.
She used a ritual to make the Copperhead's lock and key last forever, but the charm decayed, leaking a mystical energy, which opened a gateway to the liminal space.
Cora always liked to experiment with time, but she wasn't very good at it.
That's how we learned of the liminal space to begin with.
Can you save our friends? I need a Hudson and a Marvin to help me.
Nancy, Bess you must be my Sisters-in-White.
Now we are truly connected by blood niece.
From the liminal to the physical the ephemeral to the material return to whence you came.
Figured if I was gonna get obliterated from existence, it might as well happen while I was looking at a friend.
You're back, Mr.
Oh, yeah, I am.
Oh, my God.
I am so sorry that we didn't realize you were stuck in a liminal space.
There's an apology I thought I'd never say.
No, it's, it's my fault.
When you said you were "stepping away" in your text, I thought you meant for a vacation.
After that ordeal, I need an indefinite vacation from Horseshoe Bay.
Bess, will you watch over the Historical Society a while longer? I need - to put a plan in place for my succession.
- You're quitting? As Keepers, we swear an oath to protect the town, without question, but my sense of duty almost got me killed.
And now two innocent people are dead because I opened the Copperhead's cage.
I'm done.
Please excuse me.
Can I, uh take you out to dinner? You don't you don't have to take me out because of tonight.
I know that we were influenced by a mystical truth serum.
The serum's worn off.
And I don't regret anything.
Unless you do? No.
It was amazing.
And yes to dinner.
I can't wait.
Forgot my coat.
I'll, uh bring the car around.
I feel like I should've figured out what happened to you sooner.
It was not an intuitive puzzle.
I saw you had a lot going on today.
Were you with me the whole time? No.
At the precinct, uh, with the radios.
And then the dance floor, and, um, Morse code.
Yeah, that was smart.
Good night.
Good night.
Everything turn out okay? Yeah.
But I'm a total idiot.
How could I have gotten it all so wrong? It's just What was that for? To remind you you're pretty great.
Please don't beat yourself up.
Also we never did get our dance.
And thank you.
Truly, for being down for all this weirdness.
I'm sure you have questions.
Mm, one, at the moment.
Why do you think that artifact was buried there? I don't know.
- May I? - You may.
I've been expecting you.
What are you doing here? There's a large artifact buried here.
A supernatural seal a shaman crafted from a rare earth ore.
That seal masks and contains something that I've long been searching for.
A tear in the veil between this world and the darkness below.
Your phone won't work here.
I'm going to reassemble my daughter's soul and then I'm gonna destroy the seal that separates our worlds.
And she will surrender to her destiny.
Is this, uh, is this why they kicked you out of town - 200 years ago? - Yes.
And you will give me access to this tent while I complete my ritual.
And why would I let you do that? Because I already put a hex on the head of every child at your youth center.
And if you try to stop me or tell anyone, they'll all die.
In three days, it will be done.

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