Nancy Drew (2019) s03e09 Episode Script

The Voices in the Frost

1 Just because the Frozen Hearts case took a supernatural super sad turn does not mean that we have no leads.
We still know what connects each victim.
Charity's a soul, okay? So, you're the FBI.
Let's profile this thing.
We can interview Matthew Burke's family or talk to Jake's mom First of all, there's black ice on the roads from last night's storm and the Trenton Bridge is closed.
So we're stuck on the island.
And we don't have unlimited resources.
It takes months to put together accurate victim profiles in typical cases.
And this, well, isn't typical.
It's supern tremely sad.
This is ridiculous.
So what are we gonna do nothing? People are gonna die.
The only immediate way to know which people on Earth - have the last two pieces - (PHONE DINGS) of Charity's soul would be to ask the Copperhead himself.
Or we ask the Copperhead's wife.
Ace thinks Charity Hudson's haunting the Historical Society? You said you take leads from anywhere.
Prove it.
- AUTOMATED VOICE: Call from Temperance.
- (PHONE VIBRATES) That's, like, the third call you've ignored from her.
- What happened? - Oh, you know, nothing much.
It's just, after the Burning Sorrows destroyed her body she stole her daughter's face.
Yeah, you mentioned.
Intense and creepy.
Yeah, and Nancy doesn't even seem bothered about it.
She says it's the only way that Temperance could have survived, but I'm just worried that my judgment about Temperance may have been clouded because I was so excited to become a Woman in White.
And now I can't shake the feeling that-that she's hiding something from us, and that she is a low-key sociopath.
AUTOMATED VOICE: Your message to Temperance says: "I can't shake the feeling that she is hiding something from us and she is a low-key sociopath".
Ready to send? Oh, no, no! No, no, no! Do not send.
Do not send! (SIGHS) Okay, so-so - so what do I do? - Okay, well, you're gonna need way more than a teeny tiny feeling about this if you want Nancy to take you seriously.
- (ENTRY BELL JINGLES) - Sorry, we're closed right now - because of the ice on - Okay, good, because Eve needs our help.
Um, I need to talk to you first.
Come on.
- Sorry.
- Two secs.
Okay, I know we haven't seen each other since you and Eve met up last night, but I have some news.
That relic lead I told you about a couple days ago? Uh-huh? It worked.
We extracted Odette's soul.
She's gone.
What gone-gone? - Forever? - Forever! No more shortened lifespan! - Oh, my God! - (LAUGHS) - Oh, my God, George! - I know! - It's incredible! - I know.
- Mm.
You're cured! - Mm.
I'm cured! So, wait, wait, wait.
Wh-Wh - When'd this happen? - Two night ago.
- Two nights ago? - Mm-hmm.
Why didn't you tell me right away? I tried to, but then you disappeared for 24 hours - and you were catching up with Eve last night - Oh, so, wait, wait you're telling me I spent an entire night talking to an old friend instead of finding out my fiancée got cured from a terminal condition? Hey, don't feel bad.
I needed time to think about things.
- What'd you need to think about? - I don't know.
- What things? - Why are you mad? - I'm not mad.
- Well, you look mad.
NICK: I'm not mad.
I'm-I'm I'm-I'm thrilled, all right? GEORGE: Okay, good, 'cause I'm excited to spend the rest of my life with you! Yeah, that's the part where they start kissing.
Sort of their natural progression.
So, what is it that we can help you with? I'm a suspect in a murder investigation.
My boyfriend and I were celebrating our one-year anniversary.
We took his parents' sailboat out in the harbor for the day.
We were partying with another boat.
One minute, the sun is shining, and the next minute, it's sunset, and Anthony is dead.
His body dragging behind the sailboat, caught in one of the boat lines.
Oh, my God.
Okay, so, the-the investigation is open and you're a suspect? Do the police know you fled to Maine? They haven't charged me yet.
And it's not technically fleeing.
I read about the crazy mysteries you guys have solved on @NancyDrewsNews.
And I came across the Fan fan site.
George lost time when Odette was in control.
What if I'm possessed? What if this thing inside me wants to kill somebody else that I care about again? I've lost time before this boat trip.
Usually for just a few minutes, but if this spirit inside me is getting stronger, then that - would explain - Okay, so, Odette became entwined with George when she died, and Nancy had to use a mystical shroud to-to bring her back to life.
Have you been mystically resuscitated lately? Just because I haven't had any near-death experiences doesn't mean I'm not possessed.
I was the only one on that boat, and I know the cops are gonna say that I did this.
And if I did, possession is the only explanation.
NICK: Okay, possessed or not, let's just figure out if you actually killed Anthony first.
NANCY: Hey! - We came right over.
- We? Ah.
Because the FBI is notoriously open-minded about ghosts.
People say they see Hoover in the building all the time.
- Really? - No.
Well, for the last two weeks, this building has shown signs of a haunting.
And with each haunted event caught on the cameras, there's a supernatural glitch hiding an audio frequency.
I deciphered said audio frequency and found a distinctly female voice on the recording.
That's point two.
- Ace, that's incredible.
- Thank you.
What did the voice say? WOMAN: Die.
Okay, that ghost is telling you to die.
- Is there a point three? - Yeah.
I scrubbed through all the security footage and I found the day that it began.
November 27th.
That's the night that Temperance returned to Horseshoe Bay.
And we know that she has a fraught relationship - with her daughter Charity - Yeah.
So maybe Temperance's return stirred up Charity's spirit.
Interesting but circumstantial.
Well, then allow me to present point four: the first supernatural event.
The night Temperance came back to town.
Keep your eye on that paperweight on Hannah's desk.
Power goes out, glass turns clear.
Like a signal.
Six roses.
The symbol for Women in White.
Charity Hudson was a Woman in White, so it can't be a coincidence.
It has to be Charity.
It's like our brain's the same brain.
How exactly can a ghost exist if its soul was divided into four pieces before death and two of those pieces are still intact in living human beings? - NANCY: That's a good question.
- It would be a better question if the premise wasn't flawed.
Agent Park presumes that ghosts and souls are the same.
My experience has shown that hauntings do include souls, but also Viking gods, demons, ghost loops.
Residual hauntings, like Agnes Marvin - in the Captain's cottage.
- Exactly.
Not all - paranormal events are tied to souls.
- PARK: But you yourself said Charity's spirit was disturbed by Temperance's arrival in town.
Yeah, it was a literary flourish.
"There are more things in Heaven and Earth", Agent Park.
Uh, how do we get Charity on the tip line? Well, uh, there's just one thing.
Remember how nor'easters in Horseshoe Bay blow restless spirits ashore? - Mm-hmm.
- I'm sorry, what? With all the icy weather incoming - WOMAN: Die.
- (VARIOUS VOICES CHATTERING) Charity's not the only one here.
BESS: Okay, typically, when a mysterious woman shows up from a man's past with a tragic backstory asking for help, it never goes well.
I mean, come on, possession? - Okay.
- It just doesn't add up.
Look, I agree, but let's at least find out how Eve's boyfriend wound up dead in the water - before diving into the possibility of possession.
- Okay.
I know I sound crazy.
You should try to prove that I killed Anthony knowingly.
I'm serious.
Follow your gut.
- The evidence will prove that I'm possessed.
- (PHONE DINGS) AUTOMATED VOICE: Would you like a new event created for your gut? No.
No, no, no.
Sorry, that's just my overactive phone assist BRB.
Nature calling.
(COUGHS) (LOUDLY): Every time I think I hear Charity, another voice will sh (NORMAL VOLUME): Every time I think I hear Charity, another voice shouts over her.
So we need a way to amplify the signal.
Like a totem.
Something that she touched the day she died.
- Her wedding ring.
- Her wedding ring.
So, the Copperhead hung onto Charity's doll for over 150 years, and he kept this chest in the cell with him.
No wedding ring.
Time for plan B.
Uh, creepy, secret underground cage.
I'll get our coats.
(RINGTONE PLAYING) - Ace's phone.
- Our phones are always listening to us, right? Well, mine just gave me an idea.
I need to know how to access passive recordings.
Well, the recordings are only gonna be, like, a minute long, at most.
Unrelated: you've spent some time with Agent Park? - He showed up here with Nancy.
- Hmm.
- Hmm? - Yeah, you know that hot, stuffy feeling you have right now? That might be because the window for you and Nancy is closing and you're finally realizing it.
Who said I had windows or feelings? I know you.
I'm your platanchor.
Anyway, can you text me those instructions? Okay, bye.
Step one (TYPING) (PHONE WHOOSHES) Wh NANCY: Ace, what's going on? The door's sealed.
I can't open it.
PARK: Ace, are you okay? (GLASS SHATTERS) NANCY: Ace.
Ace! (STATIC) Okay, well, I'm sure he'll get the hatch open.
He's very resourceful.
Meanwhile, since we're stuck down here, want to go look at the cell? There has to be something of Charity's.
How have we found nothing yet? All right, think.
Think, think, think.
Okay, the Copperhead's mission was tied to Charity.
He split her soul so that Temperance could never reunite with her.
And he hated Temperance, just like his mother did.
He let Cora turn him into a monster so that he could carry out her plan, and then he waited here, living off of rats Hmm.
(THUD) Got something? Yeah.
Yeah, there's a symbol on the ceiling could have been left by Cora Dow or the Women in White.
But this metalwork is the same type as the-the padlock and that broken key that we found.
So maybe this is the business end.
Good find.
But the key didn't belong to Charity, so it won't work as a totem.
We need something that belonged to her so that we can ask her ghost where the last two pieces of her soul are.
And if we can't do that, then two more people will die supernatural deaths, and I'm the only one that can do anything about that, and the whole town is counting on me, - and the only way that I - Have you ever been in love? That's off-topic.
I'm sorry, are you just gonna sit there and do nothing? Because, for all we know, the only reason the Copperhead isn't here right now is because he's out there, - freezing another heart.
- When an investigation hits a wall, the best thing you can do is nothing.
Sit in the discomfort of not knowing the way forward.
Clear your mind.
Give it a try.
This better lead to an amazing epiphany.
Are you meditating? I'm imagining what it was like to be Beckett Dow.
Alone in an iron cage for over 150 years.
You're shivering.
Yeah, I mean, the-the air flow in these tunnels makes it feel like we're outside in Arctic temperatures, so of course I'm shivering.
Not gonna let you freeze to death.
Clear your mind.
Why would Beckett Dow choose to imprison himself? Wait, what do you mean, imprison himself? Take a look at these bolts on the bottom.
They're a different shape than the bolts on the rest of the cell and they're on the inside.
This section of metal here the finish is slightly different.
The cage was completed from the inside.
He didn't trust anyone else to lock him inside this cage.
He had to do it himself.
Hatred can drive a man to do a lot of things.
But Beckett didn't hate Temperance.
His mother did.
Somebody else's hate doesn't make you seal yourself inside your own tomb.
Well, what does? - Love? - But Temperance said it was Cora's ritual that turned Beckett into the Copperhead, so he couldn't have done that on his own.
Who says he did it on his own? (CANNON BLAST) Beckett and Charity were going to war.
What if they were trying to find a way to make sure their love survived, even in death? In that memory vision that we saw, Charity told Temperance, "You cannot imagine the power of our bond".
Beckett and Charity could have formed a lover's pact.
So, i-if Charity's soul was split, that she never moves on, and if Beckett becomes the Copperhead, then he would act like a A radio? Tuned into Charity's frequency.
Knowing she was always out there.
Still doesn't explain why the Copperhead is going after Charity's soul now that Temperance is back.
That feels like Cora's revenge.
In case you're wondering, I'm clearing my mind in hopes of achieving further epiphanies.
EVE: Wow.
You guys are thorough.
This police report from your lawyer will only get us so far, and we have to make do without the actual crime scene.
- Accident scene.
- Accident scene.
Uh, remind me: which side of the boat was Anthony found on? Yeah.
"Decedent found attached to lines on the starboard side of the boat".
And Anthony had a cut to the left side of his head, presumably from the fall Weird.
W-What? It's-it's just, Anthony had a cut to the left side of his head and a bruise to the right side.
He hit his head twice when he fell? Or the bruise on the right side of his head came from someone striking him, causing him to fall overboard.
Do you remember a moment where Anthony might've hit his head? I wish I could, Ned.
Believe me.
Can I see your phone? If you can't remember what happened, I have a way to get a glimpse.
Unless, you do remember, and you don't want us to know? Thank you.
So, our phones learn voice commands by listening to us, even when we're not speaking to them.
These recordings are stored in the cloud and then eventually deleted, but since the trip was only a week ago (SHORT CHUCKLE) I found one passive recording made during the boat trip.
Are you waiting for applause? EVE: Stop lying! I saw you.
You kissed her right in front of me.
ANTHONY: Why the hell are you so uptight? We were having fun.
EVE: How could you? You selfish, cheating piece of - (MOTOR REVS) - (WAVES SPLASH) Sounds like he was unfaithful and you were about ready to kill him.
I didn't tell you about the fight because I don't remember it.
I found this article online about someone who was possessed and they kept getting into these crazy arguments with people, and I just Eve, you are not possessed, okay? Why do you keep harping on this? Because there is no other explanation that makes sense.
You selfish, cheating piece of - (MOTOR REVS) - (WAVES SPLASH) - That noise that's a speedboat.
- Yes.
I told you guys, we were partying with another boat - two girls we knew from school.
- Okay, right, and do you remember Anthony kissing one of them? You do, don't you? Eve, why didn't you tell us? Because she's building an insanity defense, and admitting an earthbound motive for murder muddies the water? I mean, I'm sorry.
Okay! Well, that motive could go both ways.
Right? What if the girl he kissed got angry 'cause Anthony wouldn't break up with Eve? And just because it sounds like the boat's leaving in the recording doesn't mean it actually left.
They could have circled back.
I mean, this recording is really close to the time of death.
Maybe They saw something? You know, we should Scrub Instagram and find them? We're the perfect team.
Come on, social media savant.
I sound angry in that recording.
I know you.
You are not a killer.
Neither are you.
How come you haven't been back home? I mean, not even for one visit? Uh uh, I guess it feels like my my life got divided in two.
Everything that happened before that night at the party, and everything that happened since I went to juvie.
And Florida is part of the before.
And right now I need to be in the present.
I understand.
But I know you, too, Ned.
And I know there's another reason why you haven't come back home.
Maybe you could bring George.
Nick, George wants to show you something.
Okay, good.
You found the girls on the speedboat.
But does this help or hurt Eve's case? Look at his right eyebrow.
The mysterious bruise.
Not from someone hitting him over the head before he died.
And he's clearly drunk at this point, too.
These are all things Eve can use in her defense.
Okay You're amazing.
But No, you are amazing.
You didn't doubt her, not for one second.
We're amazing.
- Yes, we are.
- We're, like, we're, like, a like a perfect team.
Why are we waiting any longer to get married? - What? - No, I-I'm serious.
Aft-After everything we've been through me getting locked up, you-you having to take care of your sisters, you know, facing down a shortened lifespan because of Odette.
Life life is already short.
And I don't want to waste a single second of that time without you as my wife.
The sooner we're married, the sooner our lives can really begin.
You want to elope? Well, when? Well, they say-they say tomorrow's not promised, right? So how about today? Yes.
Yes! NANCY: Okay, let's talk about what we know.
Thought we were clearing our minds.
Yeah, well, talking keeps me warm.
So, 156 years ago, Beckett Dow split Charity's soul into four pieces and those four pieces jumped into the nearest four people on the battlefield.
From that, we can extrapolate that when those four people died, Charity's soul jumped into the nearest person.
- And so on.
- Which is why you think that profiling won't work, right because the-the soul jumping's random? I'm nodding.
- Can you tell? - (CHUCKLES) Um, once-once Charity was dead and-and and-and her soul was split, Beckett returned to Horseshoe Bay and, uh, and-and followed the instructions to make himself the Copperhead, to complete their lover's pact.
Temperance said that she thinks that the Copperhead's gonna destroy Charity's soul and himself in one fell swoop.
And if we're right about the lover's pact, that makes this a tragic love story.
Beckett hopes to be reunited with Charity.
I-It's never been about revenge.
It's always been about love.
They just want to be together, forever.
So you have been in love.
Ace? Charity? (STATIC CONTINUING) Charity.
Not Charity.
Die! The limestone's crumbling there.
Oh, my God.
Charity Hudson Dow.
This belonged to Charity.
- We have a totem.
- Let's hope Ace got that hatch open.
Hope you don't mind that I borrowed your keys, Eve.
(SCOFFS SOFTLY) Do you want to explain to us why you hid your dead boyfriend's $27,000 watch in your suitcase? You broke into my car? What happened to "follow your gut"? Or did you only want us to do that when we were proving your possession excuse? That is a violation, Bess.
She's been cooperating.
Oh, excuse me for wanting answers.
I mean, come on why was that in there? Okay, Eve, why was it hidden? - Come on.
- You gonna say it was a gift or that you have no idea how it got in there? - Is it possessed? - Anthony probably put it in the dopp kit himself.
He was obsessed with that thing, and if he forgot to take it off while we were on board, he probably just tucked it in there for safekeeping.
I don't know! God, she is using us, and at the very least she's trying to worm her way back into Nick's life - and ruin your relationship.
- That's not true.
Ned! And at the very most, she's using us to get away with murder.
Come on! Okay, but to kill someone over a watch? Clearly, they were having troubles in their relationship.
Uh, angry girlfriend plus a big payday? - I mean, people have killed for a lot less.
Already on the run.
Without her without her keys and her phone and her jacket? In the middle of an Arctic front? It's, like it's, like, 12 degrees outside.
- She blacked out.
- She blacked out.
Oh, for God NANCY: The escape ladder should be down this way based on our walking pace and the amount of corridors we've passed.
Trying to plot a mental map of the tunnels.
Still resisting the discomfort of not knowing.
Yeah, well, it's just how my mind works.
It's an incredible mind.
You can do anything.
That's why you feel like you have to do everything.
Find the totem, ask the ghost, save the town, - map the tunnels.
- Are you-are you profiling me or you making of fun of me or both? It's a compliment.
But I know just because you can't do everything doesn't mean that it's easy or doesn't require constant intentionality and effort.
You're definitely profiling me.
It's how my mind works.
You don't have to do anything to mitigate my discomfort.
I am good with walking into the unknown.
- ACE: Hey! Oh, good.
I have a couple of things.
Uh, we're gonna have to replace the hatch.
Also, I was wrong.
We're not dealing with Charity.
But whoever the ghost is, she still wants us to die.
The icy front, though, has kind of made her strong, so I think we should probably vacate the premises until the freeze passes.
After you.
- Eve? - Eve! - Eve! - Eve? - Eve! - Eve? Eve! - Eve? BESS: She's here, by the water! Eve, stop! GEORGE: Eve, be careful.
There's an undertow! Eve! No, Nick, be careful! Eve! Eve! - No! - GEORGE: No, Nick! - Hey, hey, no, no.
- Bess, what do we do? I don't We just stay here.
Just stay.
It's okay.
Where is he? (GROANS) Nick, come on! (PANTING) - Oh, thank God.
- Come on.
So cold.
- Here.
There, are you okay? - Come on.
Come on.
Come on.
- Come on.
- Come on.
Come on, come on, come on, come on.
Oh! Oh! Oh, my God.
Oh, God.
- Thank you.
They're still talking.
Do you actually think that Park can help Eve? Yeah, she's in good hands.
(TYPING) We already did a social media dive.
BESS: Except we didn't find anything that was from a story or a snap.
Those posts go away after 24 hours.
But nothing's ever gone from the Internet.
BESS: He's looking for deleted posts.
Maybe those can - give us some answers.
- Yeah, it seems like answers are hard to come by today.
We were wrong about it being Charity who was haunting the Historical Society, which means we lost our only lead on Copperhead's next victim, so Yeah, and you touched a dead person's snot rag for nothing.
I still think these things could be useful, even if Charity's not around to talk to.
You really think so? Yeah, I do.
Um uh, Park said he thinks he has an explanation for Eve's blackouts.
He said it's a trauma response.
Eve started having lost moments of time a little over two years ago.
So, the blackouts are real? So, Eve's blackouts started after you - killed someone in self-defense.
- Uh-huh.
Usually the kind of behavior exhibited is either, um, self-soothing or, um, self-harming.
- Like walking into the bay.
- Yeah.
He said, uh, the blackouts are triggered by, uh, Eve's emotions being heightened.
Like during an argument.
Hey, this this is not your fault, all right? No, no.
Th-This is mine.
(COMPUTER CHIMES) Got something.
This is a deleted story, geotagged in the same harbor that Eve and Anthony were in, right around the time of death.
GEORGE: There's Eve.
She's winding and unwinding a line.
That's repetitive movement self-soothing behavior.
ACE: And there's Anthony.
He looks a little (GASPS) It was an accident.
You didn't have anything to do with it.
And I am so, so sorry for-for getting carried away.
I have trust issues, and think I was projecting my distrust of someone else onto you.
Maybe you are right.
I mean, you weren't right about me.
But you were right to keep digging.
Maybe you should do the same thing with this other person.
Thank you.
For helping Eve.
And for going on that wild-goose chase at the Historical Society earlier.
(CHUCKLES SOFTLY) So, what's the plan now? Well, I just thought that I would take some advice that I recently received and sit here and do nothing.
Care to join? You can have the bigger half.
BESS: Oh, and I nicked this out of your bag.
It's bad habit? I really didn't know this was in there.
I'll give it back to his dad.
It's been in his family for generations.
Generations! Oh, my God.
- Is she okay? - Oh, yeah, yeah, she does this all the time.
What if it's not random? What if Charity's soul is passed down generationally? Uh, if that's the case, then all we'd-we'd need to prove the theory is to confirm that Matthew Burke and Jake Cazine had ancestors at Gettysburg the day Charity died.
And if they do, we can extrapolate who the next victims would be from there.
We could compile a list of potential victims.
I mean, it'll be a big list, but it's a lead.
A solid lead.
Because Jake Cazine had an ancestor who fought with the 20th Maine Regiment at Gettysburg.
Jake used to go to reenactments with his dad.
The courthouse closes at 5:00.
Uh, we-we still have time, right, right? Can we-can we check on Eve first? Yeah.
You all right? I was thinking about what you said about windows.
So I wanted to just text Nancy something.
"I have something important I want to tell you.
Can you meet me at the loft at 8:00? Alone?" It is both perfect and sent.
You will thank me later.
Hey, we have to follow our instincts.
No matter where they lead us.
Your instincts are uncool.
You are fine.
And no.
My instincts are leading me to a currently unoccupied Icarus Hall.
The Trenton Bridge is still closed and Temperance's voice mail said she's stuck in Ellsworth.
Thank you, phone assistant, for transcribing my messages.
Good luck.
- Everything okay? - (PHONE VIBRATES) Peachy.
See you later.
- NICK: Give me two secs.
- GEORGE: Yeah, yeah, yeah.
- Hey, what's this? - Agent Park put together a list of psychologists that he knows in Florida.
He thinks they can help with my blackouts.
- You're going back to Florida? - For winter break.
Maybe longer.
I got some things to process.
(SIGHS) It's me, isn't it? I'm the reason you never came back to Florida.
Because you blame me for what happened that night, - and I - No.
No, no.
God, no.
Eve, no.
It's It's because I'm ashamed.
Okay? It's because everyone back home expected great things from me.
NFL career.
Success beyond their wildest dreams, and instead I killed a man and I went to juvie.
It feels like I can't go back home until I make better than what everyone expected.
The only person putting that pressure on you is you.
I'm starting to realize that, yeah.
And I hope you believe me when I say this.
You have nothing to be ashamed of.
You were amazing then and you are amazing now.
But I won't push you to go back.
Especially since I don't much feel like going back myself.
Then don't go back.
Stay in Horseshoe Bay.
Thank you, George.
But no, I-I have to go back.
I have to start processing my trauma.
And you two still have time to get to the courthouse.
I heard you earlier.
Go get married.
Be happy, Nick.
It's 4:50.
We have ten minutes.
Maybe-maybe they shut down for the weather? A little frost, and the halls of justice stop? I don't think so! Excuse me! Hello?! Ma-Maybe there's a sign, huh? Maybe we should, uh, we should try again tomorrow.
No way.
You know what's a sign? You not drowning.
Us getting here in time, despite heroics and black ice being on the road, and a freakin' murder investigation.
- Hello! Whoa.
- (DOOR OPENING) Sorry about that.
I'm the only one here today, and I was just about to head home.
Lucky thing I heard you.
Hear that? Lucky thing.
(BOTH LAUGH) - We would like to get married today.
- Yes.
- Please.
- Well, you came to the right place.
Come on.
This feeling.
Okay All the paperwork's ready to go.
Everything okay? An aisle.
I-I should walk down an aisle, right? Right, right.
Of course.
Um, uh, Judge Goodman, would you mind? Sure.
How's this? Yeah.
This is good.
JUDGE GOODMAN: Whenever you're ready, just walk towards us.
I can't.
Oh, I want to so badly, but I don't think I can.
I can't do this.
- Give us a second? - Mm-hmm.
Hey, hey.
You okay? I just keep thinking "what is marriage?" It means entwining two souls together for the rest of their lives.
Hey, marriage isn't the same thing as what happened with you and Odette.
Isn't it, though? Nick, I said yes to you earlier, but it's because of that same fear that made me propose to you in the first place.
"Life is short.
Tomorrow's not promised".
But, Nick, if-if you and I do this now, we'll be like two plants that wrap around each other before they're fully grown.
And then they spend the rest of their lives struggling for light and water.
I want to grow next to you, Nick.
I want to live so badly.
And I don't want us to make this decision just because we're afraid that our lives could end at any moment.
I want to tell you you're wrong.
Because I love you.
And I want to spend my life with you.
Ah But after what happened today with Eve, I know I have healing to do, too.
So let's grow side by side.
Strengthen our roots.
Next to each other.
And we don't we don't We don't have to rush this.
Right? I mean, Charity Hudson and Beckett Dow rushed into a marriage, and look what it got them.
Four pieces of a soul and an obsession with eating rats and frozen hearts, so (LAUGHS) Yeah, that's a that's a vivid and excellent point.
You and me we got nothing but time.
(SNIFFLES) Will you ask me again one day, please, Ned Nickerson? You better believe it, George Fan.
(SIGHS) We still haven't confirmed Burke's family connection to Gettysburg, but I'll make some calls in the morning.
Good work, Nancy.
Yeah, good night, Agent Park.
(DOOR OPENS) (DOOR CLOSES) (WHISPERING): Okay, if I was a 200-year-old witch, where would I hide compromising evidence against me? Okay.
Oh, it's a nice chair.
Who are you writing letters to? (GRUNTS) "I let her think my charm would bait the Copperhead, but I designed that charm to awaken the Burning Sorrows as a way to get Nancy to trust me".
- Why is it blurring? No! - (CLATTERING NEARBY) Oh, gosh.
I need evidence! No! I need to find more evidence.
Okay, okay.
- (PHONE CHIMES) - Send a message to Temperance.
So sorry I missed your calls.
Crazy day.
Let's get brekkie first thing and talk Long Night Ball plans.
AUTOMATED VOICE: Ready to send.
Oh, yeah.
I lost track of time.
I was working on the key.
(SLOW KNOCKS ON DOOR) Hannah? What are you doing here? You can see me? I have been trying to contact you all day.
Oh, this isn't what I wanted, no.
We're both in terrible danger.
BESS: Nancy, who is it? It's the phantom knocker again.
There's no one here.
Nancy, wait.
She can't see us.
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