Nancy Drew (2019) s03e08 Episode Script

The Burning of the Sorrows

1 Oh, hi.
Agent Park, I'm guessing you're not here on a social call.
I wanted to tell you in person.
Richard Trott died in the hospital this morning.
Complications from his stroke.
Oh, my God.
Trott didn't kill Jake Cazine, but it's likely he had info on whoever did.
Could be someone was trying to silence him.
Could be somebody was simply upset he was about to walk.
I'm investigating his death for foul play.
Is there anything at all that you wanted to share with me, since you were at the station when Trott collapsed? I was just working in the bullpen.
Security footage shows that your desk was empty until you rushed in with Temperance.
Where were you right before that? That is enough.
We have to go now.
We were just walking in from the parking lot together.
Is there anything else? I'll get back to you on that.
We're going to call the supernatural killer the "Copperhead" because of the hat it wears.
Um, I thought of that.
Um, I did an image search and found this political cartoon from the Civil War, uh, with Copperheads in hats.
Snakes wearing hats, which is a thing again on Pinterest.
Yeah, but you were there for the O.
You know, sometimes I forget you've been alive since 1824.
You look amazing, by the way.
And you've actually been to its underground lair? Yeah.
Yes, so Nancy found the cage that you saw in Trott's memory weave.
Now, the Copperhead was imprisoned there until Hannah Gruen let it out.
As head intern, I feel it is my duty to clean up her mess.
- You want to torture Hannah? - No.
Uh I'm digitizing the Historical Society database, and I came upon this device that's been used to trap supernatural entities before.
I want to use it to catch the Copperhead before it kills again.
Now, I found this incantation to activate the trap, but I still need bait.
Well, you have me as a mentor, and I have a charm made of ancient whale tooth that would work.
Whale tooth.
Random, but great.
That's odd.
Is that a soul-splitter? Yeah.
Yeah, I, um, I separated George and Odette's souls.
Now George gets to live a very long life.
Just a few days ago, you couldn't pull off a protection charm.
And now, you've performed a lifesaving ritual.
I was right to put my faith in you.
What are you doing here? Well, she has bait.
Mystical bait.
She's gonna help us catch the Copperhead.
Oh, will she? Because, last time she helped, she went rogue.
And now Trott's dead.
Agent Park is investigating his death, and he believes that you and I were involved, which we were, because you gave Trott a fatal stroke and made me your accomplice.
I have pledged to rid this town of evil forces, and that now includes you.
Get out.
You are making a mistake.
No, go apologize now.
She can help us.
Bess, I refuse to be a pawn in her game.
Should we call the cops now? No crimes reported on the scanner, and he has not been admitted to the local hospital or urgent care.
Why would Nick just drive off without his phone? Maybe he's trying to disconnect without us being able to track him? Or maybe it's me.
I was only planning on couch surfing a couple nights, but Is he trying to avoid jury duty? Wait, was he trying to avoid me? Are Are we not okay? You seemed fine together the last time I saw you.
Oh Maybe he forgot his keys.
- Hey.
- Hey.
You're not Nick.
Where's Nick? So, still no word? Okay, I'm gonna help you guys look.
I'm gonna check The Claw again.
- Thank you.
- All right, yeah.
So, I guess it's you and me.
I mean, probably cover more ground if we split up, but unless you're here because you're having an existential crisis, you don't want to be alone with your thoughts.
An existential crisis.
Come on, does that sound like me? Okay, your car or mine? Thank you for returning my grimoire.
I'm guessing you're not here to digitize - my files for the archives.
- No.
No, I-I'm here to ask you to help us catch the Copperhead.
I've been very helpful, but Nancy treats me like a villain.
Are you with her or with me? I'm-I'm with you both.
So, maybe I could still use the bait? You can't handle its power on your own.
I'm not in the mood to offer any guidance.
Did you get the bait? As requested, but I don't feel good about stealing from Temperance.
Well, you're gonna feel a lot better when we catch the Copperhead and stop it from killing again.
Okay, do we have to do this so near Icarus Hall? I mean, Temperance could find us.
Well, the Copperhead showed up at Temperance's house, and I think it's drawn to these woods.
Do your thing, please.
I call upon this snare to trap all evil that roams.
Guardian spirits, protect us from wayfaring harm.
You see anything? Oh, God So, we're just crouching in the woods now? Yeah.
Yeah, no, it's really good for the quads, so Just What are you doing here? Well, I wanted to ask Temperance about the day Trott had his stroke.
She made an appointment with me that same afternoon, but when I arrived at Icarus Hall, no Temperance, only Bess.
Yeah, well, that was just a mix-up.
It can happen.
Didn't seem like happenstance, especially since you kept me away from the station right before Trott collapsed.
What did you do? We set a trap to catch the Copperhead.
That's not the Copperhead.
Watch out! We have to run.
Come on.
So, whatever we caught has escaped.
Have you seen this before? Light monsters? No, but you have access to the Historical Society database.
I can't run and search at the same time.
You all seem to have calmly skipped past the premise.
Oh, I'm not calm.
He means we're not questioning the existence of the supernatural.
So, this kind of thing happens in Horseshoe Bay.
It's in all the visitor brochures.
I've read about the quaint seaside rituals and haunted hotels, not entities that can kill you with beams of light.
That would hardly attract tourism.
Okay, is there something I can get you for your pain, like a spell, a mystical ointment, an ibuprofen? - Willow bark - Okay.
in my dispensary jars.
We need to block all the windows.
Letting Temperance off the hook? Triage.
If a light monster's trying to burn us to death, then we need to deal with that first.
And you're okay with light monster? No scientific explanation needed? Just because science can't explain it, doesn't mean it's not real.
That's refreshingly open-minded.
What were you trying to catch? Bess called it the Copperhead? Oh, that would be the serial killer that you're looking for.
Turns out, that's also a thing science can't explain.
Well, then elaborate without science.
Like you said, triage.
Deal with the light monster first.
Hello? Can I help you? Oh, sorry.
I was just leaving a note for Ned.
I'm Eve.
Pronouns, she/her.
You know Nick? You're Ned's fiancée, right? Congrats.
I'm a friend of Ned's from Florida.
We go way back, to, like, diapers.
He's basically my brother.
Uh, is he around? I don't know where he is.
Actually, it's-it's really weird timing, you showing up on the day that he's missing.
Well, no, not-not missing-missing.
He's just off the grid, temporarily.
Growing up, if Ned had something on his mind, he'd disappear to handle it alone, usually with a pint of butter pecan.
Drove his mom crazy.
Yeah, he's done that before, but I checked his freezer, and it's-it's fully stocked.
So, he hasn't changed that much.
I'm gonna go look for him if you want to come.
Maybe it'll give us a chance to get to know each other better? I'd love that.
First time in Maine? Is it that obvious? Mm.
Nick? You can have your couch back.
I'll go.
Okay, nothing, so maybe it's-it's not about the couch, which is-is good news.
Who's there? Probably just old pipes.
"Probably just old pipes" who? Maybe Nick was here.
I'll look.
- Question.
- Yeah? You've been occupying Drew sofa space all month.
Does that feeling ever go away? The bad back? No.
No, no, you just, you adapt.
I mean the burden.
That feeling, you know, from the freeloading.
Oh, dude, listen, listen, listen.
You don't, you don't have to be so hard on yourself, okay? Hey, you're doing fine.
Am I? Is a grown man who can't afford rent and doesn't know what he's doing with his life fine? Okay, define "freeloading".
Don't sweat it.
I mean, you're allowed to be the couch guy.
Dad got arrested, you lost all your money.
It's fine.
It's stuck.
Hey, let us out.
Who you talking to? Whatever's trapped us in here.
Guessing it's supernatural.
How do you know it's not just rusty hinges? I've developed a feel for these things.
So, I searched the Historical Society database.
This thing is called the Burning Sorrows.
It's not human.
Premise accepted.
Okay, so it scorches people to death in order to feed on their greatest heartbreaks.
Um, rays of poisonous light extend like limbs from its body, and if it burns you, then the venom in the wound will awaken your most painful memories.
Uh, symptoms include: delirium, infection at the point of contact, emitting suffering, whatever that means, uh, and death.
Got any good news in there? If it consumes your most gut-wrenching memory before you die, then it returns to a dormant state, and the venom is neutralized.
That's good-ish.
- Yeah.
- Then it hibernates until something awakes it again, something like us novices misusing powerful supernatural bait.
We need to protect her.
Maybe we can feed the Burning Sorrows other heartbreaks instead.
Yeah, it could work.
We got the Wraith's attention by feeding it my fears, so How often does this happen to you? Often enough.
Let's give it a try.
I've got heartbreaks to spare.
L-Losing Odette to save George.
Lying to Lisbeth to protect her.
Betraying Aunt Diana.
I think it's working.
Getting kicked out by my mum.
Losing my mom and my biological mother.
My grandmother getting murdered because of me.
Finding out that my parents aren't my birth parents.
Eleanor Harris.
It wants Temperance.
She's marked.
So, the only way to get out of here alive is to find out Temperance's greatest heartbreak and feed it to the monster.
Do you really think Temperance is capable of heartbreak? All I ever wanted to do was help.
Okay, so help.
Let's talk heartbreaks.
She's not real.
It's impossible.
Who is that? My daughter, Charity.
Is she your greatest heartbreak? Because we need to feed her to the monster.
You cannot have her! Temperance.
It's okay.
So, this girl just shows up knowing all these things about you and Nick today? Relax.
Eve checks out.
She's got a boyfriend, her sisters like BTS, and she knows her way around a comma.
What's not to like? Yeah, how far back did you scroll? Enough for you.
You're not the only one who gets to be overprotective, okay? Can you tell us more stories about Nick? Yeah! Why do you keep calling him Ned? That's his real name.
He must've just started going by Nick recently.
So did you know him before he got arrested? Back when he played football? Never spoke about his past, huh? He told us about it yesterday.
Oh, he did.
Um Yeah, the kids drew pictures of what they want to be when they grow up.
It got Nick and I talking about what we wanted to be, before.
And then he went MIA.
I did mention that going on a walkabout helped me when I had a lot to process.
- So - A walkabout? Where would he walkabout to and what-what is he walking about about? Uh what's been on his mind lately? That is a very good question.
What are you Hey, I-I got to go.
When he was your age, he was a total goofball.
Ned would've gotten detention more, but he was so good at making the teachers laugh.
Can you, can you open the door? You lied.
You have been to Maine.
I forgot that was on my timeline.
Why are you here? Are you in love with Nick? No, I'm not in love with him.
Why would I believe anything that you say? Go inside before you freeze to death, okay? I'll find Nick myself.
The archives said the Burning Sorrows' venom awakens painful memories in its victims, so maybe what we're seeing is Temperance emitting suffering, projecting memories.
The girl, Temperance's daughter, was from an entirely different era.
Yes, I noticed.
What if we told you that Temperance is about 200 years old? I'd say she aged well.
What's her secret? Does it matter if we can't save her now? Point taken.
There are few things in this life more heartbreaking than the loss of a child.
Must be what the monster wants.
Okay, can we just tread lightly? Got it.
How did Charity die? Nancy, you can't More tea.
Temperance, we want to help you survive.
Could you tell us about your daughter? - Maybe her death is in the town records.
- Tea.
Tea to the rescue.
"Charity Hudson Dow passed away on July 2, 1863 at the age of 18.
She was survived by her husband" He's the reason that she's gone.
Did Charity's husband kill her? Charity was a nurse in the Civil War.
Uh, she was a part of the 20th Maine Regiment.
Listed as a casualty at the Battle of Gettysburg.
Temperance, is this Gettysburg? There's Charity again.
Were you there when she died? In 1863, Temperance was in hiding, presumed dead.
Yet I risked everything to try to find my daughter.
I went to Gettysburg, but I was too late.
He's using the soul-splitter, like we did with George.
The Women in White had a willing pawn perform the soul-splitter ritual on Charity.
They split her soul into four pieces, which they entwined with the souls of four soldiers on the battlefield, so that I would never find her.
So, they split Charity's soul to keep her mother from saying goodbye? I can't imagine a greater heartbreak.
That's got to be the one.
How do we feed it to the Burning Sorrows? We open up the windows.
Let it in.
Ready? Temperance! The wound just spread.
I can't find a pulse.
Nancy, remember when your blood, like, literally Botoxed Temperance? There's some left.
Your blood did what? It's working.
Oh, no We need more blood.
Wait! Okay, that's not something I've ever seen before or would have recommended.
That's enough.
I'll find you a cookie or a juice box or something.
I'll be right back.
Hello? Hey.
Are you busy? Uh, kind of.
What's up? Okay, the thing is, is that right now Nothing.
We're, uh Ask her for help.
look-looking for Nick.
I'm sure that he'll Is he okay? I, um I'm trying to solve a puzzle.
Ace, can you look at those photos you took of Matthew Burke's tent? I remember him writing about recurring nightmares about a battlefield.
I just was wondering if his nightmares were about Gettysburg.
What's going on over there? - We're stuck in - Nothing.
Uh, we're Tent pictures, Gettysburg we're on that.
Thank you.
Why didn't you tell her we were trapped in here by some supernatural, angry door lock? 'Cause it sounded like she was dealing with something herself.
And I'm tired of leaning on other people to fix my messes for me.
You should be, too.
Listen, whatever's going on in your life or with Nancy, don't take it out on me, okay? It's not about Nancy.
Keep telling yourself that.
Let me help you.
Didn't expect your go-to move to be "mystical blood ritual".
But I admire the commitment.
You, uh, you jumped into the situation with commendable zeal.
Seem like the type of person who goes all in.
Like when we were shouting heartbreaks earlier and you said a name.
Eleanor Harris.
She the, uh one that got away? I never met Eleanor Harris.
I saw her in the ER at a teaching hospital in Connecticut while I was doing my psych residency there.
What happened to Eleanor? Multiple gunshot wounds from an assault rifle in a school shooting.
Brought her in under this blood-soaked sheet.
Hoping for some kind of miracle.
Even though she'd bled out in two or three seconds from the bullet fragments that tore apart her abdomen.
But, uh, no EMT wants to declare a six-year-old dead at the scene.
People want to believe they did everything they possibly could.
So they, uh brought her to the hospital, and we waited for the doctor to pronounce her Eleanor Harris is why I went into law enforcement.
Why I became a profiler.
And why you don't carry a gun? She is exactly why.
After seeing what Eleanor's parents went through it's hard to imagine Temperance has a worse heartbreak than watching her daughter die.
That Gettysburg memory was more than that.
Temperance said that the Women in White had a "pawn" there.
Who was he? Tell me about the Women in White.
They were once my dearest friends.
But when they could no longer understand my hopes, they turned against me.
That's Cora Dow.
That's the Woman in White who got Temperance kicked out of Horseshoe Bay.
Cora Dow poisoned the mind of Charity's father.
She told him to take Charity away from me.
That's the doll from the Copperhead's cage.
Why does he have it? No.
- No.
- What's going on? - No.
- Her subconscious is pushing back.
Get away from me! They're just figments.
Th-They can't Bess! It's a literal defense mechanism to keep us from discovering her heartbreak.
Oh! We need to let the light in.
The-the Burning Sorrows destroyed the specters before, so we can use it as a weapon.
What hurt you more than having your child torn away from you? What greater heartbreak is there than watching your daughter die? When did you truly lose her? When she betrayed me w with her choice.
- What did she choose? - Not what.
Beckett Dow.
Charity's married name was Dow.
And Cora Dow exiled Temperance.
Then Cora's son married Temperance's daughter.
So the man who split Charity's soul was her husband? You told Cora Dow that I was still alive, and then she forced her son to elope with you to get back at me! Beckett loves me, and I love him with all my heart! You cannot imagine the power of our bond.
We leave tomorrow with the 20th Regiment.
I choose my husband.
Then I hope you die on the battlefield.
And when your heart stops, you'll realize I was right.
This is the only memory which Temperance herself appears in.
This is what the Burning Sorrows wants.
Make it stop! It's The windows! We need to open the windows.
Give it everything we've got.
Now! Temperance? What Oh, my God.
Matthew Burke had more to say.
He just needed us to speak for him.
You hear me? No, no.
I think the Archive Room Ghost is trying to tell us something.
I've been writing the pattern down.
Listen to this.
Six knocks, right? Wait.
There's eight knocks.
- Ten knocks.
- Ten knocks.
All right, but here's the thing.
Each one of these lines starts with a one and a two.
Right? But that could be 12.
Right? I mean, that could be that could be a time, that could be a month December - it could be - Or maybe the numbers are times and dates.
Like a time stamp on footage.
- What was that first one? - Okay, so it's 12, 11, nine, four, three.
The caution tape moved on its own, and the video glitched.
- What's the next one? - Uh, 12, six, nine, five, five.
- There it is.
Coaster moved; glitch.
- Mm-hmm.
See? These things have to be connected.
All right, next one.
12, six, eight, ten.
There might be information hidden in the glitches, but I need equipment to work on it.
Equipment that I keep outside of this room.
Definitely can't work on it if I stay locked up in here.
Hell yeah.
We do have a feel for these things.
I just emailed you pics of Matthew Burke's manic writing period.
Hey, tell Nancy I said hi.
So, uh what's next? I need a laptop.
I need some audio gear.
I can drop you off at your couch on the way.
You asked me where I was when Trott had his stroke, and my answer might have been incomplete.
I know.
You have a tell when you're spinning a partial truth.
What's my tell? Bet you can figure it out.
Uh, am I still a suspect? You were never a suspect in Trott's case.
You don't fit the profile.
Temperance is awake.
Told her you'd have some questions for her.
The Copperhead's first victim, Matthew Burke, he had recurring nightmares about the Battle of Gettysburg.
How is all this connected? The pieces of Charity's soul have reincarnated separately through the years.
Only the Copperhead knows how to find her now.
I saw a symbol on Dow's uniform and the same one on the Copperhead's.
Is it possible that Beckett Dow became the Copperhead? With the help of his mother's rituals, yes.
So why go after Charity now? The timing is no coincidence.
Only days after I lowered the barrier around Horseshoe Bay, the Copperhead began killing anybody that carried a piece of Charity's soul.
Matthew Burke and Jake Cazine.
And when he's captured all four pieces, he's going to destroy them along with himself.
So why not destroy the soul back in 1863 instead of splitting it apart? I do not know, but I would have given anything just to touch those remnants one more time.
Temperance, I know you said you didn't want to go to a hospital No hospital can help me.
The Burning Sorrows has corrupted my body down to the cellular level.
Do you need more of my blood? No.
I need new cells.
I saved a lock of my daughter's hair.
And since my cells make up half of her DNA, I can adapt a regeneration ritual to renew what's been corrupted.
- I'll help.
- Yeah.
- Yeah, we all will.
- I'm grateful for your kindness, but I have to do this alone.
Leave me.
You couldn't find him, either? I ran out of places to look.
So we still need each other.
Here's the truth.
Yes, I was in Maine three years ago.
I was at a party with Ned during his football training camp.
The party where Nick got into a fight.
He was protecting someone.
He was protecting me.
And he killed a man in self-defense.
I haven't talked to Ned since.
He won't answer any of my letters or take my calls.
I texted when I found out he got engaged, but no reply.
I mean, I thought about telling you when I met you, but "I'm the reason Ned went to juvie" isn't exactly first impression material.
So I lied about who I was or at least who I was to Ned.
Besides, he shut off that part of his life anyway.
You know, that's not true.
He did tell Addy and the kids about his past.
That whole walkabout thing.
Maybe he did go on a walkabout.
Is that the kind of thing that he would do? Not exactly, but when he found himself in his head, he had this way of centering himself.
What, like like meditation? Not meditation in the traditional sense, but I know where he is.
Well, I stand corrected Temperance was capable of heartbreak.
Yeah, I mean, she lost so much.
That looks exactly like the device from her Gettysburg vision.
Is - Yeah.
- I recognize it, too.
Brings back memories of your daughter.
I think you should have it.
You don't know how much this means.
Temperance? Yes.
I'm still myself.
When you said regeneration from Charity's cells, you meant that literally? Did you know this would happen? I knew it was possible, I just And I am content.
I've yearned to see my daughter's face again.
This is where he had football camp.
It's the last field he played on.
Before everything changed.
Thank you for helping me find him.
Coming? No.
You go.
You guys have a lot to catch up on.
Hey, Neddington.
What are you doing here? Visiting you, obviously.
You come all the way from Florida? I'm at UVA now.
- Virginia? - Mm-hmm.
That's, um that's great.
I met George.
I like her a lot.
Your life seems really good here.
I'm sorry.
About everything.
Yeah, I should have returned your calls, but, um - I just wasn't ready to - I'm not here to talk about us or the past.
I'm here because I need your help.
I think I killed someone.
To the Archive Room Ghost, whoever you are: Your story doesn't have to end just because you're gone, and I'd really be honored to help you tell it.
Maybe that's my calling.
Dear daughter, I made real progress today.
It started when Bess proposed setting a mystical trap.
I let her think my charm would bait the Copperhead.
I made it easy for her to steal.
She thought they trapped the Burning Sorrows by mistake.
But I designed that charm to awaken the Burning Sorrows.
I made sure I was the one it burned.
I showed my heartbreaks and risked my life as a way to get Nancy to trust me.
Her place in the Hudson bloodline is the key to getting you back.
Despite all that the Women in White did to keep us apart, we will soon be one in spirit, as well as in body, and then we'll finish the work we started.

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