Nancy Drew (2019) s03e07 Episode Script

The Gambit of the Tangled Souls

1 Another petrified rat carcass? Ooh, this creature went all-in on the morbid decorations.
Yeah, we'll bring this to Nick.
If he can take it apart, then we can figure out when the entity was first locked up here.
How did Hannah even know about this place? And why'd she release a supernatural killer and then go off the grid? Yeah, and not to make this all about me, but, boy, is this terrible timing for George Fan.
I could really use Hannah's input on this knock-off soul-splitter.
I would like to live my whole life, thank you very much.
But Bess is on that for you, right? She's been researching stuff? Yeah, she collected some other artifacts from Bertram Bobbsey's cache of black-market relics from the Civil War.
We're pretty sure the soul-splitter is in his storage locker.
Ace got the key from Amanda.
The place opens in two hours.
Wow, that's promising.
I mean, if we can do this ritual right, maybe I won't have to die in ten years after all.
(LOUD THUD) (WATER DRIPPING) Uh-uh, not today, you heart-freezing, hat-wearing son of a Ooh! (GASPS) Whoa.
I've been called worse.
What are you doing down here? None of my texts are going through.
Yeah, ain't no cell service in this cell.
We have a slight wrinkle.
Bobbsey told the cops about his storage locker, so if we don't get there first No soul-splitter for us.
Okay, change of plans.
New mission.
We beat the cops to the soul-splitter and we save George's life today.
NANCY: That's the Bobbsey's storage locker in that building there.
ACE: That was a very short mission.
We're too late.
We need a miracle now.
Or a lawyer.
Just the incredibly handy man I was looking for.
- Hey.
- Okay, um, so, Nancy is looking for clues about the supernatural killer who was once imprisoned in this lock.
Can you please examine this thing - for age, origin, etcetera, etcetera? - Yeah.
Yeah, ooh, and meanwhile, George has gone to Bobbsey's storage locker with Ace and Nancy to see about the lead we found.
See? Full disclosure.
Yeah, okay.
Uh, this-this lead you're talking about is this the relic that could untangle George's soul from Odette's? That very one.
Meanwhile, I may have ulterior motives for being here.
(CLEARS THROAT) Well, if it isn't the most interesting woman in the world.
What's on the agenda today? - Slaying a dragon? - No, no.
Unfortunately, my dragon-slaying sword is in the shop.
But I was wondering what your plans were for dinner tonight.
Tonight? Um, I'm in.
- Yeah.
Uh, I have to take this, but I'll call you later to figure out the plans.
Hey, yeah, I let Nick know what you were doing.
Full disclosure, as instructed.
GEORGE: Hold that thought.
How much do you know about the soul-splitter ritual? Ah, I mean, I've-I've read a bit, but I've barely scratched the surface.
Scratch harder, Bess.
Today's the day.
What? The cops are tagging items from Bobbsey's storage unit.
If we can get our hands on that soul-splitter, we'll have to get it back before anyone knows it's missing.
So, I'm sorry, but that means Au revoir to Odette today.
Today Oh.
I don't want to tell Nick what's going on until we know what's actually happening.
I don't want to worry him for no reason.
So, can you do the ritual or not? (SIGHS) Ah.
Yeah, of course.
We have to try.
Bess is gonna meet us at Nancy's house.
Here comes the rest of the cavalry.
Motion's been filed.
This should keep the police from going in there any time today.
How much do I want to know about why this is happening? NANCY: I did something, by accident, to George, and it caused a life crisis, and I need to fix it.
With a 19th-century relic that Bertram Bobbsey has in storage? Yeah.
Uh, George's life depends on it.
Hey, it's all good.
We're here to help.
Thank you.
- Both of you.
- Yeah, well, I-I drove him here because my car is faster, and he over-brakes.
What? No.
Also for moral support.
Why wasn't I informed about this? - Hey.
- Bertram Bobbsey's case also concerns my client Asher Davies.
He has a vested interest in the contents of this storage unit, one that may conflict with the D.
You'll get a full evidence log in discovery.
No, we have to delay discovery until there's a third party on site to monitor this search.
This is your ex parte notice.
I've called for an emergency injunction hearing this afternoon.
Everyone, stop.
It's all yours, Counselor.
You can put that down.
You know, this could have been so much easier.
You just had to break up with Amanda.
You couldn't wait one more day? You broke up with Amanda? She broke up with me.
I'm sorry.
I didn't know.
Problem, Officer? I was told to clear the area.
Go home, kids.
Especially you, Nancy.
I'm gonna text the dads, tell 'em to meet us at the house once they have the relic.
We're sure this is legal, right? I'm allowed to look at evidence concerning my client.
And it's not like we're breaking and entering.
They gave us a key, you let us in.
This is what we're looking for.
So, how are you gonna make this up to the D.
? - (SIGHS) - It's, like, I know you're into her.
What? No, I'm not.
We're sharing information - on a case.
That's all.
- Okay.
I saw the way you looked at her.
Can we maybe not have this conversation? Please? - (GLASS BREAKING, HISSING) - And can you please not destroy any other potential evidence? Yeah, yeah.
"Juvenescence Elixir gives the user reduced inhibitions of youth".
- That's a strong smell.
- Hey! (GROANS) Bobbsey guy's into some crazy stuff.
(GROANS, SNIFFS) Oh, ho, ho.
You see, I might be clumsy, but I get the job done.
- That's it.
- Yes.
Let me take a picture of it.
- Got it? - Mm-hmm.
- Yeah.
Right here.
- (WHOOSHING) There you go.
Here, use my jacket to keep it safe.
Oh, good call.
(PHONE WHOOSHES) Okay, Nancy says, "Bring it back ASAP".
(LAUGHS) What? ASAP? (BOTH LAUGH) Why do you got to be like that, Mom? Like we work for her or something? - "Bring it back to the house, ASAP!" - ASAP! (LAUGHING): Take a chill pill, Nancy.
Why am I wearing this? I do not know, bro.
You shouldn't be.
Hold that.
(GASPS) Oh, yeah.
I think I like this much better.
- Oh, dude, that's you.
- Right? Oh.
Oh, sweet.
(LAUGHING) Let's take it for a spin.
BESS: So, I've studied the ritual.
Even though the soul-splitter wasn't actually designed for the purpose of soul untangling Oh, just tell me that you can do it.
I can do it.
- Where's the soul-splitter? - ACE: It's on its way.
Yeah, Carson and Ryan are bringing it here.
And they totally know how important this is.
- Totally.
- Totally.
(WHOOPING) BOTH: Yeah! (ENGINE REVVING) Yes! I found a beetle.
Um, does it have to be beetles? 'Cause all those legs.
Well, the potion is very specific.
It causes your soul to more easily separate from your body.
Now, you need to take this an hour before we start the ritual.
When the device starts working, your soul and Odette's will be stored in this crystal here.
Then we will use the soul-splitter to separate the souls in the crystal.
And then we'll only put yours back into your body.
Ryan and Carson should be here any minute with the relic.
As long as we finish this ritual by sundown, all should be fine.
- That is, if you're still sure about this.
- Bess, I'm a - (WHIRRING) - Oh, sorry, sorry.
Yeah? I am a 1,000% sure that I want to live, okay? For Nick, for my sisters, but mostly for myself.
This could be my only chance.
You want me to trust you, Woman in White? I'm trusting you.
Let's do this.
Bottoms up.
Bottoms up.
(PHONE VIBRATES) So, tonight? BESS: You know, what? Actually, I'm unavailable tonight.
It involves this friend of mine from France.
Oh, surprise houseguest? I've been there.
Hey, you should bring your friend.
I mean, you know, unless it's an ex.
Look, I'm really sorry to cancel, but we hadn't quite made plans yet, so, is it canceling, exactly? Anyway, thank you for understanding.
Okay, where is the soul-splitter? It's been over an hour.
I thought you said the storage unit was 15 minutes away.
Maybe there's traffic.
- There's never traffic in Horseshoe Bay.
W He's doing what? - - (WHOOPING, EXCLAIMING) (TIRES SQUEALING) (ENGINE REVVING) Yeah! (WHOOPING) I want to take you down to.
- What's up, party people? - ACE: Holy balls.
I have so many questions.
Is that the 302 or the 390? - I don't know.
- NANCY: I told you to come straight home.
- I told you to come straight home! - Are you mocking me? Are you mocking me? (LAUGHS) I'm Kidd Where's Mr.
D? Mr.
Why-why are you calling Carson Mr.
D? I mean, what do you want me to call you? Mister Mi Wait.
What is your last name? Where is the soul-splitter? - Hmm? - The thing that I told you to get.
Oh, yeah! Yeah, right.
Carson totally has it.
Like, one hundo.
He took it with him when I dropped him off.
(LAUGHS): Oh! My video's, like, totally blowing up.
Check it out.
Oh, no.
What the hell happened to them? RYAN: Go, go! Oh, yeah, that's cool.
BOTH: Yeah! NANCY: Oh.
Does that say "Juvenescence Elixir"? "Gives users reduced inhibition of youth.
Effects wane before the next sunrise".
- Ah.
- Huh.
Oh, my God, my dads are teenagers.
Don't worry.
I speak the language.
So, dude, where's my Carson? I dropped him off at a girl's house.
Totally smokeshow, by the way.
And what was her name? Uh, it was, uh, uh, Jenny - No, Jan uh, Janine.
- NANCY: Oh, my God.
- Jean? - Yes.
That's it.
Smokeshow Jean.
Okay, so you're telling me that my-my father has been reverted to an inhibition-free teenager, and you just dropped him off at the district attorney's house? Yeah.
But don't worry.
I totally gave him pointers.
So, there's a few different ways to figure out how old something like this is.
Uh, the-the shape and the type of metal they use.
And also, these initials.
See that? "B.
" That is the metalsmith's stamp.
So did you want to be a metalsmith when you grew up? No, he wanted to play football.
Remember how good he is? Yeah.
How good were you? I led our high school team in rushing my sophomore year.
I made All-State in Florida.
Did you play in college, too? No.
I didn't go to college.
Why not? Um Well after my sophomore year, I was involved in an incident.
And I got arrested.
I was in a correctional facility, and I finished my G.
But I did not go to college.
Hey, guys, um, super nacho crackers versus pizza-flavored crackers? I'm gonna need volunteers for a taste test.
- Who's in? - KIDS: Yeah.
Look, I, uh I understand that you have a job to do, but I I do, too, and Oh, actually, no, no, no, no.
That's not actually why I'm here.
- Then why are you here? - Uh you smell really good.
- Okay.
- Uh, wait.
Oh, no, no, no, no.
I I'm here because I'm here because I want to say something to you.
Something that I I should have told you, like, a long time ago, but every time I'm-I'm around you, my heart races, because I'm-I'm wondering what it might be like to What? Dad! - Oh, man.
- (CAR DOOR CLOSES) NANCY: Dad? My dad is not feeling well today.
So So, you have a lovely home.
See ya.
She was about to say something.
Well, we're not gonna stick around to find out what it was.
So, dude, did you tell her? I got so close.
Oh, man.
Next time, bro.
Next time.
I understand that you guys are not yourselves right now, but I really need the soul-splitter and then we can have, like, the most raddest day ever, okay? Okay.
Ry-guy's got it.
What? No.
No, you got it.
You had it last.
- What? - Oy vey.
I think that mystical beetle smoothie is hitting me.
BESS: Okay, yup, yup.
That's great.
Not to worry.
A slight hiccup with the soul-splitter, but Nancy knows that time is of the essence, and any delay can cause side effects to your brain and your immortal soul, and Oh, my God! George! Oh, my God.
George? Wake up.
Tell me everywhere you've been today.
- Well - Okay.
Yeah, uh, first we went to this rad guitar shop, - I got a guitar.
- We're starting a band.
Okay, so we got to go the music shop.
RYAN: Yeah, right, cool.
And after that, we'll go ride some dirt bikes.
N-No, I don't think so.
Why, come on, my family's got this awesome big barn with all these toys - in it we can totally ride.
- Ry-guy took me by there - for a little while, showed me - All right, listen - the most amazing motocross - Listen Listen! It's very important that we find the soul-splitter.
Okay? I'm talking life or death stakes.
Okay, so that's a yes on the dirt bikes? Just got to retrace their steps.
Hey, bingo! - That's my man.
- That's a good idea.
(SLURPING) (EXHALES) What happens if we don't find the soul-splitter in time? Your soul would become detached.
Outside your body.
Like Odette's, before she entwined with you.
Like an astronaut on a spacewalk, but without the cable thing.
But your body will still be alive.
Untethered astronaut.
Got it.
- Hey, should we call Nick? - No.
I don't want him to see me like this.
I don't want to get his hopes up until we know what's going on.
So we'll just call him when we have an actual update.
George, can you hear me? Either of you? (GASPS) Mon chéri Odette? You're still here.
(EXHALES) Did Nancy text back? No, no text yet.
We're sorry we lost it.
- Yeah, Nancy, we're sorry.
- (PHONE CHIMES) - Sorry.
- (SIGHS) B.
Look! Oh, my God.
That's it, so now that we found that thing you wanted it's dirt bike time, right? Think the answer's still no.
Okay, I'm gonna bring the soul-splitter to George and Bess, you just make sure that they don't die, please.
I'll just - (ENGINE STARTS) - (WHOOPING) - No! Okay.
Very funny.
Get out of the car.
No, come on in.
Yeah, come on.
- Hey, aren't you coming? - CARSON: Say "Ace".
- Come on, let's go.
- Ha, ha, ha.
Yep, yep - Say cheese.
Bye! - This is fun Don't toy with Florence, hey.
You're supposed to be at the court in 30 minutes - for an ex parte hearing with the judge.
- What? - Can I maybe skip that? - No.
If the cops find out that you took the soul-splitter from the storage unit, you'll get disbarred.
Do I need to speak to this judge? Because public speaking kind of is terrifying.
(TYPING) Hey, Nick, they're working on a reenactment of Cameron's favorite anime arc.
They need an ocean and a pirate ship.
(CHUCKLES) You don't run out of energy, do you? I like stretching their minds.
You know, I wish we had a place like this when I was growing up.
It might've saved a few lives.
Oh, wow, that's high praise.
Yeah, well, this this place shows kids what's possible.
And when you grow up on a reservation, you don't always see options for the future.
Some kids lose hope.
My cousin did, you know, that's why he took his own life.
I'm I'm sorry.
- I mean, that had to be traumatic.
- And, look, I'm sure what you went through was no picnic.
But you learned to process it, right? For me, it was a walkabout you know, no phone, no Internet.
Just six months on the Appalachian Trail and I just really got my head right.
What'd your walkabout look like? Uh um, well, um I came to Horseshoe Bay to say thank you to my social worker, who happened to be Nancy's mom, and it turned out that, um - she'd passed.
- Oh.
And I, um, tried to reconnect with an old friend that helped me, but she also died.
Uh, I dated Nancy for a while, but then we broke up and I bought the Claw and I got into a relationship with George, and then I bought a couple more buildings, and then I started this youth center and That is ten different journeys.
Which one do you think helped you process your trauma? I'm not sure.
You know, you just, um you just wake up one day and it's like, okay.
This is my life.
It worked out, right? CAMERON: Addy.
We need the pirate ship.
Coming up! (CHUCKLES) - I'll take those.
- There you go.
Thank you.
All right, who ordered a pirate ship? (DOOR CLOSES) - I got it! - Oh, my God, okay! Okay, thank you.
Oh, God.
- Hey.
- I'm ready.
Let's do this.
Sentinels of the world beyond, grant us passage to the realm of souls.
Where there was one, now two reside.
I offer myself as conduit for your power, that I might withdraw the entangled souls and return them to their rightful place.
Does that mean it's working? That's the first step.
Now both George's and Odette's souls are out.
How do we know that th-that's George's soul? - Or Odette's? - The book says that the brightest light will be the-the soul that belongs to the body.
The softer, fainter light will be the unwanted inhabiter.
Odette's soul.
Hey, we got to keep going.
What's next? Okay.
(SNIFFLES) Um, now we need to, uh, split the crystal at the mid-point, and separate the souls.
We'll put George's back into her body while Odette's - will remain in her half of the crystal.
- Okay.
(EXHALES) Now to return George's soul back into her body.
Soul once lost has now been found, no longer tangled in the web of the void.
We now return you, soul, to your rightful place.
- (GASPS) - (GASPING) George! Was that What? - Why is the light back in the crystal? - I-I don't know.
It it's not working.
GEORGE: Hey, it's George.
Leave a short message.
- (BEEP) - Hey, uh, so, I sent pics of the lock Nancy was asking about to the group.
I'm just checking that you got them.
And, um I just wanted to hear your voice.
But we can talk later.
Are you sure that you did it right? No.
Obviously, I'm not sure.
I've never actually done a soul exorcism before.
Besides, the ritual was meant for the original type of soul-splitter, not Beckett Dow's specialty version.
- Did you say Beckett Dow? - Yeah, he's the metalsmith that made this device in the Civil War.
His initials are on the soul-splitter.
Beckett Dow.
Oh, my God, yeah.
He-he must've been the locksmith that made the lock for the underground cage.
There were some things down in the cage I didn't get a chance - to look through, so maybe there's something about - Great.
- the soul-splitter in there? - Yeah, yeah.
It's choking me.
It's not choking you.
You just don't like it.
I had to wear one for my Bar Mitzvah.
I hated it, too, but you look great.
- You don't need a tie, bro.
- You definitely need a tie.
You need to convince this judge to delay the storage locker search until tomorrow.
We'll put the soul-splitter back later tonight.
- Okay.
- JUDGE: Mr.
Drew, we're waiting.
Okay, let's go, let's go.
Come on, come on.
Now, put this in here.
- Leave that on.
- Okay.
Shoulders back, chin up, enunciate.
JUDGE: All right, Counselor.
You're seeking an injunction of the evidence collection? Where's Jean? I mean, D.
Where's Wasn't she supposed to be here? Mr.
Drew, A.
Francouer is perfectly capable of representing the D.
's office at this hearing.
Your Honor, speaking for the D.
's office, we will obviously provide Mr.
Drew with any and all evidence - pertaining to his client.
- Well - Uh - Yes, Mr.
Drew? Well, the the thing is, my client Asher JUDGE: Let's begin again, please.
Coherently this time.
I should've given him pointers on this, too.
Oh God, no cell service in this cell.
Nancy? (DISTORTED): Bess? Oh, God, I can barely hear you.
Yeah, there's not a lot of signal in the tunnels.
Listen, I found a set of notes in the cage.
Beckett Dow's soul-splitter was designed to split one soul into multiple pieces.
It was not designed to disentangle two souls from each other.
Okay, so how do we fix this? Well, in order to complete the ritual, only George's soul can be present.
That means we need to destroy the other crystal.
Wait, hold on, hold on.
Destroy? No, no, no, Odette is in here.
Maybe "destroy" meant something else back then? "Destroy" means "destroy".
This is the only way to get George's soul - back into her body.
- No, no, listen, it can't be the only way.
What if-what if we keep them both here? George gets her body back, and Odette finds a new one.
Odette finds a new body? Has that been your plan this entire time? My plan? No.
It was not my plan, it just It's just after talking to Father Shane, it was an idea that became a hope that became Odette is dead, Bess.
She's been dead for a long time.
And it may not be fair, but she should have moved on to peace.
And it's my fault she hasn't.
And it's my fault that we're in this mess to begin with.
So we have to finish the ritual and save George.
Bess? Damn it.
FRANCOEUR: Your Honor, if Mr.
Drew cannot produce a single piece of documentation, then how does he expect you to consider his request? Dude, Carson is tanking in there.
Maybe he can pull it together.
The elixir's got to wear off soon, right? You feeling any different? Hey, Ryan.
Hey! Wait! - Excuse me, you can't go in there.
- Uh, pardon me, Your Honor, I'm Ryan Hudson.
- I got this.
- You're in the wrong place.
Lawyer guy, I wasn't talking to you.
And I'm exactly where I'm supposed to be.
Oh, sorry.
Hudson, this is a closed session.
Unless you have business in this chamber I do, actually, because one of the items in the storage unit belongs to the Hudson family.
To be clear, you are also involved in this dispute? Yep.
I mean, correct a-amundo, as-as they say in the original Latin.
Counselor, were you aware of this? - Not until just now.
- That is also correct - a-amundo.
- Mr.
Drew, it appears you're acting as Mr.
Hudson's attorney in addition to your client Mr.
Davies? - Right.
- If this client also has standing in the case, then you realize I cannot hold this hearing today.
This is a time-sensitive matter.
It's a storage unit.
It's not going anywhere.
Hudson needs to file paperwork and cite his interest before we can proceed.
Hey, G.
, Mr.
Boring Lawyer Man.
That was awesome.
(EXHALES) You found me.
Where are you and Odette headed? You must think I'm a terrible friend.
Anything but.
It's just that when you said I had to destroy Odette, I I panicked.
You know, I didn't think I was gonna have - to say goodbye today.
- I know.
I'm sorry I pushed you earlier.
I was so worried about saving George, I didn't stop to think what Odette means to you.
So what now? I don't know.
I'm lost.
I'm so lost.
And I'm a - coward.
- I disagree.
I mean, forming deep attachments takes a lot of courage.
Yeah, I am, I'm attached.
I admit it.
'Cause even when Odette was deep inside George's subconscious, I knew she was still there, somehow.
Could there not be a way to keep Odette with me, so that maybe one day, she could live the life that she was meant to? A-A life that we could live together? You don't want to say goodbye.
- No.
- I get it.
After my mom died there were moments where I could've sworn she was visiting.
You know, she was leaving me little signs.
At least, that's how I took it.
You know, my favorite movie would come on TV or some song would play on the radio or someone I cared about would call me out of the blue.
And I liked to think that that she was trying to tell me that it was okay for me to feel happiness again.
It's different.
Is it? 'Cause Odette wants you to be happy.
And she wants George to live a full life.
And none of that can happen if you don't help Odette move on to peace.
How do we know that peace is where they're going? Do you ever have doubts? NANCY: No.
After everything that I have seen I don't doubt anymore.
(SNIFFLES) I just always feel like I'm saying goodbye.
Goodbye doesn't mean you're gonna be alone.
(SOBBING) George? Oh, my God, George! Oh, my God.
How are you feeling? Like myself again.
Hey, thank you.
In the end Who will fall? Hey Mom, it's me.
Finished the kugel, it was really good.
Perfect noodle to raisin ratio.
Also, I just wanted to say sorry that my choices have been questionable lately.
And also sorry for all the times that I missed curfew, and I I didn't listen, and also sorry for the time that I lost the car keys in the supermarket parking lot.
Okay, uh, I love you.
I'll see you Friday.
If you're looking for more whipped cream, the answer's no.
- That was the last can.
- Oh, no, no, God, no.
I don't want any more of that stuff.
(EXHALES) I don't know what came over me.
You don't crave whipped cream? No.
- Mr.
D, you're back! - Hey, guys, guys, guys, please, can you stop talking? My head is killing Ow! Why do I feel like I have whiplash.
Do you guys remember anything? Oh, no.
Okay, it's gonna be okay.
The way I see it, you got two options.
You can pretend like it never happened.
You can hope that she never mentions it.
Or you can own it, - and, uh - Yeah, no.
I got to go see her.
I got to go.
Um, can you, uh can you get Ryan home? Yeah, no problem.
I promise your story will not be forgotten.
(SNIFFLING) The world will know about the life of Odette Lamar.
(CHUCKLES) Nancy says this is where the lilacs bloom in the spring.
Your favorite.
You okay? No.
I completely lost it back there.
I don't know what I was thinking, running away like that.
George is gonna kill me when she finds out what I did.
I think that the only thing George needs to know is that you saved her life.
Yeah? - (KNOCKING) - Okay.
I'll, uh, I'll be right back.
That's probably just our phantom knocker again.
(LAUGHS SOFTLY) Odette, please, give me a sign.
Let me know you made it to peace.
(GATE CREAKS OPEN) Let me know I did the right thing.
Hey! What are you doing here? I was just dropping off Mr.
Drew's jacket.
He left it at the Youth Center.
- I didn't know you were here.
- Yeah.
- Here I am.
- NANCY: Uh, I'm just gonna give you two a minute.
(WHISPERS): Thanks, Odette.
What? Look, I'm I'm really sorry about earlier today.
I I fully intended to take you on a second date.
But then your ex came back into town and Look, I get it, okay? No.
No, you don't.
There was someone, but we've both moved on.
So I'm asking you now if I can take you to dinner.
A proper date.
A meal, with conversation.
And perhaps dessert.
Just take things slow.
Actual conversation.
And I get to pick the restaurant.
Okay? Nothing fancy.
I'm in.
Looks like you're feeling better.
I am.
Much better, - actually.
- Good.
I want to apologize for coming by like that earlier.
I wasn't myself.
Or, at least not my best self.
Apology accepted.
It seemed like you had something pretty important to tell me.
Actually, I did.
The truth is I like you, Jean.
I think you're incredible and smart and beautiful.
And being around you, frankly, makes me feel like I'm a kid again.
- Oh.
- But if you don't feel the same way, then that will not at all impact our working relationship.
Your professional and your personal integrity has always been above reproach, and mine will be, too.
What you, uh, just said now, and-and (CHUCKLES) what you said earlier It's really refreshing to have a grown man be so honest about how he feels.
You-you were being honest, - just to clarify? - I was.
And and I am.
Well, then based on what you said earlier, uh, that would mean that right now your heart is racing? Yes.
That's correct.
And therefore isn't it true that there was something you were wondering about? Also correct.
Is it possible you were wondering what this would be like? I'm not sure what the return policy is on that thing, but we could try.
You know what? I think I might keep it.
Yeah, it sounds funny, but I always used to tell Lucy that I wanted to play guitar someday, but my parents wouldn't let me, so, I guess now's my chance.
Right on.
I don't know, it's like, spending time with Nancy rubs off on you.
She's so passionate about everything.
Makes you want to be a better person, I guess.
You know what I mean? Yeah.
Yeah, I do.
Well, don't you look different.
- Very refreshed.
- Like I could live forever.
Welcome back.
Aw! Here, sit.
Bess I know you had to let go of Odette.
I'm really, really sorry.
It's okay.
She she's at peace now.
And, hey, you're okay.
So that's all that matters.
Thank you.
Hey, here's a question.
What are you gonna do with the rest of your life? The rest of my life.
(CHUCKLES SOFTLY) I-I don't know.
I-I don't know.
Everything? It's just the only thing I can think about right now is how I can't wait to tell Nick.
Well, Ace is on his way to pick him up now.
Which means he will be here any minute.
(BOTH CHUCKLE) I tried calling him earlier, but I got his voice mail, so I don't know.
Let me try him again.
(LINE RINGING) ACE: Hey, George.
Ace? Why are you answering Nick's phone? Are you guys on the way? Put him on.
I can't.
Just got to his place.
His phone's here, but I didn't see his truck outside.
There's no note, no nothing.
Nick's gone.
Burns like the beast in my heart.
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