Nancy Drew (2019) s03e06 Episode Script

The Myth of the Ensnared Hunter

1 Hannah, it's Nancy again.
The real Frozen Hearts Killer is a supernatural entity.
Ten-year-old Richard Trott came across it on his paper route in 1992.
A friend from the Ledger slipped me some records from back in the day.
I managed to piece together Trott's childhood route.
Problem is I can't seem to crack where the supernatural killer might be.
Hi, Hannah.
Me again.
Uh, turns out my map was only half right.
Shouldn't surprise me.
Town's changed a lot.
What I really needed was a map of Horseshoe Bay from 1992.
That should get me through the rest of Trott's paper route.
However, I do need your help to make sure this thing doesn't kill again, so please call me back.
You don't make enough money to keep covering supplies for the youth center, and I'm not giving you a raise.
So make sure that you get reimbursed - next time.
- Oh.
Nick has just Chimed me.
- It's all good.
- Nice.
At least he's Chiming someone.
Wait, he owes you money, too? Not money, but he sure owes me.
An apology, a good night's sleep.
We haven't talked since our argument last night.
This is all about that little lie about going to see that dentist? It wasn't a little lie, okay? I did go to a dentist.
He just wasn't my dentist.
No, it was your biological father.
You didn't tell Nick that bit at first.
It's kind of like a lie without lying.
Am I supposed to alert Nick to every single thing I do in the moment that I do it? Sometimes my timeline takes precedence, like right now.
I'm spending the day finding a way - to make sure that I don't die in ten years.
- Wait, you think you can untangle your soul from Odette's? Hannah said that was impossible.
Nothing is impossible is what I learned from confronting George Sr.
, DDS.
Bess, I need to fight harder for my life, and I am not giving up until I look under every rock.
Or book.
Uh, Ryan, why are you sat in the crafts corner? That's usually where, uh, what's her name? Addy sits, right? Yeah, yeah, Addy's sick, so I'm subbing in.
Oh, no.
Is it a cold? - What? - Something worse than a cold.
Mono? It's not mono, is it? - Wait, wait, hold up.
Mono's going around here? - Okay, Ryan, let's not play these games.
If you want to ask, just ask.
- Ask what? - I just want to make sure I didn't get what she had.
You know, I barely know her.
It was just a coffee date and a meaningless hookup, but Did we kiss? Yes, sure, we kissed.
Okay, um Was saliva exchanged? Yes, sure, it was, but, uh You know, so, germs would be the only thing that I'm worried about because it went nowhere, and that's fine because I'm not looking for a relationship.
I am so sorry that I sat here.
Oh, thanks for bringing the art supplies over.
You're welcome.
Um Is there anything that you wanted to talk to me about? I had to fix the vacuum cleaner again.
That is twice this week.
That's what you wanted to talk about this morning? This about last night? Oh, you are unbelievable.
You want to know why your vacuum keeps breaking? It's getting clogged from everything you keep sweeping under the rug.
Yeah, me and George, um, we can't do this.
Uh, we have a goddess manifestation chakra class to go to.
Can't be late.
No refunds, so just have to tell Nancy that she'll have to make do with you and Ace.
- Where's Ace? - Uh, he's not here.
He said he has some personal errand.
All right, Ryan.
You're up.
Cover for us.
Thank you.
- See you.
- Thanks.
- What? - All hands on deck to track down a supernatural killer.
- Where is everybody? - Uh, Ace had to go take care of something, and George just went with Bess to manifest a goddess.
So, here's where we are.
The real Frozen Hearts Killer is supernatural.
The cops don't know this.
They wouldn't believe it even if they did.
So they won't be able to catch the actual killer.
You're going after this thing? We are.
Ryan, if you want to listen, just come over here, because you are making me crazy.
Did you say "supernatural killer"? You and I encountered it in Icarus Hall.
It's the same entity that came after us.
The-the one with the hat.
It used to be locked up in an occult cage underground.
I saw it in Trott's childhood memories.
Wait, what? So, you're reading minds now? It was a one-off.
My creepy 200-year-old great-aunt talked me into doing a very strange ritual.
It won't happen again.
So, where exactly is this underground occult cage? - Mm.
- And where do you find someone to make one of those? Did a little research.
Scoped out the area.
There used to be long dirt road between here and Trenton, but now it's blocked with a housing development.
But right here That is where the real Frozen Hearts Killer - The thing in the hat.
- Yeah.
Used to be locked up.
And sometime between 1992 and now, it got out.
So, if you do find that cage, are you sure the Frozen Hearts Killer won't be there? In Trott's memory, the thing was being locked up against its will.
I No matter how it got out, I don't think it would risk coming back.
Why do you keep saying "you"? Uh Okay, I probably should have led with this, but you were on a roll.
I can't come.
I got back-to-back tutoring sessions scheduled, and I don't want to cancel on the kids.
I I can go.
You know, i-if you'll If you'll spare me.
Hey, not a problem at all.
In fact, great idea, and you can keep each other out of trouble.
Hmm? Hmm? You want to come with me on a quest to track down a supernatural heart-freezing killing machine? See, when you say it like that, it sounds super cool.
- Okay.
- Yeah.
One hand on deck.
- Mm-hmm.
- The town is counting on us.
We can't let another person die.
When I noticed he had blood on his hands, I told Mr.
Bobbsey to get out of my car, and that's the last that I saw of him.
I haven't heard from him since.
I have no idea where he is.
Just sign here verifying your statement.
Don't sign anything yet.
Where's Ace's immunity agreement? That was my stipulation with Jean.
Ace testifies as the State's witness in exchange for immunity.
I can't speak for the D.
Well, if she reneges on our deal and this was just a ploy to get Ace to admit what he knows on the record, you can forget about using that unsworn statement against him.
I'll take it up with the judge.
Suit yourself.
Look, n This isn't over yet.
What are my parents doing here? Hey.
What's going on? Mom? - Um - What happened? Someone threw a brick into your window last night with the message "rat" on it.
This Bertram Bobbsey, he knows that I'm talking to the police.
He's at the top of our list of suspects.
Are you sure there's nothing else you can tell us? You think Ace is withholding information from you? That's why the D.
pulled our immunity deal? No, forget me.
I just I want my parents protected.
Let's get your statement.
Don't worry about us.
I need you to stay safe.
Thank you.
I know what you're gonna say.
That I should let the cops do their job and You need to find Mr.
What? Without immunity, you're looking at accessory to assault.
Even if the D.
lets you plead that down to a misdemeanor, it still means jail time.
The only route I see? Find Bobbsey.
How am I supposed to do that? Look behind you.
Ace! - Amanda, what are you Mm.
- Hi.
Okay, I'm gonna get going.
I'll call you with any updates.
When did you get in town? Oh, I took a red-eye.
I got a call from the Horseshoe Bay PD about my dad's whereabouts.
I got worried, so I came straight here.
I was gonna call you when I was done.
What are you telling the cops? That I don't know where he is.
When my dad goes off the grid, he commits.
Hey, what were you talking to Carson Drew about? Can I answer that over coffee? This is like you in your element, right? Following clues, searching for secret hideouts.
I can just imagine you as a kid.
It's got to bring back some girl detective memories, huh? Uh, I mean When I was in eighth grade, I did save a woman from a forest-based naturopath, so See? I knew it.
What-what are What's a naturopath? Uh, in this case, he was a con artist.
He was selling fiddlehead soup as love potion, and then he started spiking the soup with an addictive substance.
And you probably don't care about the details, so Uh, actually, I I really do.
You know, because I missed out on all that that time in your life, I-I like to hear the stories.
Um Well, I searched the woods, and I found his-his illegal pharmaceutical stash, proved he was a fraud, and stopped that woman from spending her college savings on his forest remedies, so You were a little badass when you were a kid.
Not-not that you aren't now, of course.
Well, thank you.
Uh, your turn for a story.
Tell me something I don't know.
Tell me about my mother.
Well, Lucy She was really funny.
A lot of people didn't know that about her.
She made me laugh all the time.
I love knowing that.
- Uh, I think it's just up this way.
- Yeah.
This fast-moving river looks a lot smaller on this map.
How did a ten-year-old cross this? It was winter 30 years ago.
Uh, with less global warming, it would have been frozen over.
There's got to be a way around it, right? Mm.
Well, daylight's wasting.
Sometimes the only way around it is through.
Come on.
Roll your pants up.
Gonna get muddy.
Astrological Soul Mapping.
Demonic and Astral Regression, Part 2.
There's a part one? Hey, you having any luck? Hello? You're supposed to be helping me, not stalking Addy's dating profile.
Uh, wasn't stalking.
She updated her bio, and I was just curious.
- Okay, why don't I just ask her out again for you? - No.
Don't you dare.
- What if she doesn't reciprocate? - Well, that's just a fact of life, then, Bess.
Death, taxes, rejection.
Oh, my God.
Have you never experienced rejection? Okay, you're saying it - like I care about Addy.
I don't.
- Right.
All I care about right now is untangling your soul - from Odette's.
- Right.
So, think I might have found something.
It's a footnote.
Says, "The Díaz Case: A 46-year-old woman in Buenos Aires alleged to be entwined with the spirit of a deceased nun, causing the subject to sleepwalk and commit crimes she was unaware of.
" Does that sound like someone you know? It says, "Subject was healed by a rigorous, three-day release ritual and prayer of liberation.
" Damn.
Why didn't Hannah point us towards this case - when I asked her? - You know, we were keeping her busy.
Saving Nancy from dying and a parasitic Wraith, et cetera.
Well, who wrote the book? Maybe they have the answers for me.
It was written by Father Shane.
The-the priest who sold us the holy water for Larkspur Lane.
And there's an inscription dedicated to Hannah.
"Dearest Hannah, I was inspired by you to write this after our last talk.
I wish we'd had more time, and I hope whenever you read this, you'll think of me.
Yours truly, Jonathan.
" - How lovely.
- Okay.
Is it me, or does it look like Father Shane had the hots for Hannah? Let's hope so.
Because that's how we're gonna get him here.
The "X" marks the creepy, abandoned house.
Looks like no one's lived here for decades.
Yeah, we can get in through that window over there.
Oh, wait.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
What? Before we go destroying property, maybe we can just spend 30 seconds and-and look around.
- You know? We might find a way in.
- Okay, you're the one who wanted to know what I was like when I was younger.
This is a pretty good example.
Hey, Nancy! I found something! Hey, check this out.
Whoa! Oh, my God, Ryan! - Ryan? - Yeah! - Down here! - Okay, I'm coming! Okay.
- Are you okay? - Yeah, yeah.
- Okay, good.
At least you didn't land on your shoulder first! - Yeah.
Here, let me see.
Let me see.
Let me see.
It's dislocated, and the pain's gonna be a lot worse - if I don't reset it now, okay? - Okay.
Wait, what? You know how to do that? - I actually have a question for you.
- Yeah? What? - Have you been outsourcing the chore wheel to Ace? - What? Ow! Oh! Oh.
- Oh, that-that feels better.
- Okay.
All right.
You need some medical attention, so I think we should just go back up, - uh, and-and try and get some help, okay? - No.
No, that-that's gonna be a challenge.
We can't go up that way.
We got to find another way out.
Plus now you can, you can find your-your hat killer's hideout like you wanted to.
Thank you.
So how about that chore wheel, huh? I'm not gonna answer that.
When will Hannah be joining us? Uh, she'll be here, uh, in a minute.
But she wanted us to get started, please, um - take a seat.
- Oh, thank you.
Uh, yeah, we've heard all about your expertise in soul entwinement, so who better to be our interview subject of this month's newsletter focusing on possessions? I didn't know she published a newsletter.
Oh, your writings gave her the idea.
- Ah.
- So the release ritual and prayer of liberation that you mentioned in your book what is that about exactly? Hannah knows the answer to that.
That's the reason we stopped speaking.
I'm surprised she'd want to interview me on the topic.
Where did you say she went again? Uh, she just had to do a bit of research Okay, look, forget Hannah.
Give me this.
Hannah's not coming.
I have the spirit of an old French lady trapped inside me, and my lifeline got cut short.
Do you know of anything that could excavate a soul from a person's body permanently? How familiar are you with the, uh, concept of exorcism? You'd be surprised.
Many believed that aberrant behavior was caused by demonic corruption of human souls.
To combat that, ritualists created a device called a soul-splitter.
Okay, so can we use this soul-splitter on George? To-to split off the French ghost that's tethered to her soul and-and restore George's natural life span? When the clergy discovered that the soul-splitter was created through dark magic all of the devices were banished.
All the soul-splitters were destroyed in the early 1800s.
But some must have survived somewhere.
Your book talks about soul liberations in-in modern times.
There were reports of soul-splitters in the Civil War era.
A metalsmith named Beckett Dow designed his own version, with the help of occult practitioners.
- Like a knockoff purse.
- Hmm.
Okay, so-so how do we find one of these knockoffs? Any soul-splitter that exists today was not designed to untangle souls.
The device wasn't called a soul-untangler.
With or without it, I am dead anyway.
So, Father Shane, please if you know where one of these knockoffs are, just tell me! Please.
The last one was in a private art collection in New Hampshire.
I wrote about this collection.
Unfortunately, the books attracted the attention of black-market operatives who targeted those objects.
The entire collection was stolen.
Hannah never forgave me for writing those books.
And no one knows where the soul-splitter went after that? That's a blessing.
Trust me.
Tell Hannah I warned you away from a very dangerous relic.
I know she'd want to keep you both safe.
Stolen for the black market? Bess, how are we gonna find this thing? I might have a lead.
Okay? - Hey, Bess.
- Hi! George needs a supernatural relic, uh, that was used during the Civil War and stolen by black-market traffickers.
I don't suppose you came across a soul-splitter in your journey to the Bobbsey dark side? No, but Mr.
D said that the guys who got arrested the other night had some relics seized, so I can ask him to keep an eye out.
I got to call you back.
- Thanks.
- Mm-hmm.
Hey everything okay? George needs a soul-splitter.
Some kind of relic from the Civil War.
But that's a problem for another time.
How was the Camino De Santiago? Ah, transcendent.
You would've loved it.
Should've came with me.
Yeah, I should have.
Hey, what's wrong? Is it about whatever you wanted to tell me over coffee? Does it have something to do with my dad? While you were gone, I started doing some small favors for him.
Like giving him rides, that kind of thing.
Why? 'Cause he asked, and it's a way for me to stay connected with you.
The story doesn't end well.
Yeah, none of his stories do.
He assaulted someone, and then, as it turns out, I was with him at the scene of the crime.
So now he's a fugitive.
And if you get him arrested, you're off the hook? Amanda, your dad is A repeat offender who belongs in jail? Maybe.
But he's also the guy who spoon-fed me soup when I had pneumonia.
The guy who taught Gil and I that we're just as smart and worthy as anyone else even though we lived in a trailer.
I don't know where he is.
If I did, I wouldn't tell you.
Sorry I asked.
You should've come to Spain.
These look like mining tunnels.
Were these on a map of the town yet? Well, I didn't ask for the subterranean part.
Here's something I never thought I was gonna have to ask, but which way to the monster cage? Hey, we might be close, look.
I wonder if Trott left these here when he came to visit the cage.
Oh, my God.
Okay, take as many pictures as you can.
And then, uh, grab anything you can fit in your pockets.
Wow, the-the cage held.
None of the bars are broken.
Well, how'd this thing get out? Monster pick a lock? I found a I found a part of a key.
Someone released the monster.
But who? Hey, these tracks look new.
Look at this.
Looks like blood, maybe a day or two old.
I was wrong this thing's been coming back to the cage ever since it got out.
We need to hurry.
What's that?! Hang on, I'll get the flashlight.
Run! Go! Go! Go! It's a dead end! He wants the doll.
So give it to him.
Go! Go! Go! Are you okay? - Yeah.
- Why did you have that doll? Because I thought that Hannah might need it to figure out its origin story.
That thing had a chance to kill us, and it didn't want either of us, so what does that mean? Let's not stay and find out, come on.
Dad? Panda Bear? Is that you? You always know how to find me.
Thought you might be running low.
Bet the cops had a lot of questions for you.
You didn't tell anyone where I was, did you? No.
I came because I wanted to see you.
That's my girl.
That's a lot of protein bars.
Provisions for two.
I'm hitting the water tomorrow you want to come along? No.
Look, Dad, I-I I was hoping that maybe you would come with me? I don't think I care for the destination you have in mind.
But it's where you're gonna end up.
There or worse, and and I was thinking that, that if you do the time, then You want me to turn myself in? If you cooperate, you'll get a shorter sentence.
And when you're out, we can be a family again.
We're already a family.
Look, it's a, it's a full moon.
Let's not wait till morning to go.
Bring my boat around to the dock and I'll meet you there, okay? If you don't help me, who will? Amanda, wait! You set me up? No, I-I swear.
You followed me? He played you! Bertram Bobbsey, I have a warrant - for your arrest.
- I thought you were smarter than this! Me, too.
You have the right to remain silent.
Anything you say can Maybe we should retrace our steps, go back up the way we came in? But there there is no way that that thing fits through the crawl space.
It has to be going in and out some other way.
I saw moths.
So they'd be coming through an entirely different entrance.
Someone put this here.
Wait, wait, wait, wait are we, are we sure that, that there's not something worse up above? I'm never sure of that.
This feels like an escape room.
Hold that thought.
George? You see them, too, right? Just spoke with D.
She has agreed to full immunity for your part in getting Bertram Bobbsey arrested.
You're in the clear.
Thank you.
Hey, um the other night when the cops busted those relic traffickers? - Mm-hmm.
- Was there anything called a soul-splitter in the stuff that they confiscated? Uh I don't remember seeing that on the exhibit list.
A friend is doing some research.
Don't worry about it.
Your dad wanted to take a look at the wording of your deal.
Yeah, Mom thinks that I'm not eating.
Thank you, but I'm looking for another job.
So-so really I'm, I'm good, I'm okay.
I won't disappoint her.
We're gonna need more furniture.
Then it just kind of sniffed the air and decided to leave us alone.
Guess our hearts didn't smell good enough to freeze.
My takeaway was it doesn't kill at random.
It-it has some sort of hard-wiring that dictates who it murders and who it doesn't.
So how is it finding its victims, then? They must have something in common, right? There's one other thing.
So the supernatural killer has some sort of attachment to this doll.
It was laser-focused on it, it clearly wanted it back.
And it was the same doll in the vision with Trott.
And Temperance had a really weird reaction to it.
Like she recognized it.
So that means Temperance was the one who let the killer out? No, no, no, sh-she wouldn't do that.
Oh, what, she draws the line at bathing in blood? I'm still trying to wrap my mind around tunnels being connected to the Historical Society.
I mean, did Hannah ever mention a secret door being in the wall? No, not to me, she didn't.
What if this thing's being unleashed by coming up through the Historical Society? You know, I mean, like we did? I set up surveillance cameras all over this building.
We can see who's been coming and going.
Let's start with the most recent surveillance footage, and then work our way backwards from there.
I know that I'm probably the last person you want to see right now.
I wouldn't say that.
I was glad to see you at the boatyard tonight.
- You were? - Yeah.
I knew you'd follow me and get my dad arrested.
If I had to turn him in myself, he'd never forgive me.
Now he's safe, and he doesn't hate me.
Okay, well, I would still like to explain to you why I did what I did.
Yeah, I bet you would.
This is a key to my dad's storage locker.
There's a million things in there that he's stolen, traded, or hoarded.
There's a ton of Civil War stuff in there.
Cross street's Pinecrest and Greenview, number nine.
What, is this for the case? No.
It's for George.
You said she's looking for a soul-splitter.
If my dad ever had a relic like that, it'd be in his storage locker.
I really appreciate this.
I'm paying my brother's karmic debt.
Since Gil wanted to use a shroud that would've killed George.
Now the Bobbseys are even.
Amanda no-nobody's keeping score.
If they weren't keeping score, you would've trusted me to make the right choice tonight, but instead you made that choice for me.
You know what your problem is? You always think that you're the good guy.
Can we talk about this? No.
Ace, we're done.
Amanda Goodbye.
How's it going in here? Oh, we just went through the security footage the night Jake Cazine was murdered, and nobody came in or out - through that wall panel.
- Let's go back farther.
Oh, my God.
- Well, well, well.
- Uh, why don't I just take over for a bit, yeah? Yeah.
Uh, just call us - whenever you see something suspicious.
- Yeah.
- About the case.
- Got it.
Uh, supernatural entity.
Wears a big hat.
Won't miss it.
Oh, my God.
Bess take it from a girl who only has ten years left to live.
Risk the rejection.
You and Addy deserve more than a one-night stand.
Meaning that if you can face down death, then maybe I can initiate a second date? She'd be crazy to say no.
Oh, God.
How's the arm? - You know, I can probably rock a sling.
- Yeah? Still glad I came, though.
Oh, you have a weird sense of fun.
For what it's worth, Carson never dislocated his shoulder for me.
Oh, cool.
'Cause I need all the dad points I can get.
I mean, he also never fell down a hole, so - Hey.
- Hey.
Got the group text.
You okay? Undecided.
Um I wanted to apologize to you.
For accusing me of bad vacuum maintenance? No.
For holding on to our argument this morning.
I was still a little mad from last night because you kind of called me out on not sharing things.
I was worried it was becoming a pattern.
Okay, well, you know, sometimes you don't share things, either.
Like how you've never been back to visit Florida, not even once, since you came to Horseshoe Bay.
Look, my point is, I don't pressure you to talk about things that you're not ready to share.
And yes, I was going to ask you to try my approach, but after I had some time to think and because of some new discoveries, I decided that I'm going to try your approach and share things instead.
Okay, firstly, I-I wasn't trying to pressure you before.
- I just I just wanted to feel connected to you.
- Nick, we are connected.
It means a lot to hear you say that.
And second, what new discoveries? Okay.
So Bess and I spent the whole day looking for a cure to get Odette's soul out of me.
And now I am finally ready to tell you.
We found an actual lead.
That's amazing.
A-And Here's something I'm ready to tell you.
I admire that you had the guts to go face your biological dad.
And I hope some of that could rub off on me.
And that's what I should've said last night.
Or this morning.
Or any time since then.
I think I'm ready to stop fighting now.
Oh, my God! You're never gonna believe this.
Oh, my God! Oh, my God! Okay.
Okay, this footage was dated one night after our meeting with Myrtle/Temperance Hudson.
- The-the night of the weird blackouts.
- Yeah.
There's Hannah in this very room.
The blackout happens.
She-she takes a key out.
And look where she goes.
Hannah knew about the door.
I found this in the underground prison cell.
Play that first part again.
That's part of the key that unlocked the monster's cage.
All this time, I thought that Hannah was gonna help us protect the town.
But she's the one who released the supernatural killer.

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