Nancy Drew (2019) s03e05 Episode Script

The Vision of the Birchwood Prisoner

1 Got a minute? I know you're aware that I don't, since another murder victim just showed up with a frozen heart missing from his chest.
But I am willing to listen to your questions and thoughts, so next time please just start with those to be efficient.
That was a lot of words for someone trying to be efficient.
Have you talked to Temperance Hudson about Jake Cazine's death? She should be a person of interest.
She isn't.
She has an alibi for the time of death: coffee with me this morning.
She ordered a croissant.
Ah, let me guess.
She engineered some seemingly casual run-in with you because she needed something.
If by "organized", you mean she, uh, invited me, well, yes.
We're both new in town.
I was supposed to have Sunday off.
But didn't strike me as suspicious.
Why do you suggest her as a person of interest? She lives in a questionable house where questionable things have happened.
Okay, by that logic, I should interview her house.
Appreciate you coming in.
Do you? I thought you'd been avoiding me.
Why would I do that? Sometimes people feel awkward when they've narrowly avoided death together, especially when they've saved each other's lives.
I don't feel awkward.
It is good to see you.
Unfortunately, I am busy.
Trying to catch the other Frozen Hearts Killer.
So, it looks like a copycat.
What was Trott's reaction when you told him about Jake's murder? Trott lawyered up.
He's not talking.
Okay, but he told me before he was arrested - that he was a part of something much bigger.
- (PHONE VIBRATING) What if that wasn't just serial killer chitchat? Agent Park.
(SIGHS): Understood.
Start the process.
's dropping all charges against Trott.
What?! Because of Jake Cazine? She thinks the fact that Jake was killed while Trott was in custody introduces too much reasonable doubt, and a jury will never convict him of last week's murders.
But I found evidence in his house.
And-and-and what about the murder in Alaska? Alaska's not my case, and the evidence from the house is inadmissible.
The defense argued that - the chain of custody was violated - By me, because I was on the premises.
When the courthouse opens tomorrow Trott's gonna walk.
CARSON: You ready to talk to me now? Ready or not, you're going to.
This is my client Asher Davies.
Have you seen him? No.
He was supposed to be cooperating with the D.
in an investigation.
Three nights ago, he walked into a cannery and never came out.
The same night, you picked up Bertram Bobbsey outside that same cannery.
What happened in there? I don't know.
When Mr.
Bobbsey got back in my car, he had blood on his knuckles.
So I made him get out, and I haven't heard from him since.
I had nothing to do with whatever happened in there.
Except you did.
From this, an argument can still be made that you are connected to whatever happened.
If Bobbsey assaulted Asher, you will be charged as an accessory after the fact.
I want to hire you as my lawyer.
I can't represent you, because I already represent Asher.
Go to the police.
Tell them everything you know.
Maybe bring your father.
If I get my dad involved, he might end up arresting me himself.
My mom won't be able to handle that.
She's going to have to, - because sooner or later - No, no, no, no.
You don't you don't get it.
When my brother Grant came through town, and we got him back into the WITSEC, I wanted to tell her what happened, but my dad wants to keep her on a need-to-know basis about everything, because she worries, - and she does have a heart thing - Ace.
You are connected to whatever happened.
So you can either do nothing and make things worse for yourself and for everyone who loves you or you can start making things right.
(SIGHS): Oh, my God.
ACE: Mr.
Bobbsey asked me for some help with deliveries.
Why is this in an evidence bag? That was confiscated from an associate of Bobbsey's.
The D.
thinks that the gift tags contain coded messages with times and places for transactions of some kind, possibly drug deals.
Well, what if I can decode the cipher? And I'll find out where the next meet is.
Well, the D.
would look more favorably on you if you provide her with information.
I can tell her that I have a lead, - but I won't use your name yet.
- Do it.
(SIGHS) - (LINE RINGING) - Um, you know, Mr.
Bobbsey left one of his chocolate boxes in my car, - so I can bring it inside and show you.
- Okay.
It's Carson.
Uh, so, still no word from Asher, um, but I was able to discover something on the surveillance footage from outside the cannery the night that he disappeared.
- (ENGINE STARTS) - It was.
Hang on.
Hope you're getting done whatever you need to get done.
Um, little update.
Ace called in sick, and Bess had research to do at the Historical Society.
But, you know, good news: very few customers.
Yeah, that is that is not actually good news, but You know, I'll call Jesse, - see if she can come in.
- (DOOR OPENS, BELL JINGLES) Uh, call me back when you can.
Hey, hey, hey, hey.
You're not here to pick up Ace's shift, are you? - He called in sick.
- Ha-ha.
No, I just came to pick up some notes from the murder board.
(SIGHS HEAVILY) You okay? Uh, yeah, yeah.
I mean, kind of freaked out there's a second murderer at large.
That's unsettling.
But have you heard from George? She said she had an errand to run, (CHUCKLES): but she was extremely vague about what that errand was.
That sounds like it's code for something important, and I would be wondering about it, too.
(PHONE DINGS) She's gonna tell you when she's ready, okay? NANCY: Hey, I got your text.
Ace isn't here.
He called in sick.
CARSON: Well, when you do see him, please have him call me right away.
I will.
Also, I heard about Jake Cazine.
Are you all right? (SIGHS): I'm fine.
Please tell my other dad not to worry about that, either.
Well, Ryan's not here.
He took a puddle jumper to Boston early this morning.
He's doing some fundraising there for Nick's youth center.
(SIGHS) I know the D.
is dropping charges against Trott.
Which means that you're probably trying to come up with a way to keep him in custody somehow.
Yeah, well, people are dead.
And it's not fair that he could just walk away because that's how the system works.
I know.
It is a flawed and terrible system, but it's the only one we have.
And, uh, speaking of the justice system and your relationship to it The answer is no.
I didn't even say anything.
You were going to ask if I could leverage my working relationship with D.
Rosario to covertly help you gain access to Trott.
I would never.
By stealing a look at her case files or stealing her clearance badge.
Mm, so she does have a clearance badge.
You know where she keeps it? (EXHALES) I'll-I'll talk to you later.
- Hi.
- You feeling better? - Carson's looking for you.
- Yeah, thank you.
I'll call him back.
Can you help me solve a cipher? It's a long story, but I need to figure out - what the message is in this thing.
- Uh I'm I'm sorry, I cannot do that right now.
I have less than 24 hours to make sure that Trott stays locked up.
Speaking of, do you think that Connor would let us see Jake Cazine's autopsy? Connor made it pretty clear that he was done doing us favors.
Anyway, I'm not sure that Jake's autopsy will keep Trott in jail.
Yeah, you're right.
He said he was a part of something bigger.
I need a more global approach to the whole thing.
If only there was a way for me to see a bird's-eye view of the case.
Why do I get the feeling that's not a hypothetical? It isn't if you have the phone number of a 200-year-old occultist who knows how to see people's memories.
Maybe she'll have some mystical way to find a clue trail that wouldn't otherwise be visible.
Is this the part where you warn me that Temperance is chaotic evil? I'm not really in a position to judge other people's gambits.
Care to join? I wish I could, but I got to deal with this other thing.
Just, uh, be careful around your mystical relatives.
Aw, what's she gonna do, bathe in my blood again? I'll be fine.
EDWIN: Sorry I don't have any snacks to offer.
I thought about putting in a vending machine at one point, but it seemed self-serving.
Candy equals cavities equals business.
I try to keep a good word of mouth around here, you know? Yeah.
I-Is that how you found me? My dentistry practice? I've always known where you were.
And I know you live by yourself.
Wasn't that hard to keep track of someone named Chen, especially someone whose middle name I inherited.
(EXHALES) What else did your mother tell you about me? She said that you had an epic teen romance that ended about ten months after you got her pregnant with me.
After which we never saw you again.
So I was surprised when I got your friend request.
If you found out that I'm getting married and you expect to walk me down the aisle, - let me just tell you - I'm not expecting anything.
I friend-buttoned you because I recently read something "Friend-buttoned" me? - (KNOCKING) - Okay, look (KNOCKING CONTINUES) I-I should I should probably get that.
- (POUNDING) - Yeah.
Chen, I-I know this is your day off, but Jonah, he was riding his bike too fast, there was this pothole JONAH (SOBBING): It went too fast.
It's not my fault.
EDWIN: Okay, okay.
Hey, can I can I take a look, and let's see what Yeah.
All right, come on in.
Come on in.
Oh, there's someone ahead of us.
I can wait.
Okay, let's go take a seat on the chair, okay? All right, Jonah (PHONE VIBRATING) Hey, it's George.
Leave a short message.
Welcome to The Claw.
Uh, coffee? Oh, uh, he called in sick.
Well, uh, maybe he's at, uh, Fred's Towing.
Strange? I I don't understand.
Can I help? I could go with you to Fred's Towing.
Um, yeah, yeah, yeah.
I have, uh, I have time.
So much time.
TEMPERANCE: I'm always happy to help family.
And my most promising pupil.
I didn't expect you to say yes.
Why? She helped you with the hat guy-thing.
And I care about the well-being of this town.
So, how can I help? Well, there is a connection between Trott and whoever killed Jake Cazine.
Trott told me he's a part of something much bigger, and I need to know what he means by that.
I'm trying to make sure that he doesn't get out of custody because of some arbitrary loophole.
Let a murderer go.
How infuriating.
Nancy feels the same way.
I just was hoping that there's some sort of ritual that could help me see the bigger picture, like a bird's-eye view.
I could attempt a modification to the Memory Weave ritual to see which memory had the most emotional significance, if you can get us access to Trott in his cell.
That is a tall order, but those are Nancy's specialties.
Makes her a great detective and waitress.
It might be doable.
The station's stretched pretty thin, but w-we would have to get past Agent Park.
I believe the other killer broke into my home the day of the first murders.
If you could please meet me at Icarus Hall to look for clues they might have left behind.
He is definitely not gonna buy that.
He just did.
And he's on his way to Icarus Hall.
Bess, perhaps you could intercept him when he arrives.
Count me in.
NANCY: Looks like we have maybe three hours to get in, get info, get out and not get caught.
- Team NaTempEss - Oh.
You were smart to save the chipped piece when you found it.
This guy's good in a crisis.
- You're doing good, buddy.
- No wonder you took a tumble.
- (PHONE VIBRATING) - The potholes around here are like asteroid craters.
Uh, I was gonna call you back.
NICK: I was just checking in.
I'm helping Ace's dad with something, so Jesse's covering at The Claw.
I'm still stuck at the dentist.
Oh, dentist.
- I didn't know you had an appointment.
- Yeah.
Just just a little plaque.
Oh, no, no, no, I didn't mean your teeth, I just It's just, um, this morning before you left, it seemed like you had something on your mind.
Yeah, well, a ten-year life expectancy will do that to you.
Listen, if it stresses you out to think about it, then I'm not stressed out, okay? I'm watching this guy work, and I'm jealous.
EDWIN: So good.
I wish that I had a dentist like this growing up.
It just feels like everyone gets to have these dentists who are, like, you know, they care about how you feel and they hold your hand when you're scared, or they're, like, protective and reliable and-and psyched to be your da dentist.
All right, I got to go.
I'll be back soon.
- All right - (LINE CLICKS) Uh, yeah, yeah.
Uh, my fiancé is at the dentist.
(ENGINE STALLS) So, when you said "visit" Fred's Towing, you meant "stake out" Fred's Towing.
Still no text from Ace.
Oh, uh, it's great.
It's great, yeah.
I mean, honestly, I never thought I'd be married, um, so young.
Yeah, yeah.
I mean, George is unique.
(CHUCKLES) Can I ask? How did you know your wife was the one? I mean, what-what made you decide to propose? Temperance should be back any moment.
Oh, no, that's okay, thank you.
I'm gonna call Temperance, we'll reschedule and, uh, we'll get some techs out here and examine exactly where the home invasion happened.
Appreciate you showing me around, though.
But the killer is still out there, right? Could you maybe stay until Temperance returns? I'm-I'm really frightened.
Yeah, if you're not comfortable here, I can give you a ride back to town.
No, you see, I said to Temperance that we'd wait.
Please take a seat.
- (CAT MEWLS) - Ooh! What was that? - (CAT GROWLING) - Ah (CHUCKLES) There's my handsome mister.
(CHUCKLES) With all the killings going on, we've been staying with Temperance.
So I'm just gonna put him in another room so he can be comfier.
- (CAT SCREECHING) - (SCREAMS) It's okay, it's just me.
(SCREAMS, GASPS) Wait, wait, wait.
I'm afraid your cat is no longer alive.
Thank God.
For granting him peace.
(CHUCKLES) He's just been so very ill.
Do you, um think you could help me bury him? Please.
I-I just bought him a little bowtie that's still on its way from Etsy.
- (SOBS) - Please don't cry.
I'll help you bury your cat.
Thank you.
I'll get a shovel.
(SIGHS) Dad, if you're calling me 'cause you're using the tracking app on my phone again, I am at the police station on community liaison business.
I'm calling because I still haven't heard from Ace, and his father and I are starting to get really worried.
He didn't call you? He stopped by work today.
He-he mentioned something about a crossword cipher.
Have you solved it yet? ACE: Can you help me solve a cipher? I need to figure out what the message is in this thing.
No, but I can now.
Why are you worried about Ace? He's in way over his head with Bertram Bobbsey.
The cipher might tell us where he's headed.
Thank you.
(MUTTERING): Two across.
"Ten out of ten".
Okay, the first the first letter of each word? No, last letter? No.
First letter in reverse order Mm.
550 Bay View.
8:00 p.
- That's tonight.
- I don't know how he'll get there.
Thom said Ace's car is still in the shop.
Then look for Ryan's car.
Why would Ryan loan out his car? Well, he wouldn't just loan it out, but he'd barter it for something.
Haven't you noticed our sparkling clean dishes organized by size? It's the same way Ace does it at The Claw.
You think Ryan is outsourcing his duties on the chore wheel? Ryan doesn't have any cash.
So I am guessing that he trades his car privileges for Ace's dishwashing.
After I track down Ace, we are going to have a serious family discussion.
Okay, I got to go.
As much as I would love to unpack why a grown man needs a chore wheel to be held accountable for basic human responsibilities, we really don't have time for that.
What is that? Just clearing the air.
Time to break into a serial killer's brain.
PARK (SIGHS): I am sorry about your cat.
Oh, well, why don't you, um, say a few words? You're stalling me, keeping me from my office.
You want to tell me what's going on here? What is going on here is that a living creature just died.
Its soul left this earth, like all of ours will one day.
He left a mark, and that deserves a moment of your time.
If you can't spare two minutes, then that is not a job worth having.
(SIGHS) Uh, what was your cat's name again? Uh, Sir Gray Rock Wall.
Uh - Sir Gray Rock Wall - Mm.
you were loved, and your memory will live on in the hearts of those who knew you.
May you find soft pillows to nap on when you cross the Rainbow Bridge.
That was lovely.
Especially the part about the bridge.
I heard the term during my psych residency.
Worked with kids a lot.
We'd compare thoughts on the great beyond.
Didn't expect you to believe in the afterlife.
You seem a man of science.
Science doesn't always get you the last word in every situation.
I really do have to head back, though.
We should gather flowers! Shoot.
Mayday, mayday.
(PHONE CHIMES) Oh, Agent Park is on his way back.
I'll make this fast.
Nancy Drew.
You're here because you can't get me out of your head.
I'm here to learn about the other Frozen Hearts Killer.
So that you both are held responsible for what you did.
Whatever this game is, I'm not interested.
I want my lawyer.
I want my lawyer! TEMPERANCE: No one can hear you.
Focus your mind on the case.
NANCY: You said you were a part of something much bigger.
Who else are you working with? There's Trott.
NANCY: He's seeing himself as a child.
What is this place? (LOW GROWL) That's the other Frozen Hearts Killer.
He tried to attack me at Icarus Hall.
But this killer's not human.
It's a supernatural entity.
(LOW MOAN) Hey, what is that? TROTT: I don't want you here.
Get out.
Trott's consciousness is fighting us.
We don't have much time.
Wait, you're you're hurting him.
Ask what you need to know! What is that thing in the cage? Are you working together? I'm part of something much bigger.
Are you a friend to this creature? - I was inspired by it.
- How? I went exploring when I was ten.
That's when I found it.
I came back so many times to watch it reap hearts with an icy touch.
I tried to copy its perfection but couldn't.
No matter how hard I tried, I wasn't able to free it from its cage.
What else?! That is enough.
It isn't safe here.
Temperance, come back! We have to go.
If that bonding gives you any trouble at all, please give me a call right away.
Jonah, I'll see you and your tooth again next week.
- Thanks so much, Doctor.
- Not a problem.
Take care.
(DOOR CLOSES) Do any of your super-nice patients know that you abandoned a teenage mom and her baby? (SIGHS SHARPLY) If I had stayed I would have been trapped in a dead-end life.
I made the best decision that I could for myself at the time.
I know it was selfish.
Oh, you're damn right it was selfish.
It screwed up my whole life.
Do you know that I had to work three times as hard as anyone else so that I could provide for our family? Do you know that I looked for approval from men who were way older than me because it was a way for me to feel not so alone? I deserved better than that.
I deserved better than a freaking friend request 18 years too late! I deserved a father who loved me and thought that I was worth taking care of.
Yes, you did.
You're an amazing person.
You don't even know me.
You don't get to say that! I know what I recently read.
A website full of stories about Detective George.
(EXHALES SHARPLY) The Fan Fan website.
Of course.
Where else would I have learned that you're an indomitable fighter? Detective George never gives up when a case gets hard.
And she faces all of her challenges head-on.
Not many people have that kind of willpower.
If your takeaway from this website was that I turned out okay without you, please do not pretend like you did me a favor by leaving.
You do not get to sleep easier at night.
Look, I just I just want to tell you that I'm sorry I hurt you.
I almost did back down once.
A couple years ago.
We were two months behind on rent, and Victoria was off the grid on a binge.
And I was trying very, very hard to keep things together, but of course one night I burnt our microwave dinner and the smoke alarm went off.
And you know what? Everyone was yelling at me.
And I thought to myself, how is this my life? So I packed a bag.
I packed a bag and I looked up the bus schedules to Boston, and I was about ready to go, for real.
But I didn't.
I stayed.
Because I love my sisters, and they need me.
You must think I'm a monster.
I think you're disappointing.
You only cared about yourself at a time when I really, really needed a father.
But no, I do not think that you are a monster.
And as much as part of me wants to stay mad at you forever, I need that energy for other things now.
(DOOR OPENS) (BUSHES RUSTLE) Someone's watching us.
- (POLICE SIREN WAILS) - Horseshoe Bay PD! Hands where we can see them.
I got this one.
What is that? All right, on your feet.
- Hey, hands up! - He's not with them.
You tip off the cops? It wasn't him.
Asher Davies, you're under arrest for violation of your parole.
(INDISTINCT RADIO TRANSMISSION) Something made that entity graduate from rats to humans.
We should have stayed there and looked for more information.
Why did you push me out of the weave? What didn't you want me to see? Trott's memory was about to collapse.
- I had to act quickly, or else we'd be trapped forever.
- (DOOR OPENS) Agent Park.
Our wires must have gotten crossed.
Yeah, you said to meet at Icarus Hall.
Autocorrect is my nemesis.
How about we talk over coffee now? After you change your clothes.
Yeah, your houseguest's cat died.
She requested help with the funeral.
- Nancy? - Hmm? What are you doing here? Community liaison-ing.
Agent Park, Trott collapsed in his cell; he's unresponsive.
I think it may be a stroke.
I called the paramedics.
Stay with Trott till they arrive.
I'll check the security feed from the holding area.
There's no cameras by the cell.
Oh, I had one installed after Trott was transferred here.
It'll show me what happened right before he collapsed.
(AUDIO STATIC) Oh, dear.
I'm gonna walk Temperance to her car.
Why? Is she unwell? We enjoy each other's company.
You did something to that camera.
You're welcome.
I'm dismayed you didn't think to check for one.
Because I'm supposed to ask Park for the station's security layout? You stayed behind in the weave for almost ten seconds without me, and then suddenly Trott is collapsed on the floor with a stroke.
You did something to him.
I'm not a wizard.
I can't just give people brain hemorrhages.
But if I did give Trott a stroke, would you want me to fix him right now? So that tomorrow morning he could flee the country and never be seen again? Would the families of his victims want that? Part of you is glad he was hurt.
It's all right to admit it.
I've never had much faith in the system either.
Wouldn't it be nice if there were a world where people took justice into their own hands? I just wanted answers from Trott.
I never wanted to hurt him.
Don't feel sorry for him.
You have to think bigger if you're going to fulfill your true destiny, like my card said.
Okay, you're exaggerating.
I wanted to help Amanda, okay? At first I was just giving Bobbsey rides.
I guess I learned it from you.
When not sure, keep it secret.
You won't talk about what's going on with you.
You won't you won't talk about, about your life from before, when you were a U.
Yeah, but if you were just honest with me to begin with, I wouldn't have gone searching for your secret son.
REBECCA: Ace? What do you mean, "secret son"? Mom, what are you doing here? I was closing up the library, and the police said we had to wait inside.
They just opened the doors.
Why did he say you have a "secret son"? What is he not supposed to say? Obviously there is.
Don't blame this on me.
Ace is right.
You're deflecting.
No, I'm not a child.
Please calm down.
- Just calm down! - Mom, I'm sorry, nobody wanted you to find out this way, but you Stop talking! I want you gone! Tonight! (SHUDDERS) Oh You know, I just buried a revenant cat.
Kegstand went missing after Trott killed his owner Dustin, and Agent Park very nearly spotted his name tag.
So why was Kegstand here? He was a witness to Dustin's murder.
I needed him for a ritual to learn more about the killers terrorizing Horseshoe Bay.
So you killed Kegstand? Kegstand was already dead before I reanimated him.
Okay, so why not bring back Dustin or Matthew - and just talk to them? - Because humans require far more energy than small creatures.
Far more than I have.
Is that why you've been spending time with me? T-To use my energy? Bess.
I'm teaching you, because I truly do believe that you are destined for greatness.
But if you're uncomfortable, we can stop.
I want to keep growing.
I need to protect my friends.
Then you will.
Thanks for your hospitality, man.
Oh, not a problem.
Let me at least cover some groceries.
You didn't have to.
Hey, Ace, um I'm sorry about what happened with your parents.
I'll figure it out, though.
(SIGHS): Roomies.
That's interesting.
Just for now, though, until, you know, I get a second job, and then I'll - find my own place.
- That's okay.
Nick filled me in.
Donations for the youth center.
Oh, outstanding! Mm-hmm.
You please tell your dentist I said thank you? (LAUGHS) - Mwah! - Yeah.
He's actually, um he's actually not my dentist.
Um he's my biological father.
I finally went to meet him today.
Wh-Why, um why did you hide that from me? Hide? Nick, it was my thing to handle.
We're engaged to be married.
Aren't we supposed to handle things together? I mean, you could have told me you were going to see your dad.
GEORGE: I wasn't ready to tell you, okay? I didn't want you to try to talk me out of it or have an opinion - on what I was doing.
- Oh, oh, so-so now you don't want me having an opinion.
Nick, you are completely taking this the wrong way.
Look, today I faced down someone that I have been avoiding my whole life, and it made me remember that I am fiery and indomitable.
And on top of that, it made me realize - that I don't want to give up on my future.
- That's great, and I'm happy to hear it.
But I wish you'd have trusted me with all that beforehand.
It's not about whether I trust you.
Oh, then what is it about? Because this is a pattern with you keeping secrets from me.
Just just please help me understand.
What is there to understand? Not everyone wants to talk about their feelings all the time! How about that? Well, hello.
Oh, yay, I'm not the last one to this team meeting.
- Where are you go - Just got to, uh recycling.
Oh, yeah, okay, I'm gonna just sneak by.
Carry on.
Happy? We talked.
I'm really sorry I couldn't help you earlier.
You had plenty to deal with already.
How'd it go? Trott had a stroke, and it might have been my fault.
Nancy, I highly doubt that.
I mean, in fairness, I think it was Temperance that caused it, but I was the one who brought her there to see him, so You were just doing what you thought was best.
At least, um, I found out that the other Frozen Hearts Killer - is a supernatural entity.
- (GASPS) Ah! I knew Temperance's ritual would work! Wait, I thought that you were anti-her.
I had to improvise.
Temperance showed me a formative moment from Trott's childhood.
He found the same entity that attacked me in Icarus Hall.
It was being kept in a prison, underground, where it would freeze the hearts of small creatures.
Apparently, he was inspired by its power.
It didn't seem like he was working for it or bringing it offerings, and he said that he didn't free it.
ACE: But it's out in the world, so somebody did.
BESS: Unless it broke free itself and ran wild.
NANCY: Either way, we need to find the entity's origin, which means we need to find its lair.
Solid plan.
What could possibly go wrong?
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