Nancy Drew (2019) s04e01 Episode Script

The Dilemma of the Lover's Curse

Previously on Nancy Drew
On my lips right now is a curse
that I will release
the moment that I die.
It will kill Ace
if you ever act upon your
feelings for each other.
I shouldn't have come here.
We are friends,
and those feelings
that you have for me
I do not share them and I never will.
Nancy Drew Investigations.
I've got a case for you.
Meet me at the cemetery at 10:00 p.m.
Come alone.
Where are the bodies?
Eight empty graves.
Find us. Find us. Find us.
- Okay.
- And then we realized
that we're both standing on Main Street
at the crack of dawn,
buying you breakfast!
So I loaded his bike in my car
No, on your car.
I left you that mountain bike
rack when I moved out.
- You need to eat.
- Healthy breakfast.
Thanks, Dads.
Aren't you gonna be late for work?
No, I'm a small business consultant now.
You know, I go in
at like a soft 10:00 a.m.
You're not worried I could be late?
No, you've clearly reorganized
your entire schedule
'cause Jean's out of town,
and her absence made you
suddenly realize
you're an empty-nester.
So, how's business at Horseshoe Bay's
newest detective agency?
Which case was keeping you up?
The lost antique watch?
Ooh, the case of the missing safe.
The embezzling spouse.
No. Try Chunky.
Whoa! Whoa! Not cool.
Don't listen to her, bro.
You look great.
- Hey.
- I was talking about Chunky the ferret.
Once I find the Velez family's
beloved MIA weasel,
I can finally pay
my overdue electric bill
and make a dent in the property tax.
This one's due tomorrow.
I work best under time pressure.
Which is maybe why I haven't solved
the case of the missing bodies
in the last five weeks.
Made a dope murder board, though.
It's too bad that the Mystery Caller
just ghosted you after
they gave the phone tip.
Yeah, left me with no
witnesses to the grave robbing.
The missing dead had no
relationship to each other.
Their lives never even overlapped.
The only thing they have in common
is that they all died
before the age of 30
and they're buried in the same
section of the graveyard.
I don't even have a working theory
other than ambitious vandals.
Well, don't be too hard on yourself.
The new police chief hasn't
figured it out yet either.
Is there any help from
the coroner's office, you know?
'Cause I know Ace works there,
so maybe he could give you
- some tips.
- Yeah, we don't
What'd I say, what'd I say?
You know what?
We don't have to talk about Ace
if the topic is upsetting.
I'm not upset.
I can talk about a platonic friend
who I have to keep alive
by never letting him know
that I'm in love with him
so that we don't act
on our feelings for each other
and activate a secret death curse.
And, to be fair, that is speculation.
It's not speculation.
I lived it.
Temperance showed me a vision.
On my lips right now
is a curse that I will release
the moment that I die.
It will kill Ace if you ever act
upon your feelings for each other.
So I had to push Ace away.
If he finds out about the curse,
he's gonna try and break it,
and then he'll end up dead.
So there we go. We talked about it.
Mm, Bess just texted me.
She said, "Tell Nancy she's late".
Exclamation point.
"And also find out if
she muted my notifications,
but don't tell her I was asking".
- I did not
- Ooh.
I did not I did not mute her.
I just forgot that we had to meet, so
- Bye.
- Later!
She totally muted you, dude.
Hello, fellow Horseshoe Baygels.
I'm Bess Marvin, coming to you live.
As the new director and curator
of the Historical Society,
I've asked some fellow members
of the #HistSo community
to share how excited they are
for the annual Lovers' Vigil
being held here tomorrow night.
Can I see?
And action!
Hi, I'm Nancy Drew
of Nancy Drew Investigations,
and I am just thrilled to be a sponsor
of the Lover's Vigil and
Nancy, I saw that
weasel you were looking for.
- You saw him?
- Yeah
You saw Chunky Velez?
- Sorry.
- Nancy!
As a prelaw student,
I love reviewing old case records from
the Historical Society.
"Site of the Lovers'
Vigil tomorrow night".
Wait, that's tomorrow?
I have to get started on catering.
- Action.
- As the coroner's assistant,
I can't wait for
the annual Lovers' Vigil.
- Um
- Cut, cut.
As a local business owner,
I understand how important
a place like the Historical Society is.
Hey, Nick. Thanks.
After a devastating disaster
like our recent tsunami,
we need an opportunity
to bond with each other.
Appreciate it.
That's why I'll be at the Lovers' Vigil
tomorrow night.
Will you be there?
A star is born.
I used to do postgame interviews
when I played football.
I guess I forgot how much I missed it.
- Aw.
- Thank you both
for helping Nancy Drew
Investigations' sponsorship
of the Lovers' Vigil.
You are very welcome.
But what are the chances
that next year's sponsorship
comes in the form of money
and not our free labor?
Well, as long as Chunky Velez
is in the wind, low.
- Great.
- That lead was a bust.
He fled the scene.
His name is Chunky.
How fast can he be?
You'd be surprised.
- Thank you.
- Sure thing.
- Later, Nick.
- Thanks, Tristan.
Hey, you're the town's
most eligible heartthrob now.
Why don't you sponsor the Lovers' Vigil?
I'm still getting used
to being single again.
And isn't the Vigil
all about reuniting the souls
of long-lost loves?
I'm done with lovers
and their souls for the time being.
Mmm, well, speak for yourself.
Addy's been out of town,
and I cannot wait to unite our souls
all over the Historical Society.
Oh, come on. What?
The Keeper's quarters are too cramped.
Yeah, well, no need to rub it in.
The rest of us are lonely enough.
I, uh, I almost forgot the cider.
Thank you.
Have you spoken to Ace lately?
I'm just giving him space.
Feels like the least I could do
after stomping on his heart.
How is he?
You could ask him yourself.
But I am late.
Me and Nick have to pick up flowers.
Do you mind holding the fort?
Did you forget something?
Bess told me to bring these, she said
you'd be running errands.
I have no errands whatsoever.
Bess Parent Trapped us.
You don't have to talk to me
if you don't want to.
You can just set the box down and go.
Or you could stay.
See, I don't know what's right anymore.
I've been trying
to make peace with it all,
but I was so mad at you.
I know.
I respect what you want, I really do.
But what hurts is that I lost a friend.
Over a stupid like, not even a kiss!
If there's anything that I can do
for us to be friends again
I'd like that.
- There he is, we got him.
- Wait, Ace
Horseshoe Bay PD.
You're under arrest
for the theft of eight bodies
- What?
- What's going on here?
from the Horseshoe Bay graveyard.
Okay, Officer, I have no idea
what you're talking about.
Wait, what?
You have the right to remain silent
I didn't steal any bodies.
I know I believe you.
How am I not allowed in the bullpen?
I'm the community liaison.
Not anymore.
That program's under review
by the new chief.
They just booked Ace.
They wouldn't let me near him.
Okay, well, Carson's on his way,
and Nick is trying
to reach Ace's parents.
Yeah, it turns out the Appalachian Trail
has zero cell coverage.
In the meantime,
I just turned in my first assignment
as Abbott's law clerk,
so how about I throw a
little habeas corpus around?
Nancy, the chief will see you.
Chief Lovett, I'm Nancy
Nancy Drew.
Get over here.
I am thrilled to have you
in my office, Nancy Drew.
God, I wish I had something
around here for you to sign.
Come on, you're a local hero.
You've been solving actual
crimes since you were 12.
God, at 12, I was still searching
for everyone's missing pets.
So, what can I do for you?
You can release my friend Ace.
Sorry, I can't do that.
No, not with what we found
behind his parents' house,
where Ace has been house-sitting
alone for weeks.
We've got a very
strong case against him.
You don't, because there is no chance
Ace dug up graves and stole bodies.
That's not who he is.
Ace is responsible and law-abiding.
- His father was a police captain.
- Sure.
Police captains have been
known to father children.
Ace is also employed by the town.
At the coroner's office,
where he's surrounded by dead bodies.
So is the coroner, but
you didn't arrest him.
Do you actually have a shred
of evidence against Ace?
Oh, we've got the goods.
Box is a little small for
eight bodies, don't you think?
This is great. I love it.
We're just gonna make each other better.
Take my number.
Text me if you need anything.
It's called habeas corpus.
"To have the body".
It means you literally have
to have the eight bodies
before you arrest Ace.
That's not what habeas corpus means.
Oh, my God! The ice cream
sandwiches I ordered!
That's not ice cream sandwiches!
What are you ?
What are you doing?
It's a delivery for the chief.
Definitely not ice cream sandwiches.
They clearly ID'd it
as one of the missing bodies.
Maybe because of this ring?
It could be a family crest?
And this piece of sleeve.
- Burial clothes.
- Right, so let's do the same.
Nancy already has the names
of the eight bodies
from her investigating a few weeks ago.
So let's just identify the body
this arm belongs to and figure out
how it wound up behind Ace's house.
Then maybe that'll help us figure out
why someone would have
the motive to steal it.
And seven more.
We'll split up and move fast.
- I'll grab Nick.
- Okay, all right.
Bess and I will do a deep dive
on the identities of our "late eight".
God, this is my fault.
This deep dive should
have happened weeks ago.
Instead, I let the case go cold.
Hey, we are going to defrost it.
We got you.
No leads from any
of the other neighbors.
What are you drinking?
Oh, Mrs. Burnstein gave me
some apple cider.
She saw my video.
Anyway, she also told me
about what happened.
Mr. Williams next door
is the one who discovered the arm.
He was walking his dog around 10:00 p.m.
when it started barking like crazy
and then ran off in Ace's yard.
And, let me guess,
brought his owner back
a skeletal arm treat.
- Mm-hmm.
- Let's go.
Pretty big hole for just an arm, no?
My dad says Ace should be
able to post bail tomorrow.
His arraignment will be in a few days.
Hopefully that gives us enough time
to prove he's innocent,
and they'll have no choice
but to drop the charges.
Do you hear that?
It's 10:00 p.m.
Exactly when Mr. Williams' dogs
started barking and ran off last night.
Hey, look at all these.
Dozens of complaints
from the past couple nights
about dogs barking in this neighborhood.
At various spots, including this one.
What time were the complaints made?
Right after 10:00 p.m. Every one.
I'm thinking we follow those dogs.
Tell me you're not blaming yourself
for what happened to Ace.
Of course I'm blaming myself.
If I'd found these bodies weeks ago
instead of taking on
a bunch of small-time cases
to pay the bills, Ace
wouldn't be in jail right now.
You sure that's all it is?
What else would it be?
Listen, Ace
Ace is a mess.
I've had my heart broken before,
but, man, if I have to hear
about how his barometer
shattered one more time, then
What is that?
Is that a footprint?
Nobody stole that body.
It rose from the grave itself.
Hey, listen, thank you so much
for agreeing to sit down
with the Glasses.
Hear 'em out, you know?
This could be a worthwhile
opportunity for you.
Hmm, yeah, and for you
it gets you out of their debt?
Yeah, well, it's not a debt exactly.
It's more like a hostage situation.
Right, oh, yeah, maybe next time
you rent and then destroy
a skinwalker hatchet
belonging to some, you know,
friendly suburban relic traders,
maybe don't put your
Porsche up as collateral?
Hey, be fair.
You know you miss those relic runs
in my car just as much as I do.
And, besides, it's no secret
that the town council
is gonna be voting
to reduce the quarterly funding
for the Historical Society.
Yeah, I am doing everything I can
to remind the town
how important the Society is,
you know, without exposing
its secrets, of course.
Of course. Of course.
It's you know, it doesn't hurt
to sit down with
like-minded people, right?
I mean, this this they
they could be your backup plan.
Yeah, fine, and I will
happily sit down with them
after the Vigil, thank you very much.
Or right now could work, too.
Here she is.
Bess, meet Shelby and Jonas.
- Hi.
- Hi.
As Keeper, you receive newly-discovered
relics for safe storage.
What if I told you
that many of those relics
and haunted objects
could fetch a premium
on the black market?
I would say that was true, yes.
And since the items bound
for your Archive Room
are technically off the books,
why not let us utilize our expertise
as relic connoisseurs
by monetizing them for you?
See, this-this right here,
this sounds like a cool idea.
I'm sorry. I have to take this.
Um, okay.
I mean
Hi, 4:00 p.m. at the docks?
I will get a ride and
I'll meet you there.
So, what do you think?
Can we help each other?
Um, Mr. and Mrs. Glass,
I admire your entrepreneurial zest,
but I must decline your offer.
Listen, if I could
Okay, um, listen.
Hold on, please.
Please, please, please, listen,
I'm I'm so sorry that that
didn't work, obviously.
But you saw I tried my best.
All right.
Deal's a deal.
You can have your car back.
Thank you. Thanks.
Aren't those your paying cases?
These are cases that can wait.
Good news, Ace definitely
didn't steal any bodies.
- Bad news
- It's looking like the bodies stole themselves.
Nick and I only witnessed
one walking corpse,
but I have to imagine the other
seven are out there as well.
As to why and how
eight corpses reanimated,
burst from their graves, and
have been creeping around town
for the last five weeks
Could be a ritual gone awry,
could be a mystical timer that went off.
Totally, it could be either.
But reanimated bodies
are found in plenty
of cultures worldwide.
You have the upyr of Ukraine,
you have the soucriant
of the Caribbean
Is there a common method
for how to deal with them?
Aside from run away very quickly?
Depends on how they died.
Once we know that,
we can figure out what
caused them to reanimate.
And then from there,
get them back to rest.
That is tomorrow's mission.
Today's mission?
Find the bodies.
Get some proof to Chief Lovett
about their current behavior.
And how exactly are
we going to achieve that?
I am working on it. I have a theory
based on what I saw in the marsh
and hole in Ace's backyard.
I think the bodies bury
themselves during the daytime,
and at night they rise.
I just have to figure
out what they're doing.
Okay, while you puzzle that out,
I did get an ID on the body
that is now one-armed.
The ring belonged to
a woman named India Burnett.
I remember that name.
Most recently deceased
of all the dead bodies.
She died in 1998 at the age of 27.
"Cause of death inconclusive".
Profoundly unhelpful.
But I did find this.
Took a lot of stalking around
the hilltopper part of town,
but I got the story.
India's parents were really wealthy,
but she was deeply troubled.
She suffered from long,
depressive episodes,
so she took to living
alone on her yacht.
That's where they found
her body in 1998.
There's the name of the boat behind her.
Lost Time.
I recognized that boat
from my Marvin days.
Yeah, it's docked in
the private hilltoppers' harbor.
They say that no one's been inside it
since the day India died.
Well, it's about to get a visitor.
Okay, I got to get back to The Claw.
Carson probably needs
help with Ace's case.
Uh, have you spoken to Ace?
How's he doing?
Ace was suspended
from his job at the morgue
until this is over.
I'm gonna find the proof
we need to free him.
Reports of a
prowler boarding the Lost Time.
Mind checking it out real quick?
Anyone here?
You're the fish guy.
You're the town detective.
Hi. Tristan. Nice to meet you.
Hide me.
Um get in the, uh, lobster hold.
Ah, lobsters aren't my favorite.
But you work at The Claw.
Exactly. They know what
I've done to their friends.
Now or never.
Hey, Kenny, have a look around
Did you see anyone
running past you just now?
Step back. I'm searching your boat.
Yeah, I don't think so.
Not without a warrant.
You want to go get one? I'll wait.
I'll have your boat impounded
for illegal docking.
Be sure to tell the Gloversons
why their daily catch
is coming to them late
and spoiled, though.
Know what? I'll tell them myself
You're good.
I'm never going in there again.
You did great.
Thank you for your help.
I hope that doesn't mean
I risked your boat
or your livelihood.
I hope this means that we can
keep running into each other.
Yeah, you just
Oh, my God!
- Thank you, bye!
- You're okay.
Could be some kind of code
or a rune.
50,000 views and counting.
Oh, my God, Nick is a media darling.
Is it me, or all these women
of Horseshoe Bay
just thirsty as hell?
Do I sense a hint of regret?
No, it's just Nick and I
have barely even broken up.
We haven't even had time to talk about
things we haven't even talked about.
What am I going to say to him
at the Lovers' Vigil tonight?
Got some stuff here.
Are you sketching an old
outline of Horseshoe Bay?
'Cause that's not bad.
Sorry, what?
Well, here, check it out.
This is old Horseshoe Bay before '99,
when they incorporated
the eastern marsh.
It looks just like it.
I only remember because
I used to take Lucy out there
to stare at the stars.
That's close to where I found
India's body last night.
Okay, hold up.
What does an old map of
Horseshoe Bay have to do
with whatever India's
reanimated body is up to now?
I love how casually you just said that.
What if India's body
is following a pattern,
and the other bodies, too?
Bess, can you track all
the Stoop Snoop complaints
about barking dogs
since the night the bodies went missing?
- Mm-hmm.
- Every neighborhood in Horseshoe Bay.
Look for patterns.
Yeah, on it.
If the dogs bark when the bodies emerge,
maybe we can locate the others
and predict where they're going tonight.
And we can be there
when they move again.
I will send you what
I find from the road.
Ryan is driving me to pick up
a shipment from the docks,
um, from a deceased medium's estate.
And we'll make it speedy
'cause I got the old wheels back.
Hey, look, I know that
turning down the Glasses
means you didn't solve your issue
with the town council, but
You know, if I can help at all,
I'm here.
- Thank you.
- Yeah.
Yeah, I'm just trying to figure
out another way
Ryan, what's happening?
I don't know, the brakes are going out!
Hi, hi, hello, this is Bess Marvin.
I'm gonna be late to pick up a shipment.
Is that a talisman?
I'm sorry, my "assistants"
picked it up just now?
No, I don't have any assistants.
I can't believe it.
The Glasses did this.
Oh, my God.
Okay. You know what?
When we get back into town,
I am getting my shipment back
and they're having a piece of my mind.
- No, no, stay out of this, okay?
- Yes.
Because I-I underestimated
how dangerous they are.
I mean, we could have died.
You let me handle this, okay?
It seems you're ♪
All in, fallin' ♪
Liquid courage callin' ♪
Faded, wantin' ♪
To get right into something ♪
- Hey, everything okay?
- Yeah, my dad said
- Ace got out on bail.
- Okay.
I doubt he'll come to the Vigil,
but he's sleeping at home tonight.
Hey, you're late.
I was worried about you.
Yeah, you, you won't believe
what happened. We just had
A flat tire is what we had.
Yeah, can you believe it?
We had a flat tire,
but nothing to worry about, right?
I'll catch you guys later.
How are we doing with complaints?
Yes, done.
Five weeks of dog barking posts.
Logged and mapped.
Anything that points to the bodies?
If there is, I don't see it yet.
Oh, my God, you made it
- Yes!
- I wasn't gonna let you
spend the Vigil alone.
Now, um, I read the rules,
and it's a punishable offense
if we don't dance.
- Oh.
- So
I am so glad you found me.
Do you mind?
No, go dance.
The rules are the rules.
What happens next ♪
Or is it all in my head? ♪
But when I'm reading your lips ♪
George, you okay?
All my failings come crashing
together at once.
I just spent ten hours
writing this legal memo
for Judge Abbott, and
he says none of it's usable.
I don't even know
what Shepardizing means,
but apparently I'm awful at it.
I'm sorry.
Well, don't know if it helps
coming from one of your
alleged failings.
You're not.
I really shouldn't have said that.
I've actually been
meaning to talk to you.
not like this.
Oh, well, that's too bad,
because I'm already here.
And I'm listening.
Liquid courage callin' ♪
Faded, wantin' ♪
To get right into ♪
Why did you sell the engagement ring?
Yeah, I saw it in the pawnshop
window last month.
I needed the money to pay a contractor
to seal up the Veil.
To protect the town.
I wasn't trying to hurt you.
Yeah, and you didn't, really.
I was just surprised.
Because it felt final.
I guess a part of me
had still hoped that maybe
you would hold onto the ring.
Just on the off chance
that one day we
It's stupid, I
Neither of us have changed our minds.
We can't live our lives
waiting for something
that may or may not happen.
- That
- Yeah.
It's not really living.
I mean, you
You should download one of those apps
and say yes.
Say yes to what?
All the women who are
going to message you.
I will take that into consideration.
Strange party.
Feels like laws are being broken.
I just don't know which ones.
Is this arts and crafts?
No, it is the centerpiece
of the Lover's Vigil.
Didn't mean to offend.
Tell me.
Local legend says
on this night every year,
lovers' souls separated in death
can find each other.
So people write
the name of their beloved,
seal it in a bottle,
and send it out to sea
so their souls can reunite
if they so desire.
On this side or the other.
And there's general buy-in on this?
You seem to have an issue
with what people in this town believe.
In my experience,
when people start
believing ghost stories,
problems lie ahead.
I don't want to see anyone get hurt.
I'm running out of bottles.
Can you, uh, cover my table
for a minute?
I'll be right back.
Hey, you guys can't be in here.
Uh, this is for staff only.
Hey, don't touch the archive boxes.
Can you just
- Oh!
- Oh.
You're here.
After 24 hours in jail I didn't
feel like sitting at home alone.
They can't be here.
- Dangerous artifacts and
- Yeah.
Hey, everybody out!
Party's over. Come on.
Let's go, do that somewhere else.
I should go, too.
I'm really sorry for this.
For everything.
I'm sorry I made it weird
weeks ago in my loft and
You didn't.
I did. It's my fault.
Wish I knew what you meant.
I wish I could tell you.
Ooh, you're bleeding.
The bottle must have just cracked
when I tripped, so
- Wait, you
- I'm going to just clean it up.
Did I ever tell you I tanked
my first law school final?
I was working two jobs
to put myself through it.
Bakery in the morning,
parking garage at night.
Want to know how I did it?
- Time machine?
- No.
Just an award-winning
time management system.
Taught to me by a pastry chef.
Every day at 4:00 a.m.
What award did that win?
Let's see.
A judge would not spend this much time
marking up an assignment
unless he saw real potential
in you and wanted you to do better.
Eh, I find that really questionable.
I mean, who would want to work
with a scatterbrained lawyer like me?
I think you trained your brain
to survive by juggling
a million things at once,
but right now, maybe that superpower
is killing this superpower.
I can work with you
to gather all the pieces, to focus.
Will you accept my help?
Are there pastries involved?
The first map of Horseshoe Bay.
What's all this?
It's old maps of Horseshoe Bay.
1999, 1975, 1951, and so on.
Each corresponds with the time period
from when one of
the missing bodies was alive.
These bodies are walking the town limits
as they knew them during their lifetime.
And they all meet here. Geiger Clearing.
Bess said according to the locations
of the latest dog barking clusters,
that's where the bodies will be tonight.
The site where the town was founded.
George will keep the Vigil running.
The rest of us need to go now.
So if each of the bodies is
walking the outline of the town
from when they were alive
and converging in this one
consistent point,
Geiger Clearing,
does that mean they remember?
I don't think so.
Based on Bess's research,
reanimated corpses aren't conscious.
They're more like rogue
nuclear submarines
programmed, mindless, on a warpath.
On a warpath to do what?
I don't know.
And tonight I don't care.
We're here to exonerate Ace.
This should be the place.
What are they doing?
What is going on here?
Glad you could join us.
I appreciate you taking
my text seriously.
Yeah, is this enough proof for you
that Ace did not steal those bodies?
- How are you doing this?
- We're not.
Oh, that was unexpected.
How do you feel about
dropping those charges?
So no word on Chunky the Ferret?
None, but I did manage
to request an extension
on my electricity bill, so
Yay. That's great.
Why the long face?
I thought exonerating Ace
would fix things,
but it didn't.
Because I've been
lying to him for weeks,
pretending I don't love him.
Only to protect him, though.
Yeah, and still caused
so much suffering.
It's like my compass is off.
My sense of true north.
And-and I
I'm supposed to be an adult now,
so why do I feel so lost?
An adult?
Well, then welcome
to the club of lost adults.
You know, because we're all
just trying to wing it.
Yeah, and that's not good enough.
I want to make decisions
that I can be proud of.
I want to be someone
that I can be proud of.
Ryan, have you confronted
the Glasses yet?
Because I really need those relics back.
Confronted the Glasses about what?
Nothing. Absolutely nothing.
We just It's nothing.
We just didn't give them
what they wanted,
so they melted my engine
with some weird talisman.
- You said it was a flat tire.
- Yeah
- Well, we crashed into a tree.
- Whoa.
But Ryan is sorting it, isn't he?
You could have been hurt or worse.
Look, I'm taking care of it.
The Glasses are way more dangerous
than I thought, and I don't need you
or-or you or anyone getting involved.
Okay? So
As your father, promise me,
that you're gonna stay away.
Someone chasing you again?
Good news, I'm lobster free.
You live here?
This is your house.
Yeah. Well, technically,
it's my parents' house.
Sometimes I sleep on the boat.
Your parents are Jonas and Shelby Glass.
Did you want to speak to them?
Don't go on a witch hunt ♪
If you don't wanna find one ♪
I'll make you believe ♪
In more than what you can see ♪
Electricity bill extension tonight.
Each time the witches fly ♪
There's no moon tonight ♪
If that's not Chunky Velez,
step away from the door.
I am only accepting visits
from ferrets tonight.
- You were lying.
- What?
You do have feelings for me.
This could have been written by anybody.
How many order tickets
have you written me at The Claw?
I know your handwriting.
That bottle shattered at the Vigil,
just like the barometer
shattered in my apartment.
Both times I felt something,
and I know you felt it, too.
And both times we
were close enough to
Ace, we can't.
Tell me why not.
Because we're cursed.
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