Nancy Drew (2019) s04e02 Episode Script

The Maiden's Rage


- George?
- Hm?
[EXCLAIMS] Looking very profesh.
Can't talk. Got to stick to a very
diligent schedule Carson made me.
Um you're-you're sitting together?
But not too together.
Okay, no contact. Smart.
Word of our curse travels fast.
I went to Bess for moral support.
Bess went to everyone
else for moral support.
I'm trying to process this whole thing,
but I need more information.
You don't.
Temperance cursed us.
She got inside my head
and I made the decision
to kill her anyway. And as a result,
we can't act on our
feelings for each other,
and that's all you need to know.
Define "got in your head."
What aren't you telling me?
It won't change anything.
So, there is something.
And if-if it doesn't change anything,
then why not just tell me?
I want to know how you know
about the curse.
Are you looking for loopholes?
- Can you blame me?
- Yes.
The stakes are too high. You will die.
Jade. Nonbinary.
[SIGHS] Exquisite.
- They slid into my DMs.
- Did I use "DMs" right?
- Mm-hmm.
Huh. We're going to brunch.
Ooh, look at you,
getting back out there.
What? No. No, no, no,
no, no, no. No, no.
This is not getting back out there.
Oh, please. I mean,
this is like your first
first date since high
school with someone that
you haven't already hooked up with
and who isn't in our friend group.
- I'm getting back out there.
- Mm-hmm.
Hey, what do you think?
No hat.
- Hat.
Thank you.
My revised legal memo
and an egg sandwich
is the way to Judge Abbott's heart.
I just want him to
know how grateful I am
for the opportunity to be his clerk.
- Mm. Mm-hmm, mm-hmm.
- Mm-hmm, mm-hmm.
Oh, and Nick.
It's fine, we're cool.
Look what you've uncovered ♪
But I would lose the hat.
That you've discovered, illuminate ♪
Like a touch from a lover ♪
Is it any wonder
what's inside wants out? ♪
From whisper to shout ♪
Get up, get down ♪
It's your time to groove ♪
So kick off your shoes,
get down, get loosened ♪
Show off your colors,
show off your colors ♪
Show off your colors ♪
Let me see what you got ♪
Wh-wh-wh-what you got ♪
Show off your colors,
show off your colors ♪
Show off your colors. ♪
What the hell?
What's wrong? What are you doing?
Oh, my God, Judge Abbott, are you okay?
Stay away from Magpie Lake.

- Mmm.
- Mm-hmm.
Mmm! Oh, that's good.
Am I getting hints of,
uh rose and mint?
Yes! Yes, I'm gonna be
serving that to your parents
with dessert tonight,
so it's a British flair
to follow my famous
lentil soup.
I'm gonna make the
best first impression.
Well, it doesn't have to be lentils.
Uh, my parents aren't big soup people.
You know, I wasn't married to soup.
Okay, um
This just means a lot to me.
You know, my parents
won't be coming to dinner
anytime soon. Or ever.
This is our one chance
to take this big relationship step.
Right. Well, um
My parents are they're particular.
But if you're up for the
challenge, they like salmon.
Uh, like fish and chips?
Mm, maybe less fried and more elevated.
Okay, um, some salmon croquettes?
Mm, that's still kinda fried, though.
- Oh, yeah.
- Think salmon
that you would eat
with a fork and knife.
- Maybe we need more time.
- Hey. No, no, no, no, no.
I can do fork and knife salmon.
It's gonna be perfect.
Since when do you give up so easily?
We defeated Temperance
before, we can do it again.
- You weren't there.
- Wasn't where?
I'm in this curse too.
Please just stop pushing
me away and tell me.
I'm trying to be strong,
okay? I can't go there.
I can't let those feelings in right now.
Tristan, uh, Ace.
Ace, Tristan Glass.
- New lobster guy.
- Oh.
He started after
you left to work at the morgue.
Nancy, guess you're not
running away from me this time.
I was following a lead,
- and you weren't the lead.
Never the lead. This is
just like high school.
Got a lobster delivery.
In that tiny cooler?
Yeah, I had to barter
these from a competitor.
My boat got a little impounded.
Turns out the harbor security guard
didn't make empty threats.
But as soon as I get
the Joleneback, you'll
be knee-deep in snappers.
Joleneis a solid boat name.
I, uh, can ask George to
give you a pay advance.
I appreciate that, but don't feel bad.
I made my own bed.
And I'd save you again in a heartbeat.
Man, I made my bed too.
I make it every day.
- I made it this morning.
Hey, George.
What happened?
GEORGE: I told the paramedics this was
not a normal heart attack, but
they didn't take me seriously.
And look, Nancy, I'm wearing a blazer.
I am not a doctor, but veins don't just
turn black like that. I'm not saying
it was supernatural, but
maybe supernatural-adjacent?
- We have to help him.
- We're gonna figure it out.
That's what we do, right?
- Yeah.
- NANCY: I'll get some pictures for evidence.
So, why did Abbott suddenly
want to destroy that file?
And why did he tell you
not to go to Magpie Lake?
I have no idea what Magpie Lake is.
But I'll take a look
at the file right now.
I checked Abbott's texts,
emails, call-logs to see
if he received any threats.
But I can't find anything.
Well, what caused his sudden
change of behavior, his panic?
When you left Abbott,
he was drinking water?
Yeah. I filled up his cup
with the pitcher from the fridge.
Could he have been poisoned?
- Can I see it?
- Does this look cloudy to you?
- Oh
Tell me the potentially poisoned water
didn't just get into your mouth.
Yeah, well
- She seems okay.
- Yeah, so did Abbott, at first.
I mean, I think I'm fine.
We should get the
we should get the water
in the-in the pitcher
tested, just in case.
Any hits on Magpie Lake?
Saved by the case, huh?
Great way to avoid
what's going on with us.
That's not fair.
Not a chance, lady.
- You know, she was to your right.
Yeah, and I got there first.
You can be the windshield
or you can be the bug.
So, how's it feel to be trending?
- I'm-I'm trendy?
- Trending. Uh,
- your video is trending.
- Oh.
How is it possible you didn't know?
Um, I just got on social media.
Okay, now, how is that possible?
Wow, this is embarrassing for you
and probably your loved ones.
It's a good thing you met me.
- Hm.
- You're a small business owner, right?
Oh. Oh, you you looked me up.
I work in PR.
I could help you capitalize
on the popularity of your last video.
I did a bunch of work for Harbor Joe's.
Think you should check
out their socials.
Could help you build
a cross-promotion
I'm sorry, should I be
taking notes here or
Um, sorry, excuse me.
what's going on? I'm kinda
in the middle of something.
Oh. Sorry to interrupt.
We have an emergency.
- Swish.
Abbott's tox screen came back negative.
But who knows what they
were even screening for?
It's not like the
paramedics passed along
- my useful information.
- Yeah, they were douches.
Were they hot? The least they could do
is be hot douches, am I right? Up high.
BESS: Okay, could
someone pass me a lemon?
A lemon-miso glaze is elevated, right?
Even for Addy's particular parents?
- Did you just wh
- Call me whipped?
NANCY: Hey-o!
Just the guys I was missing.
Party starts now.
The game is: who can be
the first to figure out why
Abbott wanted to destroy this file
and what happened at
Magpie Lake. Here we go!
Not sure why it's a competition,
but I did just finish
- looking through the
- Yeah, me too, 20 minutes ago.
It's a case summary of a trial
Judge Abbott presided
over in 1996. A teenager,
Logan Rhodes, was charged with
breaking into his classmate's house.
The classmate was a minor
so their name was redacted.
Abbott dismissed the charges
on insufficient evidence.
- Nothing too damaging in there.
- GEORGE: Wait, and there was
- no mention of the lake?
- ACE: Nick and I have been doing
an extensive search.
Closest Magpie Lake 3,000 miles away.
NANCY: Let me see that.
Hey, we should talk to Logan Rhodes.
He lives in Eastville.
Wait, if Logan is in
Eastville, that's only
- ten minutes away from here.
- NANCY: Right.
We should talk to Logan.
Good thinking, George.
Thanks, that was my thinking.
- But
- You know, you should smile.
Guys are easily 25%
hotter with teeth visible.
You're all hearing this, right?
Yeah, something is definitely wrong.
Yeah, it's like she's
mentally turned into a dude.
And now she's Nan-spreading.
Yeah, but do all dudes act like that?
Nick and I don't act like that, right?
Oh, you're not capable of achieving
this level of awesome. It's
not your fault. It's biology.
BESS: Right, yeah, I know this guy.
She's acting like a straight cis-female
gender-swapped version of a bro-y guy.
Oh, completely clear, thanks.
ACE: This must've all started when
she got splashed with Abbott's water.
Must have done something to Nancy.
I'm fine. Chill.
I'll get that.
Okay. So, what was in that water
some mystical bro-licious poison?
Can one poison give Abbott
a heart attack and also
turn Nancy into the type of
guy that I will never date?
If the poison affected
Abbott's behavior,
maybe it sent him into distress,
causing the heart attack.
I'll, uh, look it up and see
if I can find an antidote.
All while perfectly searing this salmon.
At least Bro-Nancy
is, you know, harmless
and somewhat entertaining.
Yeah, we're all amused.
We need to figure out
who poisoned Judge Abbott.
Solve Abbott, solve Bro-Nancy.
Well, I loosened it for you.
You and me we're
going to Logan's house.
Great. George and I'll check
on Abbott, see if he's talking.
NANCY: And, hey, Bess, you're gonna
cook the hell out of this meal.
- You got this.
- Mm.
You got the EMTs there quickly.
He's lucky you were with him.
Yeah, I just
I just want him to be okay.
You know, I know Judge
Abbott was hard on me
probably on everyone
but he really cares.
I mean, I don't I
He gave me a clerkship and
I'm not even in law school.
This whole lawyer dream
feels doable because of him.
I never got to tell him how
much I appreciate everything.
You will.
Okay, talk to me about something else.
How was your date with Jade?
Oh, no, we don't need to
Did you spark with her?
Their pronouns are they/them.
I-I don't even know
if it counts as a date.
It felt like
PR coaching.
Mm-hmm. Were you disappointed?
Disappointed I lost my hat.
I left it at the café.
Not sure I'd call that a loss.
I'm sorry, Judge Abbott was
just admitted to surgery.
He can't see you now,
but here's the number
for the nurse's station.
- NANCY: Logan Rhodes.
- ACE: Do you drink
- all that in one day?
- Three times.
Yeah, the motivational markers help.
I got a whole selection
of 'em in my gym. You lift?
- I can get you a guest pass.
- Okay, back to Judge Abbott.
We think someone
caused his heart attack.
Think someone came after him.
- Oh, that's awful.
- Before Abbott lost
consciousness, he tried
to rip up a file containing
a summary of your trial.
Wait, you don't think I did it.
That was over 20 years
ago. And it was nothing.
I broke into a house
on a dare. Judge Abbott
knew I came from a hardworking family,
he could tell I was a good kid,
and he dismissed the charges.
I was so grateful I even
brought him a thank-you gift.
Okay, we get it.
You're, like, in love with Abbott.
But judges aren't
allowed to accept gifts.
Well, it wasn't expensive.
And you never crossed paths again?
Not even at Magpie Lake?
Uh, Magpie Lake isn't a lake.
She's a girl. The one
whose house I broke into.
Margaret Pyne Lake. She went by Maggie,
so we called her Magpie. Magpie Lake.
Margaret Pyne
is this the same Margaret Pyne Lake
who, um, fell and almost died in '96?
Uh, yeah. A few weeks
after my trial ended,
she hit her head. It
was a freak accident.
Was it? An accident?
- What are you implying?
- She's the reason you almost
went to jail. You
must've been pretty upset.
Why? I didn't go to jail.
- It all went away.
- Because Abbott thought
you were a really good kid.
Did you prove him wrong?
We should go. We'll go.
- I'm not done here.
- Go.
But you can wait in the car.
We are done. My daughters
will be home soon, so
- Have a good one.
- What the hell is wrong with you?
Me? Look, do you want to solve the case
or do you just want
to antagonize that guy?
I need to know what happened in 1996
so I can figure out who
would come after Abbott now.
That is how you conduct
an investigation.
You just accused Logan without evidence.
You're not yourself right now.
- I'm trying
- To control me?
You cannot take it if I
don't want to do things
the way that you want to do
things, so you keep pushing.
- You never leave anything alone.
- Is this you talking?
- Is it the poisoned water?
- Find your own ride home.
Ace sent you to babysit me?
Dude's been so dramatic all day.
You abandoned him at Logan's.
Abandoned? He was slowing me down.
Do you really think Logan hurt Maggie?
I think we need to figure out
if Maggie's fall was really an accident.
WOMAN: Logan asked me out
a few times in high school.
But he wasn't my type.
A few times? Sounds needy.
My friends told me to be flattered.
He broke into your house.
That's not flattering,
it's creepy, right?
It was a goof.
My accident put everything
into perspective.
Okay, do you mind telling
us about that, please?
I'd had a few drinks at a party
and decided to walk home alone.
Not the smartest move.
I tripped and hit my head on the curb.
I changed my life with one
misstep, and I did it to myself.
What I put my parents through
they still help support me.
I get such terrible migraines
I can only teach part-time.
NANCY: There was one of
these in Abbott's office.
You collect horse statuettes?
[CHUCKLES] Since I was a little kid.
I was so grateful I even
brought him a thank-you gift.
Did any of them disappear
the night Logan broke into your home?
Where did you find that?
Sorry, what was that?
Just trying to have it
all and succeeding.
NANCY: George and I
went to Abbott's office
and liberated that bad boy. We
think Logan stole it from Maggie
when he broke into her house
and then gave it to Abbott
- as a thank-you gift.
- Maybe some kind of power play?
Logan seems sus.
But he has no motive to poison Abbott.
- Abbott gave him a free pass.
- Exactly, so, if Logan hurt Maggie,
as I suspect, Abbott
could've prevented the attack.
- But Abbott let Logan walk.
- This is what happens when men let
their emotions make
their decisions for them.
But Judge Abbott?
I really thought that he was
above all this old boys' club crap.
Do you think Maggie or someone
close to her came after Abbott?
But Maggie said that she
was alone when she fell.
- That it was an accident.
- NANCY: Well, she's
wrong. Abbott was poisoned,
and it has something
to do with this trial.
Otherwise he wouldn't
try and destroy the file.
We need Maggie's medical records
to figure out what
actually happened to her.
Ace, hey, you're up.
Go to the records room,
get us what we need.
- Physically?
- I'm a hacker. I get it done with my fingers.
Don't tempt me.
Look, it has to be you,
you've got the morgue credentials,
which you still have because
- I got you out of jail.
- Yeah, for something
- that I didn't do.
- Come on.
Be a team player.
Show us you're more than just eye candy.
Hey. Um, yes, actually,
I was just wondering
Is he flirting with her?
Are you being possessive?
These all validate Maggie's story.
See, the shape of her head wound
is consistent with hitting a curb.
This can't be right.
Did you get all her files?
Yes. X-rays, photos, blood tests.
They even sent her records
to a head trauma specialist in Bangor.
There's no medical reason to
believe that Logan hurt Maggie.
What, you flirt with one
nurse, and then all of a sudden
you're a medical expert? [CHUCKLES]
I'm kidding.
As if I care who you flirt
with. Also, you had no shot.
What, you can't take a joke now?!
Okay, no.
N-No, no, no, n That's it, enough.
No more sad truffle shaving.
Talk to me, please, now.
For weeks, Nancy's been pushing me away.
She said it's because
she cared about me.
That she had to. She was
protecting me from a curse.
But today, she's treating me like I'm
Yeah, like an object. A piece of meat.
A big old flank steak.
And I know it's not
her fault she's, like,
she's not herself. She's been poisoned.
She can't even see
that she's being awful.
- But it still
- Hurts.
She's hurting you.
You know, you don't
need to make excuses.
Your feelings are valid.
Whatever toxic bro-ness
is affecting Nancy,
we will solve the case,
find an antidote, and
get her back to normal.
Well, we're already keeping
our distance from each other.
I'll just make it more distance.
Just put on the armor.
Hope I don't run into her.
Keep an eye on dinner.
I am gonna back to
the historical society
and research a way to
alleviate the poison.
There must be something that we can do.
Okay, hold tight,
stir the sauce, please.
And I'll be back soon.
- Okay.
- Okay? I appreciate you.
Appreciate you.
But keep an eye out for lumps.
- No lumps.
- No lumps.
I'm sorry.
I've been horrible.
You're a great guy. The best guy.
I need you in my life.
How can I make us okay?
Let's not do this right now, okay?
You were right earlier.
I haven't told you everything.
But I will.
I'll tell you all about the time
we did get together.
No. I'm done.
Are you rejecting me?
I'm not rejecting you. I mean
- Hey!
- Hey!
Dial Bess, please. Bess, please.
Clear-i-tea. A mild,
mystical sedative.
It won't undo the poison but it should
give you some, well, clarity.
- Temporarily, at least.
- What, like I'm a lightweight?
There she goes.
Did it work? Is she all right?
Ace, I'm so sorry that I attacked you.
I should be feeling remorse.
And I want to
but it is not there.
The tea is working.
It's allowing her to have
a removed perspective on
what she's going through.
What are you going through?
For weeks, I've had
all these complicated,
painful th things
that I feel for you.
That anguish of not
getting to be with you.
Fear that I'll get you killed.
The guilt that follows. And
then I got hit with this
water, and it's like all
those feelings are locked away.
I can't get to them, and all I feel
is this anger.
Shuts down everything else.
GEORGE: So, basically,
it's like what could happen
if you'd been raised to be masculine
- with a capital M.
- Hence dealing with pain
by acting tough and aggressive.
Responding to a "no" by trying
to assert your dominance over Ace.
- That's how it felt.
- You are never gonna guess.
- Hmm?
Ryan found a supernatural stomach pump.
- Oh
- Yup, never would've guessed that.
BESS: Wow, yeah, he's been
doing relic recon on the Glasses
since they stole my
shipment of artifacts,
and they have an occult
purification device.
We can use it to remove the effects
of the tainted water from Nancy.
Well, uncuff me.
Got to go get my hands on that
hot lobster guy's family relic.
Sorry. The tea is wearing off.
Nancy. George. Handcuffs.
I caught a case of toxic
gender-swapped masculinity.
Long story. I'll try not
to say anything degrading,
like how good your
arms look in that shirt.
- Hey.
- Sorry.
But you should be flattered.
Anyway, the only way to
get this toxicity out of me
is with a supernatural
stomach pump your parents have.
I don't mess with their relics.
I prefer the simple sea life.
NANCY: Which is why you need your boat.
The one that got
impounded because of me.
I get why you don't
want to help me again.
And I'm gonna get your
boat back. Either way.
You're asking me to break
into my parents' stash.
If I do that, I need assurance
to make sure I get
this stomach thing back.
- So they don't notice it.
- We've learned our lesson
offering collateral to the Glasses.
What did my parents do? Don't answer.
But I'm not like them.
I believe you.
And that's not just because
you're the only option here.
You want some assurance?
Here, take this.
It's very important to me.
We good?
You ready to say goodbye to toxicity?
- Um, don't really feel like I'm that tox
- Shush.
GEORGE: Okay. Just a moment. Good?
- Yeah.
- There you go.
Hey, you got this,
Nancy. It's gonna be okay.
BESS: Okay
Are you okay?
- Oh!
- Whoa!
Oh, my God!
NICK: What did you eat?
Just an overwhelming amount of emotion
flooding back at once.
Everything that was being
suppressed by Abbott's water.
- I'm so sorry.
- It's fine.
Probably just come
out with seltzer water.
[SCOFFS] My dinner is doomed.
We've seen this before.
NICK: It's the same
sludge that came out of
the eight reanimated
corpses before they
crumbled into a heap.
Wait, what does this have to do
with Judge Abbott being poisoned?
There's more going on
here than we realize.
Things weren't adding up,
so I hacked into Maggie's
medical records from 1996,
ones that were sent to
a head trauma specialist
in Bangor for a phone consultation.
I compared the photos
in the Bangor files
with the ones from Palley
General right here in town.
Now, these photos should be identical.
They have the same timestamp.
But the wounds look different.
This has two gashes.
A curb wouldn't leave these marks.
Based on those lacerations,
it looks like Maggie
was hit with an object.
GEORGE: I'm still not a
doctor, but those lacerations
fit the shape of that horse.
Which would confirm Nancy's
theory that Logan attacked Maggie.
If that's the case,
someone not only altered
Maggie's medical
records in Horseshoe Bay,
they changed her actual memory.
We've seen memory erasing before.
Logan was so forthcoming
about Maggie's accident.
It's like he didn't even
know he had anything to hide.
You think his memories
were altered, too?
Wait, but what about Abbott?
He suddenly cares about
something that happened 20 years ago?
After drinking
supernaturally tainted water.
If Abbott's memories of
the attack were altered,
then drinking the water
must have restored them.
A memory so upsetting it
triggered a heart attack.
Okay, say the water did that to Abbott.
Why did it turn Nancy into
a ticking toxic rage bomb?
NANCY: When I attacked Ace,
I wasn't just trying to hurt him,
I was compelled to hit him in the head.
And I used that horse.
That can't be a coincidence.
Something in the water
made you want to relive
- Logan's attack on Maggie?
- More like Logan's mindset
and emotions of the crime
mystically latched onto me.
Like when I absorbed the
lust from the wedding dress.
[SHORT CHUCKLE] Yeah, but less fun.
Did someone want Abbott
to remember what happened?
Spiked his water?
NANCY: If you're gonna
spike anybody's water,
why not spike Logan's?
All Abbott did was make
a horrible judgment call
on the case of a teenage boy
breaking into his crush's
house. That's a small case.
Could be it wasn't so small for Abbott.
He was up for reappointment
at the time he gave Logan
his "boys will be boys"
pass for the break-in.
That is all kinds of disappointing.
ACE: So, because Logan wasn't in jail
he was able to go assault Maggie.
NICK: If that's true,
Logan could have gone back
to Abbott to ask for help.
Stay out of jail again.
Did Abbott try to make all this go away
to protect his reputation and his job?
BESS: Could Abbott and
Logan have pulled off
some kind of massive
supernatural coverup?
How? And what does it have to do
with the eight re-animated bodies
and the sludge they released?
Uh, and why is this
coverup coming undone now?
Hey, it's-it's just a
little bit of a mishap.
You know, usually I love
British understatement, but,
wow, I knew I should
have called off dinner.
You were gonna call off
dinner before all of this?
You never wanted me to
meet your parents, did you?
Fine. You're right. You got me.
Why? 'Cause I'm the soup? And you just
- knew you knew that they were gonna hate me.
- No, no!
It's because I didn't want
them to ruin what we have.
My parents are not just particular.
They're involved. In everything I do
and-and everyone I date.
It Look, they will call you
and they will text you and they will
judge you.
Look, the problem is I
I really like you, Bess.
And I'm terrified
that they're gonna scare you off.
[CHUCKLING, SNIFFLING] Have you seen me?
I don't scare.
Easily. Okay?
I say bring them on.
They're gonna love me.
And if they don't?
Well, I'm not going anywhere.
Okay? This dinner is happening.
We're here to apologize.
Brought a little
something for the girls.
Yeah, come in.
I'm still trying to figure
out why you let Logan walk
after he broke into Maggie's house.
I thought he was just a
boy with a crush. Harmless.
Even if you believed that at
the time, a few weeks later
you found out that wasn't true.
GEORGE: You told me to stay
away from Maggie because
you didn't want me to
figure out what you did.
But we know everything. We know
NANCY: You followed Maggie home
with the horse you stole from her.
Maggie, s-stop.
Enough. Leave me alone.
NANCY: When she turned you down again,
you snapped and nearly killed her.
This isn't an apology. This
is an absurd accusation.
- You need to go.
- You don't remember
attacking her, but you
know you're capable of it.
Oh, I know what this is.
Yeah, you're trying to cancel me.
You're one of those people
that manufactures reasons
to destroy innocent men.
You know how it felt
when Maggie rejected you.
- It was humiliating.
- I have daughters.
- I
- NANCY: You want to protect them?
From whom men like you?
Is that why you lift? So
you can beat up any guy
who won't take no for an answer?
Hey, I-I'm sorry,
I really thought that
she was gonna apologize.
She brought these
stickers and everything.
I'll get her out of your hair.
Let's go, come on.
NICK: There must have been
some other reason that you helped him.
Please, tell me there
was a gun to your head
or-or that your family was threatened.
I I-I've made some mistakes
in my career that I'm not proud of.
This was more than a mistake.
Logan came to you with
the weapon from the crime
and asked for your help.
Wait here.
You covered up an attempted murder
- to ensure that you'd get reappointed.
- You don't know
what it's like to have
to decide between
My prospects and doing the right thing?
Judge Abbott, you were my
prospect of becoming a lawyer,
but I am giving all of that up right now
to get justice for Maggie,
because that is what matters.
You're a judge. How-how
do you not know that?
Maggie spent the last 20 years
suffering from what Logan did to her
and blaming herself for what happened,
while you and Logan lived
normal, healthy lives.
You remember now?
What you did to Maggie that night?
You'll never be able to prove that.
Nobody will believe you.
Tell us how you changed
the hospital photo.
No, I didn't. It was all Abbott.
Abbott knew how to do it.
I didn't remember what the
horse statue really was.
- I-I thought it was a gift.
- Until today, when you drank the water
- and the memories came back.
- How did you cover it all up
- in the first place, hmm?
- Leave this alone, George.
I am no longer
interested in your advice.
I will figure out how you did this
- and I will expose you.
- I'm warning you.
If you pull this thread,
everything will fall apart.
GEORGE: Logan's behavior should've
been stopped before it escalated.
This was not your fault.
You deserve to know the truth.
But if Logan attacked me, why do I
have a distinctly different memory?
And why were my medical records
changed in Horseshoe Bay but not Bangor?
I really wish we could
answer that right now.
We're getting closer to figuring out
how Abbott and Logan did
this, and I promise we will.
This is a lot to take in.
But you were right to tell me.
Thank you.
Should we load the trays by courses?
- They're here.
- We've got this.
- Yeah.
- Okay.
Come in.
Mr. and Mrs. Soctomah,
it is such a pleasure to meet you guys.
I made some calls.
The Jolenehas been sprung.
Pleasure doing business with you.
It's a beautiful necklace.
Oh, thanks.
The locket was my mom's.
I've worn it every day since she passed.
And the compass was my birth mother's.
It's all I have of her.
I was adopted, too.
So, thanks for trusting me with these.
Can I help? My arms don't
just look good in a shirt,
they actually have
excellent fine motor skills.
You and your arms have a great night.
GEORGE: Thanks for being there today.
I just wish I could have done more.
People like Abbott have
enabled the Logans of this world
to go unchecked forever.
Today, you checked him.
And the best part is
it is so clear you're
gonna keep doing it.
That means more than you know.
can I help you with Jade?
- Oh
- What are you actually looking for here?
Be honest. PR coaching?
A date? A hook-up?
A conversation.
I want to get to know them.
In a real way.
Here's your chance.
My hat found a publicist.
Oh. Is it trending now, or
I was heavy on the shop talk, huh?
Talking about work is my crutch.
I lean on it when I get nervous.
Do all your networking
meetings make you nervous, or
Wow, was I that bad that you
couldn't even tell it was a date?
Okay, that's good feedback.
No, no, I-I I
obviously knew it was a
[CLEARS THROAT] a date, uh,
not-not even a question, so
Hm, bad at lying.
That's the opposite of a red flag.
So, um, what are you doing right now?
Going on a
I hope.
Apology bagels?
With a side of pickles.
Tough crowd.
Here's what it is:
I was afraid of my feelings for you.
And then I experienced what it
was like to have those feelings
locked up, out of my reach.
I became so frustrated and angry.
I couldn't be myself.
I turned into a monster.
And I never want to
feel like that again.
And no one should ever
have to feel like that.
I'm ready to tell you how
I know about the curse.
We spent days together.
The most amazing days.
And then it was all taken away.
And you died in my arms.
That's a terrible,
terrible hallucination.
It didn't feel like a hallucination.
It felt so real.
I'm sorry.
I was only thinking about
this from my perspective.
- I know.
- I got frustrated, I even got
I got angry when you wouldn't
tell me what I wanted to hear.
Well, I tried to kill you
earlier for rejecting me, so
let's call it even.
I'm still terrified of losing you.
But I think that we owe it
to ourselves to at least try
to find a way to be together.
Yes, that's all I want.
Can you tell me, like, some good things
- from this hallucination?
- Mm
So that I m-I might know what
I have to look forward to.
What do you want to know?
Well, everything.
We went for a walk.
That's how it started.

Hey, George. Got your text.
What's going on?
I just can't stop thinking
about what Abbott said.
What thread are we pulling?
What is going to fall
apart? It doesn't feel like
the coverup ends with him.
It feels much bigger than that.
And then I remember how it started.
How Abbott took one drink.
And then how the eight
corpses released the sludge
not far from the town reservoir, and
WAITRESS: Can I get you some more water?
Um Nick,
I think there's something in the water.
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