Nancy Drew (2019) s04e04 Episode Script

The Return of the Killer's Hook

- RYAN: Hey, Nancy.
Look, I-I heard what
happened with you and Ace.
Are you all right?
Hit me back when you get a chance,
'cause Dad number two's worried.
- Nancy, it's Bess again.
Did you get my tip about
inspirational Post-its?
They work.
Sending you more healing
from heartbreak vibes!
- NICK: Nancy.
Hey. Uh, just wanted to say
we miss having you around.
We're here for you.
- GEORGE: Hi, it's me letting you know
I do not miss you, and I'm
totally not worried about you.
I'm sorry Ace broke your heart.
[WHISPERS]: Call me back.
The end ♪
Of the world. ♪
Where are you?
What the ?!
- MAN: Cut!
What the hell?
Bogey on set!
Hank, I'm calling a medic.
MAN: Call a medic!
It's okay. We have a permit.
Oh, shoot.

Sorry, we should've had a P.A.
locking up that end of the woods.
Can we reset the head drop, please?
My woods.
You're shooting a movie in my backyard.
- I live right over
- LACI: Nancy Drew?
- Laci McAllister?
- Doug, we need you back on set.
What are you doing here?
Are are you the director?
I guess you stopped
listening to my podcast
after we "worked
together" at DetectiveCon.
I haven't really been
listening to much of anything.
Or going outside.
Yeah, I recognize that look.
That's a heartbreak suit right there.
MAN: Laci.
Wardrobe is asking which
one you like better.
Oh, uh
That one. It's more arterial.
Thanks, you two. Tell
them it looks great.
You're the best, stunts department.
Let me guess, you're
directing a romantic comedy?
Musical? [CHUCKLES]
A remake of Longhook.
Slasher film from the '90s?
- They shot it in Horseshoe Bay back then.
- Rings a bell.
Yeah, the original was one of
my favorite movies as a kid,
and so I wrote my own version years ago.
And, uh
after DetectiveCon, everything changed.
Producers took my calls.
Someone liked my script
and liked the new take.
Of course, in the original Longhook,
the only Black character dies
within the first ten minutes.
But, in Longhook 2020,
our lead is a kickass Black woman.
She's the best.
I love it. Your
grandma must be incredibly proud of you.
- Whoever's on that walkie,
can you get off, please?
MAN [OVER RADIO]: You're a nightmare!
Okay, what the hell is that?
It's starting to freak me out.
It's okay.
Just some weird frequency
interference on the walkie.
That does not sound like
a frequency interference.
Every day, something else.
What does that mean?
We got here three days ago, and
we're already behind schedule
because of things like this.
Like, uh, faulty lights,
bizarre noises in the trailers.
Could've used a Nancy Drew.
I just, I feel like somebody's
trying to scare me off this movie.
The answer's yes.
I'm available.
To be a Nancy Drew.
To find out what's happening.
If someone's working against you
Oh, yeah, no, no, no.
I-I didn't mean literally.
Uh, but it
it was great bumping into you, Nancy.
- Laci?
- Uh Mm-hmm?
- Uh, we're ready for you.
- Okay, uh
- you take care.
- You take care.
Did you know that movie crew thinks
- that they're shooting here tomorrow?
- Yeah.
So did you. Remember?
I sent you the contract to sign.
No, I don't remember.
Maybe that was when
I was giving you space
and trying not to depend on you.
Not depending on me isn't the same
as not checking your email.
Whatever. It's fine.
We need to make sure that we order
extra bottled water so that
people don't accidentally
ingest any supernatural influences.
Do we still think that's necessary?
It's been over a week since the incident
with Judge Abbott,
and no one has reported
any problems with the
drinking water since then.
Um, of course it's still necessary.
What, so you're backing off?
See, this is why I've been trying
to talk to that councilwoman, Brie,
about shutting off the town's water.
- But she stood me up for our meeting.
- Wait.
You were supposed to meet with her?
What, now I can't talk to her?
I was the one who was worried
about it in the first place.
No, it's not that.
I was supposed to have a
meeting with her yesterday, too.
But she never showed up.
Maybe she's ducking us?
What do her socials say?
She hasn't posted in almost a week,
and she is a daily poster.
BESS: You're not the pizza guy.
Oh, it's just my line in the movie.
I auditioned for the role
of Longhook Victim Number One,
and I nailed it. [LAUGHS]
- Ooh, do you think it was believable?
No, never mind. I'll just call Ace.
- Hey.
- BESS: Hey.
Is Nancy's around? I-I
haven't been able to reach her
since, you know, what happened with Ace.
- Well, she did just text in a coffee order, so
- Oh.
- Okay.
- BESS: Morning.
- Hey.
- Hi, you're alive.
- You here for breakfast?
- Just picking up.
- Okay.
- Okay.
I, well, I think I found
a way out of my funk.
I'm solving a new case.
Do you remember Laci McAllister, that
that podcaster who helped us
catch the Frozen Hearts Killer?
- Yeah.
- She's in town directing that movie, Longclaw?
You mean Longhook. Long The movie?
Like, the original is one
of my favorite movies ever.
Hold on, how do you not know Longhook?
Not a fan of horror movies.
Anyway, strange things have
been happening on Laci's set.
So I'm looking into what's causing them.
So she hired you?
That's, that's perfect.
Oh, "hired," you know,
not in the traditional
sense of that word yet.
But she said she could use a Nancy Drew.
- Of course.
- Actually
I'm thinking maybe a Longhook expert
could be extremely helpful.
Yes, absolutely.
At-at your service. I
can tell you everything
that you need to know about it, okay?
Like, where the jump scares are
You're not the pizza guy.
How was that?
I believed I was the pizza guy.
Well, should I, like,
try an American accent?
God, you are not the pizza guy.
Or I could do, like, Australian.
mate, where's the pizza guy?
Tough room.
Um, have you spoken to Nancy yet?
If I did
- what would I say?
- Yeah, well
LOVETT: Good morning.
BESS: Oh, no, no, no,
no, no, no, no, no.
I've been dodging Chief
Lovett ever since, uh,
Avery's father said
that he would report me
for giving teens access
to supernatural resources.
Sorry, Ace. Do you need me
to hold space for anything?
No. Thank you though.
I think I have all
the space I need here.
Knock 'em dead today.
You're gonna do great.
- Okay, bye.
Theory: Shooting the movie invoked
the spirit of the real Longhorn.
- Longhook.
- Longhook.
Yeah, and, while I can
understand how you'd jump
to that conclusion given
that we're in Horseshoe Bay,
Longhook was given to us by
the genius mind of Tom Brooker.
Okay, he's one of the all-time
great screenwriters for horror films.
Not an actual ghost this time.
Nancy, what are you doing here?
- Just watching the magic happen.
- Hmm.
Okay, I'm investigating
your suspicious occurrences.
Officer Hilliard let us on set.
Is it all right if we observe?
Well, I don't think I can stop you. Oh.
- Thank you.
- MAN: Quiet on set.
MAN 2: Rolling.
Longhook will come back
and I'll be ready for him,
but in case I don't make it,
I have to say it. It's you.
It'll always be you.
Oh, please. "Always"?
- It's never always.
Let's just reset and-and go again.
You're not supposed to talk
unless you're in the movie.
- All right?
- Oh, sorry.
- I didn't realize I was.
That mirror was clean a minute ago.
That is not a strange occurrence.
That's a threat.
RYAN: You still think you
don't need a detective?
You're hired.
Okay, suspects.
Who here would want
to sabotage your movie?
Who hates you? Who's jealous?
Who thinks you remind them of their ex?
No. None of the above.
We've all become like
family shooting this.
This opportunity means a lot to me,
and I need to finish what I started.
I promise, you will.
That is so legit.
Welcome to set.
Should I call you "Victim Number One,"
or is "Bess" okay?
You joke now, but many stars
began their career with one line.
But don't worry, I won't
forget you little people.
I'm sure that's true.
Listen, I need you two to
help me question the crew.
HBPD beefed up security,
but they're nowhere
on their investigation of
the threat. We can do better.
BOTH: We're on it.
Okay, well, everybody I talked to
seems to think that Laci's great.
Okay, but I may have something.
One of the production assistants
mentioned that one of the crew members
was actually cast to play Longhook,
but he got fired after one day.
Hello, resentment. Who?
Doug Vexler.
The first assistant director.
How did it feel to be
replaced as Longhook?
Were you upset? Angry?
I was relieved I wasn't
gonna have to quit.
I almost got heatstroke in that costume.
Hey, what happened to your hand there?
The police cleared the P.A.'s to clean
the fake blood off the
mirror. I was helping them.
What was weird?
I actually worked a few days
on the original Longhook
back in the '90s,
and I remember the
director, Jim Stanley.
He used to do things to
terrorize the cast and crew.
Just stupid,
immature pranks really.
Quite dangerous though.
Why would he do something like that?
Well, he said it was to set the mood.
You know, get performances.
So a bloody threat on a mirror
that's not even part of your set?
Classic Stanley. [CHUCKLES]
Once he swapped out a
fake prop for a real one
actor lost two toes.
MAN [OVER RADIO]: Ready on set.
Bess, they're ready
for you in rehearsal.
Then I'm ready to die.
What if Jim Stanley
has something to do
with what's happening?
- We should talk to him.
- Uh, we can't.
He died right before the
movie finished filming.
It's part of the legend of Longhook.
Have you really never seen this movie?
NANCY: Hmm, his body was
found in the Breaker Hotel.
No surprise there.
Text Ace, would you?
See if he can find Jim
Stanley's autopsy from 1993?
Or you could text him yourself.
He does not want to hear from me.
Whoa. What's this?
There's an old leaked video
of him from set in 1993.
Cut! Cut! Cut!
Where is my dry person?
"Dry person"? Wow.
Who says that?
And, you, too many takes?
No. We'll do a hundred
takes if that's what I want!
You're a nightmare!
MAN [OVER RADIO]: You're a nightmare!
So, don't worry, all the hooks are fake.
- Mm-hmm.
- And Hank will be chasing you.
This is where I die.
- Oh, I love it.
NANCY: You're a nightmare.
I think the ghost of Jim
Stanley is haunting your set.
I just saw an old video
of him berating an actor.
"You're a nightmare."
Those were his words.
Exactly what we heard on
the walkies last night.
A ghost. Uh, great.
I don't even get a podcast out of it.
Well, um, supernatural's
your thing, go on.
Jim Stanley fed off of
terrorizing his cast and crew.
He wrote threats in
blood on the mirrors.
And he died in Horseshoe Bay
before he finished shooting.
You see where this is going.
Yeah, nowhere good. So
- what's the plan?
- We're gonna get his autopsy report.
See if he died in a mysterious way.
And then find a ritual that'll
cleanse Jim's ghost from set.
And here I thought I was
just making a horror movie.
Ryan, can you pick up
my supplies, please?
Yeah, but I am gonna bill
production for this mileage.
- You ready to try one?
- Okay.
You ready?
Do you want to come watch?
- All right, here we go.
- Settle, please.
- Camera set.
And rolling.
LACI: Speed.
- Action!
You're not the pizza guy.
Ow. Ow! Ow! Cut! Cut! Cut!
Quick. What happened.
- Why'd you call "cut"?
- Because I bloody am!
- Oh.
Oh, my God, Bess. Are you okay?
Yes. Yeah, I'll live.
Bet it made for a real
realistic performance.
That can't be. All-all
the hooks were fake.
It has to be Jim Stanley.
This is what he used to do.
And now the hauntings
- Are getting worse.
- Gosh.
Whatever you have to do,
just-just get rid of this ghost.
- It's okay.
- Yes.
MAN: We need medic. We need you on set.
Hi. I found Brie. I think
we should talk to her.
What do you mean you found Brie?
- Well, I had Ace track her cell, and she
- Wait a second.
You did what?
[QUIETLY]: That that's illegal,
and-and kind of aggressive.
Okay, wanting to check if
someone is okay is aggressive?
What is your problem?
The Nick I knew would be
asking more questions right now.
What is that supposed to mean?
You're less curious than you used to be
and less invested in the truth.
Excuse me?
Nick, she's not showing up for meetings,
and she's never posting.
No one has seen her.
Maybe something is wrong.
I don't know. I'm gonna go check it out.
Come with me or don't. Up to you.
There you go. Just leave it on.
I walked the set-up of hooks
right before we started.
They were all fake. I touched them.
It is not your fault.
There's something out there
that's trying to stop you
from finishing this movie,
and we're not gonna let it.
I got Bess's bag here.
Whoa. What happened?
The ghost of Jim Stanley.
All right, well,
Jim Stanley's autopsy said
that he passed out
in a bathtub, drowned.
It was, uh, Room 204
of the Breaker Hotel.
Ruled an accidental death.
There was no foul play found.
Well, that isn't stopping him
from haunting this movie set.
Ryan, can you keep an eye on things
while we do some supernatural cleansing?
Yeah, yeah. Scrub everywhere.
Hey, can I get one of these chairs?
You know, I mean, it doesn't have
to have my name on it or anything. Um
Oh, and some headphones, too.
- Oh, headphones?
- Yeah.
Wayward spirit between two worlds,
leave this land of the living
and let your soul finally rest!
Yeah, okay.
I think the set feels lighter
now. What do you think?
Yeah. Yeah, it's a
pretty effective ritual
Let's hope it worked.
- Ghost all gone?
- We believe it's left the set.
Oh, we lose a ghost,
and gain Chief Lovett.
What is she doing here?
Laci, they're ready for you
to check out the bathroom set.
Mm, okay. Uh, be right back.
Should I? Chief Lovett,
- surprised to see you here.
- Ah.
BESS [LAUGHS]: Come to
catch a glimpse of Hollywood?
No, seeing it ruins movies for me.
I've been getting some reports
about dangerous conditions on this set.
I was hoping to talk to
the director. Where is she?
Uh, Dougy Doug, I left
my binder downstairs.
- I'll get it for you.
- You're the best.
Let me know what you think
of that bathroom set-up.
- Someone help! Aah!
Open the door! Someone help!
- Open the door!
- Oh, thank God.
- Look out.
You could've been killed.
- Chief Lovett
- You're done.
Filming on this movie is
postponed until further notice.
- How's Bess?
- She'll be okay.
Ryan took her home.
Listen, I know that
the ritual failed, but
doesn't mean that our theory's wrong.
And Jim's ghost could still be
- Hey, I'm gonna figure it out.
It's what I do.
I'll-I'll get your movie running again.
It's not that.
I'm upset about the movie, of course,
but I want my crew to be safe.
The other day, you mentioned
my grandma must be proud.
- Yeah.
- She would be.
But she passed away a
week before the movie started.
And for as long as I can
remember, she's the one
that I would call when things got rough.
So I just hate that I
can't call her right now.
You know, it's like
one piece of your life goes
missing, and-and the rest
I'm so sorry.
Hey, I know this is your home,
um, so this might sound rude,
- but
- You want to be alone?
Mm. Maybe just for a little bit?
Uh Nancy?
I was thinking about what you said.
How one missing piece
can throw everything off.
It's true with rituals, too.
I'm gonna go back to
the filming location
and see if I can find
that missing piece.
- Oh, my God! Doug!
- Whoa!
- What are you doing here?
- You first.
I just wanted to make sure
that the set was secure
after we hit pause so abruptly.
Also, I was hoping
to run into the owner.
That jug of water
has the crew been drinking
water from the house?
Like, straight from the faucets?
Y-Yeah. Well,
when we got here four
days ago for rehearsals,
the stunt team filled that up.
They're very big on being green.
But after that first day, uh
I tried to discourage them.
Whatever it is,
you can tell me.
You're gonna laugh at me, but
I swear, when they drank it,
- their veins turned black.
I'm not laughing.
Doug, has anyone else drunk this water?
No, only stunts.
I wanted to talk to Brie about
getting the plumbing checked,
let her know we didn't cause
it, but I haven't seen her.
Sorry. Brie? Councilwoman Brie?
This is her house?
Yeah, Brie Fortfield.
She rented her house
as a shooting location.
You know, she and I were P.A.s
together on the original Longhook.
I was kind of hoping
to catch up with her,
but she hasn't been around at all.
Where is my dry person?
NANCY: Brie was the dry person.
Guess you have to start somewhere.
Whatever is going on here
it has something to do with Brie.
It doesn't seem like anything's wrong?
Okay, Brie cares about the
town, and blows off both of us
and hides out at a
rented vacation house?
No, something is up, and you know it.
Nick and George?
Hi. We, uh, don't mean to intrude.
We got worried when you didn't show up
- for our meetings this week.
- Oh.
I should have called to cancel.
Um, come in, let's talk.
- Mm.
Thank you.
So, you wanted to talk
about the water, right?
I'm happy to address
whatever concerns you have,
- and then I have to run to an appointment.
Uh, excuse me just one second.
- Hey.
- NANCY: George!
Read your texts, please. Listen.
The house where the movie's been filming
is Councilwoman Brie's house.
You need to find her
and talk to her ASAP.
You don't say.
We're actually way
ahead of you for once.
I'm at her house in town.
The first A.D., Doug,
said he saw black veins
when the stunt crew drank the water.
It's just like Judge Abbott.
Ted, I was trying to tell
Nick about this earlier.
I had a feeling that
it could happen again.
Who is she talking to?
Um her little sister. Yeah, yeah.
She-she probably left her
water bottle at school again.
This kid's lost so many bottles.
Just, uh
I think Brie might have something to do
with a film director's death in 1993.
[QUIETLY]: Oh, no.
[LOUDLY]: It happened again?
Yup, water bottle. [CHUCKLES]
If I'm right,
and the stunt crew's
affected the way I was,
then Laci's in trouble.
I'm gonna send you a video link
and all the information you need.
Ask Brie about it, but be careful.
Okay, we will. Got to go.
[LOUDLY]: Love you, Ted. [LAUGHS]
MALE VOICE: It's time for you to go.
MALE VOICE 2: You're a nightmare, Laci.
MALE VOICE 3: We're going
to show you what it's like.
All right, Brie, we're
going to level with you.
This isn't about our missed meetings.
We know that you worked on
the original Longhook movie,
and that the new film crew has
been shooting at your house.
Your old friend Doug told us.
We're also guessing, for
reasons that you can't explain,
about a week ago, you
remembered something pretty dark
- that you once did. Hmm?
- Cut! Cut!
That's why you went off the grid
and missed our meetings, isn't it?
I have no idea what
you're talking about.
Doug also told Nancy that
he saw some of the crew
acting strange after drinking
tap water from your house.
Whatever it is you're hiding,
you need to share it now.
Unless you want us
to post a photo of you
in your secret hiding spot,
along with this street address.
I don't know if you
know, but the director
of the new Longhook movie
almost got killed today.
You have to tell us what happened
before someone else
ends up hurt or dead.
For the last 27 years, I thought
I loved my experience
working on Longhook '93.
It was why I offered up my
house for filming the remake.
But a week ago, out
of out of nowhere,
I suddenly remembered what a
nightmare it was to work on that movie.
So you just left?
I panicked.
What if I wasn't the only one
who remembered what happened?
Doug had emailed me to say
that he was coming back with the crew.
What if there were others?
I didn't wait around to find out.
Tell us what happened in 1993.
[SIGHS] Jim Stanley was too powerful
to report without
jeopardizing our futures.
But he was dangerous, and
he needed to be stopped.
BRIE: So I talked to
some other crew members
who had been targeted by his
reckless pranks and cruelty.
MALE VOICE 3: Laci, you know
you're not in control anymore.
BRIE: I convinced them to
help me rig one big scare,
give Jim a taste of his own medicine.
They helped me sneak
into Jim's hotel room
at the Breaker Hotel
when he wasn't there.
Oh. A-Aja. Wh-what are you
what are you doing here?
You scared me.
- It was you all?
The-the stunt department?
BRIE: That night,
we were going to rig the lights
to flutter and flicker and spark,
and we were gonna knock on the walls,
and whisper creepy things,
make him think he was losing his mind.
Writing in blood on the mirrors
pranks, just like he would do to us.
The prank went perfectly,
and then I did the last part on my own.
Ah, don't!
BRIE: When he went into the bathroom,
I followed him with a prop knife.
I wanted to scare him, and I did.
But I didn't realize
that he'd been running a
bath when the prank started.
He was so startled that he passed
out and fell into the water.
As Jim was drowning, I just
stood there and watched.
- BRIE: I could have saved him.
Please help me.
BRIE: And I did nothing
- 'cause I hated him so much.
Uh, you guys, help me!
Laci? Laci?
Hey, it's Nancy. Help is coming, okay?
- BESS: Got the supernatural
stomach pump from Tristan,
and an ambulance is on its way, okay?
- LACI: The-the stunt crew
- NANCY: I know. I know.
Bess is taking care of it,
okay? Just stay with me.
[LAUGHS] Where am I gonna go?
- [CHUCKLES] Sarcastic sense of humor still intact.
- That's a promising sign.
So the stunt crew was behind
everything that happened on set?
Including your awesome performance.
They were under the same influence I was
when I swallowed that
water at Abbott's office.
But whereas I recreated
an assault, they
Recreated the pranks that
Brie and the crew played
on Jim back in the '90s.
Pranks that led to his death.
That makes Brie our second guilty person
to remember their long-buried crime
after the sludgy water found them.
But what about the stunt crew?
The water made the
stunt crew resent Laci
as if she were Jim Stanley.
When I got here, they
were standing around,
watching her die just like
Brie watched Jim Stanley.
So, they were infected by the
emotions and memory of Brie's crime,
all because they filled
their water jugs at her house?
'Cause they wanted to go green.
Let's not take the
wrong lesson from this.
I almost feel sorry for Brie.
She remembered the movie
as such a good experience,
she let Laci rent her
house out for the remake.
Okay, so the pattern is that
there is something out there
that can erase the
terrible things you did,
and replace it with fake,
but pleasant memories.
- And then, when this sludgy water finds you,
- it undoes it all. Got it.
- As for the eight bodies
- Yeah.
That's tomorrow's migraine.
You know, tonight, let's just feel lucky
that Tristan loaned us the
supernatural stomach pump again.
You know, I gave him my
vintage earrings as collateral?
Should we just get a,
you know, pump of our own?
There aren't enough
earrings in the world.
Tristan said it was the only
supernatural stomach pump in existence.
Now there are no stomach
pumps in existence.
What are you gonna tell Tristan?
- That I'll find a way to fix it?
Please don't tell his parents.
We've seen what the
Glasses are capable of.
- Oh.
Nick and George are here.
Oh, they brought Brie.
Let's move a little upwind.
That night in 1993,
after I knew Jim had died,
I called my father,
told him what happened.
He told me to stay right where I was,
that he knew how to make it all go away.
He just had to pay a
visit to the black door.
The black door? What does that mean?
I don't know.
Did he say where it was?
- No.
- Where is your dad now?
He passed away a few years ago.
He never told me anything more.
I-I can't tell you what I don't know.
What do you want from me?
Resign from the town council.
Why would I do that?
We may not have evidence
to get you convicted,
but the court of public opinion
that's a different matter.
And there are people who
want to make Horseshoe Bay
better and safer people who should be
on the town council instead.
I'll resign, but then, we're even.
NICK: Jim Stanley died.
You resigned.
I think you came out ahead.
- Hey.
- I'm sorry.
- I'm sorry.
Our breakup was, um,
more of an adjustment
than I thought it would be.
But after today, I realized
that we are still a really great team.
You know?
So maybe we could just have a
little less space between us?
Because I miss my best friend.
- And about the town council?
- I know. What I said was
- It was nice to hear.
I'm going to lobby for the open seat.
I think you should.

- Here's your coffee, Laci.
- Oh. [LAUGHS]
Thank you.
It's nice to see you on your feet.
Thanks to you.
Oh, and the producers
talked to Chief Lovett
and cleared everything up.
My stunt crew is being
overly nice to me.
So it looks like we're gonna
finish this movie after all.
Now, I was right.
I needed a Nancy Drew.
Uh, if this is you happy
after solving a case,
I would hate to see you sad.
Oh. I just, um
I've had a a tough week,
and I thought working again
would make me feel better.
It didn't move the needle?
Yeah, I know.
When I lost my grandma,
I was numb at first.
And I love what I do,
but carrying the grief of
losing her it just
It-it made it hard to find the joy.
But then I remembered something.
I named the lead of my movie
"Mariann" after my grandma,
because she's a survivor who taught me
to leave things better
than I found them.
And that's what all this is.
And I miss her
more than anything,
but sometimes you have to grieve
in order to be free
to feel something else.
Chief Lovett, how can I help?
I came to discuss
something I saw earlier.
- Hmm.
- When I heard about the movie coming to Horseshoe Bay,
I thought, "What a wonderful
opportunity for our community.
Just what it needs after a crisis."
But then then I saw you
- and a circle of salt on the ground.
- Well, I can explain
I have getting complaints
from concerned citizens.
And do you know where each
of those complaints leads?
To this building and to you, Bess.
Look, I don't care
what you do in private,
but I won't tolerate it in public.
One strike. This was yours.
Why is the supernatural
such a threat to you?
I mean, you saw the
reanimated bodies in the woods
just like the rest of us, right?
Anything that endangers a community
in need of rebuilding is a threat to me.
And teaching our townspeople,
our children, about the supernatural
can only lead to hurt and chaos.
But that supernatural knowledge
is who we are. It's our history.
Some things are best left
in the past, don't you think?
This town is my home, too.
And as long as I'm Keeper,
I'm gonna do whatever
I can to defend it.
That is not your job, Ms. Marvin.
So why don't you just stay in your lane?
Let's keep the history natural, hmm?
RYAN: Cannot believe how many
people it took to make a movie.
Like, that was nuts.
Hey, um, look, I know that a
parent is, like, way down the list
of who you want to
share heartbreak with.
But I do remember what it feels like,
so, if-if you ever want to just talk
What if I can't get over Ace?
You will.
Maybe not today, you know,
maybe not even tomorrow.
But I promise you that you will.
In the meantime,
you know what goes really
well with Lu Chow's fried rice?
- What?
- Longhook.
- Oh, no!
- Yes! This is the O.G. You got to see it.
When I was 16, and I was coming home,
I'd turn off all the lights,
order some Chinese,
and I would just escape
for 90 minutes with Longhook.
what do you say
you and I
partake in some escapism, huh?
But you have to tell me when
all the jump scares are coming.
Of course. I got you.
I know every single one.
I was just kidding.
Your mother asked me to bring
you some knishes that she made.
Cards up, I tried one.
They are spectacular.
No judgement. They are.
Thank you.
So, Nick brought me up to speed
on what happened with
the water and with Brie.
Something about her
story got me thinking.
Look at what I found.
Nice thing about
working for the county is
you get access to all the
newsletters from their archives.
Here's a photo from an employee
retreat in the early 1990s.
This is a photo of Brie's
Dad, Ron Fortfield, and
Judge Abbott.
They were obviously friends.
They both knew about the black door.
Okay, so, Judge Abbott was part
of a mystical cover-up in 1996.
Brie's father caused one in 1993.
Whatever the town's biggest secret is,
they were both a part of it.
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