Nancy Drew (2019) s04e05 Episode Script

The Oracle of the Whispering Remains

NANCY: Eight bodies went
missing from the cemetery.
Here's everything that
we know about them:
India Burnett, died in 1998.
Stephen Lai, died in 1975.
Domenic Redman, 1951.
NICK: Ava Herrera, 1928.
NANCY: Victoria Lieb, 1905.
Onias Carver, 1882.
Coraline Monet, 1859.
ACE: Found it!
Painting of our oldest body,
Nashua Kipp, died 1831.
The only thing these
people had in common
is that they all were
born in Horseshoe Bay.
And they were all dead
before the age of 30.
So [SIGHS] What killed them?
NANCY: We'll go back to the
place we found the bodies,
see what was missed.
The re-animated corpses
un-reanimated up here.
At which point, black sludge
oozed out of their bodies
Into the town reservoir,
contaminating the water supply
Revealing the hidden crimes of
Judge Abbott and Brie Fortfield.
Ace? Your turn?
The "Black Door"?
The mysterious "Black Door."
Brie suggested that it was
the key to the crime coverups.
But so far, dead end.
We're looking for bone
fragments, pieces of cloth,
anything that'll tell
us how and why they died.
- You okay?
Yeah, I'm fine.
I-I appreciate you taking
time off of work to help me.
I know things have been busy lately.
For us both, I guess, you know.
It's good to see you.
Oh, crap.
I missed early registration for
next semester's pre-law courses.
Ugh, now I have to pay late fees,
and, Bess, I can't
even afford early fees.
At this rate, I'm going
to graduate in ten years
and become a lawyer in
Who can even count that high?
Hey, you don't have the funds?
Let's throw you a fundraiser.
Yeah, it'll be the first
post-tsunami event at the Claw.
No, it won't.
Because we're not doing that.
I don't take charity, Bess.
ACE: Selfie?
Confirmation that the
sludge from the bodies
oozed into the town reservoir.
See that trail? The town's been drinking
supernatural coverup juice for weeks.
Wouldn't that be
supernatural un-coverup juice?
Sure, yeah. You work on the branding.
I got to take another shot
at getting Officer Joyce
to help shut off the water supply.
- Hey.
- What?
I'm throwing George
a surprise fundraiser.
- Right here?
- What?
No, no. At the Claw.
- Oh.
- Okay, get this: "Singles' Night."
Cover charge. Two-drink minimum.
What do you think?
I think that the woods
would actually a better idea
because then you can run away
when she finds out and melts down.
No. No, no. She's gonna love it.
And, hey, you should come too.
You know, get your mind off
a certain star-crossed love.
How is a room full of lonely people
going to help my state of mind?
Not lonely. Available.
Also not cursed.
Hmm? Come on.
You know, a little speed-dating
will cleanse the palate
and do you some good.
You know, it's settled. You're coming.
Aren't you fully occupied
with the Historical Society
and fending off Chief Lovett?
How do you have time to meddle?
My problems are adult and scary.
Yours and George's
problems require a party.
Much more fun.
[QUIETLY]: Forest rangers.
[WHISPERS]: Let's go. We
can come back after dark.

Hurry up.
Oh, my bootie.
Who wears booties to a scavenge?
I didn't think it would
be this muddy. Help me.
- Ah.
- NANCY: There you go.
Oh, ow, ow, ow, ow!
I think I stepped on a porcupine.
Help, help, help, get it out.
- BESS: Ah!
- NANCY: That's no porcupine.
That's a tooth.
Oh, gosh. Oh, now I
wish it was a porcupine.
A tooth with a weird
occult symbol on it.
Anybody missing one of these? No?
Then I can think of eight
mouths this may have come out of.
Another tooth.
When they rolled in the eight bodies,
almost all their teeth had fallen out.
Still waiting on more denture bond.
Got to glue these back in
before the bodies get
re-interred tomorrow.
So, the bodies case is closed?
Chief Lovett is blaming it
on vandals who dug and dumped.
Who am I to challenge
it? That sounds like work.
Every day, I get top-notch
mentoring like this.
Here's some mentoring:
don't bring your friends
who are into dead bodies
into your workplace
that is filled with dead bodies.
Connor, do you recognize
the symbols on the teeth?
Were they carved post-mortem?
I analyzed the enamel.
They weren't carved at all.
These symbols grew into the teeth.
So, this is now property of the morgue.
As a man of science,
don't you want to know
how these teeth possibly
grew occult symbols on them?
Not before this man of
science takes his lunch break.
You want to keep talking teeth?
Go to a dentist.
Soon as I walk out that door,
you're gonna steal that
bag of teeth, aren't you?
Have these back by 9:00
in pristine condition,
or Ace will have to find
another morgue to work in.
Got it?
where might we find
a dentist who would
drop everything to come to town,
answer questions, and
not ask any of his own?
[GROANS] Still no.
The last and only time I
spoke to my biological father,
Edwin George Chen DDS,
I told him to get lost.
And the whole point was
that I'd never talk to him again.
- But we have a big bag of teeth.
- And?
And he's our only hope.
But watch, he's not even
gonna pick up the phone.
I hear there's a dental emergency.
What can I do?

GEORGE: Thank you for coming.
Nancy, this is Edwin Chen,
dentist. Edwin, Nancy.
Very nice to meet you, Dr. Chen.
Nancy Drew. The plucky sidekick.
Read all about your adventures
on the Fan Fan website.
I actually just bought a Fan Fan fan
to combat this heat wave.
Show him the teeth.

Oh. I almost forgot.
Ryan left this for you earlier.
"For Icarus Hall property taxes."
Consulting must be paying well.
As far as developmental
dental anomalies go,
this is
Each mouth grew exactly three
individual teeth with symbols on them.
There are only three
different symbols in total.
So every mouth contained
the same three symbols?
I've enlarged these them, but we
still don't know what they mean.
Maybe it's some kind of message?
Have you seen a phenomenon
like this before?
We couldn't find anything
about it on the Internet.
Did you know that some
research universities
have a room dedicated to artifacts
deemed too disturbing
for public display?
I have been in such a room once,
at Clifton University.
And I swear I saw a trio of skulls
with teeth and symbols like these.
It's the scariest place I've ever been.
If there are other heads
that have these type of teeth,
these symbols, then it's
likely there are other people
that have suffered the same fate
as the eight bodies in Horseshoe Bay.
And if they all fit the pattern of dying
before the age of 30,
then we're looking
at a much bigger force
that caused these deaths.
The same force that's behind
all the supernatural coverups.
How do we get into the secret room?
Well, it's not on a campus map,
but as the former adjunct,
I can probably to get you in.
Fancy a road trip?
Uh, you you must have
other things to do, I
I cleared my schedule.
I would like to spend
the day with my daughter.
Okay. [SIGHS]
Let's go break into
the secret scary room
where all the terrifying
teeth heads are.
Officer Joyce.
Freshly-baked apple pie for
five minutes of your time?
Is this a bribe but with pie?
- A pibe?
- I'll talk, you slice.
[EXHALES] Five minutes.
I know we've been here before,
but I need you to understand:
there's something wrong with the water.
- Do you have evidence this time?
- Uh, yeah, I have photos
from the woods that clearly
show an indentation
Photos of an indentation?
Nick, I can't recommend
a utility shut-off
based on your whims.
This isn't a whim, there's a
W-H-I-M. Whim.
Unless I see some hard
evidence, that's all it is.
And next time?
I like cherry pie.
- Ace?
I hope they can spare you at work,
'cause you're my plan B.
I need your help.
Took some quick thinking,
but I'm confident I got what you need.
How is your mom's Passover box
gonna help us contaminate the water
without actually
contaminating the water,
so we can get the reservoir shut down?
Why is this box different
from all other boxes?
I'm glad you asked.
As you know, back in the day,
Egypt was afflicted by ten plagues.
And each one lent itself
to a decoration at our Seder table.
You can have those, too.
But the big hit at our Passover
table was the river of blood.
My mom would turn all
the water in the house red
with baking soda and food coloring.
Scared the crap out of people.
We turn the town's water red.
How much of this do we
need to fill a reservoir?
So much.
An impossible amount.
To make enough, we'd,
uh, need an act of God.
Short of that,
- we need a
- An act of Bess.
Let the rivers run.

That is the scary room
that they don't want you to know about.
A four-digit keypad lock.
Two, five, seven, nine.
Two has the heaviest oil deposit
and seven has the lightest,
so the code starts with
two and ends in seven.
[WHISPERS]: Nancy, someone's coming.
Stall them.
Excuse me. This hall
is closed to visitors.
My daughter George
is touring prospective colleges.
C-Can we ask you a couple of questions?
Certainly. We're always interested
in expanding the diversity
of our student body.
So, is an archaeology
degree a B.A. or B.S.?
It's a Bachelor of Arts.
Disturbing artifacts. Check.

There you are.
Three symbols.
"Unearthed in Cardiff, Wales.
Dated to the 1500s."
These people lived 500 years ago
and their teeth grew symbols
like the ones in Horseshoe Bay.
We have a very generous
diversity scholarship.
If you're interested,
sign up for our prospective
students orientation.
Oh, she sure will. Thank you.
We make a good team.
Glad you're enjoying the campus visit.
Must bring back memories
of being a carefree teenager
with no responsibilities at all.
You may not believe me,
but while I was in college,
I thought about you all the time.
I-I should've been there for you.
Look, don't even worry about it.
My life turned out just
fine without you around.
gonna get my scholarship,
get my J.D., and become a lawyer.
So, we're good.
I mean, they're close,
but not an exact match.
"The artifact herein
is Cadfan's Roundel,
which was unearthed
with the skeletal heads.
An ancient Welsh engraving
on the underside said that
opening the Roundel will
reveal 'that which killed us'."
Meaning you three, huh?
"That which killed us."
You shouldn't be here.
Sorry. Sorry, I'm, uh, a student of
Professor Barak's.
I'm his head TA.
I'm writing my thesis on-on
Medieval Welsh artifacts.
- Where can I find the real Roundel?
- You can't.
Story is it was stolen
during a break-in ten years ago.
No one's seen the Roundel since.
It was the only one that ever existed.
But the Roundel has the answers
as to what killed these three?
And something else?
Professor Barak doesn't have any TAs.
I'm not basic.
But I am calling security.
Hey! Hey!
I know I haven't earned
your forgiveness yet.
But I'd like to try, if you'll let me.
Hey. Hey. We gotta go.
There's this artifact
called Cadfan's Roundel.
- A cat fan's wrangle?
- An Afghan trundle?
Cadfan's Roundel.
It'll tell us what killed those bodies.
- Great artifact. Where is it?
- Stolen ten years ago
and lost to the black
market relic trade.
All we have to do is track down
an anonymous thief and
get it back. Run faster!
I could stay here, just in case.
Uh, there's nothing else for you to do.
But thank you for the teeth advice.
And for the ride.
Got all your things?
So, is this what you want? You
want us to just act like
colleagues from now on?
I need a starting place.
It's something. I hope that's okay.
Did you find our missing Roundel?
Yeah, I did.
Uh, I hacked behind the firewall
of some obscure dark relic websites,
got a hit on the Roundel
and reverse-traced it
to the current holder.
Printed it out.
The thief sold the Roundel in 2010
at the Greenview Tower auction.
It was sold to 91306747.
What is that, a phone number?
Or, uh, a prison inmate?
Barcode. That's where the trail ended.
The only info about the current owner?
That number.
So, we need an insider.
Like a like an
Indiana Jones of relics,
- which I realize is Indiana Jones.
- Yep.
I put together a list
of people in that game.
Well, a list of their
barcodes and their codenames.
All out of our price range,
except for this one.
Goes by the name "OkapiH78."
Okapi? What's Okapi?
It's like a gazelle,
except nothing like a gazelle.
Anyways, it's only $500 a pop.
Use them twice, you
get the third one free.
They're new, hungry, supposedly good.
Right, but they're local.
What if we know them?
After everything that went down
with you and Mr. Bobbsey
Not to mention you and the Glasses.
Yeah, we haven't exactly made
friends in the relic trade.
We don't want any personal
vendettas getting in our way.
We need a decoy.
NANCY: Thank you for letting
us use your biological dad
to meet an illicit
stranger from the Internet.
It was cool of him to agree.
Probably not cool to all those kids
with unfilled cavities
today, but, you know.
NANCY: That's them.
That's OkapiH78.
I think it's a man.
NANCY: Ryan?
Nancy? What are you doing here?
You're OkapiH78?
Look, I'm
You're a relic hunter?
No, see, I can, I can,
I can explain what
Okay, I'm sorry. That's my daughter.
I've-I've got to go.
RYAN: Nancy.
N-Nancy's dad?
He must've been 18 when he had her.
Yeah. Did you want to start a club?
You don't have to let me into your life.
But I will keep offering
to let you into mine.
I know you don't need anyone
to pull you up the mountain.
But maybe
you'll discover that it's okay
if someone's willing
to carry your backpack
for part of the trek.
Nancy. Nancy, come on.
Explain yourself.
After the Glasses stole
Bess's relic shipment
and they-they sabotaged
my car, I made some calls.
I made a lot of calls, actually.
And I tracked down that
shipment relic by relic.
I got every single piece of the
deceased medium's estate back.
So this is about getting
revenge on the Glasses?
It was, but then it turns out that
I realize I'm truly good at this.
And I know that y-you know what
that feels like, but I had
I had never had that feeling before now.
Look, if you don't believe me,
I already have a lead
on the real Roundel,
based off of that
barcode that you gave me.
How can you be sure?
Because I made a phone
call with a burner phone,
I transferred some money
to an offshore account,
and I got a number.
I can set you up with the
current holder of the Roundel.
All you got to do is say yes.
BESS: Okay, this spell is
the supernatural version
of your mum's "river of blood" prank.
Um, it was part of the Women
in White's initiation ritual.
Each new member would
have to prove herself
by turning the bay's water
into blood for a few minutes.
Actual blood?
- Or it's an illusion?
- An illusion.
But from their notes,
a highly convincing one.
You know, are you two coming
to, uh, Singles' Night?
I need to finalize the guest list.
Absolutely not. Final answer.
- But
- Uh, no, no, no, thank you.
Things are good with Jade.
Meanwhile, we have a problem.
Is your "problem" your
missing sense of fun?
No. No, th-the problem is
if the illusion only
lasts a few minutes,
that won't buy us enough time.
The red water has to
travel all around town
to convince people it's an issue.
Yeah, but the bay is huge.
The reservoir is a
smaller body of water,
meaning the enchantment
might last longer.
And it's the best I could
do with short notice,
so here's hoping.
Okay, we will read this incantation,
and then I'll put three
drops in the water.
- Mm-hmm.
- Yep.
We cast to sea our hope and terror,
changing tides ever redder.
Roil and rumble, water to blood,
and all who gaze this, feel its power.

NICK: That looks like blood to me.
- Ahh, ah, ooh.
Thought I stepped on another tooth.
It's a false alarm.
This came straight out of the tap!
My kid bathes in this
water. I should sue.
We are doing our best
to get to the bottom of this,
but I can't help unless you back up
and-and stay calm.
Our water is poisoned.
FRED: Yeah! What are you gonna do?
Don't just ignore us.
See, it's got "occult"
written all over it.
- MAN: Alarming, right?
- WOMAN: No, no
Please, just stay calm!
FRED: But Where are you going?
- What the hell's wrong with it?
- How's my child supposed to bathe?
- What am I supposed to drink?
I've got folks here
claiming the water's poisoned.
Well, that-that sounds
like hard evidence, right?
It is,
and Judge Goodman is signing
an emergency injunction
to shut the water down as we speak.
But I'm calling you
because this all feels
very conveniently timed.
I reached out to my
counterpart in Ellsworth
to establish a backup water supply ASAP.
They're insufferable.
Thank you for that.
I'll be keeping an
eye on you, Nickerson.
RYAN: Got it, thank you.
Your current Roundel holder
goes by the name RedLynx789,
and they agreed to meet.
We're in business.
Oh, my God, yes.
- Hey.
- Hi.
So, Judge Goodman signed an injunction
to shut down the water.
Party's in full swing.
You are killing it today.
Now, if we can get our
hands on Cadfan's Roundel,
we might finally get some answers
as to what's behind these
supernatural coverups.
All right, so RedLynx789
should be on their way.
And they are, and I quote,
"enticed" by the
deceased medium's relics.
So, thank you, Bess, for the loot.
I never thought I'd be
bartering historical objects,
but, you know, sometimes
doing the right thing
requires a teensy bit of wrong.
Wish me luck explaining that to George
when she tries to kill me
for throwing Singles' Night.
- RYAN: Good luck.
- BESS: Hey.
- Hi.
- I said no fundraiser.
Yeah, I know, I know,
but people are having fun.
And by the end of the night,
you'll have spring and fall tuition.
So, long story short,
I'm a great friend,
so I need you to get mad later
and go help Edwin behind the bar, now.
Wait, w-why is Edwin behind the bar?
- No.
- Oh.
That's the spirit. Bye.
Wait, Bess
Thank you.

I put myself through
school as a bartender.
If I'm overstepping
Divide and conquer.
I'll take the cider and the soda.
You mix the drinks.
Are you sure this is the right place
for a top-secret relic swap?
Yeah, well, it turns out it
fits all of Red's requirements.
It's loud,
someplace they can go unnoticed.
And we have no idea
who we're looking for.
Don't worry, they're going to find me.
See, what I do is I put a little knot
in the top of my drinking
straw, it's a signal.
Keep that on the down-low, all right?
It's a trade secret.
Welcome, party people,
to Horseshoe Bay's
first-ever Singles' Night.
- All right.
- Speed-dating: here are the rules.
Inside the circle, stay put.
Outside, move on the bell.
Dates are two minutes,
but you can buy an extra
five minutes for $19.99.
- Let's begin.

I'm on watch for Ryan's meeting.
And you'll get a much better
view closer to the action.
Cannonball back into
the dating pool, Nance.
- Here we go.
- Oh.
There we go, that's it.
Hey, come on and dance ♪
Tell me where we going ♪
So, can I get you a straw?
It seems I have an extra one.
So that's a no?
You don't you don't need a straw.
Okay, moving on.
That's funny that you
should mention that.
Do I have a story for you.
Why did it end? Was it fate?
The thing is when you have
the best kiss of your life,
you don't just give
up on a person, right?
And now I'm the bad guy
because I can't pretend
like nothing happened?
Is that fair, Craig?
It's "Marcus."
Says so on my name tag.
Ooh, sorry, right. [LAUGHS]
What was the question again?
Have I ever tried paddleboarding?
Anyway, what was your last breakup like?
Ooh, uh, catch you in the next round.
I-I don't think so.

I'm thinking you're here for the straw.
What can I do for you, Ryan?
Wait, how do you, how
do you know my real name?
How'd you figure out
the supply I'm after?
That'd be a boring conversation.
You have a two-minute speed
date to make your case. Go.
As I was I was saying
in my message to you,
um, a medium just left her estate
to the Historical Society.
So, I-I did what I do
and I got them to part with
a few of the trinkets, including
Divining Rods, circa 1880.
One of a kind. Made from
Willow wood.
That's right.
A tree old as Maine itself.
Now, you can have these,
or anything that you want
All I need is Cadfan's Roundel.
Why do you want the Roundel?
Now, that doesn't matter, does it?
This is a unicorn.
You're getting the better
end of the deal here.
Took me weeks to get those back
from Jonas and Shelby Glass.
Deal's off.
If you have business
with Jonas and Shelby,
you don't have business with me.
That scar.
They did that to you.
They tried to kill me, too.
Yeah, that shipment
that we're talking about,
the Glasses stole that
and they tried to take me out.
Scarab beetle to the engine.
The Glasses can't get
enough of that beetle.
Look, I hate them.
They're why I do this.
And all I'm saying is
if you and I team up,
we could take them down a notch.
Or six. I don't know, maybe all of them.
This will cover the Roundel
in case you don't want
anything I offered you.
You're paying for the
Roundel sight unseen?
I believe that the enemy of my enemy
is my friend.
So prove me wrong.
It's nice to meet you, Ryan.
Cadfan's Roundel.
- WOMAN: Bye.
- Thank you for coming.
- Thanks. Bye.
- Thanks.
- Night.
- Goodbye.
I, uh, should probably
make sure no one's mingling
in any dark corners before
we break out the Roundel.
So how'd it go?
Did you raise enough money
to get you back into school?
I mean, Bess
- kind of shook the town down.
Definitely bought me
another semester or two.
But after that, um, eh
- Let me contribute.
- It's okay.
You have done plenty today.
Surpassed expectations, really.
I'm glad we got to
spend the time together.
Are you sure I can't
contribute to the fundraiser?
I'm sure.
All right.
I probably should get my
teeth cleaned, once a year.
And for that, I would accept
a family discount coupon.
Fair enough.
But teeth cleaning is twice a year.
Coupons are in the envelope.
Just share whatever you can't use.
No. No, no, no.
This-this-this is a
check for 30 grand, I
Okay, before you refuse,
just know that this
isn't about restitution
or anything like that.
It's not.
I'm just proud of you.
OkapiH78 coming through with the win.
- I told you. I'm good at this.
- Just be careful.
And maybe don't get too
good at the relic trade.
Because if you go over to the dark side,
I will have to catch you.
Ah, if you can.
Okay, Nick has an update
from the reservoir.
NICK: It's happening.
They're draining water
to towers around town.
I mean, it's not gone-gone, just stored.
But we should be safe
from black veins for now.
- Hold up.
Ace just texted me.
He said Connor's posting "help
wanted" ads for coroner's assistant.
Right. That 9:00 p.m. "get the
teeth back or else" deadline
is rapidly approaching.
Catch up with y'all soon.
Have you figured out what it is?
Or how it's gonna lead
to the killer of those eight bodies?
Or what a bunch of ancient
Welsh skulls has to do
with the greater force
behind the coverups?
No, no, and no.
But this Roundel must
have something to show us.
I think the symbols open it.
So, see this column
is a little different
than the others with
this little indicator?
I think twisting the outer rings
allows you to align
the symbols into place.
Like a medieval Rubik's Cube?
Let's try
- It-it's opening.
I think we might
actually get some answers.
- NANCY: Oh.
No, no, no.
No, no, no, no
Well, you know, the Roundel
is, like, 500 years old.
It might just need a minute.
Or maybe our hot, slinky,
red-clad relic trader sold us a lemon.
She did have very shiny
hair. Rule of thumb:
never trust anyone with hair that shiny.
Yeah, and it doesn't matter now.
There's nothing here for us.
No leads, no more clues.
It's confusing and unfinished,
just like everything else in life.
- Oh, Nancy.
Text from Ace. "ETA on
teeth, question mark?"
Yeah, I need to get
these back to the morgue
and save Ace's job.
Well, at least it wasn't a total bust,
you did get some numbers.
Okay, so you were right about
tonight not being a bust.
Edwin made a donation to the cause.
A big donation.
Oh, my God, this is incredible.
What are you going to do with it?
Girl, I don't know.
Rip it up? Shove it in a drawer?
I'm still workshopping over here.
George, I know you have a
hard time letting people in,
but this is a world of opportunity
that you've never had before.
So try and make the most of it.
HINT: You can't make the most
of anything shoved in a drawer.
You know, you're a real
pain in the ass sometimes.
Or am I unstoppably determined?
- Yeah.
It's my best quality.
Which is why I need to
put on my big girl pants
and use it to defend
the Historical Society.
No more running from responsibility.
You know, this check means
that I can give my sisters
a leg up in life that
I didn't have until now.
I'll go to the bank tomorrow
and set them up with
their own college funds.
Thank you for everything tonight, Bess.
Do you smell smoke?
You smell that, too?
- Oh, no, the symbols.
Oh, my God, the Roundel!

8:58 p.m. Well, that's cutting it close.
Guess our work together is done, though.
See you next time you need something.
You seem to have forgotten
that you're the one who broke my heart.
You think I wanted to?
You're not the only one
who lost the love of their life here.
Well, I was ready to keep trying
and you walked away.
And I have lived with that
every second of every day since.
But I'm sick of being
punished for wanting us alive.
Real love isn't dying for each other.
Well, then, what is it?
Tell me. Because clearly you
know something that I don't.
Or don't answer and keep walking away.
It is wanting the other
person to be happy without you.
It is me wanting you to be with someone
that you can do everything with,
who can love you
in all the ways that
you deserve to be loved.
Even though that rips me apart.
That's real love.
Don't. We can't.
It's just easier if you don't.
I want you to be happy.
One day, a long time from now,
I hope that we both can
find another great love.
After you, I would accept nothing less.
What happened?
The Roundel was buzzing,
symbols were glowing,
papers were burning, and
the next thing you know
- That's new.
- BESS: Yeah, but why?
And what are we supposed to do with it?
Okay, "that which killed us" was a clue.
Right? So maybe the
symbols act like a key?
And the device leads to somewhere
or to something?
It's a compass.
Which way is the compass pointing?
NICK: Uh, it's hard to say.
The markers are more mystery symbols,
and the needle keeps moving.
NANCY: Maybe it's tracking a target.
Whatever's behind these
coverups must be on the move.
It's sticking a little bit more now.
NICK: Uh, it looks like
the needle's pointing north.
What-what's north of here?
Dunlap Beach.
We'll meet you there.
This way.
Do you all hear that?
I don't hear anything.
That's what's weird.
It's completely silent.
Birds get quiet when
they sense a predator.
I think we found the force
behind the supernatural coverups.
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