Nancy Drew (2019) s04e06 Episode Script

The Web of Yesterdays

NANCY: We are chipping
away at the marble, people.
vomiting bodies
left behind teeth with mystical symbols.
Those teeth led us to
the Roundel artifact.
The Roundel artifact led us to
the terrifying creature in the woods.
You're killing my flow.
Yeah, I'm trying to focus here, Nancy.
Ergo, the creature is the key
to solving the whole shebang.
And that is how you put the "I" in NDI.
What's that?
She's working on her catchphrase
for Career Day at the high school.
Oh, Nancy was invited to Career Day?
I haven't heard more than six times.
It's exciting.
I am inspiring the next generation.
But first things first.
We need a solid rendering
of our creature for an image search.
- Ready?
Show your work.
GEORGE: Okay, I'm no Picasso,
but I know that it did
not have hearts for eyes.
Well, my eyes were closed,
and, you know, I wanted it to, so
Ace texted his from the morgue.
Yeah, he doesn't have
much time to doodle.
Are you two in touch?
No, not since the night
we saw that creature.
But-but we're in a good place.
Hey, now you can date.
What? No. No, still no.
Not on the agenda.
Keep an eye on the Roundel.
If it spins, that means monster.
We'll finish this this afternoon.
I'm off to shape hearts and minds.
Connor, you okay?
You look like you were up all night.
Because I was.
Lily wakes me up,
says she heard something
getting into our trash cans.
Oh, Lily. Again?
I go out back and there's this
little, furry, four-legged thing
on my trash can, looking right at me.
It saw you in your pajamas?
So I chased the little
pirate round the garden.
Right when I think I got him,
he scurries through my legs.
[SIGHS] I go upstairs,
I go to bed.
Half hour later? It's back.
- What do you think it was?
- I don't know.
I got a picture of the little
bastard on my doorbell cam.
- Here. I sent it to you.
I'm bringing formaldehyde
home with me tonight.
Liquid pest control.
Little bastard's mine.
It's a ferret.
Connor, your pirate's a ferret.
Hello, Chunky Velez.
Why do they have to say it so mean?
"You've been served."
It's a cease and desist
letter from a lawyer
for a group called Families
for Truth in History.
Yeah, and you know what they
want ceased and desisted?
The Historical Society.
And everything we do there.
I've heard of this group.
You've met one of its newest members.
Who? Aaron?
[LAUGHS] The wanker PTA president?
The one who told me not to teach kids
about the town's supernatural history?
Carson, he threatened
to go to the police.
Well, looks like he did this instead.
We'll need to respond.
Yes, with some mild
but pointed heckling.
No. We need to be measured.
This group is way out of line,
but they have the ear
of a lot of citizens.
I'll draft a letter and
have George deliver it.
We'll stay rational, above the fray,
and stop them in their tracks.
[SIGHS]: Yeah.
Solving mysteries is my passion,
and now it's my business.
And that's how you put the "I" in NDI.
I'm happy to answer any
questions about my past cases.
Like the, uh, the Rose
Turnbull kidnapping,
the perfume heist,
the Frozen Hearts Killer
Are-are you the one my uncle
hired to find his pet ferret?
Yes. Uh, Chunky. That's one of my
You're chasing a ferret? Why?
Is it part of a smuggling ring,
or did it witness a murder?
No, both of those are unlikely.
Did-did you find the ferret?
No. Not yet.
But I have come close
As someone who catches
critters for a living,
let me just say, it's a
lot harder than it looks.
Uh, Tristan Glass, lobsterman.
Sorry. I interrupted. Carry on.
Have you ever caught a shark?
Me? No. Well, not on purpose.
But, uh, about a year ago,
I'm pulling up my trap,
and it's stuck, right?
So I lean over the
boat to see what's what
and I'm face-to-teeth
with a 14-foot great white
just chewing on my line.
Whoa. That's amazing.
BOY: Do you have a scar?
TRISTAN: Uh, actually, yeah, uh,
but that's nothing compared
to this other scar I got
Hey, I feel like I stole
your thunder back there.
- I-I'm sorry.
- No, it's fine,
Seafaring Adventurer.
Yeah, I know.
But I was intimidated
sitting up there with you.
Because you're you.
And cool things happen
to you all the time.
Trust me, they're not that cool.
Yeah? What about the
foot chase in the harbor?
- Also, you live in a castle.
It's not a castle, it's a hall.
And you showed up to secretly borrow
mysterious relics of my parents', twice.
- Once in handcuffs.
- That's what this is about.
I told you, I will find
a replacement for
the irreplaceable stomach pump.
That wasn't my point.
Look, I am not looking
to add any more fuel
to the feud between my
father and your parents, okay?
TRISTAN: What's this
weird art project?
Or it's a party.
Anyway, exit's this way.
- Doesn't sound like an exit to me.
What is happening here?
Are those bell-bottoms?
We got to go back. Now.
Okay, can we agree?
Cool things happen to you all the time.

Today's special. Turkey club.
[SNIFFS] Is that toasted?
- Dude, you don't have to keep doing this.
- Hmm.
I like to know you've talked to
the living at least once a day.
- What's all this?
- ACE: Check it out.
I've got a line on Chunky Velez.
He was in Connor's yard last night.
I'm scanning socials for more sightings,
and I'm analyzing his scat.
So many questions.
Well, I found the smoking gun.
There's an abundance of
radishes in this ferret's diet.
You know what restaurant just tossed
a gross of spoiled radishes?
The Claw.
True. Hmm.
Yeah, Chunky is the ferret
Nancy's looking for, right?
Is it?
I'm just trying to help Connor.
Boss needs his sleep.
If it helps Nancy, all the better.
Think she's busy. Take
this off her plate.
Think that's a good idea?
Taking stuff off her plate right now?
I don't see why not.
I mean
I used to do that all the time.
We're good.
So, what do you say?
Want to help?
Let's go find a ferret.
- Yeah.
- Mm-hmm.
Oh, for the road, for the road.
It's not time travel.
Time travel doesn't exist.
Trust me, I've had this argument
with my friend Tom Swift.
What do you think this is, then?
Bobby and Stacy, about time.
While you were making
out in the parking lot,
we did all the hard work.
Hey, guys! No!
Don't put that there!
We're in a precisely
detailed replica of reality.
We're anchored to Bobby and Stacy.
So when anyone looks at
us, that's who they see.
So, we don't know if
any of this is real.
Are we stuck here, then?
Well, there's always a way out.
We just need to look for
clues that point home.
Because it's not through that wall.
Stace, Bobby, daylight's wasting.
What are we doing?
Uh, helping decorate for the prom.
Oh, that's too sad to fathom.
But your deliverance has arrived.
My parents have been
gone for half an hour.
Pre-prom bash starts now.
My place. Let's split.
Sorry, we're not interested.
In a party?
That's hilarious. Since when?
We're busy looking for something.
Though we may find what we're
looking for at the party.
Oh, you will.
Has 118 River Heights ever let you down?
Sold. Let's go to that party.
Deal. I will see you there.
118 River Heights Drive is my house.
Last time I got stuck
in an alternate reality,
that's how I found my way out.
There was a last time?
My grandparents bought
this house in the '80s.
It must've been from Keith's family.
This is a pretty accurate 1972.
The question is: do we assume
that whatever happens to us here
actually happened to Stacy
and Bobby in real life?
Another question: you
grew up with that rug?
NANCY: Oh, God, no.
They ripped it out.
Look, let's split up.
You find out what you
can about Bobby and Stacy.
I will look for clues that point home.
Did you hear about Molly Segal?
She says she's gonna be in pre-med.
Why shouldn't Molly be in pre-med?
She's taking a slot away from a guy,
who won't quit after a year to
get married and have children.
What a waste. It's bad for medicine.
Are you kidding me?
N-No one here really
believes that, right?
Stace, talk to you for a second?
Get another drink, man.
I think you need it.
You're welcome.
Did you hear what that guy
said about women and medicine?
God, get me back to reality.
Yes. You get it.
None of this is real.
And we're looking for a way
to get back to it, right?
- Yeah, I am. We are.
- Okay. Keep this quiet,
but I found it.
A-A doorway to reality.
You interested?
You're gonna want to
be sitting for this.
I'm good here.
Have you done spider eggs yet?
I have not, and that
will always be true.
Oh, anything from the Earth is safe.
I think you've been misinformed.
Just gonna take one.
I've done herbs,
cane toad secretions, mushrooms,
but, you know, I hear there's
nothing like spider eggs
if you want the path back to reality.
- They say
- No. Pass.
- Hard pass.
- Here, here. Just try it.
- NANCY: Ah!
- Oh!

NANCY [IN DISTANCE]: What the hell?
- KEITH: Oh. Oh!
What happened?
You got a bad egg.
They mostly just induce hallucinations.
We discussed the expanding
role of consent over the years.
- Let's get out of here.
Sorry you didn't get to be
the hero. Maybe next time.
I'll remain available.
Just look at the detail.
The trees, the cracks in the pavement.
I'm thinking this is a ghost web.
Yes, that's a real thing.
I know. Child of relic hunters.
That's dinner table conversation.
Bess said it's a dimensional anomaly.
A temporary replication
of a day in the past.
And you don't want to be
stuck inside when it collapses.
So, the Historical Society has a
shelf of books about ghost webs.
That place will have answers.
That's where we're going?
- Mm-hmm.
- Smart.
So, what was your prom like?
I planned to go to mine, but missed it.
I always wondered.
Yeah, I don't know. I didn't go, either.
You missed yours, too? Why?
It kind of fell off my radar.
My, uh
After my mom died, I just missed, uh
missed a lot.
No Historical Society.
It doesn't exist yet.
The Historical Society
is like a safety net.
When you're lost and
you need a Keeper's help,
this is where you always go.
But here, it's
When my traps come up empty,
I go back to the first
place I ever caught them.
It usually works.
Let's go back to the place
where we first showed up.
And since you never
got to go to your own
will you go to the prom with me?
I have nothing to wear.
Stacy does.
Her friend Dawn told me her
dress is already paid for.
You just have all the
answers, don't you?
Not all of them, yet.
[WHISPERS]: Ace. Have
you heard from Nancy?
ACE: Shh. You'll scare off Chunky.
It's been hours. He's not here.
This ferret's playing chicken.
- Tail! I see a tail! Tail!
Rope-a-doped by a ferret.
He'll be back. We'll wait.
Wait? No. No, no.
He's gone. We lost him.
And sooner or later he will be back,
- so we're gonna wait it out.
- For how long?
As long as it takes.
- That's how long we wait.
We wait as long as it takes.
I'm gonna grab a soda.
He used the doorknob.
Make mine a double.
You know, sometimes a
ferret's just a ferret.
But not this time.
So what's up?
Thought if I could do
this one thing for Nancy,
help her out,
it'd mean that we could
find a way back to
how we were before everything,
when it was friendship.
Nothing more.
I see that.
But maybe you're looking
in the wrong direction.
Is that ever what it was?
Friendship and nothing more?
Whatever it was, or could be
it's like that ferret.
It's out there, it's just out of reach.
Hey. Did Nancy check in with you?
What is it?
Did they read Carson's response?
No. Because I did not deliver it.
Look, Bess, I wanted to.
But I was on my way to
their lawyer's office
and I couldn't help myself.
I took a look and
This is a very measured response.
Too measured. "We
respectfully disagree"?
"If you'd like to
continue the conversation"?
Bess Marvin, do you
respectfully disagree
with the Families For Truth in History?
Not respectfully, no.
No. We wholeheartedly disagree.
And is this a conversation
that we would like to continue?
Absolutely not.
But we do need to respond, don't we?
Yes, we will respond.
You type.
Dear closed-minded bigots
Maybe dial it down a skosh?
Most ghost webs don't last long.
If this one collapses before we get out,
that's it for us.
You haven't said anything
since we left the dress shop.
Are you okay?
Just wondering how I got
through life without ruffles.
I can see why Stacy had
to make the first move.
Aw, I'm happy for her.
She looks great.
She looks amazing.
If you see Dawn, be
supportive. She's bummed.
She bought a silver dress only to learn
the prom would be space-themed,
filled with silver streamers.
Silver streamers.
Silver streamers brought us here.
If there's a hole in the web,
it's got to be behind one of them.
You start over there,
I'll start over here.
- Ah.
- You okay?
Oh, Bobby and Stacy. Whoo!
We're good. We don't need pictures.
It's the prom. Think of the yearbook.
Bobby and Stacy won't
be in the yearbook?
It's for the yearbook, Stace.
Make it quick.
A little closer together, closer.
Pretend you like each other.
Bobby, take Stacy's hand, come on.

Whoa ♪
I feel like I've checked
every silver streamer
and there are no holes in the web.
Did you have any luck?
No luck, but I did get punch.
Saw you were
looking at the dance floor.
Oh. Yeah.
I was searching for clues,
for ghost web exits.
- Uh-huh. On the dance floor.
- Mm-hmm.
You know Bobby and Stacy
probably danced, so
- if you think that would help
- Doubtful.
Okay. Well, I think I have to.
You think you haveto dance?
Bobby definitely danced.
So, to protect his rep
I'll be back.
So if you take me, baby ♪
We will be such fine company ♪
You know that your love ♪
Is like a violin ♪
Baby when you kiss me,
yeah, the music begins ♪
Oh, yeah, you know your love ♪
Baby, you know your love ♪
Oh, you know ♪
I had no choice.
You're killing Bobby's rep.
Uh-huh. [LAUGHS]

I have a question.
Ooh ♪
Have you always want to
be a seafaring adventurer?
- Since I was six.
- Hmm.
My grandfather took me
fishing every summer,
and it just stuck.
It wasn't even about
what I catch, it's
Just love being out there on the boat.
No one can reach me there.
You're such a lucky guy ♪
It gives me a break from the world.
Why do you need a break?
Right now I can't think
of a single reason.
But it was just my imagination ♪
Once again ♪
Runnin' away with me ♪
Ooh ♪
just my imagination ♪
Tristan, look.
They're moving.
Like the ones we walked through.
That's the hole in the web.
TRISTAN: Let's go.
- Nancy!
You okay? Take my hand.
My hand, Nancy!
No, no, no! No! Tristan!
MAN [OVER P.A.]: Have
a great day, Neptunes.
Social Media Club will
meet in the computer lab.
- Hey, Carson.
CARSON: You rewrote my response?
I just had the pleasure of
listening to opposing counsel
quote my response to him
verbatim and guess what?
It wasn't my response!
Look, I didn't intend
to embarrass you
Embarrassment is the least of
my concerns here. Do you have
any idea how inappropriate, inflammatory
and unprofessional what you did was?
Your response was weak, Carson, okay?
If you're civil with bullies,
you get your ass handed to you.
I know it. You have to shut it down.
Our client agrees.
Not our client. My client.
It's called bad faith, George.
Practicing law is putting out fires.
Not lighting them.
Bess, what are you doing?
Don't ask me. Nick said
something about an exterminator?
Wait, any word from Carson?
I need help.
Nancy's in trouble.
At Career Day? What are you wearing?
We got stuck at a prom
in the high school gym.
We-we found an exit but
Nancy got pulled back in.
- You and Nancy went to a prom?
- Together?
- Is it even prom season?
- No.
And Nancy's stuck at a prom in 1972.
ALL: Oh.
- That makes sense.
- You should've just led with that.
Tell us everything.
It's called a ghost web.
It's a dimensional anomaly.
TRISTAN: Well, Nancy said that.
Like a perfect copy
of a day in the past.
A ghost web is built by an entity
that can marshal enormous
amounts of energy.
- And why?
- Please don't say "to hunt."
Well, why else build a trap?
I've been studying ghost frequencies.
Nick, that camera that
we used to see the Wraith?
If you can repurpose it,
we'll use it to find the entity
and then harness its power
to get into the ghost web.
- NICK: Okay, we'll start at the high school.
- It'll be there.
Whatever powers the ghost
web can't be too far from it.
It's like Wi-Fi.
It'll be near the spot that
Nancy and Tristan entered.
The hallway near the front entrance.
- Mm-hmm.
- Ah, I know it well.
I was once sent home
from that very corridor
for wearing a "grossly
inappropriate crop-top."
Okay, you two take the high school.
Tristan's with me.
We're gonna build a door to 1972.
TRISTAN: "Portals And
Portholes, Volume II."
Is this an instruction manual?
[LAUGHS] Yeah, I wish.
Still, this could get us to Nancy?
If we can identify the entity,
I can tune this device to its frequency,
project a window through a
complex supernatural paste
which will temporarily allow us
to break through the ghost
web, find Nancy and get her out.
It's only a theory until it works.
But, you know, have some faith.
Nancy's been through worse,
right? And made it back?
She has. And she will.
I promise.
I'll look into Bobby and Stacy.
They're at the center of this.
Yes. Um,
all of our older newspapers
are on microfiche.
Over there.
You and Nancy talked a lot.
She's easy to talk to.
Is that it? Did it even work?
It works. When it sees a ghost
we'll see a ghost.
- Hold up.
Oh, that's Ace. Take over?
Yeah, we're here.
Yeah, it's all hands on deck.
- Holy hell!
- You okay?
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Just take a picture. Go, go.
I think we found the power source.
So, you went to a
ghost web prom together.
And how'd you ask her?
I was just trying to
cheer her up in the moment.
We'll get her out, okay?
But tell me that ghost web
tux looked better in 1972.
What is it?
"Promgoer Stacy Adkin's body
was found in a blood-splattered
hallway after prom night."
What is that stuff?
A substitute for the power source.
Bess used the last bit she could find.
- It's pretty unstable.
- Unstable?
- Don't sneeze.
- Dude.
BESS: Deadly eastern
Australian ghost spider.
That's what built this ghost web.
People used to get its eggs mixed up
with the hallucinogenic
Himalayan orb-weaver.
And you wanted us to catch that?
I still do. We might need it.
Can you make more paste?
It'll take six months.
Hey, the movie's starting.
GEORGE: Is that ?
A hole in the web. A very temporary one.
And this paste isn't venom.
But it will only last
four minutes, tops.
- Well, then we have to go now.
- There is no "we."
No, this door has just enough juice
to pull one person through.
More than one and it will collapse.
- Okay, I'm going.
- BESS: No, Ace.
Tristan is going.
He's been there before.
I'll bring her back.
I know the layout. I saw the trap.
BESS: I'll do my best to keep it open
as long as possible, but
the power source is limited.
I don't know if I can get
you both back through.
Me and Nick will keep the portal stable.
You two find that spider.
Wait, so, I'm curious
they went to prom together?
Let's try to not let
them die there, Ace.
Ooh, I got a real freaky web over here.
I think it died.
Must be why we can see its web now.
Don't some spiders die after they mate?
What do we think? Venom?
It feels like my insides are
ripping apart. I can't move.
It's okay. You don't need to.
Hurry up, Tristan!
ACE: Bess!
One can of venom, no ice!
NICK: It's closing! Hurry!
Go, go.
No, Tristan!
Oh, thank you.
So, how was everyone else's day?
NANCY: So you're saying Stacy gave birth
to that ghost spider 48 years ago?
They prefer human hosts.
Yay us, I guess.
And it gets so much weirder.
Okay, I need you to explain this to me
like I went to some liberal arts school.
So, ghost spiders construct their webs
to replicate the day
that they were created.
So, in 1972,
it must have hatched from
Stacy and then killed her.
They do that.
Beautiful animal. Not sad it died.
Yeah, but there's more.
Bobby found Stacy after the event
and the spider took Bobby as a snack.
GEORGE: Ooh. "Bobby's
partially devoured body
was found in the high school
air ducts two days after prom."
Tell me when the gross part's over.
"Authorities say it was
some crazed cannibal killer."
Hmm. '70s.
So, after the spider
killed Bobby and Stacy,
it must have scuttled up
to a corner of the school
where it spent the next several
decades building its trap.
And then it just waited
for its perfect victim.
So, of all the people that
have walked down those halls,
Tristan and I were the perfect victims?
What is it about us that
screamed "spider dessert"?
I think it was you more than Tristan.
The spider eggs stored
behind the bedroom wall?
For 19 years, that was your bedroom.
You must've smelled
familiar to it. Like home.
Way to attract the arachnids.
What is it?
She spit up blood.
Something's trying to get out.
- Oh my God.
I knew it. The ghost
spider wasn't hungry,
he was ready to reproduce.
All right, I'm on my way.
I'll bring supplies.
- I'm sorry.
BESS: It's padlocked.
What? No.
George, is this because of our response?
Wait. We're locked out?
Not for long. Hold her.
- Come on, Nancy.
- Here we go.
Quartz scalpel, clove anesthetic.
- Heads up, Nick.
- What's this?
The manual.
I don't know that I'm ready for this.
Hey, hey, Bess, knows exactly
what she's doing, okay?
BESS: Hey, look at me, right here.
The incision will heal
immediately. I promise.
- I can't do it, I can't do it.
- BESS: Hey, if we do nothing,
this spider will keep
growing until it kills you.
Okay? Trust me.
You can do this, okay?
George, tools.
- Here.
- Nick, read.
Uh, okay, uh, "Make a,
make a horizontal
incision above the navel."
Uh, "Next, extract the
the-the sac"?
All right.
Whoa! Gosh!
Nick? Next step, please.
No There are no more steps.
GEORGE: It's okay, Nancy.
The incision's healed.
You're going to be okay.
Well, that's it, it's over, right?
It's not over.
Whoa, that's a lot bigger
than you said it would be.
- NANCY: Ace!
- Come on.
NICK: I got it!
Sorry I was late.
Oh, my gosh.
BESS: Someone must've
noticed we broke in.
I think that's my ride.
Wake Nancy up. Go out the back door.
ACE: Wake up, we gotta go.
NICK: Hey, hey. Let's go.
- Look out. Watch her head, okay?
We gotta go, they're coming.
Weasel trap was a loaner.
I left it behind the dry storage.
No ferret, but you
you really came through for Nancy.
Dude, you came through for me.
How you feeling?
For the first time in
a while, pretty good.
Nancy and I had a moment back there,
realized what we have and always will.
Tomorrow? We go outfor lunch.
I know a great seafood
place. I used to work there.
[LAUGHS] All right.
NICK: Still waiting on Carson?
His meeting with Chief
Lovett's going so long.
Breaking and entering,
what's there to discuss?
She either reduces it or not.
What you did was right. Don't forget it.
And here he is
Hey. What happened? Should I sit?
I can't talk for long.
I've got a client meeting.
Um, I'm your client.
Not anymore. Your
charges were dismissed.
- Wait. Really?
- Mm-hmm.
Oh, you're a miracle
worker. How did you do it?
I didn't.
Bess went to the police
and confessed to breaking
into the Historical Society.
She said she acted alone
and that you were only there
to try and talk her out of it.
Bess, why would you do that?
Because you've worked so hard.
And you can't become a lawyer
with a criminal charge on your record.
So, you need to stay in the fight.
But you could get deported
if you're convicted.
I've got a good lawyer.
Carson, I know I'm still learning.
And I know that your
answer is probably no
after what I did today,
but will you please let
me help you defend Bess?
I'm counting on it.
Ryan, I will return your car vacuum.
Why'd you take my car vacuum?
Because I needed to clean up
some stuff in my old bedroom.
What stuff? Where's the stuff?
- Behind the wall.
- What What?
Trust me. You do not want to know.
- Because
- I got to go.
- Hey, no, I
- Bye.
- Are you
Okay. This is
Yeah, I know.
It sounded like a good idea an hour ago.
It's a rental.
And it gets worse.
Thank you for these.
And for getting me home.
How are you feeling?
I am feeling lucky.
Keep thinking about Stacy, you know?
Why I lived and she died.
You know, if it had
been only a year later,
there would have been a
Historical Society for her.
With the same resources that I had.
Sh-She must've been so afraid
in that hallway, all alone.
Were you afraid?
NANCY: Of course.
But then
you came back.
I guess that we can no longer
say we've never been to prom.
You want to hear something stupid?
I can't get that song out of my head.
The one we danced to.
I actually
I downloaded it.
I mean, we never did get
to hear the end of it.
How long do you have the tux for?
- There's a three-hour minimum.
So we have time.

- Ooh ♪
Ooh, ooh ♪
Ooh, ooh, ooh ♪
Each day through my window ♪
I watch her as she passes by ♪
I say to myself ♪
"You're such a lucky guy" ♪
Here we go.
Is truly a dream come true ♪
You're free!
- Out of all the fellows ♪
- Come on. Come on.
ferret, that hurt.
But it was just my imagination ♪
Once again, runnin' away with me ♪
Ooh ♪
It was just my imagination ♪
Runnin' away with me ♪
Did you hear something?
Just my imagination ♪
Not a thing.
Once again, runnin' away with me ♪
Ooh ♪
It was just my imagination ♪
Runnin' away with me. ♪
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