Nancy Drew (2019) s04e07 Episode Script

The Reaping of Hollow Oak

- Ugh, how could you?
This is so good it makes
me like you more. [CHUCKLES]
Well, next time I'll dial
down the effort to impress you.
You been up to anything exciting?
Uh, I-I did help a friend with a
spider situation.
You do spiders?
I'll take out every fly in your orbit
- if I never have to face another arachnid.
- Done.
But, uh, really,
what have you been up to?
I'm thinking about
running for town council.
You'd be great for that open spot.
Do you know why Brie Fortfield resigned?
No. No.
No. No, I have
I haven't heard anything.
Excuse me.
If all this is over, let's
get back to our ways ♪
I walked in on Nancy
dancing with Tristan.
But I can't be upset
because I called it off.

Shoes off. I just washed the floor.
- Hello.
- Breakups suck.
-You can't control how you feel,
just what you do with those feelings.
What I did was release Chunky.
It's the ferret that
Nancy was looking for.
'Cause I wanted to be free, like him.
Wait, you trapped and released
- Chunky after all that?
- Yes.
- Does Nancy know?
- No.
And I think that's the only thing
that could make me feel worse now.
Hi, good morning.
We need to find the black door
that Brie's dad used to cover up
Jim Stanley's death and
"make it all go away."
[QUIETLY]: I can't do this right now.
Is it because of Ace?
[QUIETLY]: Did he see
me dance with Tristan?
- Is he upset? Is he in here?
- I'm on a date.
Hi. Jade.
I'm Nancy. Nice to meet you.
Jade. Which you know.
Were you talking about
former Councilwoman Brie?
Is this for Nick's campaign?
No, no.
Nancy and Ace are leaving.
I mean, it's a kind of an emergency.
I'll just make coffee. Ace?
Nick, I want to get
to know you, but, um,
not if you're involved
in something shady.
It's not shady the way you're thinking.
It's j-it's just
[CLEARS THROAT] complicated.
That's a shame.
NANCY: How was your night?
Sorry I barged in.
We need to act now if we're
gonna find the black door.
I couldn't sleep last
night and I realized that
the creature from the woods
has to be responsible for
the supernatural cover-ups.
It was dripping the same black sludge
that the corpses regurgitated.
The sludge that allows people
to remember erased crimes.
At least you didn't say
that in front of Jade.
What if the creature
stored its erased-crime sludge
inside the Late Eight
and then killed them?
All their deaths are
20-something years apart.
And India, the last victim, died in '98.
You're saying it's
time for a new victim.
NANCY: Right. Not to mention,
the creature is still erasing crimes.
Once it covers something up,
there's no way for us to get justice.
Uh, we can't let that happen again.
ACE: Do you think the black door
is how Brie's dad and Judge Abbott
- summoned the creature?
- Yes.
Find the door, stop the creature.
Abbott's MIA, so we need
to talk to Brie's dad, Ron,
who died recently.
Well, that smells like a séance.
Sounds like a Bess problem.
According to Bess, the
moon is in prime orbit
for communing with the dead tonight.
So we need something that
Ron touched before he died
in order to make contact.
- You know Brie the best.
No, I can't ask her. I made her resign.
But if anyone can win
her over, it's you.
You're the calm and collected one.
No, I'm not.
Not always.
We are on the 10-yard
line of this case.
- It's time for us to send in our MVP.
[CHANTING]: Nick-er-son.
- Nick-er-son!
- Really?
- That's you.
- Nick-er-son!
- Stop, stop, stop. Okay, fine, I'll do it.
- Feels good.

CARSON: Okay, defense for breaking into
the historical society. Go.
So the truth is it all started
with a portal to a ghost
prom in the 1970s
Okay, stop.
I can only know the truth
that I can say in court
that does not reference
the supernatural.
Especially with the Families For
Truth in History coming after you.
Right? Yes. So,
- try again.
- Uh,
- there was a spider bite.
- Yes!
- Yes.
- Yes.
We had to break into
the historical society
to save a life from a supern
super big spider.
Okay. Okay.
Deadly spider bite is good.
It's a necessity defense.
Okay, what's on the board, George?
- That's a lot.
- So good.
Let's start fresh.
- I Well, I'll-I'll just
- text it you, just in case.
What'd I miss?
BESS: Question.
The Families for Truth in History
got the historical society
locked up pretty quickly.
- Is that normally a speedy process?
- No.
It isn't. It usually takes a few days.
They greased some wheels.
Sounds like a move my dad would make.
You know, Chief Lovett
has been on my back.
You think she's working with the FFTH?
- Look, I've been sharpening my investigative
skills with my relic hunting.
I can dig into her next.
- CARSON: Well, just be careful, okay?
- Great.
Don't worry, they gave me napkins.
No salsa? What?! Come on.
- I got to talk to Tim about this.
- Oh, that's tragic.

Brie's dad, Ron Fortfield,
died of cardiac arrest.
When she found him, he had
some books out and this.
He loved vintage board games.
See? Nickerson comes through again.
BESS: Hey, Darlene Fowler lent us
her extinct carrier pigeon feather.
It's like a cell phone
tower for human spirits.
It'll assure we talk to Ron
and not to something else.
Come a long way since our first séance.
GEORGE: Yeah, and now you got a group
of angry parents coming after you.
Bess, are you sure that you
should be doing this today?
Yeah. No, I'm not backing down.
BESS: We summon the spirit
of Ron Fortfield to commune.
We sense you, Ron. Come forth.
Tell us the location of the black door.
We've made contact.
What you got, Ron?
BESS: What? No, feather, come on.
Okay, something is-is holding Ron back.
He can't communicate.
Well, we did our best.
I'm gonna find Jade, try
to save our relationship
- and return this game to Brie.
- NANCY: No, no, wait.
What if there's a clue in here
as to why we can't reach Ron?
Well, I'm out. It's been real, though.
GEORGE: I hate board games.
There's always so many rules.
[BESS SIGHS, SPUTTERS] Not this one.
The instruction manual is
blank pages.
Last night, I heard Florence outside.
I know you were here when
I was dancing with Tristan.
I'm good.
Tristan and I
went through an intense
experience, and I don't know
what that means or
how I-I feel about it,
but I wanted to be honest.
I'm sorry.
This is what we agreed to do.
Move on. So, it's fine.
- Welcome to Grim Night.
- Hello?
Uh, who said that?
Uh, the board just set itself up.
Also, it added our names to the pieces.
- Don't
SINISTER VOICE: The Grims are awakening.
Are those things coming for us?
NANCY: I guess it wants us to play?
I should have just left
and taken the game with me.
That would have been
the responsible move.
Agreed. Bess has to be
at the station in an hour.
Okay, everyone, the
instructions have arrived.
"Grims and their legion
of Shades have descended
on the town of Hollow
Oak to reap souls."
It's no Monopoly.
"Roll the dice and draw cards
to get to the graveyard first.
But beware, the Grims will
come to collect the souls
of those who don't prevail.
No, it actually says
The '80s were a little extra.
What is it, Nancy, what do you see?
No, watch out, watch out,
watch out. It just wants me.
Wh-What wants you?
That's one way to eat your words.
Really leaning into the '80s vibe, huh?
Okay, what just happened?
That th
that thing just attacked me.
It was one of the-the Shades
in the instructions came to life.
I hit it with some books and
it vanished and left behind
- this token?
- BESS: Okay,
the manual says, "Grims have existed
for thousands of years.
Their sole purpose is to collect souls."
[CHUCKLES] Wordplay. So '80s.
"Shades are their lackeys.
They hunt the souls
for the Grims to take."
NICK: I'm gonna go out on a limb
and guess Ron didn't just happen to die
- while playing this game.
- ACE: Yeah.
I cosign that the game killed Ron.
So, what, did the
Grims collect his soul?
What did they what
did they do with it?
Well, Ron's soul is-is
probably trapped somewhere,
tethered to this game.
We need to focus on finding Ron's soul
and free it so he can tell
us about the black door.
We need to focus on
getting through this alive.
GEORGE: And finishing in time for Bess
to get back and give her statement.
Well, there is no
statement if she's dead.
Do the-do the rules say anything about
why we could all see the Grims?
Only Nancy can see the Shade.
It only came after her.
It says Grim visions are
shared by all players.
"However, Shades appear only to those
who draw a Shade card.
Uh, "solve the riddle to banish
the Shade and receive one token.
Fail, and your game is over." Fun.
Makes sense the instructions
only reveal themselves
after you started playing,
otherwise, who would play this?
I got a token, but I
didn't solve a riddle.
- I'll check.
What's that noise?
- What noise?
- Do you hear it?
- No.
- Nick?
Nick, what's going on?!
What's happening? Quick!
- Um
- [STRAINING]: I'm wrapped some kind of rope.
Can't breathe.
GEORGE: "The game must be played.
An hourglass keeps time between turns.
Wait too long and you
will be all tied up."
- Quick.
- Ace is next in line.
You roll. It's your turn. Go, go, go.
Well, if the game must be played
This is a serious song ♪
We can't go wrong ♪
It's just about boys and girls ♪
Oh, oh ♪
This is a serious song ♪
[GRUNTING] Okay, okay.
"Find a lock that has no key."
Uh a lock of hair.
Solved it.
Possibly I didn't.
it must be more than just
saying it. Get the hair?
Grims are getting hungry.
It's serious ♪
To me ♪
Want to go, thing?
BESS: "Shoplifter alert.
There's no excuse for
this kind of markdown."
Five-finger discount.
George, I think you need to take it
To dance ♪
A melody ♪
This is a serious song ♪
"An ornate 12-inch job"?
Fancy footwork.
Oh, oh ♪
This is a serious song ♪
You know, we can't go wrong ♪
Because it's just
about boys and girls ♪
Watch these moves.
"Go forward 12 spaces
and skip your next turn
or go back 12 spaces and
draw no card next turn."
Hey, perfect timing. You need to go
give your statement. End the game.
- Why are you hesitating?
- BESS: Well, if I win,
then Ron's soul stays trapped
and we don't find the black door.
I say we keep looking,
but it has to be a unanimous decision.
We don't know where Ron's soul is
or how bad this thing's gonna get.
I vote we end the game.
We all got that vision
of the Grims, right?
The leader was holding a glowing globe.
So if Grims collect souls,
they must keep them close.
What if that globe is more
than just dramatic lighting?
Seems like a decent
place to store a soul.
Soul globe. How do we get it?
We keep playing.
- Until we figure that out.
You should have enough time
to go make your statement
- and get back before your next turn.
- Should?!
The game almost killed me
when I took too long to roll.
I think we're being a
little bit cavalier here.
Well, then, maybe we go with Bess.
Bring the game into
town and play it there.
No, no, no, no, we're not bringing
a super-supernatural game into town.
It's-it's not a good look for me.
Not today.
Okay. Well, we have to make a decision
or the game will attack Bess.
I'm in, as long as we move this along
in a calm and collected way.
That-that won't work.
- ALL [CHANTING]: Nick-er-son!
- It's not gonna work again.
Nick-er-son! Nick-er-son!
- Okay. Okay, fine.
- Yes. Yes!
Whatever. Whatever.
- Let's go.
- Goodness.
I have a theory.
Grims come at the end of the
game to collect marked souls.
If one of us gets marked,
the others can end the game,
take out the Grims,
and then break their soul globe.
Use one of us as bait?
No. No. Look, look,
I'll-I'll look into
where this game came from.
There's got to be a move that doesn't
put us in more jeopardy.
Jade agreed to meet me
tonight so we can talk.
NANCY: See? It'll all work out.
You're a great talker.
Oh, uh, invoice from the exterminator.
You didn't tell me you
sprang for the humane trap.
- Hold that thought.
Hey, Carson. Bess is on her way.
Just Bess? You're not coming?
This is about earlier. I knew it.
- What?
- I shouldn't have erased
your work from the board.
I'm really sorry.
Whatever. It's fine. I got to go.
Look, just wait, wait, wait.
Just give me a second, okay?
I should tell you
I'm dyslexic.
My brain processes
the world differently.
When I saw your notes
all over the board,
it was hard for me to grasp.
It takes me longer
to decode information.
I needed to write it out in a way
that made sense to me.
And I should have thought
about how that affected you.
And I didn't.
What happened to your finger?
Two canine puncture marks,
a premolar indentation,
and two incisors ten millimeters apart.
- Nancy
- That's a ferret bite.
I spent hours looking at
diagrams of their teeth.
I was hoping to find
Chunky's traces. And now Nick
is suddenly humanely
trapping vermin at the Claw.
You caught Chunky Velez, didn't you?
That's why you were here last night.
Because you brought Chunky to me,
- and then you saw me
- Thank you for
- letting me know, Carson.
- dancing with Tristan.
I got to go. Bye.
NANCY: So you let a beloved,
domesticated ferret go!
He chose to be free twice.
It's my turn.
Time to roll.
"This too shall pass.
Pass your dice to the player
closest to you on the board or
they will pass."
- NICK: Bess.
- NANCY: Bess.
So much for not bringing
this game into town.
We got to hurry.
So, we were taking a stroll,
and and, um, a spider bit Nancy.
Uh, she'd walked into
a web, and the bite was
absolutely repulsive,
like it had a life of its own.
- Just
Why not go to the hospital?
Why the historical society?
Um, because there was no time.
We were close to the historical society,
and I knew I had
emergency antivenom inside.
[STRAINING]: Well, imagine my surprise
when the door was padlocked
with all my belongings inside.
And Nancy was in dire need.
She was going into shock,
and the spider venom was overcoming her.
Is everything all right?
You seem out of sorts.
Yeah. Well, this is how Nancy was.
She was out of sorts.
There were no sorts.
Agony! Sh-She was in agony.
So I had no choice
- but to break in and save her.
- Yeah. So-so
so, in-in summation, to save a life,
Bess had no legal alternative
- but to break into the historical society.
- No.
Not buying it. The breaking
and entering charge stands.
- CARSON: Well, I spoke to Judge Goodman.
- Oh
The temporary restraining
order expired after 24 hours,
so you can't keep Bess out
of the historical society.
I can, because I've just
declared it a crime scene.
- That seems retaliatory.
Hey. Hey, I'm here to pick up Bess.
CARSON: Are you sure
you're being impartial?
Yes. Completely.
Okay, so, uh, can I take her home now?
Yes, yes. Please. Go ahead.
You two go, I'll wrap up here.
- NICK: He-Here we go. Okay. [CHUCKLES]
Thank you. Thank you. So
sorry. Sorry, sorry, sorry.
Thank you. Bye.
Sorry it took so long to get to you.
[QUIETLY]: There is a
Shade here with a crossbow.
Hell, I must have drawn a riddle card.
It's fine. [GASPS]
Uh, we're good.
She just saw a bee.
Nick [GASPS]
Oh, that bee really likes you, huh?
Nancy says the answer to
the riddle is "bull's eye."
You need its eye.
SINISTER VOICE: Player eliminated.
GEORGE: Don't want
anything flying in here.
ACE: Mm. She's still breathing.
Supernatural coma?
The Grims will come for
Bess at the end of the game,
so no one land on the graveyard
until we know how to defeat them.
Okay, that should buy us some time.
I did some digging.
This isn't the first '80s toy
with haunted qualities.
Deadly one-of-a-kind, uh, kids' objects,
each with different
supernatural entities
tethered to them,
were snuck onto shelves
all over New England.
The mystery remains unsolved.
It's like when bottles
of painkiller were laced
with cyanide in Chicago
in 1982. People died.
Some nut laced toys with evil?
That's what we're up against?
Well, I'm running a fresh
search cross-referencing
Grims, Shades, soul globes,
haunted toys, weaknesses
Whoever did this must have overpowered
a host of ancient soul collectors
and all those Shades, somehow,
to get them into the game.
- ACE: Silver. Got a hit.
According to a source,
antimicrobial properties
of silver were once used to
ward off Grims and Shades.
With enough silver, you're able to
weaken the entities
enough to vanquish them.
Can we trust one source, though?
Are there any other
mentions of silver and Grims
to back that up anywhere?
Did we ever figure out
if I solved a riddle
to send that first Shade away?
George, you were gonna
check that card, right?
I got distracted by
Nick's rope situation.
I forgot. I'll check now.
"The tasting tornado,
tired of its tepid tune,
tried to transcend its
title, and is now called a"
Tongue twister. The
tongue twister's answer
is "tongue twister". But I
didn't take that Shade's tongue.
ACE: Then why did it leave?
I hit the mohawk Shade.
It didn't go anywhere.
A silver candlestick hit its leg.
Must have weakened the
Shade. I sent it away easily.
GEORGE: Good enough for me. We're
going with silver. It's all we got.
LOVETT: Well, thanks for coming in.
- Of course.
- Heard you've been checking up on me.
Should I be flattered? Am I being wooed?
Well, that's one way to look at it.
- Oh.
- Impressive how it only took,
what-what was it, two
calls to get on your radar?
I moved here to help
rebuild a wholesome community
in the wake of a terrible disaster.
Need to know if you're
gonna get in my way.
Your way.
Or or is it the FFTH's way?
No, I'm my own person, Mr. Hudson.
The Families for Truth in History
isn't within my purview.
Great. Then how about
you let Bess Marvin
back in to the historical society?
[LAUGHS] Why would I do that?
Because. Because I know
that you were involved
in a hit and run accident
in, um, what was it, 2009?
That was my neighbor's cat.
- We worked it out, but nice try.
That was a good try. It was.
And I-I also know that, um,
you took an extended
leave of absence from work in 2016.
Yeah. Now
I can find out why.
My father's still in prison,
but he's still connected.
Um, although, you know,
it's not really my style
to-to use his resources.
- But if you give me no choice
- No reason for that.
Bess can move back into
the historical society.
I mean, not the wisest choice.
She's upset a lot of people.
Well, who amongst hasn't, right?
Does it bother you when
Nick talks about Jade?
- Must be hard.
- Eh.
I mean, it gets easier.
Especially when you have
something to focus on,
like school, for me.
For you?
I have dead bodies at the morgue.
Cool. Yeah, they're great.
We push the Grims closer
to the silver with these.
Then, when they're
weak, we use the knives.
Why is it that we can
make a decisive plan
about how to battle ancient Grims,
but we all fall apart when
it comes to our relationships?
It's because of battling ancient Grims.
If I stopped doing things like this,
I wouldn't have to hide
part of my life from Jade.
Oh, okay. Next question.
Why-why do you have to hide it?
Because I really like them.
And because you're right.
I am calm and collected.
And it's one of the things
Jade likes best about me.
I want them to see this as
a viable relationship, and
all of this makes me
not viable.
Inching our way to the graveyard.
I didn't plan to roll a three.
Let's just move our pieces to the end.
If we're all in the
graveyard, we're all safe.
NANCY: I love that idea.
To the graveyard.
No, no, no,
we definitely shouldn't cheat.
SINISTER VOICE: Players eliminated.
The final player must face the Grims
as they enter your
world, visible to all.
Safe in the graveyard?
When have we ever been
safe in the graveyard?
Here we go. [GRUNTING]
It works.
You just won the silver.
So now you're looking for ♪
Someone to share the ride ♪
This night you're ruling ♪
You're hot, you're on your own ♪
Leave all your hates behind ♪
Forget the life you've known ♪
We want to feel it ♪
Come and get it.
Feel it now ♪
- You came.
- What the actual hell?
Uh, you know how I said
the thing I couldn't
tell you was complicated?
I don't know what any of this is
and I clearly don't know who you are,
but I don't want any part of it.
No, no, wait, wait, wait.
No. I can't just let you go.
Just wait here.
There's just no way to hide ♪
Aah! What happened to them?
Uh, I'll explain later.
Stay there. Safest place in The Claw.
Jade, I like you. [GRUNTS] I like us.
That's why I couldn't
tell you about this.
You do know me.
Just not all of me.
We want to feel it ♪
Supernatural stuff?
I'm actively engaged.
The spider situation I helped with?
We C-sectioned a sac of
ghost spiders out of Nancy.
I've fought a racist ghost,
erased my memory to escape a Viking god,
and George
had a spirit of a dead French
woman trapped inside of her
for most of our relationship.
In fact, as far as I can see,
[GRUNTS] the supernatural ruins
every romantic relationship it touches.
The reason they broke up
well, the reason they never
actually got together
ow they
have a death curse.
I don't want that for us.
I'll serve you on a silver platter!
You need, I see ♪
Electric in your eyes ♪
You take what I make ♪
And you're living lies ♪
We want to feel it ♪
Go now! It's distracted!
I can't leave you like this.
And I can't beat this thing
if I'm worried about you.
- Jade, go!
- Lite the nite ♪
Lite the nite ♪
Lite the nite ♪
Lite the nite ♪
Lite the nite ♪
Lite the nite ♪
Lite the nite ♪
Don't let the door
hit you on the way out.
Wow. I really missed so much.
Discovering toys laced with evil,
playing pirate to
gather all this silver,
Nick taking down all those Grims.
At least my breakup
with Jade was memorable.
All right, so, we've got the soul globe.
What do we do with it now?
Looks like it needs
a coin to operate it.
Or maybe a token.
WOMAN'S VOICE: Is someone there?
help. Can you hear me?
- It's Ron.
- You freed the souls.
That's Ron's voice, right?
- He's escaping.
- RON: Help, help me!
- RON: Can you hear me?
- Ron! Where's the black door?!
Please tell us where the black door is.
RON: Can anyone hear me?
Oh, God. The moon must have shifted.
[SIGHS] It's too late
to commune with the dead.
We'll have to wait
another month or so. I
- Oh.
- This was all for nothing.
We're no closer to
finding the black door
or stopping the creature
from erasing crimes.
- Ron was our only lead.
- NICK: At least we freed
a bunch of trapped
souls. That's not nothing.
ACE: We also got to
see you as an action hero.
Or the results of it.
Maybe don't hide that
part of yourself next time?
I'll take that into full consideration.
I'm gonna do some therapeutic cleaning.
You guys go. I-I got this.
[CARSON SIGHS] Sorry about the mess,
but at least the fumigation's complete.
- Oh, thanks.
- You're welcome.
Rough night?
Okay, so,
I get why you had to redo the board.
I organize my thoughts in
a very specific way, too.
It just looks more chaotic.
- We all have our methods.
- Hmm.
I'm pretty sure that I have ADHD.
I was never diagnosed,
but in the fifth grade,
a teacher suggested that I get tested.
My Aunt Mei chewed him out
and said that I was fine.
So [CHUCKLES] I thought
that a learning difference
was something to be ashamed of.
But then, you just, like
owned your dyslexia.
I really had no idea.
Well, I've worked hard
to get to this place.
It's not always as
obvious as people think.
It's just the lens I
see everything through.
It's not a bad thing.
I like that.
It's the not talking about
it that makes it a bad thing.
- Thanks.
- Mm-hmm.
Well, this is a mess.
What, The Claw or us?
You told me that you didn't
want to break our curse,
that you wanted us to go back
to how we were, as friends.
But as friends, we
never lied to each other.
Fine. Then maybe we can't go back.
So what is it you want from me?
I want you to let me move on.
Because you broke my heart.
And now you won't even let me
try to put it back together.
I saw you dancing with
Tristan and it hurt.
I don't want to feel this
way, but I can't help it.
We can't do this to each
other. It's not fair.
I agree.
We'll take our space.
Just gonna grab my silver and go.
I didn't think I'd see you again.
Well, you finally opened up.
I thought I was
protecting our relationship
by hiding the supernatural from you.
I do this hold myself back
in different parts of my life.
I was afraid that
if I showed you all of me
I wouldn't want to be with you.
[SCOFFS] Nick,
I saw you in your element today, and
it was everything.
Uh, you, uh, missed a little goo.
We can, um, figure this out
I ain't afraid of no ghosts.
in the spirit
of being open
I really want to kiss you right now.
And I really
want you to.
RYAN: There's something in Lovett's past
that she doesn't want us to know about.
Definitely. Thanks
for pulling an Everett
- to get those locks off.
- Of course.
Oh, my God.
My God.
They've laid the horseshoes out
like our historical society sign.
They're threatening me.
Yeah, Lovett did mention
people wouldn't be too thrilled
about you being back.
Well game on,
you supernatural prudes.
Where did you go, Ron?
RON [DISTANT]: Can't find you!
- Ron?
- Can you hear me?
Are you here? Can you tell me
where to find the black door?
RON: Here! Here! In here!
I think Ron found a way to
tell us where the black door is.
Town hall.
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