Nancy Drew (2019) s04e08 Episode Script

The Crooked Bannister

- ♪

Start the car! Start the car!
What happened?
I j kinda had to break in a little.
- Wait, you what?!
- I looked everywhere.
There are no black doors
in all of town hall.
Oh, yeah. Maybe the spirit of a dead guy
wasn't the most reliable source.
Just drive.
NANCY: So, we have to stop people
from mystically erasing crimes
at the black door, but there's
no black door at town hall.
- Hi.
- CARSON: Hey.
- How are we doing today?
- Just can't believe it's been exactly a year
since we lost Mom.
Don't really know how to
feel. Does that make sense?
It does.
I was thinking,
your mom always loved the
house being full of people.
What if we do something special
tonight to celebrate her?
You can invite all your friends.
I don't think so. [SIGHS]
I just I don't really need
anyone piling their pity
on top of my sadness.
- Oh, okay, well
- But I do want
to mark the one-year
anniversary with you.
- I will see you later tonight.
- Okay.
Is that dad number one?
Mm. Anything in there about black doors
- or creatures that erase crimes?
- Actually, I think so.
Bess asked me to track
down a Welsh relic
that could be a companion
piece to the roundel,
so, you know me, I did
what I do, and, boom.
The relic just got delivered.
Think I'm gonna take it over to her.
I will come with. Let me just
send a group text real quick.
Wait, right now?
I-I don't know. I thought maybe
- you want to take the day off.
- No.
I'm fine. And don't say anything
to anyone about what today is.
I just want a normal day.
Okay. Great.
So, what about Nancy?
We're, uh, taking some time apart.
And I don't make that face.
No. Don't try to fool me.
'Cause that's your plan.
You know, a boat on the ocean,
where I'm stuck, you just
think that I'll open
up. But really, I'm good.
Ooh. Um, here, just to be safe,
don't open this until
I get inside, all right?
- I got to take this call.
- Okay.
I didn't think you would come.
Well, you need help, right?
Let's see what you got.
I look out my window phone ♪
And if given the chance,
I would be honored to
serve on town council.
Go with "proud," not "honored."
You're Grim-Slaying Nick,
you should be confident.
I am, but if Grim-Slaying Nick
wants to change stubborn
minds about the supernatural,
he's got to get on the council first.
And "honored" is confident,
with a touch of humble.
Uh, who has you smiling like that?
There is no smiling.
I'm texting a guy from class
who wants to go over
an assignment later.
A study date.
- It's not a date.
- Mm.
Cameron is a very nice, very smart,
very conventionally good-looking guy
who wants to go over torts
and could not be less interested in me.
- NANCY: Update:
there are no black doors
in all of town hall.
We're missing something.
BESS: I would love to help,
but I am meeting someone
at the historical society.
Aren't you banned from doing
or saying or touching
anything supernatural?
GEORGE: Correct. Yesterday.
Yesterday, you were banned, Bess.
The Galley brothers can wait.
- Is that a musical group?
- BESS: Uh, no.
They are brothers from New Brunswick.
One has inherited the family curse
to hear voices of the
dead until he goes mad,
and I can cure it.
But don't you think the bloody
horseshoes were a warning?
Clearly, the FFTH is watching you.
Okay, so Bess is busy.
- Nick?
- NICK: Oh, I got to sing for my seat on the council.
That leaves three.
Uh, two. George has a study date.
Please stop calling it that.
Hey, I found something.
HBPD arrest report
mentions a black door.
Jack Rea was arrested in 2002
for murdering his coworker.
When the cops took him in, he said
NANCY: "Let me get to the black door."
That sounds like a guilty man
hoping to make it all go
away. Where was he arrested?
It's completely
redacted. In better news,
my dad was the arresting officer.
Is this my, uh, parcel from Ryan?
Oh, Bess, wait.
- All right.
Catch me up. What'd I mi
What Oh.
Oh, no.
Ah, no, Nancy.
Nancy, hey. You okay?
Hey, I told you not to open the box.
I didn't open it.
Whoa. Trippy.
I'm sorry. I opened it.
Oh, my God, is that me? Am I dead?
You're not dead, but I shrank.
Why am I wearing Bess'
ridiculously uncomfortable shoes?
RYAN: Whoa.
Okay, um
A-Are you saying that you all
ALL: Body swapped.

- I don't believe this.
- It's really on there, huh?
Who's in my body again?
If you're in my body, do not eat peanuts.
That's George. I'm Nick.
And Bess is, uh, me.
Nancy and Ace, clean swap. Ryan is
Oh, Ryan. Ryan is still Ryan,
head to toe.
Oh, oh, sorry.
I am really strong.
New workout. Cross training.
Good job.
Okay, the relic did this.
This isn't the one I ordered.
I'm gonna find out what
this is and who sent it
and-and get you guys
back to your own skins.
The only corporeal-shifting
relic that I've heard of
is called Bennu's Diamond.
But this isn't a diamond.
it's diamond-shaped.
These grooves could
attach to another piece.
- This is only half the relic.
- RYAN: Ace is right.
- I'm Nancy.
- Nancy's right.
What do you guys think
about getting name tags?
Would finding the other half of
Bennu's Diamond switch us back?
NICK [AS BESS]: Perhaps. I'd know
more if I had access to my books.
Bloody FFTH.
ACE [AS NANCY]: Find the
other half of the diamond.
That's how we fix this.
Right, I'll call my relic
contact, see what's out there.
- I'll I'll get Red on it, too.
- ACE [AS NANCY]: Ryan?
Don't forget Carson's breakfast burritos
and don't let him know anything's up.
I don't want him worried about me.
- Especially not today.
- Okay.
- Go. - Yeah.
No, but the-but the Galley
brothers are counting on me.
They're counting on Bess, not Nick.
Nick has to give a
speech to town council.
What? I-I can't do that.
I'm not-I'm not a politician.
Play it cool. Read the
words exactly as written.
- It's a slam dunk.
- Right. Right.
I should probably learn
some, um, sports metaphors.
Uh, G-George, George, where-
where are you taking my body?
To meet the Galley
brothers and send them home.
Bess, I know you wanted
to help, but not today.
Uh, yes, yes. I hate it, but I-I get it.
Wait, wait! Trade phones.
Oh, yeah.
There you go.
need answers from my dad,
but he'll expect his son to know ASL.
I can handle it.
I picked up a little ASL.
I've been watching
videos when we were
You were learning ASL?
That's a no. I'm coming with.
People expect to see my
mom's locket on that body.
They'll get over it. Take it.
Captain Thom, hi.
Ace is helping me with an investigation.
Thanks. I've been practicing.
Can we ask you about an old murder case
you worked in 2002 involving
a man named Jack Rea?
The yacht club?
Hey, check it out.
"More than 200 years old,
"the building that housed the yacht club
was originally used as
a community meeting place
and town hall."
Ron was right.
I just broke into the wrong town hall.
When you arrested Rea at the yacht club,
do you remember exactly
where it happened?
NANCY [AS ACE]: Across from
the fireplace.
Well, we should check it out.
And Nancy Hudson
- has a family membership.
- NANCY [AS ACE]: Right.
I, Nancy Hudson, this gal,
can get us into the yacht club legally.
Fishing? Yes.
- Yeah, great.
CARSON: Have you talked to Nancy today?
RYAN: I did, yeah.
She's, um she's maintaining.
How about you?
How you doing?
I am okay.
I want to remember Kate.
Celebrate her.
she just wants her mom back.
She's grieving.
Your grief matters, too, man.
It's okay to celebrate Kate.
I do.
In little ways, every day, I do.
Do I prioritize Nancy's
grieving over mine?
Yeah, probably, but
that's being a parent.
Uh I got to run.
Um, if Nancy needs anything, you know
[CHUCKLES] It's not like
she needs dad number two
lurking around but
you know, just call.
Yeah. Good.
Yo. Trade shoes with me.
- No.
- Fine.
I'll just stumble over
to the historical society
to turn down the Galley brothers.
Oh, God, I forgot to cancel Cameron.
- He's on his way here.
You have to pretend to be me.
Tell Cameron you're sick. Postpone.
Sure, but if you postpone,
he might think you're a flake.
Damn it, you're right. He will.
Okay, don't postpone, but keep it short.
Here's what you know:
he's 21, one sibling,
hates guns, loves coffee.
George, I got you.
I know you better than anyone.
What is it we're studying?
Torts. Do you know torts?
I know they're a dessert.
- Hi.
- Hey, good to see you.
Nick. Damn it.
Afternoon. My name is Nancy Hudson,
as it says on my family membership card,
here with one distinguished guest.
I'm sorry, Miss Hudson,
today is members-only lunch.
It happens twice a month.
No guests permitted.
It's in the newsletter.
Can I persuade you to make an exception?
Excuse us.
All right.
Why are you messing with my hair?
Trying to make me look presentable.
'Cause you're gonna have to
find the black door alone.
Good luck, Nancy.
Bess Marvin? My name is Luke.
This is my brother Matthew.
We left a message
Uh, the, uh,
"History of Fishermen."
The exhibit is right this way.
Hey, I got your message,
but I'm really sorry, I can't help you.
No. We drove all night and spent
every penny we had to get here
because we heard you could cure him.
He turns 18 next week.
It'll be too late if we wait any longer.
It's very dusty here.
- A man named Aristotle hates all the dust.
- Matthew, wait, stop, Matthew.
- Okay. Okay.
- Aristotle?
He used to work here.
And he passed here.
You really do hear
voices of the dead, huh?
Our parents believe the
voices are a gift from God.
They're not.
He'll be unreachable soon.
The voices will drown
out everything else.
It's not a gift.
No, I know, my mom
Me friend's mum
suffers from it.
Protecting family from family.
I get how tough that is.
Okay, the point is,
a peppercorn alone
it doesn't merit consideration.
[AS NICK]: Torts. Am I right?
Not on question number 12. Thank you.
Oh, but you kicked my ass in liability.
Maybe we do that next.
Definitely, but that is probably
a whole other session, though.
I'm in. Name a time and place.
[CHUCKLES] You are a
mystery, George Fan.
I thought I thought
you hated black coffee.
I I do.
You are so right.
Here. One cream, one
and half sugars, right?
You know my coffee order?
Yeah, well, I remember
things you tell me.
Yeah? Why is that?
Look at you.
Running a restaurant,
raising your sisters,
taking names in pre-law classes.
I want to be able to
say I knew you when.
NICK [AS BESS]: I firmly believe
I would be an asset,
and I would be honored
and proud to represent
this town I now call home.
Thank you.
CHAIRPERSON: Thank you, Mr. Nickerson.
And that concludes this meeting.
Thank you to our candidates,
- and have a
- Excuse me, Mr. Chair.
Go ahead, Mrs. Farquar, please.
For those who don't know,
my name is Callie Farquar.
Born and raised Horseshoe Bay,
proud mom of two sons.
I'm also the spokesperson for
Families for Truth in History.
Oh. Thank you.
Thank you.
My question is for Ned Nickerson.
I'm just curious. What are your
thoughts about our historical society?
Our historical society
is a vital resource
for education and history.
It has helped a lot of people.
Tell that to the young
boy who was brainwashed
by the extremist who's now running it.
As a council member,
will you prioritize this town
over the dangerous whims of Bess Marvin,
who has no regard for our citizens?
We all want the same thing.
To live in a town that is safe.
That will be my priority.
Thank you.
This is Cornelius Gold.
My yacht has lost power.
We're heading right
for your dock right now.
Oh, oh, we're taking on
water, too. Help! Help!
Across from the fireplace.
What are you doing?
It's members only.
I thought you might need my help.
Or you can't stay away from a mystery.
This banister is made from
wood from the Governance,
the first ship that
arrived in Horseshoe bay.
Ends at the floor, like no banister
in the history of banisters ever.
And not for nothing, but
we're doing a terrible job
giving each other the
space we asked for.
Trust me, it would be
a lot easier to be in
- any other body but yours.
- Miss Hudson.
I was explicitly clear that
only members were allowed in.
Please escort them off the premises.
Locker room.
Hi. I'm very sorry to interrupt,
but I need to borrow George.
- Be right back.
- Okay.
What are you doing?
I said keep it short.
George, he's a great guy,
and I think he really likes you.
No, we don't have time for this.
I brought the Galley brothers here.
- Oh. Change of heart?
- No.
Just more like I remembered I had one.
Tell him you need to go.
Your call.
I just got to let him
know when and where.
When and where what?
You've got another study date.
I'm gonna help Bess with a delivery.
Yeah. Bye.
Is that guy following me?
Ace, I'm sorry I was impatient.
I'm not exactly myself today.
I get it. It's a weird day,
- for a lot of reasons.
Ace's phone, this is Ace.
Yeah, you got it.
Ryan needs my help. Looks like he found
the other half of Bennu's Diamond.
Great. Let's hope it works.
Okay, Bess is on her way.
You're not Bess?
I am, but I'm not.
- It's a long story.
How did the speech go?
Um, mixed results.
But the Families for Truth in History
publicly confirmed their
disdain for Bess Marvin.
That explains the FFTH
foot soldier out there
watching my every move.
You still want to do this, right?
More than ever.
Uh, Nick, do we have an airtight jar?
Hi, I'm Bess Marvin. I'm the Keeper.
- It's a it's a
- Long story?
Love to hear it later.
Right, right.
We're going to remove a curse.
But, due to, um, circumstances,
we will be, um,
improvising a bit.
Uh, this is all we got.
It'll have to do.
Once the curse is removed,
it'll be quite supernaturally toxic.
Without the archive
boxes to safely store it,
we'll need a more permanent alternative.
Somewhere pressurized, where the
containment can't be breached.
What about the ocean?
Captain Thom asked Ace
to go fishing tonight. He said yes.
If the ocean is deep enough,
the water pressure might work.
Ready for the ritual?
Nancy, keep watch, please.
Oh, and watch out for
table ten. FFTH spy.
WAITRESS: Grilled cheese
with fried pickles.
CARSON: Oh, right here.
Thank you very much.
That was Mom
- That was Kate's favorite lunch.
- Hey, Ace.
How did you know that?
Uh, Nancy told me once.
She also told me her mom started a
tradition of birthday cake fights.
- Something about
days of washing buttercream
frosting out of her hair.
[LAUGHS] Yeah.
It's nice to hear Nancy shared
happy memories of her mom.
Sometimes I worry she only
remembers the sad ones.
I wish you could have known Kate.
- She was so much fun.
- Yeah, I
I bet she was.
Lobster must have gotten out again.
Done. The curse is
sealed up in this jar.
It's been pickled.
Told you, buddy.
- Thanks again.
- You're welcome.
Thank you.
Take care.
RYAN: May I present
the other half of Bennu's Diamond.
Are we ready?
Politics wasn't as bad as I thought,
but I think I'll leave it to you.
And thanks for helping with Cameron.
Our next study date is dinner. No books.
I'm happy to be your
body-swapped wingman.
It was weird to be you. But good weird.
Okay. Should we, like,
put a pad down on the
floor this time or
Hey. Hey, did it work?
Oh, yeah, that's me.
Should have put down pads.
Hey, I can reach tall things again.
You-you broke my shoes.
No, Bess, I saved your feet.
Okay, time for me to figure out
who pranked me with this gift.
Hey, you never told
me how the speech went.
It was great. You were very impressive.
There was one curveball.
Did I use that right?
Well, what was it?
ACE: You know what I
keep thinking about?
- NANCY: Banister at the yacht club?
- Mm-hmm.
You know, they close early tonight.
It's in the newsletter.
I had this whole speech planned
about how you shouldn't go
looking for secret
passageways alone, but
Instead, you're offering me a ride?
If you want one.
I know what you lost a year ago today.
I just wanted to be here for you
in case you need anything.
Thank you.
I mean it.
And you're not allowed to be mad at me.
But you are going fishing tonight.
NANCY [OVER COMMS]: Walkie check.
Good check.
There you are.
What was that?
Oh, just a hidden staircase
leading to a secret basement.
Oh, my God.
ACE: What? What happened?
Oh, it's just a statue
hanging from the ceiling.
I think this is the
figurehead of the Governance.
There's pieces of the Governance
and books and journals.
References to "breathing life
into the eater of burdens."
There's an imprint of something
powerful that happened here.
It's like a supernatural bomb went off.
I think this is where
they created the monster.
In this room.
- Nancy, can you -can
you hear me? - [STATIC]
Ace, can you hear me?
"I seek to put the past behind.
I must pay, but I will find
my trespass it will swallow whole,
this burden erased from my soul."
The black door.
It tracks that the creepy
colonizers who murdered Odette
would have a corpse
lady tied to their ship.
I feel like her scream was an alarm
to awaken the monster.
I wonder if she was some kind
of idol or human sacrifice.
When I spoke the words
etched into the mirror,
it started a ritual that
transformed it into the black door.
And if I had spoken a crime
and completed the ritual,
I think that the monster would
have been summoned to erase it.
Good news: we know
where the black door is.
We can stake it out and make sure
no one else calls on that creature.
It's been underneath the
yacht club this whole time,
so my guess is it has protectors.
People deliberately guarding
it for two centuries.
ACE: So they can use it themselves.
Makes sense that they would have
Jack Rea's police report redacted.
If we can't stop people
from using the black door,
why don't we just destroy
the monster instead?
We don't even know what it is.
We do now.
This book contains the
steps and ingredients
the founders used to create the monster.
And it has a name.
The Sin Eater.
Hmm. How appropriate.
Okay, so now we have its name
and what it took to create it.
NANCY: Yeah, it's a start.
Now let's figure out how to kill it.
This is the curse Bess
extracted from the Galleys.
We need you to drop it in the ocean
when you're out fishing
with your dad tonight,
or else they could escape.
Way to lock me into fishing.
Well, it could be fun.
It is fun.
Till the engine dies
and you slip in fish guts
and you're left with fishy
clothes and nothing for dinner.
And memories.
That's all you're really left with
just messy, stupid memories
that stick around, and
good or bad, you get
to make more of them.
Go be with your dad.
Are you all right?
I've never really
relied on anyone before,
outside of my parents.
And then you all came around
and we made this other little family.
And it really scares me.
it's been a year, today,
since I lost my mom.
And I don't think that I would survive
losing another person that I love.
- Nancy, we're so sorry.
- I'm sorry.
Hey, scary or not,
intrusive or not,
annoying or not,
we are a family.
And we are always here for you.
I know you are.
CALLIE: Ned Nickerson.
Our newest town council member.
Your endorsement was a surprise
after how you baited me at the Q and A.
I didn't bait you. I tested you.
Now I know we want the same thing:
to keep this town safe.
Except here's the difference.
I want to keep this town
safe from people like you.
From someone who'd want
to take away our free will,
our books, our rights.
That's why I turned down the seat.
So I can focus on that fight.
You're making a big mistake.
Yeah, well, wouldn't be my first.
Yeah, but it was memorable.
I know.
just didn't work out.
And we
we tried to stay apart,
but can't.
Even it if hurts, we're
just better together.
- Hey, Mr. Drew.
- Hey.
What did you
This is
Exactly what Mom would have wanted.
You were right.
I just have clung to the
sad memories, you know?
'Cause the happy ones
are somehow even harder to hold.

- Hey.
- Hey.
I turned down the council seat.
I'm taking on the FFTH my way.
Committee meetings
aren't gonna help people
like the Galley brothers, we are.
Okay, but how?
We can't keep exorcising
ghosts with kitchen supplies.
We need a new historical society.
A-a satellite location that operates
in secret outside of the law.
Grim-Slaying Nick is back,
and I'm listening now.
Okay. I have an empty
rental space in my building.
- It'll be risky, but
- Yeah, but I've been a criminal before,
and at least this time,
we'll be helping people.
I heard the words
"risky" and "criminal."
- Oh.
- As your unofficial lawyer,
- do I want to know?
- No, probably not.
- Mm-mmm.
- But let's just leave it
as me and Nick aren't rolling over.
- I'm in.
- NICK: George,
you have a lot of reasons
to not get involved in this.
- I said I'm in.
- RYAN: Hi. I, um
Sorry, I'm interrupting.
I-I got Nancy's text about coming over.
Um, but I know tonight's
about family, so
- Just
- Yeah, exactly.
And you're stuck with us.
Thanks, man.
Glasses sent the pyramid.
Okay? They baited me
with a fake code name.
They set me up.
I recently poached one
of their biggest clients
and I think they're reminding
me that they play dirty.
This is just a warning shot.
Don't start a war with the Glasses.
It's kind of too late.
Hey, you two?
It's okay.
If my mom were here, she
would thank you all for coming.
And then she would probably
tell an embarrassing story,
because she loves to make my dad blush.
I thought that I wanted
a normal day today.
But life is not normal.
And my mom wasn't, either.
She was silly and playful
and funny and full of joy,
and she'd want me to remember that.
So, on very special occasions,
we had a family tradition.
Oh. Uh
It's on.
- Oh!
I just wanted to thank you
for agreeing to go
fishing with my dad today.
I'm really glad that I went.
Well, I should thank you, too.
You really showed up for me today.
I noticed.
Before everything spun
around today, I thought
maybe we'd start
maybe we started to bring
the worst out in each other.
But I was wrong.
It's hard to be your friend right now.
I'm a better person with you in my life.
I'm not happy without you in mine.
So, good night.
Good night.
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